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tv   News  RT  December 13, 2019 7:00am-7:31am EST

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the conservative party secure. in the british parliament. becomes. 2 people.
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13 pm here in moscow welcome to our names you know your company. it's been quite the night in the u.k. the conservative party top the general election polls by a huge distance with leader boris johnson declaring. finally happen for the opposition parties pretty much this. labor suffered humiliating defeat scenarios long regarded as their loyal heart liberal democrats leader meanwhile lost. let's cross to westminster. good morning so it's become very clear the election has paid a massive majority. yes has since made a victory speech and met the queen for permission to form a. new government and return to downing street and let's welcome full of their of
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london ken livingstone and expert alex avoided to the program gentlemen thank you for joining us well we've got to ask ken livingston what he makes of this election result well it's the most depressing i've seen for decades because no one really knows exactly what's going to hamley bricks it cause no one's walked away with anything like this before but most of the data about the time we stay down our exports to europe went down dramatically so there could be hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk but what worries me more than break c. is boris johnson isn't really a politician he wants to be a celebrity be famous and he doesn't have an agenda and i think this could be the most indecisive government of my lifetime well we have a professor specializes in brakes that what do you make of what kevin's ascent i think certainly there's a big element of the cult of celebrity divorces right me and of course he was a regular in osa nevada usefully you woman of the channel for example so it's hard
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to divorce that from the public perception over there was also i mean when boris johnson was the mayor of london as well and i'm sure you can see relate to that as well but is it a case of we are now going to see as you said he's now got this effect of this mandate this sort of mandate is he going to be a different type of politician which could be very interesting because they've made so many pledges to try to match what labor that it demands for him more police build more housing rebuild our social services but also saying we're not going to increase taxes or boring so you begin with he said he if it's going to happen i suspect in 5 years time. this government will be wiped out because it will have alienated so many people jeremy called the know what top now he said he's not going to stand for another that you know what's his future and how can what i mean jeremy is i think in the seventy's it would be a bit old to be right here in 5 years but why i find interesting is clearly bricks . the biggest factor in all of this cost so many votes traditional labor seats the
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vote of now which the choice but i've never said i mean literally the lines about jeremy called we've seen over the last few years all this stuff about anti semitism anti semitism i've known jeremy for 45 years i've never heard him say anything racist sexist and you semitic i've never seen him lose his temper i mean people just think he's much like the nicest member of parliament that we've got up there for alex was it lost in the media. i think a big element of it was yes in this particular concentration media ownership here but i cannot pick up on something regarding the intentions of johnson as a pm i think we need to look at the people who went into them there are 2 aspects of this one the so-called one nation tory but 2 we made a big deal about pretty markets as the way forward and if we look at the people in temperament like dominic leeds trusts you know the material by a published in the past is very much in favor of private health and most of the n.h.s. and more deregulation and i think this is the thing underpinning any nascent conversations
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with the united states government for example we need to keep this back about mines ok you're not in agreement what i think the real problem is if we can negotiate a trade deal with the us that's for the largest economy in the world we're nowhere near that they will set the terms and there's quite a lot of tory m.p.'s believe in privatizing things on the n.h.s. you know and i mean shamefully carried on with that opening up too much of it and the simple fact is a every privatized nation has been damaging you see the cost of what you're buying going out whether it's power or fares or whatever and you see the quality of the service going down whilst the chief executive earns millions of pounds but also there isn't there a time table issues one of the fact that boris this sort of locks himself in saying we've got to get it done within a year doesn't take away your sort of key negotiating chip. but i mean it. depends
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what kind of trade agreement with europe i want to mean it if the discourse is all and having a more limited free trade agreement would be. kind of pointed out is going to be problematic because it means more regulatory departure from what we have at the moment and the more regulatory departure that we have in terms of a standard marking what kind of food we eat even the longer it's going to take the fresh throws out with it because that their 1st priority is going to be protecting the integrity of the single market. on the political side how would you react to a hung parliament who would you stop that's the right thing for the country in order to give time to look at projects again this was the most trumpeters for election everyone was shocked last night when the the exit poll came out i think most people were very small to a majority of parliament and even a few of a stage remain about a small majority and it would have been chaotic i mean now we are going to get bret's it might think the rule problem is not going to walk away from an economic block this size it's the largest economy in the world and the simple fact is you
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want to stay in the customs union the single market which the torch won't do or you have to do some really detail deal covering all the exports and imports it is i think going to be a nightmare a nightmare leading perhaps to a no deal outcome at the end of the transition period at 2020 x. that's surely got to happen is i do think that's a distinct possibility because i think if the government stick to their guns if they stick to this notion they don't particularly have to abide by certain level playing field provisions and i think that he will have very little room to compromise in that regard simply because of the protect him single market issue let's pause for a minute more come back to both of you very shortly he has more on the day's historic election results. prime minister boris johnson perhaps unsurprisingly crowing about his party's performance in last night's election a very strong majority for them in terms of seats anyway and that's resulted in
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what he says is a strong mandate for him to finally get breaks it down with this mandate and this majority we will be able to do what. we pay attention. to is this this election means that getting brits. the irrefutable irresistible. arguable decision. of the british people. with this election i think we put an end to all those middle miserable threats of a 2nd referendum. and i say. i say 1st thing. i say respectfully to him to austin torreon friend in the blue star. that's. trying to put a sock in the megaphone the prime minister was also keen to stress that his agenda wouldn't just and perks that he wanted to of course as he said it is modify some
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income to invest more money into the n.h.s. 20000000000 he denied claims that he wanted to set off the n.h.s. as a result of any trade deal post breaks in particular with the us and also stating his commitment to one nation conservatism in the secrets of trying to bring the country together for the opposition parties it's been a very difficult night in particular the liberal democrats that he to joe since before this election said that he hoped to be the prime minister well she's not even a member of parliament anymore she has lost her seat in the election and has actually subsequently stood down democrat leader let me say no. for millions of people in our country. these results will bring dread and dismay and people are looking for help. i still believe that we as
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a country can be warm and generous inclusive and open and that by working together with our nearest neighbors we can achieve so much more but it wasn't much better for the labor party either they secured over 10000000 votes however they've only secured 203 seats of the worst performance since 1935 and many attributing it to the fact that the pope. moved away from the 2017 manifesto pledge to respect the brig's referendum result and to move to pops a more remain position and whoever takes the party forward as they try to think of a new strategy to claw back the political ground it's not going to be jeremy called in. has so polarized and decided to fight 'd this in this country it is over written so much of the normal political debate and i recognize that has contributed to the results that the labor party has received to saving all across
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this country ought also make it clear that i will not lead the party in any future general election campaign i will discuss with our party. to ensure there is a process now of reflection on this result and on the policies that the possible take going forward and i will lead the party touring that period to ensure that discussion takes place and we move on into the. so quite a few losses on the opposition benches but all for because now we. will be. there whether you can get a trade deal secured with the e.u. and also on take you out of the european union by january 31st. now let's take a closer look at how the results of shapes up with r.c.u. case shot it was. just one more vote to go but of course it won't make much difference as indeed the conservatives have won the general election with the
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greatest majority since 1987 as you can see the tories have come out on top securing $6364.00 seats across the united kingdom a great day for forest johnson a terrible one though for the labor party and jeremy corbin securing just $203.00 seats which again marks the worst performance in 30 years so good evening then throughout the night for boris johnson of course he went into this general election with a minority government and now securing a majority of plus 47 also similarly a very good evening for the s.n.p. leader nicolas sturgeon securing 48 of the seats there in scotland one of which one of the key moments came from when the s.n.p. stole the critical crucial seat of liberal democrat leader joe swenson she of course had to resign as a result and indeed have party her colleagues not doing so well either just
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securing 11 seats across the united kingdom much worse than they would have anticipated the d.p. then at 8 which is minus 2 from last time round. a total annihilation a total wipeout but seats of course of the crucial figures this morning but taking a closer look at the voting percentage it's still paints a rather bleak picture for the labor party just on 32 percent boris johnson's tories out 44 percent this time. election back in 2017 the gap was much more narrow in fact that was just 2 percent between the 2 rival parties of course really not looking too good for jeremy corbett but again interestingly the liberal democrats they're on trial for sent 4 percent but it hasn't really equated to many seats for the dems but of course the s.n.p. have made very huge gains across scotland which then of course brings into question
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the system of 1st process the post no doubt will be criticized over the next few coming hours if not days but again i want to give you a broader picture of the entirety of the united kingdom to try and show you the trends where the balance of power really lies here we have this map 650 constituencies of course they were all up for grabs throughout the night and this morning each texican on this map represents one but what we can really see is these northern heartland areas the areas that were pro leave supporting areas traditionally we call them the red bull seats they are safe labor seats and strongholds in these areas but what we saw the trajectory was they were turning from red to blue throughout the morning a very difficult evening then for jeremy corbyn and the labor party well they have managed to do their quite well is still maintain and prevail there redwall in the london vicinity potentially because that is of course an area the capital did
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indeed vote remain in 2016 with the referendum is certainly reflected there but again meanwhile we have. the s.n.p. really taking over lots of constituencies that in the hands of the s.n.p. we see the whole sea of yellow up at the top now it's been a really dramatic evening if not morning now indeed the labor party has been particularly all full for the tour is there a very good day indeed one seat left but of course it won't make much difference. fall off to the breaking through to the live reaction to portions we from europe. is where we leave our t's election team in westminster for now you can continue watching their line of ongoing coverage on line r.t.e. dot com we'll catch up with them next hour with more gas analysis and updates right here throughout the day. but for now let's move on to more world news the security situation in west africa is that curating further militants there have killed
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at least $71.00 soldiers in one of the deadliest attacks on the country's military in years and islamic militant terror group says it was behind the attack which also left 12 others injured and took place ahead of another postponed meeting between french president among them a call on west african leaders over security in the region fronts insists its nato allies should take the situation seriously and provide more support don't quarter delves into the challenges parties faces in its former colony no. africa has become a hotbed of terrorist activity as deadly attacks claiming hundreds of lives have spread like wildfire.
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europe will have 2 swords of damocles over its had terrorism and kidnappings but also illegal immigrants since many are traveling through this region following one of the deadliest attacks in niger where 70 people were killed by islamists the big players have even postponed a big summit to reconsider their efforts the president. so friend sonny's year agreed to postpone the summit on operation block kanya on the joint chiefs on health force until early 2020 the 2 presidents expressed their determination to remain united against terrorist groups and to redefine together in the coming weeks the political and operational framework for ensuring the security of the sahil countries france spends millions of euros and sends thousands of soldiers to control the situation there but with the region's poor infrastructure damage
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control is difficult to say the least france needs help. in this context and in light of the decisions that fronts will take a big engagement by its allies overseas something that would be quite positive in the fronts is involved in acting on behalf of everyone there are other budgetary questions the means but at least as important in our eyes is a contribution of the europeans to operations to the management of prices it would not be right to spend the 2 percent without haven't actually done anything with the armed forces just at the moment when prices require a response and it's not the 1st time macron has been vocal over the issue the french president also criticized nato for bickering over defense spending instead of doing more to help the war on terror and sahil why does france care so much about sawhill as is almost always the case it's about africa's natural resources the border of mali and niger is lined with your rainy and minds are vitally
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important for french power stations of course it's also dangerous if islamic fundamentalists grow an influence there they would only need to travel through libya for a direct line to the european continent and with sahil being half the size of europe it's not easy to isolate terrorist cells as for paris well it shifts the blame to the african states which can't cope with these challenges alone it almost seems like afghanistan all over again deteriorating government control and growing influence from islamic radicals. treating france's difficulties fighting terrorism in the somehow an american difficulties fighting terrorism in afghanistan those places are very had been to egypt from the vantage militants in both cases you have external powers trying to essentially stabilize the area is remotely in the real questions. about
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fitness and scope of those country whether it's worth it to continue invest in some police in for an injury of these problems for some forces from abroad get involved in country not only due to altruism to combat the charges but for their own national interest i think that you need not come out of intervention in mali in 2013 there may have been a false sense in france that it had a handle on this kind of terrorism so i think that france will increasingly try to get other western countries especially the united states in the u.k. and to ramp up their counterterrorism involvement. or another every headline stories this hour a new enough to realize haitian bell has sparked protests across india where at least 2 people have been killed in the unrest the uk seeks to grant citizenship to immigrants who fled afghanistan bangladesh and pakistan before 2015 but
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controversially it includes all major religious groups except muslim. us. india's government argues that minorities in those countries are under threat and their populations are shrinking specifically it claims that pakistan's non muslim minorities have to win gold dramatically since the late and fifty's where protesters say the bill is not only the scrivener tory but also on constitutional and the opposition has threatened to take the case to the supreme court's hundreds have joined a hunger strike in india's northeast where troops are being deployed on the internet shut down. there are some good aspects of the law. the indication of the law is actually is quite good. it basically wanted to do good my knowledge these. 33 neighboring countries namely. bungler danish and i'm gonna start to be
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allowed to citizenship believe india. the problem with the problem is that those of you that minorities are not muslims they are hindus christians sikhs buddhists and other communities all modern slummy non muslim so as i said the intention is good because a large section of these persecuted by not minorities are distributed in different parts of india let me also point out that the cut off there is design but 1st 2014 or was it you did minorities who came before that did before design but the 12000 people dean dean so i think the intentions are very good i think this law is unconstitutional. i think it is illegal i challenge you this law in the honorable. and i am confident it will be struck down but. it is not
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a take on it was from stands for the government this. is because the government wants to make this muslim issue today would this does not affect the suspects everybody if the government refuses to listen to the supreme court and we will live the streets of delhi in the streets of india every day we will burn copies of the law every day we will start a new one for. mark mark and the start we will not 'd see this you know i think people need to be educated the people protesting don't necessarily understand what they're even fighting i mean how is that different from religious fanaticism elsewhere in the world india as an independent democratic nation and i don't see why the us should have any say in that you cannot just attack india and say that it is discriminating against muslims it is a matter of numbers the sisters. there are so many more must know that we cannot allow them on and there has to be and it's not about them being muslim it's that
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they are such a large minority quote unquote that and india alone. we have 200000000 muslims muslims who are feeling persecuted within their own country perhaps need to go to a muslim country because if we as india whether it's democracy where it's successful economy allow this in pakistan and bangladesh we will be flooded with immigrants it were collapsing our economy. to the us were double trouble perseid on executive order with the goal of combating terrorism on college campuses the order threatens to withhold federal funding to universities if they fail to take action against the problem. so we will not permit and jewish bigotry on our college campuses if they want to do that it's going to be extremely costly it'll be amazing how quickly they stop. the move expands the $964.00 civil rights
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to specifically prohibit discrimination against jews and already racial discrimination in programs that receive federal funds it targets the b.d.s. movement to which boy comes good from territories occupied by israel in league 2nd of water how sparked outrage from pro palestinian supporters who believe it aims to silence their movement american antiwar activists are real gold scenes in some assault on people's rights. this is it dangerous to attack our 1st amendment right to free speech and it's an attack on students it will serve silence dialogue 8 result and it will serve. well you didn't let it move it means that it's going to be much harder explorer advocates for palestinian rights to organize on campuses what happens is that a school could now be designated as not protected it's one of the bases it's doing
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this. congress right wing in congress has been unable. ert is right yes legislation was that. i only meant it especially on all its. executive. knightly has nothing to do with it it's about. shutting down. a list you need right it's not their. right. ok being focused stateside next will the democrats paid for their impeachment push against donald trump larry king is asking not a whole lot more besides and politicking in a moment. i'm going to fulfill the repeated purposes apologise to the people and come on you know
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it's all but be. ready for a. pretty good group. now you want to work. no. all. 5 coming out my. facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately there was also
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a very dark side. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very 1st character that you type into the search bar it will always favor one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results diced on what they think you should be see if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more growth we give them the sooner we're all.
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are we in a countdown to impeachment the experts weigh in on this. politicking on larry king is the impeachment of down jay trump the 43rd president of the united states and then the ability at this point and if so what impact will it have in 2020 songs about that with the political panel in the alex vogel previously served as chief counsel senate majority leader bill frist former general counsel for the national. committee and david brown democratic strategist for moment the counsel to democratic senator patty murray on to congressional committees and they are both in washington d.c. . think anybody's mind is changed with the with the impeachment hearings and not so
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far. as you alluded to in the lead in i think people's minds are pretty much made up and at least as far as the actual the house goes and their side of the impeachment process i think we've reached the stage of foregone conclusion and i really can't envision what any of these witnesses or other process between now and and the final vote in the house that could actually change anyone's mind in a meaningful way david they say the senate is the judge of this now in a trial nobody's supposed to have a 3 opinion this moves the judges on the facts in front of them that can happen in a trial right. not not not this trial larry you're right did ordinary criminal trial jurors or are. are instructed to be as impartial as possible there.


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