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tv   News  RT  January 28, 2020 2:00am-2:31am EST

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u.s. denies the taliban statement that it brought down a pentagon plane and afghanistan incident is complicating hopes for peace still after 19 years of war. also this hour for a notorious police grenade responsible for numerous civilian injuries the critics say it's a political move ahead of the election. and hillary clinton lashes out at facebook's mark zuckerberg for quote intending to reelect donald trump keeping everyone but herself accountable for her $26000.00 u.s. presidential defeat. i always thought and many people i know belonged thought that he was part of the deep state that he was on the 1st shot these against her.
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a very warm welcome to the program from all of us here at our church too in moscow thanks for joining us this hour. the u.s. has confirmed it's investigating a pentagon plane crash in the eastern afghan province of gosney on monday everyone on board the surveillance aircraft which was carrying military personnel and high ranking cia officers was killed the plane burst into flames and came down and the mountainous area the pentagon says it can't confirm whether it was brought down by enemy fire seemingly contradicting the taliban statement. a u.s. bombardier even 11 a crash today in gaza the province afghanistan while the cause of crash is under investigation there are no indications the crash was caused by enemy fire a special way a graft of the american occupier was flying on their roof for the purpose of an intelligence mission in this side of the regional day district of gas in the
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province all mujahideen have taken down the aircraft tactically the incident comes as washington bit for a peace deal with the taliban after numerous failed talks the us has been at war in afghanistan for 19 years marred by hundreds of thousands of death and a trillion dollars spent apparently no benefit i've got it has more. what did they die for these men this is a war that has no hope of winning there are new illusions in the pentagon yet the 19 years they have said the lives of their own into the afghan grind.
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trumps afghan strategy is simple and senseless bomb them to hell literally in 2019 the pentagon dropped more bombs on afghans than in almost any given year in the last decade there's a tactic he wants peace so he does the all posit we are bringing some of our troops back but we have to have a presence yes we're now going to be there for close to 19 years it's time to bring them home great nations do not fight endless wars before the next presidential election in the united states would you expect we were do so reduce air troops in afghanistan. that's my directive from the president knows that he's been an ambiguous and the endless wars are you looking for a total robot when you want to. see the afghan war is
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a blight all motion to it is an embarrassment all they have to show for 2 decades of war is alone least of dead americans dead civilians and a trillion dollars down the drain the only way to save face is to bury the truth the problem is there is a disincentive really to tell the truth we have. created an incentive to almost require or for people to a lot there's an odor of mendacity throughout the afghanistan issue and i know congressman connelly has heard me talk about this years ago mendacity and hoover us as i said there are no illusions washington knows full well that it is so screwed that afghanistan is a lost cause that they messed up as revealed by the afghan war papers in which officials in these who so rare moment in which their honest would trying to do
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here we didn't have the focus newson the would ruin the taking the risk of fundamental gap of understanding of the front end of the stated objectives and overreliance in the military and the lack of understanding of the resources necessary and that in the hubris the arab good to take steps all the more and more american troops to go fight in a war that you know is a lost cause these hopeless donald trump has been saying for years he wants to get us out of afghanistan it doesn't seem to be doing that even though in principle he's the commander in chief he can give the order for them to leave and they will leave but i don't expect that to happen so i think unfortunately we're stuck they are still for the foreseeable future there isn't will all lot in the way of a coherent mission that stated for being in afghanistan of the 1st place except i would say that the mission or being out in a stand is essentially to stay in afghanistan a footprint and a very strategic piece of ground in the middle of eurasia that comment is over our
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chinese and russian interests and that's the real purpose of being there the taleban perhaps respect that we're simply write about annoyance. franz's interior minister has announced the withdrawal from police forces of than a tourist and lee at 4 grenade which has been responsible for seriously injuring numerous protesters. j.p. said this decision because they don't have any specific description of months ago it was the police to use them to remove the threads. voluntarily pick them up and was seriously injured and this was that we must remove the. authorities now proposed to replace the controversial a grenade with a new supposedly less dangerous one but there are many similarities between the 2 both can cause injuries are equally loud and sprayed tear gas officials though point out that the banned grenade also disperses fragments new version does not and
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has a reduced shockwave a journalist was badly injured in the face while covering a yellow vests protest last year a grenade explosion broke julianne's gas mask and his nose he warns the withdrawal from the service of the f. 4 is just a smokescreen. for grenades will apparently be removed but i think that is because of the depleted stocks because its production was stopped in 2014 and so clear for is ending but they will be replaced with g.m. 2 l. which i fell victim to which appears to be just as strong as the. i have an example of a g.m. 2 well this is not the exact ones on but i picked up this grenade after i was hit this g.m. to el grenade might be much more dangerous than that because i was hit by debris even though i was more than 5 metres away from where it exploded this grenade
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produces the same detonation the same effect as the poor and i think it is equally dangerous. critics are also skeptical of the motivations for the government's move policing in chiefs no it's simply a bid for votes ahead of municipal elections with the government under public pressure due to accusations of police brutality and excessive use of force. in. the national assembly and people were trying to force their way in the police arrived and threw grenades one hit the guy's leg to try to push it away with his hands as a reflex reaction to. something. they don't want anyone but my mother said she had been targeted and we want to know as a triss and did her justice.
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in my opinion they are pretending they want to stop using this type when replacing it with the other type of i am not sure but i see this as the only reason just replace them as the others are depleted and because for grenades are classified as a weapon of war i think. i think is trying to say that it will be less dangerous to protest because he is losing the clear for what he forgot to say that rubber bullets will still be used and that riots control forces or violent as well and moreover that there are other grenades replacing the old ones there is also tear gas which is very bad for help. defeated 2016 u.s. presidential candidate hillary clinton has accused facebook of intending to re-elect trump this here that's after the platform which she dubbed trump and earth
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fused to delete political adverts democrats claim the ads are misinformation and lies and although clinton's not even running for president says she seems reluctant to state control of the party all quarter explains. she lost the primaries in 2008 she lost the election in 2016 despite having nearly every advantage now hillary clinton's making excuses for the next presidential democratic ticket ahead of the game preemptively pinning the blame on facebook facebook is not just gary to be electro but intends to be electronic this is a global company that has huge influence in a way that we're only beginning to understand trumpy and conspiracies might be a big external threat to the democrats and clinton's world but she's got more shade to throw at forces from within her own party like the socialist sensation from vermont he was in congress well yes he had one senate to support him nobody likes him nobody wants to work with him he got nothing done then there's the new
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democratic presidential candidate on the block gabbert clinton thinks she could be in bed with washington's favorite bogeyman the russians they've got their eye on somebody who's currently in the democratic primary and they're grooming her to be the 3rd party candidate she's the favorite of the russians they have a bunch of sites and bought and other ways of supporting or so far the sure is a lot of blaming going on surrounding an election that hasn't even happened yet but it's no secret clinton's got an axe to grind she's been blaming anyone but herself ever since she lost the election in 2016 i was on the way to winning until the combination of jim commies letter on october 28th and russian wiki leaks i inherited nothing from the democratic party would mean nothing i mean it was bankrupt it was on the verge of insolvency the voter suppression that we now know
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had been in the works and really put into effect and then let's not forget sexism and a sob but if you think she's the past think again the d.n.c. just released it. 2020 committee nominees those responsible for the party's ideological future and the vast majority are connected in one way or another to the defeated clinton carol browner appointed to the d.n.c. in 2016 by clinton but carr reseller's a surrogate for hillary clinton in 2016 craig smith senior advisor to clinton's campaign and let's not forget john podesta the controversial chairman of the clinton campaign itself who's a legit emails back in 2016 shed light on the enter workings of the clinton clan it's clear the clinton agenda lives on she doesn't even need to run for president again although would you be really surprised if she did why can't she lead goal of her losing the air you go again thinking that she is hanging
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on to the fact that she lost a rigged election there you go again thinking that she cannot understand that she was simply voted out or that america said no don't you want your stand that it's natural for somebody who is. elevated to the self exalted role of the obvious candidate to believe that there was a conspiracy russian acting russian involvement facebook. or berg now i always thought and many people i know blah thought that he was part of the deep state that he was on her side he's against her what's happening right now is you're seeing the old school dns see that you nancy pelosi has been trying to control fighting against this new left movement there's
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a lot of progressives and young people who won this season who have no interest in joe biden but if you say who are the d.n.c. who who are democrats to there i'm telling you right now democrats are really 2 hours republican lights i know what i'm saying is absolutely heretical i know what i'm saying nobody believes this because you think most people think that there is this that america is against trump and pro impeachment most americans have no idea what's going on they worry about schools and crime and their children they have no interest in this they're just regular folks the 1st offered to challenge trumps 2016 victory was from a report called the steel dossier claiming the us president conspired with the kremlin however after its publication the report was found to be containing multiple falshood now but action teligent expert and former m.p. nigel weiss has examined the document and no still personally claims the material
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was complicated. i was commissioned by a lawyer in washington d.c. to see to examine the original circle steel dossier and to conduct a forensic examination of the content which means going through it line by line looking at the attributions working out the value of each individual source and then coming to a conclusion the. publication had been much greater than i had suspected nigel west side he was hired by a republican a law firm back in 2017 to look into the dossier closely it was written by former british intelligence agent christopher steele in 2016 his company was hard by the d.n.c. to look into allegations a collision between donald trump and moscow and claims that russia has compromising material on trauma from when he was in the country 7 years ago west again says many
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of the reports sources haven't been validated the so-called primaries sub source a russian emigre real estate broker in the united states and he in effect distance and in self from the sourcing of the information and the really salacious material in relation to president trump he claims he received in a 10 to 15 minute telephone call from somebody who he didn't know an anonymous source and run him and gratuitously volunteered this information so none of this kind of material should appear. unless it's been validated that is the basis of intelligence reporting. still to come on the program an arctic guest apparently falls victim to the u.s. social media purge of iranian voices that story and more after this short break.
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welcome back a professor at the university of tehran and a frequent guest on this channel has had his facebook and instagram account suspended in what seems to be a continuation of the pop forms campaign to silence pro iranian voices professor sayad mohammad marandi told us facebook's claims that he violated its community standards were just a pretext i can't think of anything that i have published that would be. unacceptable be the statement the links that i put on no there is no everything everything is on twitter actually more active on twitter than i am on facebook my twitter account of their friends want to see if anyone who
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wants to see what i've read they can look at twitter and see if what i've written is dangerous or not. this is a pension coincides with the taking down of the international website of independent iranian news agency fars after it apparently fell foul of u.s. sanctions or as out it had received a message from its server company which said the site had been blocked on u.s. orders and then another case this month press t.v. in english language t.v. network based in iran had its you tube account removed stuff at the tehran from the channel say it was taken down without warning or explanation you tube though did later restore the page. mohammad marandi again told us it's far from the 1st time he's faced such treatment from social media. well that was suspended on the number of occasions for photos including a photo of myself during the iran iraq war it was a it was disbanded for a couple of months and then again for a photo that i put up for one of my commanders during the war who was seriously ill
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because of the chemical weapons ironically the chemical weapons that the united states and the europeans gave to saddam hussein i was also again my account was suspended for that and on the couple of other occasions for similar reasons and then just suddenly. the whole account was disabled without any explanation all together and i'm not even very active on facebook i mean the what i put on my twitter account i put the same on facebook but on the intolerance is on the rise in the united states and in the west towards any alternative views and other news from around the world this hour israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu on the visit to washington d.c. israeli leader arrived on sunday head of the white house unveiling what it calls the deal of the century to end israeli palestinian hostilities a plan will be laid out on tuesday with netanyahu already bringing trump's initiative historic or the new peace plan hasn't gone down well with palestinians
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who warn it contradicts international law and threatens the right 6. mass protesters have fired projectiles at right police are trying to clear in the center of baghdad demonstrators are demanding an end to iranian backed rule in the country 12 people have died and hundreds more have been wounded in 3 days of escalating violence. and russia is marking the 76th anniversary of the complete lifting of the siege of leningrad st petersburg as it is now called witness a 30 volley salute in commemoration a decades old tradition. is dedicated to the sea rose to defended the city people also gathered for the annual candle of memory campaign i mean candles reading poems and singing songs from that era the world war 2 blockade that one of the longest in modern history it lasted 872 days as
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a 1000000 people died mostly due to starvation. that's a wrap up of the day's top news for now but don't forget you can always find us on many of your favorite social media platforms like twitter and facebook apps and their reports. and we're going to fulfill that promise is probably to the people i promise you know we've all bots beat you to the. basically. pretty. much.
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pretty good. now you want to 1st. know. all 5 the. big day. coming. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. i actually don't think monopolies per se are the problem it's monopolistic access to credit or to politicians and probably both but the crony financial isn't crony capitalism that's the big problem on.
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trade and investment to become metrics bills to come to economic development. most people think about trade they think about goods and services being exchanged between countries and the invest for chapter of a trade agreement as opposed to looking very different but won't when investment leads to toxic manufacturing that destroys sacred sites all the environment. that means if local communities that are being poisoned if they have jacked if they do anything that the company feels is interrupting their profits they can be sued. the nationals are taking on the whole nation philip morris is trying to use i guess d.s. to stop tour of the way from implementing new tobacco regulations aimed at cutting domestic smoking rates
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a fringe company sued egypt because egypt raise its minimum wage democratic choice trump corporate. joint says we try to find one of the 2. best guys or buy it survival guide post a single malt to start simply at the federal reserve this. he should know there are you going to get him back. oh it's no good this is a repatriation scheme will look at the rest of 7 years. bill if the separate guys report. live. live. live. live live.
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live. live. live. live live. live . live. live. oh. play. live.
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live play. list. and very well continue watching on since last. greetings and salutation is as we all know by now truth isn't will always be the very 1st casualty of war but coming in a possibly close 2nd or 3rd is compassion not only do we merely discard our compassion for our supposed enemies but here in the united states of america our political class are quick to discard their compassion for our soldiers unless of course there is a 4th of july parade to attend or
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a campaign trail photo op to smile for them there's lots of compassion you see this lack of real compassion and caring for our soldiers was on prime display last friday by the brand name in chief himself yes u.s. president donald trump when he chose to once again put politics over soldiers when asked during a press conference in davos about the more than 30 u.s. soldiers who suffered traumatic brain injuries resulting from the recent iranian air strikes on the al assad air base in iraq trump said the following no. that they had headaches and a couple of other things but i would say and i can report it is not very serious very traumatic brain injury. they told me about it numerous days lady it has have to his department of defense no i don't consider them very serious injuries relative to other injuries that i've seen i've seen. well. if there is one
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guy who knows a thing or 2 about combat combat injuries it's definitely our fearless leader donald j. trump i mean well with all that combat ikey experienced when watching john wayne in the green berets back in 68 it's about the extent of his combat experience the new york times reports the traumatic brain injuries and soldiers and civilians on the battlefield. are the most are most often the result of powerful changes in atmospheric pressure that accompany an explosion like that from a missile warhead or an i.e.d. or other such explosive things so trump and company rather than admit that they're brazen assassination of top iranian general because seems so the money ultimately led to the injury of u.s. servicemen instead who instead they went to the n.f.l. is old line of excuses what brain trauma who why i've never heard of such a thing and this is the way in this is why my friends we must always be watching the hawks. she wanted list.


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