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police reveal a taste of the daily challenge going to exploit for a trial here in los angeles they were going to come out you see officers going undercover as 6 workers and customers to fight straight. in the headlines from moscow this choose to be the 24th of march president visits the construction site of a new hospital being built to tackle the threat of a break in and around the capital elsewhere. because. this is not a film on t.v. this is a national emergency getting tough. as laying down the law. distancing rules despite more than 6000 coronavirus that continue to keep you updated on how you are a. number of cases are supposed to under. how
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the stay at home when you have no home to go to the place of migrants and other people living on the streets leading medical charity tells of the scale of the problem. we have. are 500 people in the streets in a very bad. condition of course we have to have. regard to. hello this is out international from moscow welcome to the program for the pm here now this choose day. in place for you for the time being i'm kevin when i'm with my colleagues will be here with you every day at this time to update you on the latest in a full 30 minute world news around. there are currently almost 400000 coronavirus cases
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worldwide with over 16000 deaths 100000 people have made recoveries. so let's start with russia what's happening here at the moment the total number of cases has reached 495 with 57 new infections reported across the country this is the latest here in the capital meantime president putin has been visiting the construction site of a new hospital being built near moscow to tackle the flat of the covert 99 break in and around the capital it was told to a close upon a goshdarn off so ego euro the center of moscow earlier on updating us what's the picture. of what's been happening today well essentially indeed when it comes to the situation with corona virus here in russia we've had $57.00 new cases which
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means that the total number of those infected here in the country is just 5 short from 500 so vigor is getting larger and larger and russia is taking all precautions that it can to be able to prepare to the outbreak however bad it may come because for instance indeed vladimir putin has visited this new hospital that is just being built just outside of moscow far from all residential areas which will be able to accommodate some $500.00 people and during that visit he also talked to the mayor of moscow sergei sobrante and now the mayor of the russian of the russian city which has been affected for words these live pictures there now there is on the escalator there's mr beilin just behind overlooks the medics by the looks of it as well indeed this is this is from from his visit but before the visit at the construction site itself he he was he was clothed into full on
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protective gear not just a mosque but a full on suit like a hazmat suit you might see we'll show you those are what we might show you those pictures later but still going back to going back to what i was saying he talked to was release a banyan along with other a high profile officials tasked with the with dealing with this crisis. and brian as a mayor of a russian city with most cases he has had more experience than any than any other official here in russia at least when it comes to 1st hand experience so. shared his thoughts as to how the country as a whole should be responding to this crisis have a listen. when you put in a good product you i would ask that all russian regions be instructed to tighten controls because not everywhere fully understand the situation they might see they have a single case and think so word but the thing is the numbers of people being tested are still low even in the rest of the world and nobody sees the big picture yet. it
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was actually the concern is that even those numbers that are out there right now the more test the more tests we do the more people we will out as those as those with the new disease with covert 19. among his suggestions were to toughen up measures in the regions as well to prevent this outbreak because he's point was that essentially there might be one confirmed case in one region and the local authorities might feel ok the situation is under control while in reality it is not because there might be just not enough tests have been done yet so that the authorities are bracing for something to ramp up over the next couple of weeks and especially talk about this hospital is going to be completed on the outskirts so as it stands at the moment what responses are the authorities taking and has it been stepped up solution is actually they have outlined one of the key problems as to what allows this coronavirus to keep in fact new people and that is
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a while people just ignoring the quarantine rules because right now there are more than 93000 people here in russia who must stay at home those who have contacted who have had contacts with those are those people who have been confirmed to have to have been diagnosed with covert 19 and these people are ignoring this and so the russian government is introducing new measures by the end of this week apparently to track down those who violate the quarantine rules. the ministry of digital developments communications and mass media of the russian federation has been tasked with establishing a system for tracking down citizens who have been in contact with those infected with the novel coronavirus on the basis of their mobile phone geo location data provided by telecom companies citizens will be notified via messages if they have
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been in contact with infected individuals and informed of the need to serve current seen with the data also being transmitted to regional or thirty's in charge of tackling the outbreak with such radical measures russia is centrally following in the footsteps of china the only model that has so far proven to be successful against the coronavirus as well as south korea thailand israel you name it a lot of countries have taken a more radical approach to combating this outbreak but just informing people is won't do much as much as also enforcing this and so the russian authorities the also plan to toughen the penalties that citizens are already facing a 4 for ignoring the quarantine for a band of 4 for leaving the home and so on because right now if you if you violate the quarantine rules you're fined if you are in fact someone that's a different story that's a criminal offense so these penalties are said to become even steeper even worse
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even more tough so so far this is what the russian government is doing certainly trying to be as preventive as possible or ecofin to the political process thank you . ok well that's the position in russia systems at the moment italy though remains the worst hit country more than 6 1000 5 have died there and there are almost 64000 known infections despite being 10 days into a total lockdown where not everyone has been a paying the rules putting themselves and others there for at risk it's infuriating local leaders who are taking a smack of firm government to a new level than over. because that no one would win if they go home this is not a film on t.v. this is a national emergency. we want to go home you can play ping pong go back to play stations you're not allowed to be here go play video games at home. movie. this is like a war bulletin because we are in
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a real war and now we turn to you you need to stay home don't you understand that people are dying 400 people are dying at. the fed a mother this morning now found one of our citizens who was lovingly walking around with his dog i said to him hey this is not a film and you are not will smith in 9 lives and so go home. videos they do make a little bit of entertaining watching those maids taking that hardline but the message that they're putting out is really a very serious message now the latest statistics coming out of italy show that for the 2nd consecutive day the number of people testing positive has not increased so what we're taking from that and what the experts are taking from that is that these isolation methods that have been put in place that they're helping stopping the spread of this virus as we know it's incredibly infectious the covert 19 strain of this this corona virus and the fact if you can keep yourself away and
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keep your loved ones away from everybody else stay 2 meters away from people on the streets if you do happen to have to be out on the streets it does seem that that's the way to do it put huge numbers of people i mean it's shocking really when we're talking about over 6000 people dead in italy well here in germany we aren't in that full lockdown phase that we've seen in places like italy and in spain and in the state of bavaria that germany is split into this that the federal republic different states have different. rules when it comes to policing of area has been placed into a full lockdown here in berlin not. so mulch all non-essential and then nonessential stores are closed you can go out supermarkets people are out walking dogs things like that but we're looking at $30000.00 plus cases in germany thought what's interesting about the german cases is we've got 130 deaths so far which is
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incredibly low thankfully when you look around at other countries in europe other countries around the world that have that many confident infections now i'm going to medical did come out on to the t.v. screen doesn't do that very regularly she did that earlier on this week and basically said that we're all in this together we all have to pull together on this but there was an underlying message to what you have to say which was we're going to make these isolation methods voluntary right now but if you don't listen to them then they may have to be enforced now in spain we are seeing those inforced in the spanish situation really it's heartbreaking when you look at it we're looking at currently 2696 people have died it's shocking how quickly so many people have been able to contract this fire is particularly around the madrid area and and have succumbed to it we are understanding i was talking to
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a friend of mine who actually lives in the south of spain earlier on he was saying that the police are well very very serious about the fines that they're handing out they are if you do not have a legitimate reason to be out on the street you're looking at a 500 euro fine he was saying one of his neighbors had been out shopping and he tried to go shopping in a different part of in another town and it being caught out because he didn't have a permit for us 500 euro fine they're not messing about there and that's because so many people have succumbed to this virus in spain and in the united kingdom of course on monday evening we heard from boris johnson the british prime minister saying. he was placing the u.k. in lockdown they have around 65000 cases in the u.k. 335 deaths so far the big question in the u.k. is just how people are going to adhere to this these are the toughest measures that have been put in what boris johnson said he said these are the toughest measures that have been put in in peacetime and then it comes down to how this will be
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pleased because the policing in the u.k. is very different to policing in mainland europe they call it policing by consent as opposed to the more let's face it all for a tarion policing we see in europe where the people will listen and if people won't listen and hear to the the isolation measures of the being put in place well then we may well have to see. not just the police involved in the united kingdom but perhaps the military as well but that we're not there yet we have to see and hope that people are going to it here to these isolation measures if you look at pictures from the from the london underground this morning though on tuesday morning trains the full trains are packed doesn't look like it's got the message the message has got through just yet. peter over europe correspondent i spoke to claudia darma coheed a deputy mayor in italy close to milan who feels many people still are not taking the threat seriously divided that spreads really easy really
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easily so i have to do everyone really care because it's very easy to get the. dawn to go out. we're trying to force people to stay home. it's mandatory to steeple and should be everywhere you know europe is only showing these moment acting. not too good or usual. everyone is circling as in the want and you know the bra going to the sea is that there is not so much. between the utopian countries we had to did that mean how but we had to meet them least from russia and china believe we must try to find. common way to act. france currently has some of the toughest restrictions on movement in
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place as it handles $20000.00 known infections nearly $200.00 died on monday taking the country's total to $860.00 but while most citizens are heeding the order to stay at home not everyone has that option challenged bensky in paris looks next to it what it means for the homeless who are among the most vulnerable to the virus. stay off the streets the french have been told yet for the homeless that's an impossible situation to be in doctors charities are warning that those in the most precarious situations are perhaps the most vulnerable to the disease we have a camp or 500 people who are in the streets in a very bad sanitation condition of course we have the risk to have. some issues regarding. nigeria's of course we need to
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provide everything to do everything possible to ensure they can get access to care and begin get access to shelter to avoid it in weeks in the last few days there has been evidence all the authorities are rounding up homeless migrants as part of the fight against the virus but the reality is that they are likely to be transported to shelters or gyms with hundreds of others so while the official advice is to self isolate they won't be able to if a single person already has the virus or is a career that could be catastrophic we need to monitor or receive tuition and to have another view of all the people living in the streets to have clearly some su stations to people. to take care of them and in particular of course the friends governments to ensure that we have shelters provided very quickly and we needs
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to have centers for. those it is cases as well medics. all the equipments and we are actually in france in shortage of masks gloves and everything to take care of the people and to ensure the security have security of the medical staff that. spreads beyond france on the greek islands where thousands of migrants are packed into camps without access to basic hygiene facilities even the simplest of preventions washing your hands isn't easy while in germany the police had to intervene following a brawl at an asylum seekers center more than $500.00 migrants were placed under quarantine ensued after one resident tested positive for cove it 19 there have been significant disruptions since the start of the quarantine measures
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which is why 17 people who significantly ignored the quarantine have now been moved to another facility the domino effect of the lock down and the fear of infection has also hit food distribution many charities are struggling to carry out their activities following a show drop in volunteers many volunteers cannot continue their work due to age or health constraints we're experiencing an exceptional and unique situation places have been made available to shelter people but there simply aren't enough and that's been made pretty clear to me as we've been working across the city of paris during the code 19 pandemic people are still living on the streets here now while perhaps in more saner times the idea of having shelter for the night may have been the priority for the homeless the growing fear of being on lockdown with hundreds of others who may already have the virus means sleeping rough may just for now
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be the safer option so much even ski r.t. paris you know i think those guys problems already well by far the most vulnerable people right now are the elderly in france that scots carers on high alert in retirement homes the industry says given the mortality rate is. 15 percent the worst case scenario could see 100000 lives put at risk that there are only appealing for the authorities to provide half a 1000000 masks a day so that staff can help shield residents from infection r t france talk to the dept of europe director of one retirement home who says the situation there is critical. i don't know if there have been no answers there is no security all we know is that we have 5 masks per person per week given that it is necessary to change your mask every 4 hours given that it is also necessary to change the mask when a person leaves the room when it comes to the staff you can figure out that it
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doesn't add up we understand that this will not be enough it is necessary to take this precautions which in essence are basic matters we need to apply the measures we need to make a choice at the ethical therapeutic and professional levels but 1st we need to reduce the use of masks at least for the moment and initially prior to new government accommodation there was an instruction that went as follows use mass only in confirmed cases khurana virus now it's too late for that. there's another group that's proving to be a problem to properly protect from infection to us prisoners some jail chiefs now in the united states think the best solution is to set some free as adults international reports after this break.
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seemed wrong. to me. to shape out just to. educate and indeed from. the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart. she still looks for common ground. since. a little bit messed up by our d.n.a. and something way over. i'm not sure there is such a thing you know i'm sure you look better now than when he had hair. it's nice of you to say so but i went through 25 years and so right.
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again the board which oversees new york city's prisons is pushing to release more than 2000 low level prisoners now from custody itself to $38.00 people mostly inmates tested positive for corona virus in the main rikers island facility and other jails the director of a prisoners' rights group told us that tightly packed conditions could rapidly spread infections. i was in prison myself for 17 years at washington state and for several years i was held in a fish in a cell that was 54 square feet with another man. when you think about that. and this is far from a common you have preserved being held in very tiny spaces oftentimes communal
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cells for 78 temperatures and in many states and have a southern united states reserves are held in dormitories you have a $2300.00 man literally locked in dormitories and they're sleeping 5 feet away from each other these are all situations that are almost ideal for a pandemic to grow and spread the u.s. federal bureau of prisons says almost a 5th of inmates are among the most susceptible to developing severe complications from covert 19 for now federal most state prisons have banned visits to limit contact some prisons have also started to release some of those at risk inmates because they're unable to isolate them properly there are currently 2200000 prisoners in american jails more than any other country in the world paul right again told us prison chiefs aren't equipped to cope with a health crisis like this. but i think it's important know that people that run our
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detention facilities are not medical experts. probably they don't listen the medical experts and they make their decisions based on how best to cage people and the only thing that each officials of the united states are good at is locking people up they are not making medical decisions that reduce and we sort of as an add keeping are trying to be safe all they know how to do is lock people up so i think we're going to see very pretty predictable results which is i think a very horrendous demick with probably a very high death toll a much higher one that needed then we would need to have if we had medical professionals having any type a say in our president jail system united states is now grappling with more than 46000 confirmed coronavirus cases half of them in new york state alone 582 people have died across the country but many 300 others are recovering the markets
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continue to slide meantime after congress failed for a 2nd time to pass an economic stimulus package with almost 2 trillion dollars senate democrats blocked the relief deal claiming it mostly aimed to protect big businesses and republicans hit back accusing them of trying to force through magic is unrelated to the health crisis. but when. market. related issues left and right spare me the righteous indignation about democrats trying to settle outside political scores but we're going to spend 2 trillion dollars that we spend it wisely i don't think our republican colleagues would want to give any administration a blank check to spend $500000000000.00 however they want the fairy fairy disappointing to splay us of putting partisan politics ahead of the immediate needs of the american people so a senate has continued to spar over the stimulus package business is the same term
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continuing to close across the country to america's blevins next reporting from washington d.c. for you. as the united states prepares for the worst of the coronavirus hundreds of thousands of businesses have been closed and boarded up like this one behind me resulting in massive job loss that experts warn will have a devastating impact on the u.s. economy while residents are ordered to stay home and practice social distancing at all costs the increasing list of business closures and layoffs are coming at a major cost to the u.s. economy from popular clothing stores to famous restaurants to historic museums the national push to halt all gatherings of more than 10 and the boarded up businesses here in the nation's capital are reflection of what is happening across the country with stocks falling and unemployment numbers skyrocketing in response to the latest halt to the economy the president of the st louis federal reserve is warning that national unemployment could hit 30 percent higher than it was during the great depression and 3 times more than the 2007 to 2009 recession experts are now warning
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that the shutdown from the coronavirus could cause a layoff like the united states has never seen before they note that while the worst month for job losses during the financial crisis was 800000 in march 2009 forecasts for april 2020 range from 500-0025 1000000 while cities across the u.s. are moving to protect residents by expanding eligibility for unemployment insurance offering financial assistance for businesses and stopping evictions and utility cut offs many americans warned that will be nearly enough as they face life without a paycheck i have 2 kids at home i got to take care of a few them and get through this we don't know how long when you have no idea how long that will be how can you predict if you will make it shelter in place orders are being put in place across the nation from philadelphia to dallas here in washington d.c. the attorney general shared his support for the move and said he believes it would reduce the spread of coronavirus and keep residents safe but with millions of
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americans staying home is the closure of all non-essential businesses implemented you can. the impact of the coronavirus many worry that its impact on the economy is only just beginning reporting in washington rachel bloggers are see. for this live update from marty's main studios here in moscow and kevin owen thank you so much for watching we do appreciate it here i can tell you at this time every day we will continue to bring you live bulletins from here in russia our 2 u.k. will be on here from london in just over half an hour's time with more on all our developing stories and then later the team with r.t. america in washington d.c. will be taking over rather cloak you can find the latest headlines from us at r.t. dot com across the various social media too so plenty ways to keep her up to date with us i know these are really uncertain times for all of us but please rest assured we will continue to do our utmost to keep you informed and entertained over the coming weeks with studios as mentioned around the world of documentaries and various great talk shows as well all for you here on r.t.
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international. join me every 1st week on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics or business i'm sure business i'll see you. know what i mean you get there see it on there. for. kind of where i want to. be now i think it's higher than. africa. to europe but once they. leave they leave they count speech you. will not some of them leave your
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mom and i couldn't you know italy let's you know get it out. they sold the. lady gets all caught of the and out of. that cave in it's cabin woman then. like most of the united states prostitution is illegal in california. merely 5 kilometers from hollywood's tourist back boulevards a dark industry comes to light each night as dozens of young women are selling their bodies on the street.


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