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the water where politicians. give the go ahead. article one is adopting. us democrats lose their house majority to impeach donald trump he will now go on trial in the republican held a senate the us president seems like. it doesn't really feel like we're being impeached i come us tech giants being sued for allegedly abetting in the deaths of children in cold blood mines in congo parents of the children say the companies had all the means to prevent death and a school in the u.k. is under fire after children were given a homework assignment on the munched arena bombing in which they had to reflect on why the terrorists should be forgiven and finally also to come the person today
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hold his annual marathon press media conference fielding questions from hundreds of journalists in moscow the event lasted almost 4 and. a local morning just going to talk here in moscow you watching international the u.s. house of representatives has voted to impeach donald trump democratic representatives use their majority to impeach the president on 2 articles abuse of power under the direction of congress the president who seems unconcerned. by the way i think this is really feel like we're being impeached still i think she was doing better than ever before were we not i think.
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we have tremendous support in the republican party like we've never had before. what it is now up to the senate which is mostly republican to put trump on trial and decide if he should be removed from office however mitch mcconnell who needs the majority day said that he's unlikely he anticipates apart as an outcome just like in the house which voted almost entirely along party lines with only 3 democrats voting against impeachment has the house speaker and i'm seeing of that vote. the yeas are 230 the naser 197 present is one. article one is adopted. the play was played for years and i have to have the article with you i will house representatives that debated for a tad just before reaching that decision the impeachment case is based on
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a phone call between donald trump a new ukrainian president democrats allege that trump pressured him into digging up dirt on his potential 2020 rival joe biden something the u.s. president denies republicans tonight it's the accusations this process has been partisan vindictive dishonest the president's action seriously jeopardize not only america's national security but security of our closest allies this investigation was unfair the articles of impeachment are not based on facts but instead are entirely politically motivated president trump abuse the power of his office for his own personal and political gain history books will tell of this day. it will tell of a purely partisan effort to remove the president of the united states it's a historic moment it's also rather a historic moment i suppose that the democrats are trying to say that mr trump and
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his nessun has undermined our constitution our national security by not being what we could out to give weapons to ukraine procedural aspects that they simply do not meet the criteria for or remove what with president next step would be a trial in the senate although let's be. broken on the fact that they may have a motion to dismiss the articles of impeachment as shooting arrives at the senate and then baker opening statement if they could get a majority in the senate to dismiss those articles will be or may not be a trial and that is actually one possibility of how this turns out in the mid phase that the senate when i throw out the impeachment case democrats do have a plan b. when it comes to undermining donald trump he's kind of pain not a number of anti trump investigations could be revived. difficult to understand the purpose of last night's impeachment vote why should the upper house of the u.s. congress pass judgment on donald trump when democrats already have a plan b.
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the house judiciary committee says it will continue to investigate donald trump regardless of the outcome but what else is left to investigate well the house judiciary committee is saying that they will resurrect the dead i.e. the moeller report this will give them a chance to get back to their roots and bring up that old russian collusion agenda and they can get the impeachment hearings going all over again the public version of the miller report contains numerous rejections these rule 6 redactions withhold information about president trump's knowledge of his campaign's contacts with russian officials and wiki leaks and therefore bear on whether the president committed impeachable offenses yes same old same old even though bob muller found no evidence of trump russia collusion it's all about belief these days i believe even though i don't have the facts to prove it they wanted to elect a president trump i will always believe this that he agreed that if he got elected
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he would lift those sanctions while maybe instead of just believing she should look into some very solid facts like the recent ruling from the foreign intelligence surveillance court regarding the surveillance against carter page now that's the very carter page who is transforming the foreign policy adviser just the very next day in like a horowitz inspector general of the u.s. department of justice were due to the f.b.i. 1st failures during the early stages of the russian probe he revealed 17 different omissions and inaccuracy is in the carter page warrant applications and furthermore they include in dr documents and concealed information there were so many errors. we couldn't reach a conclusion or to make a determination on what motivated those failures although we did not find documentary. testimonial evidence of intentional misconduct we also did not receive satisfactory explanations for the errors or the missing information and the
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failures that occurred now james coleman who was the f.b.i. director at the time of the investigation it limited that his bureau was sloppy and how they investigated donald trump and his team furthermore the infamous cia which started the entire russia probe was not as important as it was made out to be it was one of a bunch of different facts to resemble to a part of the court it was the one that convinced the lawyers that they had enough now with that added to the pile to go forward guess the question is it seems that you were minimizing the role of the of this field if i was sorry that i did that now call me also said that he does not care how credible steele's allegations were you conclude the reporting from steele was bunk they concluded there were significant questions about the reliability of some of the sub source reporting that should have been included in the renewals when i reached the president i briefed him on a small part of it that i told him i didn't know whether it was true or not i didn't care and in fact he didn't care about the investigation at all in general i
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didn't know what they learned from the sub source i didn't know the particulars of the investigation isn't that investigations or this is an investigation of the campaign of the man who is the president of the united states while the narrative that donald trump colluded with russia in order to win the 2016 elections hasn't really panned out however the narrative that donald trump has been in appropriately that's to get it by people who have an agenda of trying to bring down his presidency is getting stronger by the day now some people might look at this case and say to the democrats stop meeting a dead horse just let this russia stuff go already but it could be more dangerous to try to rivals than they realize it could be a case of stop beating this dead horse before it comes back to life turns around and sinks its teeth into you we have. the prism through which news is fed to our public most people in america don't care about politics and economics but the people who do still get a lot of their news through cable news through network news through these highly
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paid anchors who all talk to each other all really lean one way we're all part of a corrupt establishment. promoting this idea of unregulated globalism where looks are parent companies make a lot of money their investors make a lot of money their friends make a lot of money they're all in for that and they refuse to see this that the artificial divide between republicans or democrats or liberals or conservatives is most artificial people across the world in country after country believe that politicians are corrupt and ineffective they want something different they want to see accountability they want to see with these massive budgets their lives actually improve saw these polls that estimates you know are artificially constructed you never really know whether the people are selected scientifically that's why they missed the u.s. olympic and that's today where they're missing the dynamic that's happening in this country we are going to disrupt americans want this corrupt system disrupted and people around the world want to do the same thing to. us take giants among the map
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of microsoft and google are facing a lawsuit from 14 congolese parents and children they are accused of abetting in the death of children who were allegedly working in cobol mines in the company's supply chains the plaintiffs say the firms had all the authority and resources to supervise and make you late those supply chains here are some of their testimonies and warning though you might find some of the upcoming footage upsetting. the chamber ceiling collapsed on people in a coal mine john doe 5 was one of only 2 survivors john doe 3 was living in the mine area on his motorbike loaded with 3 bags of cobbled he was hit by a large cobbled transport truck and his leg was amputated after 2 weeks of working john doe well never was severely injured he was 14 years old when he was grassed in the mine the families in india children there are seeking compensation for forced labor pointing at an interest in richmond negligent and emotional distress some
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also claim they suffered serious injuries while crawling through tunnels or carrying heavy loads as we saw artists ask you taylor is more the story. how far would you go to make your fortune hire a child a child kill a child these are the questions the world's most famous tech giants will be in court as part of a lot of legal case that's off to a human rights organization that complicit in the injury and deaths of hundreds if not thousands of children and the democratic republic of congo all to feed the wallets insatiable appetite for the latest gadgets defendants ample google will microsoft tesla are knowingly benefiting from aiding and abetting the cruel and brutal use of young children and democratic republic of congo to mind called the young children are not merely being forced to work full time extremely dangerous
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mining jobs at the expense of their educations and futures they're being regularly mean been killed by tunnel collapses and other known hazards common to call gold mining in the d.r. see the case has been brought forward on behalf of 14 congolese families 6 of whom have lost children walking and mines the document makes 5 harrowing ranting with stories of broken spines paralysis and people buried alive and collapsed tunnels children as young as 6 forced to walk up to 24 hour shifts using tools the human rights group france as from the stone age many of these children while also trafficked. and while the latest i phone retells around $1000.00 these children were being paid
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as little as 2 for that troubles if they survive the watching day i've never encountered documented more severe asymmetry in the air. cation of income between the top of the supply chain and the bottom it's dad disconnect that makes this perhaps the worst injustice of slavery and child exploitation that i've seen in my 2 decades of research what could be worth these lives cobol apparently a metal that is essential to those nifty and batteries found in every smartphone laptop an electric car and as the tech boom continues demond has soared 3 fold in the last 5 years alone the d.l.c. as one of the poorest countries in the world but also a mineral gold mine has been or new to willing to power this for a ship's market it produces around 60 percent of the walls coble supply mining the thought of it by hand now some of those giant corporations which signed a contract with these mining companies say they had no idea what was going on those
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people in silicon valley can't be big readers then because this has been news before further the horrors of the plight of these children has been widely reported in the media defendants all have knowledge of the forced labor dangerous conditions and extremely low p. provided to child coble minors then you have reports like the one by amnesty international back in 2016 which documented how child cobalt minors were over exposed to hazardous chemicals while walking with no protective gear and basic hand tools apple's promise a year later it's not use mines that didn't provide professional quit meant must have gotten lost in translation even worse than just standing idly by though pretending you all the good guy indeed taking a major peach from the corporate cover of guard defendants apple alphabet dell and microsoft have joined in support of modal mining program cindy or seek to create the false impression that they have acted to prevent the known horrors of kobold
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mining in the deer sea by children but when you are raking in hundreds of billions every year what are a couple of lives over 9000 miles away from. you know of course they'll have you believe they really do care people should have values companies are nothing more than a collection of people and so by extension all companies should have values you know apple has always been at the core about changing the world it's no coincidence that a company did it catered to free flow of information was founded great here in the us as an american company we cherish the values and freedoms that have allowed us to grow and serve so many users we always knew that we were losing our money now was of our life and our eyesight technology but how could we know it was costing lives to. live there we did ask the companies in question for comment they said that reports of misconduct are always investigated with appropriate action taken
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they also told us that they are committed to the responsible sourcing of materials but we also heard from a journalist in the sea lanes that the companies know exactly what they are doing. the norville world this system is not good enough and they are taking profit from this of course they nor very well done the most of the mining the mine coming from the d r c cobalt or gold or any kind of minerals from the instant they nor the government is less territory or core tribute directly to the death of 100 millions of people walking illegally kids walking illegally in the mine on 100 percent i think 80 percent of those minerals are coming from illegal way and in a very difficult area we can't even call it the bloods minerals and they did they have a direct responsibility on those blood minerals because they do want to buy and they
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want using it by knowing it which condition of those mining mine is extracted from the us that is the place where we are talking about. people directly from the big companies. and what's become something of an end of year tradition in russia fighting it will face a grilling from the media today and of previous sessions are anything to go by the president could be fielding questions for a few hours it looks at what's in store. 2 christmas is just around the corner so probably stocking up with gifts is the challenge that is on everyone's mind right now well unless you are a journalist with a badge that gives you access to a very special event this thursday the big ad you all are putin q.
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and a well for such reporters the number one challenge is to get noticed and to somehow leave a sea of colleagues behind by the way if you thought that it all happens behind the famous walls over there in this case you're wrong welcome to moscow's world trade center this is where very soon the q. and a will begin now let me explain how it works mr putin will be sitting at a table lone in front of a massive audience holding up black cards for 5 years i've been using this nice little r. t. logo a bit further on to the president's left his press secretary usually he is the one who chooses who goes next but sometimes mr putin picks someone out himself and these are the kind of moments we always watch out for if you let them do is complain of their ice or a woman holding a sign that says by by ok go for it turn the heat up.
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oh my god sorry with age comes eyesight issues mystically these are just translation difficulties i scared everyone my sign today but actually it says putin but by which means grandfather putin says so what are the chances of getting picked 29 things press or sets a record a total of 1895 journalists taken part over the last 7 years vladimir putin had the time to answer an average of 58 questions per q. and a so i've done the math the chances are about 3 percent only 3 percent that you get to ask a question not the best of all odds but. the longest event lasted for 4 hours and 40 minutes and usually it's never less than 3 several hours of constantly jumping on your chair waving your black card trying to stand out from the crowd and get the
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president's attention i'll tell you what that's quite an experience anyway do stay tuned for the show because it could really shake things up a little bit before the holidays from pushing the stock markets are down to causing a real geopolitical stir just one example it is right in that building that fly out of our pool and once back in 25th being called donald trump a bright talented man you know the rest of the story. a school in the u.k. has found itself in the headlines after 12 year old pupils were asked to imagine they were the parents of the 6 in of the 2017 manchester arena terror attack they
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were then asked to write an essay at the home of responding to the viewpoint that. that all terrorists should be forgiven some parents were outraged. i think this is simon is absolutely disgusting for all sorts of different reasons it seems to me to be brainwashing begins i have not let my daughter attend school today until i can find out more about what the school is teaching our children. or the school since canceled the task and apologize to stressing though that it wants to ensure that students are able to express their thoughts and give reasons for their feelings i would like to apologize for an upset that this piece of work may have caused i do understand that some people may find it difficult to understand why a school would ask students such a challenging question we discuss the issues raised here with political commentator new york observer columnist andrew walker and also chief executive of the ramadan foundation u.k. mohammed shafiq. for aids victims family to be able to have the
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compassion to forgive is a very personal decision but to try to change the narrative somehow the altera should be forgiven i actually think it's really dangerous the other idea that terrorists can be rehabilitated is often not true and i think what i would have done had i a pretty tree in that school is asked pops the pupils to write a letter to parents to better understand the impacts of terrorism and there is a real concern that if you try to adopt language that we see in this particular exercise that somehow we legitimize these terrorism and their violence and say to young children in this country that you somehow can forgive terrorist i do the you can forgive terrorist if you kill innocent life then you should for political aims then you should stay in prison for the rest of your life look time and time again we are told that the only way to push forward community relations is to try to understand why the terrorists the terrorists no no no no what you have to understand is why your neighbor is being victimized by those terrorists whether it
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be muslim families who are concerned for their safety after after the terrorist attacks or whether it's the people being directly affected and we is as british citizens should be really looking at the fact what can we do to keep our country safe but more importantly to hold to account and bring justice for the victims of terrorism we should teach children the important difference because if the children believe that you know all muslims are like some of the brady the guy who blew up manchester were on earth do we get as a country it's not acceptable to leave that implication in children's minds. here in russia a shocking case of child pieces come to light in a small western village 8 local children present at home by their father.
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which was very special family very well managed children mostly go to church as a sign that the top of the system is an awfully nice town on. average and this is. the sort that the children were always very shy one of the boys told me he could only go out when his father was away. to give us the question is did you what are your relations with the children it was wonderful if my much raising them. and why didn't they go to school but i was protecting them that i have to do which ground ask those who did you the girl has
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told us about the atrocities her own father committed against her considering the fact that these crimes were 1st committed a long time again when she was very young could not comprehend the character and the meaning of those actions she was overstepping my country with this is no such over. the finish is. now over $100.00 doctors have made an impassioned plea to destroying government they want canberra to intervene in the case of whistleblower jane songe kind in prison destroy the nationals health is in grave danger in an open letter to the country's foreign minister the medical professionals urged him to put pressure on the u.k. where he's being held they want to stanch to be returned to australia but urgent treatment. should mr sloan's die in a british prison people want to know what you did to prevent his death it is an
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extremely serious matter for history and citizen survival to be endangered by a foreign government obstructing his human right to health it is an even more serious matter for the citizens' own government to refuse to him to remain against historical precedent and numerous converging lines of medical advice while last month a medical group present their 1st letter to the british home office after june signed you paid in court there was a blower struggle to record his date of birth claiming that he couldn't think properly assigned also complained about the prison conditions the doctors warn that if nothing is done soon will die in prison however the letter has fallen on deaf ears we sent a request the u.k. own home office for comment on the doctor's warning so far we haven't received a response a sign just due to appear via video link in court later on thursday for another hearing we spoke to one of the authors of the open letter dr marko she said. he's
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trying to shape the future of security for culture but sound cannot be adequately treated right continuing under the same harsh computed initiatives we have little influence with you perry changed his children's course entirely to the he's the only solution. is to be kept in solitary confinement for $23.00 of us a day. it was a humiliating sente carians sure that prolonged stage sort of trickle find really still there in the. brain which. is a really. crucial. country in the it says. israel has banned christians in gaza from visiting holy
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cities such as bethlehem and jerusalem during christmas there are reportedly around 1200 christians in gaza last christmas 700 were granted permits to travel to the holy sites as more on the story. what's christmas almost upon us some people's faced of plans are having to be aborted because of israel over this holiday season it's banned christians in gaza from visiting some sites that for them embody exactly what christmas is about basically hanway jesus christ was born and here in jerusalem where he preached was crucified and resurrected after consulting with all security bodies in israel it was decided that this year departure permits through the allenby crossing will be issued to goals and christians off to christmas however it is important to emphasize that every request received from the palestinian civil committee in the gaza strip is checked individually and accepted after a security diagnosis procedure the move by these radio forty's is unusual as typically
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commission is given every easter and christmas we have to petition for travel through the palestinian civil affairs ministry who in turn poses our applications to the israeli side with and wait for a long time to receive an obituary decision of approval or rejection without further explanation there are almost a 1000 christians living in gaza ever since hamas took control in gaza israel has cracked down on travel if a few are gazans are being given permission to make pilgrimages in 201-8700 were given permission to visit holy sites of a christmas this year the number is 0 the decision has been condemned by the israeli based organization which protects the rights of palestinian residents the persistent disrespect shown for the needs of the palestinian civilian population stands in violation of fundamental human rights and also points to an ongoing into
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speak ation of israeli separation policy between the 2 parts of the palestinian territory gaza and the west bank there's been little international reaction to the christmas battle for example the us state department which prides itself on protecting religious freedoms around the globe has won. main silent let's ask people here in jerusalem what they think about the ban do you think it's. lation because everybody should be able to visit the holiest places. to reach to the sickness and where wherever they want to be. even the question is should the jews even the most thems many people be coming from there for christmas and. bag when it's a war place and all that everybody a muslim and christian this. because of the war saw it on the way. it's not fair to. you dr from your own religion and that's why i'm here.


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