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that it's more of a face saving deal right now i don't think that we've seen anything major we have certainly haven't seen a major amount maybe year over year in one month we've had a big increase but overall there has not been any increase from what they had what in the last calendar 12 months and i think that's more important to watch than one particular month over month and right now china has not agreed to any hard figures or numbers regarding the u.s. purchases we only heard that from the u.s. side in fact china is taking great care to not alienate other trade partners right now such as the e.u. brazil and argentina all who are key suppliers that replaced the u.s. during 2019 so what do you think about this move keeping plan b. in the back pocket in case this phase one falls apart again at the 11th hour so does the u.s. even have a plan b. in case it does. well you know i think one that we have to remember is that china and any other country that's buying goods is going to go to where they believe they're getting the best value and there are certain times that the u.s.
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is a better value than argentina result and sometimes it's not and i think at this point in time it with the reaal starting to rise it is not to bring the prices back to more competitive china trade deal or not china is going to buy from where they believe they get the best deal and i think that's really what it comes down to and this is the same battle we've had before the trade wars ever started that you know if brazil is cheaper they're going to buy from brazil and i think that's the deal because there is an overabundance of supply throughout the country draw the world right now because there's been no real major disruption in crops over the last 5 years so right now it's a buyers market and the buyer is going to go or he's treated best sun now despite these gloomy macros we have between us and china u.s. shoppers this year spend more online this shopping season with e-commerce sales hitting a record high so e-com rose 19 percent from last year but now we have the problem of return. u.p.s.
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expects package returns to also had a record high so what can we expect to see after this adjustment. well you know look i mean mine is growing dramatically i think we'll see when the numbers 5 come out that the in-store approaches are probably down but let's face it americans are a by the month societies as long as they can figure out that they can buy they're going to continue to buy as long as they have jobs so as long as the job market's a strong we're going to continue to see sales growth and it's you know the it's at your fingertips to go online and buy something so the long as i can buy the monthly payment i'm going to be a buyer so i expect sales to continue yes we're going to a lot of returns but again there's still people buy an hour to go right into the sales season which will create more buyers i think net over net the returns that we're going to see right after christmas or probably more than made up for by the new stuff being bought. and clearance and whatever type of sale are going to run. hearts of a chain thank you so much for being here and happy holidays thank you. boeing's
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commitment to safety is being questioned after the submission of some very disturbing documents to the federal aviation authority recently the documents were handed over on the heels of the company's c.e.o. being fired a $12.00 punch prompting some to question how the company will recover from its recent crisis r t the hell of a shift in toronto where he's following the story so alex let's 1st talk about the latest documents what can you tell us now. well currently they're under review of u.s. government committee they're looking at as you mentioned right off the top at these very disturbing documents that's what they're calling it is just the information that's in there a lot of it's from company employees a lot of it deals with safety this includes archly snippets from instant messages from a senior pilot or a former senior pilot at boeing where at one point or another you could see that he was trying to mislead regulators you know some were saying that this was not done on purpose but this. leading regulators it's
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a pretty big thing either way so they show multiple conserves of these reports by boeing employees as i mentioned including and related to the controversial 737 max aircraft which was involved in 2 deadly crashes in the past 14 months along side safety concerns about the plane documents also paint. some appointees were trying to ensure the company's production plans and move ahead by avoiding regulators so as you can see there was a push to kind of get around to the regulatory system to get these planes on the tarmac get up into the air and the statement released by boeing it's actually is very showing the company recognizes the severity of these issues and here's the statement just to give you a breakdown of the idea of what they're talking about so point proactively brought these communications to the f.a.a. and congress as part of our commitment to transparency with our regulators and other oversight committees as with prior documents referenced by the committee the tone and content of some of these communications does not reflect the company we
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are and need to be we have made significant changes as a company in the past 9 months to enhance our safety process organizations and cultures now as you know in the past i'd bought the stock has tumbled it dropped about another percent today so this is not only talking to people out there it's also talking to their shareholders so as wonderful of a statement as it is as transparent as they're trying to be boeing is trying to stay in business as a little bit too little too late it sounds like when you have a crisis of confidence like this so right now the f.a.a. received a document that same day that boeing and now said it had hired a c.e.o. dennis mullen back the man that led the company through the last 2 crashes which killed 346 people while contain a push the rollout of the best selling jets 737 max so mullen bark was a by dave calhoun so any idea what we can expect from this new leadership. dave calhoun is interesting character and it was picked for very important reasons here
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not the date as you mentioned the day that all this came out the c.e.o. was changed around and boeing picked calhoun because of a few very important reasons i just mentioned 1st of all this isn't this guy's 1st wrote rodeo he's a crisis management guru in a lot of people's eyes when it comes to his possibly he's been with boeing for the past 2 months as a chairman he was made the chairman and then he's worked with companies like caterpillar as crisis general electric when they had problems with their engines right after $911.00 of course all airline companies did so calhoun is an old face he knows of people on the inside his job now is to come bits shareholders and people on the outside that boeing can go back to being a company that's would be trusted and not the company that it is today which a lot of people are obviously not trusting. by the asthma habits thank you so much . thank you.
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time now for a quick break but just on the other side our friend bart chilton may be gone but his legacy lives on for the bar children fellowship program we managed to catch up a shane bear mally of the carbon grip and hear no wiki the very 1st recipient of the fellowship you're not going to want to miss this as we go to break here the numbers at the close. match guys are financial survival guide liquid to those that you can convert music
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as quite easily. to keep in mind though our system into a place. where your. money was sucked see our little social media this is jack see what i don't see it's a. little bit over there you know it isn't. going to know we're going to give it out but. people close to you know the movement you know i don't see kids and i use that down to make it very very easier for those who teach school on drug use to people. who. you know. who've clubs who fall through clubs because the clubs you really hit hard to see. music that. i love to jazz because he makes me happy i love he
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does because he makes me happy playing. and when you get to. the. love. you know. i doubt. this is a stick from the water bottle phone in the stomach of the fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there are the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic.
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that's. a special kind of funding. on the. phone now the mountains of waste only grow higher. the washington consensus led by the united states says the liberal world order must be defended at almost all costs said differently the foreign policy demands the post cold war you know polar moment be preserved but alas it would seem a multiple of world has already arrived. for charity.
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we're going to. recently we sat down with an old friend of the carbon grip and peter no wiki the very 1st recipient of the bar charts and fellowship program it's been years since we've caught up and during our time we discussed the carbon venture its goals and the legacy of our child and. so shane we go way back and we were just talking we haven't seen you since 2016 and a lot has changed so catch us up a little bit what's carbon and what's new with carbon and the bar chelton fellowship what's going on there oh absolutely so yeah it has been a while and actually the last time we saw each other was actually was kind of the
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birth of carbon and even my own partners don't realize that so i met somebody very special that night that became my inspiration to kind of come up with this idea of elevating humanity through redefining capitalism so carbon was created as an impact holding company so essentially looking at proven businesses that are already profitable that are already figured out what works and what doesn't and working with those entrepreneurs to help them scale and doing so in a fashion we called carbon copying so we clone those businesses and work with local entrepreneurs in other parts of the world to basically take those businesses where there's a net demand and we focus on 3 pillars in women's empowerment and resource of fish and sea and that is that food energy and water since last time i was on boom bust you know we've stood up our 3 portfolio companies we've launched an educational company this thing straight i that learned one individual thinks we're creating a low income strategy here in the us. and then looking to take that abroad into
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parts of africa and also parts of europe and then are for ever karma is our women's brand company that we took out of india so we've launched all the products here in the u.s. we kind of got the site up and running got all the products we want and now we're working on identifying the women workforces that we want to take from under-served communities or groups and therapy as part of the story and the hands behind making these products as they lead their path resiliency and then the last company is eco which is this water tech solution that basically filters water at the point of consumption but it's also a massive economic development place so it's made from clay from the ground it's a local hands that do labor and it kills 99 percent of the water borne diseases so we're launching that in ghana liberia and other parts of africa and we're just in the midst of scaling those up now and when we met i met you the same day that i actually met. understand has now been up earlier this the engine it started 24 hours after i learned of his passing so i had started
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a youth initiative where i came from a very kind of distressed background or a community where there just wasn't access to a lot of industry i had no sense of capital markets i really had no sense of networking and like how i build out those wrongs so what i want to do is give students a chance to have that opportunity and carbons basically all about creating opportunity whether it's for students whether it's for adults working professionals athletes celebrities whatever it is it's about giving them the chance to actually do something more to be better and starting with the youth we started with indiana university which is my alma mater purdue michigan state richmond high school which is also my high school and then also directors and since that time we've had about 25 students work with us started this year around analysts program where you know people that are passionate about making change in the world wanting to make an impact and also learn about social enterprise. as we've put them through this
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program where they can actually learn how to build better companies and then how to release their inner carbon rights which is essentially the betterment of humanity but doing that through redefining capitalism and so peter came across to me through a contact of mine and she was a professor at purdue which she still is lead a social entrepreneurship class and said there's this really very fascinating individual that had a very life changing experience which we'll hear about more but that really set the tone for peter's kind of trajectory and it kind of just kind of fell into our laps and you know when i talked to him i kind of caught him off guard a little bit because it lets you know. if i were blushing just a little bit because a little bit about yourself and then what drew you into the program so i am. i am a senior producer i study chemistry i'm in the certificate of entrepreneurship and innovation program at purdue and so the class chain is talking about 315 developing
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business models to address the sustainable development goals before but the u.n. stall door. and. what impressed her was initially i pitched an energy company which was going to theoretically is going to be a generation for reactor pair with a director and you conversion technique and. yes you know just like sliced bread. i was really passionate about it because previous. research proposal about it and unfortunately didn't get funded now is still a little a little upset about it so i developed a business ball around a store so much that she decided that she needed introduce me to shane so i sent shane to emails and. then he and his are calling me and he called me off guard because he called me in the middle of a period where i had for exams and 48 hours so it was it was a rough time and as soon as he called me it was right before. or. my calculus 3
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exam and i was like oh my i can't talk right now i. triple iterated integrals was going through my head in the knees like i was so let's go to another time though i got. opportunists. luckily it didn't we reconnected and i've been involved with carbon ever since i love sustainable development very cool so not to put you on the spot. like what was so interesting about his proposal that made him stand out well i think in light of bar 2 he's only authentic right so there's only one version of peter peter is the same person to everybody he's extremely caring and he only has a driven passion to create impact and that's because of his life altering moment what is this life altering moment there. so when i was 14 i was writing on a t.v. with my best friend and we were about to swerve into a tree or we've got to hit a tree and i swerved to avoid it by swerved into
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a ditch and then the a.t.v. flips and then the a.t.v. landed on me and my friend got up and he was laughing man i was crazy i was in there and then he looked at me and i was i was non-responsive and he was like call my name call my name and then he just went and just shove the t.v. off me check for a pulse and scream for help. i got airlifted to the hospital card on glenn and i was placed on life support in the field immediately and when i reached cardinal glennon i was diagnosed with 3 brain cheers which is where your brain stem and brain collide and then my brain actually ripped apart i sprained all these ligaments in the side of my neck my lungs collapsed and i thought i shared my shoulder but spear really swollen and on the glasgow coma scale of course scale score to $3.00 to $15.00 which is i think the lowest a living person can score which meant that. it was imminent and so my parents
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arrived they were obviously distraught and it was even worse for my parents is they were recommended to go through grief counseling because you know they were told like hey are you looking at me yeah there was no way i was going to make it and so they freaked out and they ended up praying and i'm very thankful i had a large community praying for me pretty awesome but they prayed to mother teresa and her nuns came over me and prayed over me the missionaries of charity prayed of me with this card which i always keep on me an amount of what and. lock of her hair and i think it was either later that night or the next morning i opened my eyes were going my toes respond to the doctors and. i ended up i think i was back in school 3133 days later and i think yeah. you're more interesting is that i was able to i was able to make such
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a full comeback that the next year i made the varsity basketball team and our team won a state championship that's amazing so flash forward to today and all that you've been through all that you kind of gone through and now you are the 1st fellow yeah i mean how does that feel to have come so far in such a short time well. i'm a big fan of the saying report you so i've been working hard but let's talk about bart for a 2nd to be compared and to be held in the same light as a guy like barr like we just met this woman over there and it was her business cards like we mentioned bar. hillary for which she was just on the show and. meet up later to talk about bart and every conversation i've had with anyone about bart was he built this great community of people around him just foster development and just growing and everyone loved bar and to be compared to
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a guy who is known for his high character and always standing up for was right is just amazing and i really strive to emulate what bart is and what he means is so many people what his legacy is. so what he helped to build out from this one thing by the next call our goal is to build a whole new generation of leaders that redefined how business should be done i think a lot of us realize that we got into the mess that we're in some that can actually see that we are in a mess because some of the practices and ignoring whether it's the environment whether it's the people that work for these companies we want to take economic returns social impact and environmental intelligence all as equally weighed because we believe there is no need to compromise and that is part of the curriculum of being a fellow carbon right and these individuals that are being released back out in the
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community i personally want one day to pass the torch to peter and a few other colleagues that we have met already for me this is a lifelong journey this is this is the way i practice my spirituality and religion is through businesses through partnerships it's the relationships it's through connecting people around the world and it's already been proven i mean we have 6 students who have gotten their dream jobs out of college. by the having the carbon story and what they've been able to show that they've done that's become the differentiator for them and so we just want to do more of that and invite professionals even like yourself or others anybody this created for everyone in mind because we believe this is something that's innate to us that we have to choose to let it show we have to choose to let it go into others but together it's how we believe we can all kind of co-opt and make this world a better place yeah that's the kind of move into the future for this thing how do you build into it sustainability how do you build into it not just in terms of the actual project itself but sustainability in all the areas that you're talking about
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or you're really talking about investing in people and then people you know who are business oriented that investing in the world around them i mean it's been used before but people planet profit we can't have sustainability unless we're making returns unless we have an ongoing mechanism of value creation so what we do is stitched together holistically solutions that address our 3 pillars are 3 pillars actually in compass all of the u.n. sustainable development goals and that was by design but they also don't exist in isolation the way we build our companies is that they all kind of come together so take the water company for example you know here you have a new skill in trade that's being taught so that's the education component we're putting women to work as part of the factories to kind of build up that part of the community and then we're addressing huge environmental and health issues by the product itself but it's by having the skill set that we have at the table which is it's the people at carbon that are making the difference because it's that mindset
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of bringing together all these different solutions holistically to actually create a new standard of doing business in china peter rhee appreciate both of you being here and chris lee i know that for you it was also instrumental and very powerful figure in your life as well he was absolutely tremendous because the day that i met the very day that i met shane and that was the day that we were. a microsoft pitch event and i was pitching my startup back in the day and like a sweater and a hoodie and all of. it was through bar that we were actually able to grow and scale because as he said he was the one who put me in touch with all the guys over idea where he was upon who who figured out who like actually took us to networking about censure introduced us to his colleagues and represented us very well to like all of his friends and made tech trader what it is today so definitely could not have done it without bar and i'm so glad you had the opportunity to work with bart as well it's it's amazing he would be so proud at everything and he's very much with us and when we talk to his widow sherry this is very much
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a passion project and this is just the way of life he's with us all and it's it is the reason this exists it's the reason you're under 6 and you know it's the reason we're all here today. you're likely to live on guys thank you thank you thank you. and a true display of holiday spirit the burning man music festival is suing the bureau of land management claiming that the government has overcharged in fees over the course of 3 years for the use of the nevada desert land black rock city l.l.c. the nonprofit company that produces burning man follow the lawsuit in u.s. district court in washington saying that they were tired of waiting for the be allowed to provide justification for the nearly 3000000 dollar is charged annually for a permit to hold the event black rock city paid the b.l.m. more than $18000000.00 in services and expenses between 20152018 in addition to the
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permit the group is required to pay 3 percent of gross receipts or a portion of its revenue each time bernie madoff spokesperson said that the organization is seeking quote relief from defendants ongoing lawful and prejudicial conduct towards blackrock city l.l.c. that grounds of viability of the iconic burning man event would be a shame if this event that brings about $80000.00 people to nevada's desert each year or 2 and. now that's it by this time you can catch boom bust on youtube dot com slash must see a nice time. same hammer i can use to smash someone's head is the same hammer i can use to build them a home but that's a human choosing what to do with that that's me expressing my values for the tool and that's what we need to do with artificial intelligence as well.
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you know world's big partners new models and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. and we're going to fulfill the repeated purposes of politics to the people and come out to be you know we've all pots the. wrong. please.
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do you want to 1st correct that. i don't know. all. my name is sucking. on the world social media mr jackson wanted on seats which are . over the border you know if. you let me know we're going to give it up. too cause you need to move around you
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know nazis gets parts and i use down 6 to make it very very easy and those who teach school on drug use to people. who. know. who these clubs before school clubs because clubs do really he's trying to shift the. music that. i love to jazz because he makes me copy i love he does because he makes me copy playing fulton from the area. and when you go to teach me and i see. the bad guys in the office back off my ass who was in love with her and it was. you know. i think. that
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i doubt. russia deploys its state of the art album god hypersonic missile system for combat duty. passenger planes crashed in the central asian culture of. the back half light came down shortly after takeoff with 98 on board. after a year of tension with the u.s. allies iran and russia and china joint anti terror drills in the gulf of oman. flights. on the u.k. defense ministry to the states. who were expelled from the ministry because. we have some reaction. we need to refute the real brain.
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was subjected to these men we hear this all the time don't we from from very.


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