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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  April 3, 2020 2:30pm-3:01pm EDT

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welcome to redact of the night. camp let's get into it on tonight's show the front runner for the green party nomination for president how he hawkins' i'll be talking to him about the failure of our government to address coronavirus and the economic crisis as well as why bernie sanders won't call out the election ringback manipulation that is rigged in the primaries against him also on this episode naomi caravan e with mind blowing old news and much more but 1st let's talk about how wall street is now having discussions on whether it might be better to kill millions of us than to continue to damage their stock prices this is real according to reports the debate among the ruling class is over whether or not to walk back some of the measures taken to slow the spread of the virus efforts already considered tardy and adequate by public health experts in order to minimize business losses
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yes the titans of wall street the people who own our society and most of our lawmakers those people are discussing whether it makes more sense to simply kill a few 1000000 people you know just a few mill then to continue to safeguard our lives that's the discussion they're having at the highest levels right now i mean this you don't really be a surprise because these men and women are sociopaths they are the worst of the worst they i have achieved the highest echelons of success in they grieve the base just. because they have never cared about their fellow human that that's why there they are that's how they got there it's right on the resume a sociopath right there and they're proud of it that's how they got their keep in mind just how many people they're talking about murdering with this virus right now
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experts believe between 10240000 americans will die from corona virus this year and that's if we continue with this social distancing if we continue with all the businesses closed and everything else if we go down the debt continued path that's the number that's the number that number is more than the number of americans who died in vietnam and korea combined ok it's nearly a half of the number of americans that died in all of world war 2 so of that's the death rate on the course we're currently on imagine how many people wall street is talking about killing to protect their profits to protect their money possibly millions of people millions of deaths. but they don't care
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they don't care they don't give for the lives of others we have a system that puts the sociopath's at the top. that's how it works that's how it's always worked it is run by those people and right now they are worried they are worried for their billions of dollars. and speaking of that let's move on to the morally bankrupt war america is continuing to wage against venezuela on march 26th the u.s. department of justice unveiled indictments against president nicolas maduro and 13 other current or former members of venezuela's government and military attorney general barr offered a $15000000.00 reward for information leading to the wreck a rest or a conviction of. i mean this seems unbelievable but in these times you will with the corruption we have in our government maybe i
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shouldn't be surprised but yes our government has put a very key 1000000 dollar bounty on the head of a democratically elected leader in a election system that is far more legitimate than ours a democratically elected leader of a sovereign nation a president who is recognized by the united nations in the united nations and by 3 quarters of all the countries on the planet and yet they put a bounty and they are the criminal could buy all that runs the u.s. government has concocted a insane whole areas drug running story about an adorable even though the u.s. government they are the ones who have run drugs with colombia for decades for decades in fact i want to show you it's on the owners or this chart this map shows oceanic even the gold drug transits from south america in the year 2017 which was
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most most recent statistics every purple line is a transit on that map. as you notice. as well of not really the problem. the problem comes from colombia colombia which is our ally venezuela amounts to only 7 percent of illegal drug trade and sit down in south america most of it is colombia going to mexico or back from mexico but the clowns in our government have indicted and would duro anyway. i mean they discontinued us backed coup attempt is horrific and ridiculous and our mainstream media won't even mention it rids at least not in a legitimate way it's pathetic it's pathetic although it has in them there may be some backfiring that is going on in this latest indictment is the us also indicted when they indicted or on march 26th they also indicted cleaver there alcala
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a retired venezuelan general hours after the announcement our call up posted videos online that threaten to cause further splits in the venezuelan opposition and exposed a violent plot that could result in the arrest of one wydow now as you know. u.s. governments poppets he kept trying to declare himself president then as well even though he never elected to that from patton at the state of the union it was like marbury is about going to it it was like a i'm the idiot puppet coup master that the us has put in venezuela anyway he may now be arrested for that coup attempt that i'll call a has revealed because our caller was so together whether part of it or connected to it or something and the us may have a bad by indicting that general either way this is a disgusting step the u.s. government is taken and sure it's trump's mn dot maniacal new regime that has done
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it but you don't hear any crying from the democrats in congress do you they are either equally corrupt or weak or the nancy pelosi arm wrestling brock lesnar the democrats are a pathetic pro-war pro cooper pro economic destruction pro austerity pro death party who would seem to agree with all of the mass murder that the g.o.p. can possibly dream up with their you come up with and they're in their book bags are empty heads a pox on both their houses. moving on let's talk to someone who's not in those 2 big corporate parties how we are is running for president of the united states don't know if you've heard of it little country united states on the green party ticket he's been a long time activist organizer construction worker and package handler he's a working class man and now a politician here's my interview with how he hawkins fellow howie thanks for
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joining me thanks for having me so there's a lot i want to get to in a little amount of time so let's say when squeeze it all in coronavirus economic crisis etc but i want to start with the state of the presidential election your running on the green party ticket what are your thoughts on bernie sanders and where he stands now many people want to know why he's not calling out the various electoral manipulations the suppression the provisional ballots it's just tons of manipulation done by the democratic party and of course the green party deals with a lot of the same crap you know being kept off mainstream media etc so what are your thoughts on all the. will bernie should have known him since 1970 s. when he was an independent. if you want to advance the democratic socialism the democratic party is hostile territory to live should and in speak for itself through its own party so with bernie one of the end of this group i think it gives
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an opportunity to the green party so people that supported sanders because of medicare for all were at full strength green new deal they have an option in the phone and that will be the green party ticket. so you feel he never really had a shot me should have known that to begin with. yeah he knows i mean his hero used to be eugene debs didn't talk about death so much now it's f.d.r. and the new debs was for independent political action by the working class so you know he's really not been a socialist so much as a liberal you know new deal liberalism tax the billionaires to fund some social problems programs the problem with that is being there still have the economic power which translates in the construct of political power so you're always fighting to get those social programs in the billionaire class can roll them back and that's why we need democratic socialism as a socialist economic democracy based on social ownership of major means of
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production like right now we'd be in a lot better position if big pharma was a public utility rather than for profit companies that don't do vaccines said don't do any viral said don't do any of biopics in terms of research and development so it weren't a bad place because it end. yeah absolutely agree and you know you say you said corporations jacking up the price of ventilators because they know they can they know they have that power over the people right now one more question on the race and you know whether it's joe biden or bernie sanders the green party will deal with the same accusations they have in the past that they're taking votes away from the democrat and it's imperative to get trump out of office how do you respond to those trolls that you know you're going to have to face. we don't spoil elections we improve them we put issues on a table that the major parties will not like medicare for all which you know biden
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says is irrelevant to the coronavirus crisis that could just as well come from trump like a real green new deal and we have a. reform that we've been advocating since bush won in 2000 and that is get rid of the electoral college you have the presidential vote by a rank choice national popular vote that would interest more of the problem but if the greens aren't in the election that won't even be raised yeah it's important to raise these issues that want to talk about by the liberal class i want to move on to coronavirus it's a unique threat a unique crisis we're dealing with right now how would you address it differently than a millionaire and billionaire oligarchy that we have in power right now 1st of all people are losing their health insurance and while they'd be testing free the treatment is an average of $35000.00 people can't afford it and if they don't have insurance it will be stuck with the whole bill so the 1st thing is the medicare
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system should just pay for all coronavirus treatment as well as testing in in the production act is something that should be invoked to really push forward the production of personal protective equipment to p.p. ease the masks. then. leaders. to increase hospital beenz the things that we're short of now because we've had a for profit health care system that doesn't build excess capacity in case of a pandemic like we're suffering now which they've been warned about for 20 years so i think that's the 2nd thing is we need to invoke that and get the manufacturing done that we need. and then we got to watch this corporate slush fund they just set up which is in the hands of the secretary treasury newton and and donald trump because they're going to give it to their friends and the people didn't get enough out of that relief package so we got to keep pushing for more relief because that's
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basically a month's worth of spending in the economy and we're probably going to be in this for several months so i think those are the immediate things we need to do yeah i wanted to ask you about the economic crisis as well i already there's 3300000 people have filed for unemployment and that is a tiny fraction of what that number will be the fed says we could end up with 40000000 people on employed what would be your reaction to this crisis as president and also what were the underlying causes in your opinion before the coronavirus even hit. put a coronavirus triggered it but we had excess capacity a debt overhang we were headed for a recession and because we have this excess capacity to capitalists don't invest in new production that would create jobs they do financial manipulations they buy back their stocks they buy each other they merge and have acquisitions and that concentrates wealth but it doesn't help the people what we need to do now is like
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we did during the world war 2 emergency the federal government took over or built a quarter of the manufacturing capacity this country in order to build what they called the arsenal of democracy which arm the u.s. the u.k. the russians to defeat the nazis and to defeat both climate change and a chronic virus and get out of this coronavirus depression we're going to have to do something there. it's similar in that's what what i call equal socialist green new deal would be about we got to rebuild our whole energy system manufacturing and culture transformation and buildings and we need to have off the climate mobilization like we had in office a war mobilization during world war 2 and i think that's the kind of public sector initiatives it's going to take to have an economic recovery otherwise you know we have a lot of businesses collapse and it's going to be a very slow recovery when we get through the the epidemic flu to cover a short break but if you're stuck at home looking for something to do check out my new book at least camp book dot com you can also get the digital version if you
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want to get it right away and check out the free r.t. america app it's at portable a dot tv slash download it's called portable t.v. avi right back with the rest of my interview with howie hawkins. a little bit of let me. ask i would name will. pick i could conquer. this show more than. you love who you know nothing. to do make good to see because the ones who touch. the who do have all of the kook on the scene do it in the out not as you. push. them out of the difficult to. get. a new of those to moan.
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to the snooze through on a night 2 for not. to use in to do. one on the media house on the net passing them. in this community there are people who believe that it's ok. it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids. and as a parent. i can come up with lots of arguments and there's a lot of conflict within the game and between the 2 most of the conflict i would say over balls around money. has made. us want only children to
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go see know each other there's good business the state of california alone makes $6000000000.00 a year off to prison complex just to get some point in your life where. you don't care and cares about your so your care might. welcome back i'm still the camp and here is the rest of my interview with presidential candidate how we hog fly do you feel a green party has had so much trouble getting a toehold over the decades not not just on the presidential level but there's not even a green in congress why is that. when we have got $150.00 greens elected around the country and it's more than any 3rd party since the socialists before the $930.00 s. so i think the achievement we've done is we've stuck around there been a lot of efforts of 3rd parties that have come and gone over the last 35 years and we're still here i think we've got to build this room below there's half a 1000000 elected offices in this country and most of them are local and we've got
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to start elect and thousands as we go into the 20 twentieth's and from there build the state legislatures in congress i want to move on to another important thing that i thought i was told it was one of the reasons you wanted to come on the show is to clear up some statements you made about russia gave in the neo mccarthyism that is pummeled our country the past i don't know 2 or 3 years we now know thanks to the mahler report that the claims of collusion were garbage which i and many others were saying from the beginning i have a 1000000 criticisms of trump but that's not one of them and on top of that just a couple of weeks ago moller and the justice department moved to drop some of the only indictments that they could come up with the indictments on the russian click bait farm that they claimed were posting dastardly facebook means so what every level this thing seems to have fallen apart what are your thoughts on it now considering where we stand. why the rush is a mass distraction i mean the democrats brought that up when right after the
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weekend leaks don't read before the democratic convention consent robbie moved out on sort of sunday shows to say russia russia russia and i'm thinking. trump is a target rich environment he's a racist he's a liar he's a serial sexual assault the reason sale business mean and you want to talk about russia you know their criticism made of russia but we've got to deal with them and their economy is one 6th of ours their military budgets 110th of our so not a conventional threat but they are a nuclear superpower so we should be engaging them diplomatically not playing this cold war game which is a threat to all of us. you know i agree with all that so so just to circle back real quick you your do believe this new mccarthyism this red baiting i mean it's dangerous for the left it's dangerous for journalists it's been used against bernie sanders jill stein just about anybody who says anything outside of the mainstream corporate talking points so you agree with that era. yet you don't suppress
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dissent you encourage it because sometimes the dissenters are right and we should not give the state or big tech the power to do that i like would it would snowden said his biography is a real page turner and he said like they do in europe our property our data should be our property not the property of the big tech companies or the government to collect in so we've got to protect our freedoms and censoring the internet and people's access to it you know net neutrality is a big issue all these things have to be addressed you know right now to their trend of marginalized people that disagree with what the establishment wants and that's what yeah yeah you're going to be predicting all of my questions i was next going to ask about some of the whistleblower snowden chelsea manning julian assange many of the fans of the shell have been disgusted by the democratic presidential candidates. not standing up for joyous object chelsea manning i think tall so
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gabbert is probably the only one that full throated way did where do you stand on the way they've been treated. i think all the whistleblowers that have been prosecuted in persecuted by the obama in truth administrations should be porton i think there are a lot of political prisoners little to. moan these elderly black panthers there's a lot of people that if i was president i would give pardons to assign meaning for sure and all those whistleblowers in the end particularly it would snow now i would just pardon him if i was president i'd bring him into administration because i think he has a real good handle on how to handle this new electronic technology you know way that protects our freedoms but also lets the government do what legitimate intelligence and surveillance it needs to do to protect us so that's in the end i would bring into my ministration edward snowden i like that edward snowden as well as president i'm i'm
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a fan of that we are going to thank you so much for taking the time to be here thanks for having me it's good to be yours and finally we go to redacted correspondent naomi care avani for somalia blowing old nude is on pandemics. the worst part of a pandemic in my opinion is everything gets cancelled movies concerts grooves church bars get shut down however if you live during the 1900 influenza pandemic most things were canceled to follow but he still had a war he could go to world war one it was like a game of risk with higher stakes so they understand that the influenza virus in $1800.00 the deadliest disease in history which wiped out more people than the war itself really came at an inconvenient time for america i mean business was booming thanks to dropping on europe and the flu tended to kill you. people in army camps
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in trenches and on boats deploying soldiers but it's not like we're going to cancel a war like it's a 1st date or something and let some virus do all the killing i don't think so so as not to slow the war effort the american press and the government either played or ignored the illness even as hospitals and morgues filled up though the 1st case was documented in kansas in march of 1918 the press in spain which was not at war wrote at length about the disease unlike the censored press and warring countries including the us hence it became known as the spanish flu you see some illnesses get named after whoever talks about it 1st it follows the principle of whoever smelt it dealt it censorship was so bad that president woodrow wilson who most likely caught a severe case of the flu later never mention the virus he later showed up to the 1st peace conference coughing like nothing was wrong in 1917 wilson signed the
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controversial espionage act making it illegal to utter print write or publish any disloyal profane scurrilous or abusive language about the government of the united states or to urgency or advocate any curtailment of production in this country necessary or essential to the prosecution of the war the law had a chilling effect on the press obviously influenza subsided after spring and till it mutated and returned in a more deadly form in august of 1900 a sign from a philadelphia navy yard in september read spanish influenza has endangered the prosecution of the war in europe it should get 20 years in prison for the espionage act spitting spreads spanish influenza don't spit a right we got it with the espionage act we need to shut our mouths the best doctors in the us were serving the war effort overseas on the home front people were kidnapping nurses to take care of them you. u.s. surgeon general of blue said there is no cause for alarm if precautions are
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observed precautions ok you mean like non-spinning thank surgeon general if there was a warning from him for smoking he would have put on the pack don't exhale why couldn't brew bird have gone to verb done there was extra pressure on the workforce to produce even though death tolls were higher among factory workers than the population at large overworked underpaid and at great risk workers held a 6 day general strike in 1919 in seattle once the war was over veterans police the striking workers were told they were as important as soldiers during the war but this was just one of the lies putting the nation at risk and breaking our hearts the military was more than aware of the problems and potential solutions desperate to build up the forces and friends army chief of staff in march rejected suggestions to quarantine soldiers and agree instead to a 10 percent reduction in crowding on troop ships but that was all march persuaded
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president wilson that the psychological effect it would have on a weakening enemy to learn that the american divisions and replacements were no longer of arriving would be terrible wait until you see all our soldiers sick in their bed thermometers in the mouth scary the hospital gowns are yours thousands of soldiers were delivered to your by their dead or dying to keep up this appearance on the other hand influenza probably helped the us win the war more than any other weapon a better tactic would have been to like set up a kissing booth that was like free for malnourished german soldiers it wasn't only the military sending troops that was important moral was equally important and during the pandemics deadliest days philadelphia hosted a parade to raise money and morale for the war doctors urged officials to cancel the liberty loan parade for september 20 they convinced reporters to write stories about the danger but editors. refused to run them and refused to print letters from
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doctors later more than 12000 philadelphians would die in a matter of weeks this parade of death wasn't even that fun they had like 2 floats no dancing and very very few thongs unlike the parade you know the gay pride parade all right we might be better off now with corona virus it's not as deadly but we're still dependent on the government to tell the truth and for that we'll need to keep our mouths open reporting from 1900 naming care of any projects and i say that's our show that's all i've got but right now you can go and watch my free standup comedy special not allowed on american t.v. it's at least camp american. totally free to watch until next time goodnight and good bye to.
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i can't show you my face but i'm going to teach you must story in 9093 this man was sentenced to death. charged with capital murder even though he didn't have the gun didn't pull the trigger didn't intend to kill anybody mention living in your past week with the center for 23. i doubt that had to. be. confined within 4 gray walls. to leave this room. under our attention is biased information we want to know about more so we will be. all this information what else happened how many people died what wells got sick. what their other. health risk factors that it is. to make
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a better outcome if you can it's by the by we have this natural bias. law and from the world headquarters of r t america in our nation's capital this is the news with rick sanchez all right hi everybody i'm rick sanchez we welcome all of you watching from all over the world as we begin this newscast 2 breaking stories that we're still following for you and made to bring you up to date on the 1st one is coming out of los angeles interesting early enough a train engineer intentionally on purpose drove his locomotive at full speed into a u.s. naval hospital ship that's docked there to try and help coronavirus patients the guy's name as a duato more right you know he says he did it because he's suspicious of the u.s. military.


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