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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 20, 2019 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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president signed into law a defense bill sanctioning russia's north stream 2 gas pipeline ignoring germany's objections swiss contractor all seize has suspended work on the project because of the measure. russian officials reveal the identity of the gunman who killed 2 and injured 5 in a shooting near the federal security service building in central moscow we spoke to the final but the attacker. lately he became very secretive and also got some kind of strange beast an accident used to tell me that he liked shooting with these men want to get the seals right become
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a most of the schools. after more than 3 years of deadlock and numerous rejections the u.k. parliament finally backs prime minister boris johnson's breaks it withdrawal agreement. hello there you're watching r.t. international i'm rosana lockwood thank you for joining us. now swiss and dutch construction company all seize has suspended work on the north stream to pipeline that's in response to a defense bill signed by u.s. president on the next imposes sanctions on russia's gas pipeline projects u.s. senator ted cruz who also the provision warned of consequences for failing to heed washington. you free choice stop now and leave the pipeline unfinished the express intention of the sanctions legislation which we offered or make a full should tell. to rush to complete the pipeline and reese putting your company
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out of the business forever for the next decade your company and personnel will be entirely barred from the united states any transactions will be blocked all property will be frozen north stream 2 is a gas pipeline being built from russia to germany through the baltic sea it spans more than a 1000 kilometers and the us has long voiced its opposition to the project going as far as to threaten european companies the united states commands all our european partners who have taken a strong stand against north stream to. and we commend others to do the same germany is totally controlled by russia because they were getting from 60 to 70 percent of their energy from russia and a new pipeline this pipeline if completed would make europe even more dependent on russian energy would generate billions of dollars for putin billions of dollars that would follow in the russian military aggression. we don't want europe's energy
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supplies to be dependent on planet he put his federal government is against extraterritorial sanctions we don't approve of this practice we oppose especially extraterritorial sanctions that have german and european companies and. now to discuss some of the wider implications of this we can cross live to jack rasmus he's a professor of political economy at st mary's college jack thanks for joining us let's so hit the north streets the pipeline it's not a complete so why is washington imposing the thanks and right now. well it's kind of ironic that the u.s. is saying they don't want germany and europe to be dependent on cheaper russian gas but they wanted to be dependent on more expensive american gas you see ted cruz is from texas and nerdy is very tight with the big oil and gas companies in texas and the u.s. has a lot of excess guess right now and then oil as a result of fracking the new technologies and it's been putting pressure on europe
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particularly germany to buy u.s. gas and u.s. of oil even to the point of saying the u.s. will help fund a liquid national gas ports but of course the u.s. gas is going to be more expensive that's right germany is walking into doing that and what you see here in this latest move is that they couldn't u.s. couldn't get germany to. pull out of the nordstrom too so it's going after smaller companies building some of the parts of nordstrom to it's kind of an act of desperation in a sense but it's all part of all alone or term at least couple decade long u.s. pressure on europe and particularly germany because the u.s. is getting concerned that europe and russia is becoming more integrated economically and especially now integrated possibly were nordstrom to go for natural gas so it's all about money it's about selling us natural gas and about to
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some. extent trying to keep russia from be looking unlikely more in agreement with europe which is the big strategic objectives the us is trying to achieve well if it is really all about money and you know making your main customer safe say more reliant on your energy supply the u.s. over russia and selling your as its content freedom gas to europe a sanctions really the most effective way to go about this. well that's another trend in u.s. global relationships in recent decades and that is the u.s. is really relying more and more on a turf wars and on sanctions both of those an element if you're leaning it's swift international bounce of payments control system to bring out you know its economic allies are allies in line keep them in line as the global comedy begins to slow down the u.s. wants to make sure it maintains control over these trade relations and economic
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relations is not just about money it's this strategic control of political military as well as economic that's really behind this although you know overlaid on that is this immediate thing about texas access to the gas that the u.s. wants the pressure europe particularly germany to purchase instead of the cheaper russian gas. you mentioned that you know. it could it's one way of forcing countries to be reliant on your gas but isn't there a way that this pipe line project could be completed so it's them based all thies as we've heard has suspended its activities on north stream to response to the sanctions but is there any possible way that the pipeline project could continue for example if there was another company that wanted to step in and do this well there are a number of companies who could continue building that pipeline it would cause a delay of course until they got wind up and to us by going after all season is
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putting a shot across the bow. of a warning to any of these other companies or don't step in or we're going to slap some sanctions on you know to and it's interesting that the sanctions and include freezing of assets and the finances of these companies that may exist the united states you know using that kind of for free as you say you are going when the u.s. really wants to destabilize a. from it in a country like venezuela but. you know in this case you know the u.s. seems to be getting you know maybe more dismayed maybe tougher law aggressive in trying to send a message to europe which he considers its economic backyard for russia to stay out in europe not to develop the deeper ties economically with russia even though if it's even though it's more economical and profitable to do so best talk about one of the other big parties involved in this which is germany because that is
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ultimately where the pipeline was ending up they did this in for a sleep voice their objections to the u.s. imposing sanctions on base projects but the u.s. has gone and imposed the sanctions agitating that effects the u.s. relationship with germany and what white germany did response to think well you know the fact that germany would not go along with the u.s. politically on this is really a kind of a defeat for the u.s. a temporary one and going after all seize can be viewed as a kind of a less act of desperation you know if you can't get germany to go along with the debt would be built furred way well will will go after the individual companies that may be involved in this well germany is standing up to the u.s. on this and not simply because it's an interference with germany's sovereignty perhaps but because it's a more economical i mean germany is moving away from courts moving to alternative
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energy and cheaper. climate changes c o 2 producing energy natural gas is a less you know a climate change in power and germany a lot of politics are behind going to cheaper cleaner energy so the promise to. our aren't easy for the u.s. to force a germany to comply jack finally i want to ask you this about the timing of the sanctions because we call ignore the fact that 2 days ago president trump was in pain well heading into 2020 u.s. presidential election is a thing you think about that that could have led to the sanctions being placed by the current government now. well i started to tell you know whether trump is losing his influence within his inner circle there you know there's a lot of business opposition to trump and what trumps you know direction he's been going in a number number of policy areas there a little bit you know discontent with his failure to achieve anything significant
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with this trade war with china you know not withstanding all the hyperbole and all and all the claims that are going on now very little has been achieved in that deal very little is cheatin the new nafta agreement so you know the pentagon interests in the military industrial complex you know and other business interests maybe getting discontent with them and this is a time that perhaps the ted cruz and and the more hardliners russia hardliners and the u.s. political scene see an opportunity here and they got that provision plugged into the national defense act so who knows what's going on politically behind the scenes in the maneuvering trade advantage is that on the pending some big typical may take jack rasmussen all political economy at st mary's college thanks your insights.
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now some other headline news russia's investigative committee has released the identity of the gunman who opened fire outside the headquarters of the federal security service building in central moscow on the state evening 39 year old afghani manure of lived in the moscow region he killed an f.s.b. officer before being shot dead himself another officer died later in hospital and 5 other people including one civilian were injured at the moment the investigation into possible motives is still ongoing here's how the situation unfolded at the scene of the shooting. was usually when we get to the when we heard strange sounds we needed to realize that we should hide then we heard someone in the street shouting go back go back. to. the signals and the signal going mom wasn't shooting randomly
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and i think we heard him shout out something but we didn't manage to make out what he was shouting. at them in the city in a basement we're watching now when a guy came and we've just been outside and he told us there was a shooting i'm so injured possum he told us the injured party had been dragged into the cafe. there are reports that the russian investigative committee has searched the home of the suspect and interviewed his family and friends we spoke to the neighbors and father of the shooter. but lately he became very secretive and also got some kind of strange eastern accent used to tell me that he liked shooting and even wanted to get a sports rank become a more star or sports team where he worked he replied in the emirates embassy as a security guard but i do not know if it isn't true he was
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a very calm guy and then somehow the change started growing his beard maybe it happened of the his grandmother died. he's a lawyer worked somewhere in moscow he comes from a good family mother grandmother she was a good man she was always very polite attentive i can't say anything bad about him i can't believe what's happened in the country does in your house and he was he wasn't aggressive very calm quite quiet he was lonely no friends no girlfriend we found out about his hoby by accident he invited my husband to join him at a shooting range when he refused the topic was never raised again although we now know is what we've been finding out now from the media. always some more details on the story his own correspondent. it wasn't calm last night here the f.s.b. building is just to the left of me and the whole thing happened at around half past 6 in the evening right on the opposite side of this main f.s.b. building of this f.s.b.
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had quarter according to an unconfirmed video which we can show you right now the alleged shooter took his position between behind one of the columns right again on the opposite side of this building he took aim armed with an assault rifle and he opened fire it seemed that he was specifically targeting f.s.b. offices coming out of the building now just to give you an idea as to how busy it was here last night what you're seeing right now is pretty white desolation compared to that because this is the heart of moscow it's the very center of the russian capital it's a trendy and hip area with plenty of bars cafes and restaurants so at 6 o'clock it wasn't just the end of the work shift it wasn't just the end of the work they wasn't just people leaving their offices offices out on the streets but also plenty of people just out and about plenty of tourists i mean if you just look over there christmas decorations are already up here so people were doing their christmas
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shopping there's a st regis hotel right across the street from me so there were literally hundreds of people out and about on the square and they were terrified by the shooting but initially many of them were confused because with christmas right around the corner many of them mistook the 1st burst of fire with well fireworks. i was sitting with my friends at a bar when the shooting began it was the sound of a kalashnikov assault rifle i know what it sounds like my friends were like oh it must be firecrackers but i told them no way it's not firecrackers and then we saw people running down the street it was scary at 5 or 10 minutes past 6 the gunfire began and it was not just a few shots it came in bursts we saw officers taking cover behind the cars. left work met up with my girlfriend and when we heard some dull sounds in the distance i thought at 1st it was fireworks or some firecrackers but as the sound
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continued we realized something was wrong traffic police who were on the connecticut bridge as usual began evacuating people they apparently caught on to what was going on people started running we heard the gunfire plenty of details are missing right now no more official information as as of yet we do know that the russian president is being kept in the loop of this attack right here in the heart of moscow well security analyst charles schumer it outlined where he think things could go from here. they've said. from according to reports that nobody else was involved in this attack they will want to be sure that nobody else was actually involved in any planning aspects or in terms of assisting the government and that may take some time for example the examination of mobile phone records of any c.c.t.v. records and of course any. emails communications and so on that might be held on the suspect's computers and elsewhere and of course that would require house searches and so on but the fact is i think that even if you were going to have the
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most benign government the most benign state in any country to what you will get some people will react violently and some differences of that just wanted to because of policy because of instance or background or the circumstances of their own personal lives. 3 and a half years all through the british people voted for the u.k. to leave the european union 3 prime ministers later and 4 bricks it deals rejected by parliament and piece of finally give me back into an exit plan he said alie has more details. it would appear that way off the 3 and a half years of delays and gridlock in the house of parliament that overwhelming victory in terms of the seats won for the conservative party last week in the general election means that boris johnson could today get his drugs approved by parliament and did so with a majority of our 120124 he managed to get it through and so what that means is by
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january 31st the u.k. will be leaving the e.u. which point they will enter into an implementation period or transition period that despite that vote today despite the win for the conservatives last week drags it still leaves many issues on the zoltan also leaves the country bitterly divided one of the main divisions of course comes to the issue of scotland now scotland voted by 2 thirds roughly to remain in the european union during that referendum and also last week they won an overwhelming number of the seats in scotland the s.n.p. that is the scottish national party was of course pro and dependents and so they take that as a mandate that the scottish people vote want to be dragged out of the e.u. and that they want that independence and those divisions remains clear in the house of commons today before that vote was held this bill learns the emphatic lesson of the last caller unlike members opposite and projects any. scotland could not
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talk been cleared of last week we did not call for breaks it come in the s.n.p. with a greater monday shows still totally and utterly rejects break ca this tale is a road map for the reckless direction in which the government prime minister adi term and to take our country the story story of the last $3.00 you will be at today and we would be able to move forward one of the consents to the. for the labor leader during the quarter it was workers' rights and the government has now taken out a part of the bill the motion within the bill that would have ensured the protection of workers' rights following prices so that's now no longer going to be part of that deal the government's priority with that deal and also they have insights of the clause making it strict and making it more difficult if not impossible for an
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extension to the transition period what that means is that the government would only have from the day leave by the end of january of next year till the end of december takes you to negotiate a trade deal there are many who say that 11 months simply isn't a long enough time for a trade deal to be struck and also go having provisions for u.k. courts to be able to question and challenge and the piece of legislation by the european court of justice that remains in the u.k. you know or so as far as boris johnson is concerned he's going to be powering on with his efforts to take the u.k. out of the european union. well independent political commentator anthony weber believes the opposition will now lessen its hostility to the government. if there is cause for celebration for the country because the 1st period of uncertainty will be over and there's cause for celebration because boris johnson has actually married a commitment which is come true the conservative party has got a huge majority they can get through anything very wants. but that will be
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a positive thing from the point of view of bracks and its course. of the concern might be on other issues where. you could argue that they haven't really yours or mandates but i think the public have given a mandate on the subject to bracks who. are very very some of the opposition think is will probably turn down their rhetoric including even the who are a lot of people are getting fed up with because very only had 45 percent of the vote very claim to speak up for the scottish people which very very clearly don't so i think over the coming months we're going to see some more really sort of. a man accused of stealing and burning and l. g.b.t. flag from the us church has been sentenced to 16 years in jail after being found
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guilty of committing a hate crime adolfo martina's was 1st arrested in june and accused of desecrating the flag belonging to a local church in iowa earlier in the week he was convicted on charges of not only committing a hate crime but also 3rd degree harassment and reckless use of fire martinez admitted to opposing homosexuality but the length of his sentence has caused some debate. why does the left cheer when the american flag is burning no one goes to jail for that but they do for burning an activist movements flag while he got more years than murderers get in the u.k. unbelievable so burning a rainbow flag is hate speech burning an american flag is freedom of speech i see. he should have burned the american flag then he would have been praised statues dedicated it is disproportionate it is not commensurate with the crime committed
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however there are some disturbing elements a he was not given the sentence purely for stealing the flag and for burning it there were also. accusations and claims of arson and threats to burn down other properties namely a strip club when it came to course he did not express any regrets and indeed justify his actions based upon his particular extremist interpretation of the christian faith no a crime happened here it is absolutely 100 percent our institutionally protected speech to burn the gates of the gay pride flag in the same way that according to the supreme court's also protected speech to burn the american flag i would say that the flag is a bit different from the american flag because it days ignites a specific community in the same way as maybe burning a jewish flag might designate the jewish community and i think on balance probably
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we have to defend the freedom to burn a flag but what is exceptional in this particular case is the arson the threats the harassment this guy's sentence was yes there was a threats of arson but it was may is so extreme because of the hate crime designation and burning this flag now i don't believe that this flag necessarily represents the rainbow flag i don't think it represents gay individuals maybe at one point it attempted to but it is we've come to a point where the rainbow flag and all the symbolism represents an l g b t political ideology there are still loads of discrimination free practices and laws and institutions there are parts united states where l.g. because most people do not have protection in the workplace for example they can be sacked from their jobs just because of their sexuality they could be. victim victim from housing on the base of the sexuality that exist those rights exist in sums those rights exist in some states that exist in all states america loves gay people
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we don't need there's this narrative of discrimination is complete phooey and we don't need more laws to try to protect the border not necessary quite clearly with this incident that happened with this particular man the battle is not over there are some people who are prepared to go to violent ends to dehumanize our community to express their opposition to our community gay americans outspend and out there straight counterparts they have every right in this country they can get married now in many respects gay people are at the top of the food chain so why would these laws even still be on the books especially for gays it's a non-issue and and i think we need to repeal. a setback for the u.s. space program boeing stollen a spacecraft has failed a nasa flight test on friday the stollen it was supposed to dock with the international space station when the orbital procedure went wrong and the ship was forced to return home because flight was a key part of the plant and u.s. dependence on russia for space rides no one was on board the flight was supposed to
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be one of the final tests before a manned launch during the flight boeing announced on twitter that there had been an off normal insertion on a announces said mission control was weighing all its options and the life was cut . well that is your update for now and that's it for me andrew follow will be here at the top of the ad take you through the latest news from around the world and stay with us here on r.t. international. in the troubled 19 seventies a group of killers rampage through parts of northern ireland that was coordinated loyalist attacks protect the only population of tens of thousands were forced to flee their homes a mob was striking to put these attacks was a p.r. you see the police actually took part in the attacks so instead of preventing it they were active participants in the burning of coal streets in belfast at the time
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more than a 100 innocent civilians were murdered as the review can seniors and we found out more i was surprised about the extent and its occurrence which the solution was involved in some of those cases that killers would later be named into the now we're getting i think it went to the very very top i think it is for all the water where all the taste you thought was going on and give the go ahead. you know world of big part of the movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the path and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle
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for the truth the time is now for washing close watch of the hawks. strugar this is the kaiser reported hour of what is or is argentina so many head of . this country for can rock stars yes we're going to talk about some of the opportunities that have been taken over the last few months or years and you know it fits into this theme that we've covered over the past few years which is that as
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soon as the u.s. used the u.s. dollar and in particular swift as a financial weapon alternatives emerged and thus said in the end of the power of empire this is happened throughout history hubris often sinks an empire when they become a bully and so we're going to look at what a story about china china working with a dutch company by the way here this is when the u.s. all those tariffs on agricultural goods and all sorts of goods that china retaliated by stopping all imports of story being products and of course argentina is a big producer of that so they're china's pivoting and having to re develop and build infrastructure in countries that they want to do business with so here's the headline china wants to build a greens super highway and arjen tina here is the parana river is their main waterway and it dumps out in to the ocean and here's your guy here's argentina is
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buenos aires and china has stepped away from u.s. agriculture imports and said it would bid on a project that could create a greens superhighway in argentina reported reuters chinese state owned construction company c c c c is readying a bid that would allow it to dredge argentina's parana river the country's only river access or waterway for bulk vessels that transport soybean and corn from the pompous. farm belt to the south atlantic you know david ricardo who is the contemporary of adam smith's talk about comparative advantage and here the comparative advantage of speaking if got this huge river which would run through the grain belt and give argentina way to transport grain and give them a leg up over brazil and the u.s. that has to spend a lot of money moving the grain in the culture to the rail track or whatever and so this is a member could be a game changer the british at the end us.


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