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tv   News  RT  June 7, 2020 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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i'm in. a 2nd weekend of racism proved to seize tens of thousands turned on her across the united states but they've been markedly more peaceful in contrast to the rioting heavy handed policing earlier this week. the mayhem on main street some of the weeks earlier rallies erupted into riots resulting in show business is being run in several states. reporting on the riots a media watchdog calls on at least 300 press freedom violations in a matter of days a russian news agency correspondent tells us what it was like being fired up by us
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police here and yelled i'm rats and they start shooting at raj so i have. am on my side on my doorstep this is a clear targeting of journalists. an equal emergency in the russian arctic a fuel spill turns a river of partially red the authorities say they were not so alerted and. with the stories that shape the past 7 days on right up to the moment developments as well this is the weekly on r.t. international hello and welcome i'm you know neal. from east to west south of it so i'm eric his biggest cities filled with protesters marching against racism and police brutality and me 2 weeks after the death of george floyd it was mostly peaceful and unlike earlier this week when i tried felt the full force right place
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at least 11 people have died during the protests and the 4 former officers present when george floyd was killed will now face murder charges. in the. i i. i. from small groups to streets filled with fury protests happen throughout the week
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in all 50 states the national guard was the point in a round half of them curfews were imposed in at least 29 locations with demonstrators describing continued to heavy policing rioting and looting spread. from the days that i've been out the only time that violence erupts or gresham is shown is when the police have come out and shown force was struck and as i was trying to walk away. from the protests they began openly shooting rounds of tear gas rubber bullets into the crowd but. there was violence by the police is a call made in the streets of jacksonville they resulted in the necessary use of
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tear gas we suffered from tear gas and all types of progression and arrests in the ones that i witnessed were unjustifiable the violence was coming from the state from the police. is there enough. that they feel that no one cares. this is the only way to lash out at the system. they come from neighborhoods that it's economically deprived did you know it's like you know you got to keep me no you going to. you know basically this system is merely on around the ugly side of the week trolleys forced businesses to take precautions what in hoarding smushed the windows lined the streets of even the most prestigious shopping districts some looters went to extreme measures this forklift was used to run an electronics retailer in
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california while owners are going even further with their security measures been arming themselves caleb maupin takes us through why the loosing risks that erupting into something more dangerous. here's one things. protests against police brutality. was done. however by night the protests take a much more violent for. lyndall ism moving and a tax on business owners many see this as an extreme expression of economic inequality obert. by looting bothers people so much more than knowing that across the country black men and women are dying the
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looting of america has been going on for over 40 is the copra saw the ultra rich though some business owners are continuing to stand with the looters also properties are always can be replace but loss of life so no definitely upset with the looting don't think that looting is necessary. but i definitely feel like something needs to be done you know to count up protect everybody says a large scale knew that 250 buildings had been damaged in minnesota alone that prompted members of george boyd's family to call her home not destroy stuff. that bernard they don't know nobody i don't know you cannot testify i was stuck trying to get up in the schoolyard stuff. was. her son said nothing about the violence breeds violence and the riots keep going the police response is gone as far as ramming cars and crowds amid this chaos
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business owners that decided to take their own security into their own hands in the most american way ok ok ok you run my. own you think i'm going to be i would you know no no no no no no the authorities have been openly suggesting store owners protect themselves with guns and if you try to break into their homes to still. to set fires i'm highly recommending they blow you back out of the house with their guns armed vigilante groups are now patrolling the streets this is how you take your neighborhood back here the 2nd risers you know we're ready for the rest of you police and we are all here they are 15 we are protecting our neighborhood. and all of this arrested for civil conflict across america. when it's clear some communities are very much at all odds with each other over the straight draw ways
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this is a peaceful march in the state of indiana on monday no sign of aggression but the route was lined with local its armed with rifles watching the protest on protestors pass by it's been happening elsewhere so you. don't come to court and stare so you would right. stand still yeah you know if you guys are ready man they play you know what we're doing here is we're protecting them trolling our neighborhood after the riot started out in south minneapolis we have a conscious decision while the police were hammering out over there that we were going to come together and protect our buildings here and protect our families on joe i came out here because it's about damn time. you know guys like me guys that you know would be viewed as just a heavily armed redneck and stuff like that good with fellow citizens regardless of race regardless of whether we were in the same local community or not it's time we
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stand together. this picture was taken outside a russian restaurant in san diego california where locals lined up with weapons to defend the premises the owner is among those who felt the need to be armed himself in the current circumstances he talked to r.t. about what it's been like there. we experienced heavy looting in the city of san diego it wasn't in our neighborhood but it was a. mess which was pretty close to us just maybe 6 miles outside of the town city limits where you know the the the protests started peacefully and then they started burning buildings i am mellow city and it pains me to see this piece which you see. young american young young black lives being lost or something stupid like this could have been awarded and the fact that you know you're going to really help the cause that's that's just my personal experience my personal opinion you know there could be. could be better ways to go about this and then robbing
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small businesses just these people have nothing to do with it well aside from businesses protecting themselves during the violence another group has been facing a threat in their line of work a number of journalists have been left injured by police while covering the nationwide protests the press freedom watched on the committee to protect journalists there have been at least 300 violations against new stuff since the 26th of may from both police rioters it also states that dozens of journalists have been arrested history and government meanwhile is calling for an investigation into the rough handling of a t.v. news team while they were reporting live on the washington riots. there was talk of i don't think you're ready to go for a while. i trust. that it came. about. ok.
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well in the midst of all that humid just me able to make out the words i thought was an american journalist shouting that she was working for the russian news agency sputnik near the white house on monday evening and describes how officers reacted knowing she was there to report all of it. well the man has actually just like this and said i'm crass and crass and i was holding it right or and it's after and yelled i'm press and that they start shooting me with a barrage of stinger grenades i have sevin on rank on my side on my torso and on my back and i also got hit with a rubber bullet in my path and then this did not hesitate to use their right shields to push us down to the ground so they may also question into the ground and i slid along after all and had a lot of abrasions on my side and they were very well aware that i was pressed and
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this is a clear targeting of journalists many administrations of united states governments have you know said about other countries that other countries don't have free press we are also concerned about the threats of violence against journalists which have a chilling effect on press freedom especially when they are not investigated or prosecuted we call for an immediate end to threats and for violence against journalists i hope the rest of the world will follow our press freedoms in the great things we do in the united states what i physically experience from yesterday is that the u.s. is all too willing to be willing to visit violence upon journalists here and to try to silence journalists here and i saw again i saw other members of the press experiencing the same thing. examples there of aggression caught live on the air against the press social media too has been abuzz with footage of officers reacting with force on in some cases beyond the law against protesters people have been injured by tear gas tasers rubber bullets even vehicles being driven into
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crowds there are not multiple lawsuits investigations into police conduct let's go through some of the bigger examples a new york police department. tempting to drive through across such a day the other incidents were live streamed on facebook including. pepper sprayed by an officer in michigan before having a tear gas canister far about him from barely a metre away and this is a. 2 officers they've been forcibly arresting 2 students. new york state so all the latest big headlines this week 2 officers pleading not guilty to assault on sort of it after they were filming the pushing an elderly protester he was hospitalized with injury or with the police department's version of events initially said the monk tripped and fell on his own similarly the initial report on george floyd's death which sparked the global protests against police brutality law certain details.
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he was ordered to step from his car after he got out he physically resisted offices officers were able to get the suspect into handcuffs the no did he appeared to be suffering medical distress officers called for an ambulance he was transported to hennepin county medical center by ambulance where he died a short time later. i . was. stopped ah.
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but you have got your back. don't you know stop drop. was never you very much baby. i pad. videos paint a story sort of a culture where a lot of the public has been trained and encouraged to not believe like people. by the tension ok also almost certainty on many streets there have been some glimmers of lights along the way one protester in california run up to a police officer and give him a hug there are similar scenes in kentucky. away from u.s. shores solidarity demonstrations were witnessed right the week from mr. to argentina
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while in europe there were large scale rallies everywhere basically britain france italy sweet increase the netherlands to name but a few. let's bring you to central madrid this sunday thousands of protesters in force the spike continued coronavirus restrictions their destination the u.s. embassy in the spanish capital lots of black allies multiple bombers and others saying no justice no peace the american embassy in london also the focal point of protests today as are. all. says the. protests. in the wake of the killing of georgia there are
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still people arriving to this protest thousands of them outside the u.s. embassy it's a lot calmer than it was yesterday of course those images outside downing street the police today taking a much more hands off approach when it comes to policing this incident we saw yesterday police forces charging into the crowd to try to break them up outside downing street leading to some quite strong images of clashes. i. i i. i we have seen attempts by the government to discourage these types of protests the health secretary. making reference to of course the fact that we still do have the coronavirus. going on claiming that they were. i'll be a spike as
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a result of these protests but of course all those will point to the fact that the last week of the week before the u.k. saw some hope whether people were going to the party going to the beaches or really ignoring most of the social distancing the far east and so for that reason people saying that these protests take priority far more important and that's why these thousands of people have come out in spite of the fact that there is of course a crowd of virus stranger still lurking in the background so i just think as a white person it's simple and we do stand up i'm sure we do understand as individuals all of us thing has a lot past now never experience that but i can have the compassion to understand the pain that i have gone through for years and years and yet from what the police are doing to people that i have even myself arrested dossiers i don't by being in the police station for no reason i feel like in the education system we don't really talk about that nice it's not you not that history so i do think it's kind
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of like sweet tell you the right man will never come back i. go.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race is there a dramatic development the only. exists i don't see that strategy will be successful very critical. to sit down and. 20 minutes past the hour you're very welcome back a major cleanup operation is underway in the russian arctic following a muscle of fuel leak near the city of nod there is now
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a state of emergency after 20000 tons of diesel seeped into a river in what environmentalists are calling the arctic regions worst ever catastrophe it's so bad it can be seen from space they satellite images from the russian space agency rolls cost must give you an idea of the extent of the pollution containment device is known as boom are in place to try and stop the fuel reaching this sea more than a thought diesel we know have been recovered but really the cleanup could take years the authorities are furious that they were only alerted to the leak 2 days after it happened. why did the authorities only come to this after 2 days and we're now going to find out about emergencies like these from social media are you feeling all right.
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'd if you saw on twitter you also if you do sort of a rescue team intervene very quickly the fuel spill is localized to them by now river and the rescuers have already started working intensively to collect our little world. rushes investigative committee has launched 3 investigations into what happened to rest of the director of the power plant where the fuel tank field. when europe shut down and to stem coronavirus we kept going most businesses there stayed open in what was seen from abroad as a risky move but the swedish state epidemiologist behind that strategy told a newspaper in whedon's there that although it caused too many deaths he doesn't
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think it was wholly wrong if we were to encounter the same disease with exactly what we know about it today i think we would land midway between sweden dude and what the rest of the wounded. well sweden suffered more than 4 and a half 1000 deaths out of a population of around 10000000 what makes it the most effective the scandinavian countries the others enforced harsher restrictions the swedish government though say it was ready to take on wider measures against the virus if advice to buy the health agency residence they aren't so sure the pull out on thursday at all they are suggesting that confidence among swedish citizens in the state's ability to deal with the outbreak has dropped significantly since april another swedish epidemiologist that we spoke to didn't hold back from criticizing either. we don't normally start and we better chill on the why we didn't. then of course
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may show us how to. wash it in that. way which agree there it was censored by the experiences of other countries around us it was started by normally i didn't buy that there is. another country's so you see what's there to do cannot see when we would not know then don't. know then we were trying to do for me they were trying to save system just mine said ask and not going to student all shit out of countries but. we would be in a much more around fortunately. the bigger picture in the continent europe's internal open borders still somewhere off being a 2 way street in the week the italian prime minister angry at austria and greece for maintaining travel restrictions on the telling and so this is called the barriers discriminatory totally unacceptable it reopened its borders to use to the
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sins on wednesday to try and breed life really into what is a stole tourism industry it all of us being looking now getting around europe these days well it isn't as clear cut. and it's good news for germans were during. if they're going to get a sunshine break this year the government here in berlin is lifting warnings against travel to european nations from the middle of this month the foreign minister heiko mass in making me announcement though was king to stress this isn't a green light for travel with wild abandon eyes of travel warnings or not travel bans and travel guidelines are not invitations we want to make it clear in our travel guidelines the travelers are not to go to the u.k. we're not essential and as long as there is a 14 day quarantine in place getting ahead of everyone else in europe is italy they opened their borders on wednesday the lockdown is brought upon italy the worst
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recession since world war 2 the government is looking to holiday make is to revive the economy prime minister conte says the crowds of travelers they hope will be flocking into the country is a risk italy is willing to take. we are facing a calculated risk knowing also and i say this sincerely but the epidemic logical code may rise again however there are fears that terrorists will skip visits to the coliseum and gondola rides this year it's early is still reporting dozens of covert 19 cases daily a claim by a well known italian doctor that corona virus is losing potency so the world health organization stepped in with international experts warning against a false sense of security you know the reality is a virus practically no longer exists from a clinical standpoint it has got to return to being a normal country because there's evidence we can go back to having a normal life there are still thousands of people every day dying from this were so
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we need to be exceptionally careful not to create a sense that all of a sudden the iris by its old felician has now decided to be less pathogenic nevertheless the italian foreign minister is doing the rounds trying to convince everyone that italy is safe for tourists to visit while. local mayors are doing their part to try and draw people in to beaches restaurants and cafes that have been empty for too long. surest will be able to come too close or not safe and we are ready to reopen with great success we can accommodate many tourists the risk of contracting the virus is
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extremely low we have to open to accept people however it seems silly we'll still have to wait for its neighbors to open up as the reopening has already caused some troubles on the border. but we can go there but we can't go back to france so if we're going to get start there it's not worth it those european nations that rely heavily on tourism cash are desperate for holiday makers to come to them the question now is how many will be willing to travel while coronavirus continues to infect people are all over arty building. and that wraps up the weekly the way the news pandai that these past 7 days are brought by us to new reporting from moscow i'm you know neal thanks for watching r.t. international have a great rest of the week. malcolm
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x. is a many protesters on the streets of america speaking about the media he once said that if you're not careful it could have you hating the people being oppressed and loving the people doing the oppressing but what does that distinction me in today's us if you. know what's a clip of she will no news to you. but the way it's always at the k. it was a little more. like not something you. immediately . put us in the movie at that.
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point. yes. the. yes.


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