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tv   Cross Talk  RT  September 2, 2020 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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choose there he praised the police tensions between supporters on black lives matter protests and ramped up during his time in the city can osha is the latest us hot spot for rallies and riots against the alleged racism and police brutality that's after a black man was shot by officers last month after resisting arrest and attempting to get back in his car 2 people were killed in the protests that followed the shooting with the city suffering must of damage to personal property is this is the president has again stress that u.s. police are not systematically racist. i think that police do an incredible job. and i think you do have some bad apples i think you'd agree every once in a while you see something and you do have the other situation to. under this tremendous pressure in the they don't hit a lick well. well trumps main presidential rival joe biden has posted a video of himself and his running mate. a socially distanced shot they discuss mr
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trump's alleged inability to deal with the coronavirus crisis you know you think of all the people today who because of the negative way in which this president walked away with dealing with the cove crisis my god the way it's been responded to. but are people getting tired of the to and fro back and forth well many voters it appears are turning their backs on the 2 party system and looking for alternatives one growing movement is the new people's party at a truck to thaw our sense of americans to its virtual convention over the weekend breaking dawn what was on offer and. deep divisions in america and dissatisfaction with centuries of 2 party rule have forced many americans so look for alternatives on the heels of the democratic and republican conventions 8 people's convention was held gathering the hundreds of thousands of disappointed
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left wingers and the people must have a. president we don't need a. ready to cry for a new major party 2010 days of the people's convention feel that neither candidate really represents a choice for the working class instead they want political leaders who will stand up to wall street and the political elites long. as you. can tell that criteria of integrity to wall street was certainly delighted when joe biden was nominated as the democratic candidate perhaps this is because joe biden has admitted that not much is really going to change when speaking to his wealthy donors i mean we may not want to demonize anybody has made money no $1.00 standard of living will change nothing would fundamentally change another theme at the people's convention was the constant expansion of us wars and the expanding
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presence of u.s. military forces overseas as soon as i take office i will ask congress to fully eliminate the defense sequester and will submit a new budget to rebuild our military it is so depleted we will fail. we're going to have the strongest military we've ever had by far. we're increasing arsenals of virtually every weapon we're making our military stronger and more powerful than ever before attendees of the people's convention called for free college for all a green new deal and an end to mass incarceration they slammed joe biden for not supporting medicare for all even during the pandemic with all due respect to medicare for all you have a single payer system in italy it doesn't work there has nothing to do with medicare for all that would not solve the problem at all protests against systemic racism and police brutality and gulf the country now have both candidates throwing
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gasoline on the fire this president long ago forfeited a moral leadership in this country he can't stop the violence because for years he's fought management here supporters here supporters and they are your supporters and did shut a young gentleman ho and killed him now with paint over the bullet. and i think it's disgraceful people's convention attendees voted at the end of their convention to form a people's party that would sweep the us elections in 2021 and hopefully take control of the white house and the us congress by 2024 3rd parties have always existed in america but they generally get marginalized and pushed aside while the 2 major parties dominate the political stage however the people's party is hoping to reverse that trend and become a new force in american politics seizing the spotlight it will mop and artsy new
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york interesting to see what kind of dent they make one writer and comedian run pleco and says neither of the 2 main parties truly reflect the views of the majority of americans. it's been a very very very long time since there was a new viable political party in the united states but if you kind of look at what's going on right now contemporarily now seems like the time for history to repeat itself and the bigger issue at hand here is just how far the. pandemic has shown that we have a corporate coup for a government we have a banana republic we have a government that not only doesn't give a hoot about public opinion but works actively against it and this is by design republicans are only able to be as horrific as they are because of how ineffective democrats are similarly democrats are only able to be as ineffective as they are because of how horrific republicans are. just not reflect the people who live here
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the largest voting bloc in the united states are people who don't vote and people who don't associate with either political party. you're tuned in to a full 60 minutes of news this hour i'll be back with more updates on our big news story of the day the. case the ramifications of it today lots more global news as well so you shortly. now look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. i robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such conflict with the 1st law. should be very careful about of personal knowledge and the point is to create. every. thing on theories
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johnson with artificial intelligence will summon the demons. must protect its own existence and existence. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. trade and investment to become metrics bills to economic development. most people think about trade they think about goods and services being exchanged between
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countries and the investment chapter of a trade agreement as opposed something very different but won't when investment leads to toxic menu. trying to destroy sacred sites or ruins the environment. that means local communities that are being poisoned and if they object if they do anything that the company feels is interrupting their profits they can. also take the whole nation philip morris is trying to use i guess d.s. to stop work away from implementing new tobacco regulations aimed at cutting domestic smoking rates a french company sued egypt because egypt resists minimum wage democratic choice trump corporate law joins us as we try to find.
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your back with our international let's start in the middle east where dozens of palestinians clash with israeli soldiers in the west bank as tel aviv steps up its drive to build the new industrial zone there 'd. several people were reportedly injured during the confrontation the israeli forces have been tasked with protecting heavy equipment including bulldozers will be used to clear the way for the new zone which will be located near the city of tal carro . you know all this year the israeli authorities have intensified the demolition of homes in easter islam they say were both illegally it's helping the spine of course the covert pandemic and ongoing economic crisis in the area though in many cases as you're seeing here the residents themselves are taking in the settlements as they
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can be charged large fees or find if there are other crews have to come in to do it he is really in this apology in jerusalem insists the homes are only torn down if built illegally without a special permit however local human rights groups say there's little real chance of obtaining such a permit for palestinians. as you can see i was forced to demolish my own home because of the fines i worked the night to build this house for my family and then these really authority surprised us by calling of the 2nd dave telling us that the house had to come down they didn't even care about the holiday or the coronavirus situation the actions of the israeli government tried to make us leave this land but no matter what we won't go. we saw what happened with them and we've seen this happen time and time again the municipality destroyed my shop income i needed to feed my family the municipality won't allow us to build houses which
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forces the palestinian people to do it without a permit or. the humanitarian disaster in yemen a brutal impact on the country's younger generation after 5 years of civil war many children have been forced to drop out of school an attempt to earn money just to feed their families the situation has been worsened by the pandemic and aid groups are saying urgent help is needed. this is a good thing. i was forced to go to work because my father is sick his back hurts he can't work any more.
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than i was lucky to find this job i'm watching to support my family but the wages on and not. letting up on we don't have anything to eat sometimes we receive some donations we live in a small place inside a mosque where the rent is $60.00 a month but i can't afford it. yet children are definitely the most affected by the war in yemen those who survived the direct effects of war such as sniping or indiscriminate bombing now have to survive the suffering and manual labor.
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the u.s. is marking 75 years since the surrender of japan which officially ended world war 2 here in moscow the american embassy held a virtual concert dedicated to the event. the anniversary marks the moment japan signed a formal surrender agreement on board the u.s.s. missouri in 1945 the concert featured music from the war period the organizers said the goal was to remember the shared sacrifice of all the allied nations the concert featured celebrated russian and american musicians and you can watch it on the
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embassy's facebook page. still to come this hour more live analysis on the case the fallout from germany's announcement that he was allegedly poisoned with novacek and watching r t international. shows seem wrong. just don't. let me. get to shape out just the conflict that's occurred and in the game equals betrayal. when something you find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground .
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throughout its history just how just with the self-proclaimed islamic states terrorist group have recruited up 230000 following us from all over the world to find fault. in. sounds of russian citizens left their country to join the terrorists often bringing wives and children with them. and i didn't post on you you see me as and you could no. more knew the. hundreds of children and widows were held captive all disappeared. back in russia those children's families wait them search for.
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the world is driven by a dream shaped by. the dares thinks. we dare to ask. you welcome back to the probe. and we start with our top story germany is claiming
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that russian opposition figure alexei navalny was poisoned with a novacek nerve agent in a volley is currently in a medically induced coma and birth in hospital after being or lifted from russia 2 weeks ago the russian foreign ministry says its requests to berlin for information on the case have so far gone. well we can bring in the guest to the program political analyst nicolo markovitch. us here in the newsroom you've been digesting this story we've got a little bit of time to flesh it out on some of the the issues surrounding it there's so many unanswered questions in this case but it's very quickly becoming a big international scandal with world powers weighing in do you see any way that this situation can be deescalated so a calm and sober investigation can actually take place not. it shouldn't for sure concerning russia this is never the case don't forget it let's look at the google
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picture of the context we've got. some sort of uprising in the rest which is a bit surreal down and it's you that the situation is calming down in belarus people who point in europe we've got montenegro this weekend who just voted for it for the opposition. thousands and they may even think you know what the government believes in the next government and they're very pro serbian pro russian we've got nord stream to which we could be signed off and now going to merkel said a couple days ago that it would be signed unfinished this year we've got these are 3 victories at the end for russia the west isn't happy with this so they have to find some sort of scapegoat the have to find something to somehow the russian because these are new success stories for russia so they're going to abuse and use this and we've seen it already and in french media on the b.b.c. talking about. an opponent to being poisoned by a move which of course this is going to make the headlines for the following days unfortunately the west does not know how to manage these cases with them with or
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not with enough of it just like in 28000 in salt spray the alleged use of chalk nicolette is being treated as a smoking gun with people saying only the russian government could could have used such a thing but back then as i'm sure you remember i do many weapons experts said that other countries had the capability so it makes the makes it far from clear cut doesn't it does the use of novacek actually prove anything no it doesn't prove anything at all we know the west have absolutely was they've got no big shock and they've got and they've got a. chemical weapons which are stresses dangerous so. this can come from anybody you cannot figure point the credit no no no proof whatsoever and there's something which is kind of fishy of the story so we're supposed to believe that the russians would have you know we tried to get the scripts and they would have failed then they would have. used the same chemical weapon against development and they would have failed and at the end they would have given avani to germany doctors this
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makes no sense i mean you know they won't be using chemical weapons invented in the seventy's at least for for something so they said this is not just the way russia russian works or. doesn't make any sense why would russia do this right at the time where it's winning it doesn't have to do this it doesn't do this and if ali is not such a big star in russia anyways and of course he's a very popular blogger figure in russian politics but he's no threat to put an end to to the russian politics he's a he's a lost an assett so the west is using this again maybe want to show him something bad on russia because the can't stand russia that's the bottom line it's a very valid point is that what you bring up about who who profits or does the russian government profit from from carrying out such a thing we look at it in a nuanced leveled way which i really haven't seen in the west and i'm waiting to read it by line or an editorial or something saying why would they carry out such
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a thing in this way on the level of heat the north stream to all the things that you've been chronicling there that come with it what's the point. and again this is just their way to be the they've just got to face the fact that russia is again a major european paper that more also western russia or europe is very happy to have russia as a partner for gas that we see that french farmers are very sad today he that they cannot sell their products to russia because we've got our position superior it's a position coming from washington but which is i would say. the mainstream political parties are very western very active they've got a position where it's not possible to be working well with russia why why this is the only good and they've gotten everything every time they've got a problem with the success coming out of russia they have to slander they have to
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do something you're going they have to say this is a kremlin organization some organizing something devious this is not the case and i think this is this is just the end of this western rhetoric because the nessun as people are believing it and why would it if the crimean had organized something or tried to. nevada which is preposterous the kremlin will do that why would that hand the bond you know with germany of all things this makes no sense i mean just didn't want it it would never have done this so just goes to show that the west has to use this method this is a method they've been using for a long time ok it's for a long time there were no medias against the west to show the coup now people who got a bit of pure idea of what's really happening and we've got to see more objective information coming out and we've got to use this information to get the truth through because this is very important i do want to reiterate of course that this is 1st and foremost the story about a man whose life is potentially at risk you know with that in mind you've got the
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u.k. the u.s. where you are in france germany all saying essentially the same thing that russia needs to provide answers but russia's foreign ministry has said it has no question to answer because it's been given no information surely a better line of communique. needs to be established 1st and foremost here. well of course and that's why we've got diplomatic brooms and missions you don't do the future point you don't you don't judge a case before you get the information this is why this is just proof actually that the west is in a political scheme because normally when there is such a case through the embassies through the relationships we get information what went on what information you have how can we have this is the way it goes on because this is the way countries work together and it always been working together when all of us and you get the information one day after all announces that nordstrom 2 is going to go through when we know about us and everything starts hard it just goes to show that the west is not is not handling this in
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a proper case some people very very high places in the west can stand. when you are just just are not but sorry to interrupt but just on not exact point but nordstrom to you you've got some reaction increasingly happening today from the u.s. republican senator tom cotton he tweeted within the past hour halt the north stream to pipeline to hold the russians icons about no prob no investigation just do it does this seem a little opportunistic energy supplies that are brought into this it is 100 percent opportunistic. the u.s. plans to sell its own gas. as the real deal that's what they want to do they want to sell their own gas and this is not true to pipeline is going to stop that for for decades and this is going to have a hard time selling its more expensive less ecologically gas over to europe if this plan goes through and this is why we're talking about development and we have seen
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the same kind of stories during the the world cup where they try to sound every time a finger pointing their finger pointing russia same story since you were there syria and russia alliance for defeating isis every time it's. it was the same river and west asked her to cope with russia being again a major player in this some sort of opposition as well because germany for example is extremely happy to receive good cheap good quality gas from russia so at one moment or another germany is going to have to have some courage as well merkel has had some she said stuck to the u.s. but at one moment yes to stop slandering russia she has to say russia is a partner we're very happy with this we don't know what happened with with me this is a very serious case it's a very we won't do we're going to try to help out but we want to the morning we won't judge without any proof without any evidence there are many people nobody has many many people may want to poison him let's go to the let's have
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a thorough investigation and then we'll do the judgment and this is a process the west has to go through this is important because russia is here to say russia is going to continue developing its economy and the west needs russian economy we've seen in france as i said before the farmers are devastated by the sanctions many european countries are devastated by the sanctions so we have to stop this in our own interest also to washington to get out also at one moment or another of europe's business you can add to this to you mention by a republican senator is preposterous stopping him in the ww your project which is going to help the european economy just because we think that maybe somebody in russia did something wrong to somebody else this makes no sense this is not serious thanks for touching on all those points we threw it to you there really appreciate it later i went to taping as well political analyst nicol america life on the program and we will be continuing at that story and
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a whole lot more besides in about 3 minutes from now you're watching our to international live from moscow hope to see you there. join me every thursday on the elec simon short and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. trade and investment to become magic spells to conjure economic development. most people think about trade they think about goods and services being exchanged between countries and the investor a chopper of a trade agreement is about something very different but what one investment leads to toxic manufacturing that destroys sacred sites all ruins the environment. that
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means that if local communities that are being poisoned if they object if they do anything that the company feels is interrupting their profits they can they serve no multinationals of taking on the whole nation philip morris is trying to use i.s.t.'s to stop tour of the way from implementing new tobacco regulations aimed at cutting domestic smoking rates a french company sued egypt because egypt raise its minimum wage democratic choice of a trump corporate law and join us as we try to find don't want to. seem wrong why don't we all just don't hold. any new world belief yet to shape our disdain comes to advocate and in games from an equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. throughout its history with the self-proclaimed islamic state terrorist group have recruited up to 30000 foreigners from all over the world to fight for the. sounds of russian citizens left their country to join the terrorists often bringing wives and children with them. and you could no. more new the. hundreds of children and widows were held captive disappeared.
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back in russia those children families wait for search for. ways and with a substance from the north he's the victim for crime someone tried to shut him up breaking news an artsy the german government declares russian opposition figure. was poisoned with a chalk nerve agents of the kremlin to receive the details of berlin's findings. also coming up as r.t. news are the french said. sharlee reprints its culture of. cartoons reigniting. the terror trial gets on the.


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