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host of the world according to jesse the one and only those thank you everybody for coming on today lots to talk about all right i want to start with everybody's thoughts on the drawing up of imprisonment charges by the house president from jesse will start with you well the 1st thing i want to get to that strikes me is now trump's come forward saying he's gone 250 more 1000000 in defense spending for ukraine and yet at the same time they're going to take 700000 people in our own country off of food stamps so it's more important for us to send weapons around the world than to feed our very poorest people in america now i got that off my chest and now we'll go to impeachment. that irks me but anyway i don't see there's a choice because you know like myself i took an oath to protect the constitution and the bill of rights now if the president has knowingly violated the
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constitution you took an oath you have no choice you have to move forward with impeachment and allow the process to take place because if you don't it's going to open the door up to where every politician can now seek whatever they want from countries outside the united states and if our elections are corrupt enough believe me after this happens you might as well throw it to the wind it will be so much quickly de watkins what are your thoughts on these impeachment proceedings finally i guess moving forward in the house. you know i was i was 2nd be more shocked or i like i was i wish there was like a bill of the that would allow me to believe that i was experiencing some type of a surprise but donald trump has been an ally and a crook before he even thought about politics he was a law and a corrupt throughout his whole campaign he was a lie and a crook throughout his whole entire. so you know we've removed this law is this
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very screwed up that's what i'm sitting back and i'm waiting for that election year coming up that we have the opportunity to choose a new leader but i mean you know is i'm happy that it's have been mean but i would i would love i would love for us to find the least successfully remove someone from office and they would and it would be great for the outdoor party. and they have a system of checks and balances for a reason the 3 branches of government are the accountability so factoring you know what the executive branch do you what you want have it your way jesse was right that opens up a pandora's box to allow other politicians on the federal state and local level to be like you know what the highest office in the country is getting away with this why can't i. and why should exactly i have so many start with yes i agree with jesse they need to put it on the record i do think that there were arguments to be made that they should have and could have gone after impeachment
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a long time ago when trump 1st got into office there were a lot of things there quid pro quo that people could have looked into regarding as variation or japan or china there were other things that they could have looked into unfortunately they waited until the 2020 election they're probably not going to get those 20 republican senators to flip against their party and removed from office so it's unfortunate that this is happening at this time for people who do want to see this president out of office but the election is coming so if the impeachment doesn't work vote him out it's interesting that the timing of this all and one of the things i want to put to you goes to is does this whole impeachment kind of circus of member jimi you were you were on the show while back we talked about it almost as if it's like a sporting event you know that you know it really has kind of become the versus your team how does this really affects people outside of the ivory towers of washington d.c. los angeles and new york because everybody talks about it there but is that really
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what people are talking about on the streets of baltimore or in kansas early other place across the country do you what do you think. you know every day people are too busy trying to survive to even deal with this man this we didn't vote for trump we don't want to know why house but you know also before we jump topics i want to make sure we address the elephant in the room how cowardly and how scared of republicans they are scared to go of this disguise donald trump could literally punch mitch mcconnell's wife in the neck and he still want to vote against this 1st crazy it's like we're living in a silly. i don't know like public trust is public trust is it's going down. i mean the republicans always portray themselves as tough guys like jim jordan mr tough guy mr rugg good guy and yet they look like in the words of the maybe seals they look like pukes that's what we used to call them yeah you know what a puke is or a banana
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a banana is someone who's soft on the outside and soft on the inside. you know it's interesting i want to get i want to get to this part 2 and it is kind of pertains to the you know how people are feeling on the streets and i want to i want to ask you know regina bridgie to this is well but this is interesting common dreams is reporting that a group of more than 350 health professionals delivered a petition to the house judiciary committee thursday warning the president from this administration as well you know that the basically that one of the prison terms allegedly deteriorating mental state could result in catastrophic outcomes including nuclear war as the possibility of peace but looms almost kind of saying look he's so dysfunctional mentally. we believe that impeachment might put him over the edge and could put could put america in danger of what it where you go. if not that far from an idea however this is a man who held the nucular codes he had access to all of these things then this is the cold war we've been told especially feeling you know maybe our age we didn't
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live through the entire cold world like oh we're in relative peace time things are fine and then this man comes along one thing couldn't hit him you don't know if psychologist people who understand if behavior and study of behavior are saying that it should be worth at least garnering attention if not entirely believing i think you're as i mentioned. have probably tweaked the nuclear codes it is unlikely itself and we still and we still have to deal with this in the people in his own party they say they want to say anything that terrified and it's crazy what i claimed it would be clinton to well but i also go to brazil yeah i really want to say that us how this affects the american people sure in the short term maybe it doesn't seem like it matters but it 100 percent matters because trump is the 1st president to really say look i'm the president you really can't go after me and if they allow him to get away with that then that is going to affect the american public from here on out every single person after him could just come in and be
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more corrupt than he is just because the system has allowed him to it will affect people look at nixon he resigned because he knew that both parties were going to come for him he stepped down that is not happening today it's incredibly dangerous if they allow him to get away with it if they're able to prove that there was some sort of quid pro quo and we're going to lead to he's already avoiding the constitution breaking the constitution if he gets reelected i fully expect him to say get rid of that i want 3 terms you know and blatantly doing it right in the face of the constitution that's i'm talking about you know there's a lot of the 3rd time and all the republicans will line up and say here you're. down that road here's what's interesting to me though because i also look at it from the other side of this too is this is donald trump isn't the 1st corrupt politician we've had in the white house he's certainly not the 1st politician we've had in the white house who's totally completely ignored the constitution or got quid pro quo for domestic policies from foreign countries you know so i mean it's
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kind of interesting that like it's donald that's bringing all this out of light but you know are the democrats though being hypocritical given their own history of violating the constitution and quid pro quo they all are that's my god that why do you think i'm an independent i believe in the constitution i believe it's the sacred document the governors are. and you don't violate it both parties do it's ridiculous they only use the constitution when it works in their favor when it doesn't work in their favor there nor did i say they meaning both parties yeah i kind of got to absolutely like that but they didn't and it is definitely a political game because they're doing it because they went after biden who's you know supposedly the star of the 2020 alexion for the democrats so once trump you know went after biden it was suddenly like oh now we have to carry out this inquiry i'm not saying they shouldn't be doing it now but they could have done it earlier i
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think very quickly. but how do you guys sit here and act like donald trump in those with quid pro quo because i'm like this and that's just that's what makes it more dangerous is more dangerous is more dangerous than a crooked democrat because it leads they not have rules they break it he doesn't even though he just wakes up in the morning and does stuff let's. agree with he. you know here's the here's the thing that. people need to understand i remember when trump won and i had friends saying this is good now we'll get a businessman in there to run our country well people need to understand that government and business government provide services corporations are bottom line profit makers there's a different when you difference when you work in one section to another and the government is there to provide services that's highly different than the bottom line profit corporation something run by a c.e.o.
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are we going to take our break so hey buddy as we go to break auk watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the top 3. be sure to check out watching the hawks the podcast which is now available on spotify apple music and everywhere you listen the podcast coming up george zimmerman george zimmerman is back in the headlines again with his announcement that he is suing trayvon martin's family for 100000000 damages yes the 17 year old he killed he's now suing his family find out what our panel asked to say when we come back stay tuned for the. the euro the dollar they all refer to each other and they're all going deeper and
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deeper into debt so there's no basic there there there's no there's no way to measure the dead against something that is could be considered money remember j.p. morgan said only gold is money everything else is credit or debt ok so with that there's a way to measure debt and there's no at the moment my view is that this is leading to a neo feudalism where you have just a few private eye. the farmers owing 98 percent of all the assets and everyone else is a living as serfs on that for getting back to the dark ages. when there was only johnson. and i just got out of prison for. 41 years. i'm 72 years old now i got arrested for tomorrow for something to. go on like this everything was taken out of.
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my work in the hospital it was. meant to snow man looks a little bit like me. about. homicide on 2 cars. now. we're tough. and so you're going. to go. to the moon on the front of the cruise trying to frighten. us no good suffering due to.
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the european union's tendency to believe that it is and only it represents europe has long been a major gripe for russia but as the e.u. experiences significant internal difficulties it is starting to reassess what it is and what it stands for what does that process mean for the countries sharing the continent with. facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately there was also a very dark side. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very 1st character that you type into the search bar it will only see. one dog food over another one
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comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results diced on what they think you should be see if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more growth we give them the sooner we're all. all right welcome back watchers the man who shot and killed 17 year old trayvon martin back in 2012 mr neighborhood watch him self george zimmerman is back in the headlines again for a lawsuit that is almost too unbelievable to believe the washington post is reporting that zimmerman has filed a $100000000.00 lawsuit wednesday against the teen's family and
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a publishing firm and the law enforcement agency for defamation and malicious prosecution yes my friends george zimmerman the man who shot and killed trayvon martin the man who dodged a guilty verdict by claiming a 17 year old with some skittles put him in such fear of his life that he had to gun him down is now suing the family whose trial that he snuffed out you suing the family for $100000000.00 the lead dependent. sabrina fulton martin's mother martin's father tracy is also being named along with their lawyer ben crump publisher harper collins various members of the prosecution team and the florida department of law enforcement according to the washington post the lawsuit claims all defendants have worked in concert to deprive zimmerman of his constitution and other related legal rights so let's turn it over the panel was it all one big conspiracy against zimmerman was it a hoax that was built upon witness fraud to frame him up to charge him for the
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trayvon martin just 1st of all i would like to see it doesn't bother me that harper collins are in this lawsuit because they're the book company that wrote the defamation book on me with the navy seal sniper yes so if they take harper collins as money i have no problem with that being a little tongue in cheek sarcastic but anyway getting back on this is so outrageous there is no judge in the world that isn't going to throw this out my opinion how could a judge at least i certainly would tell you any of the 73 that i appointed while i was governor of minnesota would laugh right out of court i would figure that's what'll happen i hope that's what will happen to a d. i want to go to your what are your thoughts on mr zimmerman making headlines again he's a clown he's a coward he's an idiot he's a full every and any and everything that makes them up is the reason why people outside of america and a lot of people in america hate this country he's
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a joke like the whole idea that that this is even a thing is beyond discussed in this crazy it is crazy he's out of his mind i don't even understand you know his whole story. you know his fame and what this is the same guy who was autographing bags of skittles and a gun conference this is how disgusting and evil this man is. you know i know sabrina and you know i know tracy and they're great family and they're good people and they lost their son and they've been through a whirl of just pain and you have this clown out here playing what it is is the problem this is same thing what a person like trump you let these clowns run wow what i'll stop him they may spiral out of control and look look at the mess we live in right now that is a good point he said it's a good lawsuit because i saw some pretty evil things about his careful is and like he said also thank god he said thank god i never bumped and so. you have part of
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the problem is we have an issue with giving every paul blart want to be mall cop a gun in this country that's a huge problem 2nd of all my brother was murdered and going through the legal proceedings in a criminal investigation is devastating for the families involved and like everything they have to go through so he already got away with it and watching him sued the families like devastating for me to watch this is completely devastating it's adding insult to injury it's like you already lost a loved one why why come back and do this there's no reason for whatsoever he didn't look you know mr neighborhood watch as we call him this is someone who is going to be honest twenty's now who could have been in college contributed into the betterment of society grown in a community and instead someone who thought that he went against the cops orders and trailed him further for no reason made a completely biased and races assumption on a person and took a life is like you know what 8 you guys hurt me like that as if that doesn't make
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your blood well maybe you're not a human maybe your robot which is why trump probably would be best friends well you know and that's and it's going to it's like the a student is obviously a social payoff and i know for a fact it with doctors i've spoken to social pass can't be cured that's the one you know if you are one you are going to be one. and you develop and become one clearly that's what this. because this is soul utterly ridiculous like i said i can't see this even any judge is going to look at this i would think and toss it immediately here's a question that i have that's interesting you know we talk about men like zimmerman in the other kind of as you do said these kind of clowns and people that we've seen over the years come up what what what is where is this coming from where are these people coming from that they believe that they can kind of get away with this and i would what are your thoughts on that of like why you know how are we giving rise to these type of people you know that really are the one i think i don't know yet even then but why but why is trump getting
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a rise you know i mean there is there's obviously something behind all of that and even that there's people who think oh my gosh someone who finally agrees what i believe is in a public light and because they say it's ok i it's ok for me to do and that that's just wrong this is wrong on so many levels 3 justice system is incredibly broken he got away with it he got away with other things too you know he has a history with the law things that he's been accused of and gotten away with and that's just the society we live in sadly and we live in a litigious society you can sue anybody you want it does not mean you're going to win i really don't see him winning this case and no i don't either i mean it's it's pretty ridiculous let's go back to what he said he would not say. why are we seeing this you know why is the guy. you know you know at the end of the day it's a win for of racist people it's the wind for people who hate oprah's people it's a big win you know zimmerman who is of hispanic descent got a lot of praise from a whole lot of different races organizations and people in
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a rally around him he's their champion he's the regulus schmoe then and i'm going to hire him and i'm not going to be around him but they can cheer for him or they can go to the gun show again to send a little bag of skittles and it's just sad s.s. and that gets of america as a knock against cultures and people who have different social contexts and it's just it's sad and you know i agree with mr ventura any. judge is going to look at this and he or she is just going to laugh and for what out but the fact that a lawyer would even consider this is just you know they should be disbarred i want to bring in all or even or ject do you need to understand remember something the lawyers simply operate on money if you got the money and you hand the lawyer the money and he just you know he's going to represent you and i long as you know well i there's a quote from from days from zimmerman's lawyer too that i want to read you is very interesting he said george zimmerman seeks justice not just for himself but for all
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those others victimized by dishonest prosecutors who seek convictions to further their political and other unethical agendas to advance their careers what i found interesting about that quote is while zimmerman's case in this particular example is a ludicrous example of that. the lawyer isn't lying there are a lot of district attorneys in this country a lot of prosecutors in this country who do for their cases and who do prosecute people dishonest lee bakley to my family same thing exactly you know so how do we how do we let's take something as stupid and heinous as zimmerman's issue but let's bring it over to the other discussion where like you're saying was you know how do we stay. these prosecutors from going after people and from putting their own career 1st as opposed to actually process executing the law it goes back to the system that we have we value money over everything people value getting further in their career having you know more media presence the fact that the stories even back in the news and he can get in his jabs to try to discredit the family in their
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defense because he's saying that they had false witness that alone just shows you how these people get away with it and until we start valuing something other than money and society there's no way we can fix it because everybody is just trying to crawl up to the top and of course that money funds them and lining their pockets in order to win you know district attorneys some of them that's what they want they want to become the next attorney general these are all political positions and you have to play a political game sometimes they'll just get a conviction because they want the conviction whether somebody is guilty or not because it looks good for them to have a 1000 convictions was one of them are true yeah it's very diogo about 30 said i just wanted to quit well and that's from you ok well what doesn't help is when you make him the poster child for fighting the issue this is how you lose you lose that issue when you make this clown the poster child of fighting for justice and for prosecutors to actually do their job the way it's supposed to do the jobs that you and you've run up with this guy then you lose that $100000000.00 out of he's never
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done anything in his life even warn him the extra $100000000.00 for anything. like that as this is a joke that's a great point that's a great point d.l. want to thank you for specifically for coming out and there you go to run always a pleasure having you on the thank you very much my duty for your support for your contributions to the great stuff you know when we look at this case it really i want to hit this last little bit to kind of plays off of this also is. it in the car. in the state of new york recently they outlawed any behavior this is passed in this in this in this legislation that they all want any behavior that intends to annoy alarm or threaten the personal safety of on duty. lease officers and other 1st responders many people are concerned by the term that they use there which was annoyed police because that's a very very a guitar how should we be annoyed by the bag language you could be charged with annoying a police officer of course if you're someone who lives in
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a minority community so you're just making annoying sounds annoying is a very vague definition because something i personally find annoying a cop may not find annoying vice versa so someone from a community that is minority dominated they could find themselves in prison probably they could find themselves in a dicey legal situation and that will only further the problems we have within the justice system this doesn't make about as making or as yourself to simply say how can simply be annoying be against the law. where you're going to live in new york or start locking up people for being annoying we better build all more prisons because half of the country can be annoying to republicans are annoying right now a lot of supreme courts have upheld the public's right to be annoying and to harass police flip them off whatever it's not illegal in many states according to their supreme courts also look at sandra bland she was smoking a cigarette that was annoying to the cop and she ended up getting arrested on
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a charge of obstructing arrest or resisting arrest and she ended up dying by an alleged suicide is a lot of questions about whether it was or wasn't she did have some emotional problem with the bottom line is she was smoking a cigarette and it pissed off the cop it was annoying to her was illegal no it's dangerous and you get into those things i want to thank my panel today just i don't want to see flipping the bird against the law it shouldn't be here because i want to thank you from the world according to jesse because of jesse ventura and bridges and those thank you so much an art to american sports producer always a pleasure thank you all right everybody that is our show for today remember in this world we have told the world about slightly well i love. i am a little bit of a keep on watching those hawks out there an upgrade to a. limb here.
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if the let me. ask i wouldn't will. pick i could pump it to record. this show more than. you love food even on the. stand to make it a c. because the police who come. to want to have all of the kook on the scene do it in the out not as you. wish. them most of the difficult. i knew of those 2 moons. much of this news to learn in 92 for not. to use in did. not. one of the media house on the net passing them.
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in this community there are people who believe that it's ok. it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with lots of arguments there's a lot of conflict in the game between the 2 most of the complex i would say the balls around their most of their money is made. us want only children to go see know each other is good business the state of california alone makes $6000000000.00 a year of the prison complex just to get some point in your life where. you don't care and cares about your so you don't care about anything. my feeling with
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this world it's right now is we're so confused and fearful and this certain generation that's controlling all the politics around the world still when that generation dies off and children are brought off this new freedom really are just materialistic don't really care about these things don't even more automobiles want to live by the side job want to ride a bicycle this movement is global and it's going the world is going to house to go in this direction and it's going to change. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and should. somehow want to. have to try to be close it's like them before 3 of them or 10 people that i'm interested in always in the water out. there sidney.
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france is crippled by a nationwide strike over pension reform plans with protests in the capital descending into violence. the russian foreign minister rejects of germany's claims that moscow has not been cooperating with an investigation into the murder of a georgian citizen in berlin. and put a face is fresh censorship accusations after a change to its terms of service leads to fears of that shadow banding. you can have your say on the latest.


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