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tv   News  RT  March 24, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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greetings and sal you take issue. one simple tweet ladies and gentlemen with one tweet the president of the united states of america laid bare to us all the true nature of the majority of our elected officials and their corporate handlers just 10 minutes from midnight on sunday the 22nd 2020 donald trump the brand name in chief tweeted out in all caps of course we cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself at the end of the 15 day period we will make a decision as to which way we want to go. affectively telling the people of this
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country and the world that he is possibly rejecting the social distancing and stay at home quarantines that every health professional and infectious disease scientist has told us would save us and our hospitals from total catastrophe. and why why would the president reject these potentially lifesaving recommendations you may ask because it's the economy stupid yes like all good tinpot weakling wanna be tough guy leaders trump and a host of others on capitol hill and wall 'd street are suddenly sounding a new call to arms that we must sacrifice our elderly and our own personal wealth so that we can save their oso precious economy here is lieutenant governor out of texas dan patrick telling fox news as tucker carlson that he and other older americans are ready to literally fall 'd 'd on the coronavirus sword take
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a listen that we can't lose our whole country we were having an economic collapse i'm also a small businessman i understand it and i talk with business people all the time tucker and and so just my heart is lifted tonight by what i heard the president say right here basically saying this disease could take your life but that's not the scariest thing to you there is something that would be worse than dying. yeah. but don't be fooled my friend those aren't the words of a self sacrificing brave man those are the words of a zealot a cultist if you will as former f.b.i. special agent ali soufan tweeted in response i dealt with suicidal cults before i encountered people who are willing to die for their faith ideology race except for but i have never encountered anyone who is willing to die for someone else's for a one k. this is all new level of craziness so as our leaders appear to be seriously considering
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once again to put profits over people as they try to convince you and i to make the ultimate sacrifice your lives for their economy oh i think it's time to start watching the hawks. let's go on a city street you want to. see the crisis you always state. rice is crazy see this least systemic deception is late show which. some but you still. welcome everyone watching the hawks i am and i'm of the chicago i'm asian i'm never i mean we touched on it yesterday in the previous stage show 'd but i am blown away that there are literally people in our country right now leaders elected leaders
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and business leaders basically saying hey we're willing to sacrifice one to 2 me and one to 2000000 maybe 3 maybe 6000000 lives just so we can get the economy back right it's crazy and every time people have made this advocates and otherwise made statements about how the economy how big business is always put over the lives of people folks thought they were joking people call them crazy and now we're literally thinking this emotion where you have the president calling calling out bowling he's talking about 7 the level of support that they me why. we need to get america back going in those conversations he isn't even talking about small business the driver of the american economy he's talking about massive corporations that he's trying to say and like you said previously but i was in trouble long before the coronavirus and it's interesting to me that at a time where we should be putting people's lives 1st all of the evidence shows us that all of everything that we've heard from medical professionals tells us that we have the president flying in the face of all of that evidence and saying ok well you know what people need to get back to work and it's not about people getting
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back to work it's about salvaging big business. is truly heartbreaking look wall street was on the ropes everyone before this happened everyone was saying that there was a major correction coming that we were riding too high and super too long major correction on the way and now a sudden that correction happens in part due to the coronavirus and now of ones own we've got to say but. we saw the clip from tucker carlson and lieutenant governor dan patrick texas state rep jean wu respond to that saying if you asked my kids if they would rather have more stuff or have their grandson they would choose their grandpa grandparents with no hesitation that is so true and i think any american if you really or anyone else around the world if you really put it to him and said hey do you really want to save the economy or do you want to save your loved ones they're going to pick their loved ones but that's not what we're hearing on t.v. or when the mayor of san antonio to his credit had a had a very similar statement i think that this is very interesting because it shows this crisis of american ideals to a certain extent we as
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a culture have always taken major major losses when it comes to ensuring that the elders are safe ensuring that they are taken care of other nations actually have made fun of us for years for not for not protecting them for not doing what we need to do to make sure that they are they are going to be fine in their old age and right now we're seeing that those criticisms were 100 percent accurate because we have a government that seemingly is ok with throwing them to the wolves and telling us that you know they are there. helping the future economy by dying i don't i'm sorry i don't want to die for wall street i don't want to die so the dow can can jump up a few points because let's remember there's been cases coronavirus yes the majority of the deaths are in that you know 80 plus 70 plus 60 plus range but 40 years old there's still cases there's 36 year old nurse i believe in new york that passed away from this virus there are people across the spectrum that pass away from this it's not just contained to just the elderly and even then why should we leave the sacrifice for what the bottom line gimme
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a break and other pieces of the argument that this can and more than likely will mutate right now it's not killing in droves a lot of younger people we cannot say that in 2 weeks 3 weeks further out that that may not be the issue but the crisis is that when you elevate big business over individual lives that tells us something about our government that tells us something about our leadership and it tells us some about capitalism at the end of the this form of capitalism because this is an actual capitalism you know bailing out boeing is an actual capitalism bailing out that wall street is an actual capital tells us where their products like and quite frankly if they continue down this path they cannot be shocked that if you don't see some form of major strike or political revolution in this country because if they keep saying look we want to put profits over people and try to say 12 percent we're going to lose 12 percent there's going to be a major uprising mine is 80 years old and i'm not willing to risk for boeing or anybody else is cooperation and you shouldn't have to. at
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a time when you'd expect some bipartisanship people over politics in family over devolution what the united states congress has started up if anything but the coronavirus pandemic is holding business as usual and workers and businesses are feeling the burn this health crisis is driving economy president boasted as the best it's ever been just a few weeks ago into a major depression our government has to do something that this imperative forces the democratic led house and republican led senate. put their differences aside in the best interests of caring for the american people families need money. most can't weather being out of work for weeks or even months at a time congress solution partisan inviting here's what's happened for the families 1st coronavirus response act passed and trope declare the coronavirus a national emergency sure of the declaration came after weeks of him telling the american people the virus was a hoax and contained it also came after the world health organization declared the
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virus a national pandemic but better late than never the whopper facing congress and the top administration now is the coronavirus aid relief and economic security or cares act this stimulus bill was designed to put money in the hands of the american people but it seems there are more than of the wrinkles in the bill many americans would be left high and dry strange writers are being added and the clock is ticking though democrats and republicans continue to wage war on each other the american people just want to survive. the plans provisions include $1200.00 cash payments for adults and $500.00 for each child in their household is the income brackets of recipients go up the cash benefit goes down but democrats and republicans both want more out of the plan attaching a treasure trove of liberal and conservative goodies many having absolutely nothing to do with the coronavirus response and to top it off president trump created a frenzy tuesday when he announced america will be opened up by easter here to
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discuss this breaking news and more on the next phase of coronavirus relief is our team america correspondent. well he's for having me guys let me comment on your work there is so much going on right now it would be great to have you break down just what the amount of virus how much time you got. but you know so one of the things that actually they're looking into right now is if the bill is passed because we've already had this go through the senate twice it failed on sunday night it failed monday they're hoping to have something done by tuesday night but if there is let's say something that passes this week you have the u.s. treasury secretary steve who says that if something again is passed hypothetically it's his department that would be the one giving out these checks to the american people and again if it's done by this week you could see either checks being mailed out or direct deposit as early as april 6th so a lot of americans are like senate get to work like let's do something so we'll see what happens but we're hoping that there's going to be a vote tonight but again there are they are still debating on the senate floor as
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we speak as this is airing right now so chances are it's going to be a little bit worse the other coach to look into this is that they keep telling us every american is getting $1200.00 and everyone across the board big jerk for all those kids elderly everyone monkeys everyone you know bears line is no one is going to check but some are going to get this money and $1200.00 is is not enough to really cover things is there a plan to ensure any kind of financial security during this devastation when you actually. look who's giving money where will you we're definitely will be secured if you are a corporation or a business naturally but no they're actually really is and for some of these people that wouldn't be able to qualify and that is why speaker nancy pelosi actually rolled out the house democrats as well rolled out their own new plan called the take responsibility for workers and families act now some of these elements are the same that the senate is actually trying to pass right now except for the house democrats' bill and some of the 1200 families would actually get up to 15 even 2
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grand for some in some cases depending on how many children you have because they realize that kids cost money they're not cheap you know. and fear republicans and democrats are adding riders to this bill that aren't directly a part of the pandemic or would actually help in any way their pet projects could you tell us a little bit more about what some of those riders look like and why at a time of crisis or are they even being you start so i try to break this down as simply as i could all right so let's 1st look at the republicans ok so you see again that they're going to give families they're going to get the money but again only if you make a certain amount they're saying that the money towards small businesses will go to hospitals and the unemployment insurance system but there's also again a big chunk going to corporations and that's why democrats they're having a little bit of a hick up because they're still you know reeling over the big bank bailout and they're saying that the senate bill drafted by republicans corporations 1st american 2nd so the house democrats' bill. you know they do have a ban on bonuses to kind of combat what happened with the bank bailout so no
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bonuses or compensation for the higher ups no stock buybacks no companies changing their collective bargaining agreements if they do get this federal funding also they're going to have money to go to schools and universities because they're getting hit hard right now but it's these next ones that aren't sitting well with republicans and they're calling this one the new green new deal so companies receiving aid must disclose its diversity stats that includes race gender pay how their offices are run airlines have to go green by 2050 and corporations are receiving. they are to pay all of their workers at least $15.00 an hour a big democratic talking point other one states again this has nothing to do with the coronavirus but they want states to allow early voting for elections no excuse absentee mail in voting and they also want to eliminate student debt for those that are in debt by time grand which again getting rid of that student debt is another democratic talking point so again the republicans not happy with this one it's going to keep going i mean it boggles my mind that this is going to keep this fight
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going back and forth back and forth like you're the needs of the american people we have to fight this virus and instead of. fighting hey let's put some new order on this bill and try to like shove as much pork into the process and if possible washington because he keeps checks out of the hands of the american people who need those checks now i get it at the end of the day it is an election year and there are people who are pushing for things that they know we're going to be passed outside of this so they're trying to do it with the urgency of now it just is creating a larger stall for and i got to say thank you for breaking this down i know that you only probably hit the tip of the iceberg and break it down but you did the best you could with the time that we did also let's not forget to congress in the senate they're still getting paid while the americans in this country are hoping to get a check so good with our money people good point thank you so much always great to be on the show already but as we go to break be sure to check out watching the hawks on the brand new portable t.v. alphabet which is available on smartphones through google play on the apple app store by certainly searching portable to the or you can stream us to your t.v.
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by downloading the portable t.v. app on apple t.v. . that portable t.v. . will be available on many devices coming up next now joins us to talk about what cuba is doing to fight the coronavirus. 5 or 6 years very aggressively people have sold dollars to buy these and. market currencies because they can get a better yield on those currencies suddenly when all liquidity disappears during heisenberg uncertainty for x. market to schroedinger's cat of markets everyone is then short dollars to buy those dollars back because they're now losing catastrophic play on all their non dollar plays in the market and this is causing a runaway freight train of the u.s. dollar going higher. from donald
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trump in 2016 to 2020 there is part of the electorate that response to war anti interventionist rhetoric in fact there is evidence this significantly helped get trump elected but the fact remains the establishment is keen to downplay and even demonize any candidate who questions to support the docs why is this. join me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. seemed wrong. but old rules just don't hold. me you won't get to shape out these days to come to capital and engage with equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the impact of 90 has been felt around the world and back again with no end in sight here in the united states communities have been uplifted from sea to shining sea including right here in the nation's capital washington d.c. from business closings to unemployment spikes to an impending shelter in place order that residents are anxiously awaiting city officials to announce are to
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america's rachel blevins has been following the story and has the latest on what comes next for d.c. now the coronavirus is knocking on our door. in a season when the cherry blossoms are blooming in washington d.c. typically host spring break tourists by the thousands the outlook is becoming increasingly grim i will latest restrictions combating the coronavirus instead of busy streets residents are being encouraged to stay home and practice social distancing at all costs but being creasing most of business closures and layoffs are coming at a major cost to the economy from popular clothing stores to famous restaurants to historic museums the national push to hold all gatherings of more than 10 people has turned the city into a ghost town in response the d.c. council passed an emergency bill that includes measures expanding eligibility for unemployment insurance offering financial assistance for businesses prohibiting price gouging and stockpiling stopping of the actions in utility costs and
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extending public health benefits programs but many are warning of the long term consequences on the district especially if the current shutdown impacts business and tourism through the summer disease attorney general is now calling for the district to issue a shelter in place order for all residents in a tweet he shared his support for the dallas county judge who made the same decision and said he believes the move would reduce the spread of coronavirus and keep residents say. while the practice of social distancing has been suggested by experts as the best way to combat think it spread of the coronavirus d.c. has already seen unemployment numbers skyrocket in just the last week and it is a picture of what is happening across the country as the president of the same federal reserve warns that national unemployment could hit 30 percent higher than it was during the great depression and 3 times more than the 2007 to 2009 recession but with millions of americans staying home as the closure of all non-essential
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business is implemented to combat the impact of the coronavirus many worry that its impact on the economy is only just beginning reporting in washington rachel love and art see. recently when the transatlantic cruise ship bramer was stranded at sea with no port of entry after 5 of the $600.00 passengers on the ship tested positive for the coronavirus it wasn't the united states or even their home port of the united kingdom who offered them safe harbor and treatment it was the island country of cuba the cruise ship passengers who were healthy who were healthy were they were allowed safe passage back to their home country as well as jacob in reports those who were too sick to fly were offered treatment at cuban hospitals even though there had only been 10 confirmed cases in the whole country and allowing patients from the cruise ship to stay threatened to increase that number from providing the cuban made antiviral drug interferon alpha to be to help combat the virus in china to sending out medical brigades to countries around the world including the heavily
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afflicted italy cuba has been at the forefront in the ground fight against covert 19 so the question is why does the u.s. government and western corporate media continue to downplay or ignore all that the island nation has accomplished it really is kind of that one of those questions that you see coming out of this is that you know why aren't countries helping each other here's cuba right again at the front lines we saw them do the same thing with . hurricane katrina when they when they offered to help us and some doctors up after katrina and once again we kind of turned them away. with this president president he's isolationist and cheap so i don't see him taking it by any countries at all but i also feel like he gets the country of cuba that has lasted even before he became president and he definitely isn't going to acknowledge one their gains in reducing coronavirus but also the helpfulness they might be able to provide to other nations i think that it's it should be applauded especially at a time like this like you mentioned them being
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a port of entry and taking in those clue ship passengers who no one else was taking yeah be mindful of europe's it absolutely not. people have been have been basically stuck on that ship more days and it's it's sad to me that when you see something that miraculous even just giving them credit for the greatness that they've shown and you know managing shown in taking them in because they did not have to you know they are really setting the standard now and it's frustrating that the united states knowing everything that we're going through does not look to them who are not only in the levels of support but also best practice what's interesting too is the way the cubans health like their health industry is designed they have doctors pursued but you know i'm going to design where they i mean we have like roughly like 2 or something like that in our person but we have roughly about 2 percent of the dart they have 8 and the ratio of like how many actual trained citizens are can be doctors and they've always kind of but at the forefront the fact that they're developing certain treatments at least trying to do that like
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it's where you have everyone else and i think that speaks to a certain amount of socialized medicine you know it speaks to the need that there is a right at the end of the day that we've it's something that americans if you polled americans actually believe that as well but if you're talking about our leadership it seems like it is a huge that they just are refusing to climb in a time like this when you see the effects of a global health care health care. crisis in a nation like america that has the highest cost for health care in general this is a time where we really need to start considering it as something that is extremely important one because we're watching the infrastructure of our health care system infrastructure of our hospitals and clinics completely fall apart irrespective to the fact that the president talks about how great an advanced our system happens to be it looks like all of that advancement i think no not at all and it's interesting too when you mention the part you know we're talking about the ship in cuba taking them in cuba is an island nation like if there's any place that you don't want to
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virus to be introduced to it's essentially a place like that that is an island because it you know you have nowhere to go. and exactly i think that's why a lot of other a lot of caribbean nations actually said no as well just because that is factual cuba has gone above and beyond may think that this again shows their humanitarian efforts but beyond that i think that it also shows that they actually have a certain level of care and understanding about the support they can provide but also that these people have been turned down by everyone what were they going to do it truly is heartbreaking that the united states still has this like a job here i mean we saw a member we saw of cuban like castro come up in the primaries when they were accusing you know bernie of like you know look he likes the bell but has been dead now for a few years you know and it's tragic because this is been an ongoing thing 4050 years of the of the embargo placed against cuba and all of the things that we've done there the terrorism that the u.s. has actually inflicted on the cuban people and the cuban government you know these
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are awful awful crimes that i wish we could move beyond because we're in the 21st century and we need everybody we need all hands on deck when it comes to pound on the and this country is still kind of turning that blind you know well as germany or whatever it is for you know trump will reach out and say oh i won i want to cure for the coronavirus you know for the colbert 90 but just for us we're going to absolutely bonkers when you really break this down you know you brought up the health care of going to curious do you think that that's going to have do you think health care now is going to become the number one. the topic of this election this fall absolutely holding alone again said that health care was number one for people when it came to being insured but what i think this has done is really showcase just how bad our system currently is and i think that as we move forward it's going to be a lot more vital to have that conversation about insuring everyone what that's actually going to look like and those who are running are going to be pressed to really make that change a whole lot sooner than i think they were ready for i think this is i think we're living in very. historical once in a lifetime times i hope there once in
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a lifetime because i don't think any of us wants to go through this again but it's definitely going to have an impact on the we were just talking about before the show started that you know it's kind of like september 12th 2001 everything's going to change the moment this is over with it's just we have to keep our cool heads and we have to keep looking and reading and making sure that we make the right decisions in the aftermath of this catastrophe absolutely it's not going to be an automatic reset i don't think america ever goes back to business as usual it's really not and i got to say we will continue our due diligence to try to present you everything that we can to keep you as informed as you possibly can be during these most fascinating and dangerous and frightening and hopeful keyword hopeful times everybody that is our show for you today remember in this world we are not. to tell you all i love you i am a rover and i'm in the chicago keep on watching all those hawks out there great.
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financial guy. i'm. buying from the future trucker watch kaiser. x. words one of the covered 19 crisis is only going to get worse we're now going to talk with former secretary of labor chris lou and get his take on this edition of problem. while going to politicking on larry king for the 10th straight day on the home i hope you're staying at home to and the virus keeps spreading and the economy is stalled and death tolls are rising and experts warn that it's going to get worse what can the government do we're joined by chris lewis of course is a form a veteran of the obama administration and he serves as the former deputy secretary
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of labor he's in washington chris was. it's going to be severe larry but i don't think we quite know the extent to be yet we don't know if this is a true week shutdown of the year 2 might strike out of the economy but wonder if it's one or the other for working men and women in the. you know about 58 percent of workers in this country are hourly wage workers this is food service workers retail workers none of those people are getting paid they're all filing for unemployment insurance we've got a whole industry of independent contractors get your purse that are going to be able to get paid and can't get unemployment surance and we just see if low down on the rest of the economy right now we've got school loans being we've got businesses closing and so it's important to provide relief as quickly as possible to
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individual workers who are affected as well businesses is it going to get wars before against better you know larry unfortunately i think it's going to get much much worse and i think depending on how long this goes on it'll tell us what the recovery the problem out to many. 100 who live paycheck to paycheck small this is this country generally operate with a very slim profit margin so they can probably withstand worse small businesses maybe you know a week or 2 of disruption but boy this goes on for a month or so i'm worried that a lot of the small businesses will never recover and then there's this rupture and throughout society whether it's you know school kids not working whether it is just the help long term.


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