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tv   News  RT  March 30, 2020 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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the headlines is more sky issues a ruling to all residents to self isolate is russia's death toll from coronavirus double mr. it's only now accounts for one 3rd of the world's fatalities from the outbreak with more than $10000.00 dead. by the complete cast that has come out positive and among the main stories of the week the british prime minister tested positive for cope with 91 writes a letter sent to every household in the u.k. telling people to stay at home also to come intensive care units in new york running critically low and rise while the number of fatalities continues to grow.
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even welcome you watching the weekly here on r.t. international it is our look back at the main stories over the last 7 days and of course it is the pandemic that has dominated so let's start with the latest coronavirus numbers that have just come in more than 714000 cases have been confirmed globally more than 150000 people have recovered but more than 33000 have lost their lives. well here in russia the government has just introduced measures to prevent the spread of the virus starting this monday self isolation at home will be imposed in moscow for people of all ages were against it as more. well it's important to make
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a distinction between what came into effect yesterday which was soft quarantine many entertainment venues such as restaurants parks and cafes was shut citizens moscow residents were to stay in their homes to self isolate and restrict all unnecessary travel century this court is going from soft to hard to do you know this is going to be very very strict so all travel in the city that is a necessary is prohibited in fact only people with special passes issued by the city for essential services such as doctors such as nurses such as employees of stores grocery stores as well as officials ministries only they'll be able to travel to drive around moscow these new member. exactly restrict travel to and from moscow but inside moscow itself so for example if you have a pet you are now only allowed to take it out for
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a walk with 100 meters of where you live aside from that. you know south isolationists involuntary self isolation everybody must by law now maintain a distance of one and a half meters from each other and this is also the case with various enterprises and businesses this new law stipulates that they must provide conditions for employees organizations that are considered essential that are still working for them for the employees to maintain a one and a half meter distant from each other. anyway the employer cancer for example by making marks on the ground in the in the office or working space wherever it is. also warned that the crisis the coronavirus crisis is projected to get much worse so be ready for that it hasn't yet been russia russia has so far been spared the 10s of thousands of infected but obviously authorities are projecting that it will
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get much worse on the bright side 'd there has been a marked improvement. benefits have been raised significantly across russia so indeed. buttoning down for what's to come meanwhile the death toll from corona virus across the country has risen to 8 people more than 1500 cases have been confirmed in russia with 2 thirds of them here in the capital authorities to predict the number of infections could paid they say by may although both the world health organization and russia stresses that this is a best case scenario now all non-essential public places madrid said have been closed to moscow residents since saturday the streets of the russian capital have been almost empty now it's easy to train was out on the streets to see some traditional moscow hot spots. it's the we can't dance it's this country's turn
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the people have been calling the measures that have been announced quarantine all kinds of places from restaurants to jams are shut down the weather is beautiful it's a fantastic weekend and usually all the people would be out. that's why i want to check out a few locations and see what's gone on and get these places take quarantine commitment to the score. so i start my tour around moscow's most popular spas with remember the scorpion song full of the most down to gorky park that's right. gorky park here it is officially it is shut down but there are
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a couple of beautiful promenades right outside it and i can tell you ali see 2 people here so i give it not of 10 for edsel location quarantine commitments score . moscow there's a whole new place for selfies with the kremlin in the background it's called the soaring bridge where approaching it right now you can see it over there. and it's completely deserted no axis and i've been told that technically it's part of a park that's also closed so like i said access restricted to no people 10 other 10.
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we are all nicole ska st this place was a magnet for football fans from all over the planet during the world cup 28 saying it literally felt like a tin of sardines in here. well at this point as you can see i wouldn't say that of all the encountered one or 2 passers by the restaurants are closed but there you haven't so probably i'd say 5 out of 10. where the place called the depo food mall which is a combination of the food market and a food court this hip complex is also full of fancy bars and even night clubs and soul not used to seeing this place almost completely empty actually i was sure that
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i'd see some hipsters just trying to hang around here even out signed it turns out that the food part is actually operating because it counts as groceries but other than that everything shut down and i don't see anyone here pretty much so just for the public's responsibility i guess this place gets 10 out of 10 but of course i guess it's a bit of a hard time for the market traders and it is this week president placing chad a meeting with city authorities on the pandemic and he will say a visit to a moscow hospital where coronavirus patients are being treated thanks for their dedication. to the group. new. absolutely comparable sure.
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you know movement for people to go to didn't remove. you. from. you. well the u.s. is at the center of the pandemic with the largest number of cases globally more than 135000 americans have tested positive for the virus and more than 2300 have died new york state has been by far the worst hit with maybe 60000 cases they're almost half of the total nationwide 965 people in the state have died almost as many people have called the emergency services line in new york city as off to the 911 terror attacks with more from the city his trinity chaffetz. hospitals in new york struggling under the weight of the pandemic people come in to
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get integrated. the cycle repeats elmhurst hospital in queens the bureau with the most coronavirus cases in the city in the center of the outbreak right now it's every day it's nonstop literally. unfortunately it's my get to suggestion you have to pick and choose what you're going to do are you going to do. this the doctors say a lot of people cop did not really survive expire but you put the same machine another person as medical staff operates out their limit hundreds of more people wait lining up outside to get tested for covert 19 but officials say the 545 bed hospital is overrun and in desperate need of medical supplies the system's overwhelmed all over the place the situation in new york worsening by the hour the state accounting for roughly half the cases across the country this grim video shows teams setting up a makeshift morgue outside of bellevue hospital something that was done during hurricane sandy and 9. trying to leaven was nothing compared to this we were open
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waiting for patients to kabul never cared. ok now they just keep coming however a small sign of hope governor cuomo announcing that for the past few days the rate of hospitalizations is slowing although he cautions that the peak of the crisis could still be about 20 days away the governor adds that while only about 15 percent of cases have required hospitalisation the state into supports 140000 people will need to be hospitalized warning that he does not have enough beds or lifesaving ventilators and as medical personnel remain on the front lines we are learning that a member of mt sinai is nursing staff who has been treating coronavirus patients has passed away from colvin 19 the hospital saying in a statement today we lost another hero a compassionate colleague friend and selfless caregiver meantime the hospital system initiating a procedure called plasmapheresis where they transfer antibodies from patients who have recovered from cold the 19 to those who are critically ill from the virus the
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procedure could be life saving reporting in new york trinity chavez r.t. . but across europe there are more than 400000 confirmed cases of cope with 19 italy has suffered the worst the most that with more than 10000 deaths in the north the country have been overwhelmed by the sheer number of dead and large numbers of coffins are being stored in churches russia has launched a massive aid operation to try and help basically fight the pandemic a total of 15 russian military cargo jets have landed in the country over the past week or so with them they brought ventilators protective gear testing kids and disinfection trucks and on top of that saying about 100 russian specialists in brawl a-g. have also been sent to italy will be helping out to the talian hospitals which are currently swamped by patients.
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well for. her we are the only ones. who could all use it for 3. months ago we were good to see you both no no no we don't want. to salute you for your memory for all the truth. simply. you. know there are more there for the more fertile it is also. now currently much of the world's population is living under restriction europe 2nd worst affected country after italy's in lockdown more than 6
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and a half 1000 people have died from the outbreak there medics are working around the clock to treat the infected and it is a job that does come with huge risks to hospital staff now account for almost 14 percent of the country's total coronavirus cases and they work with limited supplies as hospitals reach its. mosque or we find ourselves in an extreme situation in which will experience extreme emotions and just as anguish emotions that many of the professionals may have experienced previously but this situation of will make it even more intense fear anger anguish sadness a very difficult to handle that will just we're lacking workers and when people go out to the streets you know what happens they get sick we're like an equipment and medication. now germany does have almost $60000.00 cases but it's mortality rate is far lower than spain's with more on this is our europe correspondent peter all of.
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here in berlin we haven't seen the type of lockdown that's being put in place in other parts of europe although social distancing itself isolation being practiced germany thankfully hasn't seen the type of cases and fatalities of covert 19 that have been seen in countries like italy and los recently spain patients are having to lie on the floor as there simply aren't enough beds to treat them in hospitals while in a car but twist of necessity this ice rink normally a place of enjoyment is having to be used as a makeshift mortuary so far spain is the 2nd hardest hit in europe madrid has been the epicenter of the spanish outbreak authorities have had to put in place the strictest measures in an attempt to stop the spread of the momo library waves come in 1000000000 of the difficult days are coming this is going to test on a part of
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a very limited capacity of resources. that about without doubt balance as a society the corona virus has overwhelmed some of spain's medical facilities so quickly in fact that some of those that were most at risk from the virus were left behind in the panic dozens of elderly and sick people were found dead at home the situation made all the more harrowing when the army had to disinfect their resting place as the army during certain visits found older people completely abandoned sometimes even dead in their bats spanish health care services fighting against collapse this is a significant problem for healthcare system this collapse which is being talked about could happen in some places while germany seems to have the spread of covert 19 under some semblance of control a quick glance to our neighbors elsewhere in europe like spain shows just how
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quickly the situation can d.j. . or 8 and with such tragic consequences peter all over r t berlin. meanwhile the u.k. has seen a dramatic spike in covert 900 talismans over the past week more than a 1000 have died more than 4 times the number this time last week british prime minister has written a letter to the nation urging people to stay at home that of the boris johnson himself tested positive for the virus i developed marl symptoms of the corona virus that's to say a temperature and a persistent cough and on the advice of the chief medical officer i have taken a test that has come out positive so i am working from home i'm so far isolating and that's entirely the right thing to do but be in no doubt that i can continue thanks to the with technology to communicate with all my top team to lead
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the national fight back against corona virus infection numbers though do continue to rise in the u.k. despite the nationwide built down that many citizens have refused to comply with the restrictions in recent days going out to meeting friends is normal and twitter users have branded them with a hash tag. and you want. these bloody idiot seem to think they're enjoying a summer's day in the park the u.k. is in lockdown for sake it's a lockdown people not a holiday still at home the longer you persist in behaving like idiots the longer this is going to continue. people ignoring the key log down and treating it as a special holiday event video it's. the backlash against those who do ignore social
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distancing advice is also happening in rural areas of the u.k.'s some national parks have been busier than ever so locals have been telling visitors to go home helen pi of the snowdonia national park authority in wales to tell us the confusion could be down though to mixed messages from westminster i don't know whether it's a deliberate if you know ring or whether it's. the advice at the time just wasn't clear enough. and i think and last you you've had something directly impact on you and last a member of your family has been impacted are unless you specifically been caught into isolation. i think i don't think you'd like that the seriousness of the situation you know we're only reliant on on people coming to the area for the local economy. i think it just hasn't hit people is my hope
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that it just happened people and they just didn't sound the guidance in the gravity of the situation. the atlantic alliance the bedrock of the post world war 2 global security order is slowly but surely unraveling more and more often washington in brussels by virtue of important foreign policy issues today europe has a choice to defend its interests or fade into oblivion. micrographs friends aren't slights against you know why. for example there's there's fights against women or nonwhites so it's always you know the idea is that
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statements that directed toward a privileged group are interpreted differently than a statement directed toward an oppressed group and so that's kind of the whole framework and it's it's a political framework that's used the result is of course focusing at least on certain kinds of minor slights and say well rather than a northern door then we need to call attention to them but it's not all slight so it's a very political in this month that. governments around the world are faced with a when dealing with a pandemic if you need to. prevent its spread financially could prove to be catastrophic for their economies shouted. the difficult choices they face. economies across the world have ground to
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a halt kilian measures have been announced. to governments offering to pay full salaries you cannot work there is a scramble to inject amounts of money into the system to counter the economic fallout of the pandemic the costs are expected to exceed germany from economic crisis to natural disasters in recent decades as knock downs are implemented with no clear end in sight the real question perhaps is now how long could the world afford this this pandemic has brought the 3rd and most serious economic financial and social crisis of the 21st century the strict measures applied around the world although essential to control the spread of the virus plunge our economies into an unprecedented paralysis from which they will not come out easily or automatically already we know that some $67000000.00 us citizens
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are worried about how they going to pay their credit card bills because of the pandemic other fears about finding money for the more essential basic needs of life accommodation and food while the multi-trillion for now will keep things taking along over some point that will end governments who will have to choose between keeping the economy running or treating populations it is impossible to leave even itself isolation and secure people if we do not continue the economic activity that quite simply allows us to live in this country our daily life so that eating out to restaurants going to the cinema meeting friends perhaps for a drink or even having a haircut these are all activities that contribute to. keeping our economies taking
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over the money top sliced off by our governments in taxes then goes towards paying for essential services be that the doctors and nurses who are currently at the frontline of the war against covert 19 all the ability to purchase ventilators and other essential medical equipment governments need money and money comes from a healthy working economy we have already been warned that when containment measures finally and this will not be over the virus will not magically disappear. this idea that if you close schools and shut restaurants for a couple of weeks you solve the problem and get back to normal life that's not what's going to happen this virus is going to be circulating potentially for a year or 2 so we need to be thinking on those times goes. social distancing may
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provide a rest spike from infection peak rates the so-called flattening the curve model but the impact that could have term economies could some believe provoke spikes in deaths elsewhere in the u.s. state of massachusetts a suicide prevention hotline has seen a surge in cools the majority of people call me lately i'm mentioning all talking about fear of contracting the virus economic impact and prison loneliness or isolation we anticipate and there will be an increased need for services like ours for a time to come in countries where social safety nets on particularly robust or or perhaps nonexistent this is a real concern president trump is well aware of this that despite lawmakers agreeing on a 2 trillion dollars stimulus package trump knows like china he may have to prioritize the economy we have people get tremendous anxiety and depression and
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you have suicide over things like this when you have a terrible economy you have death probably i mean definitely would be in far greater numbers than the numbers that we're talking about with regard to the various governments who they enact a draconian lockdowns now face an even bigger die lemma given that a vaccine for the virus is still possibly a year or even 2 years away that we're being warned by health experts that covert 19 will remain a deadly force when recess or take over the financial system becomes the more pressing issue how will they sell the exit strategy from containment. now when the u.s. unemployment claims hit 3300000 this week smashing previous records that number is 5 times higher than during the peak of the 1982 recession and while the senate has passed a 2 trillion dollars stimulus plan to keep firms afloat we heard from the economics
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professor richard wolfe who does think though that the measures won't be enough. we . were just conditional on the employment now when unemployment goes up a little more like every conceivable still szell raglan we have i got a little child that. forest you name it gold read it that's one of the reasons you can't i have the belief predict the next fallout of all of this everything that government has done since we 1st learned about the coronavirus in december of last year has been too little and way too late and my judgment as best i can see is that this bill are still mostly in the form of well it. will all still be true little and julie will admit the economic turmoil hewas all produces have started to pay consumers to take their current that is storage units
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to fill up amid collapsing demand prices internationally have tumbled as the coronavirus pandemic shrinks economies benchmark oil prices on wall street are hovering above $20.00 a barrel but in the world of physical oil where. change hands trading has is a bidding and negative $0.90 a barrel effectively making producers pay for the luxury of shifting their services and analysts have warned that things could still get a whole lot worse for the produces. a consulting firm all associates told us mergers and layoffs are inevitable for a suffering industry. and we're going to see bankruptcies in consolidation in new york over the next couple of months they're already saying where you are in the permian basin because of the producer of the expenditures by anywhere between 30 and 30 percent and that in fact those service providers as well as all of our
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producers are not getting revenue when those are the ones who are seeing the brunt of the work both require and. right at the moment we're going to see your production go up to 3000000 barrels a day so a bit of a huge supply demand imbalance however i don't think bad we're going to feel the prices in the next few weeks and that's kind of sad right saudi arabia and russia compass out an agreement to limit production perhaps go back to where they were in december 2017 in order to start placing some amount of stability i'm sure you were a market of course that does not see the situation until the end passes and people go back to work maybe more snow we clear an hour to international time to get there you can all say well keep yourself updated on our website you can find that at r.t. dot com.
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