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3 of them will be. interested in the water. it's revealed french authorities were warned dangers of using military grade. against demonstrators the crowd control the. protesters. in. indonesia the e.u. over a wall to its calling discriminatory trade practices block seeks to end its reliance on. us probably entertainment t.v. caught in the crossfire after it apologizes for dropping an l g b c. we get reaction. this is just a handful so 2. women who love each other christmas is coming
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together i'm going to talk to my children about sexual orientation i'd like to have that conversation with them one on one i don't really want to come in the form of a christmas. wherever you're tuning in from around the world this hour welcome to moscow and to our to international my names you know many of your company. after a series of. injuries against protesters it's come to light that french authorities were warned of the dangers of using tear gas grenades i can stemmons traitors as far back as january last year. the company which makes the military grade devices wrote to the french interior ministry about the safety risks of its grenades being used by riot police. the blast the fact of the device is produced by an expose of
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substance a likely to maim or mortally injured an individual well those within 10 sound effects can cause irreversible hearing damage the resumption of production is impossible without completely reviewing the production process while in a letter leaked to the french investigative news website media part the money factual warns the defects in the grenade were identified but not resolved france is the saw european country where riot police use such a weapon well despite the warnings they're still being used and on occasion have been known to simply explode when being handled the gas grenade cause serious injuries and yellow vests protesters 5 of whom lost a woman also died after she was hit by one of the demo in march say last year dozens more protesters say they have been left wounded by the weapons. if you.
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think you. can never. remove the national assembly and people were trying to force their way the police arrived and threw grenades one hit the guy's leg he tried to push it away with his hands as a reflex reaction. was. going to. go. into the i don't want anybody but me mother says she had the t.v. and we went and did 3 justice i think you. were trying to fight against the use of g l y f or grenades which are totally from my point of view weapons of war and against rubber bullet guns meantime us industrial action in front centered its 3rd week on monday transport workers
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causing severe disruption to rodin real systems nationwide since the beginning of december a public sector employees have been protesting against the government's pension reform plan violently. mobilization is expected today across france in paris people have already been gathering so we cross live to our correspondent charlotte dubin ski who's in the midst of if it looks like charlotte attend stay there. yes a very tense day on packed streets in paris right away from class still fit for bleak to watch. best deal the streets all packed you might be able to see just behind me there is a row of the c. r. s. offices here and what they seem to be doing something quite unusual i've not seen this in a protest a full day separating the pro. in 2 blocks that might be
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a way of trying to contain any violence if there is any violence but as it stands it's holding up the protesters from moving at least that's how it appears from here on the ground up to a 1000000 people are expected to take part in destroy the nation wide across france today this action here in paris as you can see a lot of people have gathered this is may need to you to anger over the changes that the government has proposed to the pension system perhaps most controversially the idea of raising the pension age from 62 up to 64 before individuals be very able to be tightened to pension those who are on strike say they're unhappy because this means that they might have to work even longer and end up with less pension in the feature on top of that there's been a power lies ation over the transport particularly here in paris that's also impacted transport across the country to you with the cement you 80 percent of
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trains on certain days and nought running people are incredibly angry and they're also warnings from the authorities that the so-called castors these are the brake it is the thugs will sometimes call the ultra left the ultra high yellows and the black blokes are out in force today to cool was trouble and that is why there is such a strong police presence as well as the pension reform there is a movement lays in fronts this is much wider than one issue and as a result of that in the last few days we heard from doctors who signed a letter to the government saying that they would resign from hospitals unless there was a massive injection of cash into the system a system that they say is on the point of collapse so much so the peoples' lives of being put at risk. normally the good in particular we as health care professionals want to be able to continue to do our job the way we were targeted
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and the way we want to without any discrimination about interests which has become systemic we don't have the equipment but it's not our fault that we are understaffed but that's not our fault either i worked in a hospital one of our patients died almost a year ago simply because we don't have enough stuff to take care of everyone that was a year ago but nothing has changed since then. well the government would say it has already offered more money to the health service but that was rejected by a door just groups when it comes to their pension reforms which was the match that sparked this latest round of strikes now into that do we at the government also says it won't capitulate it won't make a huge hit that's despite the fact that their health minister the minister story in . involved in organizing these pensions and putting those proposals together himself resigned yesterday the government says it won't move this strike is say
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they won't leave it looks like it will cease. to full force the same size thanks for bringing us right up to date there live in paris today charlotte dubinsky. the abuse of prisoners in secret cia run prisons has been thrown into sharp relief following the release of a report called ho america tortures it contains a series of chilling sketches produced by abu zubaida an inmate to a quantum obey depicting the end hunston turkish and techniques he was subjected to between 2002 and 5. so biden was captured from a jihadi safe in pakistan in 2002 and sent to name cia black site in thailand where the torture took place he was then transferred to guantanamo bay where he still being held without charge zubaydah was reportedly the 1st person to be subjected to
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the brutal interrogation program which was approved by the administration of george w. bush your quick overview of his story and some of the key claims in the new report . as soon as they locked me up inside the box i tried my best to sit up but in vain for the box was too short i tried to curl position but to no avail for it was too tight a very strong pain made the screen unconsciously. they
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kept pouring water and concentrating on my nose and my mouth until i really felt i was drowning and my chest was just about to explode from the lack of oxygen. the. long hours went by while i was still. standing. charged. or released yet. never. did not see. 'd it it's. so that is simply their choice they made it's terrible the state. court your program order you
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torture. knew nothing. well that is always the question. you believe he's not going to face any charges he has not faced any charges there the clear issue is here why is he being kept for so long in kuantan him obey. well i think the answer is there's no question that for 17 years he's never been charged i've represented for 10 years we've asked repeatedly for him to be charged with crimes a colleague of mine is a law school said you know most lawyers don't want their lawyers charged with you're a good lawyer if you can't even get your lawyer charged and that is very frustrating but they do it in c. and the cia. and the united states senate committee on intelligence has found he was never
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a member of the 'd got nothing to do with the 'd note or did 'd he ever in any terrorist acts use a mood in a fight or to be out of those you want their youngest. body to grow out of the russians are the you know mr every one of you folks well. he was there with a puppet government in place and he was fighting the puppet government and this goes for if you're a russian are the jury in a battle with. the government that was there and so he's never been able to buy your order or make your presence very early to ready how have your clients living conditions improved since the period we were breaking down in 2002 to 2005 has he suffered any lasting physical psychological damage a result of the torture. well you know he must you know anybody would
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but it's i've visited him $67.00 times a year or several days and time and it's really quite hard to see any of. you have said the minutes of adjustments because of what techniques were used on him the waterboarding may have produced some problems. but the fact of the matter is what i view to the one thing that stands out is he is not angry he has come to accept the fact that a lot of good things happen the people and bad things out of the people and you have to do or that and while he is not optimistic that it will ever get out he certainly does hope that it will get out and that keeps him would to your knowledge is torture still taking place in guantanamo bay and i suppose just added on to that question mark what's the purpose all that when it's been shown to to essentially fail to yield accurate information from many suspects. well i think it failed
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during produce accurate information from almost anybody but certainly failed to attract any. to obtain any accurate information was available. didn't know it so what's the purpose i think the problem is in the world whenever there is a crisis and people are scared 'd and they're trying to solve it there's a long period of time when everybody is looking for some sort of magical 'd way. of getting at the hard work. after $911.00 america withdrawing. wonderful ways. and of course we will wonderful ways don't we just go back to the roman time they tortured the war and. look at the nazis if you look. in chechnya if you look at what happened
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in korea and china here now in the united states it doesn't work do you believe it is still happening in guantanamo today or. no. it is not happening one time ago at least since my client arrived and i have 2 clients of the 40 who were brought there from the cia darks do you expect anyone to be held accountable for the cia's wrongdoings. dural accountability is that i would love many people held accountable but it turns out. the american model right now is 'd to look forward not backwards of course the problem we have right now is look if they don't work backwards the digital who are stuck there are going to remain stuck there. no i don't think the bill 'd of the. formal systems are believe there are many who feel they are all right but what they
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get in the 'd car and hard truths that didn't exist we should just add some of that right to the darlings mark the drawings are quite there they're very. detailed and they give a real kind of insight into the mind of your client how do you ever spoken to him and just finally what was the worst interrogation technique that that he endured because he seemed to enjoy it quite a lot. well 1st of all i was there last week and i talked with him for several visits but i mean i had forbidden under my protective order ever to quote the city tells it so what you have that's been released including 'd to your audience is what everybody's going to get for the time being. as to what's the worst i think asking somebody that question is almost. i feel you know there are things in life for sure. which of these is the word here is that there just you have
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a hierarchy of which ones are the most which ones are not so terrible and i don't think that it's the. i think the fact is they were were. extremely. warm. i'm not sure. we're. ok while we thank you very much for your time this hour giving us a sense of what your client has gone through for such a long period of time mark denbeaux abu zubaida lawyer and professor of law no thank yous are. caught between a rock and a hard place as family friendly hallmark t.v. channel has apologized for pulling a commercial featuring a same sex couple and thus promised to create a more inclusive content the company division which operates the network says it's been a tough call all right. the crown media team has been agonizing over this decision
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as we've seen the hurt is has unintentionally caused our mission is rooted in helping all people connect summer break traditions and be inspired to capture meaningful moments in their lives we are truly sorry for the hurt and disappointment this has caused on the move comes after the channel pulled in on for a wedding planning website that featured a gay couple getting married sparking a complaint. the soul that could have made planning your perfect wedding easier we did. we all to lean couples plan registry invitations and get started for free it's only dot com spurred a petition by the christian conservative group 1000000 moms called on hallmark to not show any pro l g b t content on the channel claiming it went against the values of its target audience however the removal caused the bottle of its own social media to channel exacts 'd change their minds kevin all spoke to media commentator and she'd allowed in and
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human rights activist peter tatchell up at the rudd. this was just a handful but sought to include women who love each other and that is a fact of life and christmas is all about love and coming together you know i can understand what the fuss is about you know if i saw a card or a verse or anything with a man or woman kissing i think beautiful wonderful i love it they were viewers they were watching it they were thinking hey you know if i'm going to talk to my children about sexual orientation i'd like to have that conversation with them one on one i don't really want to come in the form of a christmas commercial and that to some people is understandable i think doesn't mean that they were necessarily bigoted or that this was in any way anti-gay it might just be that they wanted to be the ones to have that conversation with their 5 year old is there any reason why a channel which describes itself as family friendly shows 1st 2 shows this time of year it once children families together on the t.v. popcorn watch is there a reason to describe themselves as that they should take
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a bit more care not to offend people that may be offended most young kids get it when they see 2 people in love young kids don't think you know man woman boy girl that they think of love and these were about love not about 6 about love and i would have thought in a modern mature democracy we're going to celebrate love in its many forms is this the time of year where we want to be making political statements during you know what is a the holiday season where we sitting around the fire with our families you know having having a good time and maybe not thinking so much about l g b t or even abortion or other things that might be more of a political statement almost apologise for pulling the did they need to apologize i think they did yes because it's quite offensive to say that you know an image of 2
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women in love is somehow a. not for a broadcast channel in this day and. by putting the ad that was a deep insult an assertive rejection of the many same sex couples who do love each other and love each other just as much as in the husband and wife you get pushback that is from a political action group be it conservative or liberal what you're really getting is a falsely inflated political pushback from people that aren't necessarily your viewers when you hear the pushback initially from the viewers saying you know hey we're we're moms we're watching your network and we don't want this on there my guess is that the majority of that was probably organic. the united states has rejected a proposal by russia and china to ease international sanctions on north korea in exchange for a commitment from pyongyang to take steps towards denuclearization the suggestion
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was put forward in a draft u.n. security council resolution on monday in addition to allowing the d.p. r. k. to export certain products that suggest that interview route in real projects be exempted from u.n. sanctions it also calls for a bomb to be lifted on the employment of north koreans are brought it's not known if or when the draft resolution will be put to a vote to be adopted it would need the support of at least 9 u.n. security council member states in the absence of any vetoes but washington say sanctions relief would be premature this stage has ramped up its missile testing this month ahead of a year. that's given the u.s. to make concessions in their stalled nuclear talks no despite the threats america has insisted it's unwilling to compromise. the united states and the security council have a goal not a deadline we want to use this time we briefing to make crystal clear to the d.p. r. k. that its continued ballistic missile testing is deeply counterproductive to the
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shared objectives that the president trump in chairman camp had discussed on 2 occasions. although we can bring in political analyst to the program chris bambery chris good to see you again if washington is rejecting any sanctions relief what hope is there for relations improving with north korea in 2020 felt approaching. well i think relations of really sick you know don't turn since those meetings between the 2 leaders and trumps really amazing diplomacy recalling nixon's flight to china one or a long time ago all it seemed to be on track then for a deal between these 2 countries but since then it's deteriorated on the north korean side we've had these missile tests were also having attacks on trumped by the north koreans on the american side we have an insistence that all sanctions must remain in place until complete demilitarized militarization and that sets up a situation of stalemate this would seem from russia and china's point of view an
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attempt to break that stalemate by delivering what the north koreans have asked for which is some sanction released before christmas their turn of said if you'll get that they will give the americans of present which is presumably that missile test so this comes at quite a serious point in deteriorating relations between north korea and the united states the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. said north korea must make a difficult but bold decision but those washington need to meet them halfway. well it takes 2 to tango and i think in this situation really 101 of these countries has to make some concessions to try to get the talks back on track and i think what the russian chinese proposal is is fairly limited sanctions relief you know for instance help. the transport infrastructure would clearly benefit the population of of north korea our own north koreans to go to work in china could benefit of the population the needs also there's a such a shortage of food and other materials that we have that some humanitarian guess
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gesture by the united states might help break this situation and you know it also hell a situation of we are where china and america appears to be growing corso over the ending of the trade war again some concession by washington would also help with their relations with beijing but at the moment what we're getting is hard line message that really nor compromise is an offer from the united states a christian your thoughts on this north korea has carried out a 2 missile test in december alone what kind of signal does that give to the white house. i think it's going to signal that north korea is preparing to launch a ballistic. missile which would be carried capable of carrying nuclear warheads i think that's what seems to be what's in the office and it seems to be what north too is saying when it talks about a christmas gift for donald trump united states that would be a very serious escalation all over north korea's neighbors japan. japan south
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korea obviously taiwan would be very worried by that and i think in that situation really we have to hope that talks can resume in order to prevent that to taking place really negotiations have to start again this is always a poder cake situation on the korean peninsula but it has ramifications or near where the are tensions between north korea's main backer now i china and its neighbors here and the united states chris thanks for your time political analyst chris bambery live in r.t. interest. indonesia is suing the european union for its the sit in to stop using perm all based biofuels the e.u. wants to get member states to phase in eco friendly fuels instead but indonesia the globe's largest parmalat producer suspects the move as more of a trade rivalry than saving the planet and bricks that. palm oil it's in everything thousands of everyday products from chocolate to shampoo and cleaning products
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without even thinking about it we consume on average around 8 kilos of it each year the last few years there's been a wind of change with the e.u.'s new focus on emphasizing a greener more eco conscious position and as a result earlier this year the e.u. began to turn its back on this cheap and versatile product with plans to phase out the use of pall mall in biofuels by the end of 2030. indonesia is the largest palm oil exporter in the world within the world trade organization it's been something pommel to some big clients figure is for example
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the e.u. on very good terms of cost of the stakes the hobby it's heavily reliant on palm oil production as one of its key industries with over 2000000 indonesians directly employed by the industry and many more were gaining from indirect economic benefits and after threatening the e.u. with countless times since indonesia has now taken legal action against the european union alleging discrimination against indonesian palm oil exports with the lawsuit indonesia hopes the e.u. will promptly change its read to policy and delegated act as well as scrap the high risk in direct land use change that as it has given to palm oil just last week the block imposed a 5 year tower of stone bio diesel from the southeast asian nation to counter alleged subsidies to producers in the country have also lost a complaint from prostitutes. the subsidised exports of indonesian bio diesel to the e.u. are causing a threat to material injury to the union industry indonesia's finest foreign
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minister accuses the e.u. of following a protectionist policy and in a sign of further deepening trade tensions in neighboring malaysia the world's number 2 in palm oil production is mulling taking this same action and they're all signs that asia's 2 dominant pommelled produces may be heading for a clash with the e.u. in the international court of justice with suggestions that the new stance on palm oil might have something to do with competition in the edible oil business rather than pure ecological concerns 21 and a half years on death row for a crime you've since been cleared of some people just have a story that the man has to be told you don't want to.


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