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tv   News  RT  February 8, 2020 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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community introduce little future leaders. 'd bad lines an artsy manhunt is underway for a mass shooter in thailand who killed at least 20 people that is police storm a shopping center to rescue hostage it's. a british couple accused of crossing them in the murder of their adopted son in india will free for now the u.k. high court has brought a tradition citing human rights concerns and french regulates 25 year old fine on apple for making its software updates slow down older versions of its i 5.
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there is midnight here in moscow you're watching our international news just in from thailand because in the past hour police have managed to corner a soldier who killed 20 people and if gunmen managed to flee the scene injuring 2 bystanders in the process according to local reports so a large scale manhunt is still ongoing on late saturday afternoon a junior officer killed his commanding officer at a military camp before storming the terminal 21 shopping center in the thai capital the gunman was active on social media throughout the shooting posting disturbing videos which were shared online before his accounts were closed this is the moment terrified shoppers managed to escape. the morning. i heard gunshots.
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try to stay calm the authorities will come and help you stay calm. i'm worried about you very much i'm outside the fortune building and i'm giving information to the authorities. you're trying to save your phone battery ok and take pictures and post them on facebook. the girlfriend saying she heard gunshots she told me there were gunshots. at the words you tell her i told her to calm down that the authorities are coming that's all i can do the perpetrator has a heavy weapon as far as i know. well this is what we know about the gunman so far he's been identified as a junior officer in the thai army the suspect is believed to have shot dead a senior officer and see where the soldier is inside a military base 1st before allegedly stealing military equipment and hijacking a humvee the gunman then went on to open fire at several locations including
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a buddhist temple and then the shopping mall political commentator on the revolt checks as though the shooting does come on the back of growing social unrest in the country. island has one of the all very high homo side parades it has higher homo save 3 per capita than the united states and lately there is a huge tension there is a social dimension in thailand the income disparity stream and the price is sort of very high tide bought. realistically high as well which makes it very difficult for tens of millions of thais to actually sort of buy and so in this very common now to see that. under the surface of politeness and the smiles there is a lot of anger and frustration so anything can trigger the only thing going through a good reaction from the from the people. here to be able to talk about the
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about the soldier or both. you know a person who has access to guns this is. dangerous. cocktail if you wish. the final result from the borscht i were democratic primary still remains on play it despite all of the results or the results now being the party state officials to spend the week trying to verify the think is following a technical glitch and if they voting app many question had the chaos was allowed to happen the news meant of donald trump. democrats don't know what the hell they're doing. and they can't carry out simple votes but they want to fix your healthcare system. if you can. when questions are raised over any election results in the us they are soon
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followed by pledges it will be sorted quickly but it's kind of more pain now explains when it happens in other countries washington washington's reaction can be very different. often the way we interpret events can be very subjective if something happens to someone else we see it one way but it happens to us we see it very differently let's compare the electoral confusion in bolivia last october to the electoral confusion in the us state of iowa last week and both situations and election took place and the results were delayed and then authorities said that some irregularities that happened throughout the collection of records over results the i would democratic party identified in consistencies in the data and used the redundant paper records to probably correct those errors there was intentional manipulation and serious irregularities the make it impossible to validate the results originally issued by the bolivian electoral dorsey's in both instances the
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public spoke up and cried foul folks i don't know what is going on with the iowa democratic party and the slow trickle of results how many of the counties are having their results foolishly reported by the i.d.p. every county needs to release the results now the iowa caucus was rigged by mayor cheap eat pasta don't. you. think. and in both instances the authorities agreed and said that the concerns had to be addressed what happened in iowa was unacceptable and the party chair as acknowledged that his. apologize for that and we've worked together over the last few days to fix the challenges to see the i have decided 1st to replace every member of the supremum like total tribunal and 2nd to hold national elections to allow the bolivian people to democratically elect a new government with new political activists except the similarities stop here in
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iowa a recount is being conducted to make sure the ultimate results are correct and in bolivia the military toppled the government and a woman who wasn't even a candidate in the election has declared herself to be the new leader. i see in the presidency with the middle of the fact in line with the constitution and pres to take all measures necessary to bring peace to the country. while many have declared what happened in bolivia to be a military coup the u.s. secretary of state branded it as a transition to democracy we recognize the importance of believe us political transition to democracy in our hemisphere and we had minor the believe in people for standing up for their constitution their democracy and for free fair and transparent elections after morale is flat things have been pretty messy and bolivia one more resigning so that my opponents do not continue to persecute more socialist brothers.
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i'm wondering if they were going to say she american states as they were said in an election i want you to figure out what's what's going on where you know it's clear that in the case of bolivia. the cleaning of the let's talk discrepancies to justify any campaign to demonize this and then ultimately to overthrow him when you said why did he go against. you because he pursued policies that will object to us on. alecia region so the difference is that in the case of in the case of io while the presumption is it's just a technical problem or there's nothing sinister going on whereas in the case of the government that's our side with washington. difference. so if
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a us state has some electoral confusion we'll look into the matter and get it straightened out however if a socialist government that is friendly to russia and china has a mix up at the polls it's time to reduce the country to chaos caleb r.t. new york. the president of the philippines ricotta to a is planning to rip up a longstanding military pact with the united states that after washington cancelled a tourist visa issued to one of his close political allies who has been in charge of the country's tough crackdown on illegal drugs washington said that the visa had been revoked because the crackdown it strengthened and that human rights were being violated but it was quick to make his feelings known. see above all. been there love but go on the move i am wondering you know this is the 1st time. being when you know. you know.
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why are you it better than man made debris says. visiting a good woman. couple so well the so-called visiting forces agreement has been in place since 999 it provides a framework for u.s. troops coming to the philippines for joint training exercises and if it is cancelled it will affects more than $300.00 military personnel we spoke to political scientists from foreign affairs and this pretty tape davian about the impact this could. hear the president very easy really angry at the united states not only because of the travel ban or visa restrictions imposed on. lights but there are concerns that the united states might actually move forward. and other kinds of sanctions against the president himself down the road especially when he's out there already going to step down politically through so i think there was some complacency on the part of united states. indeed taken out that means the end of
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significant amount of american military to the philippines which amounted to $1800000000.00 or possibly decades and it's going to make it very difficult operation of allies because that be a base the software that allows the operationalization the hardware lines like the . britons at the center another extradition scandal because the high costs night the indian government's request to extradite a couple accused of arranging the murder of their adopted son the decision based on concern over a possible violation of their human rights in india has seen the couple walk free they deny the allegations but more on the story his shadi at woodstock. the old saying goes that no one is above the law but it seems that some people aren't subject to either a british couple adopted an 11 year old orphan boy in india and promised him
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a better life but now they're charged with the ranging his all for a lump sum of life insurance payout. indian place have been battling for over 2 years to get their hands on the couple but to no avail and now british high court judges have ruled they can't be extradited but not because the evidence against them isn't strong enough i find very circumstantial primary case that ms dear mr a jogger acted together and with others committed the offense and. despite all this the u.k. won't send the juror back why well because of one crucial piece of engine at a sleigh sion that means the package face a sentence of life without parole if convicted of double murder in the country which the united kingdom says would breach the human rights. i find that there are
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substantial grounds for believing that they would face a real risk of been subjected to treatment like a review of a life sentence which would be inhuman and degrading this would be a breach of article 3 the court's decision falls within the european convention on human rights but the ruling is raising concerns here in britain do we really want suspected child killers roaming the streets of london this is an absolutely crime and i think many people would agree there needs to be the harshest of sentences if they are found guilty it is up to the indian legal system to decide on the appropriate penalty and we should not be standing in the way of justice being served for the victims but the decision to keep criminals here in the u.k. raises alarm bells as the concept of human rights even for those abusing them seems to provide a quick get out of jail free card the fact is here justice has been denied to the indian people but the process of a trial has been prevented because of the european human rights legislation when we're saying that they can't even stand trial because the possibility that they
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will receive what is called an irreducible life sentence in india means that the possible sentence violates their human rights what the british government is saying is that there is no assurance in place that these 2 people will not be treated in the same way as they would have been had they been arrested in india what we are saying to the indian government and to the good right your parties is that your criminal justice system simply isn't good enough to try our citizens for was an incredibly serious offense indian people cannot hold people to account under the terms of the justice system without the european and british courts saying you're justice isn't isn't good enough i think these cases show is that actually what it does is it creates a difference in treatment between european citizens and the rest of the world. french regulators have taken a 25000000 euro bite out of apple they find it after users revealed some of its software updates were actually slowing down older versions of its i phone the
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country's competition and. fraud watchdog says that i phone owners weren't told installing updates were likely to lead to a slower device it also ruled that apple is guilty of misleading commercial practice by capping the performance of older models whose aging batteries couldn't handle surges in energy use well apple has admitted to failing to inform customers that they could simply replace their battery instead of buying a new device and also didn't inform them that the updates could also be reversed although apple has agreed to pay the fine it does claim that they weren't trying to make people upgrade to new things well we now know in black and white apple business model i got halfway through this story and my phone died i'd love to see that fine passed on to consumers i refurbished my battery last year which means 0 difference to performance outrageous
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technology expert bill me though believes the real damage won't be to apple's pocket. i think the main damage to apple in this particular instance was the damage to its reputation when this story 1st came out back in 2017 and there was a book that will fall more than a find that is equivalent to only about 55 billions of revenue for the for these coins are not actually going to make a great deal of difference what we need to do is to ensure that there are laws put in place such as the right sort of laws are coming through good help people who actually have to upgrade their phones have to replace components and hopefully that'll mean at the end of the day we're all getting better value i would like to see the battery prices going down i'd like to see that price was going but this is a competitive market and in our book and jobs that royce and people are willing to pay then that's the state of the market. there's
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a closed hearing taking place at the moment against a private security company spying against the sonship a spanish court is deciding if the firm violated the privacy of the wiki leaks publisher spanish company you see global was hired to protect the ecuadorian embassy in london while the science was living there and last summer recordings of the silence from inside the embassy were leaked online and allegations of a marriage to the company might have shared surveillance with the cia well so far the u.s. intelligence agency and the ecuadorian embassy officials have declined to comment and the director of e.c. global does say that all information regarding the case is confidential but we have been in touch with a junior scientist lawyer who has been attending the trial he claims the company shared thousands of documents with the cia. exists only when there is a large amount of evidence related to the work that the u.c. global company carried out while providing security services. embassy companies
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e-mails indicate priority goals including mr assad his lawyers his doctors and ecuadorian diplomats themselves there's also evidence that they gave the gathered information to u.s. intelligence these are hundreds if not thousands of images of. documents on the visits of mr photos visas entry and exit stamps they also installed bugs inside the embassy one of them was placed on a fire extinguisher in the meeting room this listening device recorded many hours of mr sanders meetings which led to reinforce the case mr sloan suspected that they were spying on him and started holding his meetings at the back of the building in the female restroom as soon as they discovered it they installed the microphones there. during the standard was arrested in london in april last year and served a sentence for skip. back in 2012 he's still though being held in british jail
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pending a hearing on extradition to the us where he does face espionage and computer hacking charges which focus on the publication by wiki leaks of thousands of classified military files and 2010 including this incriminating video of american troops in action in iraq if convicted a sanch could get up to 175 years in prison or the final stage of his extradition trial has been pushed back to may mean minus signs does remain in belmarsh prison sanj was only recently moved from solitary confinement there after repeated appeals by his legal team citing poor health he still faces tight restrictions on visits to while his lawyers say that they've actually found it difficult to meet their client in an open letter last month dozens of leading medical experts warned the u.k. government that the wiki leaks co-founder could die in prison we discuss the issue further with his lawyer. so instead i don't in this prison he's been kept in very
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severe conditions during the day he spent little time outside his cell which he is practically in isolation all these words from his state of health recently the un special rapporteur on top drug mr mills most visited mr sands with a team of doctors and found that such a situation considering his health could be described by legal authorities as torture is. now a night of the u.k.'s exit from the european union the french president has called for a more coordinated defense strategy in which france the blocks only post breaks in nuclear power would hold a central role menu matt crumb said europe pains cannot confine themselves to the task of spectators anymore and shouldn't be controlled by america. a pretty little amount of the collapse of the i.n.f. treaty france hopes for more inclusive talks in which europe's voice and interests are taken into account in talks on
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a new instrument to assure strategic stability on our continent if it's blocked by some we won't stand still europeans cannot confine themselves to the role of spectator to build the europe of tomorrow can't be under american control in his speech micron's said renewing arms control needs to be put back on the global agenda but he didn't rule out any thorough cuts to france's nuclear arsenal the country has previously reduced its warheads to less than 300 but despite that it's spending 37000000000 euros modernizing its arsenal between now and 2025 background speech comes at a time when longstanding accords on limiting the growth of nuclear arsenals appear increasingly at risk with the me in the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty having recently been killed off signed by the us in the soviet union back in 1987 it banned some shorter range and intermediate range missiles by. it did collapse on
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august the 2nd last year when the u.s. quit the treaty and then russia followed suit professor and political commentator john big brick wall believes europe doesn't need to the u.s. to play a key role in nuclear defenses but the you has no means of pressuring washington. but the whole of the americans in english and how lol but good to see what does it mean to do i'm still close with the americans were a little means of pushing on the un and the only means of pleasure that you having to do would be to leave lyndall and they'd let them do with the world if you don't want to intervene go to the new law medium and it's as simple as no immigrants i'm not here if you're working for us who did. it with those with a dog you need a defense because nobody's are thinking that the french army does it because they were all going to a doctor in germany. will be a mass brought in a village in kazakstan has left 8 people dead and dozens injured police arrested 47
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and seized 2 hunting rifles the fight ended up with a number of houses and cars being torched the motive of the arrest is not yet. the still no relief to huge bushfires raging in australia aerial footage here captured a wall of smoke filling the sky in the southeastern state of victoria on saturday at least 31 people have been killed since the fires 1st began in september along with an estimated 1000000000 animals around 10000000 hectares of land has been burnt and in germany demonstrators took to the streets of munster angered that the alternative for germany party was holding its new congress protesters chanted slogans one thing if the member says nazis and waving and beating flags the congress came just 2 days after nationwide at rage over a deal struck between the f.t. and the ruling social democrats over a key regional prime minister since stepped down. in the wake of the.
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finally news of a special arrival because i often sail is being nursed back to health incent petersburg after being discovered on the shores of the blacks the baltic sea is believed because and yet she's now being called lost her mother in a storm but we are pleased to say she's making good progress. you're watching r.t. don't forget we've got plenty of stories to you on our website as usual he can find
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that at our to talk. the russian state television propaganda machine propaganda outlet propaganda tools we are in an information war. that can change the world tomorrow. we send out you tube videos the sleepless night shift today is the longest network. pressure brushes russia russia and russia say. feel the fear that they will actually use russia to live and i really have to join you to see you then on r g. 4
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are so proud and still. are just getting the number. why have you not shut down our t.v. on you tube it's a propaganda machine mr walker. financial survival guide. i'm on a few. weeks i saw some of my eggs from the fisher price car wash kaiser.
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the night is becoming fewer americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents i'd like to start off tonight by playing a little footage from donald trump's state of the view.
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i thought he did pretty well. and now i'd like to play a portion of the vote this week on donald trump's impeachment. and finally. some footage from this week's iowa caucuses. i thought they went well. but for the moment i want to focus on the state of the union as you can imagine it was filled with honesty and truth that gum drops in lollipops. very incredibly the average unemployment rate under my administration is lower than any administration in the history of our country. actually actually that may honestly be true if you count the crappy crappy truly
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crappy things most of us are forced to do to survive as jobs. i mean look at me of course ok tedi so. much of this employment boom has been in the service sector doing things like delivering pizzas or driving or not actual careers are works of passion and people doing those jobs don't earn. and. mit study found that hoover drivers often make below minimum wage and large a large percent of them actually lose money plus a new analysis shows that door dash drivers make an average of a $1.45 an hour these people don't realize they're getting screwed because they aren't accounting for the wear and tear on their vehicle or their insurance cost or the cost of steam cleaning a 1000 coronavirus farts out of their backseat. not cheap so trump gets to run
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around go and look at allo one employment is when he should really be saying look at how effectively we've exploited these workers isn't it thrilling. despite trump's lies the people of america are not doing well the un special rapporteur on extreme poverty toward our fine country a couple of years ago and found us inequality levels are far higher than those in most european countries americans can expect to live shorter and sicker lives and my favorite stat it has been estimated that 12000000 americans live with a neglected parasitic infection of trust fund didn't find a chance fit that into the state of the union you know. just after giving the presidential medal of freedom to rush limbaugh he couldn't stand.


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