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tv   News  RT  December 26, 2019 4:00pm-4:31pm EST

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if you really. learn the girls were followed. by the leader. the wealthiest us presidential candidate multi-billionaire michael bloomberg admits his team his prison labor to make campaign cool. and while the united states is in the throes of an opioid epidemic many african states at least suffering from chronic shortages a prescription pain killers without that how an ambitious project will wonder if
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tony the situation around. is just gone midnight here in the washington capitals watching international with me saskatoon welcome to the program lots of stories for the south starting with this one the u.s. democratic presidential candidate michael bloomberg has admitted his campaign made use of prison labor where the billionaire claims he was unaware it was happening his team hired to help with his 2020 election wrong which in turn employed female inmates to make campaign calls. we learned about this when the reporter called us but as soon as we discovered which friend a subcontractor had done this we immediately ended our relationship with the company and the people who hire them imagine being so rich you have people who have people who have prisoners to do stuff for you agence being so rich you don't even
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bother to check what you are spending millions of dollars on. rita rating we sad indeed when we learn a vendor of a vendor of a vendor use prison labor we did know about it and we never would have allowed it we don't believe in this practice and we immediately stop working with pro com and the people who hired them so so how do you do it pay someone to pay someone to tell them mike bloomberg is a big spender he was last to do in the presidential race and he has already outspent all the other democratic candidates on campaign advertising i mean the guy has so much money he doesn't seem to have the time to check what he spent a good dog but they his credit michael bloomberg did promise america more work just to. get it. for president jobs creator. right america more jobs even if you don't
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particularly want them what makes it much much worse is that many of the prisons in the states a private run for profit and there are laws that force people to work so if you are in a jail and you are told to work you have to you'll be punished sometimes they pay you as much as $20.00 a month that's right $20.00 a month now here's the irony mike bloomberg 1000000000 there one of the richest people in america was essentially paying for what is a slave labor to cool people apparently tell them that he's a good guy wait the bloomberg is he was paying someone to pay someone to tell everyone what a good guy he is trump says he wants to run the nation like he's running is business god help us. everybody says stuff that comes back to bite them
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but when billionaires do it it's generally an order of magnitude. it gets. worse the further you dig when he launched his campaign his media bloomberg news sent out a letter to thousands of its journalists pledging to uphold its principle of not investigating its own or this is the sort of person mike is mike bloomberg started as a middle class kid to work his way through college and built a business from a single room to a global entity creating tens of thousands of good paying jobs along the way there he could've he probably should've but he didn't let me continue he became richer year after year he made really a selling bank is ludicrous lee price tried on 2 gadgets the same bankers who through unbridled greed set off the 20085 actual crash the prodding tens of millions of people of whom as of life savings and jobs. michael bloomberg
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the president. now if asked to give john less dave lindorff believes that despite bloomberg vast wealth he's actually not a particularly strong counted at. it really shouldn't be acceptable for anybody liberal or conservative to use prison labor it's forced labor bloomberg is a multibillionaire he's worth like $54000000000.00 he's made his money by you know not paying attention to things like that. that he's not concerned about the little guy and which i guess becomes you know if you're if you're supposedly a democrat you're concerned about the little guy and. enormous a packer see it a big problem because i think it's going to hurt him a lot i don't know where people get the idea that bloomberg is the great savior for democrats in the race in the race against trump he has almost no poll support all
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he has is money. billionaires have not traditionally done that well running for office it's. you know you got to have money to run for president but when you have that much money i think that most people are pretty suspicious of your motives in running for office. and another headline story for you while paul solve the west. addiction crisis many african nations are struggling to get enough little medication to relive the pain of patients. i did go with. the big boys in finland and she was not even able to take the medication in the puzzle.
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we've both been in management. human rights a for people dying in pain in the country in that community in the. human rights.
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crisis that has featured far fewer have. national attention as the non-medical use of the painkiller tramadol particular number of. control is a substance of growing concern particularly in north central and west africa closer regions of africa now account for 87 percent of pharmacies cripe dorsey's worldwide and not the recent rises genome or some tard. it's a trafficking charge at all. coming to me shooting hoeing. and the numbers are pretty stark the international narcotics control board says the majority of all morphine used is consumed by just 17 percent of the wilds population who live predominantly and western parts of the walled about the same time african and asian countries can only satisfy
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a tiny fraction of their medical needs but it's one less than the bruno says that the end of the day it's all about one thing and that's money perma suitable companies are businesses big businesses with many salaries to pay they need and a lot of them are listed in the stock market in other words they have shareholders they have to take care of so because these western companies are focused on the expensive medicines they've reduced the bill of bill the and demand for the natural keep one that's why the subject of morphine again is such a not just controversial it's unusual it's something that people don't talk about very much it's sad to say it cynical but stick a 2nd seed to profits and earnings and the the entire capitalist system contributes to that it's always a matter especially since in the last 25 years. stock market performance has taken
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precedence over everything else. with a 2020 us presidential election race in full swing american intelligence officials are reportedly considering how to shield the countries the democratic process says from outside interference according to a new washington post article that could even involve launching a cyber warfare campaign against certain russian political figures were if an option that brings down the story. indeed washington post newspaper published an article citing various american officials former and current who spoke with the paper on the condition of anonymity because of the issues sensitivity and the piece claims that u.s. cyber command is considering attacks to target senior russian leadership and the country's elite though not president wide were putting in order to counter russian interference a new ss 2020 presidential election was the ideal would be the paper goes on
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that the personal sense to date or all of the targeted russian oligarchs and officials would be heat eve that interference did not stop we asked russia's foreign ministry spokesperson what is the heart of our to comment on that at the if you daughter store the producer in your it's the same thing that has been actively used for many years bell western partners interference no internal affairs and regime change the u.s. is now trying justify its actions we can only sang them for this acknowledgment of their illegal practices which they normally accuse everyone of themselves with russia's foreign ministry spokesperson what is the hottest prize that there is no single approve of any russian interference in any us election so far given while the counter measures are already being considered moscow is denying any meddling party requested a comment from the u.s. defense department and cyber command we are waiting for their response refreshing
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r.t. from moscow. and sticking with dogs is helping one teacher and daughter get his students to study harder his story as here on r t on friday. you know. what. i love she does because it makes me happy this is a story from going about people who just love to judge my name is. mr jackson. sr i'm joined by. i'm a trainee teacher.
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in the russian. tradition the friend who says. he wants to bring into every classroom in the world. and. i do. with britain yet to free itself from the european union on the bricks up process dragging on somehow decide to take matters into their own hands and split from brussels themselves at least in the grocery aisles.
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most emotions to see if these taste any better drug brussels sprouts. this problems have the right to their own identity they are from yorkshire so there . i'm self identifying as a yorkshire sprouse in solidarity even the one from the one cruise ship the one with you in the sprouts. you're sure of sprouts taste really nice and they're cute in the salty tears remainer.
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many of our customers are interested in knowing where the food comes from lincolnshire sprouts lincolnshire sprouts because they're from lincolnshire. brown because they're from yorkshire many of our customers like to know them. and coming up as part of a straight up continue to be. the prime minister is coming under increasing pressure to adopt clean up policies story out much more break. is your media a reflection of reality. in
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a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maid in the shallows. taxes are not going to do it you have to go right to the root of things it's assets and debts at the balance sheet balance sheets is what they should talk about and that's where we can be clever because taxation is the dumb wife trying to get the wealth back from the from the wealthy.
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welcome back now with less than a week left of $29000.00 let's start taking a look at the year just gone by with party boyko an online series in case you missed it. as i see why mine is guide to the year that was january got brazil off on the right wing tracked when this guy nationalist. naro was sworn in as president of south america's largest nation a hostile takeover was launched at the start of 2019 in venezuela when this guy one guy go challenge the authority of the elected mr. surprise surprise why don't have the backing of the u.s. and its allies the plans benevolent regime change didn't work out in cities across france the yellow vest movement continue to bash things up every weekend demanding that the french president emmanuel build them an economically rosy future instead
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march toward a brutal acts of terror and take place in new zealand when a psycho right wing not broke into a mosque in. lifestream the manager of tens of innocent civilians on face moving into april wiki leaks julian assange toft out of london's ecuadorian embassy and arrested by british police in was going to be. fiction the world was shocked when paris is not cathedral the home of the hunchback from that disney film fell victim to a fire that store its roof. collapsed and this moment was probably peak 2019 a comedian with no political experience and literally had played the role of an ordinary man who accidentally becomes president was elected president of ukraine maybe 2019 brought us an escalating us china trade war donald trump employees.
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of chinese that sports and washington officially blacklisted while away the chinese target giant slash major threats to aapl the gulf was getting tense too for a chain. ange inmate's iran announced that it would stop complying with thoughts of the 2015 iranian deal i would start enriching you radium again while in indiana and then run for mayor do you want a 2nd term as prime minister by a landslide in india's general election in june the orange one touchdown in london but the small 7 royal treatment just 3 days later after 3 years of failing to deliver brags its u.k. prime minister to resign may officially threw in the towel and all traces of civility to announce easy process in the poisoned chalice of gregg's and so someone else citizens of hong kong started hitting the streets in precedented numbers
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angered by chinese extradition laws and the law then this summer news law was interrupted by news of the death of a famous bananas and establishment sleazeball jeffrey at the guy with secrets about everyone had been awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges but he was mysteriously found dad in his jail cell in new york triggering conspiracy theories. got us to the end of some of hollywood of course take us through the rest of $2900.00 very soon and if you want to watch the inimitable ms boyko on each stone the headline stories of the look up in case you missed it on you choose or not you don't call it also on autopilot you'll find how an employee of a prominent russian opposition figure has been called up the minute she saw this and sent to a remote optic face. the claims that the activists had an exemption no on was there for essentially kidnapped that claim is examined in detail over on our website.
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and now to a stranger what dead heat forest fires in the southeast of the country have been raging for almost 2 months now with far fate is facing extreme conditions against them a record heat wave with temperatures predicted to stay and the high 5 to 40 celsius over the weekend and into early next week 5000000 hectares of nation wide in the strait over the past few months 9 people have lost their lives and more than 950 homes have been destroyed so far slick from the fires has blanketed the country's largest city sydney pollution that has crossed the critical mark at certain points 11 times higher than the life threatening threshold. on saturday environmental activists rallied in sydney to condemn the prime minister's decision to go on vacation while parts of the country were engulfed by
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bush fires many of those gathered were also calling for stronger action to fight climate change responding to the crisis and criticism scott morrison had this to say in defense of his government's climate policies. a strategy is taking action on climate change what we want to do is engaged in reckless and job destroying an economy crunching targets which is being seeking to be postured to us at the moment graeme sawyer from the australian association for environmental education believes the government is putting industry above all else we've always had farmers but we've never had fires like that and part of the issue is really bad environmental policy over a long period of time which is allowed the country to get out of the shape i think the big reason why they're defending the coal industry is because the coal industry over many many years is bored so very close to government and a lot of money supporting governments got a little lobbyist and stuff working with governments on these issues. the real
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issue i think is that they get a significant amount of revenue from the coal industry jobs in the call industry not that significant when you look at the industries across the whole economy it seems to be an excuse to me i mean they're not showing any great signs of caring about the environment so i think there's a lot of people in this country who are being given to be wiped out the flaws and the really big issue is going to be how bad it is well into much. i'm fine for this out of the real while tom caused by almost 7 months of violent protests in hong kong the actions may have on line and sort of clashing on the real streets of the said team rival sides have found another place to settle scores well digital destruction can play out.
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i don't blame you for not having the guts to throw the true bombs to the police in reality. guns and rocket launchers and you don't have the guts to kill the game of . these call quote that they're returning to g.t.a. 5 to be the fire will only burn brighter and again are we ready. that's how things are shaping up for now i'll be back top of the hour with the very latest full on all these stories and much much more you can always had over to
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check it out. join me every thursday on the alex simon short and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sport i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. there's this is a sticker from a water bottle phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic.
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that's. their plastic a 60. day session projects funded. on the disease. but for now the mountains of moist only grow higher. and. my name is sucking on. the jackson seeds which are. over the border you know. when you know we've got to get. down to cause these proofs need to move because you know the nazis good spots and i use that down sixty's to make it very very easy i had no food in the school on drugs used to people. who. you know. who cooks who for school clothes because who comes during his child to feed
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life a music that. i love to jazz because he makes me copy i love he dies because he makes me happy. and when you go to take you. back. in the. same hammer i can use to smash someone's head is the same hammer i can use to build them a home but that's a human choosing what to do with that's me expressing my values for the tool and that's what we need to do with artificial intelligence as well.
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the washington consensus led by the united states says the liberal world order must be defended at almost all costs said differently the foreign policy blog demands the post cold war you know polar moment be preserved but alas it would seem multi-polar world has already arrived. i guess it's become a great tradition just before new year's eve to talk to someone who is in charge of where the russian economy is go and we're here in the ministry of economic development once again the christmas trees right here to talk with minister what he might have been good morning everybody great to do that one more time let's begin with the news from the last few days and focus on the nord stream
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to pipeline project in the baltic sea for months the message from russian officials has been that pretty much nothing can stop a project that is almost a. all but complete many experts were saying that these sanctions are only aimed at the domestic audience it's just a trick before the elections to show that pressure is being put on russia but now the measures are in place and russia finds itself in a position a very tricky one that technically it doesn't have the capabilities to finish the pipeline project so what does that say about how much moscow is able to come up with a plan b. plan c. etc well there was there was already extensive comments there that were coming from president bush him is to cause a mutual friend in jail and what i would like to attract your attention to is the
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problem of the. sanctions coming from the united states and it's you know a big problem for the water as a whole it's being named as a problem not only from oh save the review from the review and say it just recently for example we can't go into commission was friends who were discussing was brutally murdered i mean still when the me and france so and friends of friends the issue and he was telling me he was telling this publicly that these type of. from the united states. and acceptable so maybe that we should talk more about that story which is you know supporting the overall global situation and you know will that the global that was here is we could soon still mine and this is one of the reasons one of the key issues behind that is that you know your little actions which are hitting the global trade. and in this particular case are you saying that russia.


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