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german government to gradually lift the nation wide lockdown saying the covert 19 outbreak is under control e.g. shelters see a surge in infections also this hour. the largest state sponsor and this is the 3rd or 4th pandemic that came out of china u.s. politicians continue to blame china with one republican senator there saying washington should respond with sanctions. on thousands of orthodox churches around the world stand them 2 years believers stay at home for easter she is holy fire ceremony in jerusalem will be taking place without a congregation. there
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great to have you with us here with your global news updates this is art. we will start with the latest figures on the coded 19 pandemic the number of confirmed cases now globally has passed 2200000 more than 154000 people with the virus have lost their lives most of those fatalities came from europe and the u.s. so far 575000 patients have recovered from the disease. the current virus outbreak in germany appears to be under control after a month long lockdown that's according to the country's health minister germany has a far lower death rate than other major european countries and restrictions on movement being partially lifted and some shops were opening as early as next week however a government spokesman has
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a caution. there are no guarantees that the infection curve will keep flattening out there are also risks and when we take these small careful steps into opening up we must keep an eye on the infection curve and what it means for our health system and our hospitals. as in many countries germany shut down has devastated the hospitality sector and restaurant workers set out and tables and chairs on the central square to highlight the crisis that they're dealing with and in munich people hold a safe distance demonstration calling the lockdown disproportionate or most of the population is staying safe refugees in shelters are at much higher risk is it a all over explains. as germany gets set to ease coronavirus restrictions not everywhere in the country has been successful in stopping the spread of the virus some refugee centers have almost half of the 600 residents tested positive this week due for mood and isolation we suspect that maybe people with coby 19 have been
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in the facility for a long time and that they've shown no symptoms of the disease and that they could have passed on the virus the facility in but involved in bird houses people from nigeria iraq syria and turkey who are waiting to have their asylum applications process the action taken by authorities to this localized outbreak is causing concern they are seeing these people as a kind of threat and danger it seems to be an acceptable strategy to pack the police outside and make sure nobody comes in and nobody comes out another center not far from frankfurt there's a similar picture with around 60 residents testing positive out of 170 in the far northeast of the country the refugee council of mecklenburg west pomerania has voiced some serious concerns about an asylum application center on their patch we've been bad required minimum distance of 1.5 to 2 meters cannot be maintained
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this is added and anyone who recklessly last people leave in a massacre mandation in this situation there have authorities in the region which just so happens to be represented in the book the start by chancellor angela merkel have been quick to rubbish criticism of the way coronavirus is being tackled among asylum applicants in coordination with the health authorities every effort is being made to prevent the spread of infection within the country's primary care facilities and in community commendation in the current emergency situation infection control for staff asylum seekers and the population is a priority that comes as berlin is. quite rightly being praised for having tackled coronavirus nationally in a robust and fact based way on friday health minister yen spawn described the situation in germany as under control. we have moments to bring the dynamic growth
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back to linear growth the inversion numbers have decreased significantly is because she was relatively increases from day to day the arc break has now become manageable and controllable again ultimately what these localized outbreaks in asylum said to show is that if you drop your guard for just a moment when it comes to fighting or trying to stop the spread of this virus then it will be exploited peter all of our r.t. berlin. president term for said that he expects between 60 and 65000 americans to die from covert 19 down from his earlier estimate of 100000 the president claims that the country's infection rate has pigged he's unveiled plans to gradually ease the lock down artist mr chavez has more. white house pushing to get the economy moving again our approach outlines 3 phases in restoring our economic life and we are not opening all 'd at once but one careful step at
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a time issuing new guidelines to get the country up and running the 1st phase officials must see a 2 week decline in the number of people with covert symptoms and the percentage of people testing positive for the virus must also decrease than face to allowing all non-essential travel school activities and elective surgeries to continue some states will be able to open up sooner than others. but hard hit new york and new jersey have to wait state continues to see an increase in covert cases new york governor andrew cuomo extending stay at home orders he calls new york pause until may 15th but it could be longer what is the final conclusion of this our great chapter i still believe it when we have a vaccine with more than 226000 infections and more than 16000 deaths a new york is still seeing around 2000 new cases a day city remaining the epicenter of the outbreak officials working to open
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testing sites in the city's poorest and hardest hit communities so we're talking about folks in some of the lowest income communities in the city people in communities of color that have borne the brunt of this crisis immigrant communities while governor cuomo is issuing an executive order directing all public and private labs in new york to coordinate with the department of health to ensure prioritizing of diagnostic testing he says that's still not enough to test the millions of people needed to reopen new york's economy we don't have a testing system that can do this or there can be ramped up to do this von. we don't have a public health care system by the way it's de minimis if you look at what our government departments of health have we need a clean. need approach between the federal government and the states right now the main testing lab for the state can perform about 300 antibody tests per day while officials believe they can grow that number to 2000 test
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a day in the coming weeks with nearly 20000000 residents in new york the governor says the state needs all the help they can get from the federal government. while u.s. politicians continue to blame china for the pandemic when republican senator lindsey graham suggested washington should punish beijing with sanctions as the largest state sponsor of pandemics this is the 3rd or 4th pandemic that came out of china what should we do to the largest state sponsor of pandemics on the globe which is saying china since the turn the virus appeared in december numerous conspiracy theories have flooded the internet and idea that the virus was created in a bio weapons lab and has gained widespread coverage in the u.s. media on donald trump is a ministration a bit more than willing to fuel the speculation. that a lot of people are looking seems to make sense they talk about a certain kind of bet but that was it in that area if you can believe this it's worth it then to know is vats but that is not in that area that was in seoul that
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went zone it wasn't sold there that bat is 40 miles away so a lot of strange things are happening but there is a lot of investigation going on and we're going to find out if we know they have this lab we know about the wet markets we know that the virus itself did originate in a way so all those things come together are still a lot we don't know. remember the white house coronavirus task force is defund the theory of the virus being created in the lab and if she is a leading expert on infectious diseases said the pattern of mutations shows the virus jump directly from an animal to human safety while china reserves the u.s. to stop making claims with no scientific basis. repeatedly stated that there isn't any evidence that new coronavirus was produced 3 many well known medical experts in the world also believe the so-called liberal talk to sis has no scientific basis they produce foreign secretary has echoed the
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anti china rhetoric coming from washington dominic rob said that there can be no business as usual with beijing after the crisis isn't that hard questions need to be asked about how the outbreak began in the stand eleazar believes that the blame game being led by donald trump is merely a way of deflecting responsibility clearly what we're seeing here are the charges that are political in nature i mean trump has mishandled this whole crisis. america has got maybe a few cases having more cases than any other country in the world in a matter of 2 months and trump has been contradictory half hearted ineffectual saying one thing one moment and another thing another moment so this crisis began so clearly trying to strike out and they distract attention from his own there's more record and by attacking china that's just plain as the evidence so far as it's
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against the allegations that they're really fighting an uphill battle they have nothing to go on its religious based on pure anti chinese. russia has registered more than 4700 corona virus cases in just the past 24 hours is the highest single day increase to date and the death toll currently stands at 313 here in moscow restrictions on movement are being steadily tightened as get an update on the now we go to r.t. correspondent saskia taylor she's in sort of isolation at home saskia the numbers getting worse it seems every day what are the latest measures introduced in the russian capital. well we know that on the 15th of april new measures were introduced in moscow essentially a pasta system was brought in which severely restricted people's movement within the capital that meant that you need to the public to go into and from what even chaplin a taxi really the only thing you don't need
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a permit for currently is to go food shopping to walk your dog or to try out the rubbish now the moscow mayor announced on saturday morning that these measures will be extended until last may he recognizes this is not particularly fun for everyone obviously consult isolation is taking both a financial and a psychological toll on many people but that it is necessary as virus continues to spread and that it is so far bringing results so on that point he actually noted that while the numbers in russia continue to grow actually not rising exponentially he actually compared moscow to new york because that's a lot of cities of similar population and he said that frankly so far we're not seeing the scenario that we've got in america so the legislators show that there are a total of just below 37000 confirmed coke $99.00 cases in russia around $4700.00 in the last 24 hours and currently the death toll stands at $300.00 and that even
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now said gates of the un and that's the moscow imagine also did admit that the imposing not the process didn't have not been without its sticking issues teething issues he said that the site where you register people permits that crashed because of a lot of people suddenly wanted to pipe to them they had to repair that and i fortunately it also led to a build up of queues and i'm actually stations as people have the permits checked on their way into work let's take a look at some images of up. there with one of the go. down yet. now the main issue was the fact that time was needed by authorities to check each and every so that is why the moscow man has announced that from next wednesday the 22nd of april everything will be done electronically so here in
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moscow there's a card called the troika i did try to find mine but i suppose it's testament to the fact that i've been good i can inquire into it i couldn't find it and that is what you need in order to travel on the map show from now on you will need to link your permit to travel to your choice card which means that your put it down and if you haven't looked at you haven't applied for the right past then the subpoena barriers were open and he won't be able to go anywhere that's always going to considerably streamline the process and stop the build up of people now we also saw a build up of cars especially in the past 24 hours after that passes came in to us that we had stories of people having to wait for up to 2 hours as authorities and very diligently checked through all the paperwork this will also be made much more efficient now as there are going to be cameras which will be checking which parts of the white comments and which don't and finally in addition to these changes to the past a stamp a few more messages will be introduced as going to be
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a new coming out to volunteers who have signed up in recent days to try to help any way that they can with the fight against the pandemic and also recommended that everyone even those who are considered essential workers that is military and medical personnel johns like myself who previously didn't need passes they said you know what just to be on safe side you got one as well and just as a breath well i know quite a program has also been extended that will secure 3 medications for everyone who is treating really themselves for coronavirus at home we know that some people suffer quite mild symptoms as there is no need to go to hospital far to say that you can very safely treat yourself at home so now in order to ease the burden on hospitals and of course ensure that every. gets the right medication there will be to live it free medicines so the capital is very proactive in dealing with this case it's looking at the past us where it can be better to how of course to make life easier
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but if we have sort of the people themselves who are trying to adapt to this new reality and hopefully that's all going to lead to this quarantine period coming to an end much whilst. the very latest information on what's happening here in the russian capital appreciating. moving on now millions of orthodox christians around the world are having to celebrate easter in the confines of their homes the holy fire ceremony in jerusalem is one of the main events in the calendar taking place the day before easter sunday but this year will be happening even without a congregation fall asleep reports. the holy fire has always been a symbol of hope hope that the end of the world has not yet come but this easter the most significant religious holiday for some 300000000 people things are different this easter is different we will not go to our villages we will not barbecue in our yards we will not go to our churches and of course we will not gather in the homes of relatives and friends for us to continue being together this
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year we stay apart there are no could find a procession is no hugs and kisses no joyous celebrations that christ has risen instead this year many worried that the miracle of the holy fire would not happen this is the main church where the miracle takes place but it is closed as part of a nationwide lockdown on saturday for a short time there will be a handful of priests who will conduct a ceremony but there will be no large crowds of worshippers no crowds of poll grimm's it's all part of the government's attempt to push back on the coronavirus and as a result is banned all mess gatherings something that has the country's ultra orthodox jewish community up in arms. i was right there when that was. done. all across the world churches urge people to pray and stay at home some churches
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even live stream through social media other christian communities celebrated easter 7 days ago with pope francis praying alone in st peter's square many christian churches urge programs to spend this holy day at home. we have used facebook and zoom to transmit our services and have seen a marked increase in attendance we have seen more than triple the number of people attending church virtually compared to physical attendance else slogan is stay at home and the church will come to you and the fervent prayer is that the miracle of the holy fire will happen this year even though the circumstances are unprecedented portsea r.t. to. bring you live pictures now from the church of the holy sepulcher in jerusalem priests have gathered for the lighting of the holy fire at the tomb of christ traditionally thousands of pilgrims gather there to light candles from the flame that will not be happening this year but the holy fire will later be flown to orthodox christian nations including greece and russia.
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the u.n. is warning that economic hardship caused by nation wide shut downs could cost more lives than the coronavirus itself will explain all this.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. come back economists are making dire predictions for the long term impact of the coronavirus pandemic with most saying that the crisis will be far worse than was
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seen back in 2008 according to the international monetary fund the united states will suffer its worst recession since the great depression the china's economy the impact has already been severe. we can see there's a sudden attack you could be 19 has indeed had a pretty big impact on the economic performance of our country in the 1st quarter major economic indicators clearly declined as we must also see that in march there is indicators showed signs of a rebound in the decline has been reduced the oxford economics research firm is predicting a global recession in the 1st half or 2020 twice as bad as the last financial crisis of 2008 they're saying that china will suffer a 12 percent slump and output followed by a significant pick up financial company at each other bow believes that the impact will be long lasting. most of the economies around the world will have recovered from initial shock but people have to understand. their economy before it's not
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going to be the same and after there's going to be a permanent loss and destruction of their economic productivity. because people they should be doing nothing for 2 or 3 months economically it's going to take years you or i think this is a global problem pretty much everyone's got the same issue but if you remember what happened before we came into this crisis we already had large levels of debt in the world and. this is are as a direct result and in my opinion on the back of the years of austerity never really got over 3 dimensional crisis in 2008 so this is a really good opportunity to try and make our entire system a lock and so i think it will get the people. harvested and pretty much every country we're going to have to again increase the debt settlement debts and future generations are going to have to pay. the head of the un's world food programme has warned that the economic shock of the covert 90 pandemic could in some countries be
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far deadlier than the virus itself he says at least 30000000 people are at risk of dying of starvation is critical funding is cut one quarter as well. as the world's battle with the coronavirus rages on one has to wonder what will happen when the smoke clears tens of millions of people are already dependent on the un's world food program for meals if that were to lose funding all of those people would be threatened with starvation if we lost our funding a minimum of $30000000.00 would die over a 3 month period that would be 300000 people dying per day that's why leaders have got to balance out the response with keeping the economy going because otherwise a lot more people will die from starvation and economic deterioration than from cove it itself even before the pandemic the world had us. serious food crisis on its hands the world economic forum says that over 820000000 people were going to bed hungry now many organizations are indicating that the situation can get much
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much worse we fully agree with the 1st one to be both of the measures that they think in place of police report but we also believe that will gum pulled their food chain. to be able to have food out by low for consumers to move the potential risk over on the north and of course it's a crisis of the international markets under the lockdown the very supply chains of transnational corporations are breaking apart food can't be processed delivered or received between countries within countries everywhere for the developing world that means famine could be just around the corner especially now that humanitarian relief is also being obstructed by the lockdowns widespread poverty a reliance on imported food and rising prices are all a recipe for disaster according to the united nations for the millions living in lockdown countries that fit that criteria food is running out across africa clashes
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between hungry people in the police are already taking place was. the many governments of the developing world are struggling with a terrible dilemma see their people die from the coronavirus or see them die from starvation while in the developed world of the main die lemma is containing the corona virus through look downs and then dealing with the economic impact in the developing world apart from containing the virus and dealing with the economic crisis the biggest worry now is people dying of hunger that doesn't mean the journey from farm to plate isn't obstructed in the developed world in the united states dairy farms are dumping fountains of gallons of milk a day because they can't be sold at the same time. retailers are fearing a shortage of milk and they're limiting the amount that consumers can buy as for fruits and vegetables $5000000000.00 worth had been wasted for the same reason one
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of america's largest pork processing plants has even been closed because of the virus the closure of this facility combined with a growing list of all the protein plants that have shifted across our industry is pushing our country perilously close to the edge in terms of all meat supply and it is impossible to keep all grocery stores stalked if not running the chaos of the free market is rearing its ugly head in more ways than just one week by week millions more are flocking to unemployment lines and food banks the early indicators of a global food crisis are there before our very eyes we should ask ourselves how much farther can the global food supply chain bend before it breaks a senior economist at the un's food and agriculture organization told us that the crisis needs a concerted international response. than people who stay home and work or stay home does obviously create disruptions to value chain for food no food gets harvested
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then it has to be processed so it has to be put on the shelves obviously there may be disruption in this in this line because of the lockdown and because of the fact that people are literally seasonal workers cannot probably move around from one place to another so that is want as a problem and the other sort of problem is that lot of people especially poor people if they don't go to work they don't have an ng don't have the money they cannot buy the pool we're talking about also countries where man nutrition already is huge government would need to have you know finances of safety net to be able to reach these people and to make sure that they have the minimal food that is really needed the problem is these countries cannot afford it so they need help they need support and the help has to come from the richer countries if the richer countries today are very much engaged of course for their own people the message from the f.a. always do not forget the poor once you cause it's
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a problem is not resolved globally you will come back and haunt everybody against. other world news residents of $100.00 neighborhood to found a new way of communicating at the same time each evening they step out onto the balcony some way mopsa to each other 2 friends came up with the idea because they had done the same straight but were unable to leave their homes and it's an idea that swiftly caught on plane is lost $20000.00 lives because of the coronavirus making it the worst hit country in europe. where a hospital in jakarta has 2 medical robots assisting frontline health workers each of those robots can deliver medicine to patients rooms allowing doctors and nurses to keep a safe distance in asia has more than 5000 confirmed cases of covered 19 with almost $500.00. precious thing with us here nancy as we keep to date with the coronavirus planned. a website on all the different social media channels on broadcast studios here in moscow of course as well as london and washington d.c.
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