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tv   News  RT  December 31, 2019 12:00am-12:31am EST

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i. headlines an hour to iraq summons the u.s. ambassador in baghdad over sunday's deadly american airstrikes in the country which the pentagon says targeted to rein in backed militants also to study finds that children are getting increasingly frustrated with internet speeds and coverage we ask locals if it's really that. this is impossible to understand 7 years ago all these drug interest only of the baltic republics and poland from students are down i don't have that quality of connection in germany. and in these miracle we find out what happened to a little boy who was pulled from the ruins of a tower block they collapsed in russia a year ago. well
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good morning just in moscow you're watching international baghdad has summoned the u.s. ambassador over the latest american airstrikes on iraq and syria which killed 25 people rocky officials say they were unable to prevent the attack with their objections being ignored by washington the u.s. special representative for rand brian hall has defended though the operation insisting it was meant to deter iranian aggression. one of the things we want to emphasize is that this was a defensive action that was designed to protect american forces and american citizens in iraq we're also working on the mission of restoring deterrence against remey and aggression while on sunday the united states hit 5 targets belonging to the type hizbollah it's an armed group that emerged after the u.s. invasion of iraq and has repeatedly targeted american forces it is also one of the
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main she groups fighting against islamic states in both iraq and syria and according to the u.s. the bombing raids were in retaliation for friday's rocket strike on the computer base in iraq which killed one american contractor no group has claimed responsibility for that attack and has claimed a lot which has denied it was involved well after the attack hundreds of protesters gathered on the streets of the iraqi capital they condemned the u.s. airstrikes and expressed support for the militia who were bombed protesters in the u.s. and israeli flags chanting no to america he or she down of takes a look now at how iraq's got caught up in the standoff between the u.s. and iran. they come they see they leave a barren wasteland american airstrikes on foreign soil have become a normality the whole world is their military's sandbox and this time they've been
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playing in iraq's court when we did was take a decisive response that makes clear what president has said for months and months and months which is that we stand for this long. to get the full of american men in jeopardy i would add that in our discussion today with the president we discussed with the other options that are available and i would note also that we will take additional actions as necessary to ensure that we act in our own self-defense and we deter further bad behavior from militia groups or from iran. u.s. bombing pro iranian forces in iraq unilaterally if there's one country living in the borderless world of tomorrow that's america what happened yesterday was a clear aggression it was not right and we tried to stop it but the us insisted very unfortunately this thing happened to them i said this was a very dangerous matter an asset to discuss elevated to face with the responsible
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party this is not only point from he said the decision has been made and i am informing you loose but for baghdad and installed bigger than the airstrikes themselves is the fact that the bombing of bullets land wasn't even about it it had nothing to do with iraq instead washington was after iran and its power grip on the middle east part of america's great again plan of weakening tehran irony is america that complains so much about iran now who was the one to inadvertently elevate iran into a powerhouse it is now in iraq in particular saddam hussein once pampered by the us was iran's greatest enemy and the cia even aided his brutal chemical attacks against the rayney an army but then hussein himself became a problem fell from grace and ended his reign on the gallows the us invasion
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created a power vacuum which you run didn't hesitate to fill iran as the major destabilizing in influence in the middle east and we aim to fix that one of the greatest security threats facing peace loving nations today. is the repressive regime in iran really think twice about that. the u.s. has been after tehran on so many levels from sanctions to declaring iran's elite military force a terrorist organization but they are not stopping there and the u.s. has been particularly aggressive. in trying to push to iran's influence out of iraq this alone shows just how much free will the us has left its ally iraq in being the master of its own foreign policy and there's no indication washington's going to stop in fact the exact opposite we're not done this is an ongoing process process right now you know we are observing what is called
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a shadow war or proxy war whatever you want to call it but this is getting to be a very dangerous gambit on us as part of that. engage in this unilateral economic war against iran that is also impacting negatively iraq's economy and good deal of what is wrong in iraq's economy today can be traced to us is wrong as have caused the region. released very soon the misguided policy not just toward iran but also iraq saw in chaos and instability and this will inflate anti americanism in iraq and in the region it will make it harder for the us to sustain its military bases in iraq and the us government is simply not assisting the. you know vested interest that iraq is in stability entering clytie by pursuing this unilateral war mongering policies.
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the wiki leaks founder julian the son she claims he's slowly dying in the u.k. jail and says he is often tranquilized and kept in solitary confinement 23 hours a day he made the disturbing revelations in a phone call to his friend phone smith on christmas day. julian rang me because he spent christmas with me and my family in 2010 while on bail what time ago i think he simply wanted a few minutes of skate and to talk to us because of the memories he had about happy memories he was slurring his speech was slurred he was speaking slowly now julian is a highly after looks very clear person when he speaks and he sounded awful and it was very upsetting to head the idea of him being sedated has come from several people who visited him who clearly being told and the british government have been asked
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about it and they refuse to address that matter and what they say is they're not mistreating in but clearly he's being kept in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day he started it all and he said to me but i'm slowly dying here and he said that all started from my own why not of course to my children his father keeps telling us that his father is telling us this do you know we must stop this what i find so depressing as a country is clearly we harbor political prisoners we have political prisoners because that's exactly what he is i didn't think that we were the sort of country that mistreated them in this way. or songe was arrested in april and since then medics and un observers here that have worn the back is the climbing physical or mental health hearing in february or decide on his extradition to the us where he's accused of publishing classified documents and could face 175 or jail sentence on smith again things the u.k. government has to explain why a society is being treated so badly. these remember and he's served the time
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for the bail charged and he served his time so that he's now on remand it's highly unusual to put a remand prisoner in belmarsh when they're not a threat of a physical violence threat to society i think we need to arm to. is from from the british government why are they treating him like this why can't we have some independent assessment i'm 100 international got to those and asked to arrange a visit at least to send some representatives to check on him but that hasn't been allowed and those melts at the un roughly toronto watcher has been very clear about assange just mistreatment and describes it in the most of her legal terms and yet its claims very recently in november that the british government of completely ignored his request to see julian probably his health properly assess.
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now when you think of germany you might think of technological prowess and also a fish and sea but germans are actually getting increasingly frustrated with their internet as europe's economic powerhouse seems to be woefully behind when it comes to speed and coverage well evangelos success when to find out more. truly likes to present itself as a industrial and technological powerhouse and country very much in the fast lane but those who run the internet here haven't really got the memo because life on line pretty much wrong at the snail's pace we are in the heart of berlin so let's check the connection. not exactly impressive but it might be that all these guys here are glued on you tube and are stealing all the bad with. so let's head old side maybe we'll
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get more like he was told by the internet. if you were on the planet these days people are addicted to their phones they just can't stop staring at them but the question is whether germans get the service they pay for and a recent study shows that they certainly do not and less than 2 percent of smartphone users get the speeds they were promised for but we're out here on a fact finding mission so it's time to do a test. not the result i was hoping for but wait until we get outside of the city. you'll be unpleasantly surprised. we are 40 minutes away from berlin so let's see if we can actually make a phone call. seems like i have bad
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signal more like no signal actually so i imagine i have to actually information on line superhighway well good luck with that i would actually have to get on the actual highway and off to find signal an international comparison germany ranks 70th according to recent. of course all the nation has fully because of the european countries with only 65 percent of its territory being covered by this cold law so for it see this is impossible to understand those of 7 years ago i was driving through a stone sort of mix in poland and i always had a stable connection over the phone from stephen today i don't have that quality of connection in germany more than i agree or not is put in very mildly many of complain that this makes it hard to do business in the area which is very slow internet it's a huge target and as we know time is money so it's important to the economy so we have a good mobile coverage if we can achieve that continue to damage the economy. now
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with 2020 just hours away let's look back at more of the major events that shaped the last 12 months. well are today's topics are don't believe the hype and also streets of rage will 2019 was characterized by bouts of political history you can call it that from angry debate about climate change to the wider doping scandal and of course emotions also ran high over breaks it oras johnson's victory in the u.k.'s general election gave hope to leavers and left some remain is in despair taylor reviews the hopes of the festive season is upon us mulled wine christmas and smells and sounds the promise of snow but the time to come together and to tell stories and wow do i have a good one of the past. 1 june morning over 3 years ago the british
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people woke up and decided they just had enough of those bureaucrats in brussels and while 16000000 mourn the loss of their red pos courts 17400000 rejoiced off with those european shackles make britain great again after all they promised it would be easy getting out of the e.u. can be quick and easy the u.k. holds most of the cons those 2 votes a levy hold on we can choose the path we want and optimism apart not shared by david cameron because he made a hasty exit but to resume bounded to the rescue on her lap at kitson heels and she meant bricks it means bricks it bricks it needs frets it wrecks it means bricks it and we're going to make a success of it so she clapped and triggered article 50 starting the hold to force
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process and to have credit she did manage to wrangle a deal from the e.u. so the pressure was the only one who thought it was any good but desperate times desperate measures and off to parliament she went and it was a bust the deal was flattened not once not even twice but 3 times 2 years on m.p.'s have been unable to agree on a way to implement the u.k.'s withdrawal. as a result we will now not leave on time with a deal eventually she ran out of that to federal policy so i'm so down to the problem to my metabolism door sure i cheer i do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love and boris johnson i've been wrong but that won't but maybe he'd be
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the one to get. most of all what are we going to do to really. get bread dad is really going to get out of can you make a promise today to the british public that you will not go back to brussels and ask for another delay to tax it yet and so young and revealing that. he finds it was just too much effort to get invited by part about suspended it but that did not go down well so he said ok fine back to brussels more negotiations and he returned to london with a deal even portland police to walk on a saturday but alas knows that his people jump like crazy was rejected and he was forced to beg you to get him out that delay some of his employees you can go to him new troops on the ship yards to the right 328 the notion that 301. be. not
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a good start forus so suspending parliament have to watch an awesome new deal also what. it does no one can do is going to the opposition into a general election by putting jeremy corben house is desperate absolutely desperate to avoid scrutiny. on the eve of the election the polls were close to boris can't on the charm and when wooing people to 22 or. 04 was. nothing like a good movie reference to win you an election because on december 12th boris was popping champagne and dining on his new parliamentary majority he got his wish of
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a korban free christmas and now he might well get his wish for january breck set the question is will we finally get our wish for just a bit of. my. vote 6. oh no one knock on effect of the election and the prospects of a heart a brand of bricks it was the revival of scottish aspirations for independence from the u.k. and in fact the german army pays 9 given hope to scots wanting to rejoin the european union after breaks it saying that the reentry procedure would likely be less painful than for those seeking to join for the 1st time the mission procedure would probably be sure to those for a country that has to gradually move closer to the e.u. illegal economic and political terms i'm already being contacted by scottish institutions with the i can be the contact person in brussels of the rigs it. now
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while the conservative party gained a majority in other parts of the u.k. in this month's general election in the private independents and probably you scottish national party won a landslide new from the border that prompted the 1st minister nicola sturgeon to formally request the consent of westminster to hold another independent referendum a prime minister boris johnson has already ruled that one out 55 percent of scots voted against independence in the referendum 5 years ago former pain parliamentary advisor and commentator mitch william police brussels should stay active both scottish and british if it. sounds as if germany may be as encouraging squash independence to be honest. it's most unhelpful and it would bear i think he just kept his nose out of squash on the master order to be honest i think boys johnson should be out in some far more votes with mr mccullough star on the euro keep
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getting commission warning them to stay out of domestic affairs nothing the european union. a successful brands. and so on the european union me may favor a more dysfunctional but i shall sell the next 5 to 10 years. ok well let's move on then to our 2nd topic for 29 t. the highlights being again streets of right street protests have been gripping cities all over the world chief among them paris in fact the whole of france it seems has been gripped by a kind of yellow fever our t. shirt had been ski reports now on the hive his protest movement that's been shaking things up every weekend issue. 29000 winds up in front since that time move reflection was a good year what gifts did it bring well there were plenty from the government but many seemed to go down like a lead balloon and people took to the streets time and time again.
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yes we all know the french are famous for striking and for protesting but in 2019 it felt like that there was something taking out the old wounds its theme of play year with ongoing protests and into professional strikes throughout the year one protest movement stood every saturday without fail the yellow vests took to the streets.
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a movement born in 2018 but it left a small cold 2019 the yellow vests want a change in the social fabric in france they've charged to the streets in anger over what they see as being a hugely unequal country with a growing to. between the rich and the poor not call them giving them concessions but they were checked it week after week the yellow vests and the police clashed thousands on both sides injured. despite a hard cool keeping the movement to life it has lost much of its initial yet its impact is being felt throughout the country and the strain of the weekly battles with the yellow vests most from the police the school the force the camel's back
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they decided they had had. it held at historic day of action not technically allowed to strike still 27 i wasn't off duty police officers piled onto the streets working conditions. armed a spike in suicides were rough telling them to cool they wanted the government to know that all was not well and. we have never had so many of our colleagues taking their own life and who we have never seen so many colleagues on the ground daily it is a really black year and we have the impression that the government doesn't take this into account and wants a little present for christmas at 6 o'clock to the movies that it is very advanced of the police mobilizes like this so today we have set up your resume a lease on an institutional level official. anymore and police officers are over used and exposed risking their lives every day and this is
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not being taken into consideration meanwhile official strike action was a rolling theme for medical staff and teaches all complaining about lack of funding fears of privatization and. refer. agenda song measure philo sells john and warner have the impression that they go into private eyes education and that we the public schools are disappearing very lucky if we teach this in the middle of scene public education being broken faith trying to teach you nobody listens on the government level. adding to a long list of those old ready and happy documented migrants they call themselves the black best drawing inspiration from yes you guessed it the yellow vests launching only to the seen. the pantheon monument and they to shoulder
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go out. for this. very grievance to highlight their difficulties without the papers to be in front. they also wanted to focus attention of france's military escapades in their home countries. then they were the climate strikes led by france's use they took to the streets to destroy the country more so doing enough to join the freud strikes president michael was incensed and demanded that they take that action elsewhere marching every friday to say that the planet is burning that's nice but that is not a problem people should go protest in poland help me move those i cannot push
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forward. and of course ending the year has been the big one and nationwide strike against pension reform. the public transport strike has brought most of the country to a standstill under was sparked over the plans to merge 42 different pension schemes into a universal points based system and if you know anything about the french you don't mess with the toyman so as 2100 was to a close there was only one question to ask those who take into the streets would not call me after all the unwanted gifts he presented to the french this year b o fole the christmas is naughty oh nice list he is
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a naughty child that's for sure and i hope he will not have any presents from father christmas so i think that it's father with others who is coming to see him i know i think someone should tell my craw on that father christmas doesn't exist at all as if you were the child i am not sure that he would have a lot of presents this year because he has not been very wise he did not listen to his people. no t.v. no t.v. is not nice to see you i think that he will be deprived of gifts this year and also next year. shouted pinsky reporting and i finally a story that started with tragedy but has ended with some hope because a year ago a baby was rescued from the rubble of his collapsed tyson rushes magni to course but after treatment and care little danny here is now taking his 1st steps.
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i. suppose and was a little quick one of the rescue workers heard the child crying we stopped all our equipment in order to listen and make sure when we said why it could be be reactive and 1.2 when we said where are you he started to react to get. my oldest song so together while finding out was left alone is that they managed to
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get out he was left there so much. i. could see child was conscious when he arrived and he can turn on creating demand the child remains in serious condition under artificial ventilation city. we wish him well that's it for our review of the year this hour back with more though in about 30 minutes. 6 geysers financial survival guide. customers go by you're just
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a place. in elf well reducible our. that's undercutting but what's good for market is not good for the global economy. leeks loss leader. and when you. look at the distance was most of the book called this a bad.


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