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nino will talk about the fires raging through the amazon the risks the indigenous are facing and a massive successful lawsuit against chevron for causing immense destruction in the amazon but they have sworn they will never pay what they are also coming up we'll go to naomi caravaggio with some other redacted stories and anders link for mind blowing old news about our national anthem but 1st here's my interview with paul pozzi mean yo the associate director of amazon watch paul thanks for joining me thank you so i have a lot of things i want to talk about let's start with the court case the digits in ecuador want to big court case some years back against chevron who had destroyed their land filled it with toxic chemicals refused to ever pay for the cleanup many have died from chevron intentional negligence they've now spent years running away from ever paying the billions of dollars that they've been ordered to pay and now
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they've even succeeded at getting the lawyer who won the case for the indigenous even don's a good they've gotten him locked up on house arrest by using a corrupt judge in new york city so i'm wondering is this all as insane as it sounds and big where does the case stand now. it's more insane than it sounds because that sir. and all of the unbelievable dirty tricks corruption lies rivalry in the days when you could write volumes about the tactic that chevron has used all to try to paint or when he didn't need it deliberately doing in the 1st place in the i'm right and let's be clear this is a perfect example of environmental racism there's no way they would get away with doing that to white people in california but in units around people in ecuador they can deliberately poison them. and never pay and turn around and blame them and that
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is the textbook definition these people are suffering because chevron profit and what happened was in 2009 before the judgment was handed down and ecuador but after years of legal battle already the company said our strategy is going to be to demonize dancing and they knew that the evidence was so hard against them it was irrefutable it was still so voluminous that they could never run on the merits and their only strategy was less target the new york lawyer and make this about some guy trying to get rich because they figured they could sell that story so they began over a decade ago trying to build a case to destroy stephen johns here and and wipe away any credibility of the case in the united states by saying you know this isn't ecuador the entire judicial system is corrupt all these people are just trying to get rich there are nippy later by this lawyer and they found a judge lewis kaplan in the southern district of new york who was willing to play
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ball with them and helped chevron build a case that it's a classic slapp suit and the only reason chevron is doing what they're doing now is because they fear that there was still be forced to pay for it otherwise there's no reason for them to spend money on lawyers to try to distort to destroy the answer because steven along with allies like amazon watch and others are seeking to enforce that judgment outside of the united states and because they continue to do their work chevron wants to silence him and people who work with him and that's why he's on house arrest so what it says to all of those who believe one you should try to work within the system is that even when you do large corporations like chevron are going to escape justice or deny justice by by simply ignoring it and to if you push to do that to go beyond that belt they'll shut down your life permanent well they've frozen his bank accounts they put him on house arrest for now he's going on 11 months. and they've scared or intimidated people from working with him from
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doing anything yeah it really does make a mockery of our legal system it shows how it's rigged for the incredibly wealthy corporation is this becoming a common tactic for corporations to go after the lawyers who win the cases against them. yeah yes it is and that's actually why hundreds of lawyers around the world are signing statements of support a statement on singer because they see the writing on the wall this is a this is a very scary tactic for anyone working within the legal system to confront corporate power there's a group called the protect the protest coalition it's a it's a group of environmental and human rights organizations that came together after greenpeace was sued because of the dakota access i plan protests and the same firm that worked for the trump ministrations sued them and you know made up this entire conspiracy about climate change saying that that these groups were conspiring to affect their business and they slapped them and they ultimately they won that case
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most of they're still one charge and they're fighting but all those groups looked at each other and said we need to have each other's backs because corporations are using this tactic more and more often to stop dissent to silence protest and that's not working is a system work yeah corruption all the way down. explained briefly what chevron did in ecuador i guess it was texaco then and now it's owned by chevron bought touch or go explain exactly what they did in ecuador and i know that the c.e.o. or the former c.e.o. said it would be the hell would have to freeze over before they would ever pay the billions that they owe but they really did turn the amazon into held in that. yeah so texaco was the very 1st welcome to true to drill in the amazon for oil it went there and then in the early 1960 s. they found that there was oil and there were going amazon based they had and there was a very friendly u.s. friendly oil friendly government in power at the time and they signed an agreement
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to exploit and drill for oil there they then spent over almost 2 decades drilling and deliberately dumping toxic drilling waters into the amazon the current the practice of the time in the united states by law and anywhere else. is when you extract drilling waters before you get to the crude you have to put it in storage tanks and then reinjected into the earth because it's got carcinogens other heavy metals and it's destructive to the environment and human health because there was no law at the time this is the 1st oil company to drill they simply dug pits in the ground in the rain forest didn't even bother to mine them and dumped toxic waste there and they created almost a 1000 of those hits over the course of a couple decades they dumped 16000000000 gallons of toxic waste by far the largest oil related disaster in history about the size of manhattan and they left it there and then in 1902 when their consortium and it texaco washed its hands up and said we're out now they signed
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a $40000000.00 agreement with the very favorable government at the time saying oh we'll clean up a portion of these pits that we left behind and then what they did was they spent $40000000.00 to push dirt over top of them until people that it was to live there and then they left and since that time they've been saying this isn't our problem it's the government of actors problem we didn't we didn't do anything wrong and we took care of everything we did and that's what's been poisoning people and well over a 1000 people died from cancer and other illnesses since that time the air the dirt over the pits reminds me of whatever you know exxon or or shell as an oil spill and i put the paper towels out because that the industrial paper towels that will that will solve the oil spill. does slightly slightly shift gears here we've heard a lot about the fires burning in the amazon it actually became a mainstream media story for one last year and it's in brazil and other countries
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as well but amazon watch as said that the vast majority of the fires are intentional can you explain. yes that's right so the process for what they call the fire season in brazil is a very this is a deliberate fire season this isn't because the climate changes and it's hot and things catch fire fires happen because of arson and that's a process of the forest station in order to graze cattle to gross or to de forest land for agricultural business so but so naro the current president he encouraged and make a huge increase in deforestation in the amazon prior to last fire season and that's why the fires there were almost an 80 percent rise in fires last year and he has continued to do so and we're expecting that unfortunately are going to be worse this season and it's because large corporations are profiting from the commodities their beer that are being extracted and many of the fires since votes tomorrow took place are being set deliberately on it didn't hysteric tories as well which is it
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huge difference from prior years this is demarcated supposedly protected territory but he has been encouraging people to go onto those indigenous lands and set fires and also are basically gutted the brazilian version of the e.p.a. so there's nobody there to oversee and monitor illegal activity when it comes to setting fires and the forcing lands because it gives an eager 90 percent reduction in capacity from for not and so that means no one's there to stop them from doing it and they're encouraged to do more so we're we're terrified actually that the fires this year are going to be even worse than last year and last year 11000000 hectares were burned between brazil and bolivia because of fires also spread west into bolivia as well there was quite a lot of territory that was burnt that those fires as well you know really is repulsive it's. you know destroying our future to exploit something for the next couple years of it really is just sad and as you said it is environmental racism
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because as you say me here in the us they often turn. to put the pipelines or the corporate sacrifice zones in the areas of people that are not white that are poor and they tend to have less political power so they can fight back. what are the tactics that you guys and others are using to to try and fight back and help the indigenous fight back in the amazon. well in the case of brazil impulse in our own in the fire season what we've done is partner directly with a p.d. which is the national indigenous organization in brazil and then we've been issuing reports identifying who's really complicit in this destruction who are the corporations and the governments behind wilson aros extractive and the profit that he's making many of them are in europe some of them are like j. b. s. . beef and there are other corporations and banks so what we've done is issue reports both in english from forty's and then we've in the past when we could
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travel we've brought indigenous allies to confront directly main many in the europe corporations and governments and ask them to prevent trade with brazil until they stop illegal before station or ask corporations to divest or not support extractive so there are financial institutions behind it large banks j.p. morgan chase and then large financial institutions like black rock that are investing in the companies that are extracting commodities they're the ones who are pushing the forestation and the burning boats america has as in a way he's made it easy for some because like tromping so outward with his racist attacks and that the kind of vitriol that he spews that indigenous people makes it easy for people who are i guess on the fence to say right we clearly don't have to do to do with this guy he's he's essentially involved in a genocide of indigenous peoples who are our hope is that one he's isolated himself
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so much and that to the world attention to the fires last season will actually read . really spurred more action this year from those financial backers to back off and not support the forestation that's leading to the fires in the western amazon we're talking about mining and oil extraction ecuador just suffered the worst oil spill in the coca river that it's had in in over a decade and it's still polluting that river and you've got communities that are isolated because the virus they can't fish because their waters have been polluted by oil spill and yet they can't leave in order to get food and many communities are facing starvation so we've been supporting emergency relief efforts to get communities the kind of support they need to be able to ride out the cleanup of this spill and push the government to actually take action to do it and then again same thing identify who are the financial backers behind this oil extraction a lot of it is china there are chinese or companies that have been struck in the
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western amazon while china tries to present it has a good image on climate reducing coal its center its been expanding oil drilling in the western amazon for years and then there are other oil companies that's welsh laine oil companies that are drilling in peru so we identify those companies and then who's investing them wacky because in the in that comes up once again they are the largest financer of climate change really on the planet and they've made some lip they paid to lip service to change your name policies to adapt to climate and to pay attention to the climate effects but it's just the beginning so we need to continue pushing them to actually make some real changes and i think it is starting to hurt chevrons brand. case in ecuador i mean i really do see it everywhere so hopefully that will eventually get to the point that they back off because you know no one sees this chevron brandon and thinks oh yeah wonderful how much they've done for us let's hope we can figure that day. for people that want to help out or be
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a part of fighting back for the amazon is amazon. watch dot org the best place to go. and i want to start working on the chevron case there's a site called make chevron clean up dot com where you can take an action right now directed at the u.s. congress and justice department specifically related to what they're doing to stephen guns here because this persecution of human rights lawyer is it is a dangerous precedent for anyone who's fighting for power whether it be chevron or black or any other group so we really need to rally together to protect his rights in order to protect all of our rights to fight back absolutely thank you so much paul thank you for if you go to a quick break but i really fast i want to let you know that the full redacted tonight episodes are available on the free streaming app portable t.v. that portable dot tv slash download all the segments of our shows will still be available youtube dot com slash redacted tonight but for the full episode and
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special content go to portable t.v. also you can join our free e-mail list by texting the word redacted to 33777 all right i'm going to be right back with more. 60. in the money isn't money i'm not in the hands of. the food not bombs like i'm the one on the plane to visit a town about what was it was in a time that was in a sense as if i'm left as an ally and i'm. probably getting the side of the. scene that i'm going to get but i'm before what economists mean by that. you know i have an alum body and i'm a band that. so
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy the infantry shouldn't let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical of the army times to sit down and talk. we are segregated only by social class lower middle class people also in poverty by 1st place if you're born into a poor family op you're born into a minority family if you're born into a family that only has a single parent that really constrains your life chances people die on average 15 years younger than if you're born into generational poverty. it's
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a tough fight every day soo meet your needs and the needs of your family. the world is driven by dreamers shaped by one person those. who dares thinks. we dare to ask. you.
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welcome back i am still. lee camp now we go to correspondent only here avani for some more redacted stories see elaine maxwell the name that launched a 1000 lawsuits the alleged coconspirator of jeffrey epstein and the potential person we will say didn't kill herself was arrested after a year in hiding we're did these diligent investigators find her brazil balrog. monaco central no the f.b.i. arrested her in a new wave 0 hamp she read. officers are said to have broken down the front door at the 156 acre property which is called tucked away in new hampshire how did she find that place through a travel service just for wanted rich people like on the run being a hide anywhere with the literal go to ways we service to osama bin laden and
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saddam hussein. the sex trafficking case would ordinarily be staffed out of what's known as the violent and organized crime unit but it's stamped out of the public corruption meaning a public official past or present is involved in at least some capacity reportedly the procuress maxwell who's facing a minimum of 35 years behind bars is ready to cooperate with the f.b.i. and name some names so many powerful people showed up to epstein's island of ill repute where he kept underage teens trapped by ghislaine prince andrew leslie wexner elon musk bill gates bill clinton and more the will of the president the list goes on i wouldn't be surprised if we learned elmo was there. i mean plus i always see him at parties for children so the network of elites must even be bigger than what we already think to be true googling it appeared at the u.n. not one but 9 times to speak on behalf of or charity connected to the clinton
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foundation terram are the world is divided into an area that we know well that has laws and regulations and an entire 45 percent of the planet that has basically no rules it is effectively like the wild west a place that has some rules conflicting rules and rules she is going to the u.n. lecturing people about the rules what the actual. at least she's not talking about saving the children to save the children the un. tearoom are her charity hope to create a global ocean community basically it was social media for the scene did the atlantic need a twitter account i think if it did she would say i don't normally get political on here but if we could stick to calling it the triangle trade instead of the transatlantic slave trade i would really appreciate it so what did param are
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actually do according to tax filings from 2013 to 2017 the organization gave out no money and grants carom are helped organize a march wrote a newsletter and launched a campaign to reduce cigarette butts that my friends is saving the world america's favorite lawyer alan dershowitz has been defending her and wrote an article titled the glean i know he's been also tweeting about his innocence in a very peculiar way literally hoping their child porn out there there have been suggestions that epstein made super videos of all the men who had sex in his houses in plains i hope he did and they are revealed because they will prove i am not among them since you don't have the videos you can get dershowitz his book guilt by accusation the challenge of proving innocence in the age of me to you know what that sounds like some light summer reading that exonerates dershowitz but also
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tells you how much work it was for him to do it. another disappointment about the case is that the indictment only covers crimes committed between $194.00 to 1907 meaning many powerful people including dershowitz will not even be involved in the case so yes he is doing this for no reason or maybe hoping that glenn won't throw him under the bus while there might be some taste of justice coming there's other disappointments in the case maxwell isn't being charged with rape or assault as the accusers allege it only covers trafficking in girls as young as 14 a judge ruled that lawyers must destroy scenes files that may incriminate maxwell and many other powerful people were waiting for these documents everyone's waiting for the documents dershowitz to weigh in for the documents. you know what by the time we get these v.h.s. tapes i'm feeling there's going to be no v.c.r. left on earth to play them now everybody wants to see this evidence as it comes out
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we're seeing confirmations that scene had connections to israeli intelligence there's the sex crimes of the elites and we're going to find out if epstein did in fact kill himself finally the world could catch up to read it. and finally today let's take a minute to learn about where our national anthem really came from correspondent anders lay has the mind blowing old news. or indeed has changed the way americans celebrate the 4th of july this year but we still tried to keep our traditions intact this past week and millions of families celebrated buz whom call sharing indoor grill tips living room firework displays in rock is digital renditions of our national anthem the star-spangled banner is undeniably character the tune after all was listed from a british drinking song or as it's known in britain
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a song. but few people know it's full historical context contrary to popular belief it was not written during the american revolution but the slightly less heroic and noble war of $812.00 america claimed to declare that war in retaliation for britain's trade blockade historians however have speculated that it had more to do with our desire to conquer canada years earlier thomas jefferson had remarked that taking over britain's call of duty to the north would be a mere matter of marching unfortunately for jefferson successor president james madison the canadians didn't live up to their friendly stereotype and lay down their arms before regaling us troops with the maple flavored most instead the american military was exposed as a vastly unprepared the state militias tasked with spearheading the invasion of canada fared poorly in unfamiliar territory their g.p.s. back then was just a raccoon they fed opium to by 814 the british had taken washington d.c.
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a century and a half before jimmy carter put solar panels on the white house roof the redcoats tried a lower tech version. a few weeks later in the battle of baltimore which inspired francis scott key is lyrics after he saw an american flag still waving strong after a night of bombardment. there is a verse in the original star spangled banner which we no longer sing no refuge could save the hireling and slave from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave that's because the british military in line with their mission to destroy the us economy decided to accept any slave man woman or child in guarantee they would not be handed back to their owner this was especially offensive to francis scott key an avid abolitionist who owned slaves and reveled in watching them die after of a is seaside betrayed him and that big star spangled flag of his seems like we should leave that verse in to show the kind of guy francis scott key really was but
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a knowledge of slavery's legacy isn't really the trend in american music these days . freed slaves weren't the only oppressed people in north america that the british made fairweather alliance with. the shanty leader shared a goal with the crown in establishing a cross tribal confederation in the great lakes region to come so wanted independence from white settlers while the brits wanted a buffer between the u.s. and canada it was a match made in hell for the americans who were defeated by this alliance before they could even get a shot off in the siege of detroit you may not have gotten every tribe on board but to whom said did build up a confederacy of 32 tribes and more than 10000 people during the war of 1812 but in 813 at the battle of the tames in ontario after a lackluster performance from his british comrades to coom so refused to retreat and died in combat and his dream of an independent pay an indian nation went with it the auto a leader nay wish who had stood with summed it up grimly since our great chief has
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been killed we do not listen to one another we do not rise together we hurt ourselves by we'll never know what society would be like to live to make his vision reality but historians speculate that it would look something like this. the army that killed the koom so was under the command of his arch nemesis william henry harrison harrison was ferociously inhumane towards natives in his time in the military and as indiana governor but he did go on to have the best relationship with indigenous americans at any other president of the united states that's mostly because he died a month after taking office was a great month come to think of it william henry harrison is probably the best president of all time and next national anthem should be about him. mindblowing old news i'm in or sleep with redacted and that's the show 6 watch out for
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my hands on guns and money i'm not one. of them saddam. hussein to boughs of a time about what was it was of a time that was in a sense as a bomb was more about. what when and what in the fight the fulfillment. seen the following became but i'm of the folks at aqaba in the film but i. now i'm by the imam obama.
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you can be bold with yeah you like. law and from the world headquarters of r t america our nation's capital this is the news with rick sanchez and hello again everybody i'm rick sanchez and we want to welcome all of you who are watching us from all over the world including those of you who are watching us on your phone using the portable t.v. something kind of mysterious is taking place in iran as we speak the story begins but certainly does not end with this video 'd that i'm about to.


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