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tv   News  RT  December 13, 2019 1:00am-1:31am EST

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headlining this hour on r t the conservative party secures a majority in the british parliament as labor suffers in the polls and a highly disappointing night for them our live coverage from westminster kicks off in less than a minute from now. plus in other news later this hour at least $71.00 soldiers were killed in a militant attack on a military base in exposing a deep crisis for french foreign policy in its former colony. and steps up its anti how to crusade but in rages users who accuse the video sharing platform censorship.
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good morning from moscow it's friday the 13th of december it's 9 am here in the russian capital it is 6 am in the u.k. which is waking up to. election results which we've seen shocks and celebrations quite seismic shift in those results too boris johnson's conservative party has won a majority in parliament after a strong showing in that election the prime minister says that it gives him a powerful mandate to bring home in the new year as for the opposition labor party suffered a series of humiliating defeat with its leader jeremy corbyn saying that he will not lead labor into the next election it's been a night of scalps being claimed in some key seats arguably the biggest humiliation for the labor leader jeremy corbyn is the loss of veteran denis skinner not only a character in parliament but an arch labor. veteran he has lost of all people to
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the conservatives let's go live now to our to u.k. and westminster for our special election coverage going boris johnson's way as he wins a lot of majority yes and to break it all down for us we're joined by former s.n.p. m.p. poor one hand and barrister rebecca boteler but 1st we're going to shout to everest to take a look at the results. well it is a monumental victory for boris johnson the conservative party he has already secured a comfortable majority in parliament as you can see securing 355 votes the threshold of course being 3 to 6 over 20 past 9 for jeremy corbyn though trailing way way behind it's certainly a devastating evening for the labor party there on just 202 that marks one of the lowest outcomes for the labor party in 30 years a really difficult evening for the labor party the tories though they went into
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this general election and essentially they were working with a minority government at this point they've done far far better securing a very very comfortable majority indeed so a good night for boris johnson the tourist but also a very good evening for the s.n.p. there on 48 seats at this moment time so making significant gains in scotland one of which one of the key ones that they managed to secure was stealing none other than joe swinson the liberal democrat leaders seat in eastern barton sure that's a crucial crucial significant seat that the s.n.p. have won significantly so that the lib dems are just on 10 seats at this point in time very very difficult evening for the lib dems but equally for the exit party a total wipeout it seems to be just a few more seats now to declare within the next few minutes of course it's all what matters most but when we look at the percentage vote share that's also equally interesting because it paints quite a bleak picture indeed. again for the labor party there is now 1212 percentages
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between the conservatives and the labor party just 2 years ago back in 2017 in the last general election that percentage was much much closer just 2 percent were in it so it does suggest the 2 are now miles and miles apart interestingly again though the lib dems have got 11 and simply have called for but that doesn't equate to see numbers because of course the lib dems have less seats than the s. and p. i can do you peach just one percent and the party as i say looking towards a total total wipeout so many questions to be asked but mostly it seems like this has been an election that's predicated the majority on brecht said but let's take a wider look then at the the entirety of the united kingdom here we can really get a sense of the trends and see where the power indeed lies just to point out there are all of these constituencies $650.00 on this map one hexagon represents one p. but here we do see the trends are in the northern heartland areas what we're seeing
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is many seats have gone from red to blue it marks a very difficult evening then for jeremy corbyn those seats usually comfortable secure safe labor seats known as the red wool areas that has now collapse in tightening entirely mostly to do with these areas being leave supporting areas the red will though in london seems to prevail somewhat we're seeing that that of course was ever a main area so we're seeing that labor have someone managed to cling on but that's probably the only positive thing for the labor party at the moment very dramatic results indeed just a few more seats to to back to in the studio. very much and. we can go to college green and. forests tell us what's the latest from where you all. here on the college green very ready to morrow morning will be expected. in west
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minister boris johnson to be giving a speech just down the road in downing street having secured that majority that he feels will help him not just get his other agenda through domestic agenda through but as he puts it which gives him a strong mandate to get bricks it done. this one nation conservative government has been given a powerful new mandate. to get pretty done. i know just to get pretty done but to unite this country and to take it forward and to focus on the priorities of the british people about will only n.h.s. and yes we will recruit 50000 more nurses and 6000 will g.p.'s and we will build 40 new hospitals. it has been a good night for the conservatives it's been a terrible one as far as labor can see and they've lost
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a number of seats particularly in the north to the conservatives although we've seen in a number of those seats the swing hasn't necessarily gone directly from labor to conservative but labor to the bracks of party but enough votes for the conservatives to come in and in many cases sneak in to win them by very slim margins and it is those slim margins which help paint an overall picture of defeat for labor. but the vote count still higher than it was in 2010 but ultimately diluted and not enough to win anywhere close to enough seats to secure a hung parliament that would have been the most likely best case outcome for them and as far as their leader german corbett is concerned well that said he won't be leading them into any future election. breaks a. whole or ois and decided to fight 'd this in this country is out of the. it is
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so much of a normal political debate and i recognize that has contributed to the results she has received this evening all across this country also make it clear that i will not lead the boxing in any future general election campaign i will discuss with up. to ensure there is a process now of reflection on this result and on the policies of the possible trying going forward and i will lead the party cheering that period to ensure that discussion takes place and then move on into the. was an even worse night for the liberal democrats before this election josue and soon i was trying to convince the country that she could actually be the next prime minister while she's not even an m.p. anymore having lost seats this evening and she gave a speech a concession speech where she said she had hope that the u.k.
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could still remain a kind and generous country. let me say no. for millions of people in our country. these results will bring dread and dismay and people are looking for hope. i still believe that we as a country can be warm and generous inclusive and open and that by working together with our nearest neighbors we can achieve so much more. though we many will be idolizing in trying to diagnose exactly what went right for the conservatives and wrong for labor but ultimately people will point to the decision by niger frosh to stand down the number of candidates in those seats that previously had been won by the conservatives is giving them a huge advantage an essentially not splitting. the leave vote where is on the
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remains side the vote did remain as far as they're concerned devastatingly divided . is the rally during a starting job in the west some wild college green there thank you very much indeed if i can come to you paul and rebecca if i start with you the key point then and also we heard from steve hadley her earlier actually saying this was a long one issue election it's all about bricks that is. yes i think it was i think this vote is all about bricks if it was then you wouldn't have seen the red the way it did it's been a spectacular disaster for the labor party and the s. and p. by the same token has picked up because they had a 62 percent remain vote and actually northern ireland is a a bellwether because they had a i think they had a 58 percent remain so it would be really interesting to see the final numbers on
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this but it looks like a rerun of the referendum that will have the bricks it will have to the bricks of party what sort of impact of it have knowledge of russia's i one of the killer the dems would have labor to hurt but of course part of them haven't won a single seat. i think a slightly more nuanced and just so you know of one issue and that was all of the facts it was clearly a major factor but i think the state of. yours the economy welfare all of these things have a role to play this ball to fasten the backs of party i think introduced an element of tactical in the nest and watch and watch we might not have seen. them so becker do you think that breaks it was actually born out of those points that the poll races there after the concepts of austerity and the fact that people want social justice social change you think that's what started not the other way round. rex it started actually with the lib dems back in 20072008
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because it was their policy that if there was a major constitutional change they wanted a referendum on it so they raise the issue of the lisbon treaty now the lisbon treaty was a phenomenally powerful treaty and did change the dynamics within the european state so they raised the point in the 1st place tony. just wanted to sign a chill through but i think people began to think well you know what doing for me now in scotland. does a lot briefly then if the lib dems keep toolis off why have they done so that's why we're going to dip out and leave election team in westminster for now you can continue to watch their lives continuing coverage online go to dot com click live then you can you'll find it will catch up with him here next hour with more guests analysis and updates throughout the day. on to our other international headline
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news now militants have killed at least 71 soldiers in west africa in one of the deadliest attacks on the country's military in years and i still terror group says it was behind the attack that also left 12 others injured it took place ahead of a now postponed meeting between the french president emanuel mccrum and 5 west african leaders over security in the region don't accord it delves into the challenges paris faces in its former colony. africa has become a hotbed of terrorist activity as deadly attacks claiming hundreds of lives have spread like wildfire.
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europe will have 2 swords of damocles over its hands terrorism and kidnappings but also illegal immigrants since many are traveling through these regions following one of the deadliest attacks in niger where 70 people were killed by islamists the big players have even postponed a big summit to reconsider their efforts the president so france on. to postpone the summit on operation bar canyon and the joint chiefs of health force until early 2020 the 2 presidents express their determination to remain united against terrorist groups and to redefine together in the coming weeks the political and operational framework for ensuring the security of this are held countries france spends millions of euros and sends thousands of soldiers to control the situation there but with the region's poor infrastructure damage control is difficult to say the least france needs help lots of context a lot in this context and in light of the decisions that france will take
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a big engagement by its allies is obviously something that would be quite positive in this a hell france is involved in acting on behalf of everyone. there are other budgetary questions but at least as important in our eyes is the contribution of the europeans to operations to the management of crisis it wouldn't be right to spend the 2 percent without haven't actually done anything with the armed forces just at the moment when crisis requires ports and it's not the 1st time macron has been vocal over the issue the french president also criticized nato for bickering over defense spending instead of doing more to help the war on terror and sahil why does france care so much about saw hell as is almost always the case it's about africa's natural resources the border of mali and niger is lined with your rainy a mind so vitally important for french power stations of course it's also dangerous if islamic fundamentalists grow an influence there they would only need to travel through libya for
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a direct line to the european continent and with sahil being half the size of europe it's not easy to isolate terrorist cells as for paris well it shifts the blame to the african states which can't cope with these challenges alone it almost seems like afghanistan all over again deteriorating government control and growing influence from islamic radicals are definitely are some parallels between france's difficulties fighting terrorism in the soho and american difficulties fighting to result in afghanistan but of police shootings are very advantageous from the builtin. in both cases you have the external powers trying to essentially stabilise. remotely in the real questions. citizens of those countries whether it's worth it to continue invest in comfortably in for an interest in this problem charles from foursomes from get involved. not
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only. to combat the terrorists but for their own national interests i think out in the top. amount of the intervention in mali in 2013 are there may have been a false sense in france that it how to handle on this kind of targets i don't know i think that france will increasingly try to get other western countries especially the united states in the u.k. are to ramp up their counterterrorism involvement. there without taking moscow up i had the lead in tells washington to back off for interfering in pressuring the rail and major gas pipeline project designed to the russian gas straight ahead think it's a next door when we come back. the end.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy foundation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. each simulating civilization would be able to run using a tiny fraction of its resources. hundreds of thousands millions of runs through all of human history almost all. beings with our kinds of experiences with them to simulate that once. known simulated ones and conditional not argued we should think we are probably one of the simulated ones.
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most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the 1st one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand down the news business you just need as the right questions and demand the right answers. questions. i am more afraid as world news for you know germany has slammed washington's sanctions threat over the massive north stream to natural gas pipeline with foreign minister mass insisting the e.u.
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rejects all meddling european policy is decided in europe not in the u.s. we crucially reject external interference and sanctions with extra territorial effect . as a gas pipeline running from russia to europe through the baltic sea it covers more than a 1000 kilometers and means moscow doesn't have to transit gas to the e.u. through ukraine however washington is no fan claiming it leaves europe to energy dependent on russia economist i gave her believes the e.u. has to push back against america's attempts to dominate. the problem with the north korean to blame is that germany who is gas for europe could get to energy independence on blackmail from poland and the ukraine or other american puppets and i think this is the main problem and so for un security measures the e.u. test of pushback against sanctions and they have to make clear that companies in
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europe have a little bit of safety when they do projects which you are absolutely within within the law but the us is just declaring sanctions on your business so it would be far too i'm secure for europe to rely on us energy supply so this is the only single benefit for them for them to do what they are searching for and russia or is here doing opening markets which are very favorable for both europe and russia and of course doesn't want to see that north stream too isn't the only stumbling block between europe and the united states right now tech giant wild ways become a seed of discord twins washington calling the chinese company a security threat huawei is. a company we may not do business with at all because it is a natural security threat the united states has also been very clear with our
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security partners on the threat posed by the way the chinese government can rightfully demand access to data flowing through our way and z.t. systems. why would anyone grant such power to regime that has already grossly violated cyberspace probably without change the old war way without allowing war way into our country will not change and that we can do business for non-security while away despite all that washington's european allies have decided to go their own way one of the continent's largest telecom providers which is operating in germany has chosen weiwei to build its 5 g. network in the country calling the company a strategic partner a branch of spain's telefonica is set to launch the wireless network next year covering 30 cities in germany by 2022 it's one of the few e.u. countries opening its doors to while away along with spain and portugal economist i go home again thinks the e.u. is cornered and the us is only looking out for its own interest well i don't think europe is looking for its own interest because in the past they're showing that
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they are not even able to look out that their only interest in this case there is the edge of where they are they are in the corner they can't do it any way so us is looking for their own benefit and i wish that europe would start to look for their own benefit but in this case it is just this embarrassment of totally broken down economics policy of economics which we can see now in europe it is only. an economy or politics of the committee to sit and nothing else and this in this case it shows again. changes to and the harassment rules on youtube of outraged users and content creators alike on the video sharing platform with a hash tag you tube is over party trending on twitter they say the vague language of the policy is essentially an attempted censorship. in far reason you tube became
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massive was you tube was having brief and drama the line between criticism and horace mint is now so blurred nobody knows where they stand. veiled or implied threats or vague language that's highly subjective that allows them to effectively silence anything regardless of content predictable protecting the hunt full of spoiled public figures who didn't like to be teased is a great way to lose the crowd this policy has good intentions on the surface but it's too messy it will drastically increase both resentment and complaining across the board don't censor criticism. explicit threats of violence were already banned but now the policy also applies to veiled or implied threats it also prohibits contents with malicious insult spaced on race religion and ethnicity repeat offenders will be stripped of their ability to earn advertising revenue and they have their videos taken down or that channel terminated completely or some creators
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have already had their content removed youtube says the decisions can be appealed. we expect there will continue to be hokey debates over some of the decisions and we have an appeals process in place of creators believe we've made the wrong carnaby to you who continue to protect discussion on matters of public interest to expression media commentator gina luden believes the new rules are open to abuse. i think the fact that these so-called rules are so very loosely defined therein lies the problem because when you don't have well defined rules what you end up with is subjectivity and that's always been the problem with you to entire groups of people have been deemed monetise i've had this happen on my own you tube channel where my videos have been taken down because something didn't meet their community standards and a lot of times i can't even tell what it is i didn't think anything was offensive it may be past the major network test in the united states but it doesn't pass the you tube test so it really makes you kind of wonder you either have free speech or
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you don't and if you have free speech then that should be exactly that free and it should be broadly applied and just because something offends me doesn't mean that you should not have the right to say it in fact perhaps it's more important that you do have the right to say it as long as perhaps or not inciting violence which i think is where we would all like to draw that line some believe that the reason behind this is politically motivated and the problem is that when you don't have well defined rules that make sense to everybody regardless of political party you're going to have people feeling like this was subjectively applied. that's your aussie world news for now westminster taking a back in just over half an hour for more of the u.k. election fallout up next we visit a town abandoned after the fukushima disaster a years ago where former residents are any just beginning to return to what's left of their homes.
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you know world of big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. while way down. china is the apollo 11. this decade. it's defining the technological landscape for a whole country is going to happen for a long time. people
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who lived in towns to which excess is now restricted are allowed to revisit their homes a few times each year 51 is given a dosey meter to show how much radiation they are exposed to while inside the zone . 2011th earthquake and tsunami. a giant wave hits the fukushima one nuclear plant. flooding almost the entire facility. that the reactor cooling system is compromised then there's an explosion then another and another. radiation rises to 5 times the normal level the situation is exceptional and it's given the highest possible score for
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severity of nuclear contamination. tens of thousands of people are evacuated from a 20 kilometer exclusion zone centered on the power plant. 80 years later and japanese authorities are still actively decontaminating huge tracts of land. they have removed the upper layers of soil and washed and cleaned everything. now one by one they are gradually reopening areas where the government saves people can live safely. on their own like. the. one. that might there. is no i don't want that. because that more creating. populist anger so i am not saying. that the myth that a lot of the myths that in the in some. some of them
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a lot. when you become on their. way through this and that but then it. will. happen. here. i'm going to. have a the back side on the band.


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