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tv   News  RT  April 10, 2020 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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destroy 6 that's right. the coronavirus takes a devastating toll on care homes across europe with residents dying with no treatment and no families are allowed to see them we speak to a director of retirement home in a. sense i would describe what's happening as a tsunami losing so many people at the same time as terrible as new york starts digging mass graves there after morgues in this city rival well moved by the huge numbers of dead birds the health crisis spins out of control a major oil producer by the recruitment which will see production slashed in a bid to stabilize the global market mexico had been against the move but have now come on paul.
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are they good even just on 5 o'clock here in moscow are you watching international let's start by giving you the latest figures on the cope with 19 pandemics the number of confirmed infections worldwide has passed 1600000 the death toll stands at more than 97366000 people have recovered. well the coronavirus is taking its greatest toll on the elderly with the picture of devastation emerging around care homes throughout europe deaths in such facilities have surged but exact numbers aren't yet known due to a lack of testing and delays in reporting in italy the health the rector of one of the nursing homes there says there are no resources to cope with the crisis.
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i would describe what happened as a tsunami losing so many people at the same time is terrible i have not even had time to process what's happened and mourn for those who have died in many european countries care home residents have been bypassed by overstretched health care services in france almost a 3rd of all coronavirus this have happened in such facilities shut it as more story. as the grim toll from covert 19 continues to mount official figures often amid deaths outside hospitals including those in nursing and care homes a picture is now emerging of how the virus is laying waste to some of the most fragile while many older people have been self isolating at home and hopefully safeguarding their health as much as possible it seems that others in care homes
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are more a true risk in france the death toll rose rapidly off due to merge how many people in care homes had lost their lives to the virus those deaths now account for more than 30 percent of total fatalities but this isn't surprising from the very start we were warned that older people were at highest risk the most important task would be to protect. most vulnerable people during peak weeks. to put the priority of the nation is to protect our elderly you must do it responsibly with commonsense and discipline strong words from those in charge yet words that some say have wrong hollowing as the elderly bear the brunt of the virus in spain nursing and care homes have been struggling to stop the spread of covert 19 it's estimated that they might. nearly 5000 people in castings in madrid region
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died that's thousands of deaths higher than normal a correspondent from our sister channel spanish francisco got you to tell me that in some places care homes have become defacto hospitals when the rows spread out. and it's very deep equal to keep the not received and there were different parties. there's a lot of the t.p.t. as they were defined meaning inside is the type of u.s. bases they could be 19 and at that time the this equation becomes very difficult for care homes because. for them they need to act nice a host be tells francisco's mother was living in one home but following complications she's been transferred to a hospital where she's fighting pneumonia although it's not yet being confirmed she
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is also being treated as if she's been infected by kuwait 19 as a reporter francisco knows the drill but as a son he says the hardest thing is to not be with her in person. 19 is very cruel because you cannot hack your mother you cannot piece here you cannot be weak pair and they say salacious it's very tough for a patient and for days really. we cannot be close to her in the soup was francis when you were in the middle of these and then yeah i think it's very difficult but there were some messages that they were saying for example that all people it's a priority that it was not true it was not true and it's clear with the fact that you see how many all equal. homes in the
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last weeks thousands of people or people are dying because of. the outbreaks in care homes in spain have led to a collapse in staffing last month the military was called to help but to retirement home and it found elderly residents who've been abandoned and in some cases day in their beds meanwhile in a chilly investigation has been after dozens died at a nursing home. one who work at the facility said the true extent of the risk of infection had been played down what stuff had been told not to wear masks and so on and remember. this situation isn't good this covered everything up there were even 4 people who gave including a female doctor who terrorized say we didn't have to use masks. in the u.k.
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government guidelines say couvade 900 patients can be safely cared for in care homes if precautions are taken but some care home managers say that by doing so the government is sacrificing the elderly. that would be tons of money to importing into care homes and i think to add insult to injury by asking us to take coded 19 positive patients is asking us to basically make health suicide notes for people in care we are taught from a young age to respect our elders to look after our elderly yet as the panic has ensued with a pandemic those key lessons those reassuring overtures from leaders feel like in some cases they have evaporated shortage even ski r.t. paris. meanwhile hospitals around the world are having to suspend vital services they focus on cope with 19 patients will have a look at this story in more detail
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a bit later on in the program. the u.s. is going the unenviable record of having the world's fastest growing death toll from the pandemic the figure is approaching 17000 and is expected to overtake italy within a matter of days in new york state 7000 lives have been lost and morgues have been overwhelmed in fact in this video you can see workers in protective gear they're burying the dead in a trench in hot island in the bronx the area has traditionally been used to bury those with no known relatives in the story is trinity chavis. that i want to bring. you all the ticket here today the coronavirus continuing to take a dramatic toll on new york it's like a battlefield behind your house the number of coronavirus cases and now more than
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150000 with more than 7000 deaths. the virus having the biggest impact on some of new york city's poorest areas the disparities that have plagued this city this nation that are all about fundamental inequality are once again causing such pain. and causing people innocent people to lose their lives it's just abundantly clear it's sick it's troubling it's wrong new data showing jackson heights elmhurst and corona queens have higher numbers of coronavirus cases than in wealthy mostly white parts of manhattan. people here. it's terrifying here because we're downwind of this of a hospital that's a percentage of the death of the national crisis while queens the epicenter of the outbreak in new york city accounts for more than 3200 factions many are still
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forced to continue to go to work my mom's if you want to meet or. beat our keep out of. washington. many low wage workers on the front lines from grocery store employees to public transportation workers all deemed essential working around the clock during the pandemic right now everybody who are here if you are the still working at the m.t.a. confirming the corona virus has claimed the lives of 41 transit workers in 5 weeks and more than 6000 have fallen sick or self quarantined this as new research shows that the novel. virus likely circulated in new york for weeks undetected with more new york infections coming from europe and not asia critics pointing out that the findings contradict president trance argument that is bear on travelers from china in late january delayed the arrival of the virus to the us reporting in new york
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trinity charges r t. r for the 1st time in nearly a quarter of a century large parts of africa entering a recession jus to the pandemic that's according to the world bank and it does threaten to push millions into extreme poverty looking at the issue his saskia take . the world has now realized it's facing not just a health crisis but also potential economic collapse global growth will turn sharply negative 2020 in fact we anticipate the worst economic fallout sees the great depression these numbers of romantic. comparisons with the 2008 financial crisis and even the great depression of the 30s are a lever in the us and asked me to 16000000 people have filed unemployment claims over the past 3 weeks and know if that is happening to the world's economic superpower what bleak future awaits everyone else take africa for example the world bank says
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the coburg 900 is threatening to tip the continent into its vast recession in 25 years we will see a complete collapse of the condom is and livelihoods livelihoods will be wiped out the way we have never seen before if the analysis proves right coronavirus could cost the continent up to half of its g.d.p. and 2020 why while africa is one of the most export dependent regions in the wild but with countries shutting our borders the continent can't trade like before that's on top of reduced tourism and oil prices. the number of corona virus cases in africa is so far relatively no around 11000 but there are concerns it's just the calm before the storm case numbers here increasing exponentially and there she can region it took 16 days from the 1st confirmed case in the region to reach 100 cases
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it took a further 10 day series the 1st says and 3 days after this there were ts has been cases in 2 days later we were at 3 says and if this patent continues african nations which already have fragile health systems will just simply be overwhelmed we don't have the hospitals the i.c.u. use or the ventilators to deal with massive amounts of people so if the spread is comparable to that scene in europe or china the outcome could be devastating the coronavirus would actually affect their health care services across the world but mostly up to countries who are clearly market paid who clearly have just the underfunded and ill equipped and many of them are not on the cause the labor market experts at the docs and nurses very short supply so. the market issues for many of your complaints countries right now to try and get ahead of the pandemic many countries have been forced containment measures like lock downs cuff use and travel
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bans but that has led to its own knew of problems overzealous policing has already cost lives and kenya there are reports of police beatings and the president himself apologize for the death of a 13 year old boy at the hands of the offices straight meanwhile south africa has taken the unprecedented step of going into a minute she patrolled or knocked down great god was human rights groups also allege these lockdowns are being taken advantage of by authoritarian regimes to consolidate their power and also to thought social uprising is as joblessness continues to rise. the timing of the pandemic is taking the bad for africa and number of its nations only now is recovering from the outbreak and in the east a small of the low cost is threatening to devastate crops.
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if we fail with the current regional control operations because of the lack of pesticides then we could see 4000000 more people struggle to feed their families so while the coronavirus is making life around the world difficult for the $1300000000.00 living on the african continent it threatens to undermine individual freedoms collapse health care systems and bring about economic ruin africa is meant to be an agricultural produce the continent and in many cases many countries in africa have sought the the element of mineral wealth and lastly it seems that that doesn't actually play in good hands so if people who live on a dollar a day nearly 70 percent of population sizes across europe with a dollar a day those people do not ask to stay at home if we're told that's the case who's actually going to take care of them and their bread lines are going to be affected
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the ability to be able to feed their families and themselves are really straight and move and likely the african people will suffer when supply chains are terribly affected which there will be a move forward is you've got to be the case. now in a bid to stabilize what have been plunging oil prices the world's major producers including russia have finally reached an agreement to slash production mexico had been the only country refusing to come on board in the last few hours it was eventually persuaded to follow a sink so let's get the details on that for markets don't cortis with us don't just run through them what's happened over the last. while indeed the world's oil producing hard. hitters have finally come to this is stork agreement to cut around $10000000.00 barrels of oil a day on the global oil markets in production now this plan means the the avoidance of a potential disaster for the world's oil markets and moscow has already predicted good things to come as a result of it. the compromise between $22.00 countries will have
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a stabilizing effect on the global market there are no losers everybody has one from this decision producers consumers and the global economies will now this agreement comes after a month long price war between moscow and riyadh that started when saudi arabia dramatically increased its oil production and that sent global oil prices to record lows now on thursday opec plus called on its member states to assist in efforts intended to stabilize the international oil markets and much mexico is actually the longest they took the longest to fall in line with this but after the country's president spoke with donald trump he said that they were able to cut a deal. i talked to president trump and we reached an agreement to reduce oil output 510-0000 barrels per day the u.s. has pledged to drop an additional 250000 barrels per day to help mexico. so now the
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world's major oil producing countries are on the same page will no doubt see a greater degree of stability in the international markets as a result of it. ok thanks for that update don't course of there now there is still paints a comfy this hour including crying unfair we look at the fraudsters one trying to cash in on this and then the details to come to stop the current. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. with the coronavirus now officially declared
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a pandemic the world faces the additional burden of an oil market collapse this comes at a time when demand for crude was already low some are calling this the ultimate perfect storm how this all ends plays chance. i would say we could have prevented this pandemic we weren't ready for a number of reasons because you know the problem is that companies that are making vaccines and other virus they want to make a profit so they don't make them if there is no virus to make them against them so after sars one of these appeared very quickly there was no incentive.
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again. now with the health services around the world engaged almost solely in the fight against the coronavirus it does mean the focus has been taken off many other crucial sectors in the u.s. for example there's been a drop by up to nearly 60 percent in missions for those suffering heart attacks spain has seen a 40 percent cut in the agency procedures and patients seeking heart care in hong kong have reported lengthy delays there while the doctor in new york has revealed that patients are refusing to come in over 30 days that they'll be infected. housing the hospitals it's overcrowded cover 9000 patients are going to have to wait for a long time just to get upstairs to a bed with a problem to share a room or go in the hallways with other covert action patients i've had patients come in to crying and screaming but they don't want to be sent to the emergency room from the nursing home because they have a fever disagree with that they don't want the virus to take me back take me back but they know they're being sent to certain do. because they're going to just fill
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the air of an emergency room where the patients are 90 percent of them are testing positive over 19 coughing and sneezing. but dr dave bull who is a former army paid to you says that no one though should be scared of going to hospital if they need treatment. really kid virus to people is the hospitals remain open if you have a serious condition so for example if you have on china if you have chest pain if you have anything that you're really really worried about then you must seek medical help because actually strangely the public are actually listening to the advice that's being given a many of the wards are relatively quiet at the moment so if you are concerned if you have a life threatening illness then please make sure that you go to the hospital we have ramped up medical provision we have calls back lots of retired doctors lots of retired nurses back on the front line so we've also built these other bigger units like the nice ingo hospital which is 22000 bed wards i mean that's extraordinary so
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the capacity of the n.h.s. has increased dramatically but that means there are still many doctors around to deal with those conditions that are nothing to do with coronavirus itself said the . signs of the strain and waiting times for example have tripled in london and many hospitals have. private clinics we heard from a cancer patient. operation shirt shorts the next week and it was cam saltus recurrent breast cancer. i had a lot of treatment about 5 years ago and ongoing treatment and unfortunately it's returned and it needs an operation sooner rather than later this will be outsourced to a clinic but it's an n.h.s. clinic. and the the consultant hasn't operated there before so
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his very. being very very cautious and very careful to make sure that everything safe. meanwhile scientists are warning that the vaccine for the corona virus is still likely to be more than a year away whoa that gap in the market has allowed fraudsters to step in offering fake treatments one against the of. it's always like this isn't it especially in times of desperation but mankind is gripped by fear and despair they crawl out from under their rocks the charlatans the prophets years the the slimes and the sneezes even among them are those of exceptional shamelessness i'm asking for a brief 3 months to assist in research work uncovered 19 being released to the post
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covered world is no solace to even been concentrated martin's correctly former drug industry executive a fraud a ponzi scheme creator but those were his official crimes what's correctly really became infamous for is creating a monopoly over a parasitic infection drug used to treat pregnant women babies hiv victims he got his hands on this drug and he hiked the price from $20.00 per pill to $750.00 per pill it was ingenious and utterly soulless you either paid or you died health care prices are inelastic they could have raised it higher and more profits were this is a couple a society couple system a couple of rules the way these vultures those promising promising a cure medicine or a secret formula to to ward off coronavirus spirits and for
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a pretty penny they'll tell you it came from god god gave us this product i believe yet you're saying that silver solution would be effective there's no silver bullet there's no silver pill and i promise you there is no silver toothpaste yes toothpaste that's not a joke patented and so we have the pentagon has come and documented in homeland security and so. this stuff kills the whole sorry strain family at point blank range so ludicrous were his claims that authorities in new york cata step in to tell him to stop this charade it's easy to blame the victims here you can call them silly or stupid we could try to understand them the elderly especially who are trusting who are told daily on television that they're in the high risk category that they're likely to die 1st of course they're desperate can you blame them for
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for grasping at straws know what you can do is you can blame the the car not ists who are waving these straws in front of their faces not only do they create the cure but this pill right here is the prevention we can go on and on there are thousands of these charlatans all over the world more every day so just walk by report them make a complaint that facebook and twitter if you see a post they'll just scroll on the only thing worse than waiting for a cure is being fooled into buying one only to learn that it's fake and some one juror in a pandemic profited off of our collective misery. when ever something happens of a catastrophic nature you see a number of sometimes altruism big but oftentimes despicable for example price gouging in this country there were people who were selling pure realm these these
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hand who lotion types of things for $200.00 a bottle was ridiculous facemask so that's one example then you have televangelists or others who ply their spiritual wares maybe legitimately i'm not equipped with the ability to tell whether they're correct or not that's for others to decide then you also have a variety of people who during this will make statements about the cause of this so called conspiracy theories now again i'm not saying anybody in particular but you're going to see everybody from every walk of life use this some or how i am i've heard radio promotion sometimes tawdry despicable so whatever the human imagination can provide that's what you'll see. so that's how things are looking so far this evening of course is the pandemic does continue they
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will have all the latest developments here dotty bringing you coverage on our website and also social media in addition to the round the clock coverage we have. cost from last year's most sky london to say washington so the stock informed stay with us. i don't trust medical authority at all ever and the reason for that is i had this horrible autoimmune disorder growing up and it turns out it was completely alleviated with very drastic dietary measures and i went to a number of doctors to discuss what happened to me and i was basically laughed at like diet has nothing to do with autoimmune disorders so my suggestion to people
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who have health issues they can't figure out if they're going to see a medical professional and they've been going for 10 years and they're still in the same place they should probably take it upon themselves to start testing things out testing out diet testing out exercise and try and figure out things on their own. in this community there are people who believe that it's ok to eat this over actual food it might just really hard there are no jobs and you see the kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with an argument there's a lot accomplished within the game and between the teams most of the conflicts i would say overwhelms romani and the most of them is me. most want to know any children. does he know each other is good business the state of california alone
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makes $6000000000.00 a year of prison complexes to get some point in your life where. you don't care and one of my cares about you so you don't care might anything. i'm going to fulfill the repeated purposes of politics to the people i promise you know it's all pots be. ready for a. plumber. now you want to 1st read that. line no. longer.


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