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tv   News  RT  March 25, 2020 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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but i went 5 in unison so. breaking this the russian president is expected to give a nationwide address on the state of corona virus in russia it comes after he met patients and medical staff on the front line of a pandemic but. with the day spanish doctors say the medical system of the country is a breaking point with the cases of covert 19 overwhelmed spain's another 2nd worst 'd hit nation in europe behind it's an. anger anguish sadness a very difficult to handle. it took 5 days in the making but eventually washington reached in a storage stimulus deal with trillions of dollars to assist the public but at the
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same time the world health organization is warning the u.s. could be the next global epicenter of the. hello there this is art international from moscow welcome to the program just turned 2 pm here this wednesday with a slightly new show julian places you can see for a bit my name is kevin with me i'm a colleagues will be here every day at this time to update you on the latest in a full 30 minute world news roundup many concerned with corona virus of course and let me update you on that the overall number of coronavirus cases confirmed around the world today as a past 428000 with the death toll over 19000 but that said there is plenty of hope to more than 109000 people as of this hour recovered since the outbreak started late last year. you know.
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so as mentions of libya putin is soon expected to address the nation of the current corona virus outbreak here in russia its much anticipated the total number of cases has now reached 658 earlier the russian president in a slightly surreal yellow full hazmat suit was visiting a brand new hospital set up to handle the crisis on the outskirts of moscow the school of the says could taylor in central moscow for us hey there again what do we know about president putin's upcoming speech then we said imminent we think it's within the next hour or so don't we while this is all happened fairly quickly but we have received confirmation from the kremlin press secretary he says that lattimer putin will be making an address to the nation likely within the next hour but before we break down what it will could all mean what could be said let's listen to exactly what scaf said about that. the president has rescheduled
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his trip to st petersburg and will stay in moscow today he's currently working on his nationwide address which he will finish in the coming hours after yesterday's lengthy meeting on the p.d. me a logical situation before his visit to the hospital after another meeting on supporting citizens and the country's economy and. now this is not actually an event that is common the russian president does make an annual new year's address and on other significant public holidays but today is not one of them so it is almost certain that he is making this address as a direct result of the corona virus pandemic that of course is coursing through the entire wild russia of course is not immune to last count we have as you said 658 cases within russia's borders in fact just today i was at a hospital where 20 people are being treated in the intensive care units are on top of that we know that there are around 112200 close magic watch which means that
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they haven't exhibited symptoms but they have been in contact with with infected individuals so it's very possible that we'll be discussing measures that have already been taken out things like quarantine people the age of 65 with chronic health issues and penalties that have been imposed for people who break quarantine and it's likely that he will discuss what the measures can be taken in order to fight the spread of covert 19 now and the russian president did hold several hours of many meetings and he met with politicians like the moscow mayor and the health minister and he also met with medical professionals in fact he visited a hospital on the outskirts of moscow which is one of 3 places which is treating people with suspected coronavirus so it's very likely that he's gathering information and intelligence in order to help inform his future decisions so let's actually let's quickly look at one moment from but hospital. don't do
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a full hazmat suit respirator and gloves as he talked to patients. now. you. can go. through. when you get you know movies that are really going to get. you. where. you. were going to. be. now while ficus in russia considerably lower than in other european countries we're not seeing the kind of dramatic figures that was saying it's me in spain of course most recently and in the u.k. the way medical services particular going about the brunt of any potential outbreak are preparing for the wost case scenario so would have been renovated new testing
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new board trees are being opened and in fact a new hospital is being opened here within the capital within just probably 3 weeks so authorities all preparing for any eventuality and any potential development and they're not being complacent after all as the moscow may himself set. dynamics are hard and serious situation is unfolding all the more so as we see quite a lot of people coming from abroad self quarantined at their homes and have not been tested they're feeling fine thank goodness but the fact is there are far more infected people in reality. so while the situation within russia seems to be at the moment under control forces are preparing for any and every eventuality in the meantime while waiting of course for the russian president and his address to the nation to see what he has to say since stay tuned yes you certainly hear about the big hospital also being built on the outskirts due to come online in 23 weeks time
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it could be the low before the storm here but question is how big a storm to try and keep it down as much as possible as this house could tell if another thank you. well billions of people around the world of course are being told to sit tight at home. mentioning one of the nation's currently on lockdown is spain so badly affected there where the numbers of infected have grown by 20 percent overnight hundreds are dying there daily making it the 4th worst hit country globally no health workers a stretch to the maximum as they tried to get any kind of handle on the break it's a courageous an admirable job they're doing of course but it's a role that also comes a great risk according to the latest figures we can tell you medical staff are come from a 14 percent of the country's total cases doctors say that besides equipment shortages they're fast reaching capacity when it comes to helping those in need. or sing on demos call on we find ourselves in an extreme situation in which we've all
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experienced extreme emotions and stance anguish emotions that many of the professionals may have experienced previously but this is he will make it even more intense fear anger anguish sadness a very difficult to handle and i want to relax with workers and when people go out to the streets you know what happens they get sick where like an equipment and medication. meantime despite germany also facing a huge number of coronavirus cases it's been managing to keep it small the rate very low compared to spain or europe correspondent next peter all of a look at how both countries have been dealing with respectively. here in berlin we haven't seen the type of lockdown that's being put in place in other parts of europe although social distancing itself isolation being practiced germany thankfully hasn't seen the type of cases and fatalities of covert 19 that have been
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seen in countries like italy and los recently spain patients are having to lie on the floor as there simply aren't enough beds to treat them in hospitals while in the car but twist of necessity this ice rink normally a place of enjoyment is having to be used as a makeshift mortuary so far spain is the 2nd hardest hit in europe but the pace at which the deaths of saud to almost $3000.00 has shocked many and those figures continue to grow madrid has been the epicenter of the spanish oh brick authorities have had to put in place the strictest measures in an attempt to stop the spread of the momo and very tough waves coming in of the difficult days are coming they're going to test to the very limited capacity of resources and. about without doubt our balance as a society the corona virus has overwhelmed some of spain's medical facilities so
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quickly in fact that some of those that were most at risk from the virus were left behind in the panic dozens of elderly and sick people were found dead at home the situation made all the more harrowing when the army had to disinfect their resting place as the army during certain visits found older people completely abandoned sometimes even dead in their bats spanish health care services fighting against collapse this is a significant problem for healthcare system this collapse which is being talked about could happen in some places germany seems to have the spread of covert 19 under some semblance of control a quick glance to our neighbors elsewhere in europe like spain shows just how quickly the situation can degenerate and with such tragic consequences peter all of our artsy belin. yes somebody run for cations this is look at the money side of it european stock markets of breathe
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a little sigh of relief this wednesday we can report bucking recent trends with a jump in prices on opening it comes after the u.s. reached its biggest economic stimulus package in the country's modern history of eventually they got round to agreeing to a trillion dollars set aside to help businesses and individuals impacted by the virus outbreak this agreement is really an outstanding agreement to them to all americans i say help is on the way big help and quick help didn't come quickly though the deal was struck after 5 days no less of intensive debate over it and after democrats twice blocked it going through insisting on concessions the legislation will provide direct payments and unemployment benefits as well as loan programs however the international monetary fund isn't so upbeat with its predictions of what lies ahead after we even get over this whole medical side of it saying a health crisis will cause
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a global recession this year. look human cost of the corona virus pandemic our already measurable and all countries need to work together to protect people and limit the economic damage is the outlook for global growth for $20.00 twentieth's negative or recession at least as bad as during the global financial crisis or worse but we expect recovery in 2021. we heard from the chief economist and c.e.o. of saxo bank who told discovered 19 spread of a bulk of globalization. so i think it's important to understand from near us and this is the worst crisis i've seen in 30 years for the western markets this is only parallel to that we can find this in 1920 s. and 1930 s. in terms of magnitude be shifty remember that 3 things happened at the same time the global supply chain broke down the global demography down because people got contained and had to stay ahold of the social distancing and finally we had the oil war that at a time where the market needed
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a little bit of support intrusion created a huge amount of capital destruction in the energy sector a little bit a national level but also a company that will i've never seen 3 macro impulse at the same time comes to the market and hitting it in the way that it sort of this is the biggest prize that are there it's pretty clear that the pattern of travel holiday and business trip over the last 1020 years has just exploded you preceding the airline companies the demand on reducing your planes the amount of discount travels around the world a country like china in his own sense 500000000 people into the risks that are well in the database so of course globalization through travel has become a global and interconnected baseness and that's one of the ways we see at the virus spread so quickly. you know no matter how big or how small some of the giants of businesses are reeling from a pandemic one in particular has been slammed for asking the public to make
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donations to help we're talking i am of them it's been under fire over stuff safety and only agreeing to paid time off after coming under intense scrutiny caleb maupin next examines why the richest man in the world might be asking for the average joe's help. amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world owned by the world's richest man jeff bezos but now the online giant is begging for money from the public for its employees who've been exposed to co-write $19.00 this fund has an initial donation of $25000000.00 from amazon the company will continue to make additional contributions to the fund as it's needed while we aren't expecting anyone to do so you can make a voluntary donation to the fund if you desire to do so jeff bezos makes $25000000.00 in less than 2 hours but amazon is expecting the public to cover the rest the website has been updated to say they don't expect more contributions but that's not what they said before the fund relies primarily on individual donations
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from individuals and support from amazon dot com services l.l.c. to fund this program every contribution helps and when combined with the donations of others can provide a tax free grant to help a fellow individual in need when they are facing the unexpected amazon's move has garnered a strong reaction from the public. i can't even process this amazon you know the one run by the richest man the one who's sales have shot up during a pandemic is doing an online fundraiser asking all of us to donate to support its warehouse steps and flex drive as he by called it a mess and set up a relief fund for his employees and he's asking us to donate and was and is worth nearly one trillion dollars and paid in negative federal income tax rates in 2018 they paid nothing but got millions in government subsidies how is this real so if amazon employees are exposed on the job they don't automatically get assistance
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they have to apply for a grant from this charity that the company set up with american stuck in their homes do that pandemic amazon deliveries are their lifeline amazon is hiring employees like crazy right now obviously there are big risks and amazon warehouse in new york has already been exposed to the virus amazon staffers are concerned so are members of the u.s. congress and the failure of amazon to keep its workers safe there's not just put their employees at risk it puts the entire country at risk americans who are taking every precaution might risk getting infected with cove 19 because of amazon's decision to prioritize efficiency and profits over the safety and well being of its workforce or gap my mother about growing the virus or amazon's problems we know what to do knowing we can feed them disregard for the value of our lives.
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you can tell us that we got it right by now amazon has been kinder to its employees in light of the pandemic it has extended shade over time however the fact that if amazon employees get exposed to code that 19 on the job they have to beg for private charity doesn't exactly make jeff days those look like the world's greatest boss. last year is jeff bezos a 70000000000 year where they. call upon the american people in this time when credible 'd hardship self-sacrifice so many donations seems to amazon's doing better than ever those so many people are relying on line shop but what this really shows is the deep polarizing issue in the united states the c.e.o.'s thinks wall street all depends on the everyday workers but the work is
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a saying no we don't want to risk the health of our parents and our children to meet you rich so we're certainly at a crossroads in terms of the american and global economy. we're putting events worldwide as countries continue to work tirelessly to fend off the deadly virus as mentioned again here president putin's due to address the nation in the next hour or so we'll go straight to it a bit of good news let me tell you as well that china's city of wood where the outbreak began at the end of last year and now a plan to lift quarantine much is there next month tell me more when the back. is your media
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it's coming up to 20 minutes past 2 in the afternoon here in moscow hi again right more about the pandemic now and a bit of good news we're going to the chinese city of will hand there is daylight at the end a such a tragic long tunnel there as authorities now say they plan to lift the log measures on the 8th of april traffic will be allowed into the form of virus at the center as it was while locals will be able to leave the city if healthy and here's why it's starting to revert back to normal life numbers of new corona virus infections are dramatically down there decreasing in who by a province and around the country 2 out of the $47.00 new reported cases today none were found in and china says all were people that had returned from abroad elsewhere the bigger picture in china covert 19 related restrictions have already
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been lifted or at least relax the number of places e.g. the city of nanjing residents there are no longer required to wear face masks super markets are reopening schools are expected to resume in a few weeks as the rest of the world though of course shuts down its sporting events case in point that huge lympics postponed in japan for a year something that's gone ahead look this is new these are new pictures of her life back on the streets again a marathon is gone ahead in southwest china runners did after the temperatures check before they could take part but it marks the 1st event of its kind since the outbreak in the country so bit of good news a china expert joseph cheney explained to his wife thinks beijing has been so successful in dealing with this corona virus. the chinese authorities certainly have demonstrated strong men. mobilization. pass at the ball social control. the region has been a boat on stand. medical services medical personnel from the people's liberation
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army and from various provinces. and the province at the same time the chinese people were very aware of the and those of the downy they had ample experience from the silence at that and made into all 3 so these tools factors contributed to a very effective to a very effective corentin and apparently this sense for current quarantine. at the moment the chinese authorities are very eager to demonstrate that time now has set a very good example could a world that is system. is political situation is superior so china is what is imposed of results of the moment in its fight against covert 19 of course is not the picture in a lot of other countries in europe that at the dawn of their own battle against the
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virus know only now beginning to adopt some of the strict measures that china applied originally no monday for instance british prime minister boris johnson learned a lot across the u.k. that range from non-essential shops closing and a ban on public gatherings of more than 2 people. next looks at how the world is turning to china's methods to try to defeat coronavirus after previously criticizing beijing let's not forget. there are drones monitoring the skies to see who is on the move we are being tracked so your enforcement agencies can find us to check all papers i need id with me at all times i'm only allowed to go for specific were strict of functions my neighbors are ready to report any gatherings as this is now illegal when measures like these were being taken by china the world was shocked.
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the measures required to stop transmission completely may be to socially or economically extreme there has to be a balance between protecting people's lives and their livelihoods now these are the decrees being made in democratic countries no socialising limited exercise we are told it is necessary. we are at war i urge you at this moment of national emergency to stay at home it's the most difficult crisis that our country is going through since our postwar period could you imagine that just a few weeks ago that a simple wark outside would require a permission slip and without one you could land yourself in jail yet despite the fundamental crackdown on our basic rights the masses are following the rules anyone
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who wants to raise a debate about this is being shut down very often the long as there are imposed or not targeted sufficiently so that for example i think you need to provide a bit of space who are children to play in the parks for people to get a bit of fresh air it can be done in a sensible way what i worry about is that many government just in a black. white with. dollars and i think got that going to all kinds of negative effects and people will eventually go against more than a 1000000000 people all self isolating in more than 50 countries 34 countries have made this compulsory including 80 least spain and greece countries in europe the continent that gave birth to democracy and while we are not being sealed in our apartments as people were in china high tech surveillance is being used to ensure
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we comply mobile phone operators are in talks with governments or health authorities about using geo location data to monitor where we are. going to you there's a good argument for using the g.p.s. systems of understanding the direction and trajectory of the intersection. but obviously it raises all kinds of issues. and freedoms legislation is being passed without the normal scrutiny that's because lawmakers also have to abide by social distancing measures emergency bills giving to conan powers to elected governments all while the guardians of our civil or human rights say cattell mint is ok as long as it's limited rights shall not be subject to the restrictions
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except those which are provided by war to protect public health but human rights watch also says a broad quarantines and lock downs of indeterminate length rarely meet the criteria in spain in italy france the u.k. there is no definitive lockdown duration and what about our right to the highest attainable standards of physical and mental health self. isolation for weeks for months is hardly the gold standard so if the price to pay is relative imprisonment economic collapse and the end of liberties and the values that we have been taught to hold on to so tightly so dearly is the cure worse than the disease challenge even ski auti paris will either which way end of the day your health is the most important thing in life so do take care see the u.k. prince charles is no tested positive for corona virus but he's only got mild
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symptoms that say take care of yourself that's it for this bulletin in moscow i'm kevin 0 in this time every day will continue to bring you live updates from here in russia and also throughout the rest of the day as well will bring you various bulletins most studios around the world washington d.c. london as well got a great team working around the clock for you also r.t. dot com and our various social media too in these uncertain times you can count on us to continue updating and briefing you and entertaining it was well over the coming weeks with the news from the studios there around the world great documentaries on talk shows all here on our c international.
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your government and our government and all the other major governments of the world know what's going to and when it's going to. but they haven't told you and they haven't told me they haven't and they'll still. imagine something as big as the earth is going to cause tidal waves earthquakes volcanoes are wrapped and it's going to help. so very for a while right. my great grandfather's. nobody would care about the law or prison so you'd have wallace that should have. a terrible life between though and the. show seemed wrong. but old paul just don't call. any new world yet to shape out disdain he comes to advocate and in games from an equals betrayal
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. when so many find themselves worlds apart when she's to look for common ground. according to u.n. estimates by 2019 the flow of migrants out of africa had reached 36000000. 1 3rd a full display stuff resumes make their way north to europe.


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