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tv   News  RT  September 9, 2020 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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we. would collapse would follow and everything would be put back years the president of . russian media including r.t. his country would collapse if he's forced out. dozens were arrested during rallies protesting the detention of the opposition figurehead. also ahead. coronavirus cases. restrictions in england with the so-called rule of 6 gatherings of more than 6 people. germany hands its test results to the global chemical weapons
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watchdog after saying the russian opposition figure had been poisoned with. moscow had been pressuring. the largest refugee camp in greece burns to the ground leaving hundreds without shelter and raising fears about the spread of. international from moscow i'm calling bright with a headline news and reaction that we're across for you this hour 1st for you as belorussians continue to voice anger at last month's disputed election the under-fire president is warning but the whole country would collapse if he's forced out alexander lukashenko plane came in a lengthy interview to russian media including r.t. . good that they know what someday i will leave maybe but i will not allow the destruction of what we have created with people with generations i would not allow
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it to be destroyed this is how i live now and how this country has changed what keeps me very much in this situation and you probably know it too if look at collapses now the whole system would collapse and belarus would follow and everything would be put back years well maybe someone would have lent a hand but now it would be very hard and these guys from police special units and others those who are with me they would be blamed and they would be assaulted and torn apart. senior correspondent i guess d.s.p. looking more closely at that interview along with the latest developments in belarus. they went to audit length a number of prominent russian journalists including artie's editor in chief margarita simonyan who were allowed to pitch the embattled russian president alex are the new shake of various questions and they went on ad meg's about all manner of topics including the internal politics in belarus the you know the protests that
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have been going all the all the rage and all the you know what predictability surrounding the political crisis gripping bellaver said he also talked at length about foreign meddling talking a lot about how it is becoming glue belies internationalized how protests could be organized and run via telegram for example from from an entirely different country talking about the united states which he says very clearly picked sides in this internal struggle that is bella russian and yet all these protests telegraphed channels and groups are being won from from other countries he talked about the internet for example this is lucia talking about the internet a man who who forced the into that you to force that down. into that shut down across belarus at the peak of protests trying to disorganize people trying to
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through the protesters off of their feet you know off their ballots and he said ultimately it is all pointless and we know that he has certainly tried he says that if belarus fulls if it falls that russia is next he said that vladimir putin who in dering you referred to as his elder brother should take note of what is happening because that is what is coming for russia he also talked about the protests of course. you know better us isn't a huge country a population that isn't even 10000000 and yet at certain points on the streets of belarus we sold more than 100000 people sunday a traditional day of protests yet. insisting on the fact that the majority is still with you and yours. of course for me it is very resentful and tragic if you like but this does not mean i gave up because i look at it philosophically well
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some day the lord will call me but i must protect what's been created by our hands protect those people who created it and those are the overwhelming majority the majority who voted for me although they watch me every day on every device you name it maybe they got poor but they supported me this is how i live now. he may have a poor better or worse is a country that is split divided and often you know add each other's throats it is a situation where you have brother marching against brother the security services the military much of the government are indeed an aside he doesn't do it a lot of support but the middle class for example the progressive's the workers the service industry the young they certainly aren't on those side again we see purpose of almost 100000 people marching gets. on sundays now
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a traditional day of protest and he talked about potentially leaving his post about potentially giving up you know he's nickname of europe's last dictator but he said he was like poor think of for example ukraine's former president of the had billions stashed away and sweets bank accounts then he could have left but that he doesn't well it's all very well listening to alexander lukashenko amuse about. the protests and who's fired answered them but the fact is that it is better russians in the 10s of thousands who are out in the streets every week who proved testing risking you know their lives their livelihoods that their well being because there is a lot of violence the police are restraining themselves they are holding back and the field strength of the law is being leveled against some of these protests some of these protests that there is there is bad blood
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a lot of bad blood now is in the streets a lot of anger a lot of rage yesterday we should dozens of people detained it uprooted. alleged attention of the opposition leader maria kalashnikov as you mentioned earlier you see this beam remarkable tendency a phenomenal among the opposition leaders to out of the blue decide to leave the country often in the middle of the night now where this phenomenon is originating from up to who you us because if you ask the better our security services rule or the president well you know this is something that they have decided in themselves get in the middle of the night they decide to leave the country if you ask the opposition they'll give you an entirely different story they'll describe how opposition leaders are being pressured and bully all forced out of the country by the security services by the police maria kolesnik was saying that she. allies
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saying that she ripped up her passport on the border when she realized what was going on gets alexander lukashenko giving a very different version of events peaceful protests to centralise with no leaders applying tara to protests this is meaningless people are not afraid of the violence the government is using against them 1st of all the airfreight of living in a lawless state which will become a reality for them and their relatives it's a situation does not change in this country and the rule of law and democracy is not restored. you may well be looking for way out but he insisted that he simply won't allow what he has built over the decades of his rule in belarus that to be destroyed to collapse like the protests that he says being too sponsored to lead. from abroad by foreign countries from poland to from the united states yet we've got to look at this from the perspective of the hundreds of thousands of
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people who who go out to demonstrate who go out to protest every day for them there is only vote one viable option and that is for lucas change to to reside on some of the reaction kevin i would earlier heard from the president of the mice is a scientific research center in minsk who believes that country to look at shank its claims the nation is already fallen apart. it is claimed that she is the only guy who can give the country going is just can be interpreted in the quite the opposite meaning the question should and must the realize that this system has been building is about to collapse and is collapsing look at the numbers are wagers for change rate there are no worse new sort of people trying to flee the country look at i.t. sector there is a demand to leave the country for nation power but he does have his supporters to support his habit out on the streets would you say that's just 3 percent all of you witness more than independently even with the administrative resoled that here
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applied he couldn't get more than 50000 people in the downtown men's guy in one of the sundays this is it so what here i visited some of the cliff actually people who are not there of their own accord you say were coerced into it some exactly that was the way to call words and to show solidarity we have bird groups of people but they are guarded by police because they are afraid to tell the truth and the police just the way that people are kidnapped in downtown is shows that the police are afraid to show their faces this is again lawless. the 1st time since july boris johnson has addressed the british people over the fight against the coronavirus he also announced some new restrictions on the way for england. i'm sorry about that and i wish that we did nor did i have to take this step but as your prime minister i must do what is necessary to stop the spread of the virus and to save
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lives the whole point of them is to avoid a 2nd national lockdown so what are the new measures well it's all about the rule of 6 from monday the 14th of september the new regulation will be the new law in england is that you can have no longer have any gatherings larger than 6 there will be fines that if you break these rules the 1st fine will be 100 pounds and then they can keep doubling up to a limit of $3200.00 pounds also of course there are the exemptions coded secure events and households of 6 plus in the bubbles and also the gatherings for work and education they're also exempt the prime minister is very keen that the nation still manages to go back to work the children scut still go back to school and of course the universities are returning as well so why is the need for these new measures it's all about a rise a sharp rise in coronavirus cases there sharply on the rise all the government's chief medical advisor chris witty he was also on there with the prime minister as
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well he said that the cases that come up rapidly over the last few days even and the rates are going up in a certain age group as well it's among the young people the 20 to 29 age group is 2nd most in the 30 to 39 age range and there's also been a particular rise among the young and that has been stately rising since the middle of august well earlier we had prime minister's questions as we do on a wednesday opposition leader he also had a few sharp words to say about the government's the you case test in-tray system and he said that it was on the verge of collapse what we're seeing now is stories over the past few days that is showing that just the regime is on the verge of collapse heartbreaking stories from people who needed to been told no tests are available or the website is crashing or people are been. well to go miles and miles for a test nobody can argue that this is good governance well this comes in due to the fact that the government would claim that they're ramping up testing that it's more widely available now than ever in fact more tests are being conducted in the u.k.
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than across the whole of europe but at the same time as well there's also been a survey conducted amongst medics about how they feel about having to deal on the front line with coronavirus and all of those 69 percent say they're more likely to quit from the pandemic and government treatment leaving 1143 planning to leave the n.h.s. at the end of it basically we're looking at medics who think they're on the edge of burnout well the scientific basis for all of these measures that was highlighted by the chief medical advisor so chris which he early on he is the example of spain amongst other european countries he said that there had been a sharp rise there but if you implement measures to combat that then you can prevent what along they've been anticipating a 2nd wave but to do that they have to implement a strong test and trade system as highlighted by the opposition they've also as you heard from the survey got to keep the medics on side but more importantly they've got to maintain the confidence and the diligence of the general public to ensure
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that they stick to these measures if they are to prevent that 2nd wave. yemenis past the results of its medical tests on alexina valmy home to the global chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c. w. across wednesday's developments peter all of the reports next from berlin. a spokesperson for the german defense ministry here in berlin has confirmed that test results taken from alexina valmy have been passed on to the o.p.c. w. in the hague the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons moscow it asked that they be given that information however berlin has said that they won't give the details directly to moscow but russia is a part of the group the test results have been handed over to the organization for the provision of chemical weapons russia is a member of this organization or the diplomatic spot between perlin and moscow is heating up over what happened to alexei in avani the german ambassador to russia
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was summoned to the foreign ministry in moscow and what cheese heard how russia is far from happy and what it sees as accusations coming towards it about the alleged poisoning of alexei navalny a strong protest was made to the ambassador over the unfounded accusations presented by the government of the federal republic of germany against russia in the context of the illness and hospitalisation of russian citizen alexina valley and the obvious use of his situation by burleson as an excuse to discredit our country on the international arena the g 7 leaders have also issued a joint statement in which they talk about the confident poisoning of alexian of ali the statement also calls up for action from moscow the russian foreign ministry not particularly happy with that they say that the main obstacle towards action being taken by moscow remains germany not sharing the information it says shows annex alexina valley was poisoned with
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a nerve agent with russia this morning to all our requests berlin has not deemed it possible to respond swiftly and constructively a lack of information prevents the laura foresman from using all the necessary procedural mechanisms to find out what happened. a mysterious surrounding this case is growing stronger moscow made those requests for information sharing back on the 27th of august and russia is unlikely to be very happy that this info is going to be passed to the o.p.c. w. previously moscow it said should the hague based group be involved in this it would set amount to little more than an information campaign from the german government. 60 minutes past the hour good to have you with us on r.t. on the way the you k. warns it's make or break time for brics it talks with the e.u. but brussels is already furious and downing street suggestion that it may rewrite of the withdrawal deal more on that among all stories after the break.
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the world is driven by dream shaped by one person. dares thinks. we dare to ask. one else seemed wrong why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to shape out these days become educated and in gains from it equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look
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for common ground. the logan fires destroyed greece's largest refugee camp which is located on the island of lesbos it's left hundreds of migrants without shelter same camp already being the center of local concerns over the coronavirus. reports. dhamma describing this is a time bomb that has finally exploded thousands fled the morea migrant camp on the greek island of lesbos in the early hours of wednesday after those fires broke out now firefighters spent hour tackling the blaze which is said to have started in the
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field around the camp but also there are suggestions that there were fires started within the camp itself this is a camp that houses almost $13000.00 migrants according to him for migrants 70 percent of those who've been living there are from afghanistan but there are people from around 70 other countries that have made this tourist camp their home for months or perhaps even years. living there were living it 4 times the capacity that the camp was set up to look after at the time now those who fled the camp this morning made their way on the highway towards the port at mytilene need some was said to be suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation now it wasn't bad enough that they had to flee the camp as it was on fire this morning there are reports that some were attacked as they made their way to the port people escaping out of moriah we've created these people will have had enough trauma for tonight
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and 10 years here are getting reports of some locals attacking and blocking people spare that into the nearby village where the marrow of the island has been talking on a local radio station on wednesday morning saying that thousands of migrants are now being guarded by police on the highway that's to keep them in one position one because of these reports of attacks by locals but also because of this issue with cove it 19 now last week one resident at the camp tested positive for 1000 subsequently 35 wrenched cases were found at the camp now it isn't known what caused this fire but the greek gods. ortiz are looking into reports that this could have possibly been arson now the reason for that is that there are local reports by the greek media that those 35 protests cause it positive for kovac 19 had refused to isolate with their families and that was causing tensions in
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a camp that is notorious for the problems we have seen over the last few years but we know on wednesday this camp looks like it has been largely destroyed and the problem now which will have to be dealt with immediately is how to look after protect and house the thousands of migrants who have been left without pretty much anything. british government's being accused of threatening peace in northern ireland and any hopes of reaching a trade deal with europe it's after downing street said it would override part of the brics a deal struck with brussels to ensure there wouldn't be problems when the transition period ends come he 31st of december but the move prompted a stern warning already from the you. just be demagoguing you need to respect the expect the u.k. to the committee negotiated and signed up to last year who go to citizens droids in northern oil and the u.k. to undermine the agreement would have serious consequences against this hostile
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backdrop an 8th round of talks with london has begun saskia taylor's been assessing the potential for success. how i long for the bracks it days either stability that you know over moves one part permanently outside number 10 braxton's breaks or don't delay after delay after delay. but something reassuring not so comforting that in these tumultuous times one can turn to bracks it might be a good friend that it is but still that in fact nothing's changed round 8 of bracks it trade talks has begun and apparently this time. and us enough we have now been talking for 6 months and can no longer afford to go over well trodden ground we need to see more realism from the e.u. about our status as an independent country the needs to be in agreement with our european friends by the time of the european council and the 15 that's going to be
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in force by the end of the year but perhaps it wouldn't be bracks if it wasn't full of the satisfaction in empty promises by the u.k.'s having 2nd thoughts about the withdrawal agreement signed back in january so it might override key parts of the last brussels basically says we can sue off to a free trade deal by mid october and the media thought of the u.k. renee taking on its words elicited cries of more mature from those bureaucrats in brussels do you. believe shown for example a d.m. grid. to work with the u.k.'s red lines it's time to do you good to great i trust the british government to implement their withdrawal a criminal and obligation under international law and prerequisite for any future partnership prata cohen island northern ireland is essential to protect peace and stability on the island and integrity of the single market the one room of the got people especially worried is that tucked away in voters' pocket is something called
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the entire market belt and this contest could jeopardize peace and security along the irish border but downing street denied this same that it's only proposing my alterations which would provide clarity on such a big us part of the deal but even at home not everyone is convinced about who the head of the u.k.'s legal department quit over the whole thing and then there is this one minute minor detail proving to be just a little contentious piece god's great international law in a very specific and limited oh wow zones it's just simple but is all this proves to be the straw that breaks the camel's back and the u.k. and e.u. don't shake hands the u.k. . will be left popping up out in the north sea with no deal and no tariff free gas classic breck set everyone happy you meant outlined the threat of no deal and now the prime minister losing trust something was not to change america is professor of
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the london school of economics alan scared to believe that brussels is still refusing to accept the britons actually left the block. i think both sides would like some kind of deal however. the e.u. insists on treating britain like a kind of going to get province that we can really be truly independent in the base could be we should still be thoughts of the new. and it believes that the way you call them fish and fish is policy should still apply to british territorial waters . believes that when it comes to rules and regulations the british shouldn't be able to make their own they should be forced to. rely on any new regulations see you to get their approval for us and of course that impossible for the british to accept. us the way talks for moscow the south thanks for watching a next outing global update follows cross-talk.
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problem drugs don't always come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies to an every state in the united states who seem very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids it invited america under the banner of medicine he persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she just goes after dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer so who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers or the government to. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see event.
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a new gold rush is underway and. thousands of ill equipped workers are flocking to the gold fields hoping to strike it rich is a good. as that you know by those that work children are torn between gold. from me was very poor i thought i was doing my best to get back to school which side will have the strongest appeal. trade and investment to become magic spells to conjure economic development. most people think about trade they think about goods and services being exchanged between countries and the and vast chapter of a trade agreement is about something very different but what one investment leads to toxic manufacturing that destroys sacred sites all ruins the environment. that
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means local communities that are being poisoned if they object if they do anything that the company feels is interrupting their profits they can they serve. the nationals of taking on the whole nation's philip morris is trying to use i.s.t.'s to stop oracle by implementing new tobacco regulations aimed at cutting domestic smoking rates a french company sued egypt because egypt raise its minimum wage democratic choice of a trump corporate law joining us as we try to find out. the world is driven by shaped by one person.
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thinks. we dare to ask. thanks for agreeing to give us an interview where a whole group here or as they write us a landing of russian journalists everyone is familiar with glad to welcome you you seem to be in a good mood well thanks to you coming i'm in a good mood mr what is your take on the current situation in the country do you think you were able to bring it on the control you came to minsk and you saw things will calm and quiet especially at night all right before doors very clean. clean despite the fact that there were some marches and such it is our brand and we have preserved it hasn't disappeared as for things happening in belarus i've said it
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many times before you leave minsk go beyond the city limits and it's a completely different world. with chris we might have one kind of situation on sunday on weekends and during weekdays everything goes back to normal naturally we're trying to maintain a certain image our country's brand as you said keeping things clean neat comic cetera but sometimes on sundays we have people walking around so this is the answer to the question there is no destabilization in our country and if it hadn't been for the external pressure we would not have had anything at all what do i mean by this external pressure there are attempts to run things from outside the country we know and russians know who is trying to control and from where it is americans from a center near warsaw using well known telegram channels the 2nd center is in the czech republic then lithuania and unfortunately bases are being established in ukraine and they are being used to influence better reuss historically the czech republic here's what the americans have had their main.


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