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powerful blast stun gun fire reported outside a major u.s. outpost in afghanistan in the very same. made a surprise visit to the us to get. the news comes as a damning reports released shedding light on our top american officials have been routinely distorting facts and figures on the war in afghanistan but in an attempt to convince the public the drawn out war is winnable. former f.b.i. chiefs hailed the horowitz report into russian pollution as vindication inspector general with some self. protection saying it is quite the opposite. so many piece of fundamental errors were made by 3 separate him picked investigative teams and
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one of the most sensitive f.b.i. investigation. on french government reveals more details on controversial pension reforms that a spot right. there thanks for joining us this is. a suicide attacker has detonated a car bomb outside. one of the main u.s. military outpost in afghanistan comes not long after donald trump surprise thanksgiving visit to the same base local media reports say the powerful blast hit a medical facility close to the main gate at least 2 people were killed more than 70 injured according to local sources the shootout quickly followed it's being reported 3 attackers remain at large and 3 others have been killed and another captured a local t.v. channel says the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. the american president visited particular base in length. november for thanksgiving and speaking
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to the military personnel there donald trump struck a somewhat upbeat tone. with the help in the devotion everyone. has given here tonight america is winning again we are winning like we have not won in a long time and you know what we're respected like we haven't been respected in a long time america is winning again and america is respected again and respected at the highest level donald trump was saying that he was winning that most american presidents since the american invaded afghanistan says that they are winning but they are not winning in fact because the taliban is controlling half of afghanistan and after 18 years of war with afghanistan and trying to force the taliban from afghanistan the united states has come to the conclusion that they have to negotiate and we negotiate with the taliban the same force that 18 years ago the
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invaded afghanistan was the taliban from the country because they were harboring terrorism and they were harboring some of below them what the american government says it says because they're taliban are weak that's why they keep sending the terrorists every day but the real the real truth is that the taliban are the real forces unfortunately in afghanistan and you have to count on them in order to secure afghanistan. or side all this an article has been published in the u.s. press detailing years of deliberate decision for motion by top american officials who've been putting on a brave face despite knowing the truth about the afghan war. hundreds of thousands dead trillions of dollars lost generations traumatized but you know what nothing good comes easy nothing in afghanistan we helped liberate an oppressed people. and we will continue helping them secure their country rebuild their
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society and educate all their children boys and girls. all that i set to defeat al qaeda and deny it a chance to rebuild is within reach and we're doing a tremendous job. and as you know a big part of the job is isis certainly the biggest and al qaeda and we. we've got them down very low numbers you didn't need to be nostradamus or clairvoyant to know that someone was telling bull it's just logical fallacy you can't keep fighting the same guys for 20 years and claim the joule winning but then appearances must be kept up it's important that everyone thinks you're winning right up to the moment you admit you lost why well it's obvious no one has the remotest clue we were trying to do here we didn't have the focus notion of what we were
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undertaking there is a fundamental gap in distancing of the front and over stated objectives. in the military and the lack of understanding of the resources necessary and we'd never have known if it hadn't been thousands of secret and classified documents all have got to start stuff from the white house from the pentagon the un and the various n.g.o.s well we would have known it's pretty damn obvious that the war is going terribly but who says mouth and all that it is worth considering what the president the deficient said and what they actually believed when i called our troops in action i did so with complete confidence in their courage and skill and tonight. thanks to them. we are winning the war on terror. and. today we lack metrics to know if we are winning or losing the global war on terror are we capturing killing or deterring
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a dissuading more terrorists every day than the mage asses on the radical clerics are recruiting training and deploying against us does the us need to fashion a broad integrated plan to stop the next generation of terrorists the us is putting relatively little effort into a long range plan but we are putting a great deal of effort into trying to stop terrorists the cost benefit ratio is against us see when you're in your 2nd term and you started a really messy war that you just realized you can't hope to win there only so many ways to save your own but here's a list of words you should use courage democracy kids schools and hospitals and for the people that don't buy your baloney get a hope in there as well thanks to the courage of these military and civilian personnel a nation that was once a safe haven for al qaeda is now a young democracy where boys and girls are going to school new roads and hospitals are being built and people are looking to the future with new hope also poor in
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money into huge infrastructure projects to obligate money that was appropriated to so we could spend it through building infrastructure in ways that have again instant could never sustain or even the use in some cases if you're a nato country taxpayer i honestly don't believe you can comprehend how much of your money was poured into this adventure you 1st need to understand the sheer degree of incompetence that these leaked documents show imagine for example someone's putting together a crew for a bank heist they invite a bunch of people give them a time and place and tell no one what their role is no plan so everyone shows up thinking that everyone outs knows what to do. and things go as you would expect now is the time to save your own heinie let's add a few more words difficult days human rights confidence success
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we will reward good governance work to reduce corruption and support the rights of all afghans men and women alike. there will be difficult days ahead but i am absolutely confident we will succeed. you just cannot put those amounts of money into a very fragile state and society and not have if you corruption you just can't a legacy of mass corruption that's putting it lightly what else the jew expects the guys on the ground they saw disaster they reported it back to washington washington with its countless partment now the courage to stand up and say they screwed up so they put up appearances everyone was doing what made them look best rather than what worked best interesting enough many of the documents were published with the name lessons learned perhaps an effort to extract something anything of value from
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this unmitigated disaster but you know as it have got a star not long ago and after seeing what i saw there i can tell you honestly i can guarantee you that while they may have learned their lessons they sure as heck are putting them to use. the french government is pushing ahead with its controversial pension reforms despite huge public hostility resulting in mass protests and strikes earlier today the prime minister formally presented his plans to reports from paris perhaps one of the most controversial elements that was announced today is the fact that the retirement age will increase by 2 years it will go up to 64 while the legal age will remain at 62 if french workers want to receive a full pension they will have to work those extra 2 years let's break down some of the detail of how this is going to work the government said today this is
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a good phillipe the prime minister that those who were born before 1975 will not be impacted by these changes at all if you were born after 975 in your mid career at the moment in what you'll find is around 70 percent of your pension will be based on the system. 30 percent for you system and that those who turn 18 in 2022 they will be integrated for the 1st time fully into the new system this is a system whereby the $42.00 current pensions in france will be amalgamated into one universal payment the prime minister said some of the big winners as a result of this would be women who for the 1st time would receive 100 percent compensation for the time that their own maternity leave would also have points towards their pension from their very 1st child while the 3rd child and he said there would be a guarantee of a 1000 euros a month in pension in retirement for those who had worked a full career let's have
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a listen to what else it would fully packed to say. we may disagree on some points but the government's ambition for university is now bishan for social justice there is no hidden agenda we're not looking to penny pinch we don't want any one man the country we want to protect the poached power of workers and the purchasing power of pension already we're getting some reactions from the unions who seem to be very unhappy with what's been announced by the french prime minister one union seed you know this is the union that is the major union for the s.n.c.f. that's the railway workers here in france say that they are now calling for reinforcement of the strike which is now in its 7th day here in france we've also heard from police unions who move allies in before that speech by the prime minister this morning saying that they want to harden not mobilization as a result the suggestion is the unions don't feel that the government is listening
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to them and hasn't gone far enough they're all going to know all of this is that people will have to work longer and they may receive less pension in the future i mean people all view reus about this so furious in fact last week when there was a national strike some 806000 people took to the streets to let the government know that they didn't want their pensions may. on tuesday don't think oh we're still students 339000 they're all already calls on thursday of this week and of tuesday or next week it seems that this announcement by the government detail of what these pension reforms will mean hasn't quelled the anger the anger that we've seen spilling out into the streets particularly in that protest last week where there were tensions in clashes between the police and the protest is it looks like this strike is fall from. steve king crowd funded professor of economics on paid. rules make france's problem a systemic crisis i think because it's actually
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a fiscal process at the state caused by the rules that the master treaty to prevent the government running this kind of deficit next for a well functioning economy this is a little crazy notion built into the mastery that government should act like a household and try to save money for running dies when you try that it is at the national level it's simply files all it does is reduce income because there is the act that the individual little you can spend less than you earn and therefore save money if you have a good level your spending is somebody else's eco should be a temple of the entire society to save money which is bills of the ministry actually reduces g.d.p. and leads to this sort of thing i would guess this is a manifestation of the saudi wrote the script of the european union particularly the u.s. . capitol hill has erupted into bitter arguments as democrats and republicans pick over the findings of reports into the justification of the russia collusion probe the so-called horowitz report was released on monday and while the democrats and much of the media are claiming vindication the republicans have been quick to seize
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on irregularities of the f.b.i. investigation what happened here is the system failed people at the highest level of our government took the law in their own hands. the report from the inspector general that looked into the investigations of the trump campaign in 2016 has been received on capitol hill differently by different parties democrats seem to see the report as disproving the allegations put forward by donald trump the allegations claiming that there was a politically motivated spying effort against him this is democrats the i.g.s. report conclusively refutes these claims this was not a politically motivated investigation there is no deep state republicans however have a very different interpretation of the report would you like trump hate trump don't
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care about trump you look at this is more than a few irregularities because if this becomes a few irregularities in america then god help us all. a point of contention has been how the f.b.i. handled the salacious steel dossier now this is a da ca that made allegations against u.s. president donald trump regarding russia and the f.b.i. deemed it not to be credible they looked into the source who gave this information to christopher steele and determined that it was not really a credible allegation but that didn't stop them for applying for pfizer warrants in order to wiretap members of the trump campaign on the basis of this down cia the f.b.i. even described the source as being truthful and cooperative when trying to obtain the warrants this is what inspector general horowitz had to say about the errors of the f.b.i. we found and as we outlined here are deeply concerned that so many basic and fundamental errors were made by 3 separate hand-picked investigative teams and one
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of the most sensitive f.b.i. investigations and after the matter had been briefed to the highest levels within the f.b.i. and other reports seems to also indicate that former cia director john brennan may have misled the public when he testified about the role of the steel dossier in obtaining warrants and carrying out the investigation furthermore mccabe and combing f.b.i. officials have argued that they somehow are vindicated by this report they say it shows that the f.b.i. did nothing wrong and that trump's allegations are simply not correct this is the response from fired f.b.i. director james comey and andrew mccabe do you feel vindicated tonight that this report concludes that you did the right thing. you know as i said i've known all along that we did the right thing not just me but the group of people that i worked with at the f.b.i. the f.b.i. fulfilled its mission protecting the american people and uphold in the u.s.
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constitution however what they seem to be saying about how they've been vindicated and how the f.b.i. did nothing wrong doesn't seem to match what's being said by inspector general horowitz james comey said this week the your report vindicates him is a fair system interview. you know i think the activities we found here are done and vindicate anybody who touched this although horowitz report seems to join many recent reports in washington d.c. that were expected to clarify points of disagreement between trump and his opponents and just like many of these other reports while it was expected to shed some light and bring some clarity to the issue it's simply up for interpretation with trump's supporters seeing the report one way and trump's critics and the democratic party seeing it very differently. a controversial chinese restaurant in new york opened by a white woman is shut down after just 8 months some of the backlash over cultural
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appropriation xenophobe become merican lady we've all been there having chinese food on sundays but don't you hate how it's so unhealthy me raced for 20 years my asian metrics keeping healthy balanced meal 7 days a week now. talks about how chinese food is usually dollars dobro and sauces and makes your eyes puffy lady what a lucky liza started by a white woman ignorantly use an asian stereotypes to pitch a clean american chinese food promotional material by real hospitals lucky lisa restaurant repeated stereotypes about supposedly unhealthy chinese food claiming only its offerings don't leave you feeling blue t. and the establishment essence deleted the post. we have been listening and learning and we have been making changes and will continue shame on us for not being smarter about cultural sensitivities. the latest
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in a long line of cultural appropriation claims in the food industry a top chef and leading indian restaurant joined condemnation of the new vegan busy on the ramp by british supermarket marks and spencer noting that price is always part of a real biryani the most up to chef gordon ramsay's new asian restaurant in central london was panned for not having a single asian chef discuss this now with human rights campaign a peta tonsil and journalist and political commentator chadwick in a welcome gentlemen. chant wake you can understand people being offended by the the stereotypes. to try to supposedly unhealthy someone's identity chinese food well well this is a white liberal thing right and 5 first of all chinese you do feel icky and disgusting after you've eaten it have these people never eaten chinese food at least she didn't bring up the fact that chinese restaurants in new york have been
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caught cooking up pigeons and stray cats that would really upset people but this is a white liberal preoccupation it's astounding to see them shut down a female owned business i thought that they were really champions of those things but to understand the mind of a white liberal their obsession with diversity is they like diversity in the people who serve them and they like diversity the things they can purchase and consume but they need to feel that those things are authentic so it makes them feel global and worldly and sophisticated so you can imagine how upset they get when they realize 5 that when they thought they were consuming ethnic cuisine it turns out to be a fellow white who was making it and therefore they must shut down that business pizza look. really is a nutritionist says she just wants to offer healthy food nothing wrong in that is that. no not at all and i think you know the principle that you know
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there are certain restaurants that try to cater for people who want to live healthily and so they have healthy versions of all kinds of different cuisines here in britain we have lots of restaurants that boast that they are a clean version of the british modern cuisine but it's great that's fine i think the problem was that the owner did indulge in a few stereotypes and you know i don't think it's true at all the claims that chinese food makes you feel bloated or icky or it never has i've never experienced that i love chinese but i think it's great but of course there are good and bad chinese restaurants just like there's good and bad british ones and i think you know to try and create a version of asian food that is very healthy for those who've got dietary problems and restrictions i think is an honorable thing to do it's just a pity that the stereotypes were thrown in there as well it's a fair point isn't it chadwick if you're going to promote your own business fair enough but it's not really all or polite or even good business to be putting down
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of the people's food. what she did she just gave it a fact that if you think about chinese for sure there are high end chinese restaurants in a very expensive that you would be maybe less but if you talk about chinese takeaway no i'm sorry the fact is you feel bloated and after you eat it that is a fact i mean a lot of what you're doing go there to get your opinion but it is just about an opinion isn't it is just your opinion lots of people don't feel bloated after chinese food i included in pain i think it's kind of fact i mean you feel. if i if i said you feel bloated and gross that you eat fast food most people would agree with that chinese food is a bastard but that's not why would that even be controversial who cares it's not like it's insulting a culture it's not like it's racist the whole problem if they had you know if that would also just be her stating her opinion about chinese cuisine which should be shared by many people this is not like i hate false statements ok so you know but the whole issue of cultural procreation and that's what they seem to be mad about
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they're trying to say that she was using disparaging language if that's the best they have and she said chinese food makes you feel icky that's not a really strong argument and i don't believe it i don't think any chinese people upset about this i haven't seen the government of china banning her from visiting i don't think that this is a preoccupation that he chinese person would care about once again this is a busybody annoying white liberal preoccupation who think they have to police the world and stand up for all the poor suffering minorities out there and you know it's great to see them eat their own it's wonderful to see them be ridiculous and to shut down a female own business because they didn't like one thing she said so more power through. the issue of cultural appropriation which has been bandied around in relation to this story i mean such a complicated one surely we have to clarify it because you can't be saying that only chinese people can open chinese restaurants surely them can just set these
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hard and fast lines and it's creating a bit of a school situation and in societies. well i do agree i think the idea that cultural proceed procreation means that a non chinese person cannot work or provide chinese food is deeply problematic i think it in the case of modern british cuisine the idea that only british people could make more than british because he is frankly wrong and racist. i think you know obviously it's very important that the owners and providers of ethnic minority traditional foods do have a cultural sensitivity and respect for those cultures but i think the sharing of different cultural experiences whether it be food or clothing or design is a great thing i can member here in london i went into a restaurant or bar called checker zulu in camden town and was very surprised that
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the whole inside was filled with replicas of african art and i was i was surprised but i thought i had how great that british restaurant and bar should feature a whole marsh to african culture now some people of course of criticize that bar shuckers or the but i think they're mistaken i mean the owner says that this was done as a whole march to shuckers who the great zulu leader the great warrior leader who fought the british colonialists and when you go into that bar you are confronted and you see very clearly images of african iconography and statues and carvings which i think is something that british people and not african people ought to be able to see and enjoy in a respectful way. so what do you think about the issue of traditional dishes maybe famous tissues from any particular country around the world being changed and often
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made with us in other countries do you consider that you know insulting as in the case people criticize most dispenses for making a biryani with no rice or is it up to everybody to experiment as they feel well you know experiment as you feel and if it's good that it will sell if it's terrible it won't you know there's a you know i'm i'm southern i'm from the south and there's a restaurant in my own neighborhood in brooklyn that i love it's a great restaurant it's a southern fried chicken and soul food restaurant and they do a decent fright okra which is rare to find in the north and it's owned by a japanese immigrant so should i be annoyed that he's stealing my culture my appellation southern culture to make a profit of course not but of course these accusations only go in one direction and that is if it's a white person doing it so the example that peter just brought up it sounds like the reason why that place gets a pass is because it's celebrating somebody's colonialists i don't think that at least here in new york or in san francisco if some white restaurant was african
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themed it would go the way of this chinese restaurant that we're discussing but of course why shouldn't someone be able to experiment with food and styles and if it's if it's no good go out of business. another slightly different think i'm sorry go ahead pete i was going to add that i think in the case of marks and spencer if they're using the name very honey it ought to be waterbury on the actually years you know the name ought to reflect the ingredients you know we know we're all in britain what a very odd years and we expected to have certain ingredients and i think it is a bit mischievous for marks and spencers to nick the name on a dish that or you know the does not actually a baryonic at all on a more serious peter celebrity chef gordon ramsay criticised for opening an asian restaurant without a single asian chef and he'll i would guess probably say i just choose the best chefs regardless of race and you would think that would be applauded but how do you feel about it. but i do think that is
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a bit remiss you know i think gordon ramsay could easily afford to find some good asian chefs and there are plenty of them believe you me i mean we have a great. chinese heritage chef can walk for many many years here in britain and he was chinese of chinese heritage and he was you know lord of the celebrated he did or a range of different cuisines some based in chinese culture others in british culture erodes across all the different cuisines of the world and i think that you know there is no excuse for not for not having some chinese chefs in that restaurant because there are many many really good chinese chefs and what's your take on that . i think that's ridiculous because that the accusation would be something that he intentionally didn't hire a chinese person which of course i think it would be completely not true he simply hired the best person for the job why may waste time money and resources scouring
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for employees based on their skin color just because they happen to. have. genetic history from a certain part of the world would people been happy if there was a chinese looking chef in his restaurant whose parents had been in england for 2 generations and and had never actually grown up on eating chinese food but grew up eating british cuisine would people have complained then no they wouldn't have because it's not about any of this it's just this identity politicking and this pandering to races and it's absurd if someone and even if it was a chinese restaurant they happen to be of another asian to say and i'm sure that no liberal would be upset about that which shows how truly racist and disgusting they often tend to be gentle have to wrap it up i'm afraid you both made some good points it's on physical comedy chadwick more human rights campaign a potential thank you both. of course thanks to you guys would be without. help
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with that with more and off now. thanks guys just by the natural survival guide. when customers go by you reduce the price. well reducing our. that's undercutting but what's good for market is not good for the global economy. each simulating civilization will be able to run using a tiny fraction of its resources. hundreds of thousands millions of rounds through all of human history almost all. beings with our kinds of experiences simulated ones. good ones.


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