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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 13, 2019 10:30am-11:01am EST

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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle the u.k. general election with a predicted large majority this would be the biggest majority for the tories since the days of margaret thatcher and labour's were showing in about 80 years it would seem getting breaks it done did the trick this is a big win for bojo but is it for the u.k. . crosstalk in the u.k. general election i'm joined by my guest john white and bro he's a political commentator and writer in london we have much fire saying he's
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a candidate for the u.k. parliament fund manager and author also in london we cross who he is a professor emeritus of international history at the london school of economics are across the uk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate me go to you 1st in london what happened to the polls told us something very differently going into this here i have to say in my opinion from my distant perch to be honest i found both the tories and labor ran a lackluster campaigns but i have to admit one thing is that took the tory message get briggs it done did resonate because i still i don't even remember what the the labor slogan was it was that muddy a muddled and vague ok why this result and bojo boris johnson the sitting prime minister must be a very happy man go ahead mich. you know i think there are a lot of interesting components to what happened today i mean you know i was on campaign on the campaign trail for probably 5 or 6 months going into this with the
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braids of party and getting braids it done was an important message that boris got out the problem that we had was bragg's exhaustion and people didn't want to hear about bragg's yet the bigger issue was after 3 and a half years like 1278 days ago. the 17400000 of the country voted to leave and 75 percent of the parliamentarian said we really don't care what you voted and we're going to usurp democracy and not let you have brags it and then boris came up with a bunch of sharp soundbites like i'm going to get braids it done i'm going to do it right away i'm going to die in a ditch he didn't die in a ditch he didn't get braids it done on october 31st he's made a lot of promises and his latest ones were that got him over the line were we have a new oven baked bragg's it deal now a couple of things that i would say about that his deal is not new it's 95 percent
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to reason may's terrible treaty it's not oven ready it's half baked and it's not brags that it's for current form so i you know i think that those are the topics we can start out with and you know if you want to get into into the weeds on what happened with the election i can get into as much detail as you like with the strategies but nigel farage handed the tory party $317.00 seats we actually diminished labor's seats and we got rid of pretty much the liberal democrats ok so what are. the let's look at the results here i mean is this a protest vote because it is unprecedented here i mean and how do we explain labor's utter devastating defeat in this election year i mean this we're going back to the 1930 s. here with this kind of result how do you explain it alan go ahead in london. well i think there are 2 reasons 1st of all colgan had no coherent policy on prexy it
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didn't want to say we'll use for or against and people did want the result of the referendum to be implemented secondly his policies the sort of neo muxes marxist leninist a view of the economy we see it is absolutely frightening or uncritical. people didn't pay much attention to it and this ought to backfire and probably ruin the economy so. whilst fronts the economic front and the bricks of crime and nobody was willing to listen to him luncheon he ended up with his daughter coming for labor which goes back to about 1905 you have to issue with the 1st speaker the about the book support it should never have student election campaign promises were holo and if it didn't cross the loop. is ended up giving liberal seats the conservatives and the brics a conservative party should have go all sold just that ego trip by the leader not
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true with any luck will love be consigned to history ok i will talk a little bit about that later in the program john jump in here how do you explain this outcome here because i tend to think too that i want to talk about how the media framed this entire election because i think the media but it's thumb on the scales as usual go ahead john. well peter the result of this election entirely has to whether carbons message of what is mission is the condition of working class people did not have to be publicly of l. that cruelty did not have to be a virtue of compassion of race after 10 years of tourist entity where that message mellish to penetrate before google motion surrounding east particularly in northern and midlands. or marginal was unfortunate for him and for his supporters it did not resonate but when you consider you have to know but john gell but why didn't it resonate i think that's an important why didn't it resonate because basically boris
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johnson was running on almost a decade of tory rule so this should have been a change election but it wasn't explained that go ahead joe well i differ from your . rock itoshi don't break shit corbett quarterback's it was the most politically and intellectually honest of any party because it started with the recognition of the country was split on rimadyl 52 percent vs 40 percent voted in the 2016 you referendum but breaks emotional breaks it was far more powerful than a carbon and rebar actually recognised because it's a question of identity it's a question of what it means to be british it's a question of democracy and also and this is something that is very important every saying you of that rancid to reestablish was brought to be hit against corporate media political security and economic but at last years every single day the character assassination this man has been so great to have been known for if you do
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it's not remarkable that he would go down to such a crushing defeat in this election ok alan you wanted to say something there do you agree or disagree with what you just heard from john go ahead eleanor colbert's policy it was thought to be ridiculous i mean he said he wouldn't go sit at deal which the e.u. didn't want to renegotiate he said he would then put in a rigged referendum to the people but he wouldn't actually back the deal. they're a friend to move on and he had most to be said to get split peter. which isn't into literally owns this it so that should be stupid and again you know the reason why if you wouldn't believe his claims all. he wants that. it came in to reverse the mess the live book or to lift the cup to did 2015 so 2010 and any labor leader goes to the club shouldn't britain with a leftwing muxes call that all was ready to be defeated haven't much food happened
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to. the british people i'm interested in will end up communism ok go ahead jump in you're about to say something oh yeah i think yeah i think that's a bit i think that's a bit of an oversimplification and i would disagree with alan's point mostly on on the way that he said the things rolled out nigel farage is the only reason why we had a referendum to begin with the bigger problem is we don't have democracy in the united we don't have democracy i didn't interrupt you so let me let me speak we don't have democracy in the united kingdom we have an old darky the problem with corbin's platform was he was offering free stuff and it just wasn't credible at all whatsoever and if you look at all of the things that they were offering it would have run the economy into a ditch a lot faster than boris's the reason why we had austerity was because it back in 2008 the bank of england decided to bail out our banks and that's when the currency
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dropped 34 percent so that's why we have austerity because they cut back on the spending and that's why they cut the police force by 22000 that's why they implemented all these other cuts and then you have an increase you've got an increase in the population and a decrease in the services so that's going to end in disaster and then the the me. kept pounding and pounding away crash out brags it no deal brags it yet crash out brags it brags it brags it so people were fed up and exhausted and he came up with the perfect soundbite created in america get brags it done i'm going to get it done it's oven baked so they just said ok get it done and get it off the plate let's move forward the problem and a bigger issue is he's promised a magnificent economic recovery which is just not going to happen and people are going to realize down the road i don't know if there is a year when he to default on his promises again here well he's not going to talk
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about the promises in the 2nd half of the program here john i want to make it very clear on this program and i want to hear from you do you think how do you feel the media treated labor and an injury in during this campaign because it looked like one smear after another ok and it looks like again they had their thumb on the scale go ahead john well let's. let's go to talk let's go to john admiral go ahead john demonization of the enemy corporate has been impressed. even worse than any. liberal leader including how to wilson the $74.00 we have usually don't be aware of that will support with that was a vote to actually talk while i don't watch a. lot of ballots into their prime minister in chicago to go even what treatment unless he was treated to a real enemy of the people stuff and the press he was seen as an enemy within the spacious camp. depend to him is an anti semite a lot maintaining john mccain quickly issue shoeless was depicted as the 2nd coming
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of rain hard it should the media she rejected because it was utterly despicable over these past 2 years it was incitement and despite us movies of people still supported him should meet for me to wonder is the equal as many as he received in this election but let me just caution the union jack weaving rupert. down books or so on but years from celebrating too much because as i speak pizza chain of scottish independence has already led ok ok i would i want you to hold on i want you to hold on to that thought because that's exactly what i want to do in the 2nd part of the program all right gentlemen we're going to go to a short break and after that short break but there's so much more to cover on this election to talk about scotland and what i talk to is boris johnson can actually affect brags that after a short break we continue our discussion of the u.k. general election stay with.
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us. the huawei phone. china is the apollo 11. this decade. it's defining the technological landscape for a whole country going to happen for a long time. when there was only johnson. and i just got out of prison for. 41 years. i'm 72 years old now i got arrested for tomorrow for some money
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to. go on like this everything was taken out of. my work in the hospital it was. meant to snow man it looks a little bit like me. because about. homicide on 2 cars. now. we're tough years. so you're going. to go. do know i'm afraid to try to frighten if you give. me a good supper i didn't. welcome
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back across like we're all things are considered i'm peter in belgium and you were discussing the u.k. general election. ok let's go back to allan in london and in the introduction of the program i said this is a big win a big victory for boris johnson but is it a big victory for the u.k. because at a lot of part of the 1st part of the program me we talked about the specter of another scottish independence vote and. boris johnson after he replied shuffles the his cabinet on monday has the task of bragg's it ahead which he ran on can he affect that and how difficult will it be with the europeans because it takes 2 to parlay go ahead alan. oh you could certainly do it he has the part of it to be jory
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to to accomplish it the europeans and if you post of noises there they want a quick deal because they are fed up with bricks it is well some europeans are saying different things but on the whole you could certainly get a basic free trade treaty done almost immediate it wants to change. it will flexibility today might take a little bit longer oh you might just go for the new deal so it will certainly happen. you mentioned scottish independence the latest opinion poll in scotland says that 56 percent want to remain in the in united kingdom and 4 to focus and want independence so i didn't think we need way too much above that would win i'm scott huge we would win the referendum again nicolas sturgeon would lose again and in any case this could have a huge trial in scotland starting in march of the former s. and p.
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the leader in 1st minister who's accused of attempted rape in 13 other sexual assault charges and his defense is going to be assisting up caused by nicholas sturgeon so the s.n.p. movement is about to divide choppy when the trial starts so boris will just say no we don't once in a lifetime expectation of the 1st result and there's no evidence of opinion has shifted and nicholas sturgeon has to keep militants happy so she talks about a 2nd referendum all the time good choose not going to get it ok john weigh in on that scott another independent vote go ahead john. well the basis for good 1st for support for abortion appears according to the pool crucibles it or not for 2 switches historically and i suppose a little sort of you know if you consider that when alex somebody then we that of the s. and p. called the referendum a 2040 what he called it would be fair to basically it's a good as war of independence was just over 30 percent there you're looking at
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something that there's quite remarkable happening in scotland yes that is a very controversial. case coming down the tracks with a sippy and much congenital excitement but scottish independence is far far bigger than the s. and p. and this result is the biggest boon to the fortunes of scottish independence that early as a student to. learn well and this country can longer be. can no longer be superceded by anything to do with it is a case of you created scotland the inevitability of scotland independence cannot be gainsaid peter it's coming down the track it's happening and less than effective that is. where you are i don't know how i got out and say it said 2000 think they didn't think speck the unexpected ok and don't believe the polls ok the polls you know i mean you know that they they they fail us time and again and that's why i
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stay away from them let me go to mitchell you know we've got image right now. the fate of jeremy carbon right now i mean he's the he's definitely on the out ok this is a deplorable outcome for his party but let me give you an obvious again observation again from my far away perch here there obviously he never really led why isn't that why wasn't he able to lead the labor party ok and i actually have personal sympathy towards him i don't agree with his policies i think he's an a straight up guy honest guy all school ok someone a conservative like me could understand someone like him a lot of other people in politics have no clue what they're talking about so i'm trying to be gentle here but at the same time he didn't he didn't lead and i think that is one of his greatest failures let me go to mitch on this one go ahead mitch . yeah i think that's a big problem we don't we have a lack of leadership in the united kingdom right now and i don't think there has been a clear and decisive leader and we've had sound bites and and we've had we've had
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sound bites from everybody but we've had no decisive leadership we've had people telling making lots of promises but a lot of them are under 4 double and undeliverable and not going to be on the time frame or the scope scale and magnitude of which they were promised going back to corbin when he was asked what he was going to do about brags that he had one foot in one foot not putting a commitment on because he didn't want to alienate the 5000000 labor voters who he had to throw under the bus to say he was going to have a 2nd referendum where your choices would be remain or remain so you know that wasn't really giving people an option and people were a little fed up and i saw it tonight when we were counting ballots tonight i saw so many spoiled ballot papers where people had written in on the ballot papers i can't trust any of you you're all a bunch of liars you don't you don't represent us the people are fed up there are
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unprecedented levels of anger across this country there is intolerance and this is the most extreme polarization we've seen in this country ever and i think the media has whipped up that frenzy to even higher levels you know alan. rest were rapidly running out of time now and you know during this whole brags that somehow we saw the failings of both parties we saw the problems that the the jeremy corbin had with labor in keeping his party united and we also saw that with a resume with the tories but it looks like boris johnson has will have a united party but the it's labor now that's going to be in a leadership contest that will cool tear it apart ok so boris johnson a lot of man standing go ahead alan that's absolutely right. the tory party will be solid united forus who thought i could have political be recouped in light led to this but 2 or 3 different ways the lib dems are irrelevant the brick support is
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even more rather than. a huge opportunity to remake the british political scene in his own image and he will he's a historic figure ok john how do you reflect upon that because we're in a new era right now i have to say and it's because i have no choice but to look at the polls made i'm so disappointed again with the polls because it looked like it was a lot tighter but it looks like a genuine mandate from the people that did vote go ahead john your sentiment inform the people of england and we should meet that's your point that's fair point but when your opinion calls aleisha do it measure in public opinion more to do with trying to influence it peter an issue be constrained to the dustbin of history have got it kind of struck catastrophic or almost and the last few years really me but if people are doing well for all and they voted for despair and never learn another long day of 40 barbarism to say that and the last 10 years of
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a steady 120000 people have died as a direct result and you seem dechen it seems decades i suppose in rich people so there can be wealth increased by one over 180 percent and boris johnson is the most likable figure to ever occupy this man is a serial liar is or shall attend and he so little that he could get under snake's belly waiting to talk to get still people voted for this man and why because as i see the emotional break says sure powerful that no other kind of program could penetrate that for generally club and i think is a great man i think he has been he has been treated as such even as i see my friend an extremist irish that was meant to say that because he was a threat just a just war war against a brutal and war against poor countries overseas i'm going to be. getting the ok the dust is settling right now what is boris johnson have to do to succeed give me a checklist 3 things go ahead mention. he's got each got to get rid of the stinking
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problems with with the withdrawal agreement he's got to get the bread bragg's it done free trade agreements negotiated as he promised by the end of next year which the european union says they won't get done and he's got to deliver on improving policing because crime is a real big problem in this country 111 thing that i must add here is scotland although you want to have independence i don't know how you're going to pay for it because the european union has said that they your finances won't allow it without westminster support so boris is in a unique situation situation i think what we've need to do also is have proportional representation and this vote showed that 1st past the post is garbage and it doesn't really represent all of the people and it's a nonfunctioning archaic system that needs to be changed ok alan has turned out to be the mr contrarian on this program that's why i like having him on you were shaking your head gun right ahead yeah i mean the 1st plus of course this means
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that britain has called it went to new europe hasn't got a new student student parties in. the exception of colgan he's marxist leninist 60 this ad you see might soran to the top of the liverpool but we don't have the right wing extremists which is unique in europe parliaments all over europe are full of extremists but not the british one and that's 2 to the 1st past the post system if we go up. go up knows we don't fool of loonies just like the european poll that went ok john what does labor do now ok as the dust settles here when will jeremy step aside assume he will stay in parliament but when when will he step aside and what do you who do you think will replace him or who is in the running at least go ahead john there is already a notice that interested is a to resign wished immediately report to. but towards the center and it will be
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taken a character of what people have been accustomed to expecting from is that is that is that a winning proposition going back to the center because i know a lot of people and i know labor party that's not what they want to do it's very much like the democrats in the united states they're tearing themselves down the middle keep going john absolutely not the center of the political center peter has collapsed it collapsed because the neo liberal economic model is sustained it has collapsed in the wake of a 2000 economic crash by the issue an economic crash but the liberal party will move towards a said to be with us will be should be depleted actual come to the fore again and hope will be removed from british politics 2000000 people registered to vote peter when this election was called as a record in british politics many of the more young people amended were inspired to register to vote by jeremy corbett so as i say i think hope has been removed from british politics the any chase is never anything good in this country is no pedal
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and we will got go back to the business as usual when it comes to politics we'll go back to the can fake spun politicians of people of a take well known and any chance of what they to city interest in politics. i got a job in here when it comes to boris johnson it's never business as usual all right i thought of the time we have many thanks and i guess in edinburgh and in london and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t.c. you next time remember cross the trolls. the 4. leg.
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length. leg. leg . length. oh. please. list. the lists lists lists length.
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list. playing. and a very warm welcome to you watching us in such. it's a let me. ask i would him a. quick i could not predict the record. to show more than. can you love clues in another. sound you make good to see because the ones who come up. to what they were all of the kook on standards in the uk now knows you had choked on 6 bush. and then the physical. being. the new one.
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where much of the snooze through learning to try not. to would you hard to use into a good. joke. which occurred and then. the next one on the media house on the net passing them. when i was told some seemed wrong. but old roles just don't call. me the world is yet to shape out disdained who comes to advocate and in good spirit because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when she's to look for common ground.
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blue wave the conservative party sweeps to its biggest majority in the u.k. parliament for over a decade it wasn't like to forget for a labor. of the world news this hour at least $71.00 soldiers are killed in a militant attack on an army base in exposing a deep crisis for french foreign policy in its former colony also ahead. a deadly protests sweeps across india over a new migration law which makes it easier for millions to become citizens in the country but not less.


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