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tv   News  RT  August 26, 2020 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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protests turned violent as demonstrators defy a curfew in the u.s. city of does come after police there allegedly paralyze a black man after shooting him in the back while i run the u.k. the black lives matter movement also reappears in the headlines there is the b.b.c. temporarily scraps from the ritz for to colonial era songs we put the issue up for debate in. the front room equal society in a deeply ritualized society you know executed this wanted. to live. in freedom of speech takes
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a bit of blow on minus facebook blocks of green from thailand criticizing the king social media giants increasingly choosing which protest movements to support or silence and disarray effects both the democratic and republican conventions but democrats refusing to back their party platform and the g.o.p. is not even presenting an official platform at all. like it often and welcome you watching r.t. international has just gone to a clock in moscow now hundreds of protesters in the u.s. city are defying a state of emergency curfew designed to calm days of unrest rallies erupted after police shot a black man multiple times on sunday 2 people were killed overnight amid the unrest in the 3rd victim series gunshot injuries was taken to hospital numerous me. yes
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reporting to the perpetrator was a young white male with an assault rifle with a base has not yet been officially confirmed his more on what took place overnight . feel few. was next and i was going to majority of. was a cop was. on my mind the courthouse. police firing at me from all. of the cracker how we thank you was i was i there's thousands of protesters. from from
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all over the place they came from cincinnati and made the sotto everywhere it was you know it's really changed out down there tonight i was down there for the 2 days i got yes i got yes the other night in flash bang i had a couple friends like i buy some rubber bullets down here. they say they're very nice. ok well let's look back then at how the unrest in wisconsin began on sunday and also its causes a word of warning there you might find this video disturbing it does show police shooting jacob blake from behind his family say the 29 year old is now a power lies in the waist down the highest mountains watching the whole thing cierra says the current protests were hardly surprising. and the only people who would be surprised other people to believe the issues of institutional racism in this country i mean i remember back originally when black lives matter 1st started
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were trayvon martin and then you know you had mike brown eric garner and you had case after case of these shootings of young black men and women across the country were officers were never really held accountable for that and you had protests and grab these kind of false you know. dog and pony show styled fixes of the institutional racism without really addressing it without really you know taking it to task of really changing that culture and that nature in this country that allows these things to happen so no it doesn't surprise me that we're seeing once again george floyd now this man in wisconsin it's an ugly sick pattern that's not going to change until there is real actual honest change in this country and that doesn't come from just you know politicians getting on t.v. and promising reforms that never happens. but it's also anger to it why can i show offices that still don't have body cameras which would have shed more light on what exactly happened at the weekend despite city authorities approving body cams way back in 2017 supplies have been delayed for at least another 2 years from now what
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he can rule is in a moving inconsistent city shelf this is don't have the material in other parts of the states they are not any in most anywhere that must keep a foot each month in case an investigation. has been spawned that could have been incredibly useful in any case. it is institutional failure and by the way there it is not true that there are not clear regulations in fact the governor of wisconsin has set out very clear guidelines for how body cameras are to be used how long footage from those body cameras is to be kept in public record when that's all been laid out so that the problem is when you have a situation like what we exactly what what we had in this community just the other night this is why body cameras are so badly needed over and over we see it because an officer tells one story the person who it is in confrontation with police tells
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a different story witnesses tell a different story and then you have the story of those who manage it in some cases certainly not at all but in some cases get to use their cell phones to capture any . version of what happened right because the the still camera video that we see from a distance is not the whole story it's a snippet the moment of it but body cameras are supposed to protect the officer and the person who's being confronted but there's been such a push to not use body cameras to run away from that technology that it becomes disingenuous when there is a situation like this and now the mayor says oh it's a budget issue it's not a budget issue it's a lack of will issue. now in the u.k. the b.b.c. has inadvertently opened up a debate about traditions and britain's colonial past in the wake of the black lives matter movement that after the public broadcaster confirmed it is for moving the lyrics of 2 songs at its flagship concert the proms 18th century song rule britannia has been criticized for its links to slavery while land of hope and glory
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penned in 1901 plugs the british empire british prime minister boris johnson insists though that the country shouldn't be ashamed of its history i think it's time we stopped of 3 g. embarrassment about our history about our traditions and our culture and we stop this. by recrimination and witness i want to get that off my chest or the b.b.c. does point out that the lyrics will return next year once they can feature singh is in a cave read free environment we put the issue up for debate with the concert itself dividing opinion. prince of multicultural country there's anthems written in the. early 18th century prefix of britain's imperial past so well and good maybe this reclaiming museums where they rightly belong but i think on the national broadcast we don't want to hear that sort of stuff and certainly somebody my background if
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you are black or asian or from one of the commonwealth countries then the implication that brits will never be slaves doesn't hold quite true for you and neither you or the cendant snipe think almost everybody in the country likes it and they enjoy this up in the one night a year the last night of the problems it's been going on since $8095.00 so that's when the problem started so it's a carnival culture it's a part of our heritage and they should state review it's not the place of people who have just started working for the b.b.c. to state that they can stop us singing britain's a multicultural country is not the country. land of hope and glory how can we pay be patriotic to a country that formally because black pretty citizens as we saw it when ross county we want to have a real debate about the nature of citizenship more than prepared to help it but to try and suggest that this country treats everybody with equality before the laureus
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complete hogwash in fact we're an unequal society and a deeply racialized society hasn't been proven by research time and time again singing songs about touching and then we need to find a new tune and you would signal with them that reflect the modern realities of britain in the 21st century in this country in the united kingdom there is nothing going on it's the same as this you know it's a kingdom it's one of the best places in the world the black and brown people to live it's not a racist country this narrative that there is systemic racism simply isn't true look like go on i'm a london assembly member and. we've got an indian secretary you've got in india the chancellor of the exchequer yeah no i do that you know it's not all white people to say to black people this is a wonderful country not racism doesn't exist it's for black people white people actually this is what we think and the well meaning member response of black people
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when they're surveyed by ipsos mori and others in the post black life much of movement is a pretty nice remains or a racist country so much like the sort of romantic. drivel that we just said a relation to this being some sort of wonderful meritocracy of anti-racism in the b.b.c. got to reflect a changing culture of the times and we see programs removed from the b.b.c. like look died neighbor and god knows what else and there will be more of that to come up salute he sure and this is just another element of that that was something completely different i wouldn't agree with that we're not talking about but we're talking about last night the drums and yeah what did the b.b.c. want starbursts you find that you have diversity but you've got to have tradition in that you've got a city by british culture not every other culture. and that's what's so wrong about this. but still ahead this hour in the world film festival goes gender neutral strapping separate awards for actors and that crysis would be lost though this will
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actually help the film one film industry become more in place if as playing that story still to. come right advocates are furious that social media giant facebook is blocking access to a 1000000 strong protest group in thailand with the group's criticism of the country's king we're thailand is witnessing mass pride democracy rallies with some calling for reform of the morning facebook says it would rather not shut down the group but is being pressured by thai authorities and these fighting a legal challenge against officials however in other countries facebook has no qualms was. of about challenging authority our senior correspondent rick as if examines ny what made him behind the apparent double standards. this is an entirely new paradigm we're witnessing the birth of a new type of censorship customized tailored censorship what you say no longer
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matters it no longer matters where you're from what matters is who you say it against. thailand has a very specific law it's called the less majestic and what it does is criminalize any negative speech towards the king all the queen of the air or the 2nd there and so on so the rule really cannot be criticised by anyone if you beg criticize the queen's dress for example or the king's haircut you face 15 years in jail 15 years this now apparently includes international criticism so on facebook for example which just banned uprooted more crecy group of $1000000.00 people for hurting the king's feelings after careful review facebook has determined that we are compelled to restrict access to content which the thai government has deemed to be illegal 23rd century you can't criticize a person because his father gave him
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a shiny crown and told him he was special having said that there are many many people in thailand who almost worship the rule family which is their right among their fans too in fact is the u.s. secretary of state you know it is a long shares relationship shows a set of 200 years and i know we will remain great and good friends for the next 2 centuries as well we could report mr pompei stark raving duplicity and hypocrisy after all mr pump arrow's happy to cozy up to. the saudi king for example it isn't dictators who regimes that mr pompei will facebook have a problem with it's where those autocrats are from. remember the united states government shouting itself or server what was happening in hong kong freedom justice liberty they shouted over and over again their
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facebook promoted through democracy groups and cracked down bad proved china groups a slew of them we costly working to detect and stop this type of activity because we don't want our services to be used to manipulate people the united states and other free nations will continue to protect our peoples from the long arm of beijing's authoritarianism i mentioned earlier customized censorship this is the result censorship the lid to a time and the place new one rule for all so you can fight for freedom so long as you're fighting for freedom from someone that the united states doesn't like if you're fighting for freedom from othello who's prepared to ruin your and your family's life because you wrote a mean comment about him well you can't do that see he is pump alles pow.
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and here we are europe's last dictator they call him lucian ko same story really a part of the population loves him a part of the population hates him and pump ale has a picture of them hugging each other really does have a collection not one they're still trying to decide by the way washington facebook is this an autocrat who is good for america and should they threw the proved democracy groups under the bus and label them haters. who is at a disadvantage though his daddy see he didn't give them a crowd and say that it protects against rowdy peasants. same say that my pump is also facing flak at home because the democratic party is pledging a probe into his appearance by video link at the republican national convention bracing for trump he did it while abroad in his official capacity as secretary of state. this president has led bold initiatives in nearly every corner of the world
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today because of the president's determination and leadership that isis caliphate is wiped out it's gone just 2 weeks ago the president brokered a good story peace deal between israel and the united arab emirates this is the deal that our grandchildren will read about in their history books president trump has put his america 1st vision into action it may not have made him popular in every foreign capital but it's worked well for him doing that has apparently broken the very rules he set for the state department employees and memorandum bans officials from endorsing a candidate at a convention rally or similar gathering political analyst at last and very bruno did tell us pompei i had to back trump because the stakes are just too high compare is violating. american called the hutch which prevents officials of an administration to speak in favor of that administration bear himself i believe
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wrote a letter. to his diplomatic staff about a month ago saying they should refrain from political activity of this kind this is not a diplomatic move but what about what is diplomatic about the trumpet ministration the risk by elating the hatch act because the potential benefits in voting terms are greater less than 3 months to go until the us election increasingly blatant cracks are appearing in both the republican and democratic party platforms kind of mop in as more. the conventions mark the final stage of the u.s. presidential election so they mark the moment when the 2 major parties come together they rally their forces select their candidates and then go all in for a big win in november the conventions are expected to be a moment of unity however divisions are pretty clearly there beneath the surface
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for example 25 percent of the democratic party's delegates voted against the plan for governance known as the sanders biden unity platform we need a platform that works to read our society for pressure and greed unfortunately in my view these platforms doesn't do enough republicans decided to not even have a platform and just focus their convention on renominating donald trump and interestingly the list of republicans who are supporting joe biden is growing now many big name conservatives as well as former elected officials are on the list i'm a lifelong republican in normal times something like this would probably never happen but these are not normal times and these are certainly not normal times a pandemic is sweeping the country with many parts of the nation still on lockdown protests against racism are on the rise and poverty is increasing donald trump is now hoping to win over voters with hughes show r
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r yes if you want to really drive him crazy you say 12 more years. a man who cares a man who loves america and all americans a man who is tired. even tonight during this nomination the president's wrong means you need a leader who will rebuild the promise of america and ensure that every citizen can realize there are american dream democrats are not really offering much of an alternative just a list of some rather vague promises all we had our of the light not the darkness the end of this chapter of american darkness began here tonight. as love and hope and light joined in the battle for the soul of the nation neither candidate is really offering any solutions for how to get the country out of the big economic social and health care crisis meanwhile national unity is not very high on the list
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either many are speculating that donald trump won't accept the results if he loses and we clinton has just advised joe biden not to concede to donald trump under any circumstances joe biden should not concede under any circumstances eventual way i do believe he will win if we don't get it right after the elections it looks like we'll be back to square one the big problems underlying these divisions and on rest are not going to be elected away it will mop and artsy new york. still had the washington's envoy to the un accuses diplomats of supporting terrorists just refusing to back it saran sanctions plan will have more maps of the stories to just up the price.
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one else seems wrong why don't we all just don't call. me world yet to say proud disdain comes to educate and endangered because the trail. went on many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. if you go to the symphony and in orchestras warming up and huge decision as it is tuning his or her instrument so you hear this and there are year all these sounds of noise about it but it's gets a kick. it's disorganized and then the band the orchestra plays and you get music so what the brain does and what the maker juveniles do is is organized or orchestrated sees one collapses.
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again the other has been a shop price in the number of 1000 cases in lebanon off this month a riff in chemical blasts in the capital beirut with hospitals overwhelmed thousands of coronavirus victims and not getting proper treatment. it started after the dog was eased because of the financial crisis that we would gone through. and then the explosion happened and a lot of people doing you know after the explosion would not really observing all
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of the safety measures wearing masks and save social distancing so that resulted in even the biggest surge. out of the before the explosion we went on and on those stores and with the explosion we used a whole lot to have to teach us 1000 plus testes that get to the emergency loans and or to hospitals so this aid. to moment is what is keeping us going and eligibility to keep patients.
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the u.s. envoy to the u.n. has launched a stinging tirade against american allies accusing fellow ambassadors of backing terrorists or because the u.k. france and germany for once refused to support washington's bid to reinstate sanctions on iraq that trump administration has no fear in standing in limited company on this matter and light at the unmistakable truth guiding our actions. i only regret that other members of this council have lost their way and now find themselves standing in the company of terrorists washington demanded reinstatement of all pretense of 15 un sanctions on tehran security council allies refused adding that the white house had no right to initiate procedures in a deal it would the video link session. it is clear for me that there is one man where it's at the arctic oscillation on issues well there
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are significant numbers of members who have exists in my view that is not once answered in the council that the president is not in the partition. xtend. and can security analyst mike maloof says the pushback by u.s. allies to send a clear message i think iran is boid by the fact that the u.n. security council almost unanimously shot there on a u.s. proposal to continue the embargo on arms so they feel and i think that this is a signal this was a signal by the allies of the members of the security council to say let's keep that agreement go in and i think you're rama's pano probably follow suit as a consequence and not do anything to disrupt that channel. now the berlin international film festival is scrapping separate awards for actors and actresses in a bid to remove discrimination but many do warn its attempts to fight male
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domination in the industry a purely symbolic. in the. signal. in the film industry.
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it is a slippery slope discrimination in his opinion not less. do you agree with those says all regards this is the most distant bollix just general. and us so many it's an balik just d'oeuvres the end of. it my actually be counterproductive to its its own stated goals in the sense that if you're not all
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male and female and yet you're in the center. then you will necessarily have to start some kind of patients does and more or. even out the. discrepancy being female and male it works so well i think actually what you do is just removing the problem into we're not there than actually erasing it just kind of hard part of the afternoon here in moscow could have a company without a we're back again at the top of. join me every photo speed on the alex simon short and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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is you'll be a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. high salacious cool community. are you going the right way or are you being led so. direct. what is true watch is. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or remain in the shallows.
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you know we look at the solutions we love take a deep dive into the issues they've been chatting about all year now today we're going to be talking with any old widow moore also known as n l w of the breakdown hot cast fans following him on twitter for a long time bless him to his cot cast you know the great thing about this whole new universe of media states is that people who might not get on media get on media and then they. rise to the top and suddenly they're like wow these people are awesome and i was put. in there to. see. and hear. and. keep watch. and see.


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