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tv   News  RT  April 16, 2020 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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in the lines this hour the u.n. children's fund warns of a potential measles outbreak with youngsters missing the vaccine is due to take over $900.00. we'll hear from the unicef chief immunization these 217000000 children that we estimate are going to minnesota or means revert the nation to land mass can be rescheduled. on the fly medics in the united states said the law is being put at risk by the government's failure to supply hospitals 50 year. old business owners in france say the newly extended lockdown could force them out of business leaving millions of people jobless.
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here with your global news update this is r.t. international thanks for joining us. start with a look at the latest figures on the covert 900 pandemic more than 2000000 cases have now been registered worldwide 135000 lives have been lost the united states has the highest death toll followed by italy and spain and so far more than half a 1000000 people have recovered from the virus globally. the u.n. children's fund has warned of a possible resurgence of measles because of the covenanting pandemic according to unicef millions of children are at risk of missing them vaccines and that follows will health organization guidelines issued in late march saying that immunization should be postponed beatles is an easily preventable viral disease according to the
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w.h.o. targets and these 95 percent of people need to be vaccinated but many countries could fall short of that target of cornton measures continue we heard from robin mundy chief of immunization and unicef he says that any vaccine delays must be temporary. these $117000000.00 children that we estimate are going to miss out on measles vaccination but over the next several months are. those children that will miss out on because planned mosque campaigns have been rescheduled or or temporarily suspended why have they been temporarily suspended because we do not want our delivery of immunization. to contribute to the spread of corbett so we recommended a temporary suspension of these mosque campaigns in addition to campaigns routine delivery of immunization services are also being hampered so in addition to
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me those children are not getting vaccines for other diseases like diptheria protests polio and so on so you know this our statement gives a snapshot into a much bigger problem that. we have in immunization. fine for me who has a whole list of diseases that could reappear according to the vaccine alliance think please post here cholera open monday again says that after the current pandemic is over countries mustn't lose sight of other infections usually talk about the entire world we estimate that there are. approximately 20000000 children . that are either unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated so these $20000000.00 are unprotected to the end to the range of vaccine preventable diseases this is. called which context this figure is going to rise.
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considerably and we rise more and more the longer this disruption persists the planning needs to start now what we don't want is is. you know a country affected by call that 19 recovering from the called 900 bricks and then faced with an outbreak of vaccine preventable disease our advice to to parents is you know depending on what country you live in depending on what the. situation is you know follow the you know public health interactions you know provided by your ministries of health as soon as these restrictions are lifted. please keep a record of what. your child might have missed and please go out as soon as possible to your nearest city. to receive these vaccines.
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the united states is registered $2400.00 deaths from covert $9000.00 in just the past 24 hours it's the highest single day figure so far it brings the total loss of life that to more than $28000.00 nationwide according to official data at least $27.00 doctors and nurses have died from the virus the media reports quote much higher figures and some medics have taken to the streets there blaming the government for the severe shortage of protective equipment. what do you want to leave me. with now this particularly took place outside a hospital in new york which has been devastated by the pandemic the city's death toll now stands at 10000 that's 3 times more than china medics carried signs that demanded urgent action to get supplies of p.p. personal protective equipment where it's needed and emotions boiled over with nurses at a protest saying that they are risking their lives because of government incompetence
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some of us. just. have. what we need. so i just don't know why us then dammit if you do let us. work. i wonder. let's think about the fact that the mount sinai bosses right now are in their mansions in florida while they're nurses and dying because they can't get the proper v.p. and they just don't give a damn they don't care about all the lies the loaded the gun the played russian roulette with working people's lies within the consequence of the sun from the lack of protective equipment medics in the usa the health insurance system is putting people's lives at risk approached by a nurse a nice the to sweat viral on facebook there exists recalled the final words that he heard from a patient who'd been put onto
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a ventilator they were who's going to pay for it the nurse in question spoke with r.t. . it was really sad because someone who is you know potentially going to die i think the last thing issue be worried about is how to pay for their health care it speaks to a misallocation of fun you know we have almost endless discretionary spending for militarism . we recently just you know injected $1.00 trillion dollars into the stock market you know just that the years of that but when it comes to health care you know the constant question is who's going to pay for it which is the same question as the patient ironically but you know it just shows where the priorities are i don't know that it's necessary to have a multi-billion dollar annual military budget you know which with our legit department of defense where i think a real honest effort to defend would be with providing care for our citizens especially with the amount of people that just lost their insurance that's type of their employment as you know a lot of people just lost their jobs with this pandemic so the economic situation
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in new york is rapidly deteriorating an estimated half a 1000000 people have lost their livelihoods because of the pandemic some are even unable to just put food on the table to mr chavis reports from the city. today new york city mayor bill de blasio shifting focus to food insecurity during the coronavirus pandemic this crisis is now adding to that number of people who are food insecure every day because literally people run out of money every single day well over a 1000000 people in new york city where food and secure before kovan 1000 including one in every 5 children as unemployment grows many are going hungry we need to. keep our family eating. and we have to take a rest the mayor announcing a $170000000.00 initiative to fight hunger in the city $50000000.00 of which will go to building up an emergency food reserve for back up saying that since the pandemic more than 500000 people lost their livelihood when it comes to something
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like unemployment the effects get felt more deeply week after week it doesn't all happen to want to get actually gets tougher as we go along so. i think what's coming up is going to be even more of a challenge and that's why we're preparing right now to feed everyone this while the city's homeless population seeks refuge with no place to go as new york remains the epicenter of the outbreak with over 200000 cases and more than 10000 deaths the city announcing that they plan to move 6000 homeless people about a 3rd of shelter residents from shelters into hotels by april 20th the coalition for the homeless saying that the move does not come close to meeting the scale or urgency of the need this while new york governor andrew cuomo along with governors from several other eastern states are working to coordinate the reopening of the region and its economy while governments grapple with how to reopen people on the streets of new york have mixed feelings i know everyone in new york is so anxious
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to go back but we have to take things slow and. slow we take in more time we have to. go back to work in a safe environment and the death toll decreasing 600 to 800 people a day is still too high and has to come down way down before me to feel safe to get back on the train or do anything for while the curve continues to flatten in new york and neighboring new jersey the 2nd most impacted state cases continue to climb today the state has more than 68000 cases and nearly 3000 deaths governor phil murphy telling residents not to expect the lockdown rules to be lifted until june at the earliest reporting in new york trinity chavez are to. medical supply firms in the united states say matters are being made worse by tariffs on chinese products and their origin president trying to lift the restrictions at the moment as a story. as the us emerges as the global epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic donald
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trump is standing firm on his america 1st policies sticking to a trade war with china over urgent and essential medical supplies that are now running short everyone has been discussing the requirements for more vents but no one is discussing the need for patients when they are on the vents the sedatives and the 38th and paralytic agents demand and no supply partly due to a 25 percent tariff that's been imposed 'd and the trumpet ministration is not willing to completely lift it some of the goods produced in china are essential and cannot be replaced for example you've got chinese made fabric in bed sheets these sheets desperately needed because hospitals have dramatically increasing the number of beds available for the end spate it's in code 1000 patients some special medical equipment for anesthesia cannot be produced without built in ventilators that are made in china at this point the demand is 10 times what is available and the price
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of hand sanitizer has also gone up due to u.s. tariffs. at the end of the day the consumer ultimately is having to be price gouged and pay a king's ransom for something we desperately need to give them and they can't afford to live without so sadly the tariffs have continued to drive into the pockets of february american consumer all the companies that are pushing for the terrorists to be lifted saying that it's necessary to fight the pandemic and american lives are at stake the us trade secretary doesn't agree in imposing tariffs on goods from china as part of the section 3 a one action the united states determines north impose tariffs on certain critical products such as ventilators oxygen masks and nebulizers in addition over the past year the u.s. trade representative granted exclusions for a large number of health related products notably the imposition of tariffs on certain chinese imports has not resulted in an overall decline in the availability of needed medical equipment and supplies but experts say the terrorists have never
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really been fully lifted at this point $3300000000.00 worth of critical important health care products and only had the tariff reduced by 7.5 percent it seems that donald trump's obsessive opposition to china as well as his idea of wanting to appear is that deal maker could be putting american lives at risk it would mop and archie new york we heard from financial analyst benjamin chowed who believes that the u.s. needs to save lives rather than engage in trade wars and also from professor of politics joseph mahoney who thinks that donald trump's in no position to relax pressure on china. there's been a lot of debate about whether or not we're seeing the emergence of a new world order and whether or not china is winning in this so i think that what we're going to see is is you know not a relaxing but a doubling down and a commitment to this strategy of trying to limit and contain china that trump
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initiated once he took office finally i don't think trump is concerned very much about whether or not we're going to have supplies from china i think his whole strategy at this point depends on trying to contain things until we get to the warmer months and hope for a vaccine is a silver bullet in your own greening tree warnock's a lot of 3 missing u.s. economy have already expressed a view that even either the economy is to 1st priority continuing their piracies to cursed has to do because economic value can only be created by people like us the 2nd quarter of this year is widely expected to contract 36 percent and then any rights basis and people are really losing their jobs for them it is a clear example of that the world wants join hands to quite your barriers it recurs country in fighting to drive is we determine the time picturing otherwise to virus
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free travel bag to other countries and trade war he's exactly against global stationing trade very tripe for the rose economic growth. france has extended its nationwide and small business owners are saying that millions of people could be left job story after this break. the world is driven by dreamers shaped by throwing personal those words.
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in the dares thinks. we dare to ask. anyone else seemed wrong. just don't all. get to shape our. engagement. trail. one song find themselves worlds apart. she still looks for common ground. welcome back france has recorded its worst single day death toll from covert 19
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more than 1400 fatalities were announced on wednesday bringing the nation's total 217000 according to the health minister the spike in numbers is due to a delay in reporting following the 3 day easter weekend the while the nationwide shutdown sticking a severe toll on the economy the show explains. this week president korn told fronts that the lockdown would and on may 11th while that means citizens will apparently be able to leave their homes and some businesses will we start that's not the case. you are some lonely people however public places restaurants cafes and hotels cinemas and museums will remain closed at this stage with no end date for when they can reopen some restaurants and cafes are starting to stress this is. pretty proud of. it through
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all the challenges that. arisen over the years with. strikes on the make sure. and so we can always go in confidently here. what is happening now really has. to or we actually do anything small businesses cafe such as this the palette in and restaurants are seen as being the life blood of the national economy in france and that is particularly true here in paris when they were shut down as being no one essential business is back in march some claim that that would herald an economic catastrophe and those warnings are serving true. figure in france is $945.00 was minus 2.2 percent in 2009 after the financial crisis of 2008 we will probably be very
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thought beyond minus 2.2 percent this year the government has announced packages worth tens of billions of euros to help save jobs and prop up the economy but poor baron again says though this is aided his employees own this like himself have been left in a tight jam. there's been no is that how as owners we're not salaried per se with both companies so at this stage there has been no help for us this is the 1st time in my life that there is that strange case of how i'm going to pay my mortgage how am i going to you know on the table and so i guess the stress of that is real they are a business owner and i look at it. months probably before we're kind of in trouble business is feeling the pressure can apply for loans but paul says the interest
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free period is only a year and he doesn't think taking on debt with so much uncertainty is prudent they can give as many loans to the cows come home. but it is but we don't want to do is get into too much debt because then i have this idea that very hard to get out of it i think what would help us is that instead of just freezing social security just saying hey look you don't have to pay. his debt and that's probably one of our biggest expenses this is curious if they came out and said look see at the basis of security at all then that would give us the kind of hope that one sweet get back we don't have coming off. each month when cafes and restaurants reopen they may also have to contend with full tourists that will certainly hit hard here in paris now added to that concern is that even locals may be feeling the pinch from the recession and less likely to part with a catch so perhaps treat such as
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a specialty coffee or eating out may be off the menu putting even further strain on small businesses such as these poll describes himself as being an entrepreneur and he told me that with the right help his business will pull through even if that means adapting and changing how they operate but that to happen it needs to start with one key ingredient clarity from the government so they can say that they are open for business charlotte even ski auti paris. well pubs in the united kingdom of facing a similar crisis they've been shut from some months now and one landlord in norwich posted this video coming up showing a rather sad sight was . was. the site is of kegs of beer being tipped
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down the drain according to some estimates 50000000 pints will go to waste if the lockdown continues throughout the summer we heard from the man in the video philip cutter who explained why he had to dump his supplies. the problem is that we had beer. that was open and. he would just go dance it bare in our cellars so we had to bore it down the drain just to be able to dispose of it in that short period time that was 5050 gallons or so being the rest of that big and ourselves we look at it almost a 1000 gallons of oxy replicate across the country just that you could into the war system in the short term we can certainly look at. our bills and people will flow through probably about 6 mums but we've been well established a fair number of years i worked it since the age of 15 and that was 33 years ago. that there have been trading for as long as well established quite
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a good cash flow so they are out there and really really struggle with british pubs and key tourist sites closed normally busy sites are now looking deserted and the chairman of the campaign for real ale nick antonov believes that many businesses won't make it through the crisis. well when we get through this crisis start to see . the pubs opening but not all of them are probably going to reopen initially so we could see if any else of the pubs available in an area 'd we could see come of some of the baker independent pubs not reopening because it's just not financially dawdle for them anymore we could see some of the big pop code shuts in because again licensees just can't make the business. because of the you know the hates they've still got the day they the crew. their shop and then some of the relief
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that the government it's giving to 2 businesses in this country doesn't apply to all of the pubs specially those big ups in more expensive parts who have got rights but use they don't call it they don't qualify for some of the great relief and business rates relief that the government has given to small businesses so i only expect. some of our pubs not so reopened. here in russia more than 3000 new cases of covert 9000 been registered over the past day bringing the total to nearly 28232 people are known to have died from the virus so new measures were brought into force this week as well in moscow anyone with a valid reason for leaving their home needs to carry a digital pass while there's a large scale research effort going on nationwide to find potential treatments for covert 19 we heard from 2 specialists. the wages of all of them to give them any antigenic substances for a molecules are identified by the immune system to be removed by antibodies so when
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an antigen gets into the body sooner or later it will lead to the creation of antibodies and that's the basis of vaccination the use of a vaccine requires an active immunity which can respond to a low strength microorganisms injected into the body so that antibodies can develop the same process goes on in the body of an infected person so when we use the plasma of a recovered person we're creating a kind of serum that contains a large number of already developed antibodies it's passive immunotherapy which is then expected to remove the virus at the moment it's the only 18 logical treatment for the infection and it's difficult to say how many people it could save it's also a question of recruiting donors production the correct implementation there are still many open questions because there's not enough experience of that method in use. sometimes antibodies from one person can cause serious complications because as you understand blood plasma can say not only
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covered 19 antibodies but also antibodies to a large number of other superficial antigens also one person's antibodies could cause a kind of an auto immune side effect that's why a plasma transfusion will be used only for the seriously ill when it can possibly help rather than harm. so they're staying with us here on r.t. we are keeping right up to date on the coronavirus pandemic of our web site r.t. dot com various social media channels and of course a live broadcast from studios here in moscow as well as london and washington stay informed stay with arctic.
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thinking of getting a new gun the ones we got in our shoes no problem was he didn't know until he was trapped in this tiny little wired coach we don't need a crate with him he will just start freaking out and she will want to spray him anywhere near. breeding dogs or caged in the in human conditions on puppy farm i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in a cage outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you know the cold air the rain the snow the funder nothing they have no protection. to get what you. can get through kids. across the u.s. cruel puppy mills are supported by dog shows on pet stores most of the puppies that are coming from these large scale factory farming kind of operations are being sold in stores even joined a good businesses are involved like cargill among santa there has been a shocking amount of organized opposition to adverts to increase the standards of
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care for dogs bred in commercial breeding for so many most of that opposition is coming from huge agricultural groups and industries that have nothing to do with jobs don't buy dog. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is often spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. greetings and salutations with the crazed and cowardly unabomber that really was
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and now in custody in the political and news media hawks back to their usual tough talk and pass the buck blame games where does that leave the rest of us talk watchers well for starters that leaves us to pick up the pieces and try to sort out all of the crazy of this last week and we know and as we know this week gave us some very serious crazy and now the question is what drives all this crazy we are currently witnessing the word cult as many definitions and can conjure up many different images for many different people the simplest definition of a cult is a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object but cult can also be defined as a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing this is considered the cult of personality that we give to our leaders our movie stars who are rock gods we worship their voices and
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their ideas every time we purchase one of their songs by a tickets to their movies or vote for them in our elections over the next few days and weeks pundits and talking heads will make grand statements and accusations about the bomber suspect regarding his motives and reasonings and while many will blame donald trump and whatever else our cowardly bomber reid tweeted or posted about in his social media be if you will take a step back and ask the bigger question. aren't we all just a bunch of cult members at the end of the day whether through religion politics or pop culture is not joining a political party nothing more than pledging your allegiance to its leaders to follow and do what they condition you to believe is the name of the game or guard list of the leaders last name is clinton schumer sanders mcconnell paul or even donald trump are we really as independent minded as we like to believe we are or are we really all of us just.


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