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tv   News  RT  March 14, 2020 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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a u.s. coalition base near baghdad is reportedly struck for the 2nd time in a week as tit for tat strikes cause innocent casualties. from iraq. also this hour. going to lease the boat power of the federal government to the separate today i am officially declaring a national emergency the u.s. steps off its response to thwart the spread of the corona virus following countries across europe and asia. while the trumpet ministration also seeks to restrict medical imports from china which could cause prices in the u.s. to.
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1 pm here in the russian capital thanks to cheating and as we take a look at what's going on in the wild day. starting something that literally just happened within the last hour in hoth iraqi security officials say a bar ourselves rockets has again hit a base housing u.s. and coalition troops near baghdad it's the 2nd attack on the facility this week on wednesday 2 american service members and one british soldier what killed the u.s. retaliated on friday with as strikes against a new radio and linked group but 6 iraqis were killed in that operation leaders in baghdad say that will be consequences for relations with washington. the u.s. bombing of government security and civilian headquarters undermines counterterrorism efforts and disrupt the agreement between iraq and the global coalition. the pentagon claims it was targeting the iran backed hezbollah militia
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to take out 5 of the group's weapons storage facilities in response to this attack on an iraqi base that hosts coalition forces supporting the iraqi fight against isis we carried out precision defensive strikes to degrade and destroy it vance conventional weapons that have been provided to keep his ball by there already and backers we are in iraq to support the people of iraq in their fight against isis however we always reserve the right to defend our forces whenever they're attacked or threatened but iraq says friday's so-called precision strike actually killed 3 government soldiers 2 police officers as well as a civilian and a port under construction in the city of karbala was also damaged the u.s. uprising has been met with anger in the capital. and i think ahead in our village we condemned the attacks on popular move through society and the rock iraq has become a war zone for internal and external wars american the run the fighting one of them
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threatens to beyond that ultimately iraq is of the once and for victim. schools are being settled between america and iran and it is happening in our soil it violates our soul rinty it while it's our right now we are calling for the united nations to intervene. but. i am surprised that the government is ignoring such actions as you condemn both sides iran and america their actions violate iraq's sovereignty which has become a joke among countries in the region and around the world. well to discuss the other i'm now joined live by middle east expert on the risk to have you on the program so i mean we saw wednesday friday saturday tit for tat attacks how serious an escalation do you think this could become. well it seems that we don't know what your throws it discoloration they 1st say it was during the period of 3
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hour suspension of the late general looks awesome ceremony at that period there was this collision things of peter somewhat calmed down but now we have escalation once again i think that there will be an ongoing. cold a hot war at the same time if you would like between the 2 sides i think that iran still has not extracted its redemption on the united states i think that still is coming but this doesn't mean that these attacks and this is a really big carrot out sent by iran to what they call iranian proxies you have to remember that there are many iraqis who completely reject the american occupation of iraq many iraqis who want the americans to leave home days iraqis themselves they could be the ones you know beyond these attacks at least the marketing of american military soldiers there's also not important point to emphasize which is the fact that the u.s. when it went into when it went back into iraq during the obama administration yes
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said it was going to help in not fight against isis what we're seeing now and this is something which struck interest russian officials are now saying out loud isn't there but if you keep an eye on iran has one thing do to do with the fight against isis so i think that the u.s. sense it is violating any agreements which it had with the iraqi government regarding the justifications for its presence on iraq useful you talked that briefly about the different players who might be responsible for the attack and your panetta said it likely to be the same group that carried out wednesday's assault and does that mean then that the u.s. and u.k. retaliation frighted does that mean that that was a failure. begin from the end of your question i think that the attack was a failure yes the latest threat which was carried out i think that the us though cannot restore a new kind of deterrence regarding the 1st part of your question was it the same
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group captain a possible it's very likely it's very possible that it was the same group is group one of the been has been one of the most vocal opponents against american occupation against the american military presence there so that's very possible but again we have to point out that it's not only these these groups like hezbollah we have even the iraqi government we just come out against the american troop presence in especially against america and using iraq as a way to 2nd scores with iran if you remember the 2 an attack the assassination not the general sort i mean any that was met with fierce criticism from need iraqis from all different iraqi politicians iraqi parliament on january 8th to those in favor of the american troops leaving iraq so it's not just as i said about iran's allies in iraq i think that the overwhelming majority of iraqi political spectrum
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of the iraqi factions in general are against the americans and they're out and the americans are trying to use iraq to attack iran i think you're going to see more this night more iraqi anger from all different factions against these american policy why the u.s. has begun pulling out its troops from the middle east with pressure of course from packed up and so that resignation that basically said you're not welcome here anymore so why is washington reinforcing at the past him iraq that and. it's that's a very interesting question from the beginning trump has spoken about the necessity to withdraw from the endless wars he attempted to draw down on the troop presence in syria are of course his character certain. presence in syria is now made an agreement with the taliban in afghanistan it wants. but iraq is the one place in the middle east which trump has not now dr troop withdrawals or troop reduction and
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i think a lot of that may be used to the oil you know iraq is very rich country and so i don't know why you want that main considerations especially because trumka focuses on these kinds of issues you know the like money those issues have appeared to be our currency at a trot and that's why maybe iraq is a special case for him and. with that in mind i think to try as much as possible to keep the american troops in iraq then it is expected that the americans will face more and more of these attacks because as you yourself mentioned the bombings of a lot bases or the iraqi actions don't be too up to target these groups from launching more attacks targeting american bases well it certainly out with this latest attack will be saying how it all develops and keeping a close eye on that many thanks for your insight for a time that was middle east expert risk.
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several countries declared an emergency on friday when response to the coverts 19 pandemic spain joins neighboring european nations which are struggling with containment measures the u.s. has limited travel from europe the restrictions will also affect military personnel baser that's according to the pentagon while donald trump has announced the u.s. is stepping up its risk level and response to unleash the full power of the federal government that the separate today i am officially declaring a national emergency. 2 very big words. the action i am taking will open up access to up to $50000000000.00 of. very importantly for. a large amount of money for states and territories are these in our shared fight against this disease and we heard from trump you speaking in the white house rose garden surrounded by mike pence and other officials explaining the dramatic
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measures now being taken in the united states in response to the corona virus outbreak now when trump declared a national emergency that freed up roughly $50000000000.00 worth of funds that you can then use to take action and set things up now trump describes how they are setting up these drive through testing centers that are being set up around the country in which people are able to be tested they don't get out of their car they just drive up they'll be tested and then drive away and that way they're not getting out of their car there's no danger of them spreading it in the area in which the test is taking place trouble also took the opportunity to tout his travel ban to the european union a band that has been criticized you know many pointed out it doesn't apply to certain countries but regardless touted and said it was an absolutely necessary measure and talked about the need for closing the borders and why closing the borders is very very important in a situation like this now trump was the only one who spoke and we also heard from
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different officials quite interesting remarks but it appears that in addition to measures that are being taken on a local level here in new york city in different parts of the country we see local states of emergency being declared local dramatic measures being taken states have schools closed their schools you know public events are being canceled all throughout the united states new york city at this point has outlawed any gathering of more than 500 people broadway has been closed down in addition to these local measures we now have the federal government of the united states under the leadership of president donald trump declaring a national emerged. see on a federal level an action is being taken a number of u.s. corporations such as wal-mart and others were listed by the president as being involved in the efforts to to fight against run a virus and get us through this crisis here in the united states. the current crisis has seen president fine opportunity to be sales for the pharmaceuticals
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industry at home but his push to buy american could hit consumers in the pocket of his don't. it's too little too late for donald trump's ban on european visitors panic has already set in and hordes of coronavirus doomsday preppers are already raiding supermarket shelves. because. they want. corona virus has already spread to well over 100 countries and territories worldwide pandemic according to the u.n. it doesn't care about your race creed or class even millionaires like tom hanks and his wife announced they have fallen ill and while china's all but got its own coronavirus situation under control washington still putting most of the blame for everything and anything connected to the pandemic on china the one virus that began
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at the end of last year you called it the womb on virus chinese communist party has said that this is where the virus started china has unleashed this plague on the entire world through their dishonesty and their lack of transparency and corruption at it rather than using best practices this outbreak and one was covered up you'd think they'd understand that being the origin of a pandemic was out of beijing's control but while washington continues to throw shade it's forgotten one crucial point pretty much all u.s. antibiotics vitamin c. pills 1st aid supplies are supplied by chinese companies america is basically pharmaceutically dependent on china if china banned the experts of drugs the us would sink into the how of the novel coronavirus at the demick and that's given washington more than just the coronavirus to panic about i think it's been clear for a while now that we are far too reliant on china for domestic production especially
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for essential products that we rely on and of course our medical supply chain is the. the very top of that list the corona virus outbreak has made clear we must combat america's supply chain vulnerabilities and dependence on china in critical sectors of our economy the coronavirus crisis puts into sharp focus the unacceptable dependence of the u.s. on china for critical medicines and their ingredients but by american trend has gained new traction as a result trumps trade advisories even suggesting a change in federal law that would force the feds to buy from american companies if we have strong buy american procurement that will establish a robust base level of demand that provides the appropriate incentives for our pharmaceutical manufacturers to invest and locate domestically worried yet with all of big pharma profit making schemes in the past the outrageous lifelong cost of hiv treatment in the u.s.
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spiking the prices of insulin it doesn't take an economist to wonder how the already high price of drugs might skyrocket the destruction of the supply chain as what they would come to united states to get more you know manufactured so clearly it underlines how vulnerable we are as a 1st world country you know in china to produce these basic products so while you and i see the coronavirus pandemic as a tragedy of world significance big business will try every which way to turn it into a profit making extravaganza for themselves of course whenever there's a crisis someone is always there to make some money off it come on you know now you're going to start seeing people going to be at home you're going to see netflix go up or other you know online watching platforms hulu or whatever the case might be and same thing with medications. global stock markets recovered slightly on friday after suffering the biggest drop in thought is the route so the wild 20 wealthiest people collectively lose $18000000000.00 and that as for all
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those with plenty of money in the piggy bank it seems that more than keen to use that cash to keep coronavirus at bay. you know. you're putting extra resources into recruiting elite educators able to provide interim private tutoring as demand is high this is driving up to their salaries and tuition prices.
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members who are traveling commercial at using to book elite services a day are ports not your typical 1st class lounge for example private terminals chicken customs and security members can request for the jetted to be cleared so they minimize the interactions with all their best injures on their way to their seat. because the ration tends to be very effective intending virus i think the super
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rich will be less effective than the rest of us simply because they have the means to us in much more terasa get much more. large scale ways united states charges people that. thousands of dollars for corona virus tests and surely doesn't have enough tests to go around for some reason they have tests available for the richest people and at the same time as so many people are worried about whether or not they're going to have to miss work mississippi chad what they're going to do about childcare because so many schools are closing all these problems meanwhile you have people spending millions of dollars to go abroad to go to private islands to go to. private doctors things that the vast majority of people 10 office or and i do think it will continue to polarize society because this is a vast equality and inequality that hasn't been seen in american history and it's just a teeny to get worse still had this saturday whistleblower number 4 become of the
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nature of the one in the film i don't but while chemical weapons watchdog on it for ports on a net add to the attack in syria q he has a go at one of our stories after this short break. special times require special reporting of course the kaiser report has been anticipating so much of what's going down around the world it's not a big surprise for those of you who've been watching us for so many years. you see every passage is a death of something all passages involve some kind of conflict between where one is trying to reconstitute the old way of doing things but it doesn't work as a service i'm often working with people in those in-between so again i think the
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key is how do i find my pass through all of this and where do i find innocent those moments we have to start beginning to trust what is coming from within. now another whistle blow is calling out the international chemical weapons watchdog and now the 4th possum in just a matter of months all costing doubt on the investigation into the alleged chemical attack when syria's do a back in 2018 the anonymous employee describes an atmosphere of fear within the organization working in the organization has been knowing open and the cause of the
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professional shame when i became aware of how a key elements of the organization was and clearly continues to be mismanaged i'm one of many who was stunned and frightened into silence by the reality of how the organization operates the threats of personal harm is not an illusion or it was many others would have spoken out by now to all the former experts earlier came. forward to denounce the report on chemical attack in dubai in syria where the organization found the government guilty of using chemical weapons against its villains the former employees 30 said they took part in the investigation on the ground and they claimed the evidence suggested the attack could not have been conducted as described in the report which undermined its completions others have claimed the attack may even have been. here for c w denies the accusations insisting there is no evidence to support those claims in
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fabry a 3rd person came forward to accuse in the organization of attempting to smear the former employees the latest whistleblower has now strongly criticized the behavior . the mistreatment of 2 highly regarded an accomplished professionals can only be described as a parent i fully support their endeavors rusher is now calling on the watchdog to not be so hasty and simply dismissing the claims. of particular interest is the fact that this whistleblower unlike the other 3 whistleblowers is possibly a current employee at the o.p.c. w. technical secretariat and is watching this unfolding mess in the hague 1st hand we hope that the mounting criticism of the technical secretariat from the people concerned over the o.p.c. w.'s health will not be left on he did with 4 whistleblowers it becomes increasingly difficult for them to say that they are rogue sick senator and of
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course we would hope maybe even more whistleblowers would come out at this time this is a classic problem of powerful entities and especially if they are lying to the u.s. government and they think that oh we're being protected by you know powerful entities so that we need to go along and you know let's just hope that there is more integrity and more that the integrity that the 4 whistleblowers have shown let's just hope that they can muster more people with that kind of integrity again to fix this organization which is really needed in the world. has had to europe because in what's described as france's wost child sex abuse scandal a retired sergeant gone on trial accused of abusing hundreds of children many allowed to victims have now come forward including the doctors own 2 nieces.
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i think when he arrived in the hospital the authorities i don't know at what level were already aware of this and no one intervened to prevent him from being recruited and some people. even if it's not his family who revealed the less chronic problem it's the little 5 year old girl who was raped in her own garden shed light on one of the biggest sexual predators one of the biggest pedophiles in french criminal history so all of the.
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could he acknowledges deviant behavior and he doesn't dispute the possession of child pornography but he denies acts of penetration to prevent his paedophilia from getting out he locked himself up cut all social ties his only obsession with his collection of images and this need to put his fantasies on paper. the mind of that breaking news coming in from iraq why security officials say about iraq of rockets has hit a base housing u.s. and all that coalition troops and the 2nd attack on the same facility just this week the assault on. wednesday saw 2 american service members on one british
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soldier killed the u.s. retaliated with supposedly ass strikes on friday against a pro at radian militia group but the iraqi military says the counterstrikes killed one civilian 5 security personnel. and some news from around the world egypt was storms in decades a fool to have killed 20 people many of the deaths of being attributed to collapsed buildings. in that incident flooding has severely affected trying to make the many say that without power or running water. upon a public gatherings in chile hasn't deterred angry crowds from rallying against the president calling for him to quit widespread inequality and to push for constitutional reform have seen months of on the rise violence of the latest protests all right for me to respond with take us to comment.
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and it's nice treats maybe desire to because of the coronavirus fuse but as you can see they also it's not silent nationwide musicians are taking to stop these and a flash mob to break the eerie quiet as people pick up an instrument and bust into song to lift the spirits while stuck. that's all from me for today and a half an hour nicky aaron will be here with the next update so join us for me i'll see you soon.
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the little girl who got you. bill. that little 100-000-0000 extension 0 with all this. budget we talk about trouble he's gonna demystified this whole political space if you were clear before like these folks are no better than us so you know i you know you can reach out to friends say you know take responsibility maybe run for office at the end of the day you know i don't see how we move a lot of system where these people get away with you know misrepresenting us why not step up and do it yourself.
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time after time called parishioners repeat the same mantra sustainability it's very important it's accelerating transitions to sustainable transport sustainability or manage a more equitable and sustainable well. they claim that production is completely hama's. it. companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away and this is this going to mean an. undisputed superman in.
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a state of emergency has officially been declared here in the united states as markets have made a light rebound after one of the worst face of trading in history a different tune. and business shows you can't afford to miss their mom and washington company go. recovery following a devastating week of trading but investors are still reeling straight ahead we break down the week that was in the markets and what next week may have in store. lambs market supply lines and manufacturing are also taking a major hit we're going to analyze the destruction in the auto manufacturing we have to show for you today.


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