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tv   Boom Bust  RT  May 21, 2020 10:30am-11:31am EDT

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us india says no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on this story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know as we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again. you know you just like to make. you know when the should. you stay steady is a corner in the way. and seeing the boats which were.
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different to one business show you can't afford to stay open in washington coming up u.s. china relations strained over the course of the pandemic we have the latest for you plus goldman sachs predicts india will suffer in the worst recession since 1989 and finally john johnson announced it will discontinue sales of it. in canada and the u.s. we have a hot show for you today so let's dive right in. tensions between the united states and china continue to increase as china condemned the u.s. following u.s. secretary of state my pompei this tweet congratulating taiwan's newly inaugurated leader. we warn the united states that taiwan's independence is a road that leads to death and even some more support for taiwan independence is
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doomed to failure in the immediate china's core interest in any interviewer in china is internal affairs so it will be rigorously counterattacks. the spokesperson also urged the u.s. to lift the newly impose sanctions on telecom giant wall way as relations between the 2 countries continue to strain meanwhile coven 1000 cases in india are surging the country reported more than $5600.00 new cases in 24 hours this was the biggest single day spike during the pandemic students in south korea returned to school on one say but dozens of schools in the city of incheon that were forced to close down and close back down after 2 students tested positive for covert 19 and as europe eases its restrictions it's apparently lagging behind the u.s. in funding when it comes to manufacturing a vaccine still there are prepared to be among the earliest recipients of any vaccination well spain is taking extra precautions spanish prime minister is asking
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for an extension of its state of emergency if granted this would mark the 5th 2 week extension and would continue the walk down until june 7th the u.k. still working on a contact tracing system prime minister boris johnson promised it will be ready by june 1st in sweden new data showed the country has the highest number of deaths in europe per capita from cove at 19 over the last 7 days with 6.25 deaths per 1000000 residents a day now the country has kept most of its country open during the pandemic on wednesday the e.u. signalled member countries that breaking the box deficit rules to tackle the coronavirus will not be punished as you know we do a general escape clause for the stability of the sparked. this member states to temporarily the part from adjustment in order to. sustain the economy. ensuring that a quality. these measures call the cause that it's all member states. 'd 'd
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percent of g.d.p. with $27.00 nation bloc is facing its worst recession ever production show what europe's economy will shrink by 7.4 percent this year the e.u. is expected to announce its new long term budget next week in latin america brazil's death toll surged to a record of 1179 on tuesday the president is now considering imposing a travel ban on the south american country. with the massive amounts of government spending and u.s. dollars being printed right now the u.s. treasury is about to do something it hasn't done in almost 40 years it's creating a 20 year bond in order to pay off some debt well this kind of bond was last issued in 1986 and i debuted one say during a $20000000000.00 auction joining us now to discuss almost an investigative journalist and swan bennett let's start by you having by having you explain this
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bond to us what's the idea behind it and what is the draw to a 20 year bond. yeah i think it's a couple things 1st of all the idea behind it is you're going to try to pay off some of this massive mounting debt that's being created right now by the u.s. treasury and by the federal reserve bank and when you think about it i mean the numbers are just staggering us to what's being printed in the amount of debt that's being accrued right now so as you said it has been almost 40 years since a 20 year bond has been issued and yet that's exactly what the u.s. treasury is now doing but what's really interesting about this to me is that apparently in the treasury secretary says that the u.s. government had actually floated 1st the idea of a 100 year bond and then a 50 year upon what they were advised on was that there's no interest from investors in a 100 year bond for a 50 year bellamy dad but they are then absolutely they'd be dead before they were able to see that it yields from that but the 20 year bond there was more interest in and so they're saying that investors do like the idea of one of those long term bonds but 20 is about the breaking point and it seems like it's been
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a pretty volatile week for wall street as we have seen stocks right sharply on wednesday is this all part of the new normal are we just going to keep seeing it go up and down throughout the next few months yeah i think it is part of the new normal at least for the temporary at least for the time being i think what we're going to see is continued kind of ups and downs based on. different factors headline seem to be driving a lot of this you know we have more states reopening that seems to be helping the stock market we're getting you know earnings reports back for instance from amazon and facebook both of them sitting record highs in terms of their stock right now which is really not a surprise especially for amazon that has really been able to benefit because of people being kind of sheltered at home but simultaneously i think we're also seeing more optimism as we're seeing more factories come back online we're seeing you know the big 3 in detroit the big 3 automakers chrysler ford g.m. also new workers back to work and to produce cars again so i think that will
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actually help it will start to see the economy recover in terms of wall street over the next few weeks and months manes. maybe a different story well not just that also saying that they were closer to a vaccine than promising more treatments for co 1000 has also been helping a little bit but over the last few weeks we have seen a lot of headlines that the housing and even mortgage industry now is in pretty big trouble suddenly there's been a surge of buyers coming back into the market what's going on here yeah that's a really interesting story isn't it that all of a sudden you have a surge in people going out to get essentially home loans to buy new homes with what's interesting about that is the geography where is that happening you know over the last several decades we have seen this push for people to become more urbanized and to move into downtowns and gentrified neighborhoods essentially that are remade in downtowns across the country what's happening right now is we're seeing a surge of people who are wanting to get out of downtown and get out of urban areas and instead move into suburbs and so that's actually where the surge is people want
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to go and buy a home outside of the inner city i'm sure it has to do with you know the fears over coded the idea of people being too close to each other not having that space so there seems to be a real interest there also interesting lee right now if you're trying to refight your home there isn't much of that going on and part of the reason for that is a lot of banks have frozen reef eyes but at the same time they're making loans for new home purchases right so there's kind of a back and for those to exactly why that is that they've frozen the replies but it's happened now refinancing but they are at least some mortgage due dates for some people left and i want to get one more question and the u.s. senate did approve sleeping this new legislation on wednesday that could ultimately bar many companies from now listing shares on u.s. exchanges are even raising money from american investors but give us give us the details on that and give us an outlook of what this actually means yeah this is a really interesting story so essentially what the senate did was they voted on this legislation that requires that chinese companies listen to this stablish that they are not owned or controlled by
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a foreign government now that's an almost impossible task it's. one thing to say you know we're not going to allow americans to invest in companies that are owned by the chinese government it's another thing to say if you are a chinese company you must prove a negative prove that you are not controlled by the chinese government prove that you are not owned by the chinese government how do you actually prove that there's also been an audit that can be essentially created by the public company accounting oversight board that can investigate your documents to try to find out of this is true i think this could be a kind of a touchy issue because you're talking about probably a legal issue as to whether or not people would be allowed to invest in a company simply because the u.s. senate has decided that it may have an association with the chinese government therefore that makes it illegal i think there could be a lot of legal questions more tensions to come i'm sure after that especially after the restrictions on a co-host of boom bust and investigative journalist ben swan thank you for your time. india is one of the most advanced developing countries it's the world's
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fastest growing large economy yet it has one of the worst public health systems and it's highlighted that by the pandemic well despite the 266 $1000000000.00 stimulus package the equivalent of 10 percent of india's g.d.p. economists argue it's simply not enough to address the devastation the country now faces in a nation of $1300000000.00 people goldman sachs now predicts india faces a 45 percent decline in its g.d.p. for the 2nd quarter for more we're joined by economics professor richard wolfe and author of the book understanding socialism professor good to see you thanks for coming on again my pleasure thank you all let's start with goldman sachs projecting this 45 percent right will there also projecting that in just g.d.p. will that rebound by 20 percent this year by the 3rd quarter what will happen to india's caste system and is it going to further exacerbate the wealth inequalities that already exist. well i'm a little taken aback by the confidence with which goldman sachs predicts the future
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i don't really think anybody can do that no disrespect to them i can't either but you shouldn't claim it i have no idea what's going to happen 6 months from now and i doubt anyone else knows we are in uncharted waters we do not know what the ramifications of this crash is do not know how i long it will last having said that india isn't there a cheap crew or country and it crams in enormous articulation into very close to living quarters as you can see and therefore it is ripe for the kind of spreading in traction that we see and that was no one who has been known for decades the failure in india as in so many other countries not just india was to failure to prepare to have stockpiled the gentle lady as the masks the gloves the testing kits to be able to clearly identify what your problem is where it is that was the
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problem it was a problem in this country to the united states but it is more severe in india and the price that is being paid in illness and death yes it is going to be staggering and like in the united states the poorer you are the greater your risks of either getting sick or dying and they're going to be consequences for the entirety of the indian economy it's really a terrible tragedy a look country that has tried so hard to become a leading economic force in the world well professor as you mentioned poverty obviously a population the country hewitt accounts for about 40 percent of the world's the urban part community it's already struggling to make ends meet there are more than 110000 confirmed cases and more than $3400.00 deaths in the country are we going to expect this virus to ravage the the most poor neighborhoods they have no running
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water extremely poor sanitation especially coming out close to the super cycle and it's going to hit the country. you know you don't there that there is a tragedy here but there's also something that verges on the obscene it's a little bit like here in the united states having politicians get out there and say aerated make sure the way to be safe is to get even stronger and stay inside and wash your hands we have a 1000000 at least on him to homeless people in the united states who obviously jams do it that's what homeless means at least it's a patient his cruelty what exactly and run a 1000000 year it's that they're in trouble 100000000 or more if india they don't have shelters that keep them separate from other people they don't have running water in the air doesn't have religious for a quarter of its people i mean you put all that together and yes you are facing a spectacular risk which the most any government committed as it is the neo
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liberalism supremacy of private enterprise hasn't had the government stepped up and produced and stockpiled what you need for a pandemic so they're going to go through this and pay a horrific price we have about a minute left but i do want to get a quick answer on this china has taken extensive efforts through its communist party to relocate the most poor and even the vulnerable citizens to rural china from rural china rather and place them in more developing towns is this something the india will consider doing. yes but they don't have the infrastructure to do it i mean may consider it maybe they'll try to do it but this is the result of them from you 30 years of a very different commitment planet china is highly organized china is mobile china moves people knows how to do it and has experience none of that is comparably true in india they have a very relatively small class of very rich people and they asked neglect the mass of their population so they're not in a position to do it even though it would be
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a helpful step to take like so many others that aren't being taken well let's hope that they can prepare and if this happens again because it's a matter of time like they said to do sell progress or return will host of economic they and author of understanding socialism thank you for analysis. thank you as well. time now for a quick break but hang here because when we return amid the pandemic there's a growing push for some automated jobs but what does this mean for post pandemic party correspondent explain now as we go to break here the numbers.
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join me every. time i'm sure when i'll be speaking to yes. i'm sure i'll see you then. you know you just like to make your children you know when that should. you say experience of course in the way. that they blow up patrons are consuming anything the solution according to the policymakers would be to make the consumers bigger like and inject more you know helium or oxygen into the blog and improve the situation they're not taking into consideration of their dead lifeless that they can't consume just like the money's
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velocity number shows us now couple of decades just. recently the money pretty much of. a new cold war is in play this time which begins china one of the true. what does it mean to win this conflict an all out war possible how did the u.s. and its alliance oh i just find themselves in this city. you are no offense but you're no longer a young woman in fact you're one of the last living survivors of the nazi yeah. i'm aware of it. all you like. and you can never forget they're going now auschwitz was really like to be inhaled because he would
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never believe it was. due to as a hobby of course for 3 years and over the curb it at all seems a lot of it's a way to make it work when i get out on the farm saw you i want to take my song to the next so he can listen and hopefully bless. us some businesses have come to a halt during the pandemic adopting artificial intelligence and robots may actually help the economy r.t. correspondent to talk to us we has more on the benefits and the concerns surrounding the innovation. great if game is when it may favorite 1st scared to find it being robots an artificial intelligence are helping to cut costs while reducing the spread of infections well some are concerned robots will take over
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human jobs this trend of global retailers using this technology has already been on the rise before stay at home orders were issued and businesses order to close as a result of the crown a virus pandemic robots like tally have been stocking store shelves and clothing rocks tally is fully autonomous and mobile designed to help bring. sailors take a better inventory within their stores the goal of tally is to help ensure a product is always start in the right place and has the right price and now those behind the technology of tally say the concept is in high demand it creates an opportunity where there is actually more social distancing in the environment because these tasks are being performed by by a robot not a person san diego based brain court makes a robot operating system that can automate existing machines its main product is a self driving floor cleaner working faster than a human can it even avoids running into people during store hours company executives say more than 10000 brain power robots are utilized by major retailers
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including supermarket chains kroger and walmart even airports and schools in april the company raising an additional $36000000.00 in venture capital to expand into other areas such as shelf analytics and inventory delivery we're not trying to replace a human in the companies that generally do try to do that in robotics often fail because humans are so flexible and can form so many of the task 3 were in advance told their allows them to perform at a high productive level really able enables them to focus on the a higher value tasks the robots on get out but with unemployment at 14.7 percent and the economy dropping some 20000000 jobs in april many can't help but worry about their future they typically won't call in sick but sometimes they do great. in fact you can reduce the amount of human contact and therefore you know be able to you know reduce the possibility of disease spread san francisco based bossanova robotics produces machines similar to tally recently bossanova announced its
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scanning shelf robot will be expanding to $1001.00 march stores this year that's up from 358 last year the trend is operating to those who worry their jobs won't return after the pandemic their set of trade offs there's a real benefits to automation and. and those many of them are economic i think the question is you know what happens to workers there or if they're not doing things the robots are doing now developers say there are many cases where robots actually help humans do their jobs not replace them take bomb disposal robots for instance and in terms of things like medicine where life and death decisions need to be made instantly those can't be replaced with ai although technology can still make a doctor's visit easier and amazon who has been using ai front and center still needs people they actually increased hiring to 100000 new jobs even offering a pay raise in 2018
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a study looked at 3 recessions over the past 30 years it found 88 percent of jobs lost were in routine quote automatable occupations in 2016 a paper examined 100000000 job post online before and after the 2008 recession it concluded that affected companies were replacing employees with a mix of more skilled workers and technology so while the job outlook may look grim robots may just be able to help keep the economy flowing during this and certain time reporting in los angeles natasha's suites r t. consumer and medical goods company johnson and johnson announced this week it will stop selling its talcum based baby powder in the united states and canada where johnson and johnson is facing thousands of lawsuits from cancer patients that claim especially contamination and the baby powder made them sick legal journalist carol to cheer with america's lawyer has more on the story molly good to see you. hi sarah molly what's the reason that johnson and johnson gave for really pulling
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these products from the 2 countries. well it seems like it was done with a little bit of a flourish they said they're pulling it because of demand falling because of misinformation but as you said they're facing nearly 20000 lawsuits from patients who basically say their cancer was. caused by using talcum powder that was contaminated with assessed this so they have a lot of legal challenges that they're facing right now between this as well as some of the opioid litigation they've decided to pull this product from the shelves but make note it's only in the united states and canada they're actually not pulling it from other markets like in europe well that's what's surprising it's like ok well just usually it's the opposite europe's the 1st one to pull the products and it's a price right it's coming from johnson and johnson but as you mentioned the company has been facing these lawsuits over this talcum powder for a while now why why now why stop selling the product now. i know it's such interesting timing isn't it and there's
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a lot of theories out there one is that it's kind of a p.r. move everybody is distracted by the crowed a virus right now maybe they're not hitting the shelves as much they're ordering in and so it's a little bit of a quieter way to go out take less of a hit to your reputation if you will also as they continue to face this lawsuit by making this move they can turn to jurors and say you know even though we have faith in our product we took this corrective action out of concern and so we pulled this product and they're hoping that might be maybe they'll get fewer punitive damages which is the kind of damages juries like to give out if you're still doing something that doing something wrong with you will doesn't that make them look even more guilty. it certainly does look like they're trying to put a spin on we're taking these products off the shelves and we're doing it because you know poor us demand this fall and we're just the victims of this misinformation so in a way it does make them look more guilty also i think they knew they were going to have to come this direction anyway to a certain extent the f.d.a. has said that they have found batches of our contaminate especially as contamination in batches of their talcum that what is out of it and so on and it
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has been known. exactly yes so you know the medical community is still mixed as far as what exactly these studies have shown but there are enough studies that show even as far back as like the early 1970 s. the johnson and johnson was finding a specificity talcum powder in tumors ovarian cancer you know all the way back to 1971 so again number of studies they say they're inconclusive but then you also find studies where they say women who regularly have used especially for women and hygiene especially to space talcum powder or talcum powder that has a specialist in it do have an increased reese increased risk if they continue to use it and some women of use it for decades and so you've even got a case it's pending in florida in october that has to do with mesothelioma inhaling that talcum powder and there's a big difference between talcum powder that has corn starch base and the a specificity a specif the carcinogen the the suspected cancer causing elements so that's another thing that johnson and johnson will continue to do is sell their corn starch based
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products and this one especially dangerous because a lot of babies. do use for a lot of babies but how have these allegations affected the company financially and i mean i'm sure they have. right and i think it's been a bit of an up and down but this morning for example i think it was actually up like some point 35 percent somewhere in there to be selling for almost just under one 151498 little over a $149.00 a share so it doesn't seem to be taking a big hit but perhaps they are looking towards the future again $20000.00 lawsuits on this issue alone they've also been named as defendants some of these opioid litigations you've already had verdicts in fact in some of the ovarian cancer litigation we've certainly seen those verdicts in the opioids so this may be one of those things where they're trying to prevent more damage from being done quick answer for me here molly but will more countries follow suit. it will be interesting to see like you said i haven't delved into that too much i would not be surprised one bit i mean if america the one that's usually last is the one to do it
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1st brad they're going to take notice and we'll see if there's more action after the coronavirus maybe it is a big preoccupation for a lot of other countries and consumers as well definitely distracting from a lot of this molly barrows contributor with america's lawyer thank you for your time. thanks sara. for the time catch boom bust on the man on the brand new portable t.v. app available on smartphones through google play and the apple apps are by searching marvel t.v. as always talk about on you tube dot com flash boom bust our teeth but the and i think.
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humanity is like to make your children you know when that should green. shoots you straight experience a corner in the way. it's an experience we out there stay inside corner and sing about what you're after. during the vietnam war u.s. forces also bomb to neighboring laos it was a secret war. and for years the american people did not know. how much. mouth had only bad country per capita. human history millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country so i really don't think it's happening. even today kids in laos full victim to bombs dropped decades ago is
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the us making amends for that tragedy and what help do the people need in that little land of mines. welcoming our viewers from around the world live from central london this is a lot to u.k. . time is running out for the british government to put an effective track program in place according to health service leaders which the world health organization spokesperson tells us is absolutely critical. to tracing tracking treating. the fall killing. the government confirms it will be increase the health service charge for non e.u. market workers amid calls to scrap it for n.h.s. and care workers. research suggests that 3 quarters of coronavirus deaths in the u.k. could have been avoided had the lockdown been imposed earlier i'll be talking to
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a statistics expert in the lakes. and scientists predict disruptions to cancer treatments and surveys to remove schubas could lead to thousands of extra deaths we hear from the former director of the h.-o. cancer program professor carol sykora. 35000 people have lost their lives here in the u.k. with code and it could be that we lose them all the 50000 we can say if we really did lead by 6 months. health service leaders say the time is running out for britain to implement an effective track and trace strategy risking a 2nd wave of coronavirus says the government confirms it will be increasing the health service surcharge for non you farm workers amid calls to scrap it for workers fighting the virus on the front line but he joins me live in the studio for
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more on all of this firstly he said there are worries about the government's track and trace system yeah absolutely boris johnson announced the government would be looking to get 25000 traces in place as part of a tracking trace strategy by. by the 1st of june that's the date of course when a number of school children will be returning back to the classroom but he's received a letter from the chief executive of the n.h.s. confederation this letter has been written to the government in particular the health secretary as well and it's by dr neil niall dickson who says that the n.h.s. confederation are concerned time is running out to finalize the tail test track and trace strategy and that the members are concerned that unless there is a clear strategy then there could be a greater risk of a 2nd wave which of course is something which many have a fear that there could be a 2nd wave not just in terms of infections but also in terms of deaths of people who have tested positive for coded 19 now one thing which is aiming to try to
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perhaps help the government in their fight against coded 19 is the rolling out of antibody tests eventually we've seen of course pass deadlines been missed but finally there has been one test which is reported to have 100 percent accuracy rate in the results that it gives. the government expecting to roll that out by next week frontline and it has workers will be the 1st ones to receive that test and that will also help the n.h.s. get workers back to the front lines those who have of course perhaps been self isolating was staying at home because they fear they could get the virus and east of the n.h.s. surcharge was really gathering pace absolutely we've seen the government imposing this charge on non e.u. work has in the u.k. that's 400 pounds but it's juta rise to above 620 pounds but there have been calls from 2 tory m.p.'s from roger gale and william rod who have said that those
11:04 am
e.u. workers who are working in social care or in frontline n.h.s. positions should be exempt from paying that charge to use the n.h.s. because they are. in their words heroes who are helping save many lives in the country while the government have doubled down and said that they will continue to impose that charge no idea whether they will have an exemption for n.h.s. workers but it does come as a court has ruled that health care and social care workers who can prove that they can't afford to pay that n.h.s. charge will be exempted from it so this is been deemed a massive victory for those who are from outside the european union. thank you very much indeed for that update spokesperson for the world health organization dr margaret harris emphasized just how important an effective track can trace strategy is in combating the virus. testing tracing tracking treating
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the as the full pillar you have to know way of virus is you have to know who's got it you've got to know who's potentially got it and you've got to be able to separate those people from the healthy people if you could do that you could stop the virus from jumping from person to person and if it can't keep jumping from person to person it's got nowhere to go you can you can bring it down and you can eliminate it from your population but it's very very hard work people need to be aware that they need to identify themselves as potential risk and they need to take this the health of the population into their own heads by being very much a part of alerting people to the possibility that they may be infected and ensuring that the teams can come to them so it's not just simply having teams it's also having the community larry aware of what's going on and how they can help so this
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is the reason why britain is the 2nd worst death toll in the world with its failure to really implement tracking tracing earlier on i mean it is quite staggering isn't it that here we are in the u.k. seeing a far bigger crisis compared to other countries. certainly a large diff toll could is made up of a lot of different components so you couldn't just say one thing is causing a very large death toll that the u.k. is very sadly experiencing you could have sectors like the age structure of the population you could have better actual reporting in other words reporting everybody who may be may have been affected by code so really until the end of this break when we have a chance to do deeper investigations into every country's outbreak. she also told me that herd immunity is a theoretical concept that isn't foolproof. but the concept of the herd immunity
11:07 am
really comes from the x. an asian so when you vaccinate a population you want to reach a certain percentage and it differs with different viruses in order to block the virus just as i was saying you can do it physically by separating the sick from the healthy or if you have a large lots of people with no known protection and remember i said you have to know that those antibodies protect you if you have a large number of people around it in fiction it can't go anywhere because it can't infect the people around but we still don't know if that situation really exists so it's a theoretical concept quite a few don't knows coming from you at the moment and of course your organization war last month that it was too early to come out of lockdowns it is now a good time or is it really still too early. so what we say it's not so much too early but take it do it very slowly so don't just release everybody sort of you're out of school of if you go and don't think that was the way we lived before is the
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way we can live now donald trump has accused the w.h.o. been to china centric what do you make of that do you have facing investigation in to the original spread of the virus. there will be there's an ongoing a lot of scientific investigation a lot of the in this to geisha in into the origins of the virus that is what animal it came from we know it came from the horse you bet but we believe there was an intermediate host and we want to understand better the dynamics that led to it jumping from that intermediate host into the human population now that work is ongoing and that will be done by the food network cultural organization the organization for animal health and of course in conjunction with us and with other scientists there is more information we all want on all the science as you said there are still a lot of don't know. but remember this new virus arrived in our population at the end of last year. up to 3 quarters of coronavirus deaths in britain could have
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been prevented if the government had implemented the lockdown earlier according to a report lockdown measures were imposed on march the 23rd but researches claimed that had the lockdown been imposed a week earlier the death toll would now be on par with germany's as it stands germany's around 80000 deaths from cove in 1000 while the u.k.'s death toll is more than 35000 of mormonism not joined by statistics expert jamie jenkins jamie good to see you now of course locking down earlier might be the solution in hindsight but there was no way of knowing germany got it right yeah well i think there's no doubt the newly lockdown would have saved lives and but it isn't going to move the lock down so what we know is that it was probably in effect of the half 2 holidays in the u.k. at the end of february where we had lots of people going back and forth europe in particular italy and then fetching the virus back we also had a number of large sporting events before the lockdown for example the chaplain
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horseracing festival took place and that was seen large crowds from all over the u.k. coming in to chop them mixing and then possibly spreading the virus and taken it back to where they live and then you had spanish football fans coming in to liverpool for the liverpool athletico madrid game before the lockdown so so we'll just say the death toll was all going to pinpoint it on what date the lockdown would have been but i think at there being a nearly a lockdown and no doubt it would have saved some lives so considering that dari of events you've just. talked about really one week what would that really make that big a difference well it's difficult of the other thing the modeline is put some numbers together it's difficult to assess fully the impact of your precious one weekend because if you look at the numbers basically what you've got is that they were locked down was on the 23rd but there was a kind of an easing of that well a start of kind of restrictions came in a bit earlier so i think so. people were told to stop working and going into work and working from home much earlier than that i think we're on about the 19 so so a lockdown didn't fully come in till the 23rd but there were some measures before
11:11 am
that yes what we've seen is that lockdown has been in place now we come up nearly 2 months on the 23rd of may would be in lockdown for 2 months in the u.k. but we are still seeing around $4.00 to $500.00 deaths per day so even having a lockdown earlier we still would be seeing the sad deaths that are going on in the at the moment as you were saying that there was a sort of gradually ease into a lot down and then when it really did hit do you think that the public would have gone along with an earlier strict lockdown raft of measures going to soon would mean that would be an anxious to lift at the possibly at the peak of the virus yeah so there's obviously the population is in lockdown is difficult for some members of the public to think it ever gets to what's going on at the moment and if it started yet it would be a probably a lot more pressure on the government to come out of the area and you could also look at the death rate in the u.k. compared to say some of the other countries as the u.k. had the same kind of lockdown that is going on in germany say france spain and italy have as kind of as the population kind of at the exact same lock down that
11:12 am
we've seen and i've been compiling numbers myself every day and they are estimated that we've probably had around $64000.00 excess deaths in the u.k. since the start of the pandemic which is around 62 percent above expectation but i think is really important to point out then was these deaths the sand obviously and says family tragedies across the country around 4 in 5 of those who have sadly died are age 75 and over so as you look at easing restrictions perhaps there's different age groups you may want to ease restrictions so the working population of the city age of 65 you could ease restrictions for those and maintain restrictions for there was a 75 and over and that's interesting because as a statistic new when you're looking at what has happened but actually you can be helpful in predicting what the government should then be doing now well yes i think we are right that's talked a lot about in terms of the transition is going to be critical it's probably going to vary across different parts of. population but in the u.k. and even within local areas you probably see some differences which could create going to a bit of a covert divide in terms of affluence so for example those in the more deprived
11:13 am
areas who may have being kind of lower paying roles that are more kind of public facing pressure example in retail they may have more kind of transmission going on amongst them than say people who are in more affluent areas or maybe living and working in more kind of professional role which allows them to work from home so the government is a lot of things that balance when it comes to looking at reducing lockdown not just in terms of actually trying to keep deaths down and looking at transmission rates but all 3 different subgroups of the population could be affected by this reportedly compared to others but to talk to jamie thank you very much indeed for joining us jamie jenkins. the 1st minister scotland has announced lockdown restrictions in the country will begin to be eased from the 28th of this month after rejecting the prime minister's earlier move to begin lifting measures in england sooner and a speech to these college parliament nicholas sturgeon said the garden centers would reopen and outdoor activities including golf fishing and tennis would be given the go ahead teachers will return to work in june to prepare schools for
11:14 am
reopening on the 11th of august they'll be a review of measures every 3 weeks with further easing allowed if enough progress is made. but with the home nations going it alone on easing the lock down arctic a shadow of its dashed it looks at what this could mean for the future of the union . at the beginning of the corona virus outbreak we were all in this together at least it seemed that way all 4 nations of the united kingdom england scotland wales and northern ireland bonded against a common enemy. stay at home during this pandemic but cracks are already starting to show as the westminster government did the the scottish 1st minister was keen to show that she at least was in control nicholas sturgeon always seemed one step ahead of downing street official press briefing at the start of next week advised the cancellation of must gatherings of over 500 people we are considering the question of. major public events test trees
11:15 am
a silly approach will only work if you the public are willing to do. it from tomorrow we will begin to pilot test track and trace then it all went very wrong in central government prime minister barak's johnson himself seriously ill with the virus the lack of p.p. on the front line was laid bare care homes were left behind with no plan from a vitalist downing street to get out of lockdown the developed nation ministrations began to formulate their own vote maps careful balances will have to be struck for example it may be that certain businesses in certain sectors can reopen but only if we can change how the work it then sets the certain questions we will you use when we consider each option for relaxing restrictions would using the restriction have a negative effect on containing the virus within weeks the prime minister was back and with his oath already in doubt he thought it was time for
11:16 am
a plan of his own to start easing measures and reboot the economy we must stay alert we must continue to control the virus and save lives it didn't go down too well confusion over the new message and an attempt to steamroll the other lead. into backing it fractured the nation's weather johnson liked it or not the other 3 nations already had the power to set policy on the likes of health and education both at the heart of lifting a lockdown and they flex their muscles the executive agreed that now is not the time to lift restrictions don't restrictions remain in place for now you wherever you can you should stay at home for england it was back to the day job for those who couldn't work from home and loosening of rules on meeting others schools reopening on the 1st of june for some peoples but not the scotland wales northern ireland who decided to keep the stay at home message in place and it became painfully obvious that the prime minister was only speaking for one of the nations
11:17 am
can he can do almost everything he has announced today prime minister is acting as the prime minister of england undeterred scotland wales and northern ireland set their own pace for lifting restrictions for nations one knocked down and 4 separate . i will roadmap is based on a traffic system it sets out a series of changes which could be made in a number of years our decisions must be based on what is happening here kicking in our kind of our particular circumstances within the 4 nations approach the scottish government has just published a route to mark to take scotland through of the covert crisis so is this a tipping point the moment of realise ation that a prime minister with no u.k. wide powers over something so important as a global pandemic is perhaps the prime minister of the u.k. no longer really certainly doesn't speak for scotland i can't speak for more than one i know well as when i think you're in scotland. well and truly sick of
11:18 am
them quite frankly and also you know we we are you know we are imposed upon because the election was not our decision. because we're a small country we have to take as it were that we have to sit at the top end of the bast. and you know. it's been a cause that's been so constant in our history and particular in our recent history and now i think we're beginning to see that it's not serving us it hasn't sent us you know we're not being served in the way that we should be independence for any hibernation comes only with a referendum sanctioned by central government and boris johnson has no made it clear that he what the county i'll back the tide much longer if the coronavirus crisis has shown us anything is it that independence for the hive nations has
11:19 am
effectively already happened in all but name shouted at a stash the arctic a. and that's it and then that more news after a short break. join me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. it appears a new cold war isn't played this time when she gets china what are the terms of engagement what does it mean to win this conflict an all out war possible how did
11:20 am
the u.s. and its alliance find themselves in this situation. as you noticed in your restaurant that they blow up patrons are consuming anything the solution according to the policymakers would be to make them blow up consumers bigger like and inject more of the you know helium or oxygen into the blow up and that also mouth improve the situation they're not taking into consideration of their dead lifeless that they they can't consume just like the money's velocity number shows us that for now a couple of decades has been dying and recently the money velocity is now pretty much 0. thousands of lives could be lost to to to laze to cancer surgery according to a study on the impact of corona virus
11:21 am
a report by the institute of cancer research reveals that more than 90000 cancer patients would have had surgery over the course of the yeah 3 months of treatment could lead to an additional $4755.00 deaths now that's a charity breast cancer now has highlighted that 24 percent of women living with incurable 2nd rate breast cancer had seen delays or cancellations to their treatment at the n.h.s. insists cancer services all gone yet. these theoretical what if scenarios don't correspond to what is actually now happening because countless lives are in fact continuing and expanding vital tests and treatments are going ahead in a safe way for thousands of patients including by introducing code that protected cancer. when i was joined by cancer expert professor carol sykora he told me that closing down the n.h.s. to everything but coronavirus would be a disaster. predictive model the worst case scenario model that's still being used
11:22 am
by our department of health is a 2nd wave in september bigger than the 1st wave requiring even more critical care facilities with lung infection by a virus and then the winter pressure business when every winter traditionally older people come in with you moan your chest infection that need treatment so the 2 together basic closed down the n.h.s. to everything but chest infection cloak curtain or a non corona that would be a disaster i would mean going back into lockdown. i don't think it's going to happen and i'd love to see the basis of our calculation if you look at the european figures now it's fantastic it's going right down the new infection rate is plummeting it's as though the virus has got bored with us or you know we're dancing with the human hosts that sas on the virus are doing this guns trying to find some balancing act they can both become top dog and i think we're going to get there without a 2nd
11:23 am
a big 2nd wave i just hope so for the sake of cancer patients. those suspected of it tara fences could be subject to indefinite curfews travel restrictions and monitoring on the laws proposed by the government it's part of a slew of measures following recent terror attacks in the capital but his words human rights campaigners. if passed it would lower the amount of proof required for authorities to place someone under terrorism prevention and investigation measures as well as scrapping their current time limits of 2 years also propose a new 14 year minimum sentence for serious offenses followed by 25 years or license the bill would scrap the august deadline for an independent review of the government's deep radicalization program prevent and it would give judges the power to the site of a serious offense like forearms possession is terror related therefore subjecting the suspect to tougher sentences and secretary pretty patel's says the package was part of the government's commitment to get tougher on terror. well the bill was
11:24 am
proposed after attacks in london last november and in february were carried out by those on license for terror related offenses but the measures have been criticized for not looking at the root cause of the attacks and deciding to roll back on the rights of all of us in the whole q.c. appointed by the home office to give independent oversight of u.k. terror law said the measures proposed were worried. debated this with former head of the national counterterrorism security office chris phillips and human rights lawyer and founder of reprieve clive stafford smith. the whole point of great britain is to have a legal system that respects the rule of law that doesn't have a presumption of guilt and the treats people fairly and that is these tea cans just target a bunch of muslim people alienate in the current world will be more dangerous but the difficulty is that terrorism is a different type of offense than what we would be you know terribly caught. this is people who are planning a proxying sometimes to commit mass murder mass murder that would change society
11:25 am
does change society and we do need some special protections i think again it's critical that we do that. as an example we do against sex offenders we've got a sex offender register we keep people on that so there's not a lot of moaning about that so so i think we have to bear in mind terrorism either slightly different offense than all the others that we do with of course clark many people say what about the human rights of victims people don't care about the human rights of people to commit mass murder as chris was saying well what chris is talking about of course is you can't get on the sex register until you've been convicted in its trial of a sexual offense and you know that i represented joe and these top to represent ted bundy forgiveness no i'm not saying that ted bundy did as a gnat serial killer was anything out of normal but the idea that we're now using these lures to do away with the fundamental rights of a group of people and let's face that these are 100 percent muslim people is just
11:26 am
anathema to the whole process that the people even and what we've done since $911.00 this we've done a bunch of liberals names like one ton of rich just like t. pens i go to guantanamo 10 times we hold people without trial don't get in the trial know what that does for the world it's rich. i think the point is this where terrorism is a very unusual offense and the best example i can give you on this is people that may have committed mass murder in syria or in libya over the last 10 years and now they come back to this country you're not going to be able to prosecute you really are not going to be able to get the the people that were present at the say to come over here give evidence and get them to go to court so so what are we going to do with these people are you happy for them to come and live next door to you and and carry on a full of free life or do you think that the public may need some extra protections and let's be quite frank these are very low level protection measures we're talking
11:27 am
about people being kept in that house we're not talking about people being locked up in cells like. some of us have the experience of being kept in our house for a long time if you have not been proven yes you're in a crime how would you like to be kept in your house forever and that the idea that guantanamo is an merican yes i'm american i apologize for it it's a dreadful idea but it's exactly the same thing as what chris is talking about rick talking about and posing some people without giving him the trial ready because i think upset over is that we we think that our legal system is limited in what it can actually do against the likes of the people those who join eisel so surely this approach really will toughen things up when a knock life or a little touch in the top in the sense that we're fighting this supposed that war on terror to preserve our way of right life and the rule of your own the 1st victim the 1st casualty with these a liberal treaty to tell moves is to kill off the very rule of law that we talk about and it is exactly the same as the argument that the americans of maître grown
11:28 am
tired of you know it's a very small number of people that we're talking about here people that there are great suspicions at the get this is not going to be done by a policeman behind bell and some in some office this is going to be done by the courts who are being very reasonable these kind of matters and i think we've got to be realistic if we want to be protected and we want to protect ourselves then we've got to give the police the ability to do that. and with more news in enough for now . 54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to heal some air force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area russia. what is it suddenly about the south china
11:29 am
sea that makes it so that it 11000000000 barrels of oil. take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on the story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know as we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again. you know when the should. you say stay in a corner in the way it's an experience we had no experience of course and seeing the boats which were.
11:30 am
welcome to the kaiser for a diamond mini max kaiser yeah that's right i got strong after last episode stacey threw me in the laundry and shrunk me now i'm only about 8 inches tall station next to me the little mini racks here because you know if max this max were introducing the show you upright find it pretty creepy probably as creepy as these blow up dolls now filling the empty tables at restaurants here is
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