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tv   News  RT  January 4, 2020 3:00pm-3:31pm EST

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multiple rocket in iraq at the base where u.s. troops are stationed also the green zone close to the american embassy in baghdad a residential area among the soldiers. coming up in the program this hour a senior police chief says levels of child criminal exploitation in britain are a bunch of victorian era levels of blaming a stare at ceiling. drug gangs. on the children are dressed in armenia or pretty old stealing has been revealed helping foreigners illegally adopt youngsters there.
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just after 11 pm here in moscow this. we have a lot to get through welcome to our to the international our top story several rocket attacks have hit a rock including in close vicinity to the american embassy in baghdad on a military base near the capital there are no reports as well of a strike on a base in the northern city of mosul for more on today's developments i'm joined in the studio by igor off equal we could tensions turning to violence again today what are we learning what's known well something is definitely up in the and we do not know for sure exactly what have been the targets what exactly those mortar strikes targeted but we do know the approximate locations and well within with all the context around that people can rule conclusions out of the situations so so far 3 confirmed strikes. in the vicinity of baghdad the iraqi capital some mortar shells
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landed not far from a base where american troops are stationed outside of the iraqi capital and some shells landed within the vicinity of the green zone of the green of the so-called green zone areas indeed yes it is it is like a city within a city i've got the general baghdad and then there's a very sort of an area where not all people are being let in that is heavily guarded or all you know luxury residential apartments all the administrative buildings like embassies like the 5 the 5 star hotel of iraq is there as well so it is a very well guarded area and apparently it was targeted as well as some mortar shells landed not far from an iraqi. excuse me an american an american embassy there which is located there some unconfirmed reports of air strikes not far from the city of mosul of an iraqi regional army base where apparently american troops are stationed
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as well now as i'm saying this it is not clear whether or not they were targeted and again we do not know were those strikes originated from so we're still we still have to look into that now all of that comes again it comes against the backdrop of the killing of the rainy and general in iraq seems to be money who has been widely viewed as some have been saying that he was the 2nd most powerful figure in iran and so a top top general also hezbollah in iraq a group a military group that a militant group that has be that has enjoyed support of iran it has warned the rocky government that they that their people that the rockies should probably stay away from any bases where american troops are located where american troops are stationed hizbollah has said that his ball in iraq has. that. everyone should stay
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away from at least one kilometer away from those from those places so a lot of tension in the you know world war 3 has been trending in the past in the past few days and in general this whole conflict between iran and the united states and with the escalation that they got by the killing by killing this top general my colleague caleb moore he's been looking into that and his his report. u.s. leadership has been saying on almost every platform they can find that they are working to deescalate tensions with the islamic republic of iran that was the time to take this action so that we could disrupt the spot deter further aggression from qassam salami in the iranian regime as well as to attempt to deescalate the situation it's not an easy case to make killing the country's 2nd most powerful person most well
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known military leader and commander of the elite could force of the revolutionary guards doesn't look like deescalation however washington insists its actions were a defensive measure at the direction of the president the us military has taken decisive defensive action to protect u.s. personnel abroad by killing costume soleimani this strike was aimed at deterring future iranian attack plans the iranians are already promising revenge the supreme national security council of iran held an emergency meeting on friday and announced that they had made difficult decisions at the right time and place the vengeance will be extracted it's not the aggression by the us i mean they should they should expect anything as it is all of this this aggression the international community is now gripped by fear that we could be on the brink of war there is no justification under international law and moral law our constitution is just aggravation and the fact that they are in a way as
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a guest and have an embassy there we've never had been given any authority to do what we did i think it's morally wrong and if they're doing this to make us safer they said that we had they had to do this to make american safe complete nonsense i feel less safe because there will be retaliation and expansion and who knows what is going to lead to. washington says it's an ally of the iraq again. government and it's working in iraq's best interest however baghdad is completely on the happy with this move the assassination of an iraqi military commander is an aggression on iraq as a state government and people it's a flagrant violation of iraq's sovereignty and dangerous escalation that triggers a destructive war in iraq the region and the world it violates the conditions authorizing the presence of u.s. troops on iraqi soil the iraqis don't consider this to be a particularly friendly gesture what does he want to restart the civil war again
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among the shia who don't want this to happen what has happened is a blatant violation of iraqi sovereignty the fact that he's a high state official and a government that we're not at war with we've crossed the rubicon not only in tehran but in moscow beijing pyongyang caracas they all have to sit there and say to themselves all right the americans now feel entitled to kill anybody and our government because of what over while a disagreement over syria or whatever else. the international response has been vocal china says it is concerned turkey is angry and syria accused the united states of spreading instability it's a pity to see. the great public of the united states used. to kid somebody. the way gangs do it but not everyone agrees though israel says job well done president roh deserves all
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the credit for acting swiftly forcefully decisively israel sterne's with the united states in this just struggle force peace security and so the parents america's nato allies are not thrilled at all we have woken up to more dangerous world the us action did not make it any easier to reduce tensions we had all parties to deescalate for the conflict is in none of our interests. it didn't exactly go over well at home either american media has accurate all sorts of allegations about solomonic most americans had never heard of before saying he is the new face of terrorism and evil but democrats say that trump is rushing the country to war without congressional approval the risk of a much longer military engagement in the middle east is acute. and immediate this
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action may well have brought our nation closer to another endless war exactly the kind of endless war the president promised he would not drag us into now donald trump is defending his move he says he saved lives and that he's protecting the country however in some of his responses he's actually said that solomonic should have been killed years ago so why now is perhaps donald trump trying to play the card of being a national savior in the lead up to an election i don't foresee. making a rash choice because they understand the neo cons who are behind chums policy and trump him so funny iran they don't want anything more than to have iran do a very who are high profile strike back the us propaganda machine is in high gear demonizing stolen money who 99.9 percent of americans had never heard of 2 days ago trading him is worse than hitler killing americans left and right none of this is
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true none of this is supported by facts but the propaganda machine is on high high high alert and americans are being prepared for another war so i don't see the iranians taking the bait. daniel mcadams will be a really in military war and it has dozens of potential targets for reprisal attacks the strait of hormuz is a vital point for the west and a large number of american destroyers and warships cross their crucial american targets in the region have been identified by iran some 35 u.s. targets in the region as well as to leave our within our reach. very healthy come on to the program edmund ghareeb edmund is a middle east expert and historian welcome to the program there is speculation surrounding who could be of course behind these rocket attacks today on the bases in baghdad and further afield indeed in iraq iran or pro or rhenium militias are generally suspected what's your take. well there is no doubt that from the
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beginning what we have heard up at least the from the united states administration what we have been listening to the secretary of state the scripter of defense hold through even the president and many other officials in the u.s. government that have pointed the finger at. iran they laid the blame have the door of iran regardless of whether it was iran who are directly went through this kind of action or was it proxies of iran generally speaking what we have seen in the past few months and even years especially since the coming of the trumpet mr action is that the united states has accused iran of being playing a malign role in the region a source of terrorism as they call it will by supporting militias supporting forces militia forces hostile to the united states and its allies when then it wet
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regardless of why that or not it was the iran war allies of iran or perhaps other routes but the blame has been laid at the footsteps of iran and up its proxies however the danger is here is that by asking 18 this this confrontation by targeting a prominent you know like the john a. military official even though regardless of how much control does the iraqi government that will warrant and they are not talking about oh it will not be in landis the xabi popular mobilization forces there's no doubt that he is considered an. unofficial within the u.s. government with an iraqi government the iraqi government there is a friend and a lot of partner. the u.s. government and this was done without the approval of us once read all of the iraqi
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government so this book. the government there now that a difficult position that was embarrassing for government and also raised a great deal of was the lithium ranks ok then you're all kind of on the other hand when so i just i just want to talk about escalation for a minute and because you something you said was interesting the uranium military claims that 35 american and israeli targets are within their reach at what they actually attack any of them and risk that the escalation or is it more about psychological warfare at this stage that's a very good question of the past actually is that a long is a long term plan or is that. they have been very careful rational actor but i think what we have seen not what we are seeing is that. iran is in the same position perhaps that the u.s. government goes after going down you know american drone in the gulf and after it got dark on k.d. one base near where an american contractor and some american soldiers were wounded
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that i'm doing a lot of pressure to react and so therefore i think that iran has been warning from listening through the supreme god of the stomach republic this military officials its president that they will take decisive action so there will likely to be action otherwise this would undermine their troop ability iraq has decided to limit the work of the u.s. military after the killing of general salim money and we can listen together to iraqi military spokesperson explaining at the move briefly here. after the recent events that have taken place it was decided that the work of u.s. forces in iraq will be restricted they can act only way to iraqi consent but after such a stab in the back we will of course limit their activities iraq the region has been a major importance to america american forces for quite
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a long time does the us iraq alliance now have a future. that's a very good question primarily because i think what we have seen in the past that has been a lot of tension over the presence of u.s. forces that are going on so allies of your on the proxies if you want to call some of them they have want to want the us out you know and it will be a rock and roll iran and they are not it's not band measure supporters major players forces are not the government of iraq what we are seeing now is that they no longer parliament and that parliament is going to come under more pressure to bring up the issue of the presence of u.s. forces and there's likely to be a demand for an explanation of u.s. forces from iraq so i think the chances of doing that probably getting a vote from the parliament now is higher than it was really and we'll have to wait
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to see the results but the questions also what will the u.s. through wednesday was assuming that the parliament that the government broke form there will roll up u.s. forces will they must withdraw as one former senior not an official. intelligence agency at the pentagon colonel lang was a middle east expert he said if we don't grow up that we're going to be seen as an imperialist hypocrites if we do well. and if we do will grow up this will also influence and impact the u.s. position well though he said that president trump has always wanted to get out of iraq so this may be a chance if that happens for him to withdraw ok thank you very much for your time and your thoughts this hour edmund ghareeb middle east expert speaking to us from washington today. meanwhile protesters had to march in iran 70 american cities including washington with one of the biggest rallies actually taking place in new
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york's times square several 100 people waving a really influence holding portraits of general salim ali they're also urging the u.s. to leave the middle east activists from groups veterans for peace the anti war coalition and other pacifist organizations are there to earlier hundreds gathered outside of senate minority leader chuck schumer apartment block shouting no war with iran. to more world news a senior british police chief has warned that the levels of child exploitation in the country are edging towards their highest in over a century chancellor who leads britain's modern slavery policing effort sais that drug gangs are the main driving force policies have also been a factor for these children they almost back to victorian times and to being criminally exploited these kids are looking for family and security for understandable reasons most state youth services have been vacated this gap to
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youth provision between the school and family is the void of the exploited filling home office figures say about ending them to loan there were more than 18 and a half 1000 suspected child victims in the past year and the increase of almost 3 quarters from 28 dean well chief constable sawyer also pointed the finger at government cuts the youth services but the home office insists is doing all they can to stop child exploitation cheryl phoenix from the anti discrimination group the block child agenda say's it's almost impossible for youngsters to escape want their drive into a cycle of criminality. these children a lot of people fail to see them as the victims of what's going on and then they become criminalized and once you become criminalized at such a young age it's almost impossible to get yourself back on track a lot of these young people that we find as part of these drug cat gangs as they're called have been permanently excluded have been rejected from society so i think we need to go back a few steps and even jill deal with our young people from a primary age level because as they get into secondary school which i can guarantee
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when they go back next week my phone will be ringing in constantly with children being kicked out of school for have a natural hair not having the right tie on or maybe their shoes so if we start stop doing this you know sledgehammer approach to what we are talking about as children then they wouldn't find themselves in these gangs in the 1st place but no one's actually listening or doing any think about the exclusion matter and the high rates and the issues that we have with young people in the care system as well who if there was another study done you'd actually find the majority of these children have come through the care system are actually being exploited also in the sexual airiness in areas as well as just being on gangs and you know getting involved in county lines which a lot of them don't actually know what they're doing so it is a much bigger picture it's not as simple as what's been said. we're back in just over a one minute's time hope you'll stick with us. in
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a world of big partisan mob and conspiracy it's time. to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. this idea as you point out the anecdotally cheney fired all the cia agents in the field because they were too sympathetic to the locals and he felt that was a liability in the major media spheres of washington d.c. they don't want those reporters those stars do rub elbows in the great unwashed of
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the flyover states because they may become sympathetic to the working class they may become sympathetic to the to the disenfranchised of the. star public with their headline story and worrying revelations about vulnerable children in our media or it's been discovered that for over 20 years a criminal network forced mothers to give up their newborns against their will so that they could be so with the broad for adoption reporting amount re if a national. this is a story with many children involved but it is not one of these typical happy ending tales a team might expect to hear during holiday season an investigation is on to go in now in armenia into an alleged black market adoption network believed to have been operating for years to citizens of the republic of armenia using their contacts in
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one of the republican obstetrical institutions organized the adoption of more than 3 dozen children more than 30 babies to italy and there were also cases of adoption by u.s. couples one of the victims has been trying to achieve justice for almost 2 decades already her name is susanna she says 20 years ago doctors pressured her to give up her daughter stella threatening to report her case of a 16 year old mother to police and her father she signed papers refusing her rights . because i held my baby in my arms after he was born i stayed in the hospital for another 2 days or so but i didn't see him ever again they told me that he was born prematurely and didn't survive i was given some peoples to sign but it was too weak to understand what i was signing in december the armenian authorities detained the country's chief ops attrition who sits on the accuses of threatening her and other
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officials as part of the probe it does make a better man was released several days later due to lack of evidence a spark public outrage because then you're on a lawyer who has represented susana since 2013 has he's explanation for 7 long years we were shouting about it at every corner this is a mafia that is stronger and more powerful than the one controlling drug traffic i can say there were relatives of the rulers involved. in 2017 human rights watch released a 102 page report titled when will i get to go home documenting thousands of cases of children in armenia needlessly often forcefully isolated separated from their families and placed to institutions more than 90 percent of them have at least one living parent it's had they international ngo then tried to draw attention to disturb in inaction by authorities the government over minya has made
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some bold commitments to reduce the number of children in institutions but needs to make sure those promises backspaced serious sustained action 2 years later last september the authorities noticed that 4 times as many children went to foreigners rather than to locals and started investigation all adoptions have since been suspended in armenia which might be a good news though changes little for those who believe their kids were wrongfully given away years ago but then there must be a legal solution so that we could do validate the doctrine of the child it's about selling children i will do everything i will not back down there must be a fair trial. huge discontent over pension reforms in france a strong foundations to the streets of paris once again this overbet police are out in force to using tear gas to disperse the crowds. i.
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i yellow as protesters have joined the call to abandon the changes which would see the retirement age for many increased transport service workers doctors and teachers are among those who turned out in the french protests also occurring in other cities including more say on strasburg on the day another meeting between the government on unions is scheduled for tuesday hopes the made to use the situation. the number of dead calls by bushfires in a stream the has risen to 23 with 6 people also missing in 2 states new south wales and victoria the nation's largest warship is being sent to help with evacuations from the fire hit areas $3000.00 reserve troops have also been called up there on saturday hundreds of fires broke out damaging power lines on cutting off
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electricity skies turned red in the southeast of the country after wildfires intensified because of strong winds the 1st type break started back in september with historic temperatures so far around 1500 homes have been destroyed. ok it's a look back 2019 look towards what this new decade of hers will bring in the kaiser report today. right ahead here on r.t. international. and we're going to fulfill that purpose is probably to the people you know we've all pots to. be really really.
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pretty good. now you want to 1st. know. all. the advise you but if she warned you can i do the dishes at the bus morning there's no. dispute you see me we need to you. know muffin when. he needs them you guys are getting such a ball. a lot of people see as if i had 2 kids each other both more schools.
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i don't even really need some. people who simply knew 2 men including 2. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in his off and spearing dramatic development only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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i am x. guys or this is the kaiser report oh yeah we're in rio de janeiro oh yeah i wore my strong bikini on the beach while the bottom part the whole bikini i'm not that woke. stacy i hope everybody enjoyed our new year's eve specials with gerald celente and michael hudson we had 2 specials in the new year those were back in the northern hemisphere that we recorded with them but we're still here in the southern hemisphere and i have some have to look at you know looking into 2020 now that we are officially there b.b.c.
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fight back over election savaging as chiefs plan to increase broadcast a midlands and the north b.b.c. chiefs are planning a big expansion of broadcast from outside of london to assuage critics as they came under fire today from both sides of the new house of commons the corporation is aiming to demonstrate that it is listening to the whole of britain following the general election campaign when it was accused of glossing over the strong views of leave voters in the north and even of letting its impartiality slip oh no the impartiality slip b.b.c. . right well i've read the tory manifesto that boris johnson wants to try to encourage the b.b.c. to to take more of the government line and to make it more of an organ of the government officially an organ of the government is that was kind of on officially the the organ of the government and i think for me that is quite important about this is something you and i have observed something we've said on kai's.


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