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tv   News  RT  December 13, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm EST

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the conservative party sweeps was biggest majority in the u.k. parliament for over 3 decades but it was a night to forget for labor in the polls elsewhere plenty of reason to cheer for scotland's nationalist party for a landslide there saw calls growing again now for a 2nd independence referendum. on monday say is that it is for the scottish parliament nor a westminster government to say whether john wayne should be a new referendum on independence away from the story of the big news tonight after months of standoff with a trade war between the us and china the 2 nations announce a possible truce now with what's been termed phase by phase deal that includes tariffs relieved.
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by their life for the arts international world news center in moscow this friday 13th of december as it is warm welcome to the program just turned 11 pm here that's 8 in the evening than in the u.k. i'm kevin with a half around the u.k. is where the big story of the day is the prime minister has already gone through the formality of meeting the queen to be granted permission to form a government that's a tradition in britain all votes counted since i was down in coleman was the last to declare it confirmed the tories have an 80 seat majority that's given lots of leeway for bricks into boris johnson in fide tonight he's appealing for the healing to begin i was joined earlier by saskia taylor in london where aside all this stop boris protests are very much holding the usual festivities in central london as everyone finishes up for the working week. proud to say that members of our new
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one nation government a people's government will sit tight from constituencies that have never returned a conservative m.p. for 100 years and yes they will have an overwhelming mandate from this election to get done and we will honor that mandate by general the 31st will not lead the party in any future general election campaign i will discuss with our parting to ensure there is a process now of reflection on this result and on the policies that the party will take going forward well obviously that was the south cattelan that was the lead of the various parties their initial reaction for last 40 seconds or so but let's go to saskia taylor next in london she's been there all evening an increasing number of anti boris johnson protesters taking to the streets. some of the latest pictures in truth has been heated at times there as well and it has she is no saskia taylor
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once again. well they said there would never be a vote as divisive as the price that referendum but i'm not so sure because i'm standing here what does it downing street which is of course the prime minister's residence and i'm still around as you can see quite 100 going to voters who are frustrated who are furious and who are angry at the results of the state general election the result of course being a landslide victory for the conservative party the best result in fact since margaret thatcher in 1987 a very disappointing night for its main have today that is the labor party which saw its worst result in 13 years so those who backed morrison wanted to get his majority in a pretty happy they secured 5 years of tory government but for the minority what they wake up this fight is the teeth and probably thought they were living in some kind of progress but they took not mope around they decided to rally together they decided to hold. themselves why is social media and little descended on white cool
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and they are very clearly categorically condemning the new elected prime minister we can hear chants of chorus course cries out out out out with the tories of course talk to not my prime minister on all the pac cause you can see no 2 races stand up to racism and to sexism and this is what they're accusing the junks nothing of saying he's a good he's a sexist he's a racist he's a homophobe and that his comments such as the fact that muslim women the pragmatical says because of that religious head was a prime example of how free is just not fit to need a culture as multicultural as strike us as the water in the united kingdom and one thing of course that i want to point out to you is the european union flag how could one talk about british politics in this day and age without talking about the bracks said let's make absolutely no mistake just boris johnson party won because jared mccool been the leader of the opposition labor party proved to be
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a very controversial sikka he's been smith is a socialist with very fragile fiscal views but it was bracks at the brought to turris triumph now of course but if we've learned anything from the last 3 years the fact that someone has a majority in parliament doesn't necessarily mean that they can get anything done but it will make it considerably easier for boris as he tries to push through the cracks of by trying to touch across 2020 so we know that twice since 2016 politics has proved to be so divisive it's been such a tense political climate and protests like this anything to go by we start to see a continuation of the strength training of society itself to turn a reporter for the evening to a whole can just mentions the studio he has is speaking more generally a result of these. dreams could have imagined the war was certainly one way of putting it i mean the polls are predicting that sort of majority. throughout the election campaign but not to this extent i mean labor's been decimated losing your
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key seats in its northern heartlands in the middle of wrexham work and west brom east these walls many of them seats which voted labor for 3050 even close to 100 years so this is very much been a defeat for labor based really on lot of people are saying on the question of bricks it brought a chance and went in with a very clear message get bricks it done it was very clear very simple it resonated with those areas with those communities that voted to leave. and labor tried to straddle critical saying 2 seats failed that is why they've lost so many seats in the electorate group that includes you know about what direction actually means whether it's going to happen in the general public there's so much information the . breaks it means bricks it was juggle on the way so we'll deal side what does it mean next i'm not going to happen what a lot of people are asking and of course the tories have fought 2 campaigns now on bricks that means bricks it bricks to get done that's been the forefront of their complained you know other domestic policies are very much gone on the back burner
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here in this last election especially it seems he's going to have no trouble passing through part of it that's for sure is going to huge comfortable majority now it's got no opposition from labor and even in terms of his own m.p.'s will remember there was 21 m.p.'s that would remove the expelled from the conservative party 10 of them came back in but only 4 of them stood again as tories and one there's even less. coming from the european union we've heard michel barnier say no way we're going to get a trade deal signed with britain by the end of 2020 when boris johnson says it's going to be it's going to be tough isn't it well that's the thing i mean no trade deal of this size or complexity has been negotiated with the e.u. ever and he's saying that we're going to come out by genevieve that if i asked we've been going until june 2022 negotiate this deal it's also got be ratified of course by the 27 member states if that doesn't happen the prospect of a new deal bricks it comes. this time next year is that very much of
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a table and of course a big spoke in the works along the line what's going to happen on the border between northern ireland or the republic of ireland that's still not sorted up plus there's the whole scottish question of kicking off even more with that i mean nationalist parties have done fantastically well in this election i mean speaking of oil and the deputy leader. dogs lost his seat to join the new can for the 1st time since 921 says the bottisham of ireland nationalists now outnumber unionists peas and certainly there are growing calls a referendum just in september this year lord ashcroft poll carried out 46 percent stating they would choose to leave the union and join the republic that's going to be overconcerned s.n.p. again a whole different kettle of fish certainly no disunity in scotland they were very clear that they wanted to remain in the u.k. in the e.u. rather sorry the s. and p. has capitalized on that and made massive gains 48 seats one percent increase. last night we saw nicolas 13 jubilant darting in fact when the. liberal leader joyce
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wins and lost her seat and this is what she had to say on independence for a friend of last night. a stunning election win last night for the s.n.p. is reinforce ease and strengthen is the mandate we have through previous elections to offer the people of scotland a choice over the future that mandate says that it is for the scottish parliament not a waste mr government to say where and when this should be a new referendum on independence we do have an update since she gave that speech sure just earlier today the office of prime minister pro shots and saying there's got no intention of allowing a friend in the near future that you've results the 20. has to be respected and there will be a return to division and uncertainty so he's been an unequivocal that's not a priority that's not going to happen s. and p. they're already preparing to sit down next week and publish what they describe as a detailed democratic case for letting scotland aside and whether there should be. a 2nd independence referendum so boris johnson isn't going to have it easy he may
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have his hands untied he may you know have or have lost the opposition of his own m.p.'s of labor he's got difficult negotiations coming up and he's got the question of scottish independence and in deep trouble in northern ireland as well to deal with that let's go to central england this be radio station unless the line for the center of everything is get the view from their peers a commentator and to the web is there any good evening or not leave no you so you're house is being viewed from the center of britain if you could call it that tomorrow what will the us or have been challengers you we should be referred to earlier in the program of course the labor heart pounds would bring. but i think it's very much boris the older american refer to the general starvations are not going i don't think you'll be the least bit both about burros and most evil right not renounce distrust but it's because the reality use the
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elections are over and the results are burned off or seen are going to be a lot of people will just pour into it yes it's very it's a sorry $33.00 we have a government which is being directed by just over 43 percent of the population so the majority voted for all the parties. the system we have and put it on we're heading towards a break so without a deal or no further forward on that still no further forward about what's going to happen in europe in ireland of the wall the border to the north and south is so much still to do and so little time surely not. yes well of course every problem is a constructor count grades are signed up through boss johnson's do you buy him briquet should are very good he trains use virtual neighbor greg brown has to be a clean break striptease got no problems through gesture through the house or krugman so there will be a clean break brecht's it most likely year. i think
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a lot of people would prefer bastien doctor city the threats because he just wants to stand around 317 states as a possibility but we don't know the key thing is for forest on some who's got the power because he can get anything with 3 poems now where the senate where it's very doubtful and of course a launch number the trouble certain conservative m.p.'s who risk. getting to be remarried how about she might as well say see it's so it is britain more united tonight i think yes speeches there's absolutely no chance of a structures. well she cheats cheat she can't be that stupid because if you look at the election results in scotland only 45 percent of the very sorry for the s.n.p.
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35 percent voted for pro u.k. proxies so the majority are standing in the union is there always will be bare arms she she gets published so you're all. making an issue very messiah this speakers at the end of the day that both are very poor track record of running the government. and so they kept the lines that mr action holmby poor performance of the union poll so in fact don't be concerned to labor policies less likely let's quickly to say let's quickly talk about the labor party awful for jeremy coleman in khoja. yes. the big policy conference in spades her colleague you're sounding very overrules from really good domestic policies and it was almost a mess or. action but of course not how to me dreadful rights or
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policy go lots of very broken pieces where we're talking you know let's see what was going to happen and it has. sort of streets. where the approach should proceed very you know. brigades 3 or stretching concerts or he is. barely barely talking to the labor was. it's a very simple as to how it was a lot of voting but it turned out and as you see it was so clear cut for the consumers and so we could shuttle not a bird this was not where the time from now but from west of the city whether political commentator thank you. thank you. ok let's go away from the big story is coming tonight the u.s. and china have announced a new trade deal this friday it's called phase by phase so pretty slow thing that of 2 months of economic conflict the agreement is the look set thing to remove
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tariffs and boost local cultural exports providing some hope of a truce that between the superpowers covering new york city kellam open for r.t. international. well rumors have been circulating for the past few days that some kind of deal was in the works to resolve the trade disputes between the usa and china the idea being that the tariffs would be scaled back in exchange for tens of billions of dollars of agricultural products and other things being purchased from the united states and some concessions on china's part now in response to these rumors that we heard the democrats speaking up this was chuck schumer reports say president trump sold out for a temporary unreliable promise from china to purchase some soybeans. we've heard this song and dance from china before yet again president trump can't be relied on to do the right thing even when his statements were pointing in the right direction now we then heard from donald trump speaking up about how this was simply fake news this is what he said the wall street journal story on the china do is completely
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wrong especially this statement on tariffs fake news they should find a better leaker but just a few hours afterwards we heard china come forward with an official press conference announcing that phase one of the deal was on the verge of being implemented this is what we heard from the official chinese press conference. the agreement will create better conditions for china and the united states to strengthen cool peroration economy and trade properly manage unresolved economic and trade disputes or differences and promote stable growth of china's economic and trade relations given the downward pressure on the world economy now trump spoke up afterwards saying that essentially china had agreed to a number of structural changes and would be purchasing a u.s. agricultural products as well as energy and manufactured goods also said that he was hoping to begin work on phase 2 of the agreement but he would want to do that
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immediately not wait until 2020 this trade war has been asking lading between the united states and china sense june of 28 teen there's been an escalation of tariffs many many different you know regulations being put in place and different products being targeted but it seems that some kind of resolution is in the works so we now have an agreement of some degree so folks we're waiting to see what happens next there has been hope before that the trade war was going to be resolved and those hopes of then been shortly afterward disappointed so what comes next it remains to be seen but at the moment many are optimistic that it appears that things are moving forward. seems so let's get a photo economist tucker the one from atlanta. today and it was pretty cautious in public utterances in any deals however is this going to be a slow process is going to long process is cool phase by phase it's going to be pretty drawn out. could be drawn but look the reason markets are happy and the
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reason everybody's for seem a sense of optimism here is that it's sick of this nonsense has been going on for a couple of years we have nothing to show for it it's hurt american farmers many. american manufacturers consumers china suffering the trade wars but utterly and completely in this. and nothing is going to come of this ridiculous deal other their 1st resolution you know yeah the best false response status quo ante you know that's that's about it but that's good news because this is better job to get it distraction against global growth i mean i'm really struck by this by this deal so-called you know that that's going on here looks very much like to say if it's only heard me just like who blinks 1st hear the news giveaway of 1st is it true or not i need no no no i don't think i don't think but both parties are tired of it i mean trump has nothing to show for anything he's done for 2 years so he needs to
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brag about some glorious deal that's why these inflated numbers like $50000000000.00 in foreign products which is like twice what what what we did even under a completely almost tariff free regime between china us so i have no idea where china's got it but is it even mean that beijing is granted by $50000000000.00 in soybeans i mean there's a there's not anything remotely like that demand in china resume maybe what happens is the chinese government buys about the soybeans dump some of the ocean exchange which trample stop taxing americans let us by the chinese products we want and that's. that maybe that's what the deal is i don't know but markets are to a tired of this nonsense and nothing's going to come of it there's another there's another there's 2 other factors here one is access to the financial. system of china which the u.s. really wants a piece of that and so that could actually be real to some extent and the 3rd piece
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of course is pharmaceuticals and surprisingly within china the chinese culture this is a far more serious thing because i don't know if you how much our listeners know anything about american pharmaceuticals going to be they can be had germanic you know with them with their patents and. crank it out you know expensive. products. that are actually not better than you know true traditional cures and that sort of thing and then and then demanding that every government in the world recognise their monopoly control so that is a very very sensitive issue i have a hard have a hard time believing that china can ever given the topic of american pharmaceuticals given given what the industry in the u.s. actually wants what is certainly a big all headline coming up to the 2020 lection of course in the states and let's move on what happened with between north korea and the nuclear deal and they nothing will keep across it then see what happens economist jeffrey albert tuckered atlanta have a great day ok thanks. truck in this next the security situation in asia in
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west africa is deteriorating for the militants they have killed at least 71 soldiers in what's been called the deadliest attacks in the country's armenia's an islamic terror groups claim the sponsibility for what happened there it also left 12 others injured it took place there were no postponed meeting between french president among them across and 5 west african leaders over security in the region or france has insisted now its nato allies take this really seriously this situation and provide more support covering it tonight donald quarter our correspondent delving deeper into the challenges that paris is facing right now in asia and indeed the bigger picture and some more of its former colonies to. africa has become a hotbed of terrorist activity as deadly attacks claiming hundreds of lives have spread like a wildfire. europe
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will have 2 swords of damocles over its head terrorism and kidnappings but also illegal immigrants since many are traveling through this region following one of the deadliest attacks in niger or 70 people were killed by islamists the big players have even postponed a big summit to reconsider their efforts the presidents of france a new era greta postponed the summit on operation bachao nya on the joint chiefs on health force until early 2020 the 2 presidents a expressed their determination to remain united against terrorist groups and to redefine together in the coming weeks the political and operational framework for ensuring the security of the sa held countries france spends millions of euros and
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sends thousands of soldiers to control the situation there but with the region's poor infrastructure damage control is difficult to say the least france needs help also context a lot in this context of this and in light of the decisions that france will take a big engagement by its allies is obviously something that would be quite positive in this a hell france is involved in acting on behalf of everyone there are other budgetary questions the means but at least as important in our eyes is a contribution of the europeans to operations to the management of prices it would not be right to spend the 2 percent without haven't actually done anything with the armed forces just at the moment when prices require her. spawn's and it's not the 1st time macron has been vocal over the issue the french president also criticized nato for bickering over defense spending instead of doing more to help the war on terror and sahil why does france care so much about saw hell as is almost always the case it's about africa's natural resources the border of mali and niger is
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lined with your rainy a mind so vitally important for french power stations of course it's also dangerous if islamic fundamentalists grow an influence there they would only need to travel through libya for a direct line to the european continent and with sahil being half the size of europe it's not easy to isolate terrorist cells as for paris well it shifts the blame to the african states which can't cope with these challenges alone it almost seems like afghanistan all over again deteriorating government control and growing influence from islamic radicals are some parallels between france's difficulties finding terrorism in the soho and american difficulties fighting to resign. but of police shootings are very advantageous from the. in both cases you have external powers trying to essentially stable who is.
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remotely in the real questions. citizens of those countries whether it's worth it to continue investing comfortably in foreign. from for assistance from get involved. not only. to combat. but for their own national interests i think out in the. intervention in mali in 2013 there may have been a false sense in fruits that is how to handle on this kind of terms though i think that france will increasingly try to get out of their country. especially if united states in the u.k. to ramp up their talent to reason and. finally bit off a story after unveiling l. g.b.t. all to piece of the garden of eden it seems on churches who the city of momos been forced to take it all back down again as it appears not all is ok in paradise.
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on sunday histories read on students only l g b t altarpiece is received in st paul's church in mamma of course it hangs in the choir next to the old altar of peace where so happy and proud. there is the serpent which traditionally stands for evil and it also turns out to be a trans person which may be interpreted in a way that a trans person is able or even the devil the church of sweden absolutely cannot support this. country is set up and i ignore sick all to peace instead. how do they even
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know it's a snake that may identify itself as a donkey. so much positive advertising for nothing. but that's the way the world's going for moscow so far this late friday the 13th for me kevin 0 in about with more very soon but next the great companies sophie shevardnadze and friends after this break. the u.k. general election with a predicted large majority this would be the biggest majority for the tories since the days of margaret thatcher and labour's were showing in about 80 years it would seem getting breaks it done did the trick this is a win for bojo but is it for the u k. facebook and google started with
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a great idea and great ideals unfortunately it was also a very dark so. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very 1st character that you type into the search bar it will always be one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results based on what they think you should be see if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more we give them the sooner we are all.
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hello and welcome to. with technology involving make. artificial intelligence no longer just a hollywood dream as a pathway out of a dangerous one will our lives be a real well i'm here in oxford university. questions to one of the most prominent bankers field nick. it's really great to have you with us so you're a philosopher. who were. it's about what's going to happen to us basically possibly
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so one of the ideas that you put forward is this idea of vulnerable world right yes so correct me if i were wrong but if i get this correctly it's it's basically that humanity may come up with a technology that may do this to extension and therefore we would need computer surveillance while that might be an oversimplification but the vulnerable world hypothesis. is the hypothesis that at some level of technological development it gets to be said to destroy 6 basic things so that by default one civilization reaches the level of development. we'll get the stated. a couple of different ways in which this could be true one maybe the easiest way to see is. if it just because they're easy at some level of development even for a small group or individual to cause must destruction so you.


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