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tv   Cross Talk  RT  September 8, 2020 8:30pm-9:01pm EDT

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really became his drug dealer so who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers all the government. hello and welcome across up we're all things are considered i'm here roosevelt all across the board trump is down in the polls and not just by a pointer to traditionally incumbency alone is enough to win reelection but this time around it is a race trump made lose and let's be clear this has little to do with joe biden how did we get to this point.
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discuss this and more i'm joined by my guests across in washington she is a democratic strategist and political analyst and in los angeles we grossly joe collins he's a g.o.p. congressional candidate in california's 43rd district court process up rules in effect that means you can jump any time you want and i was appreciate ok traditionally i go to the person i got up early it's for this program as joe in los angeles welcome to the program joe and i hope i have a nice cup of coffee to keep you company donald trump's in trouble in the polls and one in looking at the candidates the of joe biden which i have to say quite honestly i can't imagine how it inspires anyone so obviously this is getting down to being a referendum on the tram time terms of time in office was that a fair characterization a referendum less than an election. no i wouldn't think so and a reason why is because he was down in the polls whenever he ran against him. and
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he will not double digits like this i'm sorry. i mean still going to pose down the polls regardless of how much you're down i think what they have to remember is he's running against joe biden i mean he's in my paintings and i'm one of those races politicians and the entire united states and when you think about his history politician if he you know out of space america and then what he what he did and why he was in the senate in 2 he would have probably you know how barack obama fix america by the fact that he feels like right now it is time to fix something that he feels is broken in my opinion asinine i think trump is going to win this election he's running against joe biden who my opinion that's not a great candy for office to present a united states where i mean i said i said in my introduction when you're mean we look at the history of the presidency the likelihood of being reelected the incumbent being reelected is quite high ok but obviously exceptions when it's a trend here and donald trump isn't really. duplicating that trend again the same
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question to you it seems to me it's much more a referendum on the occupant in the white house and there's almost nothing to do with joe biden you're free to disagree obviously go ahead and disagree that what we are seeing with president trump is a president who has aggressively gone against the grain of all things when it comes to moralistic being someone who is seen as presidential he is taking this role of big enough to work terry and 1st as someone who actually understands what a democracy is how it functions and even has ever read the constitution what we're seeing with joe biden is someone who i think that america 1st and foremost issue super joe biden is local jail to a lot of people he someone she was part of the most successful democratic administration the past 6 years and he's also someone shuai knows how to unite united nations and right now in the midst of a global pandemic in the midst of a neck and. crisis he is someone who is also waded through an economic crisis
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before he is the orchestrator along with president obama of the relief packages after the crash of 2008 so i think that with him people are seeing someone who is in stark contrast to what president trump is doing not only in terms of unification but also someone who is not making flat out racist statements someone who is not objectifying women someone who is not out here being the antithesis to all things democracy and all things democratic and i think that that is something that speaks more to people than anything else is their referendum on donald trump absolutely but i think that just by saying that that is the only reason or you know part and parcel black people are getting out to vote i think that that is a little bit too broad of a statement true that i made several mistakes over and over and over again he's someone who believes wholeheartedly in what he's doing small business needs so many unborn heirs it is remarkable ok but let me let me stay with you here let me rephrase it here joe biden just as it is likable as hillary clinton i think that's
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what it gets down to because trump hasn't been able to put a label on joe biden that sticks because like you said he has a likability quotient that is very difficult to challenge i think he's an empty suit and i don't see anything to be proud of when the in the obama administration but most importantly joe is these not only likable joe react to the last of us. disagree with that it's as well joe biden is not a likable candidate i mean when you talk about the contrast between president trump and him you know you know his growth limon you have to look at joe biden his group of children and as something that plays a huge part in whether people especially in a black or latino community to vote for him especially you know with that crime bill still pending on the books i mean he's going to have to do some type of you mustn't have a restitution or in a set of eyes a mass incarceration for black america and he's going to have to explain how why he
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so easily had he thought he would children. ok i'm ok but then i think i've got standard you can accuse donald trump of the same thing and you know if and that can be an element and maybe that is something that will make people think or they pull the lever that has nothing to do really with policy and that's what i really want to stay with here this character defamation stuff i guess and doesn't move the needle i don't think with anyone here michel let me go to you you know policy wise i mean if you look at trump in the poll he started he started collapsing when to connote that coronavirus and his administration's response to it and i don't in my opinion and i'm a conservative joe don't misunderstand i'm a conservative ok but it seems to me this they're playing catch up now in trying to deal with this pandemic and of course there's been grossly politicized by all sides go ahead in washington. i think that you make a very good point up until corona virus hit and we saw all president trump go from
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having daily briefings to now pausing and having to over things to coming back and having more briefings disillusionment and excitement about a drug that has been proven time and time again not to work in protecting people against coronavirus we're actually saving lives and hydroxyl acquit him making several statements about not wearing a mask and himself not modeling wearing a mask and just being someone to ignore it even his own task force when it came to the steps necessary to reopen schools when it came to the steps necessary to ensure that everyone had the p.p.t. that they needed were watching time and time again in a global crisis where the president needs to be someone who is a unifier but also someone who pays attention to and understands the science we're seeing this president not do that and utilize his isolation his policies not only to pull out a lot of the a lot of the unifying missions when it comes to health care we see what he how his reaction is with the world health organization we see him not listening to other
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nations state leaders who have come together on trying to fight coronavirus is a united front because of the populism that this president exemplifies because of his isolationist policies you cannot see the forest for the trees and it is really causing more and more people to die we just saw a report what last week that showcased how initially he was absolutely fine with not following a lot of the guidelines or not even talking about them because he thought that the states that were going to be the most effective or states they were democrat democratically won when you assume that people can die in democratic led states and you can just blame governors that's a problem he's present the united states not just president of the red states ok joe we just heard something that i want to explore because something that i've been thinking about a lot i think that all of us would agree trying and it is a populist in 2016 and he won ok he won the only needed you know toral votes to win the presidency here ok. joe has governed as
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a populist because i don't think he has go ahead you know what i don't think there is any correct way to govern especially during times like coronavirus. could do a better job just agree with that that's when you see real leadership real leadership when you have a challenge for all the country for every citizen irrespective of what letter you put at the end of your last name or you have to be a leader of all. was absolutely and i absolutely agree with that and like i said before there are things that he could have done better there are things that his ministration have done better especially one time like coronavirus but i will say this the media doesn't give him a fair shot i mean when he tries to shut down travel to foreign countries they call them a race they call them all types of names you know and you can make that assumption and he can blame governors from things that are happening in state but less you've got a for you as an example gavin newsom shut down our statements. gavin newsome did you know a $1000000000.00 do you get mass in china you know and so when you look at these
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type of bans when you consider misinformation specially when it comes to where in mass what type of mass we are if mass even a fact if you know you have to put that on the head of the leadership now president trump has his ideals are how he filled should go just like every other governor not in their day when it comes to matching states the overall you know leadership by the overall authority comes from a governor so i have been this agree with mrs cross on that when the governors are there has a distaste president trying to make recommendations but he controls what happens fairly each individual. let's go back to. washington are you disappointed how this pandemic and the reaction to it has been so politicized because you know all lives that red state right here and i really pains me when we talk about red states and blue states we're dealing with a pandemic because a pat the pen demi doesn't discriminate between. red and blue states here in is
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there any neutral ground on this series there's nothing there's no neutral ground in american politics right now go ahead no absolutely and you're right the pandemic doesn't discriminate the policies happen to there are very few policies across this country that are race neutral and we know that over time we've seen it extrapolated across the whole where there are blacks latinos who consistently are hit hardest when things like this pandemic occur or any type of economic upheaval but when it comes specifically to coronavirus the expectation was that from the top and the president is at the top that you would have a leader who was able to get a piece by piece plan and a strategy around how states would handle this be in constant contact with state leadership give a guy point because you are the leader of the greatest nation on earth you are that leadership model you're supposed to model yourself after what you would expect citizens to do and what we saw a time and time again was trump mistake those opportunities we saw him stand in
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front of audiences and just not tell the truth we saw him ignore the science we saw him speak against things that his own pandemic task force what is giving other alternative information for that's a problem because it will lacked a lot of trust it made people confused the reason why we have such a push against mask wearing masks right now is because the president for the longest did not wear them and he actually tweeted out aggression and support for those who were marching in stomping on state capitals with weapons so that they didn't have to wear them so when we see a president take those types of names in the wrong direction and we consistently see the coronavirus cases up to over and over and over again it begs the question are we a leaderless nation and you're right i think you said this a few moments ago moments of crisis or when you see true leaders rise what we've seen is this president all over and over again at a time where in all honesty the whole world is seeing a crisis in the united states is typically. where people look for motivation it's
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where people look for this guy post and right now that's just not what we're seeing we're seeing countries bar the united states and our citizens if you look around the world the united states is a lack of is one of the worst performers in dealing with this and demi are ok my farms and the whole the whole issue of opening up the schools it's really only in the u.s. everyone else is moving on you're right i'm going to jump in here we're going to go to a short break now but that's our break we'll continue our discussion on trump's reelection stay with are.
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going to use there's a word of hope of a little fleecing of the little moments of. time to put it on the prime. time i guess long as a name for a list of. the most moving. the feel. for. those of you so. the point was to use the book with their stuff just doesn't have those with he was up in the big. easy but the other media of course.
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welcome to cross that we're all things are considered i'm purell about remind you we're discussing trump's reelection campaign. ok let's go back to los angeles joe let's look at believe the economic reaction to depend demick here. personally as a conservative i'm very disappointed that the white house hasn't taken to the dealing i mean 1st of all we had the 1st round of stimulus bailout and of course it went to some of the richest people in the world people that didn't even need the money ok and that goes across the board whatever your political affiliations it's
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the one percent they got relief ok the stock market so far is ok what i'm really upset is that you know mix with mitch mcconnell he comes into washington for a couple weeks you know somebody might do something maybe we will maybe we won't and then we'll go on vacation here there are millions in millions of people facing a crisis right now a really huge one particularly when renting is that issue is you know is coming up people who are not being able to pay their rent here why hasn't donald trump got into the oval office told the networks we have a national emergency and this is what the president of the united states wants done and i don't care what you think mcconnell you better get back in your seat and we get a figure this out because millions and this is only going to get worse this is no movie we're for it in america you're going to look if it's going to be. in the long term ok where is that leadership right there because it seems to me that there is
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this is an ideal moment in this election campaign for trying to go left of by and say we're going to bail out the middle class and working class people he ran as a populist but he doesn't govern as one go ahead. to agree with his cross and earlier which he said are black and brown communities are economically disadvantaged and this is you know true coronavirus and before coronavirus these are some of the things that we have to go through on the law every day now when you x. out come the president has in you know joe biden to say this is what we need to do i have a lot of questions i would like to x. and another question i would like to ask because i can't even the aster we have to reach out so it's ministration we have actually not come you never visited any black and broke a music show that you actually care about what it is and we go through on a regular basis i mean we are we're economically disadvantaged at every every turn
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when it comes to education when it comes to the lack of economic development when it comes to having quality jobs in our community and when it when it comes affordable housing or even tell you know they're innocent most of those communities are run by democrats yes this is absolutely correct it is but this you know what i'm not going to say that democrats are the problem and i will say that people who are leadership positions in the democratic party are the problem i mean i look at areas like south central los angeles the 40 there in their shoes who's been governed by maxine waters for over 40 years i mean people have gotten comfortable without getting anything from their representatives which means they fell to hold them accountable which is why many more people stand up especially young people is that enough to run for the office positions that we don't have to x. these questions we can be the answer to these questions ok but they can't what do you think what can donald trump to attract the support. of people of color black. black communities where you are here i mean it seems to me that in there he seem it
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seems to me that donald trump is this kind of lost his mind just touch because he couldn't he could fight off you know this russian impeachment need crain all of that nonsense he was able to do it but when it came to this here he seems to have lost his touch it seems to me and the administration is listless and you know what really angers me going to for a conservative to conservative is that he continues to listen to these libertarians around him you know mix the regulate this get a tax cut our job is done let's go home that is a recipe for a mcgovern rout style rout in november here we're done no you're not you're done for your friends and your donors but you're not done for the american people and and i and that's what and that's why i will so sorely criticizes the administration because i don't see any proactivity concierge treatment for the rich but no we
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can't spend the money you know if you spend hundreds of billions of dollars on the military all the time but you can spend it on middle america then what's the point go ahead continue joe well this is this is about leadership that we see in the inner cities on a regular basis whether to present is a democrat or republican they never stepped foot into our cities there's been very little progress in legislation that's been passed to economically empower communities of black or latino so this is something that i see on a daily basis that i know maybe no the you but you know to have a republican in office i mean you know spread that leadership around to the urban areas that i have no you know no no positive there is a way of people chipping the know if you have the president in some round some self with people concerned with the stock market that's what these worried about our stock market doing which is no litmus. as to how 98 percent of the people may not
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have statesmen ok but is just absurd ok and i can't understand why he can't break out of that bubble ok and his friends are fine they're always the good to be funny ok. let's go back to washington knowing in your mind you're supporter of joe joe joe biden that is how do you think he would deal differently with this crisis go ahead mischa joe biden is a believer of science he is someone hugh grant the policies he is someone who has to has doctor on call when it comes to understanding a lot of different things particularly like he was in the obama administration while they were fighting zico while they were fighting a lot of several other pandemics that didn't necessarily affect america as much but were a part of his global strategy for other nations particularly those in africa and central america and i think that the when you have someone who understands science and that's why you need presidents and leaders who aren't people who are
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anti-science or anti back when you have people who understand science they respond to pain to mix they respond to health care crises and of different issues as you claim marty been says it's ok to protests black lives matter but where's the science and math well we have also seen that those protesters in a bag in a largely tested negative for coke at 19 so we know they move differently outside and we know that those individuals did not make over 1000 and then but with the exception because that's not scientific best political what it is though is when you are in a nation that consistently buries black bodies and you don't see any type of restitution nor do you see any type of change do you not think and i know this because my grandparents are participants in the study there is always a house is going to do lighting for your rights to having a certain level of power and ability to take advantage of your civil rights to have those things. when you see black men and women die at the hands of police officers
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every day there's only so much energy or social media marriage will deny those people who are willing to take any of this street that's absolutely absolutely true that is absolutely not true most black people that are murdered in the united states are murdered by other plot people not most white people in the united states are murdered by other white people 85 percent interracial violence is not something that's just black but blacks it's also why don't why what's go we know that. you're making a little exception go ahead jump in joe you make me have heard you saw it in there we're going to use mrs krause analogy i mean like she said that the coronavirus move differently outside and i suggest that we open up all the states but if we're going to use science to justify mass proving that we're mass is actually kind of dangerous to people when they were in 24 seventh's which makes wearing masks you know appropriate as well but i mean we're going to we can go back to california where gavin newsom is about to release 18000 prisoners of mass effect of prisoners the mass in prison but i mean when it comes to issues like rise matter how was
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there for training as well as black on black crime in america i think that we as leaders have. we have to get it of the black eyes matter movement find out what is the painting to the people who figure out some type of resolution we know was painting to the people on black on black crime is a misnomer again and the center percent of crime in white communities are going to by white even after 6 out there is black on black crime that's also white on white crime and i was born and raised in chicago chicago is my home so when you know chicago is there are all things going wrong i have no knowledge because i'll tell you what i listen to console hard their economic their economic issues their health there's a health care crisis that existed before coping 1000 where over 80 percent of our mental health clinics were shut down just not a level one trauma center think that if you're. going to talk go talk to somebody who is. not normal who doesn't want to look at how that day these are not republican talking points. they were just shooting down from the sounds that we're
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talking about chicago to talk about was another guy she got hers and i'm born and raised is that you're not buying your hat there aren't i don't want to just problems are going south if you don't i'll be here and you're going to see that your school and. maybe. not go in new york in los angeles tell me how is this and the rest of the recipe is the exact same as many communities. however let up look i've got old police car you know when i say i'm just not going to know where i'm going to. a certain radius of those. that i didn't see right over time and those things are better have been studied or what over again we had incurred during a particularly areas we're not going to see them or do overreach of there is no one will understand what you're saying all right let me ask my last year and it's something a question that we're all concerned. are people going to believe the outcome of the election in november is i think this is
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a very worrisome thing because hillary never came to terms with 2016 and we could have the same thing happen again let's go to washington 1st in a way. you know i think that if trump loses which i am pretty sure that he will he's not going to take that he's not going to take that result sitting down he's going to be upset he's going to talk about how vote by mail through an election and other things but i think that in general the population the american people they're going to get to the polls be aware that they vote by mail or they actually show up on election day or they early vote or however they decide to do it based on what the coronavirus levels are at the time and it's going to be not only a referendum on this administration but also a sign that people want to see something new truck came in and he railed in on this economy that he called the trump economy that was supposed to save all things american and we've seen that economy tank precipitous late so i think that people are going to get to the polls and showcase that not only person who is going to be railing against those election results is donald trump ok joe last 30 seconds you go ahead i think donald trump going to win has now more democrats going to be upset
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but the reality is he's been the best president that we've had a very long time and i don't enjoy is going to make it to the election not if he goes to jail for the whole reason a scandal well that's a i'm glad you mentioned that because i think i see him in an embassy and d.c. and all the rest of them don't even know what that is but a lot of people do know about joe's crass and pretty please family's business dealings there but that's all the time we have here we have a fantastic discussion no one's here is on fire and we'll talk again very soon i want to thank our viewers for watching us here or if you see him next time remember those. trade and investment of become magic spells to come get you cannot make development . most people think about trade they think about goods and services being exchanged
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between countries and the in fast chapter of a trade agreement is about something very different but what one investment leads to toxic manufacturing that destroys sacred sites old ruins the environment. that means if local communities that are being poisoned if they object if they do anything that the company feels is interrupting their profits they can they serve. the nationals of taking on the whole nation philip morris is trying to use i.s.t.'s to stop oregon from implementing new tobacco regulations aimed at cutting domestic smoking rates a fringe company sued egypt because egypt raise its minimum wage democratic choice of a trunk call for. joining us as we try to find don't want to. the world is driven by shaped by our own person.
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who dares thinks. we dare to ask. a new gold. workers are flocking to the gold fields hoping to strike it rich is a good. as your. children are torn between gold. my family was very poor i thought i was doing my best to get back to see which side will have the strongest appeal.
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to find germany saying it's the irrefutable the russian opposition figure alexei novelli was poisoned with nabil chalk the russian doctors who 1st treated him play non-secure fiction. demands proof. that senior figure of the fellow was opposition is arrested on the border with ukraine but have made differing versions of events president co-chairs his understanding of what happened in an interview with russian journalists. the british government's handling of the pandemic has forced many state health service doctors to consider quitting according to a new poll also. the accordion of the yard. so-called spit and carpets.


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