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tv   News  RT  September 2, 2020 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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he's the victim for crying someone trying to shut him up breaking news on arch international the german government declares a russian opposition figure alexina was poisoned with a nerve agent. yet to receive the details of. french magazine charlie hebdo reprints its controversial cartoons reigniting debate as the terror trial gets underway for 14 suspected associates 5 years after the attack in paris. and thousands of americans say they are desperate for an alternative to the 2 runners vying for washington's top job in the country.
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broadcasting live direct this is r t international certainly glad to have you with us let's get right into our breaking news story right here in our 2 international germany has claimed that russian opposition figure election a volley was poisoned with a nerve agent from the nova chuck group a volley is currently in a medically induced coma in a berlin hospital now after being airlifted from siberia about 2 weeks ago russian foreign ministry says requests to berlin for information on the case have so far gone on answered earlier my colleague you know neil was joined by our correspondents but i've got to have and peter oliver. well german chancellor angela merkel said that there was clear and unambiguous evidence that alexei novelli the
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russian opposition figure had been poisoned using a novacek agent she said that this volley at the bundeswehr institute a german military. tree this is credited certified by the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons the o.p.c. w. going on to say that this was an attempt to silence alexei novelli and it was a crime against fundamental values now the german chancellor and the german foreign minister heiko mass of both called for in this case since bush took to the informant soon it is all there is that one of the leading opposition figures in russia has been poisoned as specialized laborde 3 of the armed forces came to a clear conclusion and that i mix in never in the last poisoned with a substance from the north he's the victim for crime someone tried to shut him up the aisle for we demand an investigation into the poisoning of our legacy now while
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we condemn this poison elixir and in the near future will hold consultations and how you are adequately respond to it it will also depend on russia's response to the case of you peter there's been further reaction both within germany and globally as well we've seen statements from several countries on the way well on the merkel said the world was watching the novelli case to find out what happened to him and that's been represented in the reaction we've seen from european leaders it's outrageous that a chemical weapon was used against alexina vote on the we've seen 1st hand the deadly consequences of novacek in the u.k. the russian government must now explain what happened mr we will work with international partners to ensure justice is done i was informed by chancellor merkel that russian the position they didn't advise it was attacked didn't know the agent in his own country this is a despicable in cali act one sick. again there betrayed his need to be brought to justice of the nato secretary general again stoltenberg is also commented he said
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it was utterly utterly condemned the use of a military grade nerve agent while a statement from the white house said that washington was deeply concerned and that they had no reason to disbelieve the statements coming out of germany thank you peter well let's continue in some of the aspects daryn that there are with our senior correspondent. there had been hardly the news about the for near enough a week now in that russia had said various requests to the german government for information they've offered legal assistance for now vali the russian citizen they've offered medical corp for the doctors the treated him after his initial exposure to the to the substance before he went to germany and russia had heard nothing back and russia has come out here and said that they've gone on the record saying you know you want to the visual investigation you want the truth you want to
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find out what happened why aren't you talking back. instead of a thorough investigation into the joint work. which should be to establish the truth our partners our own pity for more of the same public speak minutes without presenting any facts russia is do we need to do for an official response from to the request from the russian security office what is continually being spoken to by as regards today's developments is the script case in solidly in the u.k. some 2 years ago what what's the link or what's the alleged link between here we have a remarkable situation which mirrors what happened in salzburg back then with the script almost entirely and that is new communication that is absolutely new can. an occasion from great britain back then susu the russians learned that. never i only
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had been that they had found new which i couldn't in the valleys system from the news so the germans didn't see fit to to inform the russians through diplomatic channels through through any any of the channels that they have booked but when straight to the headline which is quite extraordinary way to get under the rug he called this loud speaker did the diplomacy sort of you are talking so if you having a conversation you were talking to the public rather than the person another parallel being drew and is no the chalk is one of the most toxic dangerous substances on earth that mankind has discovered this is a tremendously dangerous substance a drop a drop of new jokes if shared out between a population can kill hundreds of people if it gets into their bodies it is incredibly depending a lot what form it's in it dissolves in water it evaporates into the air above 20 degrees celsius which is 3 live temperature and yet we have never found they
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apparently been exposed to this incredibly dangerous toxin on that flight packed with people and incredibly dangerous substance which evaporates in the head dissolves and it is even if you touch something that's contaminated and nobody else has come come forward that there are and there were plenty of opportunities for people you know to be who is sitting next to him to be exposed. me to. come. yet. where were things heading when you put all of out when you when you see the
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developments in the last few hours where does this issue seem to be going well when you when you utilize as we mentioned loudspeaker diplomacy completely still unwilling russia soufan hours of the. out of the vents out of affairs refusing to share even lab results with russia but the modern west again there's often an agenda involved and that agenda is germany has very close ties to russia and there are many who would see germany cut its ties with russia cut its economic ties the north stream to project with billions upon billions evey's part of europe's energy future its energy future designed to pub billions of cubic meters of gas from russia into the heart of europe german opposition already coming out and saying that we will to put it would seem to get of suspend the entire thing
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it's almost completed merkel had previously said that into the gas pipelines and europe's energy security it is a separate thing it is separate from politics it is separate from from all the drama you know all the. advantage seeking and she said that in her in a very direct manner go with us i think that we should couple this issue and in our opinion north stream 2 should be completed the dust hasn't even begun to settle we don't know where this is going to do what we do know is that interested parties. will do anything will do anything to take advantage of this opportunity and to try and put a split division chasm between germany and russia and they do i think go to great lengths to do so we also spoke to various analyst for their thoughts on election of ali's case and the berlin's findings. if the germans had
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got clear evidence of nova charcoal something like that being used they should give that information over to the russians and the russians for their answer that didn't happen with scruples and with children and i doubt whether all happen again and there's many questions like you know he was on the airplane then he landed why isn't body else got ill i mean again another echo of the scriptural case as far as i can say we need some transparency here before we start escalating this into any kind of sanctions trade war or god help us and he kind of military conflict let's just think about it for a minute if that's triple story was true and that russia tried to murder. case cripple using not a child that attempt failed spectacularly he didn't die and everybody found out about it russia was roundly accused and it led to a massive diplomatic crisis but we really supposed to believe that russia has done the same thing again though with novell me it was the only opposition politician in
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russia that anyone's ever heard of in the west you'd have to be very very critical us to believe that such a thing is possible it is i'm afraid impossible whenever such a thing which such a diplomatic reaching thing happens maybe you always have to ask. who is benefiting who does something was that and we have as we have already heard a situation where there are heavy forces will go who want a closer relationship between russia and germany specially according to nazri to project but also the thing that you have to ask them what could the russian government benefit of such a thing with these opponents politicians there was no danger for the russian government with the election were forced to believe that the russians would have you know to try to get the scripts and they would have failed they would. used the
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same chemical weapon against novotny and they would have failed and at the end they would have given avani to german doctors this makes no sense i mean you know that they won't be using chemical weapon invented in the seventy's and eighty's for for something that are today said this is not just the way russia russia works and it doesn't make any sense why would russia do this right at a time where it's winning and of course is a very popular blogger figure in russian politics but he's not threat to put an end to the to the russian politics he's a he's a western ass so the west is using this again to standard maybe want to show something bad on russia because the can't stand russia any course will be providing updates and analysis on that of all the case and another drug claims throughout the coming hours right here on r.t. international.
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is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. place elation and community. are you going the right way or are you being led. to. what is true what is. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or i'm a bit of a shallow. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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welcome back this is our team international now 14 suspects have gone on trial in france over their alleged involvement in a series of terrorist attacks in 2015 the satirical magazine charlie hebdo was one of the main targets alongside a jewish supermarket reports now from paris. well charlie hebdo is back in the spotlight here in france and that's because as that trial is underway that important trial it's decided to take a bold decision according to some some of described it perhaps as being more idiotic and that is to republics some of its most controversial cartoons which
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depict the prophet mohammed the muslim prophet now it was those types of cartoons that were published by the magazine that initially put a target on its back and led to that attack back in 2015 in which 12 people were murdered now back then the world came out in support singh's use 3 sharlee saying they supported the right of the magazine its freedom of speech to publish cartoons like that but by republishing these cartoons again today a montage of them it has reignited the debate here in france over whether or not it's ok to blast fim now there has been some polls done with the news that charlie hebdo was reprinting some of those cartoons and it's really interesting the results that have come out this is a poll that's been done by the french institute of public opinion now it found when it asked the french people in general what they thought was this the right thing to
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do and that the majority of people supported the decision supported the freedom of speech of charlie hebdo but when you narrow that field down and only asked that question to french muslims there was a very different response was 69 percent responding that they didn't think it was right to publish those cartoons in the 1st place now everybody seems to be getting involved in this issue from the president right the way across through social media everybody has an opinion and those opinions are polarized there isn't from a freedom to blast fim which is attached to freedom of conscience i'm here to protect all these freedoms why would you allow a publication to wreck your kid. harmony all. this is not freedom of speech this is disrespect in the sentiments of all the muslims around the world still pining behind freedom of speech it doesn't give people the right to say whatever they want to choose decency and their ticket so freedom of speech will
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again be used as an excuse to hurt muslim sentiments and our beliefs and while we condemn these actions openly vehemently no heed will be paid because who cares about muslim sentiments anyway now this trial is hugely important not just because it's about the attacks but it's also about the attacks that took place a few days later on a kosher supermarket here in paris where more people were killed and what the national anti terror prosecutor here in france are said while this might not be about the men that carried out those attacks because they are dead this is about that why do web of individuals who supported them who perhaps finance them or shielded them in the aftermath of those attacks and this also comes as font says interior minister warns that while this trial is about the historical event an event that is still something that is poignant in french memory there is also
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something that we must remember he talked about and that is the fact that there is still a huge threat of terror here in france it is the internal threat within our walls which has become the most significant and the strongest one which mobilizes the most attention of the intelligence services are now also talked about more than $8000.00 individuals still being on a french database of suspected islam ists that could potentially pose a security threat here in france and he said that their full attention was needed on those individuals talking about the resilience of networks such as islamic state and he also mentioned the number all. of individuals in prison that are connected to islam is threats and talks about the verticalization in prisons he said that the majority of those individuals who were radicalized in prisons have then gone on to commit their own terror offenses when they've been released now the trial is about
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those 2 massacres that surely abdo and the kosher supermarket here in paris and they heralded in a new wave of terror that has and compass fronts now for more than 5 years. so while many people thought the focus would be on the trial starting in paris many people are now looking at what surely abdo has done with the republic ation of those controversial satirical cartoons of the muslim prophet mohammed with many people questioning whether this was the right decision was this about sort of standing up for freedom of speech was this about remembering those who was slain at
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its offices or is this something that could really radicalize islamists across the world and incite a new wave of terror. donald trump has ignored calls from local leaders to stay away from the violence stricken city of canal show in wisconsin arriving on tuesday he praised the police. now tensions between trump supporters and black lives matter protesters ramped up during his time in the city is the latest u.s. hot spot for rallies and riots against alleged racism and police brutality that's after a black man was shot by officers last month after resisting arrest and attempting to get back in his car 2 people were killed in the protests that followed the shooting with the city suffering massive damage to personal property and businesses the president has again stressed that us police are not systemically racist. i
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think the police do an incredible job. and i think you do have some bad apples i think you'd agree every once in a while you see something and you do have the other situation to. under this tremendous pressure and they don't handle it well our troops main rival joe biden is also going to visit cannot show he gave a speech after a briefing with education and health experts and took the opportunity to slam the president's handling of the coronavirus this time regarding the reopening of schools that would be clear if president truman does ministration had done their jobs earlier in this crisis american schools would be open to be open safely. are meanwhile many voters it appears are turning their backs on that the 2 party system and looking for alternatives one growing movement is the new people's party and it attracted thousands of americans to its virtual convention over the weekend parties and comments. deep divisions in america and dissatisfaction with
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centuries of 2 party rule have forced many americans so look for alternatives on the heels of the democratic and republican conventions 8 people's convention was held gathering the hundreds of thousands of disappointed left wingers and the people must have been this. president we don't need a. rallying cry for a new major party going to be attendees of the people's convention feel that neither candidate really represents a choice for the working class instead they want political leaders who will stand up to wall street and the political elites long. as you. can tell the criteria of integrity wall street was certainly delighted when joe biden was nominated as the democratic candidate perhaps this is because joe biden has admitted that not much is really going to change when speaking to his wealthy
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donors i mean we may not want to demonize anybody has made money no $1.00 standard of living will change nothing would fundamentally change another theme at the people's convention was the constant expansion of us wars and the expanding presence of u.s. military forces overseas as soon as i take office i will ask congress to fully eliminate the defense sequester and will submit a new budget to rebuild our military it is so depleted we will prevail. we're going to have the strongest military we've ever had by far we're increasing arsenals of virtually every weapon we're making our military stronger and more powerful than ever before attendees of the people's convention call for free college for all a green new deal and an end to mass incarceration they slammed joe biden for not supporting medicare for all even during the pandemic. with all due respect to
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medicare for all you have a single payer system in italy it doesn't work there and has nothing to do with medicare for all that would not solve the problem at all protests against systemic racism and police brutality that have in gulf the country now have both candidates throwing gasoline on the fire this president long ago forfeited a moral leadership in this country he can't stop the violence because for years he's fought management here supporters here supporters and they are your supporters indeed shut a young gentleman ho and killed him now with paint but with a bullet. and i think it's disgraceful people's convention attendees voted at the end of their convention to form a people's party that would sweep the us elections in 2021 and hopefully take control of the white house and the us congress by 2024 3rd parties have always
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existed in america but they generally get marginalized and pushed aside while the 2 major parties dominate the political stage however the people's party is hoping to reverse that trend and become a new force in american politics seizing the spotlight it will mop and artsy new york writer and comedian to run plug on a says that neither of the 2 main parties had truly reflect the views of the majority of americans. it's been a very very very long time since there was a new viable political party in the united states but if you kind of look at what's going on right now contemporarily now seems like the time for history to repeat itself and the bigger issue at hand here is just how far gone the doowop really is the pandemic has shown that we have a corporate coup for a government we have a banana republic we have a government that not only doesn't give a hoot about public opinion but works actively against it and this is by design
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republicans are only able to be as terrific as they are because of how ineffective democrats are similarly democrats are only able to be as ineffective as they are because of how horrific republicans are. just not reflect the people who live here the largest voting bloc in the united states are people who don't vote and people who don't associate with either political party or news in about 33 and a half minutes this is our international they're with us. ily. ily. people. the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person those. who
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dares thinks. we dare to ask. the president's press conference from the new state department auditorium march 23rd 1961. i want to make a brief statement about laos. it is i think important 'd for all americans. to understand this difficult and potentially dangerous problem. these 3 maps show the area of effective communist domination as it was last august and
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from december 20th now to the present day the end of march the communist control a much wider section of the country. the position of this administration has been carefully considered. and we have sought to make it just as clear as we know how to the government's concern 1st we strongly and undeservedly support the goals of a neutral and independent layo. to no outside. group of powers threatening no one and free from any government in. my fellow americans they are far away from america but the world and. the security of southeast asia will be in danger if laos loses its neutral independence i want to make it clear to the american people and all the world that all we want to lay off.
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and. that you and i want to. by a model team tim jump through hoops. i'm going to. tap that on the ball couldn't own a real could be alive. when we when you're hungry we should note that i mean that would i would use that all would molineux all negative. much in a moment and. then as you read. down on it. and then a new thinking. from
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june 1064 to march 27th the u.s. thought it is true 1000000 tons of bombs on its land long southeast asian country in what would become the largest bombing campaign in history one to one lane road every minutes 24 hours a day for 9000000 years more than were trapped on germany and japan during world war 2. the. reach the danger and the more of an. iran. you're proud to go out and respect them and your job you have and the. president handed over the war effort in laos to the cia.


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