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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 15, 2020 11:30am-12:01pm EDT

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trying to democratize these through the filter of the internet now celebrities and i can go in a tweet any celebrity away and say something mean about them. over something that they said in the past something that's problematic i think it really depends on the industry how much people are being held accountable what i like to center the general idea of council culture as it were as a kind of cultural accountability but i think it depends on the industry so for example ali would have people like for example roseanne barr who is still rich after being canceled still has a quite significant following have khalid being who said some racist things she has a ton of programs if you go on her website you can see a lot of events of course mel gibson he is still going strong in hollywood he's working on a movie now probably has one next year as well he still let me mom didn't want to watch mel gibson you don't watch him ok roseanne barr don't pay attention to her i mean if i don't understand this year i mean it should be the the public square that you decide does that to shame people her for bad behavior i mean we we have
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a hit and let me bring in mike here i mean we have a history you know critically when we look at an american context of what you shouldn't say offensive language you know i'm going to load that but now it's right language what you should say now that is very different from our cultural tradition here and there but if people are going over the line now basically it's mind control you can say this but you can't say that before you shouldn't say certain things that would be obviously universally agreed to be of like. well and that's that's generally where we sit these days i think that in a lot of ways there is this sort of massive amount of offensive ideas that are not allowed to be spoken there verboten a sense you know you you're not allowed to say certain words you're not allowed to say certain phrases someone so forth. that we didn't even consider controversial
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1015 years ago if someone if a celebrity is to say well one good example would be terry crews was to say you know fatherlessness is an issue within the black community well all of a sudden there's a problem with that now why there's a problem with that i don't really understand it's a true statement you know and ignoring it doesn't mean that the problem is just going to go away you know but that's that's generally the issue is if a certain loud facet of social media the internet what have you is offended by something and then all of a sudden the person who said the offensive statement they must be wiped away and in other cases if someone is accused of something terrible even if there isn't evidence quite yet presented yet or the context that evidence is not presented they too must be destroyed they must lose something for this so that is that is the issue that i see that mike about that that's not the rule isn't it i mean yes you
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know presumption of innocence any more ok i think that that is that and that may be because what happens is and we saw that with this harper magazine article is that you have these $150.00 lefty more or less intellectuals and then they start going after each other gradually go back you know i mean this is we see this before ok i think it was seen this before i mean you can think of the red guard during the great cultural revolution in china the last 10 years that was so unbelievably disruptive ok i mean how do you put a brake on this when we disown all accuse each other. being offended when you don't have a right not to be offended that's part of our cultural strength i would say. but peter i wouldn't characterize it's the same thing because i don't think that the left as it were in the united states occupy the same power that the red guard had in communist china i think they have less than
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a dozen members of congress bernie sanders a o c come to mind it's the leaders of this movement these are people that have no power in society more or less especially in institutions but for centuries have been the downtrodden of our society and you know it's a bit like what institutions academia hollywood the media and. i would say yes because hollywood an actor you get and you see a right and are absolutely don't have now are you serious well listen i'm not talking about the media i'm talking about the people that are kicking trying to snub the career people that are problematic in these institutions these institutions are definitely right wing i mean the whole 20th century the list that they had to blacklist leftists from the the media akademi and so on and the story of the left and in the united states the left is at the weakest position it has ever been in the history but it is now gaining steam and i think that this is just a reflection of this i can't really sentiment we have to go back and read in trying our terms not the left menu right now because you know we look at
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a platform you know roger stone was the platforms ok why because he says he offends you i mean i'm a conservative in rogers don't impinge me all the time i says profession is do of pens you ok right now he makes a living everybody knows it my can look waiting on that i mean many people shouldn't be both well exactly i mean if if offending people started to become verboten you think about how many comedians all of a sudden and several have been either cancel or people have attempted to cancel you know because of the things that they say look how many times you see joe rogan is over on twitter because joe rogan made some group mad because of the old fallon fox statements which by the way scientifically speaking german was not wrong about her you know the things along those lines you know we our senses of humor basically gets thrown out the window and on top of the fact that what was mentioned earlier
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these aren't things that need to be listened to you know people seem to think that you know just turning the channel is not enough no this part it's. the attitude of this town ain't big enough for the 2 of us if you have this opinion if you have this idea that i do not like get out. here and it's not even something along the lines of something that like richard spencer would say you know if you were to say border security is a good saying some people are like get out of here why you know why is that you know why can't we have a discussion about that like civilized people it isn't you know way almost say a lack of civil to or civil civil discussion. yeah i mean with that the rabbit that's how we resolve things there's an into discussion i mean i i want you know because of my job because of what i do to this program i watched amisom b.c. and c.n.n. you're not offended all the time while the law i think it's nonsense it's propaganda it promotes the interests of the of the rich and powerful maintaining the status
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quo and the plant growing anyone anyone that disagrees with what i did i might have a program to push back because i think that's what we should do i think of our cultural tradition tells us to do that and i think it can be effective or i wouldn't be doing that so i had well i got my group you know when it comes to the sentiment of m s n b c c.n.n. and all that i think that they definitely do represent the interests of the wealthy just like parks news does and united states people have a mission to give you that i think i want to respond on my cassette about leaving the sense of humor at the door and i want your own example from george carlin who's a very famous american comedian and actually he had made a joke about mass that he had. some bit about it in 2 days before 911 and he pulled it for taste because he said this is this is not tasteful it's not funny to make fun of mass death in this context now it's important because some things just are not funny and there's people there's black people being killed in the streets every
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single day by police there's there's women we have them aside and the united states against many people we have sexual violence rampant even in hollywood notably you know these are the people that are friends with jeffrey epstein aren't wife seen. it's just not funny actually it's just poor. humor if you're not good at your job as a comedian you're not funny you cannot keep up with the times you know you know i haven't read it i didn't but shouldn't the audience have for using the example of a comedian shouldn't they be the judge ok i think like a lot of cities that's the audience that's the audience when absolutely i don't like it and i'm never going to watch you again ok because you you went over the border for me but that may not be the case for everyone and i think both of us all of us want in our viewers watching this program is that humor is a way to kind of get don't go over the line in kind of talk about things that many people aren't sure but i mean a lot of the comedians that are attempting to be canceled for example bill burr or . louis c.k.
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or joe rogan none of those people are canceled and i mean like louis c.k. you made a comeback he's got a standing ovation and his 1st comedy gig coming back will burst though that a famous asteroid still has the biggest gas united states so i'm just not seeing how this is really like an epidemic actually you know most people are who are attempt to be canceled really like you have no detriment to their life that oh i think we could argue that it does have something but it comes to what intellectuals and journalists i think aronsen are actually i'm more concerned with i don't i don't care about hollywood a listers most of them are complete idiots ok that wasn't news who cares who cares ok i don't know why people spend their time on it i don't look to hollywood per inspiration intellectually i don't know if that's ever been the case here but you know michel you know what i'm more concerned with is designed this in the in academia in the early ninety's in the united states that when i see now in the public sphere is what's already happening in the university it's one of the reasons why last because it wasn't about scholarship anymore it was about thinking the
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right way oh yes yes and i would definitely agree with that you see certain people out there you reference b.b.l.s. intellectual dark web for example someone like pregnancy nurse brother or dr jordan peterson people. mills lines there are certain things that they discuss that suddenly become or they say something along the lines and all the sudden they're persona non grata in those particular communities now whether or not the attempt is successful or not i think is a honestly irrelevant it is the mentality that this person or their words must not exist that is the and the issue because it goes further than left and right left and right it goes you know beyond something like that it has something to do with our attitudes towards one another as people and i think that those are individuals that are very good examples of that because the people who whenever i would see. dr peterson specifically spoken to by someone who knew no would be on
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a different political or different state of mind than himself there was instantaneous hostility despite the fact that he is such a soft spoken and knowledgeable individual all that up all that we have to go to the heart breaking out about heart break we'll continue our discussion on council culture stay with our. was a pandemic no certainly no borders and of the 2 nationalities. has emerged that was a review we do of the facts in the whole world to be ready for. judging . 2 coming because this is what. we can do better
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we should know better. everyone is contributing each of our own way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenges created with the response has been so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. i saw. people in poverty 1st. if you're born into a poor family you're born into a minority family if you're born into a family that only has a single parent that really constrains your life chances people die. if you're going into generational poverty. it's a tough tough fight every day so you meet your needs and the needs of your family.
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during the vietnam war u.s. forces are also bombs neighboring laos there was a secret war. and for years the american people did not know. we mounted laos so much it is officially the most heavily bombed country per capita in all of human history millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country jordan i remember going to cannot stop that there even today kids in laos full victims of bombs dropped decades ago is the us making amends for the tragedy and what help do the people need in that little land on. join me every thursday on the alex sullivan show and i'll be speaking to get off of
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the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back to crossfire. or all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing cancel culture. go back to brad here read one of the things that i really worry about is this this tendency to have a monolithic big point of view on the past. and how much people should think and behave now i think there's a lot of concern for many that is being pushed and i find that really disturbing
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i'm really glad that jordan peterson was was mentioned i actually am a fan of a lot of things that jordan peterson talks about not everything i cherry pick like everybody else i think is understanding of history is quite weak obviously knows a lot about psychology and a lot of it is just it's standard it is accepted in his profession but it's these people on the outside on the fringes jump in and as if they are experts because it doesn't concern for you what you think about gender for example it or am only unix ok i find it really disturbing is that there's this constant tendency for concern for many. well on the example of dr jordan peterson actually i read a really great opinion piece by i believe swedish scholar who studies the holocaust and he wrote the op ed in her rats and actually went through the line of jordan peterson's hostility to the left how it relates to the old rights general.
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and it kind of basically peterson's holocaust revisionism and how he kind of categorized as hitler and the nazi movement in general as one of resentment against jewish people but categorizes socialism as inherently violent and genocidal and you can see in this way it's kind of a sympathy with that and it's not only it's not only that he has bad ideas but you know it's also about ideas based on just terrible scholarly work as you know is that you know. i would distemper that by saying i mean. it's not necessarily a bad idea just that it's bad research ok i mean plates nobody research that leads to an idea although i think it's like the great famine. that happened in ukraine southern russia and. ok he has a he doesn't know the facts he doesn't know the history ok and i found that really quite disappointing ok if you're going to have a good and he drew the wrong conclusions because he had bad math knowledge of history but if you're going to paint yourself as an expert in your should have this
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great public space at books that you should have some kind i like saying we're not rate we're completely a grain when it comes to talking about psychology i found that really interesting when he bared off into politics and we had that debate ridiculous debate was easing which was a train wreck ok if you say it was a train wreck i had me go back to my car here you know. what i did see happening and it is primarily from the left ok is that it seems you this this tendency to. to shrink this is the thing they did was fear of a discussion ok it's almost kind of like you know you know every guy is oh every white guy has a racist he's a he's a redeemable racist but he's an irredeemable races i mean if it limits the area of discussion then you can have yeah and i would i would agree completely with that you know that is something that we have seen a lot from certain areas of academia and the black lives matter movement has has
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very much latched on to that this idea that it's almost comparable to original sin in a lot of ways the original sin of the white man is slavery or things along those lines and it seems like there is this assumption that is made that because you are of this particular skin color you have it level of privilege quote unquote doesn't matter what your background is richer or what have you there is something along those lines. yes and that sort of assumption of course tosses away and he sort of idea of character or the ability to redeem oneself if they were an idiot at a younger age so on so forth it basically threw away the very idea of individuality as a sense you are not you know in this case mike or brad you are tasty white dude you're white you know fertile like a better term you know that sort of assumption it's it basically throws people into
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categories as opposed to you know taking people people person by person as such they're much easier to dismiss or put or throw away in a sense as opposed to looking like the you know what he had been like a person. bragging how do you react because i completely agree i mean on the issue of white man's original sin i'd like to be historical here is that it was white people then and international slavery in the 19th century ok as an institution that has been a rat had been around as long as civilization itself and just about every ethnic group was in slave no one point in time in history these people didn't talk about this don't know history very well they not down statues of abolitionists because they couldn't even take the time to google the name of the statue ok i find this horrendous behavior if you want to make
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a serious thought about history you should learn something about. well i think good news examples of a renegade attack on for example abolition of statues or just attacking white people on their identity this is this is really the exception and not the rule i think. for example i agree with the cultural transformation that's happening in america right now for example the toppling of the confederate statues because these statues are historical revisionism they were built and she was spiked during jim crow and in reaction to the so i did manage to buy the political left they build well by the democratic party and these people not you know this is the democratic party when they were the racists are doing so i don't cancel the democratic party because they've built all these statues i mean listen i mean and i think extension of the logic that we're seeing in play so you think that's a bit different it's not a very nuanced and take because of course everybody knows that the republican party hijacked racists both in the southern strategy and so on and so where does because
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their strategy is nonsense i'm sorry that's that's that's a whole load the 2nd matter i said that i didn't cycle right there there are there are 000000 historically there's your historical senators or representatives that during that time period switched from one to the republican party that were previously jim crow democrats i'm sorry that's just not true. ok ok ok that that's not me and i'm i'm being facetious and i'm put opening pushing the overton window of course i don't want to see the democratic party cancelled i mean i also just really like to clarify the democratic party it's not the left or so. you know this is that this is kind of a really weird experience because we kind of are going like this because we actually agree on a lot of things ok except for this whole known and i think you know this really interesting because coffee really is being pushed to divide us because i'm basically a conservative the bullies more in the category of class because they would have
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a whole lot more. but that's for being to talk about that because that would talk about real systemic change instead of all this other nonsense they make everyone can chase their tail over as they as half the country is basically poor and with very little prospects but i mean what we're obviously right you're talking about here a t. test right now when we have a game let's see who's the most privileged white county in this program what a ridiculous exercise not to be but if someone will watch this program and say exactly as how the country is or go ahead. you know i figure actually right about that i mean the experience of course right now white people especially post reagan is that there seem to be quite in their standard of living and where i'm from in kentucky and i have many friends my my peers from high school and so on that have died from drugs and other things there is this death of what they call the death. i
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know people are saying their lives ruined and they have no economic opportunity or die so i was we have to understand that the united states is not a post racial society it's built on genocide made of people and slavery and so on and though we still have a remix of that today we are not of course racial it's society we still have some semblance of the culture which came before industrial capitalism and the united states our constitution was built was created in the 18th century and we still have a system from that i personally am like you i think i'm in favor of systemic change a new constitution a new government new state organs to totally and the system that we have now and i think that we we should have classes of very serious role in that though of course not the only one because of course the wealth gap in the united states is massive i think that the last estimation had a black family has 10 percent on average of the average white and that to me is despicable and race is inextricably tied to class and i think if you were to write
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history well one can make the argument and we are always very short of time on this program obviously a might get but i would say a lot of the the the social engineering that we saw with the great society all the way to the present has just created simple poverty communities all across the country and i think and there's no reckoning of that whatsoever ok because at the end if you if you look at the black family even during jim crow was more cohesive than it is today and in the last 40 years and it's actually the same thing is happening to the white family where you have more single mothers no fathers around this is this is 70 damage that is being done to society ok began to be brought up without a father more likelihood of suicide drug use criminality i could go on and on if you look at the family and not the black family or the white family or the brown family big family. that is
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a way out of this and i think brad would agree with me on these. well and i definitely agree with it you know it piece that i did recently i was discussing how a lot of the issues that are going on within the black community are really being discussed by black lives matter for one reason or another or another one thing that i had noticed when i did some research into their beliefs is that they really don't give. any damn about you know the the nuclear family they actually say that they think that it you know isn't relevant to the modern day i would completely disagree and i think that it is no coincidence that there are so many people that are within prisons that grew up fatherless you know and the fact of the matter is is that you know we cannot ignore these sorts of issues that are going on within our culture you know if we think that you know getting rid of the nuclear family which has happened within the black community since. i since the welfare state has been introduced and many what and many have even argued that that's part of the
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problem i believe yet save the fact of the young the the way that it goes is that we can't just like dismiss these ideas as verboten we have to ask ourselves you know is the way forward that we're that we're going to go are we really considering all the things beforehand but then again i guess that's the issue between in in a sense some conservative thought and some leftist left leaning thought i also say it is an issue with me is that you know as a conservative because i have nothing to do with the atmosphere like bradley is the thing to do with the democratic party i have nothing to do with the republican party because the republican party made the the. bargain with the devil by having its economic policies libertarian ok i believe i believe in i'm a conservative and i believe the state should be used for most conservative ideas 1st inform us the family gentlemen we have run out of time i want to thank my guests in prague and in bloomington and i want to thank our viewers for watching us
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here are p.c. and x. i'm remembered. for all those drones out. blueberry thinks. we dared to ask. when i was choked small seemed wrong all right old old just don't call. me old
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but you get to shape out this day and you can stick out to it and in again trade equals betrayal all the once on a find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. 54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to air force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area russia. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so that it 11000000000 barrels of oil. take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says
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no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on this story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know as we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again. the. news in my. brain to fans of a time that. was it was a bit. of on love as in the last. one we were in the same. scene the following weekend but i'm before going to combine them but. you know by now i'm by the imam about.
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this hour's headlines stories president trump revokes colon calling his preferential trade status. over china's new security law. coming up the horrific murder of a young female. come forward. or accused of feeling. victim claim she. being silent. in just the amount of control that the military has to keep it kind of quiet. but chief of police.


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