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tv   News  RT  September 17, 2020 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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it was and. moscow slams the e.u. for jumping to conclusions with quotes nissel regard for the truth of the european lawmakers passed a resolution for tougher sanctions on russia alleging there was a clear explanation attempt against opposition figurehead and like saying the army mr van himself is claiming on social media he was poisoned in his hotel room in this liberian city of toronto will assess how possible that have been. has been a new twist in a decade long lol saga between russia and poland we look back on the polish presidential plane crash in 2010 over western russia as moscow rules out extraditing the air traffic controllers on duty that day. survey
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finds most young adult americans don't know how many people died in the holocaust while one in 10 even thought it was the jews not the nazis who carried out the millions of killings. a very warm welcome to you you're watching r.t. international with me. they were pinned parliament's adopted a resolution calling for more sanctions to be slapped on russia in response to the alleged poisoning attempts made against opposition figurehead alexei novell ne mosco responded by saying many politicians of the block are all too happy to pass premature judgement before any due process has been conducted. the nature of the latest statements coming out of brussels makes us think that our western partners are not interested in stablish and the truth will help with common sense will
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prevail on the you in the end and our partners will dish the practice of arbitrary attributing blame and make conclusions based on real and confirmed facts and the informant. on his piece on of a has more on the vote in the european parliament and the ramifications of it 532 m. e p's voting in favor of this resolution 84 against with 72 abstentions what it could result in a is asset freezes travel bans another sanctions against those that are featured in alexei navalny zante corruption videos could also lead to they also want to see an international probe into what happened to alexa and of ali when they talk about an international probe that's including the united nations the european union the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons and others all to be on side with that and it talks about blocking the construction of nord stream to the gas
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pipeline that takes russian gas or will take russian gas under the baltic sea directly into germany earlier this week we heard from your state but l. the e.u. high representative for foreign affairs saying that wasn't within the remit of the e.u. institutions to do he said it would be up to the individual member states that are involved in the project if they were to council out call 'd it off block it in any way or just temporarily suspend it however we have heard from the e.u. commission president saying now is the time for action and to those that advocate closer ties with russia i say that the poisoning of alexei navalny with an advanced chemical agent is not a one off. we have seen the pattern in georgia and ukraine in syria and south ferry and then election meddling around the world and this pattern is not changing and no pipeline will change that well
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moscow is still saying burleson must share with them the evidence that is behind the claims alexei navalny was poisoned asserting if we consider any talk about how proper it would be to name the sanctions regime after in a valley to be a brazen attempt to imbue the new the restrictions with obviously anti russian tendencies and all this comes our offer us to berlin to try to investigate what happened are ignored under some made a pretext the kremlin spokesperson dmitri press corps was also talking about nord stream too he says it's a purely commercial project and shouldn't be tied to anything political or diplomatic that's ongoing there was a similar feeling from russia's permanent representative to the european union he said that the north stream 2 pipeline project came about because of the european union and in particular germany's need for gas a commercial need for that gas that still exists and that's why in his opinion he
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thought the north stream to the pipeline would go ahead of being planned well alexina valley the man at the center of all of this and his alleged poisoning is said to be recovering in the hospital he's still being treated out here in berlin earlier this week we heard from the hospital saying that he was now able to leave his bed for short periods of time jim in any payment the 1000000 crowd who took part in thursday's vote believes what with seeing is part of a wider political strategy targeting russia. no one of the of the members of parliament who today. voted in favor of sanctions has seen any evidence. for a for a campaign or for a political way if you don't need that evidence at least not in the european parliament so i don't expect that you get that evidence but the same people who say we don't give you the evidence will tell you we have we expect from russia to investigate it was absolutely clear that this is a not
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a chance to to push the enter russian agenda i followed that debate especially concerning all 3 in 2 in the european american parliamentary delegation are. always when we meet ask the u.s. ambassador why did they do illegal 3rd party sanctions and the answer is always the same or go on and you do everything it can to stop that project and if you have a clear goal to stop a project then you take every possibility you get to do so and of course that our nuclear incident occurred with missile avani is such an opportunity to push the own again. and so it was clear from the beginning. this chance would be used and that's in a valley his now conscious and recovering from his suspected poisoning has been
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posting on instagram about what he believes happened to him according to a new video and it's a company untaxed a water bottle with a trace of a novacek nerve agent was found in his hotel room in the city of tomsk his colleagues say they took the bottle as evidence just an hour after valley's alleged poisoning came to light because donna has been looking at the. this is it amateur footage shot in election of ali's room according to his supporters about an hour after the russian opposition figure started showing the 1st symptoms of the poisoning and the 1st thing that jumps at the viewer is that all these people in the room normally it is advised to wear more protective gear to protect oneself from colvin and this here they were potentially dealing with a military grade nerve agent and look at that only some of them wearing as much as late as gloves many people in the room aren't wearing anything and they are saying
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that at that time they were dealing with no be chock one of the most deadliest nerve agents out there in the world there was no specific hope of finding anything like that but since it was absolutely clear to us that the valley was not just slightly ill and didn't have heat stroke it was decided to stick everything that could be hypothetically useful in some way and pass it over to the doctors in germany 2 weeks later the german laboratory found traces of novacek on the bottle from the tomsk room and then 2 more laboratories that took tests from alexei confirms that novelli was poisoned with it now we understand this was done before he left his room to go to the airport. this video seems to raise more questions than provide answers 1st and foremost how that particular bottle and all the this evidence all these things were transferred from moscow to berlin there have been some unconfirmed reports that apparently
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a special rescue plane took alexina valley's belongings from that room to berlin for instance selection of only could simply choose not to drink from anything provided by the many by his hotel i mean there was there was up to up to him there were 3 bottles in the video we can see that the right least 3 separate bottles and election of a new chose to drink from that particular one also there were no guarantees that somebody else from election of only one to raj wouldn't drink from that bottle and so the alleged perpetrator the potential perpetrator could end up with a whole heap of bodies when it comes to the bottle all that we know is that it was released with with this with this agent but mind that there are several agents that nobody is a family it's not one particular like a drug or anything it's a deadly nerve agent but in fact it's a group of 7 binary chemical weapons so they're different they work differently some of them work slower than others some work rapidly can take up as little as
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30 seconds for a person to show 1st symptoms of not feeling well after being poisoned with no recheck a list of the foreign ministry has already praised russian doctors because it was the russian medics who who provided election of ali with 1st aid. some of our western colleagues wrote in the valley was saved by a miracle allegedly it was this new tourist nova chuck with a russian citizen managed to survive thanks to a happy coincidence what is this happening the interest as you would with the impeccable work of our pilots doctors and paramedics is presented as a lucky coincidence elizabeth you don't even admit that we act. it in a proper way to the world but this family of nova truck nerve agents got into public spotlight during the events in salzburg during the alleged poisoning of surrogates cripple and his daughter and what jumps out is the striking difference as to how the investigators in the u.k.
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handled that situation and the supporters of election of ali just look at the protective gear worn by the investigators in the u.k. to the right and the world literally almost nothing when it comes to the 2 people who were dealing with a potentially even deadly nerve agent in the russian city of tomsk i'm talking about the supporters of alexina volley of course people are wearing more protective gear to defend themselves against covert and here they're dealing again with a potentially military grade nerve agent so hopefully down the line as the investigation goes on all these questions will be answered one of the creators of the actual love to talk nerve agent leonard rent believes if the substance was used in a valley would never have made it to his plane in the 1st place. yvel ne wouldn't have been able to leave the hotel last if it was and he really touched
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it or drank something 1st of all even in smaller not very toxic doses provokes pupil contraction in such a way a person would be almost blind so could barely move so even with only very mild exposure he wouldn't have been able to get on a plane there are photos of him in the hotel in the plane in the russian hospital and yet we can't see any of the symptoms poisoning and novacek a not wise to use for this case. richard that you wouldn't read they definitely would get something they had just simple surgical gloves and that's it and also imagine a bottle that has traces of the substance on the outside it would be a very smart person who would try to fill a bottle with such a dangerous liquid and spill it all down the sides creating a dangerous situation for everyone. should walk through. but if they wanted to poison yvel the why would russia decide to use their own
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product russia just like every developed country as many types of different dangerous substances developed in many different countries so this view that russians are stupid and took from the stock of the last dusty expired novacek is pointless. russia says it won't extradite to poland 3 air traffic controllers who were working on the day the then polish president fatal plane crash in happened in 2010 at a crime is spokesperson for the move would not be permitted under russian law it comes out when investigative investigative group from the ponies prosecutor general's office applied to get a court motion to have the russian citizens temporarily arrested. the charges against the air traffic controllers concerned the deliberate provocation of a plane crash resulting in the deaths of many people the tragedy happened in april 2010 in western russia where the polish president was heading for an official visit the plane crashed while trying to land amid fog and generally poor weather conditions all those on board including the president's wife and other senior
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polish officials and citizens were killed separate investigations by both russia and poland came to the sim similar conclusions the actions of the pilots ultimately led to the crash however later war source or serious mistakes were made by air traffic controllers to in fact in 2017 polish prosecutors accused those that russian air traffic controllers are deliberately causing the crash then a 2nd polish commission claims there was an explosion on board before the plane hit the ground director of the crisis research institute of mark o'mara and believes politics still plays a central role in the long running case. this . is. an accident. that made it
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a. disastrous development. because of course. the alleged plot. and his colleagues. were quite. critical of president putin. but. this. has become.
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very mechanisms plasticity that enables us to get under the skin and to. the negative effect on our mind in our body those same very mechanisms in the foreign ministry do good to promote resilience to promote flourishing. time after time corporations repeat the same mantra sustainability very important it's accelerating the transition to sustainable transport sustainability. more equitable and sustainable world. they claim their production is completely harmless.
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it. companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away this is just as deep into an even as i. understood it's going. welcome back and their survey has found that as a stunning lack of knowledge about the horrors of the holocaust among young adult americans the research was conducted in all 50 states and found among 18 to 39 year olds most didn't know millions of jews were murdered in the concentration camps while 11 percent believed it was the jews themselves not the nazis who were behind the atrocities however a majority did agree it was important to learn about the events to ensure that never repeated and that holocaust education should be compulsory we asked young
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people in new york watch they had learned about it in their history classes. really it was a jesus type to me to start couple 1000000000. people died and i thought it was 3000000 i believe it was 6000000 to the tired maybe more 6000000 people. all exact are a bunch if. they do but auschwitz 10 or anything else was. pretty big a day right it's weird that like now it's kind of like there's the conspiracy theorists that think it didn't happen during the 2nd world war the nazis and their collaborators that at more than 40 thousands concentration camps and ghettos in auschwitz alone almost a 1000000 jewish people were slaughtered while 2 thirds of all of europe's jews were wiped out holocaust experts monks tilman believes the u.s. education system is failing students. the reality is the american americans generally american youth or young people in particular are ignorant about
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history and they get too much of their information from social media and that's social media is full of holocaust deniers claiming it never happened saying the jews caused it and that's a general problem that exists with social media but generally it starts in the fact they just do not know history they take perfunctory history classes in high school do you know the average history teacher is called not called him mr history or history person or so he's called coach because most history teachers in the united states have to coach a team and that's their primary responsibility is to coach basketball soccer whatever it might be and secondary they teach history and that's the reality of history in the united states it's a national problem because it's impossible for people in my opinion to make political choices if they don't understand history and what came before that and what what are the causes of events but again it's not only the holocaust of the cause of the american revolution the cold war make you bet that if you asked people
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what the battle of stalingrad was in the united states the scream kids about you know more than 5 percent would be able to answer that question in any sort of relative. sensible way. the protests against racial injustice witnessed over the last 3 months on the costliest ever and u.s. history not according to a report by the country's insurance industry even suppose the financial losses incurred from such natural disasters is this his california wildfire has the largest the state has seen. i am i am i am i. think it. was my thank you.
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thank you thank you. her. word am. certainly the money that that needs to be spent the businesses that have been completely destroyed small businesses black american businesses minority businesses and also all businesses of all american citizens together people's lives have been completely destroyed not only by the shutdowns from coal that which again federal judges are ruling were unconstitutional shutdowns of the economy shutdowns of people's lives but now inciting violence and protests this is not about george ploy this is not about his his death or what has happened there this has now morphed into something that is far bigger it's all coming up on the 2020 alexion only as violence being carried out against modern foresman against police officers for violence carried out against businesses destruction of property loss of lives which
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the media in america is completely ignoring. they were a pain parliament has been chewing over the situation in bellary so they you will also welcomes the belorussian opposition coordination council and demanded a fresh election take place but most goes as brussels or no position to call the shots of stating mediation is the only option our senior correspondent my guess you have picks up the story. what they recommend is that the european union the heads of states the european council seriously consider sanctions against the russian president alexander lukashenko sanctions against those who supported him those who continue to support him even sanctions against russian officials and citizens who they believe supported president they've also determined that the election was unfair they don't recognize his legitimacy and once his term is up they will no longer recognize him as the legitimate president of better of saying that the
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elections that took place in august in belarus happened in flagrant violation of the laws electoral laws and international norms moreover they have decided to recognize the opposite opposition coordination council committee as the representatives of the better russian people which may seem odd because most of its members original members have fled the country one maria kolesnik of a is in jail here and in minsk and she is being she's being accused and charged with trying to seize power and destabilize their worst fully nevertheless the european parliament has recommended that the european council recognize the year coordination council as the legitimate representative body temporary body of the better russian people at the council itself the committee has stated very goals from deposing of the president president to merely organizing new elections
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lithuania by the way had previously also recognized the north of one of the rivals running against president lukashenko during the election as the legitimate representative of the better russian people as a as was mentioned earlier you know protests still continuing we see on the weekends thousands upon thousands of people marching down the streets of minsk chanting for the president president to reside but we've also seen someone. no doubt there are less and less spontaneous protest during the during the week thing this week there have been hardly any. public troy organized and called for by the opposition yesterday was a failure they called the people and businesses to shut down for people to not go to work that was a failure only about a dozen people joined into this walkout joined into this protest so that you know there is there is a market slowdown in this protest mood in belarus. we spoke to daniel schorr from
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the council on the hemispherical that as you say the parallels can be drawn between the situation in belarus and well played out and that is why the last year. the european union in the west in general and us imperialism are the last forces with any. moral force to be able to intervene in belorussia in affairs look at these very forces the e.u. and the us have done to syria to venezuela look at their interference with their meeting counter revolution in 2014 in ukraine they would like nothing more than to take really what a small but significant piece of the global chess board back from any russian influence in recognition of us what's going to go sky is very similar to the recognition of a little when they shift western countries recognize school i do so it seems they have a similar color counter revolution playbook blueprint in store for bella rouge no
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different from what they've done in ukraine but they've tried to do it successfully in iran with a dream about doing to russia and china as well many thanks for joining us here on out the international we're back with the latest headlines in 30 minutes.
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that the believe the case near the city really can show. that without a supply boat. so that. you know none of us could be in a bull episodes didn't go to see you. doing your force wave
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would be named must understand it and that's the spirit i pity you it was more than a 6 but i'm intending to know. if de gea colluded with the. show is to suggest a ski schulman's for you to post to a place to move to willow's rest of. the story keep your bogus ringback. greetings and sal you take. controversy has erupted here in washington d.c. after legendary watergate journalist bob woodward released select audiotape recordings of interviews he conducted with u.s. president donald trump for his new book entitled range the interviews speech of the
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president back in february acknowledging and understanding the very real dangers of the cold 19 pandemic saying quote it goes through the air bob that's always tougher than the touch you just breathe the air and that's how it's passed it's also more deadly than your you know your even most strenuous flu. yet just days later at a campaign speech in south carolina trump called criticism of his handling of the virus a hoax and went on to downplay its dangers announcing to all there are 35000 people on average die each year from the flu did he would know that $35000.00 that's a lot of people. go 210-0008 could be $27000.00 they say usually a minimum of $27.00 goes up 210-0000 people a year die and so far we have lost nobody to coronavirus in the
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united states. then later in march trump admitted to woodward that when it came to letting the public know about the mortal dangers of the pandemic he stated quote i wanted to always play it down i still like it play i still like playing it down because i don't want to create a panic so you've got to let all that sink in everything we witnessed in the spring everything that came out of the white house and all that you got to let that sink in for a 2nd vet is the president now hearing these calls because this is the president of the united states admitting to lying to the american people many of whom are his deval followers just how truly dangerous cope with 19 is.


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