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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  March 28, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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it comes equipped in the software of our programming to try to connect things in the environment just in case there's a real connection. welcome to redacted tonight so this is a comedy show we're americans in america covering american news called foreign agents i don't have to tell you that things are bad we're in the middle of a global pandemic the economy is collapsing and perhaps scariest of all the w w e is performing their advance without an audience it's going to be a slaughter. just to know what. let me enjoy. it seems oddly romantic now those are spent it feels like they're about to make out at any moment and i think we could all use some of that right now
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. so you all probably know every last detail about coronavirus right it's all over the news which is why i'm not going to give you those stories those tired stories i'm to give you that worse by toxic nationalism which is hilarious considering the virus doesn't get by your borders it doesn't care if you put of of fans or you speak a different language or you're an immigrant or you got circumcised in a ceremony where the shah minute chanting and buckets of mangoes and there were bagpipes playing virus doesn't give a 3rd are talking about how one country is better or worse or whatever right now during this pandemic it's like you've all heard of angry rhinos was stampeding towards you and you're talking about how you have nicer shoes on then the guy next to you ride knows don't care or rhino is going to kill for you all when the court with the when the coronavirus was 1st being talked about or government and
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our media used it as a chance for anti china propaganda the new york times put it this way to tame coronavirus malice style social control blankets china oh social control you mean like everyone stay 6 feet away from each other no one go to a restaurant travel restrictions you mean the stuff we're now doing in america. but when in doubt racism is always the best bet in a pandemic in fact our buffoon of a president continues to call it the chinese virus because his is a very simple minded man and he can only think in bad and good so he thinks china bad so when he's told that a virus doesn't care about your nationality the 2 hamsters running around the wheels in his cranium they look at each other kind of confused and then they go
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back to licking their. trunk cannot comprehend that china has actually been able to slow down this virus and their actions actually helped buy us time by us extra time that doesn't even compute for our salamander in chief even the new york times are propaganda in chief if you will has finally admitted china bought the west time the west squandered it yeah sorry about all that racists we printed a month ago we've completely changed our ways until a month from now when we go back to pushing for white supremacist wars where we get to blow up arab people look folks right now this moment is it's horrible and it's traumatic and it's also important time it showing us not just the incredibly ridiculous flaws in capitalism but it's also showing us our shared
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humanity we're in this together we must join together to fight this thing and shared our toxic nationalism but our sociopathic leaders won't do that no of course not as men president porting amid corona virus outbreak america's hybrid war on venezuela heats up u.s. sanctions are going to have already forced the country to spend 3 times as much for testing kits as non-sentient countries iran. has also suffered tremendously because of our sanctions on them they can't deal with the virus appropriately without the proper medical supplies plus last week google pulled a runs of official app for dealing with corona virus basically our government and the tech companies that are in bed with them want to make sure as many people die from corona virus as possible in iran and venezuela and the other countries
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that they don't like. but i can services enough the virus doesn't care 'd i don't care frogmen some countries have figured this out they've already they get it and they're turning to each other and turning to other countries for help this past weekend cuban and chinese doctors arrived in italy to assist the health authorities cuba has the interferon alpha to be powerful in the treatment of corona virus and china has the experience of having overcome the peak of infections in its territory so as the infections in the us ramp up are we turning to countries that were previously our enemies for advice now and we'd rather stick to our racist zina phobic policies while all of our grandparents die this is america we're committed to our racism i don't care of i'm down on one knee with a sort of mob throw rocks filled call your racist nicknames you haven't even heard before your god damn sand dune. but here's something you
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won't hear on your mainstream outlets and all your corporate. here's something that's for britain. maybe just maybe. this pandemic is showing us it's time to evolve past the idea of nations. we iconic nations are a given as if there's no other way to behave except to have your flags colors a tad too to crush your nipples but in fact the idea of nations isn't even that old they didn't really exist until the late 18th hundreds john briley of the london school of economics says it's far from timeless the nation state is a recent phenomenon before the late 18th century there were no real nation states neither passports nor borders as we know them existed and even as nations begin developed began developing they weren't that important to
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a lot of people many eastern european immigrants arriving in the us in the 19th century could say what village they came from but not what country it didn't matter to them ancient empires are colored on our modern maps as if they had firm borders but they didn't. so only a 150 years ago this changed and nations became the hot new thing in 1800 almost nobody in france thought of themselves as french by 1900 they all did so an idea the took hold 150 years ago has come to rule our minds like a parasite we can't imagine being separated in any other ways but what if we decided that the working people of the world were one group and the insanely witch of the world were another group. you could be divided that way instead and then the
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working people of china would be able to help the working people of italy or america or vice versa because guess what we're not at war with each other do you think i have anything against a damn shoes salesman in china or a garbage man in cuba now it's all to a rich of the world who are at war with each other not us not you and me. so as we continue to do everything we need to do to stop this virus also keep in mind our world is a valving and that can be a good thing as the book the universe next door from new scientist states most hierarchical systems tend to become top heavy expensive and incapable of responding to change but see top heavy check expensive super check and incapable of responding to change ding ding ding ding ding ding in fact the democratic establishment has just spent billions of dollars in the
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primaries to make sure that they do not allow change into our system. oh my god they hated they do change i got like a little rock in there is sure they're like all all in what i can't give this thing out i was a goddamn and there's a guy talking about health care as a human right and it really hurts every time i take a stab. anyway when you end up with a top heavy expensive hierarchy that can't adapt it creates a lot of tensions the resulting tension may be released through partial collapse collapse say some is the creative destruction that allows new structures to emerge partial collapse you say hold on let me look around. check i mean a lot but if there's a partial collapse i don't know what it is a lot of kentucky fried chickens are closed k.f.c.
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doesn't glowed for like nuclear meltdowns this is chaos we are witnessing a partial collapse so that means it's time for new structures to emerge and we're in this together it's not about nations or fences or political parties it's about you and me and our neighbors and our friends and our shared humanity you're not alone. we're in this together. company from washington d.c. the belly the beast is redacted tonight. well i'm larry king am now let's take the news from behind do you need some good news i feel i feel like writing as i'm going to probably do the past 3 days the best news i got was that now that all my toilet paper is gone my cat is agreed to
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let me share the litter box whether. it's got it in there i'll say it's crowded so there is some good news chelsea manning has been from prison yeah. it's kind of awkward with the quad can we get that can you push the button with the cheering and you push the thank you thank you. yes ok ok turn it off. she was released from prison after being held for a year simply for not cooperating with a secretive grand jury that should pay should be should be unconstitutional it should be if we had a if we had a court without a shred of decency they don't just i don't tidy there are straight of decency the width of a once pride. then it would be unconstitutional and the judge is still charging manning a quarter $1000000.00 in fines she has no money and no job how out she's going to
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pay a quarter $1000000.00 wait actually the go fund me to pay her fines has already exceeded that amount. i believe that's the activist version of stock in. yes yet again we see that our government and our court system is in the business of violating human rights and we all to turn to the standard redeemer of human rights go fund me pretty soon i think we might have a 75 percent go fund me based economy wall street for the rich go fund me for the rest speaking of that you probably noticed we're in in economic crisis the markets have already lost everything they gained since trump got into office and then everything went all the leach off the wall street and massive tax cuts for the rich all of that wiped out i mean all the games this crisis is what happens when no one in america can go out and go to dinner and shop and consume but here's what the
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mainstream media will never ask why do we have an entire economy based on consumption based on eating the world alive based on buying shoes we don't need and sweaters for our dogs and paying $18.00 for avocado toast which you could have when you haven't got a p.c. . based on avocado toast you're already. point is this is not just a virus related economic crash the health of our society should never have been measured by how much we eat and buy and throw away and trash and pollute it should be measured by how many people are healthy and happy how many people feel secure and fulfilled and how good the sex is that's how it should be that it should be measured by by how many people wake up in the morning and go on the show. vs how many wake up in the morning and go ah for thank i woke up.
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put it this way cookie monster made cookies and even cookies make him happy. if the economy around him were based on amount of cookies even then it would be doing quite well right now be doing amazing that can be incredible while you're driving around but then we look at elmo. now most quite happy he's enjoying life especially when tickled but he's not eating any cookies so if you measured him by number of cookies eaten his economy is a disaster that's awful and then you become jobless and homeless and not be allowed to get health care and everyone would see them and go you lose or pull yourself up by your the fur on your legs. but why do that why measure him by cookies eating why not just measure his happiness and try to achieve worldwide optimal joyfulness
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and why even measure a cookie monster only by cookies. i do probably have diabetes and high blood pressure might die from a massive coronary tomorrow so then why did we say he was doing so well. because we were only measuring gross national cookie eating that's our economy. that analogy helped you a lot or your made now more confused than ever but you're hungry for a cookie. that's really what's important point is we're ruled by sociopath's i think was that i think there was a point. so as our economy collapses one of the 1st moves the federal reserve took was to inject $1.00 trillion dollars into wall street in order to prop it up and it did almost nothing to help us except prove that our rulers care more about wall street than about us wanting to have trillion dollars injected into now get it's
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not given away rights it's again it's a loan basically it's close we paid back but it did that amounts to $5000.00 for every single adult in america and even if that were just a loan for a year that would have had a major impact i'm not saying there won't be a stimulus package coming down the pike but it will be too little too late stacked on a corrupt system they have created a system that exploits 90 percent of us in order to feed the sociopath's at the top and there is no way to prop up this leaning jenga tower by sticking piles of cash on top it's not going to do it as it falls it is time for us to build something new something that focuses on life and sustainability. and i think we can do it if you go to a short break but since you might be sitting at home with everything canceled this means you have time to watch my free standup comedy special leave camp american dot
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com that's right my standup comedy special will be free for a limited time also grab the new r t america app portable t.v. which is also free at portable dot tv slash download over about a lot more. extra as a site is vital to stacy let's learn. let's say on the so i get your. response thanks that's the fight 9. thank you for. the story that's right. the atlantic alliance the bedrock of the post world war 2 global security order is slowly but surely unraveling more and more often washington in brussels by virtue
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of important foreign policy issues today europe has a choice to defend its interests will fade into oblivion. welcome back i'm still a camp with millions staying inside this week believe it or not the troubled ministration is taking the opportunity to continue its assault on clean air laws for more i'm joined by our toxic correspondent anders libby. and where is anders right adders lay over here. looks like you're taking the social distancing thing a little too far through what about kareem abdul-jabbar tell me about the assault on clean air laws what bear claws no i just say really i'm fine i want to talk
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about the clean air act the trumpet ministration is taking on california's attorney general in court to beat back the state's waiver that allows california to set their emission standards at a stricter rate than the federal government's that sounds like a good thing for them they be allowed to regulate emissions on their own if if c.p.i. is going to keep their heads up their look wait this waiver is bad news for the auto industry that's why the national highway traffic safety administration has begged the e.p.a. to revoke it they argue that california was illegally using emission standards as a way to split the national vehicle market in 2 by forcing manufacturers to sell more fuel efficient vehicles not only in california but also in the dozen plus other states that were following its lead and what the hell's wrong with that the more fuel efficient vehicles the better now you're in any it's what. i mean riveting i did hear what you said and it was riveting look the auto manufacturers
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still have to make all those fuel efficient vehicles for the states that are in his hoody toity as california what does fuel efficient mean anyway or their cars running on oveh kotto though it means the engines are starting to look i really can't hear what you're saying anyway the e.p.a. pulled the waiver back in september right before president trump tweeted out. as would be produced into the new in uniform standard meaning significantly jabs jabs jabs at him make you should seize the opportunity because without this a 3rd of the california you will be out of business. he's threatening companies into producing more of gas guzzlers it's like if the f.b.i. penalize colgate for not putting enough arsenic in the toothpaste yes but trump's statements haven't stopped some car companies from taking their cues from sacramento instead of washington this is left the white house fuming last year 4
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major automakers agreed to abide by california's standards when designing their cars over the coming years further infuriating the trump administration in response the justice department launched an antitrust investigation against these companies trying to figure out if they were colluding to push up the price of their vehicles sees this what the hell is he thinking trump likes loyalty if these car companies want to stay in his good side he's got to know they're not running around being environmentally conscious behind his back he needs their allegiance so they can help the president fight his real enemy the state of california. for crying out loud i mean even in the white house concern that eventually no one will be able to breathe the air or any any clarity late for the love of god you had just eights i'm trying to report on air pollution all you want to do is talk about deserts get older yourself. whatever thanks for joining me anders. never mind moving on president trump used one of his white house press conferences during the pandemic
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to prop up corporate c.e.o.'s as our saviour's but he seems to forget that some of those companies pledging help don't have great track records when it comes to serving consumers or their workers for more we go to our truth bomb now let me guilt. if you haven't found a way to capitalize off of this coronavirus pandemic are you really an american and i don't just mean that prick from tennessee who hoarded nearly 18000 bottles of hand sanitizer to sell online it marked up prices the good news is he's being peer pressured to donated the bad news is it's all going to his fellow tennessee resident kid rock who should have been bathing in pure oil for the past 20 years. but who better to capitalize off of this pandemic than corporate america after
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president trump invited c.e.o. after c.e.o. after c.e.o. on stage so they could get a chance to show how their company plans to help shortly after shaking typhoid don's hand after the c.d.c. explicitly said to not do that. frank ok i like that that's good but corporations are just like that terrible exboyfriend you've been tempted to tax during your corn team and that they are counting on a crisis to make you forget just how they were to you like adam schefter c.e.o. of the medical testing lab company lab core and quest diagnostics c.e.o. steve. who promised to develop new covert 1000 tests but likely needed an excuse for any good publicity after 19000000 patient records were stolen in a breach from qwest diagnostics and lab corps and 29 team and qwest diagnostics
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recently paid the federal government $1800000.01 allegations of medicare fraud after a whistleblower said. no one who submitted false and fraudulent claims to the government for the same test performed on the same day on the same patient so the company that tried to do fraud the government is suddenly going to help it. the only way this partnership makes sense now is a quest diagnostics is actually owned by johnny quest and my comment is race fan it . but if the track record on medical testing doesn't alarm you then maybe wal-mart c.e.o. doug mcmillan's promise to open up a wal-mart parking lots to drive through testing will not just from a logistical standpoint but because we all know that was less about stopping the spread in morning attempt to have some good news come out of a wal-mart parking lot for once a place where even
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a christian family band got into a fight with the police to be fair that did happen outside the wal-mart. what's happening inside is a new programme planned for over 1100 stores called the great workplace initiative which will cut full time positions and consolidate multiple tasks into fewer jobs all while failing to increase the average wal-mart salary of $11.00 an hour the retail worker advocacy group united for respect obviously felt disrespected and protested outside a wal-mart heiress alice welcomes new york city penthouse last month noting this is been wal-mart's plan all along considering in 2580 percent of wal-mart's associates were full time and by 2018 an estimated 50 percent of wal-mart's u.s. workforce were part time because the shift to part time work makes it easier to slash the benefits your family actually needs to survive
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a pandemic this new initiative follows the tried and true strategy of maybe the life ruining tala see something super positive. seriously if we don't get this under control don't be surprised to see the very religious mike pence refer to the number of coronavirus stats as promotions to have it. shouldn't take a pandemic for corporations to act ethically you know but this pandemic does put another lens on what these companies should have been doing all along to protect consumers and workers and maybe if they had been ethical i wouldn't have to do drastic things like number the squares of toilet seats for my group house so everyone doesn't hog all the toilet ok when did somebody take the 1st 2 sheets ok i've been standing here this whole time. reporting from maybe a not so deserted supermarket this is natalie mcgill redacted tonight it's 6 that's
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our show but if you're looking for something to do for free at general home check out my standup comedy special it's free at least camp american dot com and if you want to hear a more casual discussion about what the hell is happening right now check out my podcast it's called common sense 3rd and it's free wherever you get your podcast in the upcoming episode we'll go through some of the mutual aid options for people who are having a rough time out there because we're in this together you're not alone until next time goodnight and keep fighting.
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is jewel media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. what is true. is faith.
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in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. aura made in the shallowness. that's the crucial point the bulk of bottom line of the book namely i think you're pretty much stuck with your looks but if you have other things that you're good at either music or running or doing intellectual work or politics then one should take advantage of one's advantages and project ours and forget about the fact that you may not be the best looking person on the block. in critiquing the system we of course we need to to criticize also the power of the
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companies and we need to criticize what corporate lawyers do but we also need to point our fingers at the states and have we have to really say look. states created the systems and states have the power to get rid of the system that's and even if they are colombia or peru or developing countries even if the mali and what have you the states have the power to get rid of the system if they chose to do so. but do they really want to governments and big business are often complicit. the vattenfall group for example had the chancellor's ear she even appointed its ex e.e.o. larsen just have sent to be her personal advisor on energy transition. most heads of state.


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