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so many most of that opposition is coming from huge agricultural groups and the streets that have nothing to do with jobs. residents in moscow will from next week need digital permission to travel around the city. people are still not complying with self isolation medical workers have been speaking to our efforts to stay on top. are you scared of morkie here why what's the point if these can change anything just coming to work when i go home i start thinking i should have stayed longer. factions take a devastating toll on care homes are trolls europe with residents dying without treatment for their families able to save the director of a retirement home in italy describes the dire conditions. i would describe what's
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happening as a tsunami losing so many people at the same time as terrible. images from overwhelmed new york musgrave's makeshift morgues in the city struggling with huge numbers of deaths. with the top stories from the past 7 days on right up to the moment of elements as well this is the weekly on our t.v. international hello and welcome i'm going to know neal. and we start with the latest figures on the covert 19 demick the number of cases around the world continues to rise almost 1800000 people now infected while more than 110000 have succumbed to the virus with billions sitting under lockdown some sort of at least there's good news over 412000 people have recovered additionally the 1st trials of
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a vaccine are not under way some experts are confident that it could be ready as early as september. let's start our update here in russia and for next week people in moscow will need to start getting special digital passes to travel around the region right now the russian capital accounts for 65 percent of all infections in the whole country the numbers reached almost $10.00 and the spain giving more details about how the permit system will work it will be introduced in stages 1st for people wanting to move iraq and walked is europe's largest city and personal vehicles are public transport among the few exclusions are military service employees medical stuff journalists taxi drivers can only take a posture if they have a valid q.r.
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code it will be needed by people on foot for instance shopping for food or visiting a pharmacy or hospital but all the restrictions do apply the mercy as it's being introduced because too many people despite the order to stay home are going oh it's on to the streets. well the number of confirmed corona virus cases in russia currently stands at just under 16000 with 130 people having died lattimer potencies the peak is yet to come this week the president announced a pay rise for all medical staff involved in combat in the break i'm compared medics treating coronavirus patients to the army fighting on the front lines giving them the same insurance daryn tease us military personnel the host of our t.v. series the epidemic spent a day with russian hospital. all right let's have a look at the patient this patient has tested positive for coded 19 wasn't
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a viral treatment are you giving him it's calyptra has it been effective it has the fever has gone how well the z. he's 38 when we received the 1st group of patients and started analyzing the cases we were shocked i understand because all of them were under they expect the bache yes. thank you so much guys for your work thank you. for the night between april the 1st and 2nd it took us just a few hours to organize the clinical it was emotionally draining. and i wanted to make my own contribution to the fight against the pandemic i wanted to help the doctors but. i volunteered because i saw the to help was greatly needed there is a shortage of medical staff when i go home i started thinking i should have stayed longer. how long do you usually wear this protective suit for the longest time was 6 hours
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but you get used to it. the worst cases. the sports indicate a low intensity. is this how viral pneumonia. the way he takes their isn't dangerous for the person but what is frightening is that it might be contagious. are you scared of working here you know why what's the point is the scare it won't change anything should i just hope coming to work. the chief doctor from the hospital tested positive after that was found in fact on immediately transferred to working from home our crew also went into self quarantine was a precaution. in the wake we talked to the world health organizations representative in russia about the challenges ahead and to get her assessment of russia's containment measures. and there is
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the midwives are in the center in the very active standard of the fight against coverage not only fighting against the coronavirus but also maintaining all other house services which are necessary to our own going. on going reproductive health needs of the planet are not diminishing and they have to be maintained rhyolite the same time we are seeing that also virus pregnant women are getting in fact it but births go wrong. epidemic does not have a life of its only people can change it and this is the critical moment this is why russia has been searching to see spared for many weeks because the measures taken were early on very good obviously at some point we had
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a group of unrecognized contacts which always can happen but this is now being dealt with russia has increased its testing to $61000.00 of test for a day so this will enable really identified not only people who are sick or share immediate contacts but also to identify potential carriers of people who are completely how to but have been in contact and also there is a possibility opened up to do testing requests so people who may think that there have been in contact somewhere but cannot really put their finger on would also be able to task that is by and large going to enhance our knowledge about their device is finding its he didn't ways. coronavirus is taking its greatest toll on the elderly with a picture of devastation emerging from care homes through it europe deaths in the facilities have surged but exact numbers aren't yet known because of a lack of testing and delays in reporting. in italy the health director of one
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nursing home ses there are no resources to help them cope with the crisis. so. i would describe what's happened as a tsunami losing so many people at the same time is terrible we have not even had time to process what's happened and mourn for those who have died. well the close proximity of residents all of whom are in the most vulnerable kus agree means the risks of infection are severe incursions but in many european countries they're being left to cope alone by health services receiving little or no treatment short of dubinsky report. as the grim toll from covert 19 continues to mount official figures often amid deaths outside hospitals including those in nursing and care homes a picture is now emerging of how the virus is laying waste to some of the most fragile while many older people have been self isolating
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a home and hopefully safeguarding the health as much as possible it seems that others in care homes are more a true risk in front the death toll rose rapidly off due to merge how many people in care homes had lost their lives to the virus those deaths now account for more than 30 percent of total fatalities but this isn't surprising from the very start we were warned that older people were at highest risk the most important task would be to protect and most vulnerable people during peak weeks. the priority of the nation is to protect our elderly you must do it responsibly with common sense and discipline strong words from those in charge yet words that some say have wrong hollowing as the elderly bear the. runt of the virus
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in spain nursing and care homes have been struggling to stop the spread of covert 19 it's estimated that a march alone nearly 5000 people in care homes in madrid region died a correspondent from our sister channel r.t. spanish francisco told me that in some places care homes have become defacto hospitals when they're spread out. and it's very cool to keep you know. there were. are. there is a lot of what it is they were defined. as years or 19 and it. is a situation. very difficult for care homes because. for them they need to act as our hospitals francisco's mother was living in one home but
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following complications she's been transferred to a hospital where she's fighting pneumonia although it's not yet been confirmed she is also being treated as if she's been infected by couvade 1919 is very cruel because you cannot hack your mother you can not care you cannot be with her. it's very tough for haitian. relatives we cannot be close to her or in these circumstances the outbreaks in care homes in spain have led to a collapsing staffing last month the military was called to help but over time and it found elderly residents who'd been abandoned and in some cases dead in their beds meanwhile in a chilly investigation has been nuanced after dozens died at a nursing home in milan one worker at the 1st. city said the true extent of the
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risk of infection had been played down what stuff had been told not to wear masks. this situation isn't good this covered everything up there were even 4 people who included a female doctor who terrorized us saying we didn't have to use masks. in the u.k. government guidelines say 1000 patients can be safely cared for in care homes if precautions are taken but some care home managers say that by doing so the government is sacrificing the elderly. that would be tons of money to importing into care homes and i think to add insult to injury by. 19 positive patients is all skills to basically make health suicide notes for people. we're taught from a young age to respect our elders to look after our elderly yet as the panic has
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ensued with the pandemic those key lessons those reassuring overtures from leaders feel like in some cases they have evaporated shoulder jeevan ski r.t. paris. crossed the atlantic from there in the world's worst affected covert country every u.s. state has no under what's called the disaster declaration which means federal funds can be used on a local level to deal with the crisis more than 20000 deaths have been recorded more than any other country health care workers in many areas save their own to cope with the influx of patients and a lot of protective equipment it's most keenly felt in the country's infection redzone new york. we are demanding that we get all of the hoarded supplies that exists at p b e so that we can protect ourselves our families and our beloved patients and communities we can't do it if we're dead every day when i go to work i feel like
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i'm going to slaughter my colleagues and i are writing our last line testament i'm 28 years old we fear that we may not survive this pandemic and yet we show up every day to this hospital. more than 8000 lives lost in new york state alone among efforts to cope with the rising number of bodies dozens of refrigerated trucks parked up mass graves are being dug a city morgues become overwhelmed by the huge number of dead new study suggests that black americans are the worst affected demographic for a range of reasons most kill up and explain. someone rich and famous referred to the pandemic as being a great equalizer. doesn't care about. the
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great. well the queen of pop was dead wrong as the united states tops the world in terms of coronavirus cases and voices compare it to $911.00 or pearl harbor it's anything but equal and who's being affected we are seeing the disparity because right now slightly more than 70 percent of all of our deaths are among african-americans and that's a state where less than a 3rd of the population is black these kinds of disproportionate results are playing out throughout the country in michigan african-americans are only 14 percent of the overall population but they are 40 percent of coronavirus deaths you know illinois 15 percent of the population is black but so far african-americans account for 29 percent of coronavirus cases and 42 percent of deaths the mayor of chicago a major city where african-americans represent over half of coronavirus cases and 70 percent of deaths did her best to explain the situation this is not just about
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racial and ethnic disparities in the outcomes the distribution of this disease is tells a story about resources in any quality a story about unequal health care access job access and community investment it would be naive and in fact scandals to ignore the point that the virus there is a disproportionately negative impact on the low income you oftentimes of afraid to say so that 8 people in a native american hope living in sort of 3 was so yes this is a question of a bow quiet and rates. but it's not only in terms of direct introspection the unemployment rate is expected to go as high as possibly of bov 30 percent and for many african americans losing a job doesn't only represent loss of income it also represents a loss of health care this is a post from a nurse in new york city that went viral who's going to pay for it last words i'll
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never forget the response my patient gough's doubt between labor breaths to me and my team have to explain that he needs to be intubated and placed on a ventilator. if you test positive for coded 19 and require treatment you could be financially devastated hospital bills for coronavirus patients usually add up to between 42074004 those who are uninsured or for those who get treatment that is deemed out of network by their insurance company and even for those with insurance using in network providers out of pocket expenses can add up to $21000.00 or even 38000 dollars that's not a bill most americans can afford it because of our of for profit health system. hospitals have been closed our clinics have been eliminated oh and you have a disproportionate number of poor people who like those basic health service and so
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what we are seeing with this pandemic is net so must the fact that is the pandemic itself but the pandemic has exposed the structural contradictions of economic system this is a issue that goes across communities there are real serious. contradictions in the u.s. that this pandemic is is exposing in a very graphic ways growing numbers of observers are saying that the u.s. mishandling of this crisis isn't simply about a shortage of masks and ventilators it's about the long standing inequalities and the irrationality of the profit based health care system up and r.t. new york. more of the headlines of the past 7 days to kill me heartbreak in ecuador where coronavirus victims bodies are having to be left in the street in a cardboard boxes use those improvised coffins desperate residents tell their
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stories when their weekly returns and moments. match geysers financial survival guide liquid assets not those that you can convert into a cast quite easily. to keep in mind now as a tremendous place of. record. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe.
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isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true or what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maybe in the shallowness. a look in ecuador is now one of the worst hit countries in south america officially $315.00 people have died of corona virus but testing is still limited and even the president admits the actual figure is much higher with hundreds dying at home on a daily basis and in many cases grieving relatives have nowhere to bury their loved
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ones. i was god i came here to look for my dead relative with all the papers i can't find the body one day see days 3 days 4 days fun. and they called find it. here. i'm sleeping here outside the building i have fever on taking paracetamol my bones hurt and all that because i want to bury my mother in law. was she was.
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taken that. they believe they do good donating those things but they're worthless they're worthless because they. went to relatives bodies it can't belong in the cardboard coffin and they get wet. when cardboard gets wet what happens it disintegrates doesn't it imagine transporting a corpse and it starts raining it will disintegrate. hospitals across ecuador saving are all able to cope with the influx of covert 19 patients many have been refused treatment and died at the ecuadorian president has ordered an investigation into the hundreds of the bodies of victims we spoke to a doctor who asked to remain anonymous he says dozens of medics were also.
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we see shortages in all pharmacies both public and private hospitals where there are not enough beds no ventilation devices key to save a life unfortunately we often had to wait for one patient to die to give another his brother and breathing apparatus more than 40 health workers have died in the pandemic doctors and nurses this is hidden from the. it is important to understand that medical personnel cannot work in such conditions so for example on friday hospital had to be closed as there were simply no protective equipment the situation with the burned a decaying bodies will cause the pandemic to worsen due to diseases caused by the decomposition of corpses if i could contact the w 2 in the pan american health organization i would ask them to intervene in ecuador and provide this distance to the city of gaia quil needs. in the last few hours it's been confirmed that the british prime minister has been discharged
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from the hospital after being treated for corona virus boris johnson will no spend time recovering at the p.m.'s official country residence checkers and won't immediately return to work he spent a week in hospital including 3 nights in tents of care during which britain's daily number of deaths reached a record high more than 900 on both friday. in total the virus is now known to have claimed more than 10000 lives in the u.k. after coming out of intensive care and johnson praise hospital staff saying he owed them his life the prime minister received oxygen treatment but did not require a ventilator. with concerns that prison conditions are ripe for spreading coronavirus the u.k.'s releasing thousands of low risk prisoners but that standing firm on keeping the wiki leaks founder behind bars even though an inmate at london's belmarsh prison died from the disease on tuesday to m.p.'s from julian assange his native australia are appealing to britain to transfer him to his arrest
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. so they've agreed to replace paypal who. are standing nonviolent and people who only have a few weeks to go of the sentence now julian assange is not a violent person he's not been accused of any. and in fact he hasn't even been sentenced yet so that's why he should be added to this list i think that's that's clear and that's what a lot of people including mr parliamentarian's assigning u.k. prisons have coronavirus ripping through them spoken with julian assad his mother she has told me that julian does have preexisting health conditions which my came i guess a bigger target for bang at critical patient for banks someone who. could potentially be fired will and that's why we have. the appropriate precautions now need to be taken by the government and jonas and should be released and put in home
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detention which is awaiting a hearing on extradition to the us there he could face a 175 year sentence for publishing leaked evidence of us in the tree wrongdoing in iraq afghanistan a british court has ruled out a son just hearing will still go ahead and may the spite the current locked on his lawyer for a postponement now he argued has been unable to communicate with his client for 3 weeks because of a pandemic it will be impossible to hold a fair trial in may the judge refused saying it's too early to tell whether the courts will even be in operation in may we can leaks editor explains to artsy why the hearing shouldn't go ahead on her current conditions. it is absolutely absurd to not take into account the situation and not to move
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here in which is planned for may 18th of further down the road it's not just the situation probably will be still very bad and there's a lot of witnesses that have to fly it's not possible to to continue without their presence in the courtroom also keep in mind that now for 3 weeks the lawyers have not been able to see julian last arms they have not been able to meet him documents on and actually discuss the case how on earth can you continue as nothing has happened when the lawyers have not been able to confer with with a client he was not not even able to take part in the hearing the video link because it's simply not safe to move around inside the prison to go to a holding cells and then into the booth were other prisoners are using to appear the video only a story and will be closely following here on r.t.
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well that is a recap of the week that was of course one subject dominating our coverage i'll keep the updates coming in 31 for up to the minute developments this sunday artie's twitter page covered well worth a follow on a very happy easter to all. i'm going to fulfill the repeated promises apologise to the people and promise to be you know we've all pots to the. place ready for a. pretty
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good bertha now you want to 1st correct that. no. ball be cut. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. so right now we're driving through both neighborhoods and you can see time and distance from each gang. so this is jordan. this is the territory claimed by the
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great street crips during war time bonnie hunt is now less likely to come in here because there's one way in and often one way out so once you come in and do a shooting you're trapped in their neighborhood and they can return fire so it's not the safest way to to avenge a shooting so often they'll go on the outskirts of the neighborhood hoping to get a great street kripke that's a lot of times when innocent people get shot. so in the next couple of days someone from this development most likely will go over towards nickerson like they have the last couple of days and commit a shooting and vice versa so all these neighborhoods now are in play. or if you are. several months ago. a gentleman with the moniker of menace from 15 hero was caught inside the gang territory of the village voice a couple of the village boys. went out.


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