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tv   News  RT  February 7, 2020 9:00pm-9:31pm EST

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global chemical watchdog slams 2 former inspectors who questioned the o.p.c. dubey report into the alleged chemical attack on the syrians on the duma. a passenger plane in syria and narrowly avoided being hit by air defenses reportedly find in response to an israeli missile attack. and britain's determination to stop terror offenders getting automatic early release from prison that's one kind of collision course but it would be easy you have a human rights group of the issue up for debate. these are people particularly when it if they could start applying it to people already been convicted already been sentenced already so part of their sentence then it's unfair and potentially
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a breach of human rights. don't forget they violated people's human rights to be there in the 1st report. a very warm welcome you're watching r.t. international with me here. on the international chemical watchdog here p.c. w. has lashed out at the leaks provided by 2 whistleblowers who raise doubts over the body's report into an alleged chemical attack on the syrian town of duma the incident has long been blamed on syrian government forces however the latest comments by the o.p.c. to be was only raised more questions than answers as more does he have explains. there are 2 types of investigation the 1st type is intended to find out and explain what went wrong the 2nd type of investigation is intended sudley to cover your butt
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and the u.p.c. w. lets you know what type of investigation they've done pretty early on the 1st 2 pages are dedicated to stressing how independent this report is. independent and objectivity and dependent independent dependent independent and then we find out that they were just kidding the boss nominated his deputy to explain how they were both innocent i designated the deputy director general as a senior investigating officer this is an investigation into 2 whistleblowers specter a and inspect a b. and its intention is to show that they're bad people. whistleblower a was behind a study tran that these cylinders allegedly used in the duma a chemical attack were likely placed at the scene which he had no business doing in
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fact according to this o.p.c. w. report inspects a new body inspector a was not a member of the fact finding mission inspector a played a minor supporting role in the investigation of the duma incident we then find out that the guy who was apparently just there to watch did a whole lot more he was in fact the head of the u.p.c. w.'s syrian command post he helped collect samples of the alleged chemical attack site also at the hospital he helped tag and seal those all important cylinders they then asked him to invent a rise of the classified information collected on the cylinders and asked him to decide what else might be worth investigating it's right there they say so themselves also remarkable for someone who apparently wasn't even part of the team so he did as he was told inspector a without authorization contacted companies via e-mail about conducting an
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engineering study on the cylinders oh but they did give him authorization here is where the report stops making any sense they gave him permission to conduct an authorized study it's nonsense u.p.c. w. tries to get around this by saying they didn't give him permission to share classified information so it's all unauthorized they also tried to dismiss the study by saying he had incomplete evidence somehow forgetting that one page ago they admitted to asking him to invent a rise the evidence they had on the cylinders in june 2800 inspectors a was assigned to conduct an invention of the highly protected information collected on the cylinders. so they apparently lied he did have the relevant information that the u.p.c. w. had at the on those cylinders the evidence and he used that to carry out
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a study but but they argue 6 months later after he left they may or may not have had additional information it was created through the misuse of incomplete confidential information by a staff member who had ceased to provide support to the f f m 6 months prior to the release of the final f f m report on duma which isn't in direct admission that he did have all the relevant information at the time in fact it was so relevant this report according to the u.p.c. w. that they all did it they needed from archives they go on to explain why they did this apparently because inspectors a and b. not whistleblowers they were individuals who could not accept that their views were not backed by evidence allegedly this study of the why is known as a view and which apparently isn't backed by any evidence actually had classified
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evidence in it and had to be stored in a special top security archive now we come to the icing the krish endo in this absurd story this study they never even looked at it. in the interests of transparency and completeness inspector a's assessment has been transmitted to the i-t. and will be examined by it into course which adds another layer of lies they previously claimed they examine and take into account all evidence and when alice but they didn't in this case this single highest profile report they never took seriously. and if you think they treated inspected be any more seriously than inspector 8 you're in for a surprise most of the duty and focus he reports on the instant interim report and the final report was scientifically impoverished procedurally regular and possibly fraudulent inspected be end others raised concerns back in june 2018
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according to this investigation those concerns were taken into account a month after hearing out all the inspectors and their concerns and their thoughts and their dreams the u.p.c. w. went ahead and excluded most of them from the investigation the point regarding the afa and in particular the young going do more work should be discussed with of of alpha it seem the least of team members was recently sent who not on that least should not be involved on the smetana courtesy of leaked e-mails posted by wiki leaks apparently the only team member who went to syria who was allowed to pitch into the final report was the team paramedic not the chemist inspected be nor the engineer inspector a when it comes to inspect a b. it's what the u.p.c. w. doesn't mention that's interesting is allegations they never address what the whistleblowers said of them by dismissing it as irrelevant and unauthorized not
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inspecting a whose report they apparently didn't even read nor inspected be whose main arguments about evidence suppression and bias at the u.p.c. w. they just ignored well not entirely. as could be expected their conclusions are rona's uninformed and wrong mission accomplished but covered and if you are at the u.p.c. w. watching this you may be saddened to learn that you are now going to have to tend mandatory classes on keeping your mouth shut and additional obligatory organization wide confidentiality training program will be instituted for all personnel employed by the secretary at this training will be accompanied by annual access stations writer and freelance journalist tarkan dot believes the a.b.c. w. is using every method at its disposal to justify its own mistakes. fairly sure that
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this is been labeled as a security breach just to attack the whistleblowers think they're in a very embarrassing situation where you know their reputation of the organization is that is at risk and to admit that these whistleblowers. raised valid concerns about the evidence that they found in duma would be very damaging so i think they've gone on the offensive and try to discredit the people that come forward mr henderson led the team that is to do murder in 2018 and he wrote his report that you know clearly stated that there was no evidence of chlorine use. and you know that found themselves in a situation where they're having to you know manage a law essentially a narrative that is not congruent with the facts and you know that's us what you have to do when you have to lie you have to kind of fudge the specifics to try and make it fit your case but unfortunately that doesn't work out so well. passenger
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plane carrying 172 people has been forced to make an emergency landing in syria about after it narrowly missed being hit by the country's air defenses which is reportedly been fired in response to an israeli air strike russia's defense ministry denounced israel claiming it had used civilian acra as a shield. only due to the time the actions of damascus airport dispatches and efficient operation of the automated traffic control system did the a 320 managed to successfully land the closest alternative if eld russia's base i was on the streets when the attack happened here in damascus at about 1 12 am local time here on thursday on the sex of this month at about 115 local time a loud explosion was heard and that was the syrian air defenses. trying to repel what looked like an israeli attack and then later on the syrian army command issued
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a statement clarifying what happened saying that israeli fighter jets carried out attacks from over southern lebanon on the occupied golan heights against various syrian army military targets in damascus around damascus damascus countryside and also peninsula and which is in that are countryside and the result according to the syrian army was the injury of 8 syrian soldiers and the russian ministry of defense statement which also gave some information important details that there were 4 actually israeli fighter jets who fired at least 8 missiles on various targets in syria at that time and that israel is using civilian and passenger aircraft in order to avoid being hit by the syrian air defense system combat operations by the israeli joint stove involving the use of civilian aircraft to shield and prevent
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retaliation by syrian air defenses is becoming a distinguishing feature of the israeli air force this is a very important point especially that russian made it clear that this is not the 1st time that this happens it happened in 2018 when also russia criticized israel for in danger and putting in danger to passenger aircraft in 2018 of course 2008. israeli strikes not coordinated with russia caused the downing of irrational aircraft with 15 russians on board who were killed were said that time also. said that israel is behind this incident but the 4th one is wrong because at the end of the day israeli fighter jets put actually the. russian aircraft in the path of the syrian air defense. systems israel has previously denied using aircraft as shields against syrian defense systems though it has yet to comment on this incident it does acknowledge those carrying out strikes in syria to stop iranian
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military entrenchment now this footage captures the aftermath of the missile attacks that hit us in the countryside west of damascus on thursday you can see residents clearing rubble from the street cars and buildings have been completely destroyed we spoke to people living in the area. in the morning to find this look at this destruction may go take revenge from them look at this people's livelihood is destroyed as you can see yesterday the area was targeted by israel this area has a lot of car hire companies and as you can see many cars were damaged thank god the garbage was only material every nation security advocate to get in u.s. told us why it's so difficult for civilian aircraft to avoid danger. clearly what happened was the when the attacks well the israelis underway damascus 30 c. . of the aircraft diverted them to the russian as we've seen recently
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tragically there are different servicemen the source files that there are not there is only one outcome in a military aircraft there are systems on board the aircraft there will detect the launch of the missile and suggest that countermeasures or even automatically to record the missile countermeasures appropriate to the type of missile that's been launched at it equally but military aircraft of course it's very maneuverable and can take physical action as well as electronic another countermeasures and there are no gods come with that kit and certainly not standard equipment a civilian aircraft does not happen and limiting it to. subsume a system. that is way low has condemned the latest u.s. sanctions as a threat to security washington has blacklisted but as well as largest airline and threatens me restrictions on foreign firms who work in the country russia's foreign
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minister expressed solidarity with venezuela during a visit to caracas. we reiterate our solidarity towards venezuela and the venezuelan people in their fight against the united states we denounce all methods such as blackmail illegal sanctions and the attempts to dictate the will of the people as well as the interference in internal state matters. not in any one people there is no police here for imperialist illegal sanctions and military intervention we again reiterate that we seek peace and as well it can tolerate sanctions and black meal the latest round of u.s. sanctions target 40 aircraft of venezuela's national carrier comes on top of existing penalties on venezuelan state companies including the main oil company and the sanctions u.s. companies are barred from directly importing venezuelan crude and have seen financial transactions between the 2 countries severely restricted earlier this
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week the trump administration threatened to sanction companies whose activities helped the venezuelan government including russia's biggest oil producer rosneft meanwhile the venezuelan opposition leader one quiet day was warmly welcomed in washington on received fresh pledges of support in his so-called fight for democracy. of stay with you mr president in that fight here this evening so a very brave man. who carries with him the hopes dreams and aspirations of all venezuelans joining us in the gallery is the true illegitimate president of venezuela one boy duo. journalist paul dobson says washington resort washington is resorting to increasingly direct sanctions against key parts of the venezuelan economy. the sanctions we've seen applied by the united states over the last the last year essentially have been limited to
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direct sanctions there's been rhetoric or secondary sanctions on 3rd parties but at the moment this is only rhetoric it's not unsurprisingly it now targeted yet another state owned industry inverness way or they've targeted oil of gold and a range of other public industries so it's not unsurprising they're now targeting the aircraft as well yes and we've seen a very clear tendency of the last 12 months where one where their mouth is i've lost support for here in venezuela and internationally so i think this is one of the last card to washington has left to play in quite a tale we could see to receive in the way that donald trump did and to give him a standing ovation here sieved is clearly a publicist is done to try and boost his popularity very internationally and here in venice whaler. some of the u.k.'s 1st policy changes since leaving the e.u. are causing something of a stir in its former club the government says it wants to end the automatic early
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release from prison of terror offenders that's after sunday's attack in london led to people with stamps by a man released from prison just 10 days earlier currently convicted terrorists are up to automatic release after 7 holes their sentence that bush has proposed legislation could breach the european convention on human rights so london is considering withdrawing its membership however the european commission warns that could force it to end judicial cooperation the resist partnership should provide for automatic terminations of the law enforcement corp and judicial cooperation in criminal matters if the united kingdom were to denounce the european convention of human rights even more as from the english democrats party and human rights lawyer show up and current debate of the issue. it's a good idea to have a parole board that deals with each case individually in principle there's nothing wrong with that but if what the reports are suggesting are correct that mainly they
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want to change the potential released release date from a half of a sentence to 2 thirds and i think that's where the problem comes in well one of the things is a sentence in rules are completely to pot them and if somebody gets given a sentence 5 years than the years that should be let out early anyway then when the fault then you look at the parole and the suitable for release that this is a very very serious and complicated situation that calls for nuanced. periods of debate argument consideration not something that the government rushes through in a matter of weeks is a kneejerk reaction well it has to be at the moment because the government over the last few years of an absolutely nothing to address this problem and we do know that there is a number of potential of people in prison the moment. issues that are about to be released but these are people particularly when it if they're
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going to start applying it to people who are already been convicted already been sentenced already part of their sentence then it's unfair and potentially a breach of human rights potentially unlawful don't forget they violated people human rights to being there in the 1st place if they're still deemed as a safety risk then they should be let out in a way because. who is likely to attack all the people is a violation of those pedestrians and those individuals human rights as well in terms of what's been suggested about you know we just keep them up until we sure that there won't be a risk any more than we have sentences in the 1st place to me they should have been stripped away 5 years if they say 5 to 5 years and release and if not it has to be drawn quickly and it has to be told to make sure that london and all the parts of the u.k. safe. an opposition figure in nicaragua has claimed his party is getting direct support from the u.s. for a plan to bring down the country's left wing government threaten ino serato who leads
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the right wing pienaar de party made that revelation in a video live streamed on facebook. in recent days we met with political consultants from the us embassy and the european union they said they're ready to support a large political movement which is forming in nicaragua now. the u.s. has a long track record of intervention in nicaragua going back to the 1980 s. when cash was funneled to nicaraguan armed groups in the iran contra affair and in 2018 of a kragen president daniel ortega accused washington ever attempted coup that followed months of mass protests over social security reforms more than 300 people were killed and another 2000 injured in the crackdown that followed and or take her claims the unrest was orchestrated by washington will soon afterwards donald trump imposed sanctions on nicaragua. or washington describes or save his government as a regime and frequently pledge of support for opposition forces to the people of
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nicaragua. there will be an expiration date. for the ortega regime. the american people stand with you in your fight for freedom. and for the rule of law the united states urges the regime to resume dialogue with the opposition and restore democracy in the country the u.s. is taking action to restore democracy in the correct you are tragically the ortega regime continues to repress and abuse nick a regular and we will continue to hold them accountable the oriel river from the antiwar answer coalition says washington's pressure on ortega follows a long running pattern. the u.s. is trying now to spend more money to bring in a right wing extreme right wing event jealous girl leader this. child out in you got one and i think they're going to lose because
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a vast majority of people support the presidency of daniel ortega the u.s. is trying to polarize the situation and it's just following the playbook of the united states government most directly in recent years with one weibo in this well which is a complete failure for the u.s. and the u.s. threats against cuba now and they got out where the u.s. is interested in holding on to resources having political control in other continents from latin america to asia africa and beyond. sanctions on russian good sim post by the european union in 2015 could potentially be lifted by the u.k. as well as the country can create its breaks it trade negotiations that's according to the u.k. department for international trade transition reviews will assess whether the current measure is appropriate for the came markets and whether it should be very
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changed or terminated and thus euro products such as i mean for oil see miss pipes i and i'm still facings are among the items that could be removed from the restrictions list earlier the host of the r.t. show sputnik george galloway 2 and is in the studio where we asked him about the chances of british relations with russia improving post brecht's it. well objectively i mean logically the ought to britain has slipped its moorings in the e.u. and is setting still for the world russia's a major part of the world moscow's the biggest city in europe russia's the biggest country in europe it's one of the world's biggest economies logically britain ought to be looking for friends and ought to be looking therefore to thaw if not warm up its relations with russia and there are one or 2 straws in the wind that suggest that britain realizes that at the same time britain's under countervailing
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pressure from the united states. over the while we have other things. there's something to play for thanks to using r.t. international we're back with the headlines in just over 30 minutes. i walk through the streets of moscow now drew blood 100 people i was down the 8 of them would have the changes of leukemia in the blood that they don't have. because in order for them to have leukemia they need a d.n.a. changes they also need an environment that's receptive and one of the biggest areas of growth medicine in the future is be targeting. changing news so the cancer doesn't want to. happen the full interesting way to go through the food. bank itself
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mukti it on. closing this way got to dog so hard not to think of the mother disappeared this is the work of the hour and i don't miss our benefit because. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights his way to. the floor you can feel the feet out of his will to switch it up and it. will give it a lot of. what i think is this is the fund that is accompanied . thanks guys or financial survival does. when customers go by to reduce the price.
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in elf well reduce and lower. that's undercutting no what's good for markets it's not good for the global economy. thinking of getting a new home the ones we've got in our shoes no problem was i didn't know until he was trapped in this tiny little wired coach we don't need a crate with him he will just. freaking out and she will want to spray him anywhere near and thousands of breeding dogs are caged in in 2 main conditions on puppy farm i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in a cage outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you know the cold air the rain the snow the founder nothing they have no protection. to take care of you. know to get through kids. across the u.s. cruel puppy mills are supported by dog shows and pet stores most of the puppies that are coming from these large scale factory farming kind of operations are being
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sold in stores even joined a group businesses are involved like agoa mom santa there has been a shocking amount of organized opposition to adverts to increase the standards of care for dogs bred in commercial rating for so many most of that opposition is coming from huge agricultural groups and industries that have nothing to do with jobs don't buy dog on o.t. . donald trump might appear showy and shallow but he has once again defied his critics this time by securing his impeachment acquittal what is it about the 45th president of the united states that makes people love and hate him so much. copper prices telling us about globalization the dollar is asian depopulation most
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of the big same the market tells us the cycles of the markets are telling us something that you don't hear in mainstream media and that's always been the case since markets were invented it's always price precedes move. it's. just. this think when they're going to which a kid like it doesn't feel like you know say as if the rules are simple and short the impulse opus of it that the only. just to let. me just go out of the media. if i throw in the whistle somebody thought it will be myself lifting you know let them you know i still just a little bit of this out of like you may know he is out of this.
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