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we need to keep you healthy to keep me informed or to keep me you know connected and i missed it so we will live in an area of the post screen area where we will live less and all the screens and it will be more in harmony or it will help us make. the talk about nearer moscow in the headlines for you tonight from russia calls for calm as several countries witness a wave of panic buying but shoppers stocking up on essential in anticipation of a worsening to cope with 19 epidemic plus. freedom to tell the people. because divorce led to stop these in the e.u. accusing turkey of weaponized in refugee flows as the plot bolster security at the great border leaving tens of thousands of migrants stuck in no man's land. to whistle blows confronting the world chemical weapons watchdog demanding a fair hearing after breaking ranks disagree with the organization's findings about
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an attack in syria in 2080. why would a pair of the top inspection team leaders both with impeccable record both fields eventually from the west a group background who have never set a foot wrong suddenly go rogue. all over everything one is kevin i mean it's friday evening 6 of march here in moscow welcome to the latest from the international world newsroom starting with more on corona virus unfortunately the number of new covert 19 cases around the world has now been logged to have passed 100000 this friday with several countries detecting the corona virus for the 1st time the picture as it stands here in russia at the moment where 13 cases have been recorded is that medical services are now in a state of high alert and the messages out to people arriving from the worst hit nations. being structed noticed when i come back to russia for 2 weeks with fears
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of a pandemic growing then shoppers worldwide are starting to panic buy is the rush to stock up on essential. strips there is a strong is prepared for a pandemic take a look at this we went out to take a look for ourselves yesterday and there wasn't a toilet roll inside every panic something that's happening all over the country the great soil of paper pad it is in full cry shoppers swarming stores and clearing selves unstable chords as coronavirus called well want to strike the newspaper evil of data of its pages empty suggesting its readers use them if push comes to shove as an alternative to toilet paper with more of the supermarket onslaught around the world peter all of a next. it's called comes to cough and in german literally translates as hamster buying but it doesn't mean that people here were leaning across the federal
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republic of being stocking up on adorable furry friends it means they've been panicked by essentially in fear that the coronavirus empty shelves in supermarkets across berlin have become a common sight people for fresh fruit and vege as well as nonperishable goods like past rice toilet paper hygiene products and the basics have been flying off the shelves as people prepare for potential self isolation as the code 90 crisis spreads around the world while emergency testing tents of being set up at hospitals to identify those with the virus the german government has been giving its assessments of the current situation or sticking it to the means you know china's corona virus outbreak has become a global pandemic is always a question of finding the right balance on the one hand between the restrictions necessary to contain the virus and on the other enabling every day life to continue was clear. is that we have not yet reached the peak of the outbreak it's not just
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the muse systems that the virus has been attacking the economy is also taking a real pounding the german airline lefthander has canceled hundreds of flights with around 150 aircraft carrier grounded the german economy one of the most robust in europe is facing the real possibility of sliding into recession we asked people here on the streets of pearlie whether they are afraid of the virus wide of an issue and the one that the supermarkets have been plundered and you take what you can carry more did serve something at home as a fat ass i will wait where they it is important not to be so hysterical fabric that is their crazy i mean once you have a small staggered home which would last for 14 days as supply in some food and food is all right but they were familiar i think it's massively exaggerated i'm not doing penny buying and doing my usual grocery shopping it would be nice if others
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who did the same then you would not need to drive to multiple stores you might be the new one that there is an epidemic many people die every year and now we have this corona virus there so it's absolutely sickening in a silly which is being the hardest hit in europe all schools and universities have been closed for 2 weeks in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus panic buying is also being seen in the united kingdom where there's also huge economic concerns over the impact in a nation with a poultry system of sick pay compared to other european countries it could see some force to survive on just over 100 year old we the reality is we don't know what is going to happen next with this new virus the best advice we have is to avoid panicking practice good hand washing hygiene and avoid touching bases before all of us are see. indeed and of course for various reasons some countries worsen. back to
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the now there's case in point a rand has been scrambling to contain the virus saying friday no it limits travel between cities as the number of cases there surged to over 3500 at least $107.00 people have died in the country including advisers to the supreme leader in the foreign minister with the islamic republic's health care system buckling under the strain of the crisis right now stepping in as a knight in shining armor may be the us president has said that washington is willing to come to toronto assistance but that didn't go down well in terror. if we can help the iranians with this problem we are certainly willing to do so we would love to be able to help them and all they have to do is ask we will have great professionals over there we have the best of the world if that's the truth that at least leave the medicine sanctions that is the 1st step so we have done the iranian nation wrong and we apologize no 1st step is to release banking transactions to purchase medicine do we have the medicine and to ship medicines and food. humanitarian goods including medical supplies are officially exempt from the united
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states sanctions against iran but crucially other financial restrictions including those that target a country's banks what part of the problem is impeding terrans ability to import vital medication the sanctions have for instance lead to shortages of drugs to treat cancer in epilepsy now there are some in the u.s. establishment all that said who've been pushing for even tougher measures even now where there's a caveat to it i'll tell you but the 2nd case in point is the advocacy group united against nuclear iran which is spearheaded by former u.s. government officials including the tories the hawkish john bolton prior to the corona virus outbreak it had been pressuring big pharmaceutical suitable companies to stop trading with to run the cover talked about it's changed a bit since now is saying that the humanitarian needs of the iranian people must be met professor mohammad marandi from the university of toronto has just how detrimental these existing sanctions are being. the americans have been forcing
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companies across the world not to cooperate with iran it's not just the banking sector the banking sector does not allow any medicine to be purchase through the net world but not only are they blocking bad but they're also imposing conditions on pharmaceutical companies that are so tough that in reality no one will work with iran so they're americans through the sanctions have killed the iranians and right now they are impeding iran's battle against the coronavirus we'll keep track of it i promise you the next though foreign ministers from across the e.u. of thrown their full support behind greece on friday after meeting for a 2nd day to discuss the escalating refugee crisis and its border with turkey. clashes continuing there along the frontier under a heavy haze of tear gas with greek police repairing masses of asylum seekers
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trying their best to get into europe and some safety as they see it tens of thousands of refugees have been gathering along the borders into turkey said last week it would no longer on or a 2060 migration deal breaking down and latest developments reporting from there all week for you charlotte dubinsky again tonight. well chiefs have said they won't be pressurised foreign ministers were meeting on friday to discuss the situation here on the border between greece and turkey amid fresh tensions as you can see some of the army vehicles leading the border area now and this is both sides have been accusing the other of using tear gas we've had images from the greek side that they say shows turkish c.s. gas being deployed into no man's land and into their territory and what they described as being a series of coordinated attacks they've also provided us with images which show c.s. gas canisters that they say they were able to lay to retrieve which have markings on them now they have also been reports that the. military and the police force are
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aiding the migrants to try and cross into greek territory in fact some are even accusing them of trying to jewel means using violence to demand access to not just greece but the e.u. but those are of course unconfirmed reports now the e.u. foreign affairs minister has been defiant about the situation and has said that the borders will remain closed. critical situations. people have to. be don't have to tell the people. and people. well turkey has said it borders will remain open they have been open now for a round a week and we know that camps are forming on the other side on the turkish side as
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migrants come close to the border in the hope of getting into the e.u. . right now. amid these skirmishes between the 2 sides we know that turkey is now reinforcing its security forces on the border. $40000.00 special forces offices are being deployed to the merrick river on the border fully equipped to event people being pushed back now i just want to give you a sense of how many people have tried to get through. being of people trying to get through in the last week we're talking 203040000 attempts in the 12 hours between thursday evening and friday morning they were just under 3000 attempts actually down from the night before when there was some 7000 attempts for people to get through the border now turkey has said this is syrians who are waiting to try
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and cross into the e.u. 3 says that's not true in fact they've given the statistics that show all of the around 250 people that have been arrested in the last week the majority were from afghanistan some 64 percent they said in regard to syrian suit being arrested it so far only 4 percent but the feeling here in greece is one of defiance we know that they're also trying to extend the fence the physical fence between turkey and greece extending it from around 12 and a half kilometers up to 40 kilometers and in fact we've seen new barbed wire fencing passing us it stands defiant and has the e.u. to back it the message to migrants is you shall not pass. ski ossie casting yes on the greek turkish border one political analyst told us that greece has no choice but to defend its borders as europe's not providing adequate support no. degree.
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you have exams now we are for. my. zone between greece and turkey. 500000 more and the person who people who are being applied i don't see what else but your mother could reveal myself. during the previous refugee crisis. system you're actually close though because this might be part of this were destroyed. but europe isn't willing to for some kind of solution because it's afraid to. use. the issue as a person born in the against e.u. and it's governments. she was supposed have struck back at the world chemical weapons watchdog issuing responses to an earlier inquiry by the o p c
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w the organization previously said the parent go rogue after they publicly criticize its conclusions about an alleged chemical attack in duma syria 2 years ago they now want a scientific hearing then and in a letter to the director general make use the watchdog of ignoring them. inspect to be annoyed tried on many occasions to meet with you you may also know or perhaps not that these requests were all denied the reason given by a senior official was it's my role to protect the director general you will never get to speak with him and if you try to go around me to get him there will be consequences letters to the director of the global chemical weapons watchdog courtesy of the gray zone project there the latest development in a ping pong exchange of correspondence between david and goliath whistleblowers and the o.p.c. w. inspector a ny have tried to resolve our concerns with you in private however this saga has unfortunately escalated to a point where we are now publicly portrayed as adversaries inspectors are now being
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smeared as the into this is of these values for nothing more than daring to speak out the smearing started back in february with a report in response to what the organization called a breach of confidentiality leaks that casts doubt on the o.p.c. w.'s conclusions about duma they said the gas cylinders were likely place there rather than dropped from an aircraft and that one area was likely not even subjected to a chemical attack but the report barely even touched on any of that the authors were too busy trying to tear the whistleblowers inspectors a and b. to pieces inspectors a and b. are not whistleblowers they're individuals who could not accept that their views were not backed by evidence their behaviors even more egregious as they had manifestly incomplete information about the doom and vesta gave their conclusions were erroneous on informed rhone erroneous uninformed that doesn't seem very becoming for 2 guys who are apparently the inspection team leaders why would
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a pair of the top inspection team leaders both with impeccable record both incidentally from the west and group background who have never set a foot wrong suddenly go rogue did these old circumstances not ring some warning bells they sure are confident in their qualification. but it goes farther than that inspectors a and b. categorically rejects one of the o.p.c. w.'s biggest claims against them that they had pretty much nothing to do with the investigation and no access to important information when i joined the team shortly after the start of the deployments to do inspect to be and i continued playing a central role in the overall investigation the final report didn't exactly benefit from the editorial turnaround information was slashed details removed and facts don't explain why it's not like the inspectors didn't try to get answers to their questions before pressing the big red leak button something had gone wrong inside the open c.w. sir and we wanted you to know it's that simple they even think there might have
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been a bit of deception at play the investigation was conducted by a british investigator and a lawyer from the us. the activities of the fact finding mission were managed by o. chief of cabinet from france whose views are echoed in both the narratives does it not strike you was somewhat biased in that the 3 individuals represent the 3 defendants the 3 countries who were responsible for the missile strikes in response to the allegation of a chemical attack in duma and o.p.c. w a leak and some back and forth later there are still so many questions and few answers as to what really happened don't quarter there we asked the o.p.c. w. for its response to the claims in the meantime we spoke to the former f.b.i. agent a whistleblower colin rowley suspects this may come play at the open c.w. . the allegation and accusation that these 2 inspectors who were amongst the top experts they were the 1st hand investigators that actually
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examined the evidence the l a geisha that they went rogue makes no sense at all and again given that they were amongst the top professionals in it with the expertise in engineering and in chemical weapons these were the top people so it really is really defies our believe ability that they would have gone rogue they asked their close to retire you know they have done a many many years of faithful service to the o.p.c. w. they believe in the mission of truth in times of war truth becomes the 1st casualty and syria is no different at this point it would have to be one side is not telling the truth here and the entity that changed conclusions of reports would be the suspected entity that is not telling the truth. do it now thousands of spanish students have been rallying in central madrid to promote women's rights and to condemn controversial education proposals put forward
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by the far right vox party the demonstrators marched peacefully enough through the capital's busiest streets trying to see from around the city they chanted from and the slogans and carried banners did not see any so for their own food. under the box parties plan the parents would have to give express permission for their children to participate in school workshops perceived as ideological that would include classes covering sex education gender and other issues like climate change also for the proposals only been implemented in the region of mercia but while its introduction there's been condemned by the national government seems the local authorities are refusing to repeal the measure. well not good because it says the government does not believe in what we believe in namely the freedom of fathers and mothers homophobic family does not have the right to make their children from afar because well parental authority cannot be confused with property. the question or
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veil g.b.t. education in schools has also ignited furious debate in the u.k. 2 where. relationship classes will become compulsory that triggered protests and when parents take leave from religious communities let's talk about this at length she was delighted to say we've got the leading human rights campaign of peter tatchell and also michael phillips from the christian conservatives the group with us tonight thrush this one through peter i think i'm going to start with you 1st come ashore you're a very much wanted to have your say should religious beliefs be or is respected he should have the parents have the final say on what their children told in school what they're educated about i think i know where you stand on this but let us know . well i think it's absolutely right that parents do have a right to teach their own children according to their beliefs but the education system has a responsibility to give children a comprehensive education and to give them information to safeguard their health and welfare and certainly we know that in many countries there are far too high
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a level of teenage pregnancies fortune's and section infections including hiv so is the role of the schools to give young people the education to help protect themselves and keep themselves safe the argument is where the law is right or denied them i suppose the argued is where is the law you know i don't know how comprehensive in education we're just stop how much you talk about is the argument isn't it. well everything is necessary to protect people's health and welfare must be the responsibility of the schools if parents disagree of course they have a right to say that say that in the home but i don't think it is proper and right for parents to say that they should be able to veto their children's education in certain subjects we don't give parents a veto over lots of things you know they're not allowed in many countries to smack their children they're not allowed to neglect. there are rules and regulations
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governing parents and how they treat their children and i think education is one where parents should not be able to stop children my clothing and they just very quickly is there a lower age limit do you think that this should not be taught you know where would you introduce this 789-1011. would of course these classes and educations ranges a whole vast range of issues young people are taught about the different races in our society the different faith groups the different people with disabilities. in an inclusive society we need children to understand that not everyone's the same people are different and they need to respect that different they don't have to agree with it they have to treat others with respect and i think that just as we have classes in england and the other countries about racial equality it's quite right that we talk about women's rights the right to build to be plus all over and the disabled let's put this to michael michael as long as he's close is
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a thoughtfully and they're not indoctrinating children what what's the problem here . well the difficulty is what peter had to say that ultimately it is parents who give the right to the states in order to educate their children parents have the absolute right in this country to home educate and if they so choose to they can put them into state school they can put them into private school and that is a right which is in shrine in the european convention of human rights which was incorporated into law in this country where the human rights the primary responsibility in fact rest for the parents and parents do have the right to opt out of sex education and i think the difficulty has been this is that ever since we have seen the introduction of sex education in this country as something which is compulsory since $173.00 unfortunately there has been an unmitigated disaster which has happened in this country we have seen as t.d.'s and teenagers and young people go up and we see abortion go up we've seen all social indicators of things that happen to young people have risen in relation to sexual matters and that is
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unfortunately a direct consequence of your body what do we help you need to live by because acting yourself having sex and stuff surely that is going to have that effect s t d's are going to spread except for except for this ignorance as was the counter argument what we say don't tell kids how to protect themselves you're going to get these problems no but what we have seen is this is it's been far too much far too early and so we had virtually no s.t.d. is amongst young people in the late sixty's and seventy's and now 50 percent of all infections of sexually transmitted disease are young people so the problem is this is there in theory you know you could it is of course it's right to teach children about relationships and then they say it's about as we talk about others and bisexual being gay just in case your your child is born like that. we don't take the role that they view that they choose that that they're born like that what is the right age in a supportive parents teach that. well i think for the last 2000 years we've been trusted parents to be the best people to know about their own children and by and
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large parents generally do an extremely good job. and so therefore you know to say that the state must come in and muscle in an area which parent to be doing extremely well for thousands of years is just simply it's not good so what we need is this is that we need to have education and we found and in fact studies have shown that the best for the relationship education and sex education is very often those programs which promote abstinence and waiting for the right person waiting for the white right relationship which is ultimately what we would say is based upon christian values of love. for one another and love loving other people more than ourselves and then that way when we do those things then we then we create a good and healthy society if everybody abate or abide by what the on the bible says in terms of sexual ethics then the problems that we're seeing at the moment will almost certainly disappear it sounds quite idealistic peter what do you think about this is that should does it work this is been practiced for for decades for
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millennia yeah the parents know best. tell your kids what they don't need to know before the need to know what you think about. well the surveys here in britain revealed that a majority of parents do not feel competent and comfortable with talking about sex and relationships with their children majority of parents think it is the responsibility of the schools to do that they are happy and content for that and if you look around the world in every country where there are repressive anti sex walls and low quality sex and leisure budget cation the levels of teenage pregnancies and abortions are much much higher than in countries where there is good sex education for. example in the netherlands had a really big problem with teenage pregnancies in abortions and section infections about 30 or more years ago they decide to tackle it by giving early good quality
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relationship and 6 education schools. and as a result the levels of those teenage pregnancies abortions way way way down and the same with sexual infections and we see it here in britain schools that in advance of the distillation do have high quality early sex relationship bridge occasion they have fewer teenage pregnancies they have a better acceptance understanding of pupils who are. and they also have lower rates of hiv another section infections so it is proven throughout the world that early good quality age appropriate relationships extrication does actually work how you can argue against peter and of course you could say is the thing of the words if you've got parents to say why don't my children school to be told about sex education maybe other areas of the curriculum they don't like either where they draw the line maybe they don't to be taught but science where they were able to meet together i mean where do you draw the line is it fit the way.
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i think just a really. yes in response to what peter's had to say you know just a responsible people have to say is that in theory what peter says you know sounds pretty good but but the reality is this is the evidence that was recently presented to the premier of ontario in canada and they evaluated the programs that they had in canada which is a pretty mature and civilized society and they looked across america as well but they found that the programs which encourage more knowledge and more explicit knowledge were completely and utterly counterproductive whereas those which encouraged abstinence and people waiting so that they you know that they engage in sexual activity when they're ready and mature those were the ones those were the programs which were seen to be the best for teenagers and lowered rates of sexually transmitted disease teenage abortions and pregnancies and so on and that is what we should be aiming towards those kinds of programs which which encourage things which are good sexual activity is good within
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a context within what we would suggest with it within a committed lifelong relationship which is called marriage and so when that happens and it's not to condemn people who have done other things but what it is is to encourage the very best because that is what is good and proper for teenagers and roles for society as a whole and it has done this country well for thousands of years. well let's. under pressure from christian groups uganda a long time ago abandoned sex education and went for abstinence only to discourage young people having sex the end result was increased teenage pregnancies and rocketing levels of hiv it is clear that in countries where this education is not provided the risk to young people is much much greater now i say that absolutely the bottom line is we must interest the welfare and the health of young people 1st
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that is the number one priority and nothing must be allowed to stand in the way. that quite clearly we have a dispute over the facts and the information in the research but i would not be saying this if i did not believe most sincerely that this education from an early age age appropriate good quality does really work i might be interested in schools talking in schools in the last couple of weeks and they all say that since they introduced the education programs things have got much better but i'm just listening to what the teachers and the people say you are going to say michael last 20 seconds with you yeah you know the kids welfare no matter what you may think about ideology ideologically must come 1st their mental health the mental welfare the way they grow up must be protected 1st no. entirely agree with i mean the thing is this is the comparing what happened to this country you counter is comparing apples and pears completely inappropriate comparison i would suggest what has happened and the.


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