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tv   News  RT  December 21, 2019 2:00am-2:31am EST

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not to notice that i could co-exist with that while still living a life that went beyond. the headlines and. short of completion rushes nor trying to gas pipeline to europe faces yet another hurdle as the main contract to pull in response to tough u.s. sanctions also to come this hour a u.s. court rules that it is ok for american spy agencies to collect data on citizens without a warrant if done by accident that is the lessons of n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden who lifted the lid on u.s. mass surveillance seem to have been forgotten. you tell us who edward snowden oh wait a 2nd snowden is not the. not that guy now would it be. some information
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with the man accused of stealing and burning a rainbow flag from a us church is 16 is our guest debate whether the time fits the crime. 16 years for offending probably one of the most privileged groups in america when it came to court you did not express any regrets and indeed justify his actions based upon his particular extremist interpretation of the christian faith. and a good morning just gone 10 o'clock here in moscow you're watching international just as it reaches the final stage of construction russia's north trying to gas pipeline to europe is under threat one of the main companies involved has pulled out of the projects because of stinging new sanctions unleashed by the u.s. . you know the patient of the in the national defense authorization act
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one sees has suspended its new stream 2 point plan activities. and join me in the studio with more on the story. but at the trump administration sanctions have become a political tool of choice in the often simply automatic reaction to anything that the president takes issue with and this case is apparently no different because president trump has officially signed a bill which will require him to impose sanctions on any foreign companies and individuals which are involved in the building of nordstrom to now many of course no not soon to it is a huge $11000000000.00 venture it's a pipeline over 1000 kilometers long running from russia to germany and essentially it's going to flood the european continent with russian gas at a faster and cheaper rate than anything else currently available on the market but since the very beginning washington has had a bit of a problem with the project the united states commands all our european partners who
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have taken a strong stand against north stream 2. and we commend others to do the same germany is totally controlled by russia because they were getting from 60 to 70 percent of their energy from russia and the new pipeline this pipeline if completed would make europe even more dependent on russian energy would generate billions of dollars for putin billions of dollars that would follow on russian military aggression. we don't want your energy suppliers to be. so many see this bill as a last ditch attempt by the us to stop trying to end its tracks the pipeline was originally due to be completed by mid 2020 but it seems they're ahead of schedule 2 weeks out from it being done in fact there are any around 60 to 70 kilometers left of the pipeline to lay now one of the many companies which will be affected by this bill is the swiss who can i say should seize and they've been providing vessels for
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the construction a couple of days ago they in fact received a very aggressive left to from the republican senator ted cruz which can only be described really as a letter of blackmail he gave them an ultimatum either you stop participating in this project or we're going to freeze all your assets in the u.k. in the u.s. and we're going to. have your employees from coming into the u.s. so unfortunately they count out and and have stopped all the operations america has made it clear is concerned it says about europe's energy security but all of the tubes. well current pipelines between russia and europe run through several european countries such as poland but to russia ukraine. this means that of course that they get a very hefty transit fee for allowing these pipelines through. the baltic sea meaning that these countries will be bypassed washington maintains that this is unfair and specifically with regards to ukraine says that it's somehow politically motivated what's very important to note here is that just
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a few hours before the bill was signed into effect russia and ukraine decided that they would likely by the end of $29000.00 sign a new 5 year agreement on russian transit gas value crain to europe so that completely undermines what washington saying that somehow russia is trying to cut ukraine out of the deal and it's led many to suspect that really what washington's up to is is trying to eliminate competition and its dominance in the e.u. . and markets especially considering the bill also impose sanctions on another russian pipeline which is tucked stream which runs through the black sea to touch so it's quite a patent being established 3 or so american hopes to export its own gas to europe as a result what's been europe's reaction to all of this while of the e.u. and u.s. standpoint on this issue couldn't be more different european countries call this an economic project that benefits everyone involved russia agrees germany and
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particular has consistently said that european and the policy is europe's business and is asked us to stop meddling so it's probably unsurprising that these latest sanctions were not welcomed the. government is against extraterritorial sanctions don't practice we oppose especially extraterritorial sanctions that his german and european companies. if the european stance on this is very clear this is not your business washington leave it up to us but well of course you're waiting to see what father reaction comes out of europe and to see how if it all this potentially impact nordstrom to itself. professor of political economy jim to trust a former u.s. diplomat say that the u.s. is trying to prevent russia from becoming economically more integrated with europe . well it's kind of ironic that the u.s. is saying they don't want germany and europe to be dependent on cheaper russian gas but they wanted to be dependent on more expensive american gas you see and what you
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see here in this latest move is that they couldn't us couldn't get germany to. pull out of the nordstrom too so it's going after smaller companies building some of the products of nordstrom tows kind of an act of desperation in a sense the u.s. is getting concerned to some extent trying to keep russia from being economically more integrated with europe which is the big strategic objectives the u.s. is trying to achieve washington policy establishment is a big dinosaur that can never admit that its trail stream too will be completed i think that this this latest round of sanctions on the seat cessation of workers is a hit it will be finished and will go into operation but these people in washington can not and it is your policy has failed we don't know how to adjust ourselves to a reality we don't like we only have one reality that is russia is bad and i think
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that connects russia to europe is bad too but we must do whatever we can to try to stop it and if we can't stop it let's just make like that little. american spy agencies are often mated to gather information on citizens but i have warrants in certain situations the u.s. court of appeals has ruled that this can happen if a non-national he's a just a mini being monitored abroad makes contact with an american the case brought was brought by an american citizen arrested in 20 levon he pleaded guilty to a charge of attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization in question though whether the way the n.s.a. had collected information on him with acid warrant was actually legal former intelligence official misapply william binney tells us that the revealing did not really reveal anything. does it made no difference at all it was all under executive order or 122 or 3 section $23.00 c. which they used that been signed into it into effect since the reagan years the
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reagan presidency so they've been using them as early as they were and also really use the excuse that they are unable to separate their data as an outright lie to so they've been lying to the courts are wrong and they've had the capability to sort that stuff out it just they don't want to because it gives them power over everyone the ability to look into political opponents like they did the president. where the n.s.a.'s legal mass phone internet surveillance of its own citizens was revealed by edward snowden a former contractor at the agency back in 20 saying he's wanted in the u.s. and he can classified information but was granted asylum by russia.
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if we should be able to freely assemble we should be able to communicate freely if we're going to be talking to countries like china and russia about how they secrete people we should start in our own backyard the people oppose the surveillance state the n.s.a. is violating the rights of not only americans but also citizens all over the world and the alphabet soup of government agencies was it carrying out all kinds of wild spying and violations of privacy it was all pretty clearly a violation of the us constitution or that meant offers protection under reasonable search and seizure however at the time the n.s.a. tried to fight back pretty hard does the n.s.a. collect any type of data. on millions or hundreds of millions of americans. no sir. it does not. not wittingly 7 years on u.s.
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federal courts have ruled that edward snowden the whistleblower who really feel this apparatus of surveillance won't be able to make any money from the book that he just published the ruling argues that edward snowden violated his contract with the cia and the n.s.a. because he didn't submit his book for prepublication review who don't want to see books like to skip written especially don't want to see books like this get rid of from it is still pursuing that case quite strongly they're more focused on that the financial censorship side of it this court ruling comes as. federal courts have also ruled that it is now except a bowl to monitor the communications of americans with a quote foreign interest without any procedure or warrant so while u.s. courts have ruled that it is now acceptable to continue carrying out practices once
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considered to be scandalous they have come down pretty hard on the man who revealed these practices to the public so do americans even remember edward snowden we decided to ask new yorkers can you tell us who edward snowden is now doesn't ring any bells hope that word snowden. edward snowden is. it's. way to 2nd snowden's not the. not the bricks that guy on his. wiki leaks not like the wiki leaks guy but the guy who was working for the government here and is over in russia now now that he leaked some from ation he leaves office. basically the government spying on us and watching of our things and gave a detailed report as to what the government's doing yes there was a massive outrage back in 2013 when this was 1st revealed but it seems that sense then this is all becoming part of the new normal in the united states what was
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wiretapping of civilians will continue in the united states and american leaders will also continue to boast that they have the freest country in the world we're going to do we would assume they're in it to the mission that the analysts say was incapable of collect the only targeted data of a large firearms that they were monitoring so i mean to me that was not a problem even in the 99 he could have done that but they decided not to do that they wanted to collect they're really what they're not saying here is that the cia the f.b.i. and the d.e.a.'s other law enforcement people have access to that do the search for common crime in the united states and they usually against u.s. citizens. in a criminal court without the without telling the coup or anybody else in the court lawyers included so they're fundamentally violating the rights of those of us citizens every year and they do this without any oversight whatsoever even though
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that tempted to move are saying to us in the united states they believe the intelligence these is any good anyway it's just it's over look kind of a conversation it's not an oversight at all. a man accused of stealing and burning in a flag from the us church has been sentenced to 16 years in jail after being found guilty of committing a hate crime although from arson as prefers to rest is inching and accused of desecration the flag belonging to a local church earlier in the week it was convicted last only committing a hate crime but also 3rd degree harassment and reckless use of fire mohsen has admitted to opposing homosexuality but the length of his sentence has caused some of the bait. why does the left cheer when the american flag is burning no one goes to jail for that but they do for burning an activist movements flag while he got more years than murderous get in the u.k.
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unbelievable so burning a rainbow flag is hate speech bunting an american flag is freedom of speech i see. he should have been the american flag then he would have been praised statues dedicated well i think in principle people should have the ride to behead flags a flag is a symbol and people have a right to disagree with homosexuality they have a right to disagree with did i did states or britain i don't think that should be a crime per se but i would say that the flag is a bit different from the american flag because it days ignites a specific community in the same way as maybe burning a jewish flag might designate the jewish community if you look at the report of what happened he was kicked out of the strip club he grabbed the flag he set it on fire outside of the strip club and started ranting about i was gonna burn down the club i was in there i don't know it sounds like maybe he was wasted i don't think i
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don't think this is what they just would go around doing even if that weren't the case it still is extreme and a hate crime laws are silly anyway they should exist no a crime happened here it is absolutely 100 percent our institutionally protected speech to burn the gates of the gay pride flag in the same way that according to the supreme court's also protected speech to burn the american flag well i'm gay and much of my human rights involve supporting the human rights of l.g.b. plus people but i've got to say this sentence is excessive it is disproportionate it is not commensurate with the crime committed however there are some disturbing elements a he was not given the sentence purely for stealing the flag and for burning it there were also. accusations and claims of arson and threats to burn down all the properties namely a strip club when it came to course he did not express any regrets and indeed
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justify his actions based upon his particular extremist interpretation of the christian faith now i don't believe that this flag necessarily represents the rainbow flag i don't think it. represents gay individuals maybe at one point it attempted to but it's we've come to a point where the rainbow flag and all the symbolism represents an l g b t political ideology which is becoming increasingly authoritarian increasingly toxic increasingly anti-christian so people are going to have gripes about it i mean this is actually proven that people are our millennial was a study done recently that young people millennia old are less in favor of l g b t now they were a few years ago now the left in the gay lobby would say that is due to hate speech on the internet and trumps america blah blah blah no i would say the real reason is probably because this movements that is symbolized by the flag has become authoritarian and ridiculous we see it with the insane trans narrative in the bathroom transfer people and women sports we see it with the children with the
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trans soldier in the drag queen story i mean you can think of and this is just another example 16 years for offending probably one of the most privileged groups in america. so to come here not see the president's commission could be in trouble back home or office and they say she deleted messages that had been requested as evidence for a probe into her time as the country's defense minister and have the details in the cup.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this on off and spearing dramatic development the only move really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. again now the president of the e.u.
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commission is facing a scandal back home in germany because it's emerged that her phone data was deleted after it was requested as evidence in an investigation into her actions while she was germany's defense minister more detail says. those live on the line is looking to stumper or thorough on the e.u. commission presidency right from the off. the former german defense minister has been dogged by a scandal from her past and berlin she doesn't seem to be able to shake off while in charge of the german military her ministry was accused of massive overspends on outside advisors it was revealed that the fonda line defense ministry was spending 155000000 year over year on outside advice that's more than all of the other branches of government combine a federal audit office investigation found the defense ministry couldn't
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sufficiently just a 5 why that external advice was even needed for the lions phone was thought to hold the answers to whether she was involved or even knew about any impropriety but it's emerge now that all of the data on her ministerial phone had been deleted the data from the phone of form the line was already deleted in august the phone had a factory reset and the data was lost with no possibility of feed being restored but the data was deleted from the phone after it became part of the body of evidence in the investigation opposition parties and those in the ruling coalition in germany are demanding answers i expect defense minister crown karen barr to take action now on those responsible this is destruction of evidence and must also have personal consequences this is an annoying delay tactic by the government 1st the ministry said that people were looking for a mobile phone then it was announced that it was still pinned locked now the
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government has admitted that it had already been white the investigative committee has still not received any s.m.s. and the mobile phone has still not been examined there is simply no preservation of evidence the consequence is. the defense ministry gave the people concerned every possibility to delete as messes and messages the german defense ministry hasn't exactly made things crystal clear with its statement on the phone data being deleted the types of communication and official mobile phones that are subject of interest for the investigation committee are covered by evidence decisions the federal ministry of defense provides the committee of inquiry with all existing documents relating to the subject of the investigation this is far from over the investigation continues and as long as it does has the potential to throw mud on angle americans christian democratic union party who were in overall charge found on the line herself which could well spell a short honeymoon period for the new e.u.
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commission president as the media and eventually her colleagues in brussels question how involved in these payments she was one thing is for sure silence and the deleting of data is only going to raise more questions peter all over r.t. berlin maximillian cryer the deputy chairman of the alternative of germany party saxony branch says that the public should put more pressure on the government. do swampland fielder's of german minister of defense everywhere she had to tell her it was a catastrophe and will do is force. the liberals decision was the christian general throughout the world for a president of the e.u. commission the ministry of defense to rule in somalia to external consultants forcing us on a loan created this so there are external beep for more military people decide how to purchase liquid after the channeler of mrs fall and minister if
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germany is will be able to defend itself but the military is completely ruined and knowing she destroyed the evidence that can share with her she was just incompetent or or corrupt i didn't think it was and biggest addition will bring the truth to a lot it is that the political cost of the dollars are higher. to silence that should alone nothing happened in germany to governments that will try to play it down. and we're going to have to look at the public will pressure on merkel and other christians are. and will be except that they get treated badly. by the rock musician turned political activist roger waters has a lot to get off his chest these days especially given the state of british politics at the moment he is the guest on the latest episode of going underground
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in which he does rail against the mainstream media's influence on the u.k. election can watch it in full here in r.t. a bit later today pays a quick text. it's becoming more and more apparent that propaganda is almost the most important thing in our lives and the fact that the mainstream media is only boy very rich and powerful people and in consequence they may be that big coming closer and closer to controlling everything not just all the elections but everything and obviously the elections they can't control they send in the troops you know and stop killing people what was interesting to me is that here we are what 500 years since columbus and just now this is the only thing that makes me. that gives me the strength to carry on in this climate and it is this 500 years later it seems that we the people are just beginning to rise up
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now against the settler colonial actually to disappear last 500 years and that gives me a heart that of course are not in the streets of the powers being shot or in santiago in chile being blinded or by the pinkerton men. now yet another security breach scandal has hit the social media giant facebook has a new massive online database has been released but could and that could potentially be used against the site she uses more than 267000000 facebook users i.d.'s phone numbers and names were exposed most of the affected users were from the u.s. this data base there has now been taken offline facebook stated to r.t. that they think the records were obtained before recent security upgrades. we are looking into this issue but believe this is likely information obtained
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before changes we made in the past few years to better protect people's information or facebook has been marred by security breach candles in the past us despite its efforts to combat leaks here's a quick look at some examples. we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry.
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we've had a series of different data exposures data leaks and facebook has how to respond reactively to a large number of because it's been on the back foot we are going to see more breaches more incidents to come because 1st of all they haven't fixed every single problem and secondly there are all amounts of data that took already being taken through facebook that have yet to be exposed elsewhere as was the case here the problem that facebook has though is that eventually it is going to lose people's trust if it continues to behave in this way and no amount of money is going to back the trust and at the same time with the new g.d.p. our regulations and europe may face being blocked from processing dates when you're all even sharing data with the u.s. . ok well before we go let's give you an update on our new story this hour
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because the german government has commented on the u.s. sanctions targeting north to the russian guy gas pipeline to europe that's nearly complete. does side. washington is interfering in its domestic affairs and regrets what is happening at the pipeline actually winds up in germany we'll bring you more on this in our next news bulletin in the back to 30 minutes time. so that's how things are looking is just coming up to half past and in moscow here in the morning good to have you company. you know world a big part of a lot of things and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the
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stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. i'm after that you're going underground in our final show of this season coming up on the show time for the rich to have a cigar legit.


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