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a lot of us will hoops it has been absolutely. but so is a behavior that appears even in death and going babies even if you've never heard of seen love to you will love if you tickles by your parents. and then we learn how to use this in a more complex way i'm one of the things that we learn is to how to join in with love to contagiously to love when somebody else loves even if you don't know why they're laughing.
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but this is a boom box broadcasting around the globe uncovering the world of business and finance and the impact on us all i've been flung and i'm kristie i'm watching 10 parents what we have in store for us today for us and see it moving forward but the head of the biggest auto union in the nation is asking questions that this show raised a week ago well tell you what you say and why it matters so much less than the bank of england act that might provide traders with an unfair advantage thanks to an open audio feed and news conference that one thing done to fix that problem we've got a live interview straight ahead and then later another huge hit for hoover as the company has now been banned in germany why this is the right here in company is just another example of how they're coming under so much fire across europe this is the one show you can't afford to miss so let's get started. and we begin with the latest on the scuffles between the u.s. and china over that phase one trade deal thursday china announced a new list of import tariff exemptions for 6 chemical oil products from the united
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. states these exemptions will last for one year kicking off december 26th though china's finance ministry as not provided a value for the imports excluded from those tariffs but we do know is that the waivers will apply to 4 chemical products including refined oil products that include wide auto and food grade petroleum wax meanwhile there has been a lot of talk about how this phase one agreement will be such a big win for workers that is the narrative that we on this show have been challenging in fact on the day that the u.s. m.c.a. agreement was announced every other business show was praising this as a huge win for the u.s. but here's what we told you. what is significant about the labor part of the deal wall mung other things this agreement requires that 75 percent of automobile components be manufactured in the united states canada and mexico in order to avoid tariffs that number though was under nafta it was only 62.5 percent so it's really
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not much of a change the u.s. in ca also requires that 40 to 45 percent of automobile parts be made by workers who earn at least $16.00 an hour by 2023 and by the way mexico has agreed to allow arbitration over labor disputes which is certainly a positive for workers in mexico but it doesn't really affect american workers the reality here the u.s. in ca is not bringing those jobs back it's not going to bring manufacturing back to the united states it's not going to mean more money for american workers and brant it's not going to mean lower prescription drug prices for american consumers period . a week ago will thursday the united auto workers president rory gamble issued a statement that echoes exactly what we told you then saying this quote the u.s. in ca is not a fix for the many problems created by the north american free trade agreement and other misguided tax and labor policies that have flourished for decades in our nation's capital and state houses throughout the country hundreds. thousands of
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u.s. jobs that have gone to mexico since nafta came into being 25 years ago will not return because of us. well this is a very interesting thing that all of us political theater actually boosted a lot of transporters right now the voters are actually with him and it's surprising that all this political theater is made out of absolutely nothing phase one trade deal is basically a non deal it's basically just a truce rather than a reconciliation and this as you pointed out doesn't really fix anything and again it's both house democrats fanning along with the president fanning success when we've done so much for workers when in fact they've done nothing for workers in 25 years from now if the us is unchanged it will i think go down as a huge disappointment just like nafta because while nafta surprised people by have bet it's hurt manufacturing the us will surprise people by how it does nothing to help manufacturing it's kind of like this game like the more we say it the more people maybe will believe us but it's really not working because the markets are
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reacting to this and it's not all we'll keep saying that exactly. the bank of england issued a press release late wednesday that it had identified an audio feed that has been misused by a 3rd party supplier to the bank to send audio fees of its press conferences to high speed traders who hope to profit by acting on the governor's comments before the rest of the world characterized this as wholly unacceptable use of the auto feed without the banks knowledge or consent and this is being investigated further market analysts show that 5059 percent of occasions futures moved ahead of the data in what proved to be the correct direction confirming that funds were trading on market moving information ahead of its schedule release time while the banks of official video feed is managed by bloomberg this audio feed was meant to be used as a backup in case the video feed went down it was never intended to be used under normal circumstances but now it's revealed that an unknown number of hedge funds used it as their primary source of information since audio is easier to compress
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than video. hi jacking the feed gave clients a 5 to 8 2nd head start on the markets resulting in countless profits for these high frequency. and with more on the v.o.a. we welcome hello which board member of the british american business association. so right now isn't this basically a huge embarrassment right now for the bank of england because their very own system that was pretty much built to support a fair and efficient market is basically being abused right under their nose the fact that it went on for so long almost a year without them catching it isn't this just a huge mismanagement and absolutely it's embarrassing it's gone i mean this is something that should never ever happen i mean the analogy is like a game show you know something in the u.s. you'd say something like a jeopardy where one contestant gets questions beforehand 7 seconds may not sound like a lot of time but to these these high frequency traders 7 seconds is a lifetime so it's like getting the questions that advance on jeopardy or like donna brazil passing them to hillary clinton before the debate i mean it gives one
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entity an unfair advantage and like you said the futures have moved a line with them so that's the proof in the pudding that this has been disastrous and embarrassing indeed when you talk about well how much of a difference does the time make you look at the profits that were made result of that brings up an interesting question though about who is actually a fault here because the below we are the bank of england itself was the corporate kind of leaking this information the high frequency traders they were paying subscribers to the day that they didn't have control over what was coming through the fee they had no real control of it they were just taking advantage of it right yes it was the deal with that actually paid for and installed this all in the 1st place so are they the ones who ultimately are here or do you also have to look at those high frequency traders and say but you knew you weren't supposed to have this information so you have a moral and ethical responsibility to not use it where you actually you sort of like you said you started out with but you really combine them because this is their business they're in the business to make money it's kind of like my knowledge in this case is like global tax evasion. you know if you're abiding by the law and
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you're doing it legally then that's what you're doing so i think that they you can't blame somebody who's acting within the bounds because they just pay for something it may be morally and ethically but it wasn't criminally illegal so i think that something very different and distinct difference and then you know what they've done is they've brought bragged on their twitter feed we can give you that name from mark carney the advances ahead of announcements so they actually were broadcasting this on twitter and they have since taken that feed down so i think they're in might like the culprit but what's the point of investigating it's much more important to prevent this from ever happening in the future but there is an investigation going on as to see how much money was actually yes and this is going to be a very difficult to to track down because right now this is what i'm on the currency markets here where over 4 trillion dollars get turned around every single day so this is what our data to dig through and right now do we expect to see a number do we know how much these high frequency traders the profit it will put it
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this way i don't know that anybody's ever going to figure that out i certainly would be able to i don't know anybody that can because it is so it is so complex it is so fast and also you could make you could allude to that profit was made because that future moved 'd but how can you actually prove that it was due to that in those few seconds so i think it's too fast too complex to technological 'd for anyone to come up with a hard and fast ruling on it that's at least my prediction i think there will be lots of advocating for investigations i think there might be lots of lawyers involved who are going to make plenty of money on this but i bet in the end you won't be able to identify one particular culprit in the end it almost becomes like a patriots cheating scandal right because more rumor than. people feel about it more than it is people was one of the lane and it's going to be like this yeah absolutely so aside from that. we're talking about the that we'll be holding its interest rates 30.75 percent to maintain this stance with the governor mark carney he's due to step down by the end of january but the prime minister of the brand new
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prime minister boris. and has yet to officially name a successor do we have any insight or speculation maybe you're 5 seconds ahead of everyone else on this one gee thanks so he of course this is in the works since april actually had to be delayed because when the general election was announced it actually was going to take place i believe before the end of the year is actually not going to he's not going to the new governor he or she won't be in place until february 1 because they have to push it back to the general election there are 3 major candidates in this and rather than do a rick perry on this i just i think i think i got my my vote but but new shuffling she was actually the bank of england people want remember she was a deputy there many years ago she worked for carney had a very rocky relationship with him so what she did was she left to go and have head up the london school of economics she's one of the contenders the 2nd one andrew bailey he is the chief director of the financial conduct all florida he actually that was involved in a number of scandals that's the only problem with him fiscal scandals although he's very popular across the board with the fiscal scandals with neil woodward you know the 3rd candidate interestingly enough is an american kevin walsh and you might
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remember his name because of course he was the governor of the federal reserve here's the pros and cons with regard to kevin watch he's actually somewhat of a front runner but a few things number one mark carney of course being canadian left a little bit of a bad taste in people's mouth in the u.k. because sort of a foreigner pontificating and if you remember he was frightfully inaccurate and pessimistic about the results of that he was the one the predicted this 7 percent decline in g.d.p. and was that was wrong so he was exactly he was inaccurate he was wrong he made dire predictions so i think there's a little bit of that transatlantic you know do they know better than us so that's number one number 2 the good thing about him though is that he does have good relationships across the board a little bit more conservative than most englishman but interestingly enough when he was the governor of the federal reserve he helped both obama and bush navigate the fiscal crisis here in a way so he if there's anybody who's going to help the fallout from bricks it might be kevin watch but stay. those are the 3 that i've sort of heard talk about
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actually you can read about as well that i definitely stated hello ok thank you so much thank you christi. internet startup blog chain of things has agreed to settle with the f.c.c. for $250000.00 over launching their i c.e.o. without 1st registering according to the f.c.c. the firm raised nearly $13000000.00 during their initial coin offering in december of 27 saying not a huge amount by any means she had worn the company that is token sales could be considered a securities offering because the as you see things everything is a securities offering under the agreement block chain of things as agreed to refund investors who notify the firm that they want their money back launching of things has said that part of the i.c.a.o. funding would develop a block chain based platform to allow 3rd party developers to build up locations for message transmission and logging digital acid generation and digital transfer b c o t was one of a slew of crypto start of launching i c o's to raise money for their tokens at the end of that 2017 krypto boom the f.c.c.
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insists that i c o's are a form of security and therefore must be registered remember in september they ordered the maker block one to pay $24000000.00 in penalties for not registering with the commission in that case the company raised over $4000000000.00 and i c.e.o. in may of 2018. time now for quite frank but ham it has just on the other side of the break there has been another huge head start over at the company has been now been banned in germany why is it right hank something and it's not like. the magic got a brain can't remember it at the. during
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the great depression old enough to remember there was most of my family were. there wasn't it was bed much worse objectively. but there was an expectation of the things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hope. there isn't today today's america was shaped by the 10 principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attacks. engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to. one set of rules for the rich.
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that's what happens when you put her into the. will is dedicated to increasing power for just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. well it finally happened donald trump has been impeached by the house of representatives in complete opposition to what the founders had even vision the articles voted on were along party lines it is highly unlikely the senate will vote to remove the president from office so what is the point of this entire exercise. and mess in the bank goldman sachs is reportedly and talks with. the u.s.
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justice department to pay a $2000000000.00 fine over a corruption scandal it would be the largest fine levied by the government against a bank since the mortgage crisis legal journalist molly. just lawyer is here now with more so welcome ali let's start off with why is this fine so large to begin with well basically the government is saying that that's how much billions were lost by a client at this particular company that goldman raise 6 and a half 1000000000 for this malaysian company one and b. is the abbreviation for the name but it's malaysia development b.h.p. and much of that the united states 30 say was stolen that 6 and a half 1000000000 was stolen by a malaysian government advisor as well as to goldman bankers and prosecutors say the bank ignored warning signs and this is part of the fee part of the price they've got to pay for not doing a better job paying attention and saying what was going on in the hen house a few well but they also said they were more interested in collecting fees from this particular client which eventually totaled about $600000000.00 so in essence greed and so this big find is
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a way to punish them for that you know every time we see a story like this and i think. people to a certain extent right because you have bad actors who are behaving badly and then the government comes to them and says you're clearly doing the wrong thing in many cases a criminal thing that's ok a fine and just give us some cash you will go away right does this mean the end of the corruption investigation just because you're forked over some money you know probably means are going to have to fork over a lot more money this may and fact and this particular criminal investigation for the united states but that doesn't mean that other u.s. regulators won't look into it they may want to be a part of the settlement or they may want to have to create their own also malaysia is seeking their own investigation into this as well they also want billions of dollars from goldman to settle this so going to your point will it really change the fundamentally the behavior there are some other repercussions that they want to address the root cause of what made this happen in the 1st place but over and over and over again you just see these big have to find but these companies aren't particularly changing the way they do business they just work that into their business plan it is working with
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a business plan rick. nobody goes to jail nobody gets fired for if you and i did that we'd probably be in jail right now but we were not paying back billions of dollars becomes government is. to give you the fines because they make you money and then the businesses as you said is built into their business plan it's disgusting kind of cycle yeah it is and that's exactly what's going on in this situation so it's probably not going to go away for goldman sachs any time soon especially since they have a presence in multiple countries and in this case even though it affected malaysia it's going to affect other ways that they are impacted by that investigation is that the companies will also be like other countries rather will be looking into this so it could continue on for some time are there going to be any other repercussions for goldman sachs is this going to impact their reputation at all yes we're actually going to their stock to take a little bit of a hit when this corruption scandal 1st broke so they're what they're incentivized to make it go away as quickly as possible as part of this deal that's allegedly being discussed aside from the the $2000000000.00 fine they're supposed to do some changes in how they're going to supposedly have to hire
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a monitor to oversee and recommend these changes and also make sure that any changes that are made to actually comply with so talks are continuing if they do reach a deal it could be as early as next year pretty clear that since 2008 reputation is not that high. a priority while the girls of america's lawyer thanks so much variance a. big win for air b.n. b. is the company has won a legal fight to remain exempt from european property regulations and that's things to a ruling from the top court that. is an online platform and not a property agent so the case is especially significant as the international olympic committee as we've told you has agreed to promote the company in exchange for accommodation during the 2024 olympics in paris which judges accepted their b. and b.'s argument that it is an online platform and it also faulted france for not notifying the you of the requirement for air b.n. b. to hold in the state agents professional license. now losing its license to carry
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passengers in london last week and today another setback in germany germany courts have banned over in germany arguing that it does not have the necessary license to offer passenger transport service using rental cars this is a big setback as it's currently active in 7 cities in germany and in 2015 germany courts for bait over from matching up drivers using their own cars to pick up customers well that's why we were found another way around that by having drivers rent out cars to pick up customers but now it seems like that's coming to an end as well as germany has buttoned up its ruling over responded saying that it will assess and determine the next steps in order to ensure that services in germany will continue over is still down in trading below its i.p.o. price today. and with more on the state of markets around the world reacting to this week's slew of news news we bring in. somebody trading so we currently we have the s. and p. today rising yet again reaching over 3200 for the 1st time so what's driving this
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rally on the economic data front manufacturing has experienced a huge downturn transportation sector is getting pummeled oil and gas are weakening is this just a catch up probably at the end of the year as a lot of the uncertainty on the table has now been lifted. you're correct that a lot of certainty has been lifted i mean the trade talks to kind of calm down a bit we have reached a phase one deal you know based on just news and how that is but really there are 2 key components that i'm looking at number one since january the fed has reduced its return around its interest rates you know they've been going down since then and really the biggest one that we've seen is that they're actually starting to increase their fed book they're actually starting to buy purchase. funds and all that and so they don't want to call it q.e. but really it's kind of q.e. and that's what's really kind of driving the market recently but we've been seeing this rally since the beginning of 2019 so a lot of booze has been trip. by the queues in recent days but this is
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a pretty interesting story here u.s. heavyweight broadcom they're looking to sell their radio frequency wireless chip business pretty soon it's generated 2200000000 in revenue fiscal year 2019 the most likely buyer though here is apple which uses this chip in its phone so what can you tell us about this and why is apple interested now in building its own in-house modem business. well this r.f. device the company that broadcom is going to be looking to sell is primarily used for filtering for the 5 g. network and we know that 5 g. is really going to be a big thing in the future and so really looks like apple is going to be the likely buyer of this because well they have a vested interest in this with 5 g. with cell phones and vertical integration i mean we see that vertical integration for big companies is really important because it helps lower costs just as we've seen with amazon trying to vertically integrate their shipping services as well and so that's what we're looking at and i think that it makes a logical step and for whatever reason broadcom want to get out of it maybe just
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spend it off. now let's move over to sweden real quick because today they actually ended their 5 year experiment with negative interest rates so why did they decide to raise rates now despite a pretty weak economy that's still going on over there. well you said in the question it's been an experiment in fact nobody really thought that governments or that we could have negative interest rates until 2008 when we went there the world didn't end with things didn't totally fall apart but it's been several years since then and it hasn't really been all that it's cracked up to be it has been punishing savers and investors people that want to look for some safe places to put their money and really when we look at bonds government bonds and they are now negative interest rates that's not helping a lot of people out there and the biggest thing that the swedes and a lot of the other people out there have been looking at trying to stave off is deflation and the fact that inflation is still doing pretty well there's
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a need to get kind of back to normalcy we need to get back to at least as 0 or positive interest rate because this is really been an experiment and it hasn't really been all that it's cracked up to be and people don't know what to do with it it's been hard to explain what a negative interest rate even is when it comes to bonds and putting money away other than theft it's hard to describe what a negative interest rate is right now $21000.00 kind of a crazy year we've seen these all time highs the risk of the downside seems greater than ever so how should investors be positioned now if they don't want to lose out on market exposure but also protect their gains from this year because there's no telling whether or not 2020 is going to be a repeat of what we've seen in 21000. that's true we don't know what the future holds but one thing i would tell or traders people who subscribe to us is that things that stay in motion tend to stay in motion and the stock market is a is a big thing that stays in motion and if the market's going to roll over and start to change direction we're going to see that we saw that going into 2000. to the end
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of 2018 october november december i mean there were a lot of things that we could see ahead of that so looking at new highs we should really kind of be more excited about that anything and if we were trying to figure out how to actually tell people what to do i say buy the dip if you don't know what that means come check us out and simply trading the other thing is that i like to diversify if we're looking at maybe you should look at gold i've been talking about that for quite some time i think gold look like looks like it wants to start picking up so kind of diversify your portfolio a little bit and maybe don't be in super risky situations with tech stocks or other ones that are highly volatile and just kind of make sure you're properly allocated now we don't know what's going to happen in 2020 but we can glean some clues from the market as it is right now right now we had the yield curve stephen into its most steepest point in over 18 months so given this historically since $960.00 s. this has meant that there's going to be tremendous volatility in the equities
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market so do you expect we'll be seeing a lot of that because this entire year has been very complacent passive investing thanks to all of the e.t.f. . it has been good investing but there's still been a lot of volatility within that i mean there have been numerous periods of time and i'm thinking of 3 at least that lasted a month or so to where there was a lot of volatility and people were out there trying to figure out well is this the end of the rally is this the end is this the top so that's the one thing we can always count on in the market is volatility and so despite the yield curve and all that we as traders are going to say well volatility is good because that's how we make money we want the market to move and we just need to know which way it's going to be moving and that's what we try and help people out there did you walk ins of simply trying thank you so much for being. well forget about the problems with the 737 max jet because boeing is set to launch
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its new star liner spacecraft on its for. this flight into orbit what could possibly go wrong they have this 5 rocket set to launch to the international space station from florida carrying a spacecraft that is never flown before again i ask you what could possibly go wrong the c.s.t. $100.00 starliner it's a new passenger capsule developed by boeing to take crews of up to 7 people to low earth orbit now you know what could go wrong but no people will be on board for this mission failed a flight is intended to pave the way for the 1st writers to fly on that capsule sometime next year not fear necessarily to pick on boeing because of the fact that they have jets that just fall out of the sky but do you want to be one of the 1st 7 people to get on board now there spacecraft it's crazy because people are paying to be a passenger in this spacecraft when you couldn't pay me enough money to get on board want to get on board let him run through a few tests on crash dummies and maybe maybe that's it that's it by this time you can catch. me 21 days now i count to 80.47 on the t.v. the free t.v.
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at county 79 or as always you can hit us up at youtube dot com slash boom bust we'll see about hearing that's. what you should. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want. to write for us this is what the $43.00 of them will be. interested in the war. in the troubled 19 seventies
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a group of. 3. of northern ireland that was coordinated loyalist attacks particularly catholic population in belfast tens of thousands were forced to flee their homes a mob was striking to put these attacks was a p.r. you see the police actually took part in the attacks so instead of preventing it they were active participants in the burning of full streets in belfast at the time more than a 100 innocent civilians were murdered as the review can seniors and we found out more i was surprised about the extent and of the currents which the pollution was involved in some of those cases they killers would later be named into the now we're getting i think it went to the very very top i think it is frosts the water where politicians you thought was going on and give the go ahead.
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russian officials reveal the identity of the gunman who kills 2 and injured 5 in a shooting the federal security service building in central moscow we've spoken to the father of the attack. lately he became very secretive and also got some kind of strange eastern accent he used to tell me that he liked shooting and even wanted to get a sports rank become a more suitable sports. more than 3 years of deadlock and numerous rejections the u.k. parliament finally banks prime minister boris johnson's brags it would draw a great.


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