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tv   News  RT  March 11, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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compound interest as all. 2 americans and one british soldier are reportedly killed in a rocket attack on a coalition base in iraq but many others are left winded. and other news this hour as the coronavirus takes hold around the globe the world health organization that labels the outbreak as a pandemic. and in the latest of what appear to be politically motivated attacks and germany the car of a right wing a prominent politician is torched in berlin. whenever the car set on fire or. the. attacked you can be sure this is an attack against.
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watching r t international bring you your live news update 5 confirmed more than 15 rockets have hit a base housing american military personnel near baghdad for their report citing u.s. officials claim to american soldiers and one british servicemen were killed an investigation has been long and the attack is the latest on u.s. and coalition facilities in iraq will be crossing live to our correspondent a bit later in the program with all the details. the world health organization has declared that the corona virus can now be labeled as a pandemic. in the past 2 weeks the number of cases. increases 13 for. the number of affected countries. we have that for many of the our system and that quoted 19 can be. used as a pandemic. the number of infections has now topped more than 10800000 across the globe
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with more than 4000 deaths cried a virus has spread to 114 countries with numbers growing by the day. in the race to find a vaccine for the virus scientists in london are on the lookout for human guinea pigs to infect for money it's the 1st test of its kind. we can announce that we have commenced the development of the world's 1st commercial human coronavirus challenge study model we're also known as control human infection model we're pleased to be able to try and assist in the battle against coded 19 the study of one facts $24.00 people with 2 strains of corona virus similar to cope with 19 causing milder symptoms scientists try to develop a vaccine against the outbreak all in tears will be paid as much as 3 and a half 1000 pounds but only visits from doctors will break up their 2 weeks and isolation we asked londoners if they'd be tempted to take part.
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the make it full no alcohol and if i was younger. but i'm one of those so don't you one second to kick the bucket. you know say i haven't looked for months i really need some money. oh i don't know then 1000. too much. corn to my so i mean i won't die from it but i hope that i'm not even tightly complaints to the statistics behind it is true anyway. why not if i get infected twice to get twice as much at the age of 71. because i have hundreds of high health conditions why would i if you have no. real thing seriously tell you to kiss now if seriously no. i
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mean you know if you know she puts her she's pushing people there's going to be change stew you think if you're healthy and. it would be a danger that people here i would be going to watch and then you have to think. you're safe house for my son who's much younger. i think at the beginning i thought people were over i think study and understand like how serious it was but when i heard like schools were being closed how many people graphic that's when i realized ok this sucks you see it doesn't serve my fitness scaremongering paid for most people to sentiments are more like until yesterday i was thinking people were over reacting today i'm starting to realize that i've got to take it like seriously course you have to like. be taking care of it in like wash your hands and stuff but otherwise i feel it's. it's just too much i don't know. earlier we spoke to a specialist about the chances of finding
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a vaccine. any vaccine or drug is recommended by to be fresh more than in the cold or to be too low but you have to be tested being 1st in around him and i mean the human who demonstrated that they all cities should have grown about is that they don't learn to be tested in the in will and dearest the i was really close to the 19 so this means that this vaccine if you just successfully it would have no protection against equipment you anything that is tested in volunteer you can get some boost however based on do animal studies the overall risk would be medium and the hope is that but if their state policy is reasonable that dyslexia would be deployed in the next which is a broad scale testing me just say stupid. claims of discrimination and zina phobia are also spreading around the world over the coronavirus more on that later in the
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program. for now we return to our breaking news story report citing u.s. officials say 3 people including 2 american soldiers and one british have been killed and at least 10 injured and a rocket attack on an iraqi air base near baghdad the attack is the latest on u.s. and coalition facilities in iraq now as i promised earlier we cross live now to policy clear paula it's still early on and there's not much confirmed but what do we know about this rocket attack. well at this moment what we do know is that u.s. coalition forces in iraq have confirmed that more than 15 rockets were fired at a military base near baghdad that houses american military personnel reports suggest that at least 2 american soldiers and one british servicemen have been killed now this and there are 5 video claims to show the moment of the attack. some are some are some are. i'm off work or. what it costs of our
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garden and. now. it happened at the military base which is near baghdad which houses the u.s. led coalition forces the vehicle that launched the rockets has been found and an investigation has been launched this is just the latest such attack on tuesday the united states announced that it was deploying anti missile defense systems for the eventuality of exactly these kind of a tell you a true texas happening tensions have been high in iraq ever since a top iranian commander was killed in a u.s. airstrike not so long ago we'll bring you more updates as the story unfolds are to his pulse larry thank you for bringing us the latest. a high profile right wing the german politician appears to be the latest victim of violent attacks on lawmakers in the country nicholas for us from the alternative for germany party at his car destroyed in berlin bureau reports on the worrying trend.
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this street is the scene of what is potentially the latest in a growing number of politically motivated crimes in germany this time it's all the car politician nicholas faced go up in flames last night a car caught fire in charlotte and borke the firefighters extinguished the blaze but could not save the car because of the suspicion of a possible political motivation we are handing the investigation over to a specialist unit yesterday morning the police called told me that my car had been . set on fire 2 in the morning and there was really damage faced as a member of the european parliament for the anti immigration alternative that germany party he's pretty adamant of who he thinks is behind this not the 1st of this kind of arson attacks this is really the signature. of the anti far and
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therefore it's pretty clear although they haven't really up to no they haven't claimed this arson attack yet but it's clear that there's a stance and a.f.d. as a party have a polarizing effect on german public opinion their anti immigrant stance and deliberately provocative statements from so members a seeing them rising in the polls and slammed by their rivals party which tolerates far right extremists and let's call a spade a spade nazis and monitoring. the a.f.d. is a racist and nationalist a military state party. party which is open with nationalist they are against foreigners and they have members who are close to being fascists the cochairman of the even appealed to all journalists and politicians to tone down their rhetoric against the party after a rise in the number of violent incidents. whenever
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a car set on fire or the apartment or house of. attacked you can be sure this is an attack against. they tried to they tried to bully not only us but also people of whom. you know who are letting their apartments to members of the in
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a democracy you have to. come to terms even with members of parties which you do not support it's not just politicians from controversial parties that are facing up to the prospect of attack in germany 2019 so well over a 1000 politically motivated attacks on politicians with a recent poll of as in the country saying a large number of them had be insulted assaulted or simply threatened with quite a few saying they being beaten. in 2015 the independent mayor of cologne henrietta reckons now really survived an assassination attempt by is then a full of extremists who stabbed her in the neck the day before the election the attack was motivated by wreckers pro refugee stance last june seeing it see the politician fall to live was shot dead at his home in central germany
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a far right nationalist with possible links to a.f. . he is facing trial for his murder the government says cold for an increase in security for politicians serving the public who will increasingly finding themselves in the line of fire for all to billie. joe biden now heads the pack to clinch the democratic party nomination after the former us vice president chalked up big wins in the latest round of primaries to all those who have been knocked down all those have been counted left behind this is your campaign. just over a week ago many of the pundits declared do this. now are very much alive. biden won in mississippi michigan missouri and idaho 3 of these are delegate rich states which rival bernie sanders picked up in 2016 that's led to biden being presented by much of the media as the candidate best place to be trump in november
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despite some notable gaffes along the way up and explains. the race for the democratic nomination is down to 2 horses and it's pretty clear where the bets are going there on joe biden the good guy it's a time for us to beat all trump and it became very clear to me that joe biden is the right person to do that he's the nicest person i've ever met he is just a good guy and why not have a good guy in the white house after all for the past 3 years the media has been working very hard to convince everyone that pure evil has overtaken the u.s. presidency but it doesn't take very deep digging to discover that you can rub off joe biden's good guy shine take a look at how he insulted detroit assembly plant worker who questioned his views on gun rights. he also has hinted that he believes that race and intellectual ability are somehow connected poor kids are just as brady just as towns white kids
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on top of that he's known to just make things up and say things on the fly that have absolutely no connection to reality we choose unity over division we choose science over fiction we choose truth over facts and a lot of ways joe biden sounds an awful lot like donald trump let's see if americans can tell them apart i bet you're as bright as you are good looking. that's actually joe biden surprise we choose truth over facts. i was actually joe biden also poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids by the way. and actually biden and you're a lying dog faced pony soldier. that's gotta be true and actually biden also the narrative is supposed to be that donald trump is a big mean bully and joe biden is a lovable adorable grandpa with good intentions and he's supposed to be way better than that wild eyed radical bernie sanders except don't you remember how recently
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everyone was bashing joe biden i just think by. it is declining i don't think he has the energy and he has been a skilled debater we saw him with sarah palin we've seen him in the past the question is does he still have his job and destroy native and is he how sure are busy can you imagine that man in a presidential did by with donald trump there's not enough popcorn in the world to do is how subtly biden inserts obama into every possible answer having significant mental faculties issues is everyone ok with biden being president of the united states when he's having difficulty remembering the name of you know politicians that he'd be dealing with on a regular basis but now we are told that opposition to joe biden is a russian plot the kremlin's english language media aim to influence americans on the home tough activity promotes conspiracy theories targeting biden one lording
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trump's efforts to investigate his heating political opponent predicted to trump will win a 2nd claimed that biden has called to be unraveling on some eyes that allegations of corruption are doing real damage to his presidential bid now the race is getting heated as the field has narrowed so the question is now will joe biden be able to keep that good guy image when it's time to start taking shots at ronnie sanders. r.t. new york former new york city council candidate mourning the loss of believes biden success may not be as spontaneous as it seems. in the beginning of this whole race i mean biden was coming forth then you know you know the democratic party says everybody you're going to do this everybody always the corporate media also starts to say all this negative noise about perry i think what's happening now is very interesting this is usually what the democratic party does is they pick their annoying to one and they do everything to rigs the entire environment they're
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annoyed to get it it gets all the support and looks like they're sort of a wife of course that coming to save the american people you see this kind of orchestrated think we are close to jet blue over everybody kinds of everybody falls in line to support biden who's kind of the chosen one i think when you when you have so much of that noise it's very hard for the american public to kind of see through that. as the coronavirus continues to impact countries around the world claims of discrimination and xenophobia have emerged in the u.s. politicians have come under fire for connecting the virus which china and the city of. everything you need to know about the chinese coronavirus can be found on one regularly updated website i'm shocked and dismayed that the g.o.p.
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leader has referred to do coronavirus as a chinese coronavirus this liebling of the illness is embarrassing disrespectful of pensive and downright disgusting no one virus that began at the end of last year you called it the one virus chinese communist party has said that this is where the virus started so don't take my word for it take the haters. you despise the word the w.h.o. has officially named this new type of coronavirus a certain american politician disrespecting science and the w.h.o. decision jumped at the 1st chance to. signatories china and with that we condemned these despicable practices meanwhile health officials say that new cases of the infection and its country of origin are in decline the number of global cases however continues to rise according to a report on tuesday people in china made up less than a point 5 percent of the number of new cases. to discuss this further we're now
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joined by julio rivera editorial director for reactionary times now why are we seeing such reaction to it being called the chinese coronavirus virus after all it's not the 1st time we've seen something like that there's the spanish flu for example. yes definitely there is that there is a line disease that originated in lyme connecticut there's the west nile virus there's you know countless cases but i mean we live in this error of manufactured outrage obviously because it's you know kevin mccarthy and it's you know my palm pale and its leadership of the republican party in america that's gold going ahead in those characterizations of the virus recently that you know the political left in america and around the world quite frankly want to go ahead in call it some sort of a recess but the fact of the matter is i mean you know i was as its as we know it did originate in china the chinese communist government which is very protective of
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information and very careful of its messaging and the information that it's led out and has you know has you know already disseminated that piece of information that originated in china so there really is nothing wrong with calling it what it actually is so if that's then factually accurate isn't it still a bit worrying that we've seen a significant way about race or racism towards chinese people. well i mean i've noticed or necessarily have seen i mean i think there's you know there's real cases of racism around the world that are a lot more severe then then you know i don't see you know blanket wholesale attacks going on right now against chinese people globally you know this whole stigmatizing didn't really occur when we had mers which was a predecessor a different type of coronavirus which was properly labeled middle eastern respiratory syndrome people weren't attacking people from the middle east based on the fact that it had originated there so i think
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a lot of this is much ado about nothing there on the who also says that we should not refer to people as victims but people who have kobe had 19 or people who are being treated for kobe had 19 splitting hairs again oh most definitely i mean you know this is just another example of the sign of the times this is the world that we live in today people were very very careful with the wording of certain things and almost to a fault because at the end of the day the truth is always the truth and we have to be honest in sober about what's going on here we can't really take this suppose that pandemic which i think that's an overstatement in and of itself considering that you know we're probably going to see a much larger number of deaths as a result of seasonal flu in america than we are of coronavirus where we're just getting you know a sprinkling of cases here and there in different parts of the united states. do you think in a situation like this there's actually just a fine line between paranoia and then looking at the other side of discrimination
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or is it a phobia yeah there most definitely i mean i think right now i think we're making it out to be bigger than it is i've been traveling you know nonstop since december and you know i see people in the airports all the time and you know somebody sneezes and everybody goes crazy looking around they try to step away from anybody who has the sniffles or a light cough i mean let's face it it's flu season right now so people are catching you know diseases not necessarily coronavirus we really don't know have accurate data as far as the mortality rates with corona virus because we really don't know at this point who is infected there's a lot of people who may show like symptoms for a couple of days and then it just goes away so that you know just like with the you know the standard seasonal flu people who are older people with compromised immune systems probably or risk of having you know obviously. a worse outlook as far as it and even potentially dying you know if you have
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a compromised immune system or if you're elderly but that's across the board with with all types of you know viral infections and influenza so i think right now it's a little bit overblown obviously the fact that we're in the campaign season you know people want to try to somehow pin this on the current administration saying that they're not doing too good of a job or they're using it as an opportunity to capitalize on you know some sort of a racist agenda but nothing could be further from the truth and you know we saw you know the president just signed a bill at $8400000000.00 bills that came up from congress to go ahead and try to tackle this issue in america so i think that the united states is going to take in the caressing the correct course of action here on how to handle this we've been speaking with rivera editorial director for reactionary times thank you for joining us on the program thank you so much. the turkish president has courted controversy after comparing the approach to the migrant crisis by the greek authorities to the nazis. there is no difference between what the munchies did and
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these images from the greek buddha of greece has taken steps to reinforce its border with turkey and stalling barbed wire as migrants have continued to try and cross the frontier despite tear gas being fired from both sides over the weekend are the ones not a comparison comes as turkey and the e.u. have been talking about revealing a 4 year old deal aimed at stemming the refugee flow to europe meanwhile the austrian chancellor has had some tough words for turkey. because. i would like to thank greece for doing everything to defend europe's external borders this is an attack by turkey the turkish president one is abusing refugees is abusing money grins exploiting this suffering and using them as a weapon against the european union middle east expert korea shallow believes the turkish leader is using the migrants as leverage. turkey is left alone in
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this region why because turkey wants to have its say in the middle east on the mediterranean part of. africa but turkey has no no ally with him turkey is part of nato and it wants the nato countries to support him but benito country said we're never going to support you because you're giving attention everywhere so he knows that the that the nato countries and the european countries will not support him saw he has a one and a big leverage over the european union it's the crisis and he wants to push push through this disadvantage in order to lead opened the door and go to europe in order to get the european backs confronting russia and confronting other countries and specially greece. a u.s. nuclear submarine has been captured on film breaking through ice in the arctic with critics saying it's a clear sign of an increasing military presence in the far north and that's always
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taking part in a u.s. led drill aimed at improving operational capabilities in the for us in region. i. earlier this week u.s. and canadian fighter jets intercepted 2 russian reconnaissance aircraft off the alaskan coast the u.s. has been raising concern over claimed threats in the arctic region last year congress approved funding for 2 new ice breakers while backing a plan for no less than 6 more back and $2800.00 thousands of american soldiers
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took part in a large scale nato drill in norway while the u.s. points to russia and china as the main threat in the region moscow has approved its new arctic state policy running through 2035 it sets out the country's main objectives tasks and national interest there according to the document russia's primarily focused on economic issues from improving the living standards of local russians to fostering development and protecting the environment but u.s. officials remain unconvinced by field of a long range missiles and expanding its military presence in the region russia has left us with no choice between proven homeland defense capability and capacity director of the oxford crisis research institute mark almond believes a buildup of military vessels in the arctic fuels regional instability. i think there is a danger of a militarization of the arctic region and. that in turn raises questions over security for everybody concerned because we've got used in
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a sense to this grassed area being a relatively low tension area but now if you're going to have nuclear submarines perhaps approach each other's territory and also craft as well as new systems being introduced i think this produces an instability that really is on necessary perhaps sensible minds in moscow and washington could talk through this and come to some arrangement to regulate the presence of military forces and the use of them but sadly in recent years we've seen the united states withdrawing from arms control agreements so having a new one for the arctic region is maybe too optimistic. hope that is too optimistic that's a breakdown of today's top headlines for now but if you're looking for more you can always head on over to our website r.t. dot com.
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what is the difference between embarrassing. joe biden certainly excels at the former and maybe. we are told mention of mental health limits to what degree is the public the right to know. i don't. want to do as. i miss almost no. no no.
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and then yes when you know that when then. you know enough for your customers how is that done. with because. this is when they deal with.


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