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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  May 4, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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because i think you. greetings and salutations welcome back 6 my hawk watching friends as we begin a new week in the age of 19 here in the united states of america recent days have brought us say a tale of 2 protests one featured americans from all walks of life joining together to take on a corrupt system of oppression that is robbing people of their livelihoods and liberty in a time of crisis the other featured lots and lots of predominantly white people and very well armed americans throwing temper tantrums over not being able to go to the
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store. i bet i bet you cannot guess which one of these 2 protests are brand name in chief the want to know only president donald trump himself indorsed well if you guessed the largest rent strike in nearly a century well thank you for playing but you can go home the son of a landlord is never ever ever ever ever going to get behind a rent strike no no no president trump took to twitter to throw his support to the armed lemming hordes protesting in front of the state capitals across the land tweeting the governor of michigan should give the little one and put out the fire these are these are very good people but they are angry they want their lives back again safely see them talk to them make deals with this from the man who an unarmed n.f.l. players simply took a need during the match and land them to protest the killing of their black brothers and sisters by police officers proudly exclaimed the following. when you
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love to see one of these n.f.l. owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a bitch off the field right now out of the sky. i guess that logic means that heavily armed protests over being asked to stay at home for a few months during a pandemic is a far greater loss of liberty and far more noble a cause than you know protesting the loss of liberty that comes from getting shot to death by a cop. yes my friends a tale of 2 protests is where we begin our show today one focused on forcing the government to help those who are being economically savaged by rent and mortgage prices the other just simply partisan rage brought on by selfishness codify by white privilege and justified by trumped up years and it's that these crossroads that we will start watching the hawks. and. city
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streets. that are so let's see the crisis joyce state. rolls royce graves see this least systemic deception is complete show which. some real. world government are watching. and i'm. so boy oh boy we do have 2 different mass protests happening across the land right now one is for getting rid of rent or mortgage payments right now the other is for. i don't know not being able to go to the store. these protests couldn't be more separate the groups couldn't have more divergent views and ideas of what democracy moving forward actually means and one who couldn't be more to own death so you have this group that it makes perfect sense that they are arguing for reasons that they are arguing for you know phrases on mortgage payments
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and things like that because we're in the middle of a pandemic hundreds of thousands of jobs have already been lost and many more to be lost by june what else are these individuals going to do and it's also something that congress has looked at as well and as you stated we have a o c doing a lot of work in leading forward and you know pushing some some some bills and trying to get attention around this she's been doing it for years at this point but now you know with the pandemic it's something that is in the national spear and then we have these white men majority in here and confederate flags mixing that with american flags in full all militia gear carrying weapons pushing spitting on acting full on clowns of police officers in the basically a push to show that now they want to get their haircuts now they want to go to grocery stores and not wear a mask now they want to go to beaches somehow they feel their liberty is being taken away because of social distancing here's the thing no one's ordered martial law and until there is an order of martial law where you actually have. soldiers
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and police out on the streets telling you ordering you not to leave your home you will be arrested or shot on sight if you do when that day comes that i understand you know but until then the state homeowners are not law they're not you know they can't penalize you they can't give you fines if you leave your house at the end of the day this shows a gross misunderstanding of the constitution your simple almost also american history in general and the fact that civic this and taught in our classrooms anymore because the fact that these individuals are running around saying that this is against their liberty that social distancing is something that is causing them to lose one of their fundamental rights that's a problem you know it is it is a major problem and i think that we have to not only educate is understand we're coming from they're coming from a place of fear they're getting juiced up by their leaders saying oh they're taking away your rights they're taking away your liberty i understand that there's a fear everyone no one wants to see their liberty taken away but where were these people when you saw like you know hundreds of thousands you know when you saw these
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hundreds of immigrants getting rounded up and thrown into ice detention centers getting their freedom and liberty taken away you can't just be selective if you're going to fight for people's freedom and liberty you've got to do it across the board you can't just wait for it to come and knock on your doorstep but you mentioned about the strikes brought up a great point about these red states she said quote people are striking because they don't feel like paying rent they're striking because they can't pay rent that's the difference these people can do something they're saying i can't pay rent you cannot charge me for this so i'm just not going to pay absolutely and that's a very important distinction to make because individuals aren't just sitting on a pot of cash and deciding you know what i'm going to buy these shoes today enough that's not what's happening here these are individuals who otherwise would have been able to pay it we are very clear that a pandemic has caused major upheaval in personal finance in the global economy and a lot of the industry and infrastructure that america is built on it only makes sense to be able to allow these individuals
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a respite of time. be able to recoup and get back on their feet and represent real on all more of minnesota actually introduced legislation that would cancel all rent and home mortgages payments for the duration of the covert 19 crisis or legislation according to a website says quote the virus catastrophic the red mortgage cancellation would constitute a full payment forgiveness with no accumulation of debt for renters the homeowners and no negative impact on their credit rating or rental history so years of thing i want to see these people who are out protesting right now protest the right things don't protest the stay at home orders protest the fact that your government didn't have anything in place to protect you during these hard times that's what you should be protesting not storming the capitol with guns which by the way if there was any other group of white people they'd been shot dead before they even got to capitol grounds that big came up dressed like that coat guns absolutely i mean we i know as an african-american person that any type of any type of weaponry or even a cell phone card whatever it is that you might have been your hands equals you
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done you don't have to have any type of weaponry so this is really really shocking and upsetting at the same time that. the coronavirus this catastrophic consequences to the global economy people's livelihoods and wellbeing are well documented the bias is changing everything about how we function some of these changes are to protect us from the spread of covert 19 other changes are self-imposed particularly to wade through economic trouble it's predicted that american women will see another dip in childbirth due to more women delaying parenthood that's typically what happens after a major economic downturn the us saw this in 2008 as the housing market crashed due to employment uncertainty and the living wage opportunities childbirth continues to decrease but being able to control when and if you become a mother is a luxury the coronavirus is having a devastating impact on women globally according to the united nations population fund with many health centers closed or not the operation due to the pandemic women
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like access to family planning on playing pregnancies are result. if the lockdown continues well into the fall up to 7000000 unplanned pregnancies are expected 7000000 this only pushes those and underdeveloped countries further into deep despair it's no picnic for those in the developed world either as subsidized housing and food shortages continue to grow and unplanned pregnancy during the height of a pandemic when millions of jobs are washed away in a matter of weeks is no cause for celebration access to family planning is not only a human right but keep independence for many women across the globe are women and girls of reproductive age thanks to crisis and structural inequality already add an intimate pregnancy to the mix and economic insecurity skyrockets it's only exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic women's reproductive health is too serious to ignore. most certainly is and that's
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a staggering number 7000000 potential employment program says during this crisis yet and it's attributed to a few things 1st of all if we're talking about a lot of the a lot of our global nations part of this is the surge in a lot of child weddings we're seeing a lot of forced marriages among young people during this pandemic we're also seeing a lot of abuse women during this pandemic and we are seeing more and more women not have access to these preventative measures because a lot of the clinics are close so they can't get access to birth control because a lot of the clinics have lost or were losing funding even before the pandemic happened the access to birth control has been limited as well truly just it's frightening to think about that because it's you know we want people to be safe from this from this disease but at the same time we also all people being put into making their situations even more dangerous or more desperate either so you know what you know is there are things that we can do that people should be doing to head this off absolutely there are there are several sites right now that are up
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and running that are supposed to be able to help women to locate areas where they can go for preventative care. or care to make sure that they have access to 2 different 2 different modes of being able to protect themselves from plain pregnancies but it depends on where you live one of the issues that we have is that those places aren't necessarily as a bailable not even in america much less countries that are lesser developed been ours they're not available everywhere or equally to everyone it's messed up too because you mentioned the issue of seeing this wild child marriages too which to me just is like one of the most disgusting things i ever see children you should be getting children married that's where the worst practice is that you've nothing justifies that to be we continue to fight you know in terms of women's movements women's empowerment trying to eradicate some of these very disastrous things that happen to young women and girls over time the child marriage issue isn't something that is going away it's largely not as much in the headlines today as it was 10 years ago but it's something that continues to go on across the globe particularly
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in areas where there is a lot of strife where there are wars where there is where there are shortages of food when you see it tend to uptick in those times it is and that's exactly what are we dealing with now but massive strife across the globe is everyone's deal with this thing and you know we have to remember that like that's part of the response i mean on the male side of it part of our responsibility is to help people far and equality and people who are our sisters and our wives and our mothers and people like that be you know thrown under the bus for lack of a better term during a time of national emergency these are those moments that my side of the gender also has to step up and say hey you know what if you know that this person is abusive do something about it if you can help this person just bring over some prophylactics do something i mean it's that stupid but that simple you know absolutely anything that it has to also be recognized that one of the main reasons why women have been able to progress in education in the workforce in becoming you
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know expanding their families is because they've been able to plan those families many young women did not have the opportunity to go to call. or to even get through high school because of early an unplanned pregnancies one of the reasons why america is light years ahead in many cases in terms of women's prowess in what they're doing and the graduation numbers of the women in the workforce is soley driven by the fact that a lot of women have had access to birth control in nations where that is not the case women are typically a lot further behind. and because the woman's right to choose a powerful powerful i think beautiful thing i'm fully support of a woman's right to choose because ultimately it is she is the one who has to be saddled with the gift and burden for 9 months and then taking care of that child afterwards you know and to me it's like we have to be supportive of that and we have to also be as a as a country as a society say hey what kind of burden does this provide and how can we best help this person and keep them from having to make a terrible choice in the 1st place absolutely right now we have
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a half the global population of children living in endemic poverty many of them don't have running water they don't have access to they don't have access to food they don't have electricity we're talking about young people who are born into one it's a families born with parents who have absolutely nothing and in many cases women would not have made that choice if they had other options if they were able to plan their pregnancies that's what makes this so important and at the end of the years that is the ability to have that option in the empower choices empowering right i mean that's the basic rule of the end of the day is that we've you have a choice you are empowered whether it's choice about the future of making a family or a choice about what job you want to get or whatever you want to get the choices where power comes from and at the end of the day choice is what everyone wants and choice is what everyone needs to be able to get to a move that is safe for them most definitely are and as we go to break remember that you can also start watching the hawks on the mandriva brand new portable t.v. which is one smartphones to play on the apple app store by searching portable t.v. or stream us to your t.v. by downloading the portable t.v.'s on apple t.v.
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or online a portable t v coming up we talk to the future of 3rd party politics or. the united states let time a covert 19 within the kind of political guru vic brenna stay tuned to watch in the us. you cannot be both with the yeah you like. i'm chris hedges the corporate coup d'etat has destroyed our democratic
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institutions the commercial media has been less part of the reality show presidents expose the trivia lots of seats on contact question more. seen the horrors that arise with money and evil. corporate criminals who trash calculus lives to add just one more dollar to their millions. they threaten they bribe they'll do anything to keep their crimes in the door when the people they've heard are demanding justice their stories need to be told on america's lawyer. dear you are thank you for finally changing your understand you're tired of networks that are new with you. higher. 'd than today and that. they are not no matter what part of the night. you know me 'd i'm famous for my
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views. and the name. yours truly scottie 'd nell hughes. i'm holland cook i invite you to climb with me both of the mainstream media buyers and from that higher fan teach to glimpse the big picture question more. with all of the pandemic news many americans have put the 2020 presidential election and down ballot races on the back burner after all candidates can't have rallies the big ticket fundraisers are all but gone and campaigning is essentially all online it's definitely a new normal for traditional candidates political operatives and voters but with
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frustration and a growing divide among the electorate there might be quakes in the system partisan imbibing has angered voters specifically as a relates to coronavirus relief and plans to get the economy back up and running but that's finally be the time 3rd party candidates breakthrough possibly but not without major odds in 2016 the libertarian party was on the general election ballot in all 50 states just 4 years later the party is on the ballot in just 35 states the green party made the ballot in 44 states in 2016 but only qualify for 22 states this november the conundrum lies in ballot access to get on the ballot came to its need to collect as a bit petition signatures in a normal election year this would be easy peasy and 3rd party candidates would already be on the road to getting it done but with colbert 19 in state who orders collecting signatures is impossible this poses a huge problem for 3rd party candidates michigan congressman justin amash
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a republican with libertarian leanings buying for the libertarian nomination is making headlines but if the libertarian party can't expand its ballot access little attention will be paid to any of its eventual nominees that's the same fate the green party will have their ways to stay in the fight and maintain a following and here to discuss this is national director for the movement for people's party nick branch. always great to be with you always a pleasure having you on. q you talk of a 2 party system kind of crumbling and voters seeking other options we hear about every presidential election cycle but what makes this one in 2020 so uniquely different from the time i was report of it before. what's different is that this time people have been brought to the brink in a way that they've never been brought to the brink before as a result of coronavirus in the stats that a lot of the you that you guys discussed just before this i mean $30000000.00
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people unemployed nearly a 3rd of people who couldn't pay rent last month likely to be higher this month and so this time their people are also seeing the bipartisan agreement that is coming together around bailing out wall street and big business while leaving essentially small businesses and working people out in the cold they bailed out wall street and then they skipped town and they're only now just coming back to discuss essentially more bailouts that are getting siphoned up by big business. and nick has 19 reshape democracy we know that it's changing the face of this election cycle but overall do you think that there are changes that could be 1000 has brought for better or worse for a democratic system of government. well there's no question that it's changing the way that the electorate feels about these 2 parties in particular the biggest problem is not necessarily that they're fighting or that there's too much partisanship it's that there's too much bipartisanship there's too much agreement
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around solving the around this century serving the interests of big business but not working people and so now we have this dynamic where there's a majority of americans who want a major new party this is actually a consistent trend it's been increasing for years and the same is true of people who are leaving the 2 parties by the millions and this is also been a consistent trend for years where to the point at which. 42 percent of americans are now independents and there is an ocean of people who want a major new party. 3rd party candidates the people who are running on the 3rd party moderate career libertarian green independent whatever how can very flourish in this moment because if the window is here now and it's open how can they best utilize the window. i think the way to do it is to contrast with the 2 parties that are putting themselves so essentially so clearly not on the side of
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working people to very clearly state with a very clear package of things that working people need to survive at this moment i mean it's not a mystery and we're in the middle of a pandemic we need medicare for all we don't need to be saying that we should be told it like joe biden is you know we need also a 2000 per month universal basic income this is something that russia to leave and the congresswoman and also bernie sanders have gotten behind and some other politicians in congress we also need a complete suspension of mortgage and rent payments you can it is not reasonable to expect people who are living paycheck to paycheck 80 percent of americans who are living paycheck to paycheck before this crisis to be paying rent when they have no more income. and mick what are some ways around the ballot access issue and if we talk about that we want to make sure that everyone understands you know what the impact of the ballot access issue is but there are things to be some ways that 3rd
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party candidates might be able to get around it specifically in terms of how to make the media pay them attention we know if you're not on the ballot in certain states media largely ignores you as a candidate. that's right ballot access has been made more difficult than it is for the major parties by the major party that's no surprise they rigged the political system in their favor but there's a tipping point when people get fed up and then we can overcome those challenges the ballot access we've seen that in the amounts of ballot access that state that you listed before that the green party and libertarian party have managed to get on now there under these very unfair conditions where the pandemic is not allowing them to get on the remainder of states but there have been some recent legal decisions i believe in ohio and other states that are lowering those petitions requirements and also allowing online ballot access edition and that is making that easier and so that's good and that could potentially also make it easier to get new
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parties on the ballot because the same requirements legally go hand in hand after the general election which is precisely what we intend to do as the movement for a people's party get ballot access in all 50 states run in the midterms and then run in the presidential election the next one we only got a little bit of time left but i want to ask you how how has covert we know it's presented shoulders the funding for democrats and republicans how has how was fundraiser in but affected by 3rd parties you know that's a lot of times they don't have big money people and big corporate lobbyist to get money into the party it's mostly just whatever people can afford whatever common people can afford how has this affected fund raising for 3rd parties. it's absolutely true and speaking for the movement for people's party are our fundraising our volunteer ing the number of people who've signed up has absolutely exploded in the wake of this and that may but also in the wake of this financial meltdown and in comic passerby and also in the wake of the new rigged election
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particularly inside the democratic party primary and so i suspect that the same is true inside the green party libertarian party. it would have to speak to that but there is a discuss that it's bubbling up against the 2 parties that i think it's going to finally be revealed in a manger new party coming out of this election perhaps not necessarily in this election coming out of it i can definitely definitely after a group did that i see that on the horizon thank you as always for coming on today and given us that perspective from outside the 2 party drumbeat that so many other corporate news shows want to push others thank you so much nic. great to be with you. and we've been a shop today with news that the acting executive secretary of the un convention on biological diversity has called for a ban on wildlife what markets like the kind of move on china that many believe was the starting point of the covert 19 epidemic this comes on the heels of
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a recent draft plan by the un convention on biologic biological diversity that called for safeguarding of 30 percent of the year slammed in sea areas by 2030 from man's destruction and pollution 30 percent with the hope that by 50 percent by 2050 in order to help stave off earth 6 mass extinction that many experts believe human beings and their actions are directly responsible for impact they estimate that as many as 1000000 land and sea creatures could be wiped out by human activity if nothing is done 1000000 extinctions you know my friend sometimes i wonder if we are the real virus threatening our future so let's not be by rhesus while we are on lockdown let's take some time to care for not only one another but our planet as well. right that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world we're not told that we're loved and so i tell you all i love you i robot and
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i'm in the chicago keep on watching all those hawks up there and have a great day and night everybody. as we have said from the very beginning russia gate is a hoax and a fraud there is no evidence to prove it one explains trump's flip flop on the iran nuclear deal. thousands of american men and women choose to serve in the country's military and the decision. every song came to a complete. the day that i was right to be instructed the whole to shut up what
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they'd kill me and i see how it destroyed my life any screamed at me and he made me come in and he grabbed my arm and he write me with his birthing area if you take into account that women don't report because of the extreme retaliation and it's probably somewhere near about half a 1000000 women have now been sexually assaulted in the us military rape is a very very traumatizing happening but i've never seen trauma like. women who are veterans who have suffered military sexual trauma reporting rape is more likely to get the victim punished and the offended and almost 10 year career which i was very invested in and i gave that up to report a sex offender who was not even put to justice or put on the registry this is simply an issue of tower and violence male sexual predators for the large part of target whoever is there to prey upon whether that's a man or woman. a folks you know i'm from the hunger games
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where he played peeta mellark sorry i had to reference my hunger games glossary not quite what it should be but josh hutcherson has a new project now it's called future me it's streaming on hulu he's produced in it along with the seth rogen funny hip little offbeat you'll tell us about it right after this dentist bill or possible. and hey folks welcome to dennis miller plus one where guest is josh us are such a sin he's a producer and he also known as an actor peta maillard the character new usually successful hunger games franchise and he also starred in film bridge to terabithia and journey to the center of the earth i am sitting in my studio right now and across the way i have
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a 5 foot by 7 foot lobby poster for journey to the center of the earth which was my favorite film what irish john josses current project is future man it's a valuable stream now on hulu thanks for joining us josh how you doing i know i'm. doing as well as i could be i think given everything. that's it's good to be talking with another few men that i have yet to meet so it's exciting to think. that nice to talk to you although we have an interesting thing in our past when i 1st moved to l.a. i lived in a place on bar boulevard called the oakwood apartments and just only lived there 2 so we are alone as of the same place so i feel i feel we go way back brother yeah that completely i did i did i did i think 6 or 7 years there in my young life when i was trying to become an actor and you know it's it's a special police lovely it has its demons as well.


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