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they got their little click they got their thing. they don't care about anything else. and it doesn't matter democrat republican they're all the same they're all i'm sorry to use that language but. they're in there for one thing they're in there to get elected. the reason donald trump sinners because he's a celebrity or he did this or he did that he is in there because he is not one of them and we are so frustrated. we had to vote him in if donald trump goes away we'll find another trump believe me we'll find another one the people dreamed this couch the people built this country at it's the people who are making america great again. the
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clintons and the obama was all oh they talked about families and children and justice and so on maintained these rights for corporations promoted the right of their companies to do whatever they want to around the world in a strange way it was those who might oppose trump right now who set the stage for him to be elected it was the very policies that would out north america i mean we created huge pockets of poverty we've never had in 100 years the same difference between rich and poor the class differences incredible they set the stage for a savior obama was supposed to be that savior and he wasn't and what happens after a savior fails you you look to something very different they set the table in my opinion for donald trump success do you find this contradictory in any way to be. a cabinet full of millionaires a situation. and were some of them have been accused of misusing their offices in
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terms of the lavishness of those artists or so and so forth. to trump state a promise to drain the swamp if you will i don't think he granted i think he moved again to the white house so they didn't drain the swamp he just moved to dinner. i think every politician is probably abuser or. why don't we totally drain the swamp right away clean up the feet altogether. why are we the people more actively involved. major contributions of far has been completely devalued the idea of regulatory oversight and so you know. department of education or scott pruitt. and these people who are essentially trying to dismantle government oversight from within the e.p.a.
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is regulators people that are jeff's. hundreds of thousands and then you add to it smudges live gambits like the tax cut like this recent bank lobbyist impartial repeal of the dot frank act they've been on their wish list for ages the stuff thousands tens of thousands of lobbyist essentially are writing the legislation every once in a while a bill will be submitted and the the lobbying firms name will be on it because the congressman messed up you know by not taking it off my question represented god well somewhat here's what represent me i'm just curious does it have does the legislation have some connection to alec this bill didn't come to me from alec in answer to your question but the reason i ask is because earlier you passed out a handout that says walt at the top and it says health care compact and there's a local right in the middle of that page and i went to the elec website and there is exactly the same the same file. the same size in the same logo president on t.v.
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another campaign promise after the president is now to quote do a big number on the dot frank act so he is the financial side to lobbying has succeeded in persuading the house of representatives to approve the biggest rollback of banking rules instead frank. into the bank lobbyists came to capitol hill and pressured lawmakers to weaken their safeguards to rollback those regulations although it was mostly republicans who voted for this measure democrats who are some of the biggest recipients of bank money also voted with republicans to roll back the signature accomplishment of the obama administration. jim 2nd when i was a leaf on our corner with the intercept. my name is leaf on. why is congress moving to remove some of those dodd frank protections was designed
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to prevent another crisis those tensions were actually extended into the community banking sector which did not have a cascade effect. and i defended it for 9 years and like a lot of people i think that there were areas in which dodd frank settle heavy on our smaller institutions in some instances having difficulty lending making small loans to small businesses so i know you have a history in the banking sector work to goldman sachs do you think that any influence on your decision about this while this is not a wall street bill this was a bill about providing relief to smaller communities to suntrust in space with so many other regional stadium banks now sarah was small right no no they don't as installed were 10 years after the financial crisis but congress is moving through some of these big you voted with republicans softer bill as i write i voted to support the community banks the bill is entirely your citi group along with some of these community bankers. and other big trade associations really hit the hill had
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a lot of lobbyist working on there you have it what do you think that the banking lobby and their campaign donations had any influence of the 2000 a fiasco that the bank said no no role in that debate you asked me to do they have any influence over the vote. and banking lobby have any influence on this vote go to see office and take it along with the money center banks were thrilled with this it's the community banks that like yes i did support the community bank bill and i think when people. and what things are that makes it really hard to write one last question you said the regional banks are doing very well thank you all right. are you concerned that the banking lobby bank lobbyists had influence over this bill that they have too much influence here on capitol hill absolutely i think the banks the gun lobby the pharma lobby all have too much influence here in congress
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this bill 252500 1000000 in the kinds of things j.p. morgan city think the kinds of things that talking about are not small banks so i don't know that anybody with a straight face can say this is an answer to that question this is. couching small banks in order to give big banks relief from these write necessary regulations thank you so much take care. in response to obama's one effort to clean up influence peddling in washington lobbyist simply deregistered became more secretive thousands of lobbyist said we're not even going to comply with the registration system and we're going to move into the shadows and continue to influence government but without disclosing what we're doing on paper there are something like 9000 or 10000 registered lobbyist but in reality that the number is closer 210-0000. on paper lobbyist spend about 3000000000 or so every year influencing the federal government but in reality that number is closer to 9.
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10000000000. you served in the bush administration now. and general company better saves a lot of military contracts what do you how do you feel about this issue of senior military officials government officials going to a large firms that receive major military contracts. as executive vice president of a major defense for vets receive billions of dollars in defense contracts. to interface with the pentagon have you spoken to either obama administration officials or trouble ministration officials on contracting issues. excuse me fran townsend here with just a quick moment i don't want to take too much of your time. shake and i host a welcome to washington fundraisers for you my law firm on k.
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street absolutely at 500 dollars and you can pick up 2025 grand get started in the. history of the species very much a history of domination exploitation no pressure in the hatred contempt and then the kalama of veiling forces the count of meaning voices against domination against a tree against and so you've got this struggle going on but that's what democracy is all about how do you interrupt the dominance cycles of domination oprah ssion hatred in b.n. resent we is concern for compassion in the specially a concern for the moles. and. the
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week. and the history democracy is like the history of the blues. because the blues is about catastrophe overwhelming catastrophe that seems to suffocate every effort. of improvement. and yet one steel keeps keepin on one steel tries to tell the truth one steel tries to fight for justice looks like you don't make a breakthrough good morning heartache here it is again. i was but is also one of would you recognize now i'm so surprised to learn you have break through the breakthroughs are real and so it isn't democracy. i
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am. one step forward 2 steps back 3 steps forward 2 steps back that's the history of who we are as a species both wonderful and terrible at the same time. aspirational and visionary on the one hand. and all present. in the blue zones then you can't you check both poles at same time and always preserve not your optimism preserve your hope your prisoner of hope the corporate elites they want to divide. they want to divide and conquer it is a strategy as old as the eclipse who emerged from the cave in the history of speech it's. been some cities in california los angeles and san fran. and particular
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what their biggest threat from an all games other black males who are involved in this crime and violence to keep the political commentary to yourself or as someone once said shut up and variable. will be right back. to fundamentals. they do all that they can to cultivate divisions oh ffs. i think we need to kind of just get back to realizing that modern medicine has a few some great things but actually when it comes to what has increased our life expectancy more than anything else in the last 4 or 5 you know lost upon 150 years most of these be public health you know modern medicine can be attributes to be maybe 3 and office 5 years. over an increase of 40 years in the last century in office and that's again something that people who we find
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quite surprising quite shocking. which. is your media a reflection of reality. in the world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere. direct. what is true what is faith.
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in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maybe in the shallow. big mosaic is the regular world that we started 1st. ours was roebuck. and his brother was to produce it. my nephew had killed a video. stand in front of a makeshift chics rest in peace at his name and all that is. and then 7 days later my cousin who i was close with more like a brother he was shot down in front of his kids he was walking into his house
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somebody walked up and he had his daughter. in the face of them said and proceeded to shoot. one of her. it's like you know our family was a good family and. and it's just like that reality i'm so tired of best cycle that we see in a city this happens you know i mean we had to eat some nights so i had to go do what i had to do you know maybe in the streets and ran the streets for. you know and i'm just blessed that i'm able to be here and be a parent now i guess my whole focus on life was just to give market a better life to my. president we have to understand this because of course we're talking about capitalism more production you know is talking about global realities
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because a profit maximisation is one that it lead to concerned about gaining access to low wage markets all over the world that has devastated so many poor working people of all colors places like camden where you have precious black brothers and sisters you've got white supremacy shot through this is the same capitalist process. and of course as historically the case slave holding capitalism for over 200 years jim crow capitalism former 90 years and the jim crow jr had to do with what now just devastating industrial working class as a do the escalation of mass incarceration only to to cripple the educational systems own to indecent on to communities and families. out racism is. terrifying it's core to the problem so is the sexism which we don't talk about enough they are essentially promising to for store
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hierarchy in which people know their place which men get their place this is what we refer to as patriarchy this is a society that runs around the sort of structure of a family where the man is the head of the family except the man is the head of society cam to get d.'s white supremacy forces capitalist forces patriarchal force is almost checkmate. precious brothers and sisters. these are not accidental bits and pieces in different places and all fit together in a very old fashioned way. it's all really about taking us back. to essentially a pre democratic period. was all really about a battle that the losers after $900.00 never except.
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for trade and defeat their right. as the only as the most powerful. bit by bit they put it back together again. and that's why you know in 1905 i felt i had to say things like we're in the midst of a coup d'etat in slow motion. the world is a. college of corporations. inexorably determined by the. immutable . business. the world. is a business must be. since.
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we've lost the ability to think. images on screens are ubiquitous. the truth is. every town in america certainly illegal immigration is 100 percent about voting 24 hours a day the democratic push russia narrative collusion narrative. we are bombarded with images. and images are confused with no. clothes no water expect turned up. we confuse how we are made to feel with.
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a game we can't success that's what it's all about success trump stakes are by far the best tasting most flavorful beef you've ever had because one america is united america is totally unstoppable although i'll be totally honest with you even if it's not united we're unstoppable said or. an understanding how systems of power work which you can only grasp. by investing yourself in a print based culture reading john ralston saul reading noam chomsky. but in a post literate society the books are still there but nobody picks them up anymore .
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dylan great to meet you good to see you yeah really great to meet you great owner well known as mine no. question which american. but without the rule of magination vision and courage shattering the indifference and shattering the callousness and that's the challenge i discern fight back in texas but also how do you conceive of every day people actually sees with the fire for a better world alternative but i think they are if they can figure out how to do it if they can feel that they are involved that it's about then and i think the great disaster of the last. 30 years is that a large part of. the liberal elite has basically given in to a large part of the themes of being basically anti democratic elite and so they
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they they they're then created to discourse a top down discourse which excluded people is it which really made those people who are the who are the guarantors of democracy the holder of the citizen made them feel excluded and once they feel excluded they start getting mad and they get mad or there's a new day coming those signs of hope a younger generation concerned about not just psychological crisis the planet concern the bugs the walls. people how do you think is knowledge for us in though it's unpredictable in indian history is a mystery just like love in life you just don't know we none of us have control you know when the the ruling classes think that there might be but they did not almighty they're going to fall sooner or later we don't know what form we just hope it isn't neo-fascist we hope that it doesn't return to the most barbaric and beast . of aspects of of our condition the human condition that's inside of all of us
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that's inside the hatred and the gangsta like proclivities inside every human being . and i think there's. pressure there. yes we're all there set up kind of. so webber's whoever's hungry and i need them date i help everybody here don't quote whatever i buy. ok when i got. there can you. right now kind of tell me i have to be here and help the people here 1st. when i am done that then i'll do that i put other people 1st. you know i've always been fascinated by them are modified. strictly in august you see them heading south. and of course they're going to head south
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across the united states to mexico where they all winter. and it takes about 3 generations to do the round trip so in fact known butterfly can be a god. there is no butterfly who knows how to do this who knows where to go. they're part of a civilization they're part of a community they're part of something which understands without knowing. their reminder to me of really how civilizations work we're all part of something just deeply deeply injured woven and this is the enormous flaw in the corporate star judgment that you can sort of slice everybody up into their interest groups and then get somebody who's a kind of you know miscellany and trump like figure who uses emotion to hold it all
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together and isn't actually the way society works and all. vasily grossman's great novel licenses he. writes about the evils of both communism and fascism the evils of idiology still seek to exterminate poll numbers of opponents people whether they're condemned by because of class or race. and in the novel he talks about the power of human kindness which he witnessed as a war correspondent he was in stalingrad and went all the way to believe. i am he said that the power of the human kindness means that i am it is not humankind that is tempted in the face of evil.
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but evil that is impotent in the face of humankind but i am because it is never able to crush that small kernel of class i and i think that's right i am not i i i think that. we probably only save the world one person at a time as well as i was aware of years ago. that those small unheralded acts of compassion. are what keep us human and ultimately are the seeds by which we can rise up against. the i. already or.
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other larry. bird. you you you. do you think it is how do you you. know you. do you know you. the world is driven by shaped by a person or those. things
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. we dare to ask. about me and by gnostic and so many people because they copy him is so boring that even such a bad cop is sending. i'm not here to anybody and. i'm here to find the next guy you. looked up never getting anyone to moving down the envelop the field red blood she went down party attempt.
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to deflect some of what a c.e.o. face is the reflection of what is happening say. that is got to be that that i got out from any answers. going to hear what i'm. going to go look up a. long long while and then he goes along the bottom the shipping list which airline control cannot all. handle a new person and laid down a $100.00 gandhi the new normal i'm going to run the series 1st to go to you then to mark you then damon join you. join me every thursday on the elec so i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to guest of
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the world of politics sports business i'm sure i'll see you then. in the stories the shapes the week violence subsides on the streets of portland does donald trump finally pledges to the pullout but the longest of. the mother of a 12 year old boy drank from his house in the middle of the night because it had a toy gun accuses london police the effort racial profiling. to disbelieve shows i was angry one. feeding the you know why. 'd you should know that. if you substituted the discredited trump russia collusion or.


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