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tv   News  RT  August 19, 2020 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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but actually that's a right because a lot to. people and take to the streets some to support their president many others telling him to go and within the anti-pollution go proud of their discord over the use of the flag . of the state. the european union confirms they will impose sanctions against the russian officials accused of election fraud and violence against protesters that's after european leaders warned against any external interference in the crisis. russia's foreign minister also urges against any outside meddling in the belorussian crisis after a look at raises his concern over european interference in a phone call with president putin. but he's going to do the research was deeply concerned about what's going on right now to reduce concerned by the attempt to
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explore each of these internal challenges facing by the race to interfere in them from a brutal. and a military uprising and mali sweeps the president from power threatening to plunge the country deeper and chaos. you're watching our 2 international coming to you live from the russian capital where it's just turned 6 pm welcome to the program the belorussian interior ministry has confirmed several new arrests in the ongoing strikes and demonstrations gripping the country has entered in the 11th day of unrest on wednesday crowds gathered outside the ministry of education holding the official red and green national flag there part of a movement in support of president lukashenko that's been springing up over the past couple of days and on the other side of the divide police dispersed peaceful
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protesters outside the minsk tractor factory on wednesday morning dozens had gathered outside the entrance to greet and support workers who are. on strike demanding the president's resignation and astral strikes have been gaining momentum over the past few days we spoke with workers outside a car plant. workers at the factory are not divided most people support the strike we want more justice and for everyone to comply with the laws of bill or. i do not like any of this peace in the country i want to live normally i want to look at protests in minsk on wednesday some people were seen at waving flags and that caused some concern. on. the e.u. has just held an emergency video conference on the crisis and belarus and we're now going to bring in our europe correspondent peter over for more on that and after
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that turn to roman cost of in moscow peter can you tell us what came out of those talks. i. believe you counsel president showed michelle rupp took the event by saying that the e.u. member states had agreed not to recognize the results of the 9th of august election . the european union student in so we don't reteach research of better research these elections nerd the free no further. north to meet international standards we don't we could nourish the results presented by the belarus authorities. e.u. commission president as lafond ally and confirmed that sanctions would be put in place on both deemed to have been behind the violent crackdown on protesters in belarus she also raised a few eyebrows by saying that there would be cash made available to the people of
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bella ruth day we gave them 3 clear messages. firstly we stand by the people of belarus one fundamental freedoms and democracy. secondly we will sanction all those responsible for violence repression and false if occasion of the results of the election and thirdly we are ready to accompany peaceful democratic transition of power in belarus and the european commission will mobilize now an additional $53000000.00 euros to support the belorussian people in these challenging times. all in all though it seems that was a stronger response from the european union than we were probably expecting heading into this emergency summit. this iteration has garnered
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a lot of attention what other statements have been made by e.u. leaders. well germany has the rotating presidency at the moment it as soon as that conference wrapped up as soon as that summit wrapped up angular merkel was in front of the cameras now the german chancellor was saying that bed needs to be no international interference in what's going on in belarus. vices than most and venomous should on it's own she's brain dependent cost to the country there should be no outside interference in the situation there the stuff can. be interesting to see how that flies with the statement from a sort of on the line what we were expecting coming out it's all face as they saw it was support for the opposition on confirmation on sanctions what we ultimately gault was a refusal to recognize the election result from earlier and oldest cash for the
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opposition coming from the european union. all right peter thank you for bringing us the european response now if we can cross over to roma has there been any reaction from moscow to that new emergency meeting. well initially indeed there was a reaction moscow colds the there is also the summit as strange but later on that was retracted one lithuanian prime minister said that's. there there's a need for another election in the billers however that was not said in the in the final message off the summit so nevertheless. schank oh he initiated gets another telephone conversation with his a russian counterparts to me or putin making it 4 calls in just 5 days now the president of belarus asked booth's him to send a message to german chancellor angela merkel not to interfere in the domestic
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affairs in a bill or he added that he doesn't see any point in talking to the european leaders by himself so it now looks like moscow is has become a direct mediator between the european union and belarus earlier russian foreign minister sergey lavrov while he said that he warned against external interference in belarus his internal affairs that. that's. what he's going to should be lucy conditions are we are deeply concerned about what's going on right now in better roofs we are concerned by the attempt to exploit the internal challenges facing bella groups to interfere in them from a brutal and it is not just meddling it is aimed at imposing rules that outside actors consider beneficial to everything we're hearing now from the european captions specifically from the both a country's poland and the european parliament has nothing to do with alexander lukashenko human rights or democracy but only with geopolitics. tell us what's the
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kremlin's view on the protests in belarus. while moscow is calling on all parties involved to have to provide for a genuine dialogue and they also said that according to the kremlin's words of the kremlin beller russian officials are indeed ready to speak to the protesters and to the opposition however interference in provocation from abroad certainly counterproductive now alexander lukashenko he's also a little earlier accused the west often financing the opposition and call for the e.u. foreign minister to deliver a warning to all european leaders not to fuel them dressed in ukraine any further but some of the central the shango had to say. what of those 8 safin and see that when you see this western countries are openly without hiding it raising funds and
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sending them to belarus we cannot track all of the funds as much if it is in cash but we see it we know what's going on and we will focus on this issue. well look at shanghai had another meeting with his country's security council and instructed it to strengthen the country's borders as soon as possible in order to prevent weapons and militants from answering beller russi here. also instructed the defense minister to begin monitoring the movements of nato troops in poland and lithuania. hieromonk course her moscow and peter all over coming from berlin and thank you for bringing us those reports. right to further discuss this we're going to cross live to clark journalist and broadcaster as we've just heard the e.u. has confirmed it will be imposing sanctions against fellow russian officials responsible for violence repression and the falsification of the election results
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what impact if any do you think those sanctions were going to have on the situation in belarus. they're only going to make it worse i think the hypocrisy of the e.u. today. is off the scale the e.u. countries have in them a motion to spend 2020 locking down their own populations in britain we had a draconian lockdown from march until the summer we're still under restrictions we had your quit you showed. on the late talking about fundamental freedoms must be restored about the rest what about restoring fundamental freedoms to the rest of europe what about restoring them to spain to italy to france what about restoring into the u.k. behave pop quiz she is absolutely off the scale here valorous is one of the few countries that did not have a draconian lockdown this year the people in meets work than the people were in london or in madrid spain or other european capitals and yet the e.u. has the gall to come up today i don't now take
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a government high course and announce that it was going to sanction officials in belarus get your own house in order 1st your readers before you start criticizing and getting and sanctioning other countries greece the official statement says the e.u. does not recognize the results of the belorussian election and that lucas lanka has already been declared person grada so does it look like they're going to refuse to deal with him from this point on. it could be a venezuela scenario where they you know point somebody else is the leader listen we go you know how how what the results were was declared the winner with 80 percent but that was true or not we don't know but it's equally wrong to maintain you could argue that the opposition won't get actions and the fact of the matter is is that when we talk about democracy in europe what about spain where we what we had 7 leaders of the catalan movement were put in prison right by the spanish will
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correct this. the last year we had a brutal crackdown on catalonia democracy protesters in spain we had a brutal crackdown on yellow best democracy protesters in france so for the e.u. you have any type of call to kind of lecture other countries on democracy and elections well let's have democracy in the 1st before that happens and we haven't got it when it comes to the opposition how do you think. it's going to be looking at these announcements coming out of the e.u. that's a boost for her. well yes and no because i think there are 2 issues here i saw in your clip you showed that there were opposition protesters and they were telling people you have the right to take down that doesn't mean our course because your the line taken from question has been that these people are basically stooges of the west and erstwhile of our land statement actually backs that up she's
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talking about giving people 3000000 euros to the opposition so look at should go he said i think what is to fire believe that if the opposition takes about it's the end of belarus as an independent country it will become a e.u. nato satellite puppet state. and so therefore the opposition is going to credit very carefully here with this e.u. endorsement because it's exactly what the bush and co is claiming that they are the puppets of western powers and if they are to maintain public support they've got to make clear to people that they are not because i'm sure that there are a lot of people in belarus who may. rightly or wrongly feel it's time for a change to look at shankly been in power on time but equally they will not want to see well arrested come from a puppet state of nature or the e.u. so i think it's a double edged sword for the opposition. but of course the money will be going in there that's wrong totally wrong for the e.u. to be pumping money into the opposition coffers of other countries they should be
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keeping out of it well exactly they're saying that there shouldn't be any outside meddling warning russia to stay off i do believe that daniel and said it should be this money would be going to the bella russian people but how is that decided how is that figured out and do you think it's possible that the opposition might actually reject that offer and they were asking for the e.u. to not recognize the results of the election but to go as far as sending that much money. what i think that we have in discussions in the opposition about that close it is problematic for them if they are to try to maintain this you could say protect it may or may not be that they are not being guided from abroad but i think let's just reverse this can you imagine if so they love or announce that russia was going to give $53000000.00 or euros to the people of britain or the people of spain or italy this would be absolutely condemned as russian interference and russian meddling in british or spanish or italian whatever you want to see what you did that this huge fuss about russia which was nothing big nothing burger and yet here
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we have a credible the commission boasting about how they're going to give you 3000000 children people of belarus this is rank interference so you only have to reverse and say what would happen if russia announced that they were doing this it would be totally condemned and it should be told be condemned when the e.u. does it as well. we've been speaking with journalist and broadcaster neil clark thank you for joining us on the program today thank you jacqueline with those world powers turning their focus on belarus artie's daniel hawkins finds out what's at stake. just a fortnight ago many western viewers may have barely heard of belarus that will change the thousands paul out of the streets in protest over the disputed presidential election is the country's geography which between its big east the neighbor and europe sees the interests of international players intertwine and clash. officially the e.u. is dismissed the elections as neither free nor fair. as persona non-grata and
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already begun drawing up new sanctions lists citing human rights violations in the wake of police violence because it is withheld e.u. why discussions on sanctions against those responsible for human rights violations how these sanctions will be organized and whether there will be further restrictive measures depends on the further actions of the bully russian authorities. condemnation was perhaps predictable but there is no shared view of what comes next the baltic states and poland have been the loudest critics of location while hungary has stopped short of outright that l.c.a. sion others still have sought a balancing act the e.u. can't turn a blind eye neither can it risk having it be stabilized neighbor state on their doorstep and confrontations with moscow a longtime ally of minsk are getting tiresome. so it's no surprise putin has been busy on the phone holding talks with merkel mark kroll
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and the european council chief we all see russia as an actor that can help influence or regulate the situation a better routes is russia's closest historical alloy a vital economic and military partner and the buffer zone against nato over recent years have seen their relationship strained to say the least nevertheless moscow would surely rather put up with look at yours to the west than risk chaos on its borders the russian side emphasized that any attempt at external interference in the internal affair. years of belarus which could lead to a further escalation of the crisis would be an acceptable. for many years but it doesn't exactly been a top priority for the united states in 2006 they slap sanctions on minsk for you guessed it democratic elections and in 2008 the country's expelled each other's ambassadors but earlier this year things began to change for the 1st time since
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1904 minutes got a visit from the u.s. secretary of state. generously offered to meet all of his energy needs and extended a helping hand the united states wants to help the roof's build its own sovereign country this leaves washington with a dilemma should they carry on befriending look who may be interested or put their bets on the opposition and it's the uncertainty in minsk one thing is clear washington has its own interest in belarus the possibility of another u.s. friendly state on russia's border could be a game changer and as protests grow in a country suddenly thrown into the international limelight and with multiple interests at stake all actors involved hold their breath as they play out their next move. the us democrats have officially nominated joe biden for president in a virtual boat during day 2 of the party's virtual convention but despite efforts to attract younger voters with a star studded lineup for some the event has fallen flat.
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without a doubt it will be the most boring repetitive gold meanspirited convention in history of. the d.n.c. so far feels like one long on you tube usually skew. this convention so far makes me think the democrats are the party ready to lead america into the. party crowd i'm dying which means an instant message is good but just in what you.
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both democrats and republicans are making a raft of campaign promises including about american military interventions joe biden says he wants to see an end to forever wars his track record on peace that leaves a lot to be desired while a quarter has the details. donald trump's surprising 2016 election victory had a lot to do with one golden promise and america's endless wars i am proposing a new foreign policy focused on advancing america's korda show interest to avoid endless wars that we're caught up in the current strategy of toppling regimes with no play and for what to do the day after only produces power vacuums that are filled simply by terrorists we now know he didn't deliver on his promise but many
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americans still long for that away says of peace and in 2020 the opposition understands this all too well democrats know it's time to bring nearly 2 decades of unceasing conflict to an end and left wing right wing it doesn't even matter polls are showing that 3 out of 4 americans want troops withdrawn from afghanistan and half of them want to see cuts to the military budget when it comes to u.s. foreign policy the vast majority of americans are fed up with never ending war and yet the democrats are supporting joe biden as their candidate a man with a track record of supporting conflicts. let's start from 2002 when joe biden jumped right on the weapons of mass destruction bandwagon and supported the u.s. invasion of iraq clearly be more secure without saddam hussein in position of weapons of mass destruction almost 5000 american soldiers dead thousands more iraqi civilians killed a catalyst for the rise of the islamic state i wouldn't say any of that fits into
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most people's definition of peace and security even more times than. not having it. there are no you. as barack obama's v.p. biden cheered on america's longest war in afghanistan he called it a success and promised to bring the troops home that strategy is succeeding and as a consequence the president is making good on his commitment to bring our young men and women home right on schedule while here we are 2020 and so little has changed it just goes to show us operations in afghanistan are more about dysfunction than success what are we trying to do here we didn't have the foggiest notion of what we were undertaking if the american people knew the magnitude of these dysfunction syria libya pakistan yemen the list of countries that were bombed while joe biden
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was vice president is very long so are we supposed to believe that he's going to put an end to years of endless war you decide well biden was there he was in the room where it happened as you say he was there for 8 years of obama so he can't divorce and so through obama's warmongering policy pretty rich for the democrats to pretend now that they're the peace part of the because we had 8 years of president obama starting more wars i think than any president in decades before hand before him more drone strikes more volume ings more killings under president obama hope it was all for everyone's own good when in fact just last month when president truman announced he wants to remove 12000 troops from or you want to remove troops from afghanistan the democratic party that controls the house actually teamed up with liz cheney daughter of dick cheney to try to block and they actually passed
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legislation to try to prevent the end of the longest war in u.s. history so for them to now say we want to and endless wars it really is a farce who knows that the voters will buys that's nonsense. german authorities have confirmed that in a. incident on the berlin highway tuesday night is now being treated as an extremist attack at the ready say a series of car bombings were religiously motivated 6 people were injured with 3 in critical condition a suspect and iraqi born refugee was detained prosecutors say he deliberately drove his car into several other vehicles witnesses say he began shouting god is great in arabic and threatening to detonate explosives at the time authorities also confirm the suspect was known to them for extremist behavior and he spent time in a psychiatric hospital in 2018 he was also apparently facing deportation from germany the suspect is expected to face 3 charges of attempted murder. the un security council will soon be convening to discuss the military coup and mali
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soldiers there have overthrown the president and say they plan to set up a transitional government and hold new elections. this is really a civil society and political movements are invited to join us to create the best conditions for a transition towards credible general elections to exercise democracy and plot a road map to the foundations of a new mali. the country's president appeared on state television announcing his resignation after he was attained on tuesday during a military revolt he said his decision to leave power would avoid bloodshed in the country. i would like to inform you of my decision to resign from my position with immediate effect and with all the legal consequences this entails the dissolution of the national assembly and of the government. to say is uprising began with a shoot out at the current military camp close to the capital a group of soldiers detained their senior officers before marching and storming the president's residence i mean he was swiftly condemned by the african union the e.u.
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and the head of the un neighboring countries have closed their borders calling for sanctions against revolutionaries who fall several months of protests in mali which saw the opposition demanding the president's resignation over corruption allegations and the deteriorating security situation. people here jumped for joy to say a final farewell to mr walker kate he's no longer our president. nothing is going well and i mean you can we are all suffering but the too tough it does not say to us we must advocate for dialogue above all. historian gerald horne claims the roots of mollie's latest insurrection can be traced back to neighbors and intervention in libya. this cool accept was basically a result of the 2011 tragic overthrow and murder of more market duffy in libya engineer by the united states of america and its nato allies particularly britain and france that crude and murder of gadhafi led to
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a leakage of tons of weapons into neighboring mali which got into the hands of religious zealots who call themselves muslims who since that time have been waging a brutal and bitter war against the soldiers in bali of whom can kill as a result this in turn has led to a french military intervention backed by the united states of america and it's also helped to generate unrest and instability this might be on the verge of seizing power and bomb a ko which could have a negative knock on effects throughout the neighborhood not least in quote the wall in guinea. that's been your global news breakdown for this hour thanks for tuning in.
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what else should seem wrong. but i'll. just tell. me we'll get to see palace just days after. and in detroit because the trail. went something to find themselves well it's a part we just of the common ground. an entire village in alaska has had to move if another country threaten to wipe out an american. we do everything in our power to protect the. water then escaping climate change poses the same threat right now alaska seems some of the fastest coastal erosion in the world we lost about 30 feet. 35 feet of ground in just about 3 months while we were measuring. is fast and that
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means the river is $35.00 closer than how. was your or i think we're part of a 1st for. a low end welcome to cross talk where all things are considered computer limbo it appears a new cold war is in play this time waged against china what are the terms of engagement what does it mean to win this conflict and is all out war possible how did the u.s. and its alliance oh i say find themselves in this situation. to
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cross up this and more i'm joined by my guest when he came in london she is a policy analyst and senior lecturer in chinese international political economy and in washington we cross i mean he is a senior fellow at the independent in. ok i'm going to go to you 1st in washington i mean if you look at the mainstream media as it was russia gate seems to wind down the banks have come out for china and some of the groups some really very very harsh editorials are being written there in the washington post new york times and they can a.t.o. press and even in the british press here is this a new cold war and if it is how is it did.


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