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tv   News  RT  December 23, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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a british woman dies after spending hours waiting in the cold for an ambulance we ask patients about the perceived health care crisis in the u.k. . saying it's. too much for people that's why the program. does look through your know. your no building you talked with agrees. call. russia condemns u.s. sanctions against firms that building the nord stream to gas pipeline but stresses that the project will be completed. israel describes the international criminal court as a political tool after a probe was launched into alleged war crimes in the palestinian territory.
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all right broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is art international i'm john thomas certainly glad to have you with us. all right there are renewed concerns in the u.k. over the state of the national health service after a woman died in the hospital of cardiac arrest following what her family says was a 6 hour wait for an ambulance having broken her foot outside her home in south wales gilby was left lying on a freezing sidewalk until help arrived the ambulance service has apologized for the long delay but also emphasized that the n.h.s. is under enormous strain. we are sorry that our response took longer than we would have liked on this occasion lengthy waits for an ambulance or a sign of pressures across the whole unscheduled care system not just in wales but across the u.k. . what is shadi edwards does she takes
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a closer look now at the tragedy and the challenges faced by young ages. well we're hearing story upon story of the state of the n.h.s. and the crisis within it but this one really has shocked the nation after a woman died after waiting for 6 hours for an ambulance service after breaking her foot in the wells despite neighbors running around to providing her clothing and warm items she was then finally taken into hospital but later died of cardiac arrest here's the father's account of what happened. right that she was waiting. they would dealing with a heavy influx of. again this time we were told they were doing their best but they didn't know when they would get. the call handler did say that they were dealing with a heavy influx of calls plus they said they'd be there as soon as possible but the issue is they argue that it's not just a situation within the welsh and
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h s but the entirety of the united kingdom we know there's plenty of allegations against the n.h.s. when it comes to issues of being woefully short staffed and was fully under a crypt when it comes to hospitals across the united kingdom but as we know this incident is not isolated and there are several issues within the n.h.s. . well the n.h.s. being held as a beacon of british society and of course has been in operation since 1948 but the issue of the crisis in the n.h.s.
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has led to many people becoming quite concerned when it comes to many people outside a london hospital of thoughts of the crisis with and then. my husband. to drive himself to hospital. rob ford never had a prob the saying it's. too much people. this is not true it doesn't look like it when you come into the hospital you see the doctors will be looking to know both what happens is the ambient people can't leave the patient until. they get seen so i think that's part of ease of my. car for you to control and if you've got a call from
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a viewer in population adding to the existing population every year and you're not building hospitals you're not building new doctors for agrees it can't work. well this isn't the only crisis in scandal to hit the n.h.s. as of late as we know the heart of concerns is post deals and negotiations particularly at the heart of concern is the n.h.s. now the leader of the opposition jeremy corbyn has accused boris johnson of going down the path of selling off the n.h.s. we've now got evidence that under boris johnson the n.h.s. is on the table and will be up for sale he tried to cover it up in a secret and this is the reality yes above down to go see a chanst n.h.s. for sale but truth be told there's a barrel of issues when it comes to the n.h.s. from the more obvious like cuts to services but also
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a growing population and ageing population evolving health care needs but one of the biggest most crucial factors at the moment is of course the increase of reliance says on the privatized sation when it comes to the national health care system so as you can see the seems to be an unending crisis. russia's foreign minister has spoken out against of the united states decision to impose sanctions on companies involved in the construction of the nord stream to gas pipeline so give of said the move undermines the sovereignty of european nations and he stressed that the project will be completed despite washington's attempts to block. so it will be finished despite all these threats i am convinced that 1st of all the europeans understand their commercial interests in terms of ensuring long term energy security secondly of course they were humiliated and the words we heard from the german side show that our european partners still have their self respect. nord stream to is the 2nd stage of
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a pipeline network linking russia to germany through the baltic sea once completed the system will transport up to 55000000000 cubic meters of russian natural gas per year to europe parties that you would have done of takes a closer look at how the project has caused a rift between europe and the us washington has weaponized sanctions its official along with spending on nukes the army and cyber sanctions in the us 2020 military budget it started in mission for the year the elimination of one of russia's gas trees into europe currently under construction in the united states commends all our european partners who have taken a strong stand against north stream to and we commend others to do the same germany is totally controlled by russia because they will get it from 60 to 70 percent of their energy from russia and a new pipeline this pipeline if completed. would make europe even more dependent on
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russian energy we don't want your energy supplies to be defended and. to be fair washington has been backed into a corner here it's been arguing and puffing over the project for years dishing out threats and blackmail but to no avail the threat of sanctions has seen key european contractor all seize hold its operations nevertheless in an admittedly rare act of disobedience to the us europe has been on russia's side determined to have the pipeline built as a matter of principle the e.u. opposes the imposition of sanctions against you companies conduct a legitimate business deal is in federal government it's against extraterritorial sanctions we don't approve of this practice we oppose especially extraterritorial sanctions that hit germany and european countries. washington has decided that even the closest allies don't deserve mercy if the u.s. geo political and commercial ambitions are at stake why well it's easy follow the
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money russia doesn't ask much for its gas and nord stream too will be europe's cheapest way of getting the blue fuel and that's in stark contrast to the alternative washington is trying to force feed on its treasured allies across the atlantic shale gas because really there's only one economy that has to be strong uncle sam's even at the expense of its nato partners and the made in america stamp may be fancy but the markup for the freedom brand makes the whole of outright economically stupid for the e.u. also washington's been trying to convince brussels that tightening its belt and enjoying a bit extra economic stress is well worth it because it's all for a good cause supporting a nother european friends. the need ukraine which had been left out of the pipeline
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deal will keep working together to stop the nord stream to project that undermines your creates economic and strategic security we do not want our european friends to fall prey to the kind of political and economic manipulation russia has attempted in ukraine since it cast off its soviet shackles it would create another tool for the kremlin to use russia's energy resources to divide europe and undermine and destabilize ukraine it was almost like russia listened because hours before sanctions hit north stream 2 construction mosco and shook hands on a gas transit deal so europe all out winds from the pipeline both economically and geopolitically seeing russia and ukraine finally touch base again and this statement by the u.s. envoy to germany hasn't aged well at all currently there is a lot of talk in germany about doing more for europe and we believe that when it comes to north stream 2 we have taken an extremely pro european position
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washington's crocodile tears are not fooling anyone anymore trying to maintain a compassionate face pretending it's acting in the best of intentions only to have itself exposed as a super bully rolling out one creative plot after the other of forcing its will on friend and foe alike. he spokesperson for nord stream 2 told our team that the project is essential for ensuring europe's energy security and that work will be finished as soon as possible we asked several analysts for their views on the story . is so well out of. the. to the effect it's really sort of the songwriting got very good it's a traditionalist remain called old issue of the banks and so also the very sensitive equipment u.s. has sucked up the south to something to do the. sorts of incidents they try to avoid problems. the 6 leads the position of the specific oddities
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cruxes project america doesn't have to be part of every deal that is made on the planet and there are important of course they're most important and i and germany on the other hand they have no problem whatsoever to the other guys under pressure which is not sort of an act of friendship i believe that the americans were hoping that their pressure would work along the way at some earlier point and now they don't they realize the europeans are very firm they want to complete north korean too they want to have the cheaper russian gas delivered to europe and only now are they taking actions because they realize that the game is lost and now they're putting on sanctions to make it difficult for russia and the europeans to close the deal the u.s. interests that dog maintain a rift between western europe and russia because they need in the future more than even more than in the present they need. to have a close ally and did
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a highly disciplined approach us atlantic western europe at their site. israel's ambassador to the united nations has launched a scathing attack on the international criminal court accusing it of diplomatic terror that is after the organizations chief prosecutor for 2 bensouda announced plans to investigate alleged war crimes in the palestinian territories. i am satisfied that there is a reasonable basis to proceed with an investigation into the situation in palestine well crimes have been being committed in the west bank including east jerusalem and the gaza strip the i.c.c. prosecutor's decision has turned the international criminal court into a political tool to do legitimize the state of israel this is a dark day for truth and justice out of my thoughts a few years of hard work and full and also providing all the necessary information
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about the crimes committed by the occupying forces against the palestinian people in the okee point palestinian territories the decision was finally made today this is a great day for us we have achieved what we want to eat. the i.c.c. has the authority to hear cases relating to war crimes genocide and crimes against humanity is really officials insist however that it has no jurisdiction to investigate alleged crimes committed in the palestinian territories as palestine is not universally recognized as a sovereign state the courts top prosecutor has signaled her intent to look into alleged war crimes carried out by both hamas and the israeli defense forces since 2014.
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joe barton is the director of the romola based al hakim and rights organization he told us that all crimes committed in the territories should be investigated. they didn't allow for instance for the space shuttle but it was to get them to investigate they didn't allow for the commission of you know the u.n. commissions of inquiry has to come to investigate this is the case you know this is how these ladies dealing and 3 think this is see a dozen poor poor only in one lee and the palestinians all of them they accept. that if there is crimes you know committed crimes by palestinians literally i.c.c. decides about that goal after the palestinians at least remove those or something like that but i think is that is the concern from that if they know well that
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esteem is committed crimes this is the i.c.c. go after that. but i think they don't want for this mechanism and for this tool and for this or for 80 to function. russia has opened a new rail link from crimea to the mainland that story and much more after a short break they said sorry international standards.
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join me every week on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics. i'm showbusiness i'll see that. same camera can use to someone's head is the same camera can use to build them a home but that's a human choosing what to do with me expressing my values for the tool and that's what we need to do with artificial intelligence as well.
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welcome back this is our international president putin has officially opened of a rail a section of the courage straight to bridge connecting the crimean peninsula to mainland russia the russian leader boarded a train for the maiden crossing traveling from crimea to the town of tamanna in the present our region what it was and then thanks to construction workers involved in the project. a very dear friends railway terminal a much bigger one the one in crimea's capital simferopol the one that i used to arrive at has a little kid to go to the seaside didn't see a single passenger train for mainland russia for more than 5 years well i can tell you that crime means did want a cheaper way to travel to russia to see their relatives they wanted cheaper goods
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holidaymakers from mainland russia the ones who couldn't afford a plane ticket were desperate to get it as well while now they do have it we just saw the russian president vladimir putin inside the 1st train there it is right there to cross the railway section. of the long bridge and europe i guess we can call it a test and once the test was over the 1st passenger train bound for sebastopol departed from st petersburg just think of it it will take 40 hours for that train to reach the crimean bridge it will be entirely european part of russia before it gets to the crimean peninsula but just for a moment let's go back to talking about the bridge itself for you to understand what kind of technological marvel it is how much effort was put into what i just want to mention that construction workers had to endure more than 10000 hours of
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rough seas in the process well here are a few more facts about what the crimean the whole of russia were waiting for for so long. the people right here are celebrating because they do have a real reason to celebrate i can tell you that a few tens of thousands of railway think it's have already gone soon
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a train will depart from moscow and 3 from other cities of russia as well as well because that is exactly the demand that i was telling you about and just wait for the holiday season to begin. the largest telecoms company in france and a former c.e.o. have been found guilty of moral harassment this follows a series of staff suicides in the 2 thousands france telecom which has since been renamed orange had recently been privatized and was being restructured that process caused thousands of job cuts and thousands more employees were placed in different roles which were often described as degrading as a result of the stress caused by the overhaul 1000 workers took their own lives the court has ordered or insured to pay a 75000 euro fine and sentenced the ex c.e.o. as well as a 2 former executives to time in prison we heard from some of the victim's relatives. since we are satisfied and happy 1st and foremost because
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according to the extracts from the letter that were read out to us by the court what happened is we recognize as wrong this is a reprehensible error. i'm glad that this guilty verdict has been delivered it was a decision we expected it was very important for the victims to be heard i'm very grateful to my lewis and to everyone who supported us it is highly significant that's up and to my moral harassment has not be recognised as a crime and punished at the judicial level. friday's ruling was significant in that it was the 1st time a french court had found a corporation guilty of institutional harassment but a lawyer for the company's former c.e.o. has said he intends to appeal against the decision. says it said mom we're talking about interpersonal harris meant by a boss in relation to an employee i believe that this decision is completely and reasonable it has no legal basis. protesters have stormed
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a railway station in paris after more than 2 weeks of mass unrest over pension reforms. hundreds of people blockaded the platforms and. set off smoke bombs and flares and there were scuffles with police transport networks across to france have been paralyzed since early december with hundreds of thousands voicing their anger over a pension overhaul plans could force millions of people to work beyond the official retirement age of 62. and as a for me this i'll be back with more news of the hour this is our international stay with us. taxes are not going to do it and you have to go right to the root of things its assets and debts at the balance sheet balance sheets is what they should talk about
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and that's where we can be clear because taxation is the dom why of trying to get the wealth back from the from the wealthy. seem wrong. just don't call. me. yet to shape out just to become educated and engaged equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. this is is a stick from the water bottle phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is spawns of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there the litter box are throwing us away industry should be blamed for all this
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waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. that soon. there's. a special projects funded. on the. fun now the mountains of waste only grow. my newest suck. on. mr jackson what i don't see it's a. little bit of order you know if you. open up and enough we've got to get it out. too cause you need to move around you know and i see spirits and i use that down sixty's to make it any day easier
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and also to meet school on drugs used to focus. who. knows. who these people who close because clubs during his childhood said if the life of a music that. i love to jazz because makes me top people i'd love to see dies because he makes me top playing flute and finale and i sing. and when you go to say it's really nice to. be on dancing because it's popped off my ass who loves to dance. but. i think. that i doubt. i'm going to fulfill the repeated promises apology to the people i promise you know
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weeks or pots the. rest pretty. please. if you want to work. done no.
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god definitely once the innocent to be set free now the question is what happens when that doesn't occur like in the case of this gentleman where he was wrongly convicted. the man was falsely convicted the last 20 years of his life who knows how he was abused in prison maybe and so that is a great evil you know this is one of the more challenging questions that we as human beings you know have to deal with it's almost an existential question to you know if there is a god and certainly i believe that then how can we allow evil to occur. no question there are quite often i mean this. as i want to know who the true.
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the why you know and that's where life is imposed to me. my name is drome organ i'm now 42 years old i was wrongfully arrested and eventually convicted in a sense and to be just 17 for murder i did not commit. the sin is to die. imprisoned by the expiration of my life.
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i was 17 when i was arrested and there's no rest at all my mom's 41st birthday. to win a 7993. there was a sweet 16 party for a young girl about it mabel mercer your. attended the same high school my green year in high school my freshman year she actually gave of the tunisian to jeffrey jackson the one of my best friends and in time he invited in to us. for. change. still the same.


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