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it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. in the sars claims he's dying in the u.k. prison plied with sedatives and subjected to 23 hours of soul if you can find that today we hear from a song his friends he was told the chilling details in a call from the wiki leaks co-founder on christmas eve. julian rang me because he he spend christmas with me and my family in 2011 on bail and one time ago he sounded wonderful and he said to me look i'm slowly dying. if any nuclear deal is as good as if e.u. countries bowed to u.s. pressure that's a message from iran and russia in stop the talks in moscow also to come this hour.
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as the edge also a close we begin our review of the key events that shaped 2019 including violent street protests that seem to grip practically every corner of the globe. if you wonder where you are this is r.t. international thanks for joining us. joining us ours claims that he is slowly dying in the u.k. and jailed as he's regularly tranquilized in solitary confinement 23 hours a day in a phone call with his friend smith on christmas eve that wiki leaks co-founder made these disturbing revelations. julian rang me because he spent christmas with me and my family in 2010 while on bail what time ago i think he simply wanted a few minutes of skate and to talk to us because of the memories he had about happy
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memories he was slurring his speech was slurred he was speaking slowly now julian is a highly after kulaks very clear person when he speaks and he sounded awful and it was very upsetting to hear him the idea of him being sedated has come from several people who visited him who clearly being told and the british government have been asked about it and they refused to address that matter and what they say is they're not mistreating him but clearly he's being kept in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day he sounded awful and he said to me but i'm slowly dying here and he said that all started from my own why not of course my children his father keeps telling us that his father is telling us this do you know we must stop this what i find so depressing as a country is clearly we harbor political prisoners we have political prisoners because that's exactly what he is i didn't think that we were the sort of country that mistreated them in this way. it was arrested in april and since then their
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dicks and un observers have warned about is declining physical and mental health airing in february so either his extradition to the u.s. where he's accused of classified documents and could face a 175 year sentence independent video journalist also where thinks the u.k. government has to explain why it's so he's being treated so badly. these remember and he's served the time for the bail charged and he served his time for that he's now on remand it's highly unusual to put a remand prisoner in belmarsh when they're not a threat of a physical or violent threat to society i think we need some answers from from the british government why are they treating him like this why can't we have some independent assessment 100 international doctors and asked to arrange a visit so at least a sender of some representatives to check on him but that hasn't been allowed nils
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meltzer the un rocketeer on torture has been very clear about asylum just mistreatment and describes it in the most of all in terms and yet its claims very recently in november that the british government of completely ignored his request to see julian probably his health properly assess. runs foreign minister mohammad javad zarif is on a working visit in moscow and the earlier met russian counterpart sergey lavrov they stated that the west must return to compliance with the iranian nuclear deal. so you know this that's because. the u.s. is forcing of the countries not to fulfill their obligations despite iran's compliance with the reached agreements we demand that the us and the e.u. both return to full implementation with their obligations voluntarily and then iran would do the same but if our western partners do not want to confirm their respect for international law then the g.c. p.o.
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a must be recognized as dead shot if the united states is trying to impose its will on other countries and make them violate international norms and standards as for the european position on the way politically they support it but in practice they do not do enough to counter the us sanctions we think the europeans should stick to their commitments apart from discussing the prospects for the nuclear deal the top diplomats touched on by lateral relations where the rounds foreign minister saying there are historical high point for later visit china is true there will come as china iran and russia conduct their 1st joint drills include antiterrorism and piracy training and being held in the northern part of the indian ocean as well as in the gulf of oman region includes key shipping and energy supply routes and is a source of tension between tehran and washington professor side randy from the university of tehran believes the drills are a message to washington that it can no longer dictate global unilaterally. the
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united states. still sees itself as the head of you know all of world and or wants to see itself as the head of the unipod world and the europeans of course are. will abide by the united states no matter who's in charge of the country whether it's who they most your leaders just like or anyone else but the reality is that we've moved beyond that stage the united states is on the relative decline countries like iran russia and china are on the rise and the united states is going to have to accept and recognize the new situation and i think that the fact that these 3 countries actually carried out these maneuvers together jointly all 3 together is of major significance and it sends a message to the united states that they can no longer dictate terms it's been a turbulent year for iran and that region as a whole by tough sanctions and the seizure of tankers with
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a look back his. for terror on the year 2019 was thrilling to say the least it narrowly avoided an open military conflict with the united states got hammered by new stifling sanctions to port in a so-called oil tanker crisis and had to deal with the worst domestic processed in 40 years let's go through it one step at a time. following its withdrawal from the iranian nuclear deal the us continued its sanctions against the islamic republic the country's uncompromising stance swiftly led to an american military buildup in the region the united states is deploying the u.s.s. abraham lincoln carrier strike group and bomber task force to the u.s. central command region sent a clear and unmistakable message to the arabian regime that any attack on united states interests on those of our allies will be minutes with unrelenting force in may and june of 2019 some oil tankers were damaged and some caught fire in the gulf
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of oman washington immediately blamed terror on in may the rebels in yemen carried out multiple drone strikes on a saudi oil pipeline the u.s. again stated that it believes iran was behind the attack and continued deploying a different troops over the next 2 months the pentagon said the buildup was in response to heightened iranian readiness to conduct offensive operations these assets would join the u.s.s. abraham lincoln carrier strike group and a u.s. air force bomb a task force in the middle east region in response to indications of heightened iranian readiness to conduct offensive operations against u.s. forces and our interests president trump even said that should there be a conflict it would be the official and of iran washington saber rattling seemingly ended when trump approved the sale of $8000000000.00 worth of weapons to saudi arabia but tensions reached a new high when a u.s. surveillance drone was shot down by the iranian military trump had ordered arafat
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is very military strike on iran but withdrew his decision minutes before the operation began so avoid the loss of life. pressure on terror on continued in early july when british royal marines seize its super tanker off the coast of gibraltar iran responded by capturing british flag tanker that stand in peril as it passed through the strait of hormuz following usual accusations of piracy threats by iran to close the strait of hormuz and the ensuing panic in the oil markets all ended well as both tankers were eventually released. despite iran's resilience to the u.s. sanctions their effect is taking its toll the last months of 2019 or more by protests across the country when gasoline prices skyrocketed due to the government's decision to cut fuel subsidies though the plan was to direct the additional funds to supporting over $60000000.00 people in need crowds are still
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took to the streets it was initially a peaceful rally but it quickly turned violent in some places and resulted in several deaths including law enforcement officers now that story it's easy even put the country on its old school internet shut down to prevent the protests from spreading now let's guess who was the 1st to capitalize on iran's civil unrest people enjoy a better future when their government begins to respect basic human rights abandons its revolutionary. posture and its destabilizing foreign policy in the region and behave simply like a normal nation he's arabian can a poor jobs or eve dismiss that kind of support saying that it was the u.s. sanctions that caused so much suffering to his people. a regime that bans food and medicine for ordinary people including elderly and sick iranians by economic terrorism can never show it's disgraceful support for the iranian people despise
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and the other year under serious pressure life here in tehran continues the internet is back online with all major social networks available and i checked that myself but hardly anyone in iran has any doubt with an adversary like washington they're in for still more thrilling moments in the coming year. r.t. tear on. the german army is given further hope to scots wanting to rejoin the european union after bragg's it by noting brussels reenter procedure would be quicker than for outside candidate countries the admission procedure would probably be shorter than for a country that has to gradually move closer to the e.u. in legal economic and political terms i'm already being contacted by scottish institutions with the i can be their contact person in brussels of the rigs it. on the conservative party gained a majority in other parts of the k. in this month's general election the pro independents and probably you scottish
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national party when a landslide north of the border prompted 1st minister nicolas sturgeon to form new requesting consent of westminster to hold another independence referendum the prime minister barstools in his ruling that out 55 percent of scots voted against independence in a referendum 5 years ago when the european parliamentary advisor and commentator michel william leaves brussels should stay out of both scottish and they don't need to change it must be to say sounds as if the german amy p. is encouraging squash independence to be honest and most i'm out for are and it will bear i think you just can't isn't it was squashed on bradish the master order to be honest i think boys johnson should be having some far more votes with mr mccullough star on the unit keeping commission warning them to stay out of domestic affairs cutting the european union. a successful brand. and so on the european
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union me may feel i'm more dysfunctional but i shall sell the next 5 to 10 years. may have noticed 2020 just around the corner so let's continue our look back at some of the key events of the year that was. i. ok i think the clue is the highlights let's talk about from the previous year we picked out some of the most salient points about streets of rage mind games kind of cryptic let's just check out the 1st one of these and streets of rage and of course technology doesn't like me but it is going to bow out of the pressure so violent protests they were prevalent all over the world from the all of us to paris to and to beijing writes in hong kong of course lots happening in latin america so let's see that hopefully it will work and indeed it does not give you a taste of the scene on the continent had a fair share of turmoil last year protests raging in venezuela bolivia chile and
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ecuador rounded up his arteries one quarter it started as a spark the next thing you know the inferno of revolution is all around you and can't be extinguished that is the south america of 2019. i. what's crucial if that's your aim is to find just the right moment to stir up dissent. venezuela's chaos was the epicenter right after the country reelected president nicolas maduro washington pounced
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challenging the government's legitimacy and trying to provoke a coup. i'm mike pence nicolas maduro is a dictator with no legitimate claim to power and it gracefully in doubt the legitimacy to run venezuela upon the leader of the opposition to me i swear to formally assume the duties of the national executive as president of venezuela president trump officially recognize the president of the venezuelan national assembly one goh i do is the interim president of venezuela the time is now to support the venezuelan people to recognize the new democratic government led by interim president gore though the safety and security of president and his family are of great importance to the american people why don't try too hard to win over the military but when it became clear it stood behind a majority washington rolled out some empty threats are you hearing very well that is what i consider getting thing but all options are on the table all of these are
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all options are on the table all options are on the table you can lose if you will not to do this as a result of the united states and steamrolled the country with sanctions adding to the suffering of ordinary people already living through economic collapse but is it really democracy that washington and its allies were interested in or perhaps this has something more to do with black gold or what is donald trump's cases against venezuela the cases belo is the only livin his way into the riches of venezuela it's going gas diamonds iron water a material riches resource grabbing hasn't only been confined to venezuela in the region. bolivia seen its own share of unrest this year but there are right wing coup was successful the elected president abel morales forced to step down and flee the country well he does either why am i
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resigning so that my opponents cannot continue to my social. brothers it's my duty as an indigenous president and the president of all believe in this to seek peace after morale has got the boot senator janine anya is proclaimed herself interim president not exactly a household name before that but what's more important is who had her back and he guesses we pledge our support to the believe in people and to the transitional government led by president janine and yes as they prepare for these elections. we support you need 9 years in bolivia as she would to ensure a peaceful democratic transition through free elections and just like in venezuela it's ordinary people who are paying the price for a regime change. their .
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lives seeing the parallels here's another one lithium is in high demand in the united states and that valuable resource also happens to be in abundance in bolivia . chile has also been no stranger to disorder where clashes have been deadly a times thousands have rallied since mid october demanding the president resign and the constitution be revised there have already been widespread reports of torture and unlawful killings following the military's deployment. but on these protests the u.s. has been silent maybe it's because the president is sebastian piñera
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a harvard graduate who's free market policies have shown he's happy to do business with the u.s. a case not so different from this next country. had last we have ecuador a country that became engulfed in protests after the government carried out i.m.f. backed severe austerity policies. yet again silence from the us and the reason is pretty much the same as with chile the us supported the government's newfound allegiance with the i.m.f. washington might pick and choose the battles that benefit its interests the most but at the end of the day fire is fire it doesn't care who it burns and when a whole continent is set ablaze it becomes extremely difficult to extinguish.
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on the 2019 latin america wasn't the only continent that went through a tumultuous period will be another recap of this year's protests on tuesday. for now though let's take a look at more highlights and we've already seen streets of races this delve into mine goes on this is talking in particular about the role of social media and what influence it has upon people's lives because particular facebook which i've made a point of not being on because of the concerns about the influence it has so it's easily put trying to those taken an in-depth look at the tech that he myth which is said by some to be the censor in chief when it comes to what we can and can't say. i'll tell you what having this job for 6 years is maybe a report on censorship quite a few times look at this freshman giorno trying go asking about facebook censorship at a press briefing hey young man you have no idea what awaits you in 29. by
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the end of the decade look at it the evolution of online platforms has gone all the way towards 0 tolerance for offenders even though it all one started down there with pretty much 0 regulation but who decides what exactly makes someone an offender all right let's dig into the 2900 stage of evolution look at these one by one and check out their censorship record. you true work hard on reading their platform of harassment see the latest update to their harassment policy came out in december go on read into it you'll fly words like veiled threats pli threats right there warning that whatever that's supposed to mean will be punished and you'll find 0 examples and no proper details.
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it was always in force these policies seemingly random or not at all so why should i trust them to do it now i'm skeptical why are the late night hosts allowed to roast people in you tube pick on people's physical appearance but other you tube is current so you should post put out its new guidelines they don't set lines and they don't guide. the latest in a series of policy updates after the previous ones you tube didn't hesitate to take action the result record breaking numbers of accounts and videos taken down. in $29.00 taking facebook really took us all by surprise by showing what it takes to put on a new face not that it looked like they were keen to do it but someone just happened to notice that while trying to dodge a defamation lawsuit facebook prefer to itself as a publisher look at this mature c.e.o.
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telling congress his network is a tech company not a media one well that happened before 2019 in the new era f.b.i. gave itself the green light to censor just about anything which they've been up to quite strenuously although in march when the new zealand shooter live streamed a massacre 50 people everyone was like where the hell were the moderators or censors were anyone to stop this another thing i won't call anyone out for inconsistency but in a recent interview mr zuckerberg said no to censoring political ads even if they contain lies what i believe is that in a democracy it's really important that people can see for themselves what politicians are saying it's that they can make their own judgments and i don't think that a private company should be censoring politicians or news this tech giants however have been blamed for screwing up
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a bit of campaigning like when gabbert for instance challenged google for taking down her ads this alarming trend has been growing with tech giants continuing to silence voices and restrict access to information this concentration of power and influence is a direct threat to our democracy by the way did you know about this side to it 29000 saw the list. facebook moderators claiming to have p.t.s.d. growing with a former employee suing the social media giant even though the company said it was offering all the required support. well no point in digging too deep if the story's repeating itself twitter has mastered the art of new era suspensions and bans to the vagueness of the rules probably isn't so much to worry about so you can get in trouble for it can be many things from supporting join a songe to pulling
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a prank on the fans of the cats movie but just keep in mind what kind of folks you may find among twitter's staff british army psyops soldier war saudi arabia is tasked with digging into the counts of the kingdom's critics well we'll keep using all of them anyway right let's wish the industry pioneers well in wherever the volution takes them in the new year. it was you know things of national push it you company but with all the tips that was enough and i was to say that.
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there's a long held tradition on cross talk to take stock of the year that is about to pass we have a look at which we moved does what changed and what gave us concern 2019 the good the bad and the up. thousands of american men and women choose to serve in the country's military and the decision a little sheltered lives every song came to a complete. the day that i was raped to be instructed is you know told to shut up what they kill me and i see how it destroyed my life any screamed at me and he made me come in and he grabbed my arm and he write me to his birthing area if you take into account that women don't report because of the extreme retaliation and it's probably somewhere near about half a 1000000 women have now been sexually assaulted in the us military rape is a very very traumatizing thing tat happen but i've never seen trauma like i've seen
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from women who are veterans who have suffered military sexual trauma reporting rape is more likely to get the victim punished in the offender i had an almost 10 year career which i was very invested in and i gave that up to report a sex offender who was not even put to justice or put on the registry this is simply an issue of power and violence male sexual predators for the large part of target whoever is there to prey upon whether that's a man or woman. there's a lot of areas in the economy where china has caught up or surpass us. you know the mobile payments markets 50 times the size of the us or over here still writing checks our banking system is not innovated. kind of recently woken up the last couple years and go wow we don't even have a company that can make 5 g. equipment it's been a win win for china and it's been a lose lose for the us. i'm
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actually written few welcome to going underground we will be back with a brand new season starting on january the 8th but until then we will be showing some of your favorite shows from the last season of the decade coming up in this show a legacy of the brutal british back to provide good strokin to shape we talked to one of the most popular politicians in south america's richest country sheerly for geo jackson about overthrowing governments in latin america allied to washington london and brussels and award winning journalist greg palast explains our new liberalism born of western business schools has led to revolution wherever the people of latin america have sought freedom and justice plus the director of oscar
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winning film still alice wash west with class faultlines at the core of his new film for netflix the. onus of all coming up at today's going on the ground 0 1st it was 49 years ago this month that salvador allende was inaugurated as president of chile the latin american country today is not only in the midst of an uprising against the liberal president sebastian pinera but witnessing solidarity protests for palestine after more u.k. armed violence in the middle east involving serial un resolution violator israel in the past 24 hours i in there would die in office overthrown and replaced by anglo american backed dictator augusto pinochet and according to some leaders fighting global neoliberalism the legacy of pinochet lives on. board they don't want to lecture and they want to and wipe us away in a pinochet style. sometimes we say these hard things and in europe and other places they see it as an exaggeration or extremist and it's not exaggerated they want to
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put a pinochet in place in venezuela. you know today a democratically elected maduro may still be in power in venezuela custodian of the world's greatest known reserves of oil even after attempts by the european union to overthrow him but in chile washington's man is in trouble accused of reviving the days when u.k. companies armed pinochet to torture his people after so many years of trying to recover from a long dictatorship of almost 20 years you have an open wound in the chilean society when you have the military on the street and that's another thing that we have to take into account when understanding this crisis the. trauma of juliane society of having the military on the streets open again with this repression in human rights violation joining me now via skype is a member of the chamber of deputies of chile the democratic revolution politician jackson who is envelop arrays of a city the scene of a.


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