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so join us for the day. or immediately shot was. welcoming our viewers from around the world live from central london this is our 2 u.k. . president putin an ounce is russia is to go into lockdown with all but essential shops closed for a week as the country tackles coronavirus. u.k. prime minister barak's 1 johnson clashes with the opposition leader over coronavirus testing that's as the heir to the british throne prince charles tests positive for the virus after experiencing mild symptoms. the government continues to be criticized for not protecting the self employed and lacking clarity on what that utility workers are deemed essential. for by immigration minister warns britain's stranded abroad whop no way of getting close
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as countries close their borders. the u.k. government faces calls to release those in immigration detention centers over fears many could die from the virus i'll be talking to an asylum rights activist. welcome to our see president putin has announced a nationwide lockdown in russia starting on saturday and lasting until april the 5th all but essential workers will be instructed to stay at home like they may appear to advise russia's citizens not to underestimate the challenge that lies ahead joining us now live from moscow is saskia taylor hello there saskia tell us more about what the russian president said. hi kate well yes indeed the russian president has just spoken out in his much anticipated nation wide address it's
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actually the 1st time that he's spoken at such an about barring new year's addresses since august 2800 so really quite significant and of course the reason behind it is coronavirus me apparently can't escape it and 1st and foremost he does that all the medical professionals who are on the frontline of the battle with covert 1000 he says he said they deserve the utmost admiration and respect and it was really a very comprehensive set of new social guidelines and economic measures that will be taken by the government as they start to try and fight this pandemic there are lots of key points to run through but let's start with probably the most important which will affect every single russian citizen barring those who work in the critical services and that is the announcement of a non working week so let's listen to the details on that. don't think like some do think this can affect everyone and then what's happening
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in western countries could become our in your future all recommendations most people owed we need to protect ourselves loved ones. also worth mentioning is the. referendum that was due to take place on changes to the constitution the date that was put into the calendar was april the 22nd but the russian president said that obviously in this climate where certainly people cannot be gathering to gather in masses that is out of the question health must come faster so that will be delayed until a later date which will be determined again later we're not sure what the exact date will be. and then he said now it's a series of economic measures which are all intended to alleviate the financial burdens on people like families small small businesses local businesses that includes for example delaying your tax payment getting a brief response from loans and that's all of course to ensure that they are adults they're not dealt rather a heavy blow from which they cannot recover so
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a really comprehensive set of guidelines russia is still behind europe in terms of numbers of coronavirus sufferers currently we're looking at around 658 that's at last count but said we cannot be complacent we have to take all the preventative measures that we need to as early as possible so every must unite in this challenge and he expressed confidence that it was something that they would be able to deal with together so in all this flux with numbers constant going up and down of borders opening and shutting a really clear message from from the russian government on how they are going to ensure both the physical and economic health of russia and all of its citizens and did such detail in moscow thank you very much. well meanwhile here in the u.k. the prime minister and labor leader have clashed over the government's approach to coronavirus testing that's as the heir to the profuse throne prince charles has tested positive after exhibiting symptoms well r.t. u.k.
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shot and moustache he joins me with more on this hi there charges so testing times today literally. absolutely yes prince charles has and do tested positive for corona virus after exhibiting very mild symptoms the worry is that of course he is over 70 years old and indeed has been in close contact over the last few weeks with the queen herself so completely we could see implications for the monarchy then however online we've seen quite a reaction in fact twitter has exploded over the fact that prince charles was able to test for corona virus in the 1st place whereas the key of key workers 'd like hospital staff and medical professionals have not been tested nor of those who are very sick and even displaying respect distress or fever as you can see you know scream twitter is up in arms arguing that royalty can simply jump the queue over frontline staff who are even risking their lives to save others now as the number of cases ever increases during this lockdown period the time has come for big
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changes in parliament wednesday is of course the day for prime minister's questions today at midday that did happen in the house of commons but today we saw an extended session an hour long session split into 2 sections and that so m.p.'s could rotate to maintain that social distancing of course it does come as m.p.'s many of which are already in self isolation particularly one m.p. comes to mind the health minister named dean doris' who tested positive for covert 19 this month now that brings me on to the case of testing which the leader of the opposition jeremy copeland grilled to the prime minister over who said in response that it's the government's top priority. over the past few weeks i've asked the prime minister many times what action has been taken to ensure testing is been prioritized and i received assurances that everything that could was being done yet mr speaker leaked emails shows it was just 3 days ago that the prime minister wrote
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to u.k. research institutes to ask for help saying there was no testing machines available to buy why wasn't this done weeks ago if not months ago when the government was 1st warned about the threat of a global pandemic and what does what action is now being taken to get testing machines is quite right that testing is vital to our success in beating the corona virus and as the health secretary has explained many times we are massively increasing our testing campaign going up from 521-022-5008 day and you know it's a direction to use question this has been a priority of this government ever since the crisis was obviously upon us like for weeks and weeks. well as you just heard there from boris johnson the plan is to reach $25000.00 tests over the next month however public health and bent has
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confirmed that that level is not quite reachable not at least until april the 25th now other key issues that were raised today in prime minister's questions included the matter of what is happening to the south employed boris johnson replied to the leader of the opposition jeremy corbyn saying the government is reviewing the situation is trying to put together a comprehensive package to alleviate the strains in the financial pressures for the south employed it's understood that riches are not the charts that will tomorrow be delivering that package at tomorrow's press daily briefing just to mention though it was jeremy corbin's final session as the leader of the opposition in prime minister's questions and today the leader of the house of commons confirms that parliament is shutting its doors tonight i'm grateful to poland parliamentary start for coming together to support the completion of emergency legislation essential to fight against covert 19 including the contingency spun bill that will our expenditure of $260000000000.00 pounds on account once the coronavirus bill in the
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contingency fund bill received royal assent and subject to the house's agreement parliament will rise for the easter recess later today it is obviously important that poland is able to sit over the recess further discussions with local continue within government with the poetry authorities and with members to ensure parliament operate safely for all those who work here the legislature must be able to continue its vital democratic functions of conducting scrutiny authorizing spending and making laws including look for an arms bill while there's a planned returned for m.p.'s on april the 21st but in what capacity we still don't know. well she had it research suggests that britain could already have heard immunity is that right well according to one research and her team the government's new measures to tackle the virus could be too little too late and her studies show that the virus has already reached a large majority of the population professor of theoretical epidemiology at oxford
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thinks that around 50 percent of the population have already been infected with hiv at 19 they believe the corona virus hit british shores in mid january which is about 2 weeks before the 1st case was formally confirmed that's around a month before the 1st recorded death in the united kingdom but it's not exactly bad news because if this is true it means that less in one in 1000 people who have to virus to receive hospital care that means a large fortune of the population actually gets really mild symptoms and some may not get any of tall so if this model is correct the population has already got immunity however professor neil ferguson gave evidence to the house of commons science committee he completely didn't dismissed all of these findings and based his disagreement on the case and it to me. this very. year is the last few weeks for. you to be
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studied you are very. very good. there is going to. be a good story to be said. as for today of course we're waiting for that daily press at 5 o'clock local time i'm hoping is that itis when we get a shot here thank you very much indeed thank you well critics continue to accuse the government of not providing enough protection for self employed people many are unsure if their work is deemed essential by the all summer and can claim just 94 pounds 25 a week in universal credit if they don't show up. well currently the government says anyone who works in the oil and gas electricity and water industries all the utilities are key workers and are permitted to travel to work while builders and laborers are not designated key workers the housing secretary robert general said they can continue to work on sides during the lock down restrictions when
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a significant portion of those workers are self employed but the government advises workers to ask their employer if their role is an essential public service this isn't possible for self employed workers and without any protections they could face bankruptcy if they were unable to trade well but despite being under fire over help for the self-employed chancellery sumac has emerged as the bookies favorite to the next prime minister also not received widespread praise from the business world following his announcement of a 330000000000 pound cash injection to help out the crisis at 5 to 2 he is now the odds on favorite for the top job in a close 2nd place is top labor leadership candidate kissed alma his chances are rated at $3.00 to $1.00 while the chancellor of the duchy of lancaster michael gove and former chancellor of it all tied to boasting odds of 20 to one while labor leadership candidate rebecca long bailey is the outsider with her chances of making
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it to number 10 rated a 25 to one. coming up after the break. a former immigration minister warns britain stranded abroad have no roots home as countries close their borders. and immigration carriages call for u.k. detention centers to be emptied after a detainee test positive for the virus we hear from a campaign on. from donald trump in 2016 to 2020 there is part of the electorate that responds to
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anti-war anti interventionist rhetoric and in fact there is evidence this significantly helped get trampled like that but the fact remains the establishment is keen to downplay and even demonize any candidate who questions the policy or the doxies why is this. seemed wrong. rowles just don't call. me old yet to shape out these days to come as a whole and in again from an equal trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. go. a little bit messed up by our d.n.a. and somewhere around over look really i'm not sure this is such
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a great thing you know i'm sure you look better now than when he had hair come from it's nice of you to say so but i do i went though when i was 2500 wasn't so great for them. to. thanks. paul come back we can lease founder and publisher julian assange has asked to be released from prison as he believes he is at risk from coronavirus assad is being held at h.m.p. belmarsh awaiting a possible extradition to the united states so at the duration of his detention concerns have been raised over the health of the we can leaks founder last year the un special rapporteur on torture and kneels meltzer claimed that asylum showed signs of psychological torture a soldier is currently facing 18 charges including conspiracy to hack
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a government computer which his team strongly denies or for more on this issue abi joined by former diplomat and campaigner craig mari that'll be in just over an hour. well other countries around the globe are struggling to contain the corona virus pandemic germany is facing a big number of virus cases but it's been managing to keep the mortality rate low compared to spain artie's europe correspondent major oliver looks at how both countries are dealing with the outbreak here in berlin we haven't seen the type of lock down that's been put in place in other parts of europe although social distancing itself isolation being practiced germany thankfully hasn't seen the type of cases and fatalities of covert 19 that have been seen in countries like italy and los recently spain patients are having to lie on the floor as there simply aren't enough beds to treat them in hospitals while in the car but twist of
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necessity this ice rink normally a place of enjoyment is having to be used as a makeshift mortuary so far spain is the 2nd hardest hit in europe but the pace at which the deaths of saud to almost $3000.00 shocked many of those figures continue to grow madrid has been the epicenter of the spanish out brick authorities have had to put in place the strictest measures in an attempt to stop the spread of the momo library waves come in 1000000000 of the difficult days are coming this is going to test on one of the very limited capacity of resources of the island a moral system that about the ocean without doubt and balance as a society the coronavirus has overwhelmed some of spain's medical facilities so quickly in fact that some of those that were most at risk from the virus were left behind in the panic dozens of elderly and sick people were found dead at home the
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situation made all the more harrowing when the army had to disinfect their resting places the army during certain visits found some older people completely abandoned sometimes. and that in their bags spanish healthcare services fighting against collapse this is a significant problem for our healthcare system this collapse which is being talked about could happen in some places germany seems to have the spread of covert 19 under some semblance of control a quick glance to our neighbors elsewhere in europe like spain shows just how quickly the situation can degenerate and with such tragic consequences peter all over r.t. berlin or groups representing for profit line n.h.s. staff say they feel abandoned and are expected to take risks with their own health to distort edges of personal protective equipment the longer this epidemic goes on for if doctors feel that there is a widespread lack of personal protective equipment then some doctors may feel they
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have no choice but to give up the profession they love because they feel so abandoned by not being given the p.p.a. that the world health organization recommends when it comes after the government announced a new n.h.s. volunteer responder scheme on cheers day but some n.h.s. staff of said they had to improvise was non-medical material such as plastic bags to protect themselves while the royal college of nursing has also expressed concerns over serious shortages of face masks our priority is to make sure nursing staff in frontline care have the masks and equipment they need but the governments of the n.h.s. must be able to offer reasonable protection and assurances to those who lend a hand in these times nursing staff should never be forced to choose between their safety and their livelihood this equipment must desperately reach the frontline. in response the u.k. health secretary matt hancock has promised to strain every sinew to get frontline
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medical workers everything they need to protect themselves as the government announced the opening of a temporary hospital with 4000 beds at london's xcel center to tackle the crisis and more than 3000000 antibody tests are being ordered to tell people whether or not they've had coronavirus or to discuss the frontline n.h.s. issues i'll be joined in the next hour by an intensive care doctor. well the u.k.'s foreign secretary dominic robb has been criticized by a former immigration minister over the dire situation of britain stranded abroad with no way of returning. and he's helped find the rings with no answer emails of knowledge but not replying to embassies that are closed and star flown home days ago dole shot to our travellers god was issued by the foreign office yesterday advising british tourists to return to the u.k. where commercial flights are available but then not available hotels are shutting flights are cancelled borders are closed and there are no reach home many are hours
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away from the larger pool in countries operating curfews those in australia or new zealand are looking for response in of course i welcome the comments he's made about working with singapore and allies but to them it looks like my version of those friends words of last week were empty she said the embassies have been closed actually it's a very small number of posts that had to be closed but what we have found and it's not a choice that syria has made it is a direct result of restrictions that have been placed by the governments in those countries is that they've had to work remotely and indeed a large chunk of the consular staff work from home we are trying to respond to what i hope she will understand given her own experience is an incredibly fluid situation some of these restrictions are being being imposed with no notice or limited notice and that is very difficult then of course for our constituents but what we're doing is making sure we provide as much advice as much support in real
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time as we can or britons have found themselves stranded just far afield as new zealand and fiji and the u.k. embassies closed in a number of countries many have urged the u.k. government to help problems have been worsened as a number of transit points including singapore have closed their borders to all visitors. or to discuss this in more detail i'll be joined in the next hour by a briton stuck abroad. a charity advocating for those in u.k. immigration removal centers has called for hundreds to be released over fears detainees are at serious risk from coronavirus detention action harper what's believed to be the 1st legal case in england and wales related to the pandemic well according to the charity there are roughly $1500.00 people currently being held in british detention facilities or of those 60 percent could become infected with the virus if they kept in their current conditions or group is also calling for the release of those with serious health conditions such as diabetes or heart disease
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who could die if they catch the virus the legal challenge comes as a woman currently held in the yards would removal facility near heathrow airport tested positive for the virus it's the 1st confirmed case in the u.k. immigration detention center although other detainees are displaying symptoms detention action argues that most of the people held are eventually released and keeping them locked up is a set is unnecessarily dangerous. these are not closed centers they're not like cruise ships stuff go in and out of detention centers as visitors and indeed the majority of people detained in our immigration a state will eventually be released back into the community it's not only inhumane to carry on detaining people in these circumstances but is actually a danger to public health nationally or for reaction to this case like announcement to asylum activist antonia brice antonia thank you very much for joining us and we will have we heard there looking at those statistics that up to 60 percent of
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detainees could be infected why would that be such a high rate. i mean the transient sentences living in close proximity. the example we were aware of in your last word when there was someone who found his account. on the detainee. were given and a mask and a glove and not told how to use them and then left a lot to wander not even told who had been infected to know whether they had associated with that person so there's tremendous fear that if there's any case that it can spread very quickly that there won't be any way to stop that from happening and there are quite a number of people who have their own underlying health conditions and we know that young people are getting current virus and getting quite seriously ill as well. as going to ask me about those underlying health conditions what kind of conditions
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are we looking at here and also what kind of age range are we looking in terms of the detainees well i mean the detainees age can be anything we know people up to being in the eighty's down to being 18 across the period of time that we've been working with people into tension sentence. so it's a wide range of age range. with the health conditions. detention centers already have quite high prevalence of depression and self harm so when your putting people in a safe state of even higher anxiety that would all worsen as well but we've spoken directly with people who have asked me. who have concerns about heart conditions. a number of those have gradually been resists released but only after that case had come up so over the weekend and the last couple of days we know more people who
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have been released but there are still people inside and dave have said to any of those people who are inside judging by what you're saying that isolation isn't an option and it wouldn't help anyway well yeah exactly and also it would certainly worsen the depression and that and that side of things the mental health side of things as. because you have to remember that the lifeline of the people in detention is at least being able to get visit so illegal visit so family and so on those that will be stopped. just in the last day we've heard that in colin broken of the detention center. what happened at yarl's wood is happening at culebra where they're suddenly now seeing the guards putting on masks and having the certain facilities within the center close down like the shop in the gym and so they're very concerned about has been the case comes to light then. people with
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symptoms that's what happened at yarl's wood are 2 there was a case then suddenly they were closing off sections of the center but people are still being able to mix within the corridors and they were stopped from going to dinner in the canteen. the next day they were told it will bring breakfast you're oose some of them never got breakfast to their room it's kind of chaotic and i guess as i say does i'm very chaotic and adding on for what you're saying there on tonia and also there by keeping people within the center there is the issue that we at least know where people are by releasing detainees there is a perhaps the risk of spreading the virus back into the communities and also therefore not point able to look after perhaps some people who abscond they aren't testing anyone in the detention centers are going to let you know who has coronavirus they have the same problem that the communities have they shouldn't be locked up where it will spread more easily as it did in the princess diamond cruise ship for example keeping people in in those conditions you know locked up together
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is not going to help prevent anyone getting ill. also they need to find accommodation and it also looking at a lots of logistical problems i'm sorry antonio we're running out of time tony right thank you very much for joining us and i will be back with more news in just over half an hour. a dark industry comes to life in los angeles every night. dozens of women sells abilities on the streets many of them under-age. los angeles police reveal a taste of their daily challenge if you're going to exploit for a child here in los angeles oh they were going to come out you see officers going undercover as 6 workers and customers to fight the 6 trade.
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your government and our government and all the other major governments of the world know what's going to happen and when it's going to. but they haven't told you and they haven't told me they haven't announced. imagine something as big as the earth is going to cause tidal waves earthquakes volcanoes are going to wrapped and it's going to chill. so very for a while right. my great grandfather's. nobody would care about the law or prison so you'd have wallace there should have. a terrible life between now and the.
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i'm after a chance am i going underground is the global coronavirus pandemic continues to center on europe bearing all news of the world's worst humanitarian crisis yemen as it faces its 3rd year of a cholera outbreak amid 5 years of u.k. backed saudi aerial bombardment of men women and children coming up on the show as tens of thousands of u.k. subjects face being killed by u.k. government policy on the pandemic we speak to the man responsible for leading the global response to the saws epidemic former world health organization chief professor david heyman tells us the boris johnson's in ministration is condemning britain's most vulnerable to death and the british government response to the cholera.


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