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tv   News  RT  December 17, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EST

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protesters. as regular. claimed hundreds of lives. in the crossfire after it apologizes for dropping and. we get reaction. this is just all that sort. of christmas is.
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going to talk to my children about sexual orientation i'd like to have that conversation like. a christmas commercial. with me on the program after a series of horrific injuries against protesters it's come to light that french authorities were warned of the dangers of using tear gas grenades against demonstrators as far back as january last year also sex the company that makes the military grade devices wrote to the french interior ministry about the safety risks of its grenades being used. the blast effect of the devices produced by an explosive substance a likely to maim or mortally injured an individual well those with. irreversible damage. the resumption of production is impossible without completely review in the
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production process while in the league last i would have been published by the french investigative news website media part the manufacturer warns the defects in the grenades were identified but not resolved france is the only country where riot police use this particular type of weapon yet despite those warnings it's still being used by riot police and it's also been known to explode if it gets picked up inadvertently the gas grenades caused injuries among yellow vests protesters 5 of whom have lost hands a woman's also died after she was hit by one of the demo in marcell last year dozens more protesters say they've been injured by these weapons. who were near the national assembly and people were trying to force their way in the police arrived and threw grenades one hit the guy's leg and tried to push it away with his hands as a reflex reaction. of the us.
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i don't want anyone but me mother says she had been targeted and we want the truth and justice. i will try to fight against the use of july for grenades which are totally from my point of view weapons of war and against rubber bullet guns a french journalist thinks the government's using the grenade as a terror and. but you also all mustn't forget the use of the trash small rubber bullets during visits him astray chanson of which have led to several people losing a knife more than 20 of her for you remember the rest see that there is no political
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will to stop this madness and in my opinion it is very cynical they do it on purpose they want to dissuade people from the most rating and from showing their anger and during this yellow vests protest they preventively for instance arrested people be because they were carrying swimming classes in order to protect their their eyes from tear gas it is a way of through bitching and to most ration wide preventing it from being massive . meantime mass industrial action in france entered its 3rd week on monday with transport workers causing severe disruption to road and rail systems nationwide since the beginning of december public sector employees have been protesting angrily against the government pension reform plans sometimes violently. kate if.
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it's destroyed that power lies to much of paris and further beyond and now it's into its 3rd week initially it was called by public transport workers over a planned changes to the pension system here in france now this strike has grown though in stature and support and the malays here is much more than just about pensions as unions are calling for another day of mass demonstrations the rail and metro workers are being joined once more by teaches by firefighters and health workers tens of thousands are expected to protest on tuesday but perhaps the stalker's warning but some of the problems the problem is facing have come from medical staff 600 hospital doctors have threatened to quit unless the government
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injects money into the health system the doctors warn that budget cuts alone with bed closures and staff shortages are tipping the health system over the edge and it's close to collapse one health worker has told us that it's putting lives at risk. in particular we as health care professionals want to be able to continue to do our jobs the way we were taught and the way we want to without any discrimination about interests which has become systemic we don't have the equipment but it's not our fault we are understaffed but that's not. my work in hospital one of our patients died almost a year ago simply because. we don't have enough staff to take care of everyone there was a year ago but nothing has changed since then strikes have been ongoing in the health sector since march last month president matt korn pledged more hospital
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funding and bonuses. but that was rejected by the doctors' groups is not doing enough meanwhile the government is poised to push ahead with its reform agenda particularly with the controversial pension reform that's despite the continued opposition on the streets as tens of thousands demand an immediate. well in a further blow to the president must go on he has seen the country's minister for pension reform quit. the high commissioner for pensions was one of the most trusted allies he resigned not just over the pensions for all but all through to emerged that he had failed to do more than a dozen posts. in addition to his cabinet job matt corn and his government remain locked in a standoff with the unions and neither side seems willing to budge.
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see in paris and it's arguably not over yet either more demonstrations against pension reforms are expected later today in paris if anything happens we're reporter for you here on r.t. international. next caught between a rock and a hard place america's family friendly hallmark t.v. channels apologized for pulling a feature in a same sex couple and the promise to create more inclusive content company division which operates the network says it's been a tough call around. the crown media team has been agonizing over this decision as we've seen the hurt is has unintentionally caused our mission is rooted in helping all people connect summer break traditions and be inspired to capture meaningful moments in their lives we are truly sorry for the hurt and disappointment this has caused the move comes after the channel pulled an ad for a wedding planning website which featured a gay couple getting married and that sparked complaints. things although could
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have made planning your perfect wedding easier we did and we felt a 1000000 couples plan registry and invitations get started for free and sell it dot com the advert spurred a petition by the christian conservative group 1000000 moms it called on whole mark to not show any l g b t friendly content on the channel claiming it went against the values of its target audience however the removal caused a backlash on social media to channel executives change their minds kevin owen spoke to human rights activist peter tatchell and media commentator jean alluded about the route. this was just a handful but sought to include women who love each other and that is a fact of life and christmas is all about love and coming together you know i can understand what the fuss is about you know if i saw a card or a verse or anything with a man or woman kissing i think beautiful wonderful i love it they were viewers they were watching it they were thinking hey you know if i'm going to talk to my children about sexual orientation i'd like to have that conversation with them one
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on one i don't really want to come in the form of a christmas commercial and that to some people is understandable and it doesn't mean that they were necessarily bigoted or that this was in any way anti-gay it might just be that they wanted to be the ones to have that conversation with their 5 year old is the only reason why a channel which describes itself as family friendly and it shows 1st 2 shows this time of year it once you children families together on the t.v. popcorn watch is there a reason to describe it in themselves is that they should take a bit more care not to offend people that may be offended most young kids get it when they see 2 people in love young kids don't think you know man woman boy girl that they think of love and these were about love not about 6 about love and i would have thought in a modern mature democracy we were better to celebrate love in its many forms is this the time of year where we want to be making political statements during you
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know what is a the holiday season where we sitting around the fire with our families you know having having a good time and maybe not thinking so much about l g b t or even abortion or other things that might be more of a political statement almost apologize for pulling the did they need to apologize i think they did yes because it's quite offensive to say that you know an image of 2 women in love is somehow. not certain proper for a broadcast channel in this day and age. by putting the ad that was a deep insult an assertive rejection of the many same sex couples who do love each other and love each other just as much as any husband or wife you get pushback that is from a political action group be it conservative or liberal what you're really getting is a falsely inflated political pushback from people that aren't necessarily your viewers
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when you hear the pushback initially from the viewers saying you know hey we're we're moms we're watching your network and we don't want this on there my guess is that the majority of that was probably organic. the world's largest aerospace company america's boeing says it will suspend production of its ill fated 737 max jet from january because regulators say they won't lift a flight ban on the plane anytime soon. we know that the process of approving the 737 matches return to service must be extraordinarily thorough and robust to ensure that our regulators customers and the fine public have confidence in this 737 max updates we have decided to prioritize the delivery of stored aircraft and temporarily suspend production of the some $37.00 program beginning next month boeing didn't specify just how long the shutdown is going to be the 737 max has
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been grounded globally since march after nearly 350 people died in 2 separate crashes in ethiopia and indonesia in the space of 5 months. how do you mean young man you. are to america's been hearing from a former official from the u.s.
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national transportation safety board. it is a huge story i mean this is this is something that has been the nightmare that boeing has been trying to avoid the entire time this is one they've had this p.r. campaign going on the entire time to keep their investors calm down in settled like we'll get through this this and so forth but right now the investors have had enough they're very frustrated with boeing and they've had enough in the stocks took a 4 percent hit today during the day and has went down another percent after hours so let's try and understand what this means right from a rudimentary level it means this plane is an absolute unmitigated failure it's going the way of the absolute it is a good comparison actually quite honestly it is one of those things that once it gets a bad reputation and they have not done anything to help themselves but this thing has a bad reputation now that the other american the traveling public is not willing to fly it even if they give the thing some sort of fight and they get it up in the air and it's going again within the airlines even the public is trying to opt out of
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having to fly on this plane and you mentioned earlier when we were 1st talking about this that there's a lot of little guys that are going to get hit by this absolutely not the big guys are going to keep working at boeing little guys the vendors. there's about $12000.00 employees at boeing they're going to be affected by this but they're not going to furlough or fire any of those folks are not good for right now they're going to be moved around within it within the company now with that i mean there's only so long that even a company a size of boeing can be carrying $12000.00 extra employees that are kind of a ship to have nothing to do right now now shift that over to the smaller people the smaller suppliers that supply other parts of players for these aircraft that are not just in the u.s. but around the world they don't have those deep pockets the boeing has they don't have the financial cushion that boeing has so you're talking about an economic hit this is an economic story like that's going to affect a lot of working people in america it's going to it's not just the working people to they're going to delay purchases they're going to. draw in their. you know their
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budget strings they're going to be. not buying new cars they're not going to be buying a lot of meals outside the home they're going to be really tightening their shoes they're strings. and making sure that they're they can get through this period when you rush a situation when you rush a product out on the market before it's ready you always run into trouble that's why we have regulators and regulations which is at its own problems and it's the last few weeks to. try to phase out the use of palm oil but the world's biggest producer suspects some of us are being played at reports in 90 seconds from now. you.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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the european union for its decision to stop using palm oil based biofuels the e.u. wants to get member states to phase in eco friendly fuels instead but indonesia which is the world's largest palm oil producer suspects that the move is more about trade rivalry than saving the planet as nichiren explained. palm oil it's in everything thousands of everyday products from chocolate to shampoo and cleaning products without even thinking about it we consume on average around 8 kilos of it each year the last few years there's been a wind of change with the new focus on emphasizing a greener more eco conscious position and as a result earlier this year the e.u. began to turn its back on this cheap and versatile products with plans to phase out the use of pall mall in biofuels by the end of 2030.
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indonesia is the largest palm oil exporter in the world within the world trade organization it's been something palm oil to some big clients figure is for example the e.u. on very good terms of cost of the stakes the hobby it's heavily reliant on palm oil production as one of its key industries with over 2000000 indonesians directly employed by the industry and many more were gaining from in direct economic benefits and after threatening the e.u. with countless times since indonesia has now taken legal action against the european union alleging discrimination against indonesian palm oil exports with the
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lawsuit indonesia hopes the e.u. will promptly change its read to policy and delegated act as well as scrap the high risk in direct land use change that as it has given to palm oil just last week the block imposed a 5 year tower of song bio diesel from the southeast asian nation to counter alleged subsidies to producers in the country and was off to a complaint from brussels. the subsidised exports of indonesian bio diesel to the e.u. are causing a threat to material injury to the union industry indonesia's finest foreign minister accuses the e.u. of following a protectionist policy and in a sign of further deepening trade tensions in neighboring malaysia the world's number 2 in pommel production is mulling taking this same action and there are signs that asia's 2 dominant pommelled produces may be heading for a clash with the e.u. in the international court of justice with suggestions that the new stance on palm
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oil might have something to do with competition in the edible oil business rather than pure ecological concerns. 6 straight day of rest in india against the new citizenship law which many protesters consider discriminatory towards muslims demonstrations have now spread to $36.00 universities across the country. i i. it was. the biggest protests erupted in the border states where people feel an influx of illegal immigrants the capital same authorities used tear gas to disperse crowds in india supreme court plans to investigate the alleged use of excessive force by
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police against cubans in new delhi. during question would offer a fast track to citizenship for migrants from some neighboring muslim majority countries however the list excludes muslim migrants themselves the indian government insists it's in no way discriminatory prime minister narendra modi says the laws intended to give respect to those who fled to india and were forced to live as refugees here's some of the reaction that we've been getting from new delhi . the b.g.p. government and i'm already and it's that i'm it's not dance to set up detention centers and so on these people especially in the muslims in those events and centers and when it comes to what the size of the population in muslim must constitute wasn't of the population we don't even have our own leadership a muslim problem most of the presentation in the parliament and you don't have to get into muslims and british out in one of the into the balance the people the weakest actually not the society who am a dozen times on their ideology will be out in the country and back in i think
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these in you know was a secular nation the opposition comes from the law is the can go which is a part of this bill allows my it's not the india. which is against the accord state actors where your position they were all religions all cast all jail go all sexuality this bill is against the is against the. it's a go into the autonomy region that does write this book this is such a big book it is my belief as the belief of many other people that this act is unconstitutional and against the constitution. taken as are doing at the iraqi government to take action to prevent attacks on bases housing u.s. military personnel has been a spate of rocket strikes on the facilities in recent weeks here's what a u.s. military spokesman told us. i can confirm the phone call between secretary esper and prime minister mahdi on the cole secretary esper reiterated united states
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support for a secure and sovereign iraq and the people of iraq he also called on our iraqi partners to continue to assist in preventing attacks on u.s. and coalition person know and facilities in the country since october there have been 10 minute attacks on military bases in iraq where u.s. coalition forces are stationed no one's claimed those attacks but washington blames a rainy and back forces in iraq u.s. journalist nicholas davis says it's time for american troops to leave. well this one very obvious solution which is for the u.s. to withdraw as in syria you know the u.s. involvement in. these countries is just huge really problematic here actually destabilizing for those countries and and you know just creating constant flashpoints and constant resentment from from the people of iraq
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and and the people of syria 5 or 6000 u.s. troops still in iraq mostly at the. airbase there while one of the ones recently. fired on one has to wonder why the u.s. still. believes there is some purpose in keeping all these forces in that region when you know all they seem to do is more trouble. ok that's your news for now get alerts more troll shows any time with him next dodging death row inmate a man who lost decades of his life waiting for execution only for florida evidence to result in him finally being set free. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confronting
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let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development the only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. and we're going to fulfill the repeated promises oh probably to the people and promise to be you know we've all but the. pretty rock. you want to. know.
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all the. big. coming coming. in the troubled 19 seventies a group of killers rampage 3 parts of northern ireland that was coordinated loyalists attacks particularly on the population of tens of were forced to flee their homes a mob was striking to put these attacks was a p.r. you see the police actually took part in the attacks so instead of preventing it they were active participants in the burning of coal streets in belfast at the time more than a 100 innocent civilians were. as far as you can see in yours. we found out more i was surprised about the extent and the take rates which the inclusion was involved
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in some of those cases that killers would later be named the dylan and we get i think it went to the very very top i think it is frosts the water where politicians you thought was going on and give the go ahead. our spare charts parents. i have a little girl that died in the fire cynthia collins. and she had come to me to give him a message messenger for your masts while i really didn't. know i didn't know the details of where she was forgiving him.
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the amount of glad gay retreated to his cell on death row took place in the town of columbus grove. 960 year old cynthia collinson burned to down from base house. gagne aged just $21.00 just charged with her murder and sound guilty. after 21 years in prison she was meant to be destined for the electric chair. it's a mighty verify those that. were looking for it kenny ricci i
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mean you've done to. your knees that here i. can eat your billy were found you. know once and i don't. know if. off. we've been told you're livin and sam but i. still can't believe this how long will you stay here already. a few weeks few weeks. just because you have no other place to stay no other place to go. or bar friends relatives in. your own do. you have money to pay rent not. to wish but you wouldn't be here when i was reading about your story i came across the fact
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that by the time 20072000.


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