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tv   News  RT  March 25, 2020 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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in the headlines from moscow this wednesday the 25th of march speculation doctors say the medical system in the country isn't breaking point with a surge in cases of covert 90 overwhelmed spain is now the 2nd worst hit nation in europe behind italy. here anger anguish sadness a very difficult to handle. fear the russian president meets patients a medical staff from the frontline of the coronavirus battle as the country looks at measures to avoid a so-called italy scenario and. help is on the way. big help and quick kill 5 days in the making washington eventually reaches an
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historic stimulus deal with trillions of dollars to assist the public but the world health organization warns the u.s. could be the next global epicenter of the pandemic. hello there this is out international from moscow welcome to the program has just turned 11 am here now this wednesday we've got a slightly new show join in place for you for the time kevin i can tell you with my colleagues will be here with you every day at this time to update you on the latest in a full 30 minute world news round. the overall number of corona virus cases confirmed around the world today there's supposed 400000 but the death toll veering towards 19000 but there is plenty of hope more than 100000 people have recovered since the
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outbreak started late last year. billions of people around the world right now being told to simply sit tight home one of the nation's currently on lockdown is spain where the numbers of infected continue to surge hundreds are dying there daily making it the 4th worst hit country now globally health workers are stretched to the maximum as they try to get any kind of a handle on the outbreak it's a courageous an admirable job they're doing but a role that comes a great risk to according to the latest figures medical staff account for almost 14 percent of the country's total cases doctors say that besides equipment shortages they're fast reaching capacity when it comes to helping those in need. facing on time or school or find ourselves in an extreme situation in which we've all experienced extreme emotions and intense anguish emotions that many of the
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professionals may have experienced previously but this is teachin of all make it even more intense fear anger anguish sadness a very difficult to handle and we're lacking workers and when people go out to the streets you know what happens they get sick where like an equipment and medication . or so far the number of infected in spain has exceeded 40000 next our europe correspondent peter all over as the latest on the outbreak there and around the continent. here in berlin we haven't seen the type of lockdown that's being put in place in other parts of europe although social distancing itself isolation being practiced germany thankfully hasn't seen the type of cases and fatalities of covert 19 that have been seen in countries like italy and los recently spain patients are having to lie on the floor as there simply aren't enough beds to treat them in
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hospitals while in the car but twist of necessity this ice rink normally a place of enjoyment is having to be used as a makeshift mortuary so far spain is the 2nd hardest hit in europe but the pace at which the deaths of saud to almost $3000.00 a shocked many and those figures continue to grow madrid has been the epicenter of the spanish outbreak authorities have had to put in place the strictest measures in an attempt to stop the spread of the momo live very tough waves coming in of the difficult days are coming they're going to test with a very limited capacity of resources and their moral strength about without doubt our balance as a society the corona virus has overwhelmed some of spain's medical facilities so quickly in fact that some of those that were most at risk from the virus were left
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behind in the panic dozens of elderly and sick people were found dead at home the situation made all the more harrowing when the army had to disinfect their resting places the army during certain visits 1000 older people completely abandoned sometimes even dead in their bats spanish health care services fighting against collapse this is a significant problem for our healthcare system this collapse which is being talked about could happen in some places germany seems to have the spread of covert 19 under some semblance of. role a quick glance to our neighbors elsewhere in europe like spain shows just how quickly the situation could degenerate and with such tragic consequences peter all of our artsy berlin. with the total number of cases here in russia has just tipped over $500.00 now we can report the smalling the russian president in full has most been visiting a brand new all spittal set up to handle the break on the outskirts of moscow hear
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from him a putin was talking to start from to the wards to speak to the victims of the pandemic. of the group. of students who go through the. room you get you know notice that for people to go to get into the mood to be with. you. if you are going to do it with you you do so is surreal to say he was nearby that visit most welcome to the shore let's go live now to central moscow for a good morning surprise visit there them from president putin what what is the state of play here in russia moscow at the moment getting a handle on this virus. so the russian
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president on tuesday apparently on his own initiative made an unexpected a very unexpected i should say actually visit to the state of the art common article hospital which is just outside of moscow and we saw him donning a full hazmat suit a respirator and gloves as he walked around the wards talking to various patients now that's just one of many facilities in the russian capital that is treating people with suspected 19 i muchly standing just outside the research institute of the mad. here in central moscow and decide she has got the largest intensive care unit in the whole capital and i'm here because on tuesday the institute's director announced that 20 people with suspected coronavirus had been admitted to actually carney hooked up to ventilate to so as in the words of the director this is a critical a very serious situation now they're actually undergoing that treatment in
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a totally renovated a building these 2 that you can see behind me with the with the green roofs and they had just reopened last friday in fact off to undergoing a major a really intense 3 day overhaul and they got so much done in that short period of time they knocked 2 buildings together they modernized it they installed an entirely new ventilation system they built specially sealed kora tools and they also they've got now $86.00 beds and in additional $26.00 i.c.u. pads so really this is an excellent example of how facilities are adapting in this new climate and not just adapting because the moscow mayor recently announced the a brand new hospital is being built right here in moscow and he thinks that it's going to get ready within the next 3 weeks. in addition to that 9 a new testing lab or trees are up and running and they set themselves a target they are going to be doing $13000.00 test every single day so it's clear
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that while russia still feels that it's slightly ahead of the cost 7 of the story it is taking every and any opportunity to prepare for and tackle this pandemic head on you know this print change and so far what we've got to do with the change in daily is no hourly almost where this hospital is going to be open this other big one outside in 3 weeks time so it makes you think that maybe they bracing themselves for something bigger to come in the coming weeks a bit maybe but not let's hope let's hope how all the earth. rotis reacting as it stands today than of any more measures being brought in where are we on the side of it. while russia was around the 500 mark of coronavirus cases the lion's share of them being right here in the russian capital the good news is that so far 20 people have fully recovered we also know that around 112000 people are on to close medical watch now they're not necessarily
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exhibiting symptoms yet but they are known to have come into contact with infected individuals so essentially it's a precautionary measure that being said we are hearing that dozens of new cases are being discovered daily which is quite frankly not particularly surprising if anything we've learned over the last couple of weeks coronaviruses unrelenting we also know that moscow is a huge city of 13000000 people speak in a constant posse each other in confined spaces together so at the moment we're not seeing any dramatic busts like can liken it to me in spain in the u.k. but you are aware of the reality and they are not being complacent about. the dynamics ohio a serious situation is unfolding all the more so as we see quite a lot of people coming from abroad so that their homes who have not been tested they're feeling fine print goodness but the fact is there are far more infected
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people in reality. so right now we are behind europe in terms of figures but as the head physician of the hospital the flotsam of putin visited. while of course we're hoping for the best it is that job as doctors to prepare for the worst. with the troops because of the news. from there are 2 medical scenarios for me as a doctor it is very important to prepare for the italy scenario if suddenly there is a big spike and moscow is headed there. our hospital will be ready to transform to taken a huge number of patients if we suddenly have a china or korea scenario and all this ends by april may then the doctors will be over the moon but it seems to me that we must prepare for the worst. this privilege full more and more of those who heard about the awful situation in spain is the thinking about this hospital we're talking about going into 3 weeks
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time and the work that's going into the is that he saw that moscow could be go on to it soon or not. it was russia was pretty proactive from the get go so all the way back in january for example it closed its 4000 kilometer border with china all foreign nationals have been barred entry until at least may the 1st so we're not getting a sense that at the moment the government is grappling to come up with a last minute plan to keep that fire itself because it has systematically been putting in preventative measures so maybe that's why we're not seeing a pressure to impose a citywide or a nationwide lockdown we're not at that stage yet there are of course measures in place for example if you are a russian national and you're coming back from a certain country you have to sit in quarantine for 14 days and there are really serious consequences if you don't abide by that rule so for example if you just can't take it anymore and you go on the street while starts in a $1000.00 fine right that. if you actually end up infecting someone else while
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you're out you're potentially facing a prison sentence also on monday we saw the moscow mayor mandate all of the city's residents over the age of 65 as well as any city any resident of any age with chronic illnesses to sit at home for 14 days and of course he appreciates and i think we can all sympathize that sitting in self isolation is not particularly fun so he's actually provided a financial incentive for people to sit tight in their apartments that's going to be a sum of money split into 2 you get half of that. at the start of the 14 days and the other half. once you reach that finish line. after the 2 week period but again these are just groups which are deemed most at risk so really that's how it's all unfolding here i will say that the streets. be quieter than usual so people are calm but that being responsible that limiting the time outdoors are trying to avoid crowded places and that's really lending to the feeling that at least for the time
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being here in russia there's no reason to panic yet also no big runs on the shops what we've seen in western europe all looks reasonably ok for know but as i say these things can change by the date on the tele thanks very much well it's a case of sit tight for you know when the going to be at the end of the tunnel we're going to tell you about that coming up we're reporting on events worldwide as countries work tirelessly to fend off the deadly virus on the way after the break china's city of wood where that outbreak began at the end of last year and now a plan to lift quarantine measures next month we'll report after the break.
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world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. it's exactly 60 minutes past 11 the morning here in moscow thanks for watching our program today let's go to the u.s. now see what's happening there re coronavirus well that's where the biggest economic stimulus package in the country's modern history is being reached in the senate to try to deal with it 2 trillion dollars set to help businesses and individuals impacted by the virus. this agreement is really an outstanding agreement to them to all americans i say help is on the way. help and quick help. the deal was struck after 5 days of intensive debate after democrats twice blocked it going through insisting on concessions the
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legislation will provide direct payments then and unemployment benefits as well as loan programs it could be just in time too because the world health organization's issued a warning that the u.s. could become the new global epicenter for covert 19 the numbers of infected are rising rapidly in the country with over 55000 confirmed cases standing firm in the face of potential tragedy though president donald trump he says he wants the country to be opened up as he put it by the easter holidays our correspondents in the us report next the number measures being taken across the united states. this time of year mid march spring break you would have a lot of boat traffic the party boats the yachts going by blasting music well that is definitely not the case right now we've seen a couple boats you know just a few people on them scattered but definitely not the kind of spring break break atmosphere that you would have the restaurant bar behind me there is only open for
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takeout orders a couple people i don't know if you could say i'm sitting along the water having a bottle of wine making the best of it but the bottom line is that here in miami dade not only is spring break over but they're trying to basically shut the county down trying to curb the amount of coronavirus cases. decile. downtown usually would be. full of traffic this was my morning commute to our office in miami what would normally be congested with cars and trucks and people heading into work was quiet desolate theory in florida the number of coronavirus cases has doubled since wednesday from 216-2432 today 100 deaths from the virus has been reported bringing the total death toll in florida to 9 despite the threat people are still heading to florida beaches and many parts of the state where the beaches remain open video of spring breakers
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from south beach earlier this week went viral with one young man from ohio saying he wasn't going to let the coronavirus stop him from parting we donated. it well maybe the virus didn't stop him but miami dade county did shutting down all of its beaches including the famous south beach this was the scene last year during spring break this is the scene today beaches empty bars and nightclubs shuttered restaurants if they're even open are only doing takeout or delivery the famous coyote show in bustling unmusical little havana has also gone quiet schools are also closed playgrounds are locked up with the. one local park wrapped up to keep the kids from playing on it in the time that we started working on the story this morning and this live shot right now the number of cases in florida has again creased of the coronavirus it's now up to 520 confirmed coronavirus cases already not to be more testing more to ask you how they reported to us from miami thank you
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john now let's take you across to. california we all woke up to big headlines here on the east coast california. which dropped waited for us. share a break you know the big story here in california is governor given you some is claiming half the state more than 25000000 people will become infected with covert 19 within the next 8 weeks so now even more measures were added last night as you mention including a stay at home order all this expands to nearly 40000000 people new some said already applied to about half the state he said late thursday the statewide restriction on any nonessential movement outside the home is needed to help control the spread of the krona virus well it's said to be overwhelming that the state's medical system is mutuality there's a recognition of our interdependence that requires of this moment that we direct a state wide order for people to stay at home gatherings are not to be held beyond
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people inside a single home and went into effect thursday night indoor malls and shopping centers and retail businesses were ordered to close outdoor playgrounds for children except those at a childcare center were also order to close now grocery stores farmer's markets gas stations banks and media outlets laundromats and transportation services like the metro are not impacted by the new measures sums office would not further expand on how he got the numbers of some 25000000 people getting infected rick and also with the 2nd person here in los angeles. reportedly died yesterday at 34 year old man who had asthma back to you actually we confirm that same number 3 days ago on this newscast natasha we talked to an epidemiologist at yale university who said it's very likely that half of us will end up contracting the virus at some point or another so it doesn't sound like news from is too far off natasha sweet doing great
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job for us out there in california thank you so much let's go from l.a. now to treat each of us standing by in new york city where boy there have been a bevy of developments there since early this morning trinity what you got. actually now the case was over 7100 in the state of new york more than half of them are right here in new york city the governor of new york now ordering state wide lockdown with that will shut down most of the state including new york city making america's largest city a ghost town. from a city that never sleeps. to a ghost town overnight but it's a world where we know what it. should we. can we have to take you take a look at the iconic brooklyn bridge which corners hundreds of thousands of people daily now lays bare you know the story of grand central station one of the world's largest transportation hubs which has more than 750000 commuters pass through daily
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virtually empty never ever seen it before and you'll see my book at the end of the city safe in times square nearly deserted this as the new york city streets bare after thousands of local businesses are forced to shutter and millions are advised to work from home this is totally on sure territory for us like i've been here for over 50 of those 66 years that we've been open and i've seen a lot of things happen all over her to see the. order mean breaks meantime new york preparing for a drastic influx of patients when the virus hits its peak in about 45 days the city pursuing plans to turn hotels into makeshift hospitals which will be used to help quarantine individuals including the homeless this as a u.s. navy hospital ship was a 1000 hospital beds is making its way to new york to help manage the crisis however the shows are still extremely concerned that hospitals will run out of
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protective gear and medical equipment in a matter of weeks all great team over in the states they're reporting on what's happening for you now going back to where the puck all began the chinese city of. this is good to report this day light at the end of the tragic time although as authorities now say they plan to lift the measures on april the 8 traffic will be allowed we hear into the form of virus at the center as it was while locals will be allowed to leave the city if they are healthy. and here's why it's starting to revert back to normal life numbers of new coronavirus infections there are dramatically decreasing in who bear province and around the country 2 out of the 47 new reported cases none that were found in wuhan and china says all were people returning from abroad. well elsewhere in china covert 19 related restrictions have already been lifted or at least relaxed in some places in the city of nanjing
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residents are no longer required to wear face masks for instance supermarkets are reopening and schools are expected to resume in the next few weeks a bit of normal life coming back so good to hear it is the rest of the world though for now it shuts down its sporting events and the olympics. postponed for a year huge event to be postponed a marathon is going ahead despite that in southwest china runners had their temperatures checked before taking part it's mark the 1st event of its kind and since the outbreak in the country china expert joseph chang explained to his why he thinks beijing has been so successful here in dealing with the coronavirus. chinese authorities certainly have demonstrated tremendous mobilization power. for social control. the region has been a boat in stand. medical services bendigo person now from the people's liberation army and from various provinces. and the who pay province at the same
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time the chinese people were very aware of the and those of the downy they had ample experience from the science at the dam made in 2 or 3 so these tools factors contributed to a very effective to a very effective corentin and apparently this. quarantine worked. at the moment the chinese authorities of course are very eager to demonstrate that time now has set a very good example to the world that is system. is political situation is superior. well that's it for this live update from us. he's main studios here in moscow i'm kevin now in thank you for watching i can tell you at this time every day we will continue to bring you live bulletins from here in russia and also later
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on in the day as well as you said michelle to more coverage from our london stateside studio teams there you saw them earlier on around the clock on the latest headlines that are common across all various social media to these are uncertain times awful but through it we'll continue to report for you keep you entertained over the coming weeks and bring all that news most students around the world with documentaries and talk shows as well all here on this channel we are. international . go. a little bit by our d.n.a. and something way over the i'm not sure this is such a quick thing you know i'm sure you look better now than when you had hair.
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your government and our government and all the other major governments of the world know what's going to them and when it's going to. but they haven't told you and they haven't told me they haven't announced. imagine something as big as the earth is going to cause tidal waves earthquakes volcanoes are going to wrapped and it's going to chill. so we're in for a while right. my great grandfathers. nobody would care about the law or prison so you'd have wallace of. a turtle between the and.
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from donald trump in 2016 to 2020 there is part of the electorate that responds to anti-war anti interventionist rhetoric in fact there is evidence to significantly help get trump elected but the fact remains the establishment is keen to downplay and even demonize any candidate who questions policy orthodoxy so why is this. this is boom bust a one business show you can't afford to invest. in washington coming up markets are rallying back as a coronavirus impacts the global economy then it will see an immediate shifting
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consumer behavior or well we once a virus that size plus amazon. down on thousands of users for price gouging we have a show for you today so let's go and dive right in. the corona virus pandemic is changing life as we know it will toll now surpassed about $17000.00 with more than 395000 total confirmed cases india's prime minister declared a $21.00 day nationwide lockdown extending the restrictions to the entire country of 1400000000 people countries across europe are also looking to extend nationwide lockdowns deaths are declining in italy for the 2nd day in a row offering a glimpse of hope italy had a world record death toll of about 793 on saturday that number declined to 601 on monday in spain things are worsening as the death toll jumped by 514 in just one day now according to data and nearly 14 percent of spain's total reported cases are .


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