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tv   The World According to Jesse  RT  April 10, 2020 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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and assassinated iran's top general cousins on the money claiming he'd been plotting attacks on americans in the region well all 3 countries currently face the coronavirus pandemic the conflict has not slowed down with the rest of the world a series of new attacks have taken place in recent weeks and president donald trump is now accusing iran of planning a sneak attack on u.s. bases in iraq citing unspecified intelligence during a press conference the president said he had very good information that the group planning the attack was kotite has the law stating quote it was led by iran not necessarily iran but by groups supported by iran but that to me is the iran iranian foreign ministers of odds are if responded in a tweet quote don't be misled by usual warmongers again unlike the u.s. which surreptitiously lies cheats and assassinates iran only acts in self defense it starts no wars but teaches the lessons to those who do just say what do you
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think about all this going on in the middle of a global pandemic shouldn't we have some international solidarity put our differences aside just for this moment bridgette i think it's disgraceful i think when you look at something like this pandemic that affects the entire world it affects poor people it even affects people in power take a look at boris johnson he's lying in the hospital right now he might die it affects everyone isn't the time they're set down the politics sex down the bowl and you know what comes after that set it down leave it goal and face a problem that affects the entire world and should bring us all together instead of separating us farther apart while these idiots continue to fuel their war games and what angers me about the iran deal is our mainstream media they always go back to when iran took hostages in the early 7. these so they make people believe that iran
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was the initial aggression aggressor not true let's go back to the fifty's where iran had a democratically elected president who was going to nationalize their oil well you don't dare do that you don't dare nationalize oil or you'll face the wrath of the united states of america that's exactly what happened they they did a coup d'etat they threw out the elected president and they gave them the shaw they put up with the shah for 20 years when they got rid of him taking our embassy was like telling us we want to get rid of you too and who could blame them after the after what we did to them and now they come forward in this time of world epidemic and they can't set politics aside and well you know what brigida what would be better for us when we get out of the epidemic a good war. unfortunately the coronavirus outbreak hasn't stopped the u.s.
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from continuing its maximum pressure campaign on iran so a group of former diplomats and foreign leaders are calling on washington to ease medical and humanitarian sanctions on tehran so they can fight the cove in 1000 outbreak the state department claims medical trade is not blocked by u.s. sanctions but former leaders have reportedly identified barriers that make medical trade nearly impossible in all u.s. sanctions have crushed iran's economy and made it hard for the country to respond to the outbreak and other crises the u.s. claims that it cares about human rights so again shouldn't be taking action to potentially save hundreds of thousands of civilians lives just well you've got to remember because you know this is called collateral damage we have a big picture and it's innocent people happen to die during the carrying out of the big picture that's just collateral damage and in this particular case notice that
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whenever we go to war the people that take us to war they're in no danger they're no are not in any danger whatsoever but this ep that but this pandemic puts them in danger so which is more dangerous i'd say the pandemic is to the war but they want to get in the war as soon as the pandemics go on the parent leigh and they want to do it with the ram now and do it in iraq let's go back to the time i lost a job because i opposed the invasion of iraq can anyone sit here today and tell us the invasion of iraq has turned good and turned out to be what we thought it would be absolutely not it is that does vaster that is ruining the world sensitive place and now we're going to jump in and continue with that how about this pandemic should be leading the world to peace not to war yet and even leaders in france germany and the u.k. american allies they've already started going around us sanctions. by sending
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medicine and food to iran through the european union instead of barter trade system now infected with with specifically designed to circumvent u.s. sanctions now even american ally seem to know that this is not the time to be playing politics and picking 5 other than the sides of humanity and i agree wholeheartedly with that this is a time when the mes need to set down the solar set down the rhetoric and work together that's what true leaders do but let's remember something we have a leader who when it comes time to go into war he leads from the rear not the front when it was his chance to show patriotism during the vietnam war and go to war for the country what did he do he ran and hid the other way so he's about any trouble it's no problem for donald trump to take a still war because he's safe now he is it on the firing line well i just wish he would have joined us and got on the firing line he might think differently today
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yeah the former diplomats are also urging president not to use america's the voting rights at the board of the international monetary fund to block iran's request for a $5000000000.00 loan from the i.m.f. which the united states is expected to block now the fact that a single president can disrupt something that's so important for the lot about our international institutions and who they're beholden to it says a lot about everything and here we seem to be moving towards a dictatorship in this country we've got a supreme court now that lets the president basically do anything he wants we've got a congress that runs to the wind won't stand up have never declared war since world war 2 and now we've got a situation where the president can so lead make the choice internationally whether something does or doesn't happen far far too much power put in one person's hands. let's turn to another area in the greater middle east afghanistan where the
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taliban has walked away from peace talks with the afghan government that were facilitated by the united states the talks unraveled over a prisoner swap agreement that the u.s. had made with the taliban under the terms the afghan government was supposed to release taliban prisoners and exchange for pro-government forces jailed by the taliban the problem is the afghan government was not included in those initial talks now over more discussions though afghan president ashraf ghani how to greed to release 5000 taliban prisoners in different phases but when push came to shove gandhi said he would not yet release 15 senior taliban commanders implicated in large scale attacks the breakdown comes 2 weeks after u.s. secretary of state mike pump a.o. told rivaling afghan leaders to make a deal with the taliban or face a potential withdraw of u.s. troops from the country the u.s. is also cut $1000000000.00 in financial aid to afghanistan. the trump
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administration of course wants this deal to happen because it would be a major achievement for it especially in an election year but the strategy isn't working the taliban and afghanistan government are still at war make your prediction jesse do you think this conflict is going to end soon because of this pressure from the u.s. no i don't believe it will i think they'll try to make it appear it has but i don't think it truly will it's obviously that the taliban and the afghan government are way far apart this is a war that's gone on now for well over 20 years and then if you count the days that russia was involved in it back in the eighty's this is a place that's parental parentally always it seems at war and for good reason they got strong minerals there a lot of stuff can be stolen out of that country by the war profiteers so you know no i don't anticipate this war to end i had to submit it we are reward countries now we need a war and when we come out of this pandemic that one will still be going on and it looks like we may have a new one in some order with
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a rare and in some way we've got to change the direction of our country. yeah it's been over 18 years and more people died last year in the afghanistan war than at the any other conflict and now the coronavirus is struck there too the country is among many facing shortages and testing ventilators hand sanitizers and other critical medical supplies the outbreak will be catastrophic there and the war will be partially to blame well again this is an example of leadership in world leadership why can't these guys set down their swords and their political differences when you get in the polls and that attacks everybody there is nobody of you from this russians will get attacked brits will get attacked the united states will get attacked dan'l did attack a rental get it everybody will get it is not about tar they have leadership that would bring the world together to fight beijing's like this instead of fighting ourselves which accomplishes nothing that would be absolutely amazing but it's
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probably not going to happen now in other news washington state has become the 1st in the nation to pass a facial recognition bill outlining how local government agencies can use the technology the new legislation limits agencies from eggs or sizing the unconstrained use of facial recognition services because the technology quote poses broad social ramifications under the bill state and local government agencies may only use facial recognition services to locate or identify missing people the deceased or possible crime victims to keep the public safe the new law requires government agencies to now file a notice of intent with a legislative authority and produce an accountability report if they plan to develop or use facial recognition software local government agencies will also be barred from using the technology based on a person's religious political or social views and activities but it doesn't limit
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the sale of facial recognition technology to law enforcement or hold companies accountable or response. for the outcome of their algorithm it was also sponsored by washington state senator joe nguyen who is currently employed as a program manager at microsoft which develops this kind of technology at justice some accountability is better than none but cities like san francisco have outright banned police and other agencies from using facial recognition software do you think this bill goes far enough in protecting the public's right to privacy well let's remember something version whenever they tell you they have to do something to make you say so that means they're going to take away some of your freedom rest assured of that now on the surface this looks wonderful but will it be wonderful if they decide to abuse it no it will be a horror show look at the patriot act the patriot act was supposed to only be because of $911.00 in an emergency it's 20 years later and it's being renewed every
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year and that's the biggest thing that's taken out of freedoms from us we have to be careful every time they come in with some type of technology like this trust me it will get abused at some point and it will be misused at some point by the very people we're supposed to trust not to do that and there always seems to be a loophole they say they need a warrant to now use the except in existence circumstances and that can mean pretty much anything that they want to you absolutely that you think they're going to be that they're supposed to use warrants now to put gender surveillance they don't bother to get them or if they do get them they're all just simply rubber stamped there is that nothing they're protecting people of their rights and unfortunately this is going to be kind of the road map blueprint for other states to follow what washington's done here. yeah unfortunately when it breaks out it's kind of like the
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pandemic when the pandemic starts it'll continue and continue and continue until we stand up and do something we the people to stop it it's time for a break when we return jesse sits down with author christopher shah to talk about how to make banking democratic in the age of the coronavirus we'll be right back. the world looking at. this is a story of women and women with troubled histories and complex court cases you know some of us did leave leave. out there. we're not. the person that hears a cheesiness of the day are considered the most dangerous of criminals she's in a still. all day off 23 hours of the day tell me that it's not enough and isn't it
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in world of women on death row. so much that we really don't need that's what this all walk down is teaching so many millions of people but most of their lives are all wasted on stuff that's unnecessary cost play redundant and doesn't come of social good at all. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation whole community. are you going the right way or are you being.
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direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maybe. alice. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. the war. issue my guest today is christopher shaw historian policy analyst and author of the new book money power and the people he joins me now from berkeley california christopher thank you for coming on
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board with us in this time trying times were in chris the subtitle of your new book is the american struggle to make banking. democratic what do you mean by the term democratic banking i've never heard of such a thing. so my research found that in the early 20th century there was this real grassroots movement to try to make banking more democratic and it was led by people who were in expect to care about banking to be informed about it to be more debate about it people like electricians still workers bricklayers farmers and what they wanted was a banking system where they know if they took their money and they put in the bank would be safe they could have that confidence they wanted a baking system where they knew that they could get money in a loan for a home or to operate a farm and also they wanted a banking system that wouldn't destabilize the economy so in the $1000.00 century
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and into the early 20th century there were depressions every 1020 years that the banks either caused or made worse so these were the kinds of reforms they wanted and they wanted this banking system to be more transparent and they also wanted it to be democratically accountable so a banking system that democratic is one that serves the people instead of exploiting them now your book that largely covers the history and progression of modern banking in the united states what was the closest we've come to a democratic system of banking and what has held us back. the closest we came was the period between the new deal so the great depression in the 1930 s. and then the end of the 20th century and during that period it was a moment that was the closest because that was the time when this grassroots moment this popular movement the social movement these ordinary citizens managed to get
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a bunch of reforms that made the making system be more democratic so one of them was the federal deposit insurance corporation or the f.d.i.c and this not only made it so that you could be sure that your money be safe in the bank but it also stabilized the whole banking system and therefore the economy because now people weren't scared that they would lose their money and so you ended bank runs so that helped make the economy more stable they also got home lending and farm lending programs in place that still exist today and another thing they got is the federal reserve system so our nation's central bank that exists in a way that started in $1030.00 s. it could begin to smooth out the economy so if there's an economic downturn that hard times come along the federal reserve can begin to pump money into the system and extend credit so counter-cyclical policy in this thing without the economy into doubt so you don't get these depressions in these booms and busts anymore like you have the past now what happens though is that once citizens had achieved this they
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began to get complacent they took their eye off the ball and so then the late 20th century the bankers begin to push back and they begin to deregulate the banking system and so this is the thing that lays the groundwork for them the financial crisis of 2008 the same as in loans crisis and lots of savings and most are she's in stale you know late eighty's and early ninety's so it's that moment in the mid 20th century that wrong we're looking at asked the time we closely most closely approached a democratic banking system now occupy wall street is one of the more well known grassroots movements. with ordinary citizens calling for public control over financial institutions there's also the public banking institute how do newer movements compare to the historic ones in your book every moment in time throughout history has its own particular problems that it
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needs to solve and so we adapt to those and there is a case of the environment say ecological problems pollution the global climate crisis this was nothing anyone was thinking about before in the sixty's or in the seventy's or even more recently and so a lot of the activists today they're interested in having a financial system that will fund and promote a more sustainable economy and that is just not something that people were thinking about earlier on so you have these new issues that come into play and our activism changes and evolves with those issues and their earlier 20th century people were much more focused on purely just economic problems the kinds of things making your deposits secure having credit available to ordinary citizens now you know we have a whole new things we're thinking about like the environment now congress and the federal reserve are taking emergency measures to prop up the struggling u.s. economy due to the impact of the coronavirus what are your thoughts on vero actions
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right now. the so reserve system is doing a lot it's really unprecedented all the things that it's doing but the fed is really more geared towards helping the financial system and so when it comes to helping people which is what we really need to do right now it's congress that has to step up it's congress that needs to make it so that people have the money they can do need to buy groceries that's the kind of stock irony's be doing so you know we have this $1200.01 time payment but that's just not enough we need to give more money to people during this time when they can't even go to work we need to make it so that people are not going to be foreclosed on they're not going to be evicted they're not going to have their utilities shut off they're going to have the money to buy groceries and that's where congress comes in and congress needs to get that money out there in europe we have a situation where a lot of countries have the government has stepped in and paid
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a portion of people salary or wages and this means they don't get laid off and they continue to have income coming in and it's going to be better for the economy then once this is over because things will go back to normal more quickly we should be looking at something like that we should not be doing at this time is bailing out say the cruise lines these companies fly the flags of places like panama in liberia in order to skate taxes and regulation but then when there's a crisis they come running to uncle sam they suddenly become patriotic now we need to be focused on helping people during this crisis and that's what congress needs to do years ago the glass steagall act was passed during the great depression and repealed under president clinton for those who don't know what was glass the goal and how might the repeal of affect the a pommy mal in the face of the current crisis. so glass steagall is one of the important new uniforms and it comes into place in 133 and it lasts until 1991 glass steagall did is it reduced risk throughout the
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financial system and this is because it said that a commercial bank so the bank that you or i go to to have our checking account or seem to count they can't then take that money and start gambling with it on wall street doing what's called investment banking once glass steagall was repealed now you can have these financial institutions that they do commercial banking they do investment banking they're selling insurance and this means that these financial corporations are also getting bigger and bigger and at that point to become an actual systemic risk because if they go down they can maybe take down the whole system with them this is why they're called too big to fail and right now we're in another you know serious economic crisis and during times like this the financial system can run into problems too and so it's a legitimate concern when you have too big to fail institutions that they can cause ripple effects that will disrupt the entire economy and they will need a bailout
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a bailout like they got in 2008 so we really need to do something to break up these too big to fail institutions if they're too big to fail they're too big to exist even before the about it states felt the economic impact of the coronavirus we have a significant issue with income inequality what role do banks play in facilitating the divide between the rich and the poor. the way banks make money is they charge people fees and then they lend and they when they get interest payments and so when you have people who are lower income or middle class and their pain seems and their pain interest payments this is going to the profits of the bank and it's increasing the profits of the banks and what happens to that money well it goes to executives to compensate them and we all know they're very well compensated already and they go to shareholders and most of the shareholders are already people who have
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a fair amount of money so basically you're redistributing this wealth upwards and this is exacerbating the income inequality that is the defining feature of our moment in history that's making us living in the 2nd gilded age hi i want to thank you especially now for sharing your expertise and coming on the show we really appreciate it. it was great talking to you i appreciate it and thank you. lynn. the world looking at here. thanks for watching send us your comments on social media for a chance to be featured next week when we cover more stories ignored by the corporate media and always remember people when the government lies the truth be columns 8 raider stay vigilant. live. the world looking at yes yes yes.
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a look it is it's. himself from understand just move the mouse. click the stop the digits on the screen trying this project until. we have producers to post this for some snow. to come up with new clothes those the girls are with you for this who are just your shoes for you should cook door for the one who's doing business. with the coronavirus now officially declared a pandemic the world faces the additional burden of an oil market collapse this comes at a time when demand for crude was already known some car calling this the ultimate perfect storm how this all ends but it's a guess. this is
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a story of women women with troubled histories and complex court cases you know some of us did really believe who lives out there. who were nabbed. the person that there's a cheesiness of the day are considered the most dangerous of criminals she's in a still. probably off 23 hours of the day tell me that is not enough and isn't it the world of women on death row gone on to be. thinking of getting a new gun the ones we got in her she'll come out why they know that they're trapped in this time you know why are you going to near the crate with the wall just. freaking out and she will when is freedom anywhere near and thousands of breeding dogs are caged in inhumane conditions on puppy for i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in cages outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you
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know the courtier the rain the snow the funder nothing they have no protection. to get you. to take a. across the u.s. cruel puppy mills are supported by dog shows and pet stores most of the puppies that are coming from these large. scale factory farming kind of operations are being sold in stores even a good businesses are involved but. there has been a shocking amount of the organized opposition to adverts to increase the standards of care for dogs bred in commercial breeding facilities most of that opposition is coming from huge agricultural groups and industries that have nothing to do with dogs don't buy dogs.
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hello there i'm a military and you're watching in question broadcasting live from r.t. american national headquarters in washington d.c. i want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world here are today's top stories 1st up chaos as the corona virus outbreak is now taking over several prison if nationwide with protesters on the outside rallying to release those inmates a full report coming up and the state of new york ramping up mass burials at a nearby island the public cemetery now helping handle an influx of unclaimed bodies we'll bring you the latest information then as coated 1910 you.


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